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Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe, October 15, 2018
« on: Today at 09:58:53 AM »
Good morning everyone, raining now but should be sunny this afternoon. For the first time I just heard the weatherman talk about wind chill this fall. Also a freeze warning tonight. Just hope it is not raining tomorrow and Tuesday because I have to go out both days.

LARRY  my grandson did something on my computer that has all my email come in on the gmail, I like it that way. Of course I do not get all the email I got when I was in the different PSP groups. I miss PSP but for some reason it will not install anymore. I am wondering if the disk drive is not working right.

JOY  foliage here iss lat e this year, not  too much color yet and this should be the peak of it now. About 6 years ago I was ready to have the left shoulder replaced but the insurance I had dropped the group the doctor was in and I could not afford to pay for it. Had the right one replaced 7 years ago.

GLORIA de  last time I had a shot in my back the doctor hit a nerve at my spine and paid no attention to it. Bubble and Patricia do some wonderful creations all year. Makes me jealous because I miss doing what they do.

JUNE  glad the  Gatorade helps you. My oldest son drinks it, too. I cannot, makes me sick. My CNA massages my back and it feels so good.

SHIRLEY  I wonder if some of the doctors these days are quacks. Like the one I had for 10 years, swear he got his diploma online. I will add your son to my prayers, you, too.

Have a good day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe, October 15, 2018
« on: Yesterday at 08:29:02 AM »
Good morning everyone, shoulder feeling a little better but st ill painful when I move the wrong way. Stayed in my nightgown and robe all day and just night do the same today. Hurts too much to get dressed. Oh well, this too will pass.

ROLEY  I finally watched the link you posted, very interesting. Amazing what they can do these days.

LARRY  will watch your link later.

SHIRLEY  Cox is not great  here either. Every Saturday for some reason it goes out and always when I am watching something I am enjoying.

JANE  I know just how you are feeling, seems like yesterday I was enjoying my first grand and then my first great grandson.

AMY  we had rain overnight and gloomy this morning.

Don't think I will be here Monday and Tuesday. Doctor appointment Monday and dentist Tuesday. Also get my flu shot Monday when I get back here, a nurse comes every year with the shots.
Have a great day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe, October 15, 2018
« on: October 19, 2018, 08:46:41 AM »
Good morning everyone, On Wednesday night somehow I turned in my sleep onto my left side, I sleep on the right side. Well my left shoulder is the one I was going to have replaced but the insurance I had then dropped the group and I sure could not afford to pay for the surgery or hospital. That shoulder is bothering me but sleeping on it the other night I could hardly move my left arm so never even turned the PC on. Feels a bit better this morning but not doing much so far. It is 30° now, frosty this morning.

Hope I can do better here tomorrow.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe, October 15, 2018
« on: October 17, 2018, 09:47:01 AM »
Good morning everyone, the sun is shining and the sky is blue, 42° and the weather person says into the 60s today. Spring on the way back? Nope, tomorrow we will be lucky to get into the low 40's.

JUNE  have to admire your "get up and go". You do much more than I am able to.

JANE  your home is all Spick"n Span" waiting for your family to arrive. Bet you are just aching to hold Emma in your arms and cuddle her.

AMY  wonderful news from your hubby's doctor yesterday.

LARRY  the one closet here is also used for storing things so not enough room for all clothes. Winter ones are more bulky than summer ones and not it is crowed in that closet.

Have a good day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe, October 15, 2018
« on: October 16, 2018, 09:25:07 AM »
Good morning everyone, sun is shining this morning, wonder how long it will shine today. So tired of the gloomy days we have been having. Finally got winter clothes out with the help of CNA and summer ones put away. First time I needed help doing that.
Nothing to add this morning and if I do not go get breakfast and dressed my CNA will be here before I know it.
Have a great day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe, October 15, 2018
« on: October 15, 2018, 08:30:10 AM »
Good morning everyone 38° now but weather gal just said will be in the 60s this afternoon and by the end of the week will have out first killing frost. Big news in Providence this morning. school bus drivers went back to work this morning so kids are back to school. Odd when I lived in Providence we didn't have school buses we either walked or paid fare to ride a bus to school when the weather was bad or really freezing.

PHYLLIS  like you we don't need more rain but it is in the forecast for this afternoon and again at the end of this week.

LARRY  like you it has been years since I had sheets dried in the fresh air.

AMY  my older son's wife has been making tapioca pudding for me and sends it with my son when he comes here. She is due here this morning to cut my hair. She really is the second daughter I always wanted. Your pie is delicious with a good flaky crust.

JANE  your group of girl scouts were all good kids to help others like they did.

