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  • Delphineaz: I don't know if you remember Akela aka Wilma Davis but she passed away this week.  She had a extremely fast cancer she just found out.  She will be mssed by all who knew her.
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Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for October 1, 2018
« on: October 14, 2018, 04:58:50 PM »
It is nice to read eveyrone's notes.  The sun is shining in between heavy showers.  Don is trying to work on our t.v reception - he does not want to pay for someone to go into the attic and put up an antenna in that spot.  Instead, he bought another indoor antenna and wouldn't you know - a former shopper has already used and returned it.  Not a good sign. 

Otherwise, it is good to concentrate on what is good news and how fortunate we are not to be losing house, job and all.  I am reminding myself of the "good" things today. 

Jenny:  So happy that your family is safe.  Our daughter said they had 12 inches of snow at their house - north of DEN. 

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for October 1, 2018
« on: October 10, 2018, 06:31:13 PM »
It would be nice to have everyone check in as to their safety. 

Joy:  Keep up on that very good therapy. 

Jenny:  I believe you were east when we left.  It is a bit cooler - was high 90's when we arrived.  How is your dad? 

Lloyd:  After all these storms, perhaps you can get in an RV trip.  Take care.

Roley:  That is a beautiful place to walk. 

I am listening to John Denver and figured that I like about 80% of his songs. 

Don is at a lecture where I should be but I had a terrible night and it may have been the leftover Chinese meal - although it was only one night in the fridge.  The laundry and ironing is finished - no comment on how many years I have been doing laundry -  :-[

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for October 1, 2018
« on: October 09, 2018, 02:20:37 PM »
We are in Tucson for a while - our youngest son decided to drive us this year and he then went on to Phoenix and another meeting in NYC - giving a lecture for bankers.  Don and I are in awe of our offspring - our granddaughter is still in college and has been hired by a Think Tank -  I barely know what it could mean.  It would be so fun to sit in on these meetings. 

We have been here a week and it has taken a lot of time - plus car being worked on yesterday.  I can say the cupboard and fridge are both filled and all the house duties are finished.  My sewing is going to be easy stuff right now - the kind where I don't have to "think". 

It looks like we may have a couple of limes on the teeny tree and that would be a treat. 

June:  Your post just arrived - take care and keep drinking that good liquid.  I am trying to sip water all day - children's orders. 

Soap Box Corner / Re: Gripes
« on: September 25, 2018, 12:39:37 PM »
Yes, it is difficult to order and remember to check every detail and they still get it wrong.  Hope all is well with your air conditioner now. 

My gripe is about the new Denver VA building - it  is 5 years late in opening and billions over cost.  Don had an appointment at the new building and the parking building was totally full.  He tried that twice - nothing.  He ended up having to park blocks away and walking to his appointment.  Not everyone going to the VA can walk to their appointment.  This is our wasted tax dollars given to dimwits and crooks.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 20, 2018, 02:32:37 PM »
Gloria:  You had a lot of rain at one time.  Here, we finally had a shower and it was enough so there was some water standing on the lawn. 

Jenny:  We used to have elk when we lived in Morrison and cougars were spotted too many time too.  Have you heard the coyotes?  They have been wild two nights in a row - right below our house in the ravine.  Are you sick and tired of the political ads - what a waste of money.  Don is itching to go to Arizona in a couple of weeks. 

Joy:  Sorry about your having trouble putting the therapy stockings on - that is quite a chore and exhausting.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 14, 2018, 04:11:26 PM »
Jane:  Thank you for Don's last name - Reid.   I have delayed memory issues.  It seems to be happening too often.   :-\    One of our  grandsons is named Reid. 

June:  YOu are an inspiration!  So uplifting to read your notes.

Lots on our plate right now.  A son is coming for a week of medical tests and staying with us.  He did this two months ago. 

Otherwise, I made vegetarian soup today and will freeze some.  It is tasting alright - I wasn't too sure it would be tasty but the vegetable broth I tweaked with some spices and it seems to be eatable. 

