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Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: Today at 11:37:24 AM »
I've just come in from outside after shoveling 3+ inches of snow away from my car.  The temperature is only 28* which is pretty cool for Central Alabama.  Fortunately I still have winter gear left over from 2 tours in Brunswick, Maine, so I was warm enough, especially when I was chipping ice off the driveway!  We are not expecting temps about 31 or 32* today.  The weather channel says Tuskeegee which is about 50 miles south should hit the 50's tomorrow, so perhaps we'll be warmer then.

Stay warm Everyone!

Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: Today at 11:26:52 AM »
I've just come inside from chipping ice away from my door and around my car.  Still more to do, but I can only work outside at 28* a short while.  We would like to use my car tomorrow for lunch and the Kroger trip.  I have lots of trees on my lot, so shade around my car which slows the melting.  If necessary we can always take Tim's truck, but it is hard for me to get in--a high step.

I'm planning another day of reading and not doing much else.  I have a half pizza in the fridge, and will heat that for my lunch along with a blue berry/cottage cheese salad.  We were supposed to have bridge at Chicken Salad Chick today, but the hostess chickened out so no bridge.  My life is pretty boring these days!

Marilyn, hurray for the permission to continue driving!

Have a nice day, Buddies.

Soap Box Corner / Re: Politics
« on: Yesterday at 01:13:04 PM »
Hi Emma.  I live in Auburn, AL, and we have 3-4" of snow on the ground this morning.  This is unusual for us.  I've only lived here since 2004 and only once have we had snow that stuck for a while.  That time it started raining after the snow fall and when it quit I walked in my neighborhood to find almost every house with children who were all off school with a snowman that was about 5 inches high and no snow left in their yards!  This amazed me as we lived twice in or near Brunswick, Maine, during my late husband's Naval career.  He was always deployed in the winter--when we got 4-5 feet of snow about every 3rd week!  I had to park my car down by the street and then go out and completely uncover it in order to visit the Obstetrician.  I was pregnant with our second son.  Things here in Auburn today are totally shut down! 


Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: Yesterday at 01:06:36 PM »
Good Day at NOON!  I got up at my usual 7:15 and dressed, ate breakfast, read the paper and then went outside and cleaned 4 inches of snow off my car!  I was supposed to go to a Garden Club meeting at 1:30, but it has been canceled.  So far no city trucks here scraping up snow from our street.  My driveway and lawn is covered in the fluffy white stuff.  Tim called and told me to stay inside--and I will mostly, but will go out in 10-15 minutes spurts to get rid of some of the snow at least down to the curb so I can get my mail when it's delivered today.  The weather channel says it 24* right now.  BRRRR!

I'm off to fix lunch and plan an afternoon of reading or perhaps a movie if Hallmark has one I haven't seen.  I hope every Buddy is staying warm and inside away from treacherous driving conditions!


Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: January 16, 2018, 11:42:33 AM »
Good morning, Buddies.  My cleaning ladies were late this morning at they had to clean a couple of places they missed yesterday when everyone was off work because of M.L. King's birthday.  My trash pickup just got here and it's 10:30, usually here about 7:30.  So when I go out to walk shortly I'll bring the large can up the driveway. 

Jane, I'm sorry to hear about your friends problems with the hubby's health.  I hope their trip home was a safe one and he's now under the care of his doctor at home.  What a nightmare it must be to have a serious problem when away from home!

Marilyn, will you have to have another test at the DMV or will they accept your eye doctor's exam results?  I hope they do as you will be in a fix if your driver's license is restricted. 

Darlene, I'm glad you don't have the flu, but it sounds like you need to stay inside and recover.  I imagine that you'd love to get outside if it's sunny, but take it easy and hopefully and feel better soon.

Not much else going on for me today.  I still have library books I haven't read, so have plenty to keep me entertained.  I hope everyone is feeling well and that you have a nice day.  It's chilly here, about 45 and the weather channel predicts some snow here tomorrow, so we'll see.  I have a garden club meeting tomorrow afternoon at 1:30--a presentation about gardens in England, so hope to enjoy that.


Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: January 15, 2018, 10:42:50 AM »
Oh, Jack!  Naughty, naughty! (just a bit of a laugh here!).


Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: January 15, 2018, 10:34:49 AM »
Good morning, Buddies.  It's pretty chilly here again this morning.  I've had breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, and have a load of laundry in the washer.  I'm not going to walk until after Tim's visit.  He usually shows up about 10:00 on Monday mornings, and it's almost 9:30 here now.  I must have left my cane at church or perhaps in Olyne's car yesterday and I did walk outside without it (went up to Cheryll's to leave a note about the time for the basketball game).  She was taking her grandson to his other Gran's home as that lady was keeping him until his Dad returned from a hunting outing.

Our team lost yesterday.  The first half was entirely dominated by the other team (Arkansas) who played extremely well, although we "almost" caught up in the second half.  I'm sure Coach Flo who never raises her voice during a game, but has a way of expressing herself facially had a good bit to say during the half.  Arkansas played well and didn't do what Miss. State did last week--which was keep a VERY LARGE girl under our basket--spending lots of time in that paint thingie--and standing right in the way instead of running up and down like everyone else!  So Arkansas won fair and square--disappointing, but not aggravating!

Other than Tim's visit and doing laundry, I don't have much else planned today.  When my chores are finished, I'll probably read this afternoon.  I think my cleaning ladies are coming tomorrow, but won't know until I get a phone call this afternoon.  They will probably have to do their Monday appointments first because of today's MLK holiday.

Have a nice day, Buddies.

Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: January 14, 2018, 02:47:25 PM »
I've been to SS and Church, changed into jeans and a sweater and am now waiting for my friend up the street to get back from delivering her grandson to the other grandmother.  Cheryl will go to the AU women's game with me which starts at 4:00.  I hope she gets here no later than 3:30 as I like to watch the warm-ups.

It's still in the low 40s here and I had to walk up to Cheryl's house and tape a note to her door explaining that I'm ready to go to the game when she gets back.  Meanwhile, I'm watching South Carolina Women @ Carolina playing Tennessee which is ahead by 8 points.  The best Carolina player has a cast on her leg and one more just was sent to the locker room with another foot injury.  It doesn't bode well for Carolina.  There are only 7 minutes left in the game. 

Have a good rest of your day, Buddies.

Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: January 13, 2018, 12:22:24 PM »
Good morning.  I've just returned from my Saturday walk to the library.  It was only 34* here, but I do have lots of warm clothing left over from 2 tours in Maine, so I was warm enough.  I walked faster than usual, too, so that helped.  I have enough to read now that should keep me occupied this weekend and probably through Wednesday.

Alpiner, That's good news from your primary doctor.  I am surprised though about his comment on radiation burns--but I'm sure he is basing that on his knowledge of you and your body.  Let us know how the probiotic and Milk Thistle help.  When I had radiation, my oncologist prescribed only what he felt I could tolerate.

Mary, it's only 38* here now and it's already 11:15--and we don't expect it to go much higher.  Thank goodness I still have cold weather gear to wear outside.  What a pain to have to go over that paperwork with a place that should have had it straightened out more than a year ago.  Good luck with making it work for you!

Sharon, I also wonder where time has gone.  Nick is now a freshman at LSU and is 19 (I think).  His birthday is in October, so he was almost 7 when he was in first grade.  Alex is a junior this year at Birmingham Southern U. in Birmingham.  He'll be 21 in April.  The older I get, the faster time passes!

Jane, enjoy the potluck--and I hope you're getting some warmer weather now.  I know you're glad you're not shoveling snow in Iowa!

Darlene, I hope you're feeling better today.  The only thing I guess you can do is to stay inside and stay warm.  Are you taking any meds to relieve the symptoms?

Enjoy your Saturday, Every Buddy.

Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: January 12, 2018, 02:18:44 PM »
We went to McAllastirs Deli for lunch.  I had a cup of chili and a bacon with avocado sandwich which was very yummy.  Then we went to Kroger.  I didn't need much, but Tim reminded me that Kris's birthday is on the 14th, so I got a birthday card and wrote a check for her when we got home.  I'm glad he reminded me.  Dawn and Stacie both have August birthdays as does Bill.  Tim's is in July and Jon's in May. 