JENNY  we were all happy to see our maintenance man here yesterday morning. Of course the witch most likely chew him out when she comes in today.

JOY  when I had my right shoulder replaced the therapist I had made it fun. I have 2 pound weights but could not pick one up so asked if I had any cans and ended using a can of squash pie filling. At the end my daughter came from California and she made a pie and when he got to the house he was treated to pie and coffee, that was also his last time to be there.

BUBBLE  thanks for the new "book" to fill up. Oh boy, Halloween is coming fast. Great graphics and jokes.

SHIRLEY  hope you get to the job of getting ready for winter PDQ.

LLOYD  I am with you having too many sweet teeth. Have a safe trip in your motor home.

AMY  guess I am not a ghost, rather have blueberry pie instead of a BOOberry one.

Have a good day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for October 1, 2018
« on: October 14, 2018, 08:33:51 AM »
Good Brrrr morning everyone. 37° and some frost. Could see it on all the cars when I pulled up the shades. Our maintenance man gets paid for 40 hours a week and on week ends he takes off but his wife or someone must have called him back because he was here yesterday morning he was here and turned the heat on. Much appreciated by all of us with the rain and cold temperatures. If he stays here on the week ends some call him to fix this or do that. They do not seem to realize he is not getting paid then. They own a place in Conn. and that is where he goes on Friday after work. The witch will not pay him for overtime.

LARRY  I try getting outside every day, want some fresh air and some walking. Now that the heat is on in the building we are not allowed to open windows because the heat will go out the windows, even if the thermostats are turned off. So says the witch.

JENNY  it is a worry when you cannot get in touch with family and friends. On the 21st we will get our flu shots here in the building. They will also have the new pneumonia and shingles shots. Nice not to have to go out to get them. All we have to do is put our names on the list down in the laundry room and have our medical cards with us.

JANE  I did sleep good last night and feel rested this morning, first time I feel this good waking in awhile.

JOY  your shrimp sound like something I would love. Like you I like being able to keep track of flights when family is flying.

AMY  with it being darker in the mornings that is why you are sleeping later. That is my excuse.

Have a good day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for October 1, 2018
« on: October 13, 2018, 08:13:55 AM »
Good morning everyone, well the humidity and heat has finally left here. Had rain from Michael all day yesterday and a cold front came through overnight and now it is 44°. HOPEFULLY we won't have anymore of that high humidity. Some areas of this little state had 3 inches of rain Thursday into yesterday. When it stopped the wind picked up but saw no branches down in this area. Not many leaves fell but the parking lot is full of dry pine needles.

JUNE  I have had shots in my back but they do not help. I have been told I am too old for surgery, not that I want it. From what I understand that laser treatment in the back is expensive and not many insurances will cover it. One Vet here looked into it and even the veteran hospital will not cover it.

SHIRLEY  like you I am happy with the 44° here this morning.

JANE  I had the best sleep in a week and do not feel groggy this morning.

AMY  like you I do not want to outlive my children.

PHYLLIS  glad I do not  own a house anymore so do not have all the trouble with getting insurance claims in.

Just started raining again but at least it in not hot. I rather have winter than another hot and humid summer that extended into fall this year.
Have a good day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for October 1, 2018
« on: October 11, 2018, 11:11:03 AM »
Good morning everyone, missed getting here yesterday again. My CNA will be here at 10 this morning, just about time for coffee and breakfast.

MARY ANN  after a few nights of not sleeping I slept a good 8 hours last night so feel awake this morning. Wish I could nap but never happens. I do lay on the couch every afternoon more to rest my back than anything else. It has been a few years since I could get into any high vehicle. Have trouble even getting into the back seat in a car. Front seat is much easier.

LARRY  had a good back massage the last 2 days and it felt good, even helps get around better for at least half the day. Have not been outside this week and it has been hot. Unusual for this time of year.

JOY  glad you are feeling so much better. No hope for my back, nothing has helped so far.

JENNY  a back massage always feels great but the effects do not last long.

AMY  WOW I would love to go to the park with you. The maples here are the ones I love to see with their bright colors, the ones in the back of the parking lot are from bright red to a maroon color, In the mornings when the sun is shining on them I look out my window and wish I had a camera. We have a lot of oaks some turn a rust/bronze color and very few have red/gold color. Remember what Joan called the LJ's? Geemagotchees.  Wonder how she came up with that word.