Shirley:  I wish you a wonderful stay in the hills.  We have our windows open every night now and it cools down with the attic fan pulling in the cooler air.   

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 13, 2018, 10:54:02 AM »
Radioman - I don't have your last name.  Wishing you the very best in your new residence and peace to you for all the changes in life. 

Thanks for the news on Johann - I know their house is near enough to water.  I am sure the children and other relatives are watching over them...

Jenny:  It sounds like you are dog-sitting?  We do that once in a while - it sure changes the daily routine.  I didn't see the warning.  Best to Bob and his search for easy foot relief. 

It is nice and cool for the moment but still too hot for the next few days.  We are not fans of hot weather.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 11, 2018, 05:59:04 PM »
Jenny:  No alerts here - there are big clouds to the SW hills. 

That is OK to forget - we are filled with so much new information every day that our brains have to ease up a bit ----- my theory.   ::)

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 11, 2018, 04:12:31 PM »
This hurricane looks so dangerous.l l I am thinking Johann and all her family are near the water in Myrtle Beach.  Hopefully, we will hear from her..   

Jenny:  It is Grand Lake - but still you know how the hail gets so large in this state.  He is there right now and has appointments with several contractors but I have no idea when they are going to actually fix the problems. 

Quilting is at my house tonight.  My project is on hold --- there are too many things going on in this family. 

June:  I am glad that you had the pro nurse put a bandage on your arm.  It certainly isn't fun having purple marks every time there is a little bump. 

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 10, 2018, 06:57:59 PM »
We shopped at the small store with bins of all sorts of things - called Sprouts.  They are in several states.  So, there are small containers here ready for the quilters to sample and of course, their favorite ice creams.  The wind is picking up today per usual afternoons - foothills are quite a bit cooler but still smokey.  Dreadful year and terrible loss of life on the western slope and beyond.  '

Sandy - predicting hurricanes can be tricky some years - I say get out of town if it even looks like it might come.  My folks remember (I was a toddler) when Boston was flooded and the National Guard pulled cars out of water.  Also, Don and I took the ferry one October over to Nova Scotia from Portland.  It was a wild ride and everyone grabbed any stable chair to sit - leftover waves from a hurricane to the south.

One of our sons drove to the high country to check on his cabin.  There was hail damage plus squirrels had tried to get in the house and eaten parts of a vent so there is another job.  The roof is a total loss to hail damage and only temporarily fixed by one grandson.  They need the pros to re-roof everything.  Winter is coming and in that part of the country, these things take a long and frustrating time. 

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 08, 2018, 05:59:25 PM »
  Thank You AMY:   Amy:  My personal Go To Girl - our own GOOGLE GAL - thank you for all the research to did for lazy me...  regarding noninflammatory recipes.  This is all for a son & wife - son is visiting for a week soon with doctor appointments set-up and he says he feels better since going on this special diet.  I am to be taking cooking lessons for a few recipes - our DIL is going to show me what they think is good. 

Amy:  We rented an apartment in Minnesota (before children) and the owners lived upstairs.  I was allowed to use their washing machine but not the dryer.  Everything froze online and barely dried.  Still, I put linens, pillows and stuff out on a rack here but at least it is sunny even when cold.  Do you grow rhubarb?  If so, I am coming..... 

Larry:  Hockey is my favorite sport - basketball, and baseball.  Not so with football ever since the pampered few decided to protest our flag.  The baseball hit went 505 feet for a record - it looked like it stayed in the air forever.

Gloria:  We rarely see Gliders anymore.  They are soothing to the soul. 

Off to church tonight - this is the more quiet service and is fine with me too.  My week ahead is totally full and I am having the quilters over one night as the other gal has to work late.  They all like ice cream so anything with it is easy.  Sherbet for one of the quilters as she cannot tolerate the dairy products. 

Mary Ann:  Those pull-top cans can be difficult and you have to be careful not to cut your fingers........