I'm rereading a favorite paper back book and will lie down with it shortly.  I'm hoping it doesn't rain or snow tomorrow so that I can walk over to the library for more books for next week.  I try not to get more than 5 and mostly paper backs as they are easier to carry.  I usually finish all of them before the next Wednesday. 

Mary, I hope you can get that paper work fixed quickly!  Bureaucracy make work stuff is a big fat PAIN in the neck (and other areas!). 

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.

Soap Box Corner / Re: Politics
« on: January 12, 2018, 11:03:11 AM »
Hi Emma.  I'm here every day, but don't have much to say.  I'm not happy with much of the news coming out of Washington, but don't know how to suggest ways to improve it. 


Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: January 12, 2018, 11:00:12 AM »
Good morning, Buddies.  It's a bit foggy here this morning and more rain is expected.  I've made my grocery list for after lunch shopping with Tim and read the paper.  I've dressed in jeans and a warm sweater and will wear my rain jacket just in case.  I don't know where we'll have lunch, but will talk it over and decide when he gets here.

Darlene, I'm sorry about your symptoms and hope that if it is the flu, you'll get over it soon.  I know you'll rest and drink lots of fluids.  Big hugs to you for a speedy recovery.  Did you get a flu shot this year?  My newspaper tells me that there is LOTS of flu in Alabama, so I'm trying to avoid most places, but have to go to the store at least once a week.

Alpiner, your anniversary evening out with your husband sounds like fun.  Congratulations on the 60 year milestone!

My goodness, Sharon.  You and John are great shoppers and CONGRATULATIONS on pushing the cart yourself.  I hope you didn't overdo it!  I'm glad he's willing to go with you.  Woo Hoo on getting busy with the walking.  I know it must be painful, but every little bit helps strengthen your muscles. 

Mary, I hope all is well with you.  You have usually posted before I get to the computer.  Whatever is going on, I hope you have something fun to do today.

It may be too early for Jane and Marilyn, but Hi to you also.

Have a good day, Every Buddy.

Town Talk / Re: Norms Bait and Tackle
« on: January 11, 2018, 11:01:36 AM »
Larry, I'm sorry to hear about Pat's continuing pain.  My sister has spinal stenosis and had the surgery last year, but it didn't improve much.  Perhaps Pat's doctor will have an opinion about whether the surgery and recovery period will lessen the pain enough to be helpful.  Please keep us posted.


Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: January 11, 2018, 10:57:48 AM »
Good morning, Buddies.  It rained overnight and is dark and dreary this morning, but I'm dressed, had breakfast and am ready to walk in my neighborhood.  I'll wear my rain jacket over my sweats and hope that'll hold the rain off until I get home.  I don't have much planned for today--and while I was eating breakfast Sandra came over with some leftover spaghetti as they are off to Savannah today to see son, DIL, and 6 month old baby.  I think they'll be baby sitting for a few days as both parents work.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ALPINER!   Wow!  60 years is a real milestone.  Bob and I hoped to be together that long, but he died from cancer in 2002.  However, those 44 years were the best of my life.  So no complaints here.

Hey Mary, Darlene, and Marilyn--and everyone else who might be looking in this morning. 

I'm off to take my walk now and will do piddlin' chores before lunch and read the rest of the day.  Thank goodness for my every 2 weeks cleaning crew who'll be here next Tuesday!

Have a nice day, Every Buddy!

Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: January 10, 2018, 11:02:00 AM »
Good morning, Buddies.  It's dark and dreary here this morning--might rain, but probably not sleet as it is warmer today.  I've been out to walk and bundled up as I usually do and was too warm.  I needed to get that out of the way as I'll be playing bridge this afternoon at Terri's.  Olyne and Sarah will pick me up about 12:50. 

I need to put a load of wash in and finish that, but nothing else much to do this morning.  Thanks to the every other week visits of the Molly Maids, things stay pretty dust free here.

Jane, I'm not sure if watching others exercise is helpful, but it beats doing it yourself!  Enjoy your lunch out with the "girls"!

