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  • alpiner1: Sure miss the chat !
    April 15, 2018, 09:40:48 AM
  • Delphineaz: I don't know if you remember Akela aka Wilma Davis but she passed away this week.  She had a extremely fast cancer she just found out.  She will be mssed by all who knew her.
    April 12, 2018, 01:38:03 AM
  • Magda K: well...Finally figured it out!!
    March 09, 2018, 12:09:39 PM
  • Magda K: I already sent you an email 3 days ago. Maybe I sent it wrong. I find your program very complicated. Now I know Why I stopped login in the last time. I figured I give it another try, because I like the site, and the people. I am trying hard.
    March 09, 2018, 11:57:11 AM
  • so_P_bubble: Magda, send me a note telling me what you want to do, so I can explain.  A Personal message on the site, or a mail.  My mail is in my profile.  Welcome back!
    March 06, 2018, 01:26:53 PM
  • Magda K: can anyone tell me how to update my profile and post a picture?
    March 04, 2018, 03:50:11 PM
  • kiwimike: Hi
    March 01, 2018, 10:37:40 PM
  • Oldiesmann: The only good alternative I've found so far costs $20 a month for more than 5 users in the room at once.
    February 14, 2018, 05:50:30 PM
  • Oldiesmann: I don't know what's wrong with it, so I have no idea how to fix it unfortunately.
    February 14, 2018, 05:50:13 PM
  • so_P_bubble: Can the chat be re-installed maybe?
    February 13, 2018, 07:57:41 AM
  • alpiner1: Can't someone fix the chat ?
    February 10, 2018, 10:21:43 PM
  • brian: man room is really messed up
    February 03, 2018, 09:08:58 PM
  • Oldiesmann: I fixed the URL so it'll load now but it's still not working for me - it doesn't show me in the online users list and nothing shows up when I try to chat
    February 03, 2018, 08:10:37 PM
  • Pooch1: Hmmmm.....
    February 03, 2018, 11:45:23 AM
  • brian: chatroom doesnt work
    February 02, 2018, 09:25:48 PM
  • brian: no its not
    February 02, 2018, 09:25:17 PM
  • brian: screwed up rooom
    February 02, 2018, 09:24:51 PM
  • astro: All is well.
    February 02, 2018, 03:06:00 PM
  • brian: scewed up
    January 31, 2018, 10:25:30 PM
  • alpiner1: So glad I bought 2 booklets !
    January 22, 2018, 02:28:57 PM

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Messages - Vanilla-Jackie

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...Guess we might as well add....

...." Going round and round in circles..."

...I go there a lot, ( get driven there, ) both " round the bend " and " up the wall.."

3 last, I done something right... ;D

Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: Yesterday at 02:19:14 AM »
Flowers are one of Gods most prettiest and most precious creations...
...FlaJean...the wonders of nature to be able to plant a bulb and see it in full bloom a month later, says it all...

Bubble, :thumbup: let us hope its not on Rammels list either... ;)

Do we have this one....

" A blessing in disguise.."

...another expression my father would often say to me, when good comes out from a bad situation...

Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: April 17, 2018, 12:57:53 AM »
Jack wv...
...they sure go to the effort of making your park look pretty and inviting...I too, would love to see those tulips when in full bloom... for your Mimi, our dogs still like their walks, no matter what our weathers be...besides our dogs need those outside scents to sniff, that's what they look forwards to the most...seeing and smelling where the other dogs have been before them, then they can mark their trail as well.... ;)

Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: April 15, 2018, 07:32:44 AM »
Ahh, but has the important one held her yet? the proud great-grand-mother who goes by the name of Jane...or are they saving the best till last?
...welcome to our glorious world Emma Nichole...

Leisure Activities / Re: Television Today
« on: April 12, 2018, 04:26:41 PM »
Marilyne..., I ddint know she was a neighbour of yours... :thumbup: what a marvellous achievement to be still actively caring for dogs and cats at her age...

Leisure Activities / Re: Television Today
« on: April 09, 2018, 05:45:49 AM »
Are we in video clips or the tv room, I am not too sure? ;) but...
...this is for Marilyne...and anyone else who appreciates a good rendition and fun piece of jazz music...If this doesn't put a smile on everyones face, I dont know what will...Link...
...Les BROWN & His Orchestra " Dance Of Renown "

Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: April 08, 2018, 02:02:26 AM »
...yes very unusual....Just hovered my curser over it and right clicked a google search...came up with the name of " Mock Orange Philadelphus.."

Tranquil Cove / Re: JoanFL - April 2 2018
« on: April 03, 2018, 02:01:31 AM »
Our dear Joan WAS Soda Shoppe, it was her baby....I well remember the days back when I became a new member, seven - eight years ago...Joan made Soda Shoppe and ran it professionally and always made that welcoming first post to every member who came in to post for the day...I always remember how apologetic, no apologies were ever needed if Joan came in to start up the day a little later than she intended to do...Soda Shoppe belonged to our Joan, she was just the perfect host...I also remember all the other lovely members who we have lost back in the earlier days, too many to mention...This is a very sad day, our Joan was loved by all, and will surely be missed by all who ever had the pleasure to have met or communicated with her, Joan was a special lady and will always stay close to my heart... :'(

Rest In Peace our dear Joan...