Have a good day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for October 1, 2018
« on: October 09, 2018, 07:52:17 AM »
Good morning everyone, did not  feel good yesterday and never turned on the PC. Dozed on the couch most of the day. Have not been sleeping well last few nights and it caught up to me. Once again last night I had about 4 hours sleep and for me that is never enough, I am used to at least 7 hours every night. The week end and the holiday were dreary days, we did have some light rain Sunday and misty most of yesterday and the dampness has set into my back. Hope my CNA gets here on time today to give me a back massage. Have been up for 3 hours already and time to get my breakfast.
Have a good day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for October 1, 2018
« on: October 07, 2018, 08:52:44 AM »
Good morning everyone, cloudy to start the day but will clear so says the weather guesser. Several things going on around the state. Big parade in Providence to celebrate Columbus day. Will end in Federal Hill, a section that was all Italian at one time, still many popular restaurants there. One city has their Autumn fest this week end and another town has a big Art festival over the weekend. People from all over the country display their work there. For me these days it is just another day. No more going to parades unless they are on TV, that art festival is always too crowded and parking is a nightmare. Last time I went there was at least 25 years ago. These days I am content to stay home.

PHYLLIS  Happy Belated Wishes.

Sorry for not replying again this morning. Have a good day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for October 1, 2018
« on: October 06, 2018, 09:23:45 AM »
Good morning everyone, 47° and almost 9 am. Wonder how low it got. Had a sleepless night, fell asleep about 4 this morning, hate nights like that.

LARRY  I wonder how I would like a tablet  of any kind. I like the big monitor I have for the PC.

AMY  I know nothing about hot tubs, no one in the family has one. Must be nice to sit in that warm water and relax.

Not up to "talking" today, think I will go lay on the couch and watch TV and hopefully fall asleep.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for October 1, 2018
« on: October 05, 2018, 08:33:55 AM »
Good morning everyone, woke to sunshine this morning, beautiful and 55°. Local forecast said it will get into the upper 40s tonight, good for sleeping with the BR window open a little.

JANE  I am getting ready to get rid of this computer and call it quits. Then I think I would miss my cyber family  too much to get rid of it. This building is wired for Cox and we cannot get any other carrier. At least one day a week Cox will be out for an hour or more. Seems like when I am watching something I am enjoying. There are 4 computers downstairs in the library and only one is working and that is only to play games on. They were all working when I moved here, the witch will not "waste" the money to have them worked on. Quite a few used to use them before.

LLOYD  WOW  that is huge. Good thing you have experience driving big rigs. Looks great and lot of room inside. I wish you many happy hours traveling with it.

AMY just heard in the places away from where they get the official temperatures it might get down to upper 30's tonight and some place in Canada might get snow. Now that is too early for snow. How hot would the water in the hot tub be for you to enjoy? Humidity is down so back feels better than yesterday. Been doing too much this week and that is a no no for me now.

JANE  how about short lines, few purchases and all smiling faces?

Have a good day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for October 1, 2018
« on: October 04, 2018, 10:46:00 AM »
Good morning everyone, so tired of rain and more rain. When I woke t his morning I had a hard time getting out of bed. I will be glad when my CNA gets here later and can massage my back again.

JOY  I use notepad to write on as I go along reading here. I think it comes installed in all computers. I have not ordered from Schwans in several months.

LARRY  you are right, warm apple crisp with cream or ice cream is perfect.

JUNE  right we have to do what we can or just vegetate.

JANE  don't think I would move to your area to have your son work on the lemon I have for a PC. LOL with the buttered toast, who wants dry edges? not me.
Thanks for letting us know about Phyllis.

SHIRLEY  your cabinets sound like mine.

CALLIE  love mums, any color, add beautiful color at this time of year.

AMY  I did not get up till 9:30 this morning, don't like being in bed that long, get so stiff it is hard to move.

JOY  we had about 5 minutes of sun yesterday and it is still not shining this morning.

PHYLLIS   seeing you here this morning made my day. I never say much about missing one of our family  but I have missed you.

LLOYD  you must be in a hurry to pack up and start traveling. I wish you and Nancy many happy years traveling with the RV.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for October 1, 2018
« on: October 03, 2018, 07:53:11 AM »
Good morning everyone, overcast  this AM  59° and pretty dark for 7 in the morning. Was surprised but then with no sunrise to see guess it would be on the dark side. We had a thunderstorm last night about the time I went to bed. My CNA and I got an apple crisp made yesterday, tasted good when I had some in the evening.

AMY  a day late and a dollar short  but I am waving to you this morning. Never heard of baking gumdrops. What do you use them for?

JANE  no Terrible Tuesday here but today is starting as a Weepy Wednesday.

LLOYD  what better way for the first trip that to go visit family. Hope the title gets to you fast so you can get on your way. Drive slow and careful. No lead foot on the gas pedal.

LARRY  if I didn't make a comment to just about everyone here in the SS I would have nothing to say.