Jeanne, I was surprised that no one called me after yesterday's Circle meeting.  But most probably didn't notice.  I stood outside for more than 20 minutes waiting for Bonney to show up, but evidently we weren't on the same wave length about going to circle!  I guess when she and I talked on Saturday I might have mentioned that Olyne's son might go back to California on Sunday--Olyne is the one who usually takes me to church and other functions at the church.   And Olyne did call me yesterday a.m. and I told her that Bonney was going to pick me up.  My BAD!

Marilyn, I hope you get an OK from your eye doctor.  Have you had cataracts?  I had them about 15 years ago.  My Opthalmologist removed both and I am approved for driving (at least eye wise--but now restricted because of my leg brace).  Having to rely on others to drive me is the PITS!

Sharon, It sounds like you're getting back into your usual routine.  I hope you're not overdoing it--a set back would NOT be fun!  The Alfredo noodles and chicken sounds yummy.  I'm afraid I don't do much cooking unless I make soup--I eat a lot of Healthy Choice frozen dinners and salads.  And I snack too much in the evenings from boredom!

Alpiner, I hope the prescriptions and the shot ward off any more respiratory problems.  You must feel pretty weak and tire easily.  Is your husband a help with household chores?  Keep us posted.

I have bridge at Terri's at 1:00.  Olyne and Sara will pick me up about 12:50.  I'm looking forward to it as I haven't played for a while.

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.

Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: January 09, 2018, 11:35:34 AM »
Aki, both your grandchildren featured in the videos are very talented.  I know you are proud of them--and what a treat to have a musical family!


Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: January 09, 2018, 11:27:11 AM »
Good morning, Buddies.  I was dressed and ready to go to Circle Meeting at the church this morning at 9:00, Olyne called a bit after that to tell me she'd pick me up, but I'd arranged for Bonney to pick me up (Olyne's son from California had been here for the weekend and I hadn't heard from her about him leaving)  so I told her I was waiting for Bonney.  Well, Bonney never showed up and I'm sure Olyne went on to the church.  Now I've changed back into my jeans and will go for a walk.  This not being able to drive myself is the PITS!

Not much else planned for the day after my walk.  I need to water my house plants before I fix lunch.  I have several books to read from the library, so will start one of them this afternoon.

Sharon, how nice that one of Miss Frances's friends brought you a pot pie and muffins.  It sounds yummy--and was very nice of her.  Is she close in age to what Ms. Frances was?

Jane, I'm glad you had nice weather for your guests.  I was pretty upset with the Alabama win last night.  I was hoping Georgia could pull it out.  Both teams played well, but we Auburn fans think 'Bama fans, team, and coaches are arrogant--and they win too much!

Jeanne, good idea to stay away from crowds.  This is flu time almost everywhere and so many people don't cover their mouths when coughing and also go out in public with symptoms.  Best to avoid crowds, IMO.

Mary, it's warmer here this morning and not raining, so now that I'm back into Jeans and sloppy shirts will probably get a walk in before I fix lunch.  I hope your weather is better today. 

I'm ready to head out for a shorter walk than I usually do, but just can't get psyched up about it this morning.  Have a good day, Buddies.


Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: January 08, 2018, 12:56:37 PM »
Aki, your granddaughter is a beautiful young lady--and a marvelous musician.  Thank you for sharing this performance!


Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: January 08, 2018, 12:26:40 PM »
Tim was over this morning and took me to Spectrum to try to trim my TV bill.  I don't watch much, but did get about $12 off my monthly bill.  The problem with them is they bundle so much and I don't watch much except news, sports, and movies.  The temps today are in the low 40's but expected to get to 44 with chilly rain.  Yuck!  So I don't plan to go out and walk after lunch.

Me, too, Darlene.  I only watch a few TV programs, mostly news and sports, plus I like some Hallmark movies.  I read during the day when I've finished my chores (lunch and tidying up the rest of the house).  I also listen to Music on my TV music channels until my evening PBS station puts it's programs on.  I don't watch all of those, but I do have some favorites.

