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March 05, 2024, 01:55:52 AM

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2024-02-21, 22:30:59
Oldiesmann: The chat can be accessed from the menu but I don't kow how often anyone is in there

2024-02-20, 23:18:48
alpiner1: Is the chat live ?

2024-02-19, 23:20:20
junee: Junee

2024-01-30, 11:45:01
Astro: Periodically I use it.

2024-01-29, 20:17:44
mycheal: Love the chat  off and on

2024-01-14, 21:12:20
Oldiesmann: Just curious. Does anyone still use the chat? It doesn't make any difference to me since it's a free service. Just wondering

2023-11-28, 19:23:29
JeanneP: Stiil trying to let Julee know that my EM is   gmjeannep2@gmail.com  and that the  old Comcast on is no longer work, it was to old and they dont do EM anymore

2023-11-28, 19:20:53
JeanneP: Now I seem to be able to get into some without it going back to 2016. I have been trying to get ahold of Junnee but see her posting but can find where, Just want her to know that I will again use the EM adress she shows on Here and write, Mine in still 

2023-11-08, 19:12:15
JeanneP: Will give that a try. Sound like should work

2023-11-02, 11:36:21
Oldiesmann: It's not the best solution but it's the only thing that will prevent the forum from thinking you haven't read anything


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