CALLIE  loved your post from yesterday. Now we know how you spent your day.

JANE  glad I am not  alone trying to understand directions on some of the new items we get these days. I think the language comes from outer space, MARS? maybe.

JUNE   hope you are feeling much better today.

JENNY  sorry your  trip t o t he Boston area was not more pleasant. as if the grands have not worn you out all the rain we have been having is not pleasant either. How old is Konrad now? I think he and my oldest  great grandson are about the same age. Last time we saw him he was not in school yet.

JANE  can I borrow your son for awhile? I only have my grandson who know about this tech stuff and I am lucky when he finds time to come here.  Working and being on salary he is on call all the time except on vacation, then he shuts off the company cellphone.

AMY  energy? what is that? Wonder if I ever had any, if so it was so long ago I cannot remember it. Ooooh that gumdrop cake looks so good, my sweet tooth is saying "I want".

Have a good day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for October 1, 2018
« on: October 02, 2018, 07:57:12 AM »
Good morning everyone, 54° and drizzly right now, thunderstorms in the forecast for later today. Wonder if Mother Nature is mad at Tuesdays, this is the 4th Tuesday in a row with rain. At least it is not snow.

LARRY  since my son and DIL are both retired they can take 2 weeks to go visit my daughter. When they were both working they only had 1 week vacation and that is never enough time. I can no longer bite into an apple and have to cut them.

CALLIE  like you I am  staying home. My traveling days are over.

SANDY  hope you enjoy your rollator as much as I like mine.

JANE  I know what you mean,when a member of our cyber family is missing I wonder if they are OK. We have had a few that suddenly stop posting and at times I wonder what happened to them and if they are alright.

LLOYD  when are you going for your first trip with the new motor home? 

Goodness where is everyone this morning?

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for October 1, 2018
« on: October 01, 2018, 08:06:36 AM »
Good morning everyone, 56° this morning. warmer than yesterday.

JOY  glad you got the new rollator and have the bigger wheels. I don't think they had the bigger ones when I got mine.Like you I have a pouch under the seat and it is handy

LARRY  like you I like a hard crispy tart apple. Just picked from the trees are what I really enjoy, Got spoiled with the apples from my son's trees. Of course before he planted them I would go to the farm I like and pick apples there. Glad Pat is happy with her rollator.

JANE  wish I could get a taste for fish. About once a year I like to go out for fish and chips (french fries), think I like the chips and the coating on the fish more than the fish.

GLORIA de  I imagine the kids enjoyed those nature walks.

JENNY  my son has started getting rid of all those trees. He said he will keep only a few for the family. Does not want to go through all that work anymore. A the end of this month he and my DIL will take off for Arizona to visit my daughter for a couple of weeks. My daughter is really looking forward to their visit. Remember when Joan visited Joe when he and Kate lived near Boston? Not enough time to meet her either. I don't drive anymore and my sons are too busy to take me there.

JUNE  hope you feel much better today.

BUBBLE  love your graphic for this month. Fist glance wondered what the man had under his nose and then saw the knight? I like looking at graphics like that to see how many different things I can pick out, Thanks for our new blank page to fill up in October.

AMY  I saw something on TV a few  years ago where bear cubs got inro a dumpster and mama bear was pacing around it. One brave man put a ladder into it and they climbed out. Mama watched him like she knew he was helping.

Have a great day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 30, 2018, 07:51:45 AM »
PETER  hard to believe the churches over there are so old. The floor in this one are amazing and the stories behind them. Enjoyed this one most of all. Thanks.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 30, 2018, 07:37:54 AM »
Good morning everyone, a chilly start to a sunny day, 44° and only going into the upper 60's later. My kind of weather. When I pull up my bedroom shade in the mornings I like looking out to see what the morning in like. At this time of year I enjoy looking and the swamp Maple trees at the edge of the parking lot. They are now turning red. They start at the tip and every morning the red is a little further down the trees. Beautiful with the sun shining on them. My oldest son made a visit here yesterday with a big bag of apples. Now I will make an apple crisp and maybe applesauce, too. I enjoyed one before he left. Yummy. My DIL sent a container of tapioca pudding for me and I had some of it last night. So good. My other son will be here later this morning and I always enjoy seeing him, too.

JOY  just saw local weather and they had a camera looking over the ocean and you could see the sky getting light and some colorful clouds on the horizon where the sun will start peeking up. One of those sights when I wish I was at the shore. Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday with family and friends.