Jaqueline Hathaway...

Tranquil Cove / Re: JoanFL - April 2 2018
« on: April 02, 2018, 03:19:58 PM »
Joan you are - were a very special lady who will be very missed by all concerned..

Card Shoppe / Re: Holidays, Birthdays, etc.
« on: April 02, 2018, 01:56:03 PM »
One final penguin card for our Joan... :'(

Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: April 02, 2018, 06:36:17 AM »
Don - Bubble... come on, are you going to tell us which boat is yours...

Oh, just thought of another my father would often joke and say...

..." she's walking around like a f**t in a trance...

...looking lost, doesn't know what she is doing...I bet we haven't got this one... ;)

Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: March 25, 2018, 12:25:46 PM »
...your cane looks unique...I bet you would be hard pushed to find another one like yours...nor with Identical carvings... It looks strong, solid and reliable.....

Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: March 25, 2018, 05:54:12 AM »
...of course, I should have mentioned that... ;D can you both pass me through one those mouth watering macaroons?

Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: March 24, 2018, 03:04:29 AM »
...I only have one criticism...looking around the seated audience I cant see one smiling, excited to be there, or happy looking face, apart from yourself, Bubble and Ily, with the biggest smiles ever...but why did no one else look happy and looking so serious...two ladies sitting behind you are looking rather bored, especially at what they were there to soon be seeing and hearing...Of course, this is just my observation...
I so agree, the photo of the three of you is special, please frame it...

Card Shoppe / Re: Holidays, Birthdays, etc.
« on: March 24, 2018, 02:42:26 AM »
Angelface ( Patricia )...
... thank you so much....yes my Birthday was " almost " a Happy one... ;)  plenty of well wishes and an enjoyable MS social gathering-meal with good company...just the end three hours as usual spoilt my special day once home indoors... :-X otherwise one of the better ones I have had in years... :)
Strange thing is, for the last year both verbally and on forms, I had unknowingly given my age as 67, when my age was 66, so now I have not actually aged, I am still 67, if you get my drift... ;D

Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: March 23, 2018, 11:05:49 AM »
Don-Bubble... are both enjoying some of life's " high life.."
..I would love to listen to, and go watch, anything " Tenor.."

Card Shoppe / Re: Holidays, Birthdays, etc.
« on: March 23, 2018, 07:56:46 AM »
Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy 67th Birthday yesterday...

Wildlife / Re: Birds
« on: March 21, 2018, 11:50:00 AM »
FlaJean and Sue...
...thank you...I wish I had caught it in flight, I dont think my photos do it justice for size...

Wildlife / Re: Birds
« on: March 21, 2018, 10:30:26 AM »
Angelface ( Patricia ) you can see how well it was camouflaged amongst the branches...size-wise it couldn't be was the size of a small cat....It sat there pruning itself for quite some time, I was hoping and waiting to get a photo of its full wings, or when it took off in flight.... I wasn't quick enough and didn't get a good shot...First time I've seen a Buzzard up close... well one that stayed around long enough for me to look at it...

Wildlife / Re: Birds
« on: March 21, 2018, 08:01:25 AM »
Took this photo of a visiting Buzzard yesterday,  sat on back garden fencing... 

Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: March 20, 2018, 03:47:04 PM »
...what an unusual tree, ( the trunk,) is that called a " kissing tree? "  :couple:

Leisure Activities / Re: Television Today
« on: March 12, 2018, 12:27:06 PM »
...yes it was me, :) I borrowed it from a posting member of my UK site...
Strange to hear of your Irish day at the races...for most of my working career was cashiering and taking bets on the horses...Do you remember the famous hat lady...Gertrude Shilling, she wore outstanding hats to the Royal Ascot Races...

I have been glued to the tv for the last couple of hours...The Commonwealth Day Service...all the Royals attended apart from Prince Philip who has now retired from duty...I of course got up from my sofa and stood to attention as they played our National Anthem, ( yes even I could do that with my MS ) but he who shall remain nameless sat down all through it stuffing his face with his mid- day snack...even if he hadn't been eating he still would have stayed seated... ::)

Link...Gertrude Ethel T Shilling, socialite, born March 3 1910; died October 13 1999...
Some of her head turning hats...

Leisure Activities / Re: Television Today
« on: March 10, 2018, 06:07:52 PM »

Thank you Jeanne P-FlaJean and Marilyne for taking the time to watch the half hour footage...
...she is living proof that we could live a life without the luxury of appliances, was done in the past...She- Margaret, is living the life she chooses, and is perfectly happy in living it....

Leisure Activities / Re: Television Today
« on: March 10, 2018, 12:21:24 PM »
Half hour documentary produced for the BBC in 1992 that has proven to be very popular from its first broadcast, and continues to attract interest from across the world in 2018...Margaret Gallagher from Belcoo, Co Fermanagh, N. Ireland, enjoys her rural lifestyle, living without modern amenities...

And I bet she is one of the healthiest people around, as in lifestyle - location.... in health, mind and spirit...She has a much healthier glow than her UK based sister... 


Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
« on: March 09, 2018, 04:24:51 PM »
...firstly I have got to say, just how much he looks like you...comparing his photo with your avatar photo...
I can see from his stance and his expression, that that car is going to be his one day... :thumbup:

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