Mary, I'm in for the rest of the day.  I will miss my walk, but hey, once is a while is OK!  It has sprinkled some this morning and is pretty cold.  If we have much rain, it will probably leave some ice on the roads.  I'm going to book club at 3:00 and hope it's not icy then.    I haven't read the book, but hope some who have read it will leave it in the book box that my friend Frederissa takes care of--and I'll bring it home and see if it's worth reading.  Some selections are just too "uplifting and/or boring!".

I'm off to fix some lunch and get set for an afternoon of lying down on my bed to read until Frederissa picks me up for book club.

Stay warm, Buddies.

Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: January 06, 2018, 12:21:40 PM »
It's 38 degrees here this morning.  I've walked over to the library and back, but fortunately I still have winter clothing and was warm enough.  Yesterday my son Tim and I went out to lunch and then to Kroger where he helped me shop--and we bought a large bag of bird seed for my feeder.  He gave me a lovely new pottery bird house which he put on a tree just outside my kitchen.  I don't think I'll get residents right away, probably not until warmer weather. 


Town Talk / Re: Norms Bait and Tackle
« on: January 06, 2018, 12:14:24 PM »
Sandy, how cold is it?  I can remember many days of sub zero weather during the 2 tours we had in Brunswick!  Right now the temperature here in Auburn, AL, is 34.  I've just walked over to the library and back (which I do every Saturday).  Fortunately I have winter gear which keeps me warm.


Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: January 06, 2018, 12:04:59 PM »
Good morning, Buddies.  It's very cold here this morning,  38* right now at almost 11:00 a.m.  I've had breakfast and bundled up and walked over to the library and back.  I have enough books to last through probably Wednesday so I'm happy about that.  At least it's sunny with no precipitation!

Sharon, I hope the check up yesterday  went well.  As for the PT, you will be glad you kept to it when it's finally over.  I know it's not fun, but hey, who said getting older had to be fun.  It's just a pain in the rear that every day can't be pain free!  I hope today is better for you.

Marilyn, I've been taking 10mg of Donepezil for a year now.  It's the generic for Aricept.  Through all this after the fall, my long term memory is great, but the short term memory is more difficult.  Tim and I use my kitchen calendar to keep me up with my daily activities and that helps.  I'm cooking, daily chores like fixing my meals, making my bed, etc.  but do have a cleaning crew every 2 weeks who change my sheets, clean the bathrooms, and mop all the hardwood floors, plus run the vacuum cleaner, so that's a big help. 

Alpiner, my oldest son is also 57--second who lives here is 55, and my youngest son is 50.  The oldest lives in Illinois and the youngest in New Orleans.  I was in my early 30's when I discovered my BC and have had no recurrences and am doing well.

Jane, I have plenty of warm clothing left from our tours in Maine, so I'm keeping warm.  Auburn is north east of Montgomery and can be cooler than the counties to the south of us, but they are also having lots of cold weather down there, too.

Mary, I'm planning to watch some of the Olympics, mostly the skating and skiing.  I enjoy watching and would you believe that Auburn has made an artificial ice rink downtown in one of the city parking lots?  I still have my skates somewhere, but don't think I'll try it--skating with a cane sounds like a pain!

I have to teach SS tomorrow as our teacher has pneumonia.  I'm hoping I can get someone to pick me up for SS and who will bring me home as soon as church is over.  Olyne's son from California is here today and leaving later tomorrow afternoon.  I have a women's basketball game at 2:00 and I don't want to sit at Burger King for an hour and probably irritate my ride to the game!

Stay warm and enjoy your weekend, Buddies.

Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: January 05, 2018, 11:12:28 AM »
Good morning, Buddies.  It's still very cold here--I just turned on the weather channel and am waiting for them to put our temperature on the TV, but it just came up at 29* and it's almost 10:00.  It may get up to 40 by late afternoon and then dropping again below freezing.  Yuck!

Mary, hurray for the good report for Margaret.  I'm hoping the radiology oncologist will give her some good news on Monday (about scheduling her tests or whatever they are discussing) and also the Med/Onc on the 19th.  Keep us posted.