LARRY  red delicious apples ripen later than many other kind. That is the one apple I do not care for. like the golden ones though. After the Macs that ripen early and I love I enjoy Empire apples, my son said they are a cross of Macs and red delicious but the texture and tartness is more like a Mac and are good keepers. Galas are OK when first picked when ripe, they sweeten up after that and I like a tart apple. My son had no crop again this year. 4 years ago we had an infestation of gypsy moth caterpillars and they denuded all his trees, They did a lot of damage in the forests in this state, too. Some trees have come back but more than half his trees died. Big lost to him for all the work and cost of taking care of the trees for so many years. He has pulled up all the dead ones but what is left had no blooms. He has gone to a big orchard over the border in Conn. to pick apples the last few years. Just heard on local weather there is another hurricane out in the Atlantic and loo like it is headed for the southern New England coast. That means this are and Gloria de's area.

JANE  glad you had a good day at the Amish store but more so the time with your daughter.

AMY 4 cubs of what animal?  Remember we former city folks do not know how many young animals are called cubs? Bears?

JUNE  I try to get out every day, even if only to sit on the porch and enjoy fresh air. Like you I would be house/chair bound without my rollator.

PETER I will watch your link after I finish here. I have it brought p in a new window. I will watch my step, I sure do not want to fall but thanks for warning me.

AMY  no rain here today, just a beautiful day. Made better because of all the rain we have had this month.

Have a great  day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 29, 2018, 08:33:57 AM »
Good morning everyone a nice 52° now but supposed to get to low 70s later and sunshine NO RAIN,  at least that is what  the weather guesser just said. Would be great to have a few days without  rain. Happy Coffee Day.

JOY  good news for you and happy for you. Hope today you are more chipper than yesterday. Just the thought of a few days without rain makes me happy. Like you I can no longer get around like I used to. I would love to go pick apples but would not be able to reach up and pick any not to mention walking around an orchard. We used to go camping near Provincetown at the end of Cape Cod and go swimming in the ocean every day. We all loved it. Those were good days.

BUBBLE  thanks for the link to Emma.

JANE  I know how you wish Emma was closer so you could hold her. She is a little beauty with a happy smile. A lady here is baby sitting her 6 month old great grandson. He is a happy baby and always smiling.  I would love to hold him but know I am not strong enough.

LARRY  yesterday we had another inch of rain. Every thing is water logged.

AMY  I always used the Minute tapioca and it always worked for me. Already apple picking time here. My #1 son has already picked some and brought me some Macs. Did not taste as good as his were. He spoiled me for store bought apples. For pies or apple crisp and apple sauce I like a blend of different apples, tastes better.

JUNE  I have oatmeal every morning but the old fashion kind that has to cook. Hope you felt better as the day went on yesterday.

Have a great day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 28, 2018, 08:43:10 AM »
Good morning everyone, once again Cox was out this morning. Came to the PC with my coffee and turned it on and turned on the TV to get local news. No internet TV or phone. Grrrrr! No idea how long it was off. Maybe  that hours long interrogation on the tube yesterday wore every thing out? 54° and raining again. This month broke a record for having the most rain in September since keeping records. Glad I spent a few hours outside yesterday, a beautiful day to enjoy.

JANE  when I first went to the Nest I would jot down notes and then tried reading them and post in the box. I was happy when I learned about the notepad and used it ever since.

JOY  looks like I will stay inside today. Let's hope the weather cooperates for the big family reunion on Saturday. Enjoy it.   

LARRY  we have had over 7 inches of rain this month, glad it was not snow-we would be snowed in if it was. By the time I come into the building I walk on carpeting so by the time I get up here there is not much if anything on my rollator wheels. In the house I have a tray on the rollator seat to carry anything.  On TV they just showed the school bus driver picketing all with slickers on and umbrellas. It is pouring right now.

JANE  when we started camping we had a tent and air mattresses, Then we got a pop up camper and so much better. Then my 3 had so many things they wanted to do we quit camping.

JUNE  hope today you are feeling much better and get outside and enjoy a walk.

JENNY  sorry there has been so much rain since you have been in Boston. Not too good for sight seeing. The color in the trees will be much better the second week of October. Unless all this rain and wind knocks leaves off.

LLOYD  I hope you get many years of happy traveling with your new motor home.

JANE  next month I have a Dr. appointment and the day after I have a dentist appointment. That will wear me out for the rest of the week.

Have a good day everyone.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 27, 2018, 06:33:35 AM »
Good morning everyone, all week with the rain they have been predicting thunder storms, well last night we had one. Very loud and bright flashes of lightning. First time one woke me up in a long time. I did get back to sleep though. Today school bus drivers in Providence are going on strike. Parents sure will have problems getting their children to school. Was nice years ago when there were many neighborhood schools and did not depend on school buses.

AMY  hope you sis not leave all your money at Costco yesterday.

