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August 08, 2022, 06:10:57 AM

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Aug 03 2022 7:57pm
mycheal: Astro, ya better get a cutting some wood LOL

Jun 25 2022 11:32am
sunluver78: Thank you!  Looking forward to looking around and joining in.  Wishing everybody a happy Saturday! :)

Jun 17 2022 10:34pm
mycheal: Oh Astro, long winter, klong spring  hot cold wind and summer but for a day or two now and then :) Be well

Jun 13 2022 6:43pm
JaneS: JS3577

May 01 2022 8:01pm
Astro: Mycheal:  Anything is better than this last long winter.  They seem to get longer with each passing year.  Stay well!

Apr 22 2022 8:01pm
mycheal: Astro, hope your dancing and singing in the rain :) jj~

Apr 10 2022 8:55pm
Oldiesmann: FYI. you can now get to this site via as well as the regular .org (the .com will redirect you). Figured it might make things a bit easier to remember :)

Feb 17 2022 10:45am
Skhilled: Except for me, Oldiesmann. I'm only 60 so "almost" a senior. LMAO

Feb 08 2022 8:25am
so_P_bubble: Hi Nitah, great to see you back. Do you still do PSP? We need new creators there! or posts in the Holiday cards section...

Feb 06 2022 12:00am
NitaH: Hi, everyone.  I am back...on my laptop. :)  I was surprised to see my name mentioned since I've been gone.  It feels good.  Once I get the site figured out gain, I'll be posting.  :)


DEAR OLD FRIENDS, not forgotten...

Started by so_P_bubble, October 07, 2020, 05:00:58 AM

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Please post here photos of old timers, so we can all remember them and share memories.



I am sure I don't need to tell you that this is our dear Gladys.

Thanks Rammel for the photo.



Love it!  That's the picture that I have posted in my office.  I say "Good Morning June" every day!

Click for Lewisburg,Pennsylvania Forecast



Does anyone have a phboto of Gloria de or of Johann?



And that is the back of Eloise. Admire the famous shawl she bought in Madrid where she went to learn Flamenco dancing.


Such a nice picture of June Drabek. Looks like she's blowing a kiss? I loved reading her upbeat posts.


Pat Scott was presented with a sketch of "The Bus" that transported us all over the place!  :)


Rae Inskeep and Rich Carstensen

Rich is holding one of the "souvenirs we brought from Vermont. Little bottles of Northern Comfort (maple syrup) with a flag attached with red ribbon. Chape and I made 75 tiny flags and glued them to round toothpicks, then attached them with red ribbon bows. What a job!  ;)


I love these pictures.
I remember them all well....

I don't have any pictures of old
friends hanging around on this computer..

Thank you for sharing the ones that
you have. 

My Karma just ran over my Dogma !




Bubble - Love that one of Gladys! She looks so happy. Also of Margret Walbach from South Africa and Robby


Our dear Papa John at the Georgia Peach Bash in Atlanta. Lorra Dorr, wife of Oscar Dorr in the background.




Aw, Beverly, I'll bet all your life people say, "what cute dimples you have"... right?  Love the photos, thank you, Bubble.


Thanks, Bubble! I feel fortunate to have met so many of the older SeniorNetters!

Shirley - When I was young they did, but these days they've joined the rest of the creases!  ;)