Sharon, I know it must be frustrating to have to continue the PT, but stick with it and hopefully it will become easier.  Are you having snow up there?  We don't have any but it is VERY COLD!  I think I'll postpone my morning walk until after Tim and I go to lunch and grocery shop.  Hopefully it'll warm up a bit by then.

Alpiner, I'm glad you've told your daughter.  I don't know how old she might be, but knowing you have cancer, it is important for her to start getting mammograms.  How old is she?

Jeanne, you are right about soup for these cold days.  I made a very large pot of vegetable soup yesterday and will eat most of it in the next day or two and put some in the freezer.  I hope you are staying inside and are warm.  I went outside last night about dark and made sure all my outside faucets are covered. 

I do have double glazed windows which I had installed when I moved up here in 2004.  They help some, but my house is brick with no insulation between the walls and it sure gets chilly when the temps are this low. 

Have a good day, Buddies, and stay warm!

Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: January 04, 2018, 10:08:16 PM »
Another place which identifies birds is at Cornell University (I think--it's been a while since I looked any up).


Town Talk / Re: Weather Around the World
« on: January 04, 2018, 11:50:00 AM »
It's almost 11:00 a.m. here and the temperature is 32.  I've just been out for my morning walk but fortunately I have nice warm clothing left over from our 6 years in Maine, so was warm except for my face.  We are not expected to get much warmer here today.  Auburn is located in the middle of Alabama, not far from Montgomery.  No snow, though.


Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: January 04, 2018, 11:45:26 AM »
We have no snow, but plenty of icy temps!  I've just come in from a walk and the temperature was in the 30's.  Thank goodness I have warm clothing--some left over from our years in Brunswick, Maine.  I have kept those things for traveling in Europe when I've visited cooler climates.

I'm caught up on laundry and the Molly Maids came on Tuesday to clean, so I'll be a lady of leisure the rest of the afternoon.  I'm reading one of the library books I checked out yesterday and will finish it and probably start on another one.

I did put all my Christmas stuff in the attic yesterday and happy that is cleaned up.  I'd already taken my ornaments off the Christmas tree and Tim came over on Tuesday and boxed the tree up for me.  He also put it back into the utility room, so that's done until next year.

Mary, I don't remember a year during the time I was a student at U. of South Carolina that the temperature ever got down to freezing and certainly NO SNOW!  People must have been amazed and probably didn't go anywhere in their cars--especially if they'd never seen it before. 

Wow, Marilyn.  A Pit Bull that weighs 85 pounds!  That has to be a struggle.  You're a great friend to help out, but it sounds as if she needs a smaller dog. 

Sharon, I'm sorry you're feeling lethargic, but am proud that you are sticking to your exercises at home.  Keep up the good work and hopefully things will get better soon.  What's the weather like up your way?

Not much else going on here.  I think I'll start a pot of veggie soup to eat this evening and have some for the weekend.  Stay warm, Buddies.


Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: January 03, 2018, 01:22:01 PM »
Jack, Mimi looks really happy in her birthday photo.  She sure brings lots of happy times and companionship to you.  I still miss my dog Stubby, but decided not to get a rescue dog when I had a bad fall and must wear a brace on my leg until the nerves in my back heal.  I still walk daily, but not as fast and wouldn't be able to keep up with an active dog.  Hopefully when I get the brace off, I may be able to find an older dog at the Humane Society that would be a good companion for me.


Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
« on: January 03, 2018, 01:12:16 PM »
It's almost noon here.  I've just putzed around this morning and haven't accomplished much except making my grocery list for Friday.  Last night before I went to bed I put all the goodies for my bridge buddies into the fridge as we aren't playing again until Jan. 18--2 of us have flu and we'll wait until then.  I've taken down all the decorations and will put the boxes into the attic today--at least I hope to get that done.  It's so cold out, I've postponed walking, but will bundle up shortly and at least do 20 minutes in my neighborhood.

Alpiner, I hope the CT scan confirms your doctor's diagnosis.  Keep us posted.

Jane, the weather channel says it about 38* here now, but I can bundle up enough for a short walk.  I'm planning on Scrambled eggs with cheese for lunch and I'll wait until after I walk to fix that.  So far no ice on our streets here.