JANE  what happened to business people who say they will call and never do. Sure are more independent these days. Notepad comes in computers and I have it on my task bar so easy to get to. Easy to type in. I think it was Oscar back in Bis' Nest who told me about it and have used it since. I remember the name of the school I went to in first grade, the teacher? Who knows.

LARRY  glad Pat is getting a rollator, they really are the best way for getting around when one cannot walk by themselves. I wish I had bigger wheels, hard pushing the smaller wheels on gravel and uneven grassy areas. At my sons I can no longer walk through the orchard and at the home my grandson had he had a long gravel path to the door. Have not been to his new one yet.

PETER   nice seeing you here this morning. Pretty quiet here where I live.

GLORIA de  for awhile going anywhere I was the only one with a rollator no matter where I went but now seeing a regular walker is rare because more found out how wonderful rollators are. Takes your longer for your DIL to get to New London than it takes to drive there from where I live.

JOY  hope you got outside yesterday. Rained here yesterday so stayed in. Hope I can get out later. You are fortunate not to have pain. I have learned to live with it. I was told 10 years ago  was too old for surgery and do not want back surgery anyway. My health other than the arthritis is good, heart and blood pressure are great.

JUNE  sorry you are not feeling well to even cancel your doctor appointment that is in your building.

LLOYD  glad you found a motor home you are happy with. I wish you many years of happy traveling with it.

Have a great day everyone.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 26, 2018, 05:40:13 AM »
Good morning everyone, 68°, almost 20 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this time and according to the weather channel it will go up to 72°. Rain again today. Sure glad the heat  is on to get the dampness out in here.

JANE  I always write on Notepad and at times I hit a key and every thing is gone so on EDIT I click on undo and what  I had typed is back.  Mostly I look at the keyboard when I type and every time I don't something happens. I am not a touch typist. I hope the insulation cost is one you can do. It does make a difference. I noticed how dark it was when I woke this morning and how early I turn my lights on now. That is the only thing I dislike about winter.

LARRY  I hope Jenny gets some nice weather while she is in Boston, seems so far it has been rain. Not nice for her and Bob. I am much happier with my rollator than with a walker. When I first got mine I seldom saw anyone with one but now even in this building there is more of them than walkers. Yes the witch is trying to be nicer but I still avoid her as much as I can. I do not want to even see her much less talk with her.

JANE  today I will have my CNA help me get out my winter clothes and put summer ones away.

AMY  wish there was a Dairy Queen around here. Have not seen one in years now.

LLOYD  hope you find what you are looking for. You are lucky to have such a good friend as Bob, then again you are a good friend willing to help all the time.

JOY  so happy for you that you are feeling much better. I wish I could say that. Then we know arthritis never gets better, only worse.

DON  always welcome your posts. You are in my prayers. Hope you have your music collections with you so you can enjoy them.

SHIRLEY  so sorry about your grandson. Of course I will add Joe in my prayers. Interesting about those mules. Of course I have never seen one, only pictures.

Have a great day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 25, 2018, 08:09:15 AM »
Good morning everyone, 47° this morning, a bit warmer than yesterday. More rain for us here today, as if we have not had enough of it lately. This is the 3rd Tuesday in a row for rain. Oh well better ice or snow so early.   

LARRY  wow I never heard of a rollator weighing only 12 pounds. Is it just a walker or a rollator? Not many here using the walkers anymore, now they are all using rollators. When I moved here 4 year s ago there were only 2 other s that had them. I have no idea what Paul (Maintenance man) has to do with the boiler/furnace to start it after the summer. Last winter was the first year with that small plow, before that he had a snowblower and a shovel on the porch. It was only my 3 children that my FIL took with him, he didn't bother with any of the others.

JENNY  it really has been terrible weather since you arrived in Boston and more rain coming. We have not had a frost yet and the leaves usually start changing after that. By October color should be showing more. Hope we have some good weather while you are here in Boston area.

GLORIA de  from what I heard on the news this morning we could get up tp 2 inches of rain today. Hope your DIL makes it to your home before it gets bad.

JUNE  hope your friend has as good a therapist as I had after my right shoulder replacement. He made it fun with the jokes and laughs.

SHIRLEY  Doris has my landline number and it is working. Maybe she called at one of the times Cox was down again. It happpens too often for us here in the building and we cannot change carrier. Seems Cox is the only one allowed in all the senior housing here.  I did check your first postings in Photos.  The Aspens are beautiful but I love the one with the water runing over the rocks. Reminded me of some places here I have seen. Will check out the new ones later. I have not ween any of the wooly caterpillars yet.

LLOYD  you are still looking for more animals so how do you plan to retire and start traveling?

