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2023-11-28, 19:23:29
JeanneP: Stiil trying to let Julee know that my EM is  and that the  old Comcast on is no longer work, it was to old and they dont do EM anymore

2023-11-28, 19:20:53
JeanneP: Now I seem to be able to get into some without it going back to 2016. I have been trying to get ahold of Junnee but see her posting but can find where, Just want her to know that I will again use the EM adress she shows on Here and write, Mine in still 

2023-11-08, 19:12:15
JeanneP: Will give that a try. Sound like should work

2023-11-02, 11:36:21
Oldiesmann: It's not the best solution but it's the only thing that will prevent the forum from thinking you haven't read anything

2023-11-02, 11:35:55
Oldiesmann: Jeanne, the only thing I can suggest for you is to scroll down to the bottom of the main page of the forum and click "Mark All Messages As Read". That will make the forum think you've read all posts, so anything posted after that point will be new for you

2023-11-02, 00:58:50
junee: Callie

2023-11-02, 00:09:33
junee: Callie

2023-11-01, 21:59:19
JeanneP: I do seem to be in but still now starting out at 2016,

2023-11-01, 21:56:59
JeanneP: Now I am trying again and it is not asking me to sigh in. I seem to be able to get into current ones today. Hope I have made it.

2023-11-01, 21:54:27
JeanneP: I sent you the EM acct, that I have had for years, Only have on now.  gmjeannep2@gmail,com  Di d have one with coscast but they seem to have stopped theirs.  Something about i they were over 25 years old they are closed out.ipped


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