BTW, the Village Friends have been a life saver for me and Tim.  We still have our Friday lunch date and Kroger shopping, but it gives him time to take care of his business during the rest of the week.  I have paid an annual fee and when I need to do something other than a medical appointment (Tim insists on going with me to those), I can get a Village Friend to take me.

Mary, right now we all the way up to 38* and not expected to get much higher.  But I have lots of warm weather clothing--I didn't throw it out when we moved back to Alabama and am very happy I still have a big puffy jacket, hats, gloves, mittens, etc.  I'm relieved that it isn't snowing or sleeting here.

Sharon, I'm sorry you had a bad night.  Nothing worse than missing sleep--and I hope you have a better one this evening.  I'm hoping for a nice warm day inside after my walk.  I'm going to go as soon as I finish posting and then am going to make scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon for lunch.

Have a good day and stay warm, Buddies.

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« on: January 02, 2018, 11:11:56 PM »
Good morning, Buddies.  I've been up early as my cleaning ladies are scheduled for today, but I had a phone call from the manager late yesterday afternoon.  They didn't work yesterday, so my gals will clean their Monday a.m. homes before coming here.  I have an appointment with my dentist for my 6 month check up at noon.  A volunteer from Village Friends will pick me up and take me there, plus wait until I'm finished.  I'm also expecting Tim sometime before Jim gets here and hope he'll box up my Christmas tree (he did get here before my ride to the dentist and he packed up my Christmas tree and put it in the utility room!).

I had a good checkup, Jim (the driver) wanted to stop at the library and I was happy about that and was able to check out some books.  Then he had to pick up some things at Kroger which was also good for me because I needed to pick up some things for the bags I'd planned to take to bridge on Thursday.  However, I'll have to put them in the fridge until Jan. 18, as Peggy called (she is to be the hostess) and is not feeling well, plus she said Olyne has the flu.  I have small candy bars and other snacks for the goody bags.  I would have liked to play bridge, though.  We'd canceled this bridge two weeks ago, too.

I've been watching a movie and also have started reading one of the library books I picked up today.  I'm off to get under the blankets (It's going down to below freezing tonight--and might already be there!). 

Good night, Buddies.

P.S.  The Molly Maids came early, too!

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« on: January 01, 2018, 05:20:00 PM »
Hi Buddies.  I'm very sad to report that our Auburn Tigers lost the Peach Bowl to those upstarts from the University of Central Florida!  They started out with a bang and our guys just couldn't seem to catch up.  I had started taking ornaments off my Christmas tree while trying to watch the game at the same time.  What a nightmare!  Now I'm hoping Georgia will be able to beat the Sooners in the Rose Bowl, which is about to start.

It's very cold here today and my furnace is running at top speed.  My recent gas bill was over $200 for November--and it's even colder here now!  My furnace only furnishes heat for the house.  My hot water heater is electric as is my AC unit which is outside in my back yard.

I do have the ornaments packed away, but not in the attic yet.  I still have several nativity scenes which need to be packed and other Christmas stuff and hope to get it finished in the next few days.  I have my Molly Maids tomorrow morning and also an appointment with my Dentist's office for a 6 month cleaning.  Also started taking my Christmas tree apart, but was so frustrated about the game, I'm hoping Tim will help me in the morning.  If he'll take it apart, I can pack it back into the box.

Sharon, I stayed up late last night, but watched a Hallmark program and read until about 1:00--and didn't even tune in to Time's Square--no champagne here to drink!

Mary and Darlene, we've not gotten higher than 30* here today and it's windy, so feels colder.  No snow, though, for which I'm glad.  People here always want snow, but they just don't realize what a pain a REAL snow fall is!  When we do get about an inch of snow, every home in town has someone who runs outside and makes a very tiny snowman!  Nothing like the 3-4' at least twice a week we had in Brunswick, Maine, mostly when Bob was off with the squadron in some much warmer climate!

Have a nice evening, Buddies.  I hope your teams win unless you're pulling for some one NOT in the SEC!


I'm off to watch the Georgia game.  Go Dogs!  And Jane, I am happy with Carolina!

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