AMY  we will have liquid sunshine later, has not started yet. Glad we have heat again and starting to feel good in here again. My CNA put my AC away yesterday and I have my room back in order again. Nothing happened from that meeting but they must have had her on the carpet because she if trying to be nicer.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 24, 2018, 08:59:31 AM »
Good morning everyone, another start at a cold 48° now. Hope the with will have the maintenance man get the heat on when she gets here. This is horrible to be so cold in our homes. She has a nice heater in her office and it is placed between the window and her desk so she can turn it on and be nice and warm. As Joan would have said -time for  "geemagotchees" to be warm. From what I see of the sky  looks like another  day with little or no sunshine.

JANE  ham chops? I have had smoked pork chops here, taste like a smoked shoulder, very tasty. There is an Aldi's about 12 miles from me but not many go there. Both of my sons went once to check it  out ad left without buying anything.

OH GOODIE I can hear the furnace running, turned my thermostat up. Paul[maintenance man] must have turned it on as the witch is not here yet. He is more thoughts seniors than she is. She will be yelling  a t him AGAIN.

AMY  so happy for you to have power back. Not easy living without it. It has happened to re  and had a small woo stove to cook on, glad I had 2 Coleman latterns for light. Love every thing in your meal,  my mouth is watering of the thought of all of it, even the tapioca.

Commercial for Myo health supplement. Supposed to make our muscles work like they did when younger. Another supplement to get folks to spend money on something that doesn't work.

JANE  today I have in mind to get my CNA help me get my winter clothes out  and put some summer ones away that I will not be we a  ring again till next year.

AMY  I love cooler weather but do not like over dressing in the apartment to keep warm. No frost here yet but it will not be long now.

JOY  glad you are feeling so much better. I know PT works and had it twice in my life.

JANE  I know my walls at my son's house were not insulated and in the winter the walls were cold.

Have a great day everyone.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 23, 2018, 10:04:25 AM »
Good morning everyone, 49° this morning. Guess you know I have my war m winter robe on and not too warm. Coffee is helping warm my innards now. The sun is shining. Just heard local  weather and upper 60's or low 70's for a high. my kind of weather. This keeps up the witch will have to get the heat turned on before next month.

LLOYD  looks like your temperature yesterday morning reached here last night. Love it. Fall is here at last.

LARRY  looks like you did too much walking on Friday. Hope by now you have rested and are more energetic again. Thanks for looking up the Merrimack Valley. Mass is the state to the north of us but I never connected that with the flooding. Building in places that flood are like building too close to the shore and when a storm comes along and wipes every thing away those stupid people rebuild once again in the same place. I would never live with one of my children. Like I said before, the apartment upstairs in my son's house was close enough.

JOY  we have some wicker rockers with cushions on the porches and wood benches, too, but I sit on my rollator, the seat is padded and for me easier to get up from. I always loved being outside and get out as much as I can. Even in winter I bundle up and go outside. I have gone out to the porch when it was snowing and if not too bad and the walks were just cleared would walk them. The maintenance man does a wonderful job keeping the walks cleared. At night when it is snowing hard he will be out there clearing the walks and the front of the porch in case the rescue truck has to come, about every half hour he will be out there. He has the week ends off but if it snows he is here to plow. He has a small plow for the walks so at least he does not have to shovel. Hope you can start getting outside soon.

SHIRLEY  so happy to see you had a wonderful week in the mountains and are now safely home. I wish I had been with you to see that beauty. Will be anxious to see the pictures you took. You know me, I travel by seeing beautiful scenery.

GLORIA  we have people here who love the ocean and build too close and  along comes a storm and washes every thing away and they build again  there. Crazy.

JUNE  good for you answering all your email. I try to do that every day if I can. Easier than writing snail mail.

JANE  glad you had a good day yesterday. Fun is always better than working.

SHIRLEY  glad I never had to have either of my parents live with me. I loved them but we lived different. My MIL raised me ex to think he was better than anyone else and he seemed to act like it too. My FIL was a good man and he loved my 3 and when he would have to make a delivery when they were not in school he would come and take them with him and always stopped for ice cream. He never did that with the other grands. he used to buy thing for them and said not to tell where they got them. If my MIL knew she would have had a fit. Will head to photos and hope I can find your post.

AMY  hope your power comes back soon.

LARRY  hope you are feeling much better today.

Have at good first full day of my favorite season.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 22, 2018, 07:33:59 AM »
Good morning everyone Happy Autumn, my favorite time of year. When I pulled up the shades and looked at the sky the sun was just hitting the tops of the trees across the parking lot and there were a few clouds with a tinge of pink, so beautiful with the blue on the sky. Looks like we had a bit of rain overnight, everything is wet, even the tops of the cars.
Anyone know where Merrimack Valley is? A running message just went along the bottom of the TV about them getting electricity back by November 15th. If the area was hit by the hurricane seems like a very long time to be without power.