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 07, 2018, 04:17:07 PM »
Does anyone take a Butcher Knife and knock dents into the side of the jar top?  It usually works.  Me - of short patience.

Jenny:  Nice news that you have relatives checking on your dad.  The trips to care for parents - I ended up quitting a rather new job one year when both parents had health emergencies. 

Amy:  I have used the instant pot six times.  Tell us what you are making. 

 I need recipes for noninflammatory  vegan meals.  If you or anyone could send me ideas, it would be so sweet. 

Every day I try to go into  one room and organize (donate or throw away) something.  It is looking better.  I am donating a  quilt rack just because I do not want to work on large quilts again - ever - for sure - you betcha! 

FYI - This week, the longest baseball hit was scored here - a Colorado Rockie player hit a 505 foot slammer.  Then, he hit more great ones.  Amazing.  Better than any movie! 

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 04, 2018, 04:28:12 PM »
Back from running 4 errands.  We had our flue and pneumonia shots at the Safeway store.  They keep the records and we can get these shots in any state where there are these stores.  It is so easy. 

Jane:  You deserve the short line - rest well. 

Amy:  What is a Chelsea bun?  Baking anything is a super treat to a neighbor. 

Sandy:  Good news for you on the medical tests - that is super news anytime. 


Soap Box Corner / Re: Gripes
« on: September 03, 2018, 02:03:46 PM »
My HP laptop froze yesterday and at the same time, the auto voice kept repeating a message to call a phone number on the screen. The message on the screen told me that my laptop had been hacked and my security was at risk.  Sure - don't believe anything if it happens to you--- Don pulled down the updates to security and that message disappeared.  It was scarey and I am sure a lot of people go to that site and perhaps even pay. 

This part is not a gripe - so very happy to have normal temperatures today - hooray, fall is here in Colorado and finally not a hot afternoon.  This is how it should be everywhere. 

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 03, 2018, 01:41:03 PM »
How fortunate we are to have this place just for us!

I have been in the basement on and off and trying to choose what to drag to a consignment store.  They are very picky.  They won't take my mother's collection of blue Mor's Dag - Mother's Day plates that usually hang on the wall in any Scandinavian house.  Why?   :) 

Jane:  Blessings to your brother Jim. 

Jenny:  Your neighbor Pam sounds like a trooper about her health.  I wish her a full recovery!  When and where is this next baby due? 

Shirley:  I hate these cell phones.  I am in charge & this one has accidentally "butt dialed" but most embarrassing was after ten p.m. to a neighbor who was trying to get my attention and asked me why I was calling?  I was flabbergasted. 

Gloria de:  You have wonderful neighbors because you are a wonderful neighbor! 


Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 01, 2018, 01:44:14 PM »
What a beautiful cathedral we have in Washington D.C.  I wish that I had seen the inside when I lived there for six months. We watched the funeral for Sen. Mc Cain - and I could do the laundry at the same time so that is good. 

Bubble: Wishing you could come to the states - we would all love to meet and greet you. 

Jane:  Getting your BP down was so important - great news. 


Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for August 15, 2018
« on: August 31, 2018, 02:50:07 PM »
Jane:  Sorry to read about your ladder mishap.  Ladders are scarey anymore.  Mend quickly and totally. 

Radioman Don:  It looks like a lovely place for you with so many choices of what to do - maybe float in the pool today?

Lloyd:  The important thing is no one was hurt in the mishap. 

June:  Your son wants you to keep moving and also have the camaraderie you deserve with your friends in the building.  You are doing a fantastic job of staying upbeat and caring.   :hat:

I have phone calls to make this afternoon and laundry.  It still seems odd to start laundry in the afternoon - we went out for coffee at a bakery - I had a blueberry croissant.  I checked out a consignment shop and will make plans to bring a few do-dads over there one of these days.  Grandson arrives in Minnesota today - it is a long enough drive so he stays overnight in Omaha or thereabouts.  /color]

Soap Box Corner / Re: Gripes
« on: August 28, 2018, 02:34:18 PM »
Parking Lots!  The painted lines in parking lots are being painted closer just for another car or two can get in the lot.  Also, it is so stupid to be backing out of the spots and so difficult to see traffic oncoming.  Disaster in the making.