JANE  I never had grandparents, they had all died before I was born.
Living in the apartment on the second floor in my son's house was as close as I want to live with my kids. I would still be there if I could manage the stairs.

JUNE  wish I could sleep the way you do. Some nights I cannot sleep and I do lay on the couch every after noon but never sleep.

AMY  those strong winds are what I dislike. Talking to my older son yesterday he just had a couple of very tall oak trees cut down because  if they fell it would be on his house. I know for a long time I worried about those trees and now  am glad they are no longer a threat.

Have a great day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 21, 2018, 10:27:01 AM »
Good morning everyone, I was outside several hours yesterday. Felt  so good with sunshine and just warm enough to really enjoy it. The wicker chairs are still on the porches and the front porch had several other enjoying the sunshine. I sit on my rollator and leave the chairs to the others.

CAROL  I am surprised that was only a bit over 2 inches of rain the way it was coming down. There are  places in this state where it will flood with any time it rains. It always has but people built in the area and now every time it rains and it floods they want the government to buy them out.

JUNE  Now that my daughter lives in Arizona the weather is very dry with even less rain than in San Diego. They love where they are now, no noise and traffic. I would not like that, I do like some rain and I would miss snow even more.

JENNY  we now have coyotes here. Bears have been seen around at times, too. No more walking in the woods like we used to, never know what you will run into. My son found a coyote den in the woods in back of his orchard a few years ago.

JANE  looks like your son should have called you instead of telling Kiran to tell you about hem going out. Kids are known for forgetting important information.

AMY  darn cars always seem to mess up when we need them.

LLOYD  at  times I wonder if all the meds doctors prescribe do any good for us.

JOY  glad each day finds you feeling better.

LARRY  it was 58° when I got up this morning. I love those cooler nights.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 20, 2018, 09:26:24 AM »
Good morning everyone, woke to leaf blowers, It's not Wednesday but the landscapers are here today. Guess they had to wait till the grass dried some after Tuesday's rain. There was still some showers yesterday and no sun at all, hope it shines today and gives me some energy.

JANE  wonderful that you will have all those generation of women all together. A few times a year I am lucky to have 3 generations of my family with  me. My older son,his son and his grandson. Love those days but I no longer have a camera to get a picture of us together.

JUNE  wish I could send you some of this rain. The rain we had Tuesday might have put out some of those darn fires.

JENNY  that rain we got has lowered the temperature, 56° now and I love it. Been years since I have been to Boston but my oldest son has been there several times bringing my grandson to the airport when he was going overseas.

AMY  OK, will get that recipe out to send you. It really is a different kind of blueberry pie. Last night I was thinking about what one you were asking for and that light bulb popped up and it hit me what you were talking about.

LARRY  this corner of RI got more rain than the rest of the state, some parts had less than a inch. At least we did not have wind. Unless it suddenly gets down into the 30s the heat will go on October 1st. We have to have our AC's out on that day.

JOY  as long as you come in and tell us you are OK we feel better than not hear ing from you at all. I have a hassock under my desk that I put my feet up on when sitting here but even then  I cannot sit here long.

Have a good day.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2018
« on: September 19, 2018, 10:21:23 AM »
Good morning everyone not raining now but yesterday looking out the windows was like looking out from the back of a waterfall at times. We ended with 2+1/4 inches of rain. Highest in this state. It would stop at times and looked like the walkway was starting to dry and it started again. There was thunder and lightning at times. Thank goodness we did not get any strong winds.

LLOYD  when I was much yo unger I would have loved traveling around our beautiful country with an RV.

AMY  we talk about so many different foods what recipe do you want? Too lazy to back track to see what one I mentioned. That is me these days, just too lazy to do anything I do not have to. Of course my back has nothing to do with it. Just heard Rain in forecast for Friday here.

JANE  at least you did not have to buy a new battery. I would like to see sunshine, too. Gloomy here and still high humidity. Would like to turn the heat up to get the dampness out but heat is still turned off in the building.


SANDY  enjoy the new rollator, I know I would be lost without mine.

JENNY  I am trying to pictur e a toll road between here and Boston. Been many year s sunce I was there. I know on route 95 there are places with a toll booth but that was in Maine. They do not live right in Boston do they?

JUNE  I don't have half your energy and "git up 'n go"

JOY  no rain today but no sun either. Just gloomy.

MY CNA for today just called, not feeling well so went home.

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