I came out of a store and tried to help a gal backing out - by hand signals I had her stop because traffic there stops for no one.  My car was in a spot where I could pull forward - wouldn't you think they could build a better parking plan? 

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for August 15, 2018
« on: August 25, 2018, 02:34:30 PM »
Such interesting stories about a few repair people not showing or walking away with unfinished jobs.

Larry;  Thanks for saying that - I am slowing down and it isn't fun to redo work.   From a Galloping Horse, we can't see the flaw.

Bubble:  I kept thinking you were writing about a Water Closet (w/c.    :2funny: 

Jane:  You just Keep On - Keeping On!  Atta Girl!

June:  $5 per week for doing your laundry sounds very reasonable to me.  It would be a lot for you to get up and down and wait for the machines so this sounds like a great idea.   

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for August 15, 2018
« on: August 24, 2018, 12:12:57 PM »
Sandy:  Thank you for your sweet and caring note.  I will try to be more vigilant when walking.  You take care too.

June:  Enjoy your new cologne. 

Jane:  Years ago, two guys working on redoing a bathroom did not show up - I called the mother of one and she called them back from a hunting trip.  I thought they needed to "grow up".   :)

Jenny:  Once upon a time, we lived east of the academy too - it was a smaller city then.  Write down all the pros and cons and that will help you. 

Gloria:  Stew and soup sounds good anytime.  Especially when you feel chilly.

Amy:  I can see a mistake in this quilt and will not take it apart - we used to say.  If you let someone look at your quilt, they have to ride by on a galloping horse.... something like that! 


Bank on the Square / Re: Money Matters
« on: August 24, 2018, 11:28:14 AM »
I was just given an AMAZON gift card and have been trying to find something to buy online.  It is not going well with the search - women's items and they show men's shoes, all kinds of odd things. 

I do like Costco for their easy return policy.  It can be a madhouse - the parking lot is totally full too.  Still, I usually like their products and being miserly cheap - buy some products in bulk.  Of course, you must have the storage. 

Cotton Candy:  So frustrating to have to change the password. Someone said there should be numbers - at least they told me at my new medical insurance that numbers were required.   I have a sheet of different passwords and so irked by getting to that idea that "we" have to make the change. 

I do hope everyone is breathing fresh air.  Here, in Colorado, we have been experiencing one of the worst air pollution times.  It does look better this week.  My brother in  Washington is a volunteer fireman and they had to leave a hose and drive out fast.  These are dangerous times for fires.  Imagine the cost of fighting fires and all the extra costs that go with it.  Stay safe everyone.  /b]

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for August 15, 2018
« on: August 23, 2018, 06:01:05 PM »
Thanks all for your sweet birthday messages.  Those days sure come around fast.  I am feeling better after the tripping fall in the parking lot - called the church and said someone should be out there to check if all the signs are up and not left flat.  All the aches & pain is gone and only a little road rash on my cheek - eye area is almost normal.  I have been using a wrap on one area by my hand and also using the paraffin dip for my hands as they are now not aching so much.  We take our hands for granted.  -- It was not a graceful fall. It was more like someone yelling Timber... and a tree being dropped. 

Gloria de:  I hope you can always stay in your apartment for your own comfort.  Can you have a meal brought in for you? 

Amy:  I spent this morning forcing myself to machine quilt - uff da - what a miserable job working on an almost queen quilt.  I didn't want to send it out - rather save the money.  Not in a good mood so I walked away and feel so much better and acting nicer.   ::)

Jenny:  I hope the hurricane bypasses the island.  Hey, are you guys looking for a different place?  What kind of place is it?  We lived in the Springs for a time and really liked it - the pace is not as fast as here and it isn't a bad drive except for Monument Hill in snow. 

June"  you have a special family.  You deserve the tender care.   :thumbup:

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for August 15, 2018
« on: August 21, 2018, 09:47:41 AM »
Reporting that the Aspen trees are turning gold very early this year.  At the same time, we had a record-setting low two nights ago.  Early winter?  We still have poor air quality from smoke coming from the west and NW. 

Bubble:  I am sorry to hear about Don's "new normal".  We all dread the loss of our comfort in our lives.  Hugs to both of you. 

Bank on the Square / Re: Money Matters
« on: August 20, 2018, 03:38:57 PM »
You are very fortunate if you have a few great teachers in your school experience.  I was reprimanded three times in a row for daydreaming and boy, did I ever shape up - Business Law 9th. grade.  My teacher knew I could do better than space out and he pushed me to answer the questions. 

Do you notice that COSTCO will deliver items free in two days - if tally is over $35.  You must be a member.  You need to sign for the delivery and order before noon for deliver in two days.  I have not signed on yet.  We do go to COSTCO about every two months and it is jammed with carts and people.  It could help people who must live somewhat close to a store. 

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for August 15, 2018
« on: August 20, 2018, 02:50:25 PM »
We planned to drive to Montana to visit son but smoke from British Columbia fires are making forcing them to stay indoors.  I could have used a rollator yesterday - after taking a hard fall in the church parking lot.  A sign had fallen and I was looking for my car so that didn't help.  Just bruised - very thankful. 

So sorry to read about Radioman Don.  I wish him the best and a good recovery. 

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for August 15, 2018
« on: August 18, 2018, 04:26:18 PM »
Sandy:  I hope you find the perfect rollator - the two ideas mentioned I would think would be great - larger wheels or all terrain, and a seat built, oh the third one is it should be light enough to lift in and out of a car & up stairs.  Best wishes for your choice. 

Jenny:  You two must have signed on to be grandsitters on demand.  Good for you.  Yes, the family murdered has to be one of the worst stories lately - such a evil person. 

We watched the sky looking fierce a few hours ago and we did get a little rain so now the weather looks like it is still heading east.  I made the 6th. meal in an Instant Pot and it went well.  The pressure cooker is great at tenderizing meat.  I like to make soups and this will be nice plus making more vegetarian dishes too. 

June:  Best wishes for you - sorry about your being light headed.  Are you drinking lots of water?  Take care. 

Bank on the Square / Re: Money Matters
« on: August 14, 2018, 12:58:24 PM »
One DIL is a teacher and she buys school supplies for many of her children every year.  Our son and her just expect to do this yearly.  Several organizations and large churches buy new backpacks and fill them with the expected supplies. 


Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for August 1, 2018
« on: August 10, 2018, 02:49:26 PM »
Our mornings and nights are cool again - this is more average. 

MaryTX:  Thanks for the information in instant pot cooking.  I have made 5 meals with it so far and the kitchen didn't explode.  I use Pinterest but don't want to widen Facebook beyond friends and family. 

Jenny:  Here they voted to make the drug legal and still so many are bent on making side money - what a dangerous place.  How could they grow the pot when children are in the house. 

           I agree, visiting with family is super great and it just exhausts us too.  Would not trade it though.  I haven't seen you outside - :D  I look up when we pass by.

Larry:  It is always nice to bring home the unused portions.  Anything to making life easier.   

Town Talk / Re: Norms Bait and Tackle
« on: August 08, 2018, 03:56:26 PM »
I read your posts on fear of heights and it brought back my worst memory.  Living in Seattle, my dad used to take me all over and especially to look at the diesel engines on submarines.  I must have been 11 or 12 and to walk the plank from the dock to the sub - there was no rope to hold onto.  Half way there - I dropped to my knees and began crawling - my dad was mortified and I was scared.  ....  I made it and then walked behind the officer, he had someone in front shouting "woman on board".  Talk about embarrassing.   

wjoan:  I am so sorry you cannot get an answer to the medical problems Candy endures.  I hope her doctor keeps on searching.   

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