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  • Oldiesmann: The font shouldn't be any smaller or lighter than it used to be.
    Today at 03:01:55 am
  • mycheal: Not too user friendly :)
    December 13, 2018, 08:06:57 pm
  • alpiner1: I have managed to find my way around on this forum but the print is lighter & difficult for old eyes to see .
    December 13, 2018, 07:10:14 pm
  • alpiner1: I have managed to find my way around this forum .  Its not much different , just smaller lighter print  . A bit difficult for old eyes ro see
    December 13, 2018, 07:08:43 pm
  • brian: sad sack room     used to be good
    December 13, 2018, 03:11:41 pm
  • joyous: Hi Girls. Cold weather has arrived.  I still have not conquered the new  Seniors and Friends.  Wonder if I will ever ?????
    December 12, 2018, 04:39:05 pm
  • joyous: Very bad weather expected here today---Joy
    December 08, 2018, 10:31:52 am
  • joyous: Two other "old ladies" and I were treated to lunch yesterday at an old house that has been made into a very nice home run by a
    December 06, 2018, 11:20:37 am
  • joyous: i
    December 06, 2018, 11:18:10 am
  • angelface555: Lucian, to start a new thread you need to leave a message with Bubble, an administrator.
    December 05, 2018, 06:05:14 pm
  • joyous: It is 34 this morning ---a bit nippy.  High of 56 predicted..  Joy
    December 05, 2018, 08:50:50 am
  • Lucian Hodoboc: Does anyone have any idea how I can start new threads? There's no New Thread button anywhere.
    December 05, 2018, 03:33:18 am
  • joyous: Be good-Santa is watching
    December 03, 2018, 03:53:02 pm
  • joyous: Here we are about to see SantaClause.  I guess everyone is making preparations.  Have fun! Be good!JOY
    December 03, 2018, 03:41:16 pm
  • joyous: I was cut off in my message, but just wanted to wish everyone a happy weather day.  Joy
    December 02, 2018, 01:48:35 pm
  • joyous: Hello another day Girls.  Beautiful day, sunshine and great weather.
    December 02, 2018, 01:46:52 pm
  • joyous: Is still have not conquered the new format but still trying.---JOY
    December 01, 2018, 02:25:29 pm
  • joyous: how do I find the Reply button?
    December 01, 2018, 10:19:33 am
  • alpiner1: joyus  I agree !
    December 01, 2018, 12:34:26 am
    November 30, 2018, 06:42:02 pm

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Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for December 1...
Last post by Lloyd Hammond - Today at 10:19:33 pm
Good night everyone. No Larry we never made contact found his house but he was on the road, trucking. But was a good day out of the house + a good meal out.
I had a Rubin sandwich and tater tarts and Nancy had a chefs sallied. sleep tight and sweet dreams everyone.

Town Talk / Re: Norms Bait and Tackle
Last post by angelface555 - Today at 09:39:09 pm
Larry, I do not understand this, "I set my bookmark at the level above the discussions and then I see the name of the discussion with a little "new" symbol in front of the name of the discussion and when I click on it I go to the point I last read or usually posted. This works well for me."

I also do not understand how Tom did this, " the top of my screen, just under the back arrow, right arrow, reload and Firefox home page, Tom put a tag Most Visited (also tags for Yahoo, Duluth Chart and Soo Chart (the charts are maps).  Here is the sequence:
Most Visited
Recent Unread Topics
S&F Menu (newest on top and includes those I do not read)
From the menu, I choose what I want to read and if Norm's B&T is there, I choose that.

When I'm finished, I click on Recent Unread Topics and the Menu comes up and I choose what I want to read."

 I  use Firefox and underneath where the arrows are as MaryAnn, posted, I have a tab that has my avatar name and when you click on it, it takes you to your S&F account. This was a part of Michael's editing and is supposed to be the same for everyone. I am including a screenshot to illustrate.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for December 1...
Last post by Mary Ann - Today at 09:09:29 pm
Callie, we've been like you - two sunny days in a row.  It was 40 degrees when I went after the mail and I did not feel I had to put on my winter coat. 

We had fire drills in both the elementary and high schools.  Also at work.  I worked in the department that scheduled the alarms (we didn't have a lot) and one day the alarm went off - unscheduled.  Most people walked out of the building but I was confused and did not leave the building.  I told my boss I felt like someone had had a fire and didn't invite me! 

Callie, my smoke alarm has gone off several times and the worst was when I could not figure out what was causing it.  I finally looked in my microwave and there was a disaster in there.  I had started baking a potato in the range oven, then transferred it to the microwave in order to put something else in the range oven.  I gave the potato too much time and it caught fire and was a cinder when I found it.  I got the alarm off OK and my microwave was in ruins and all I could do was laugh because it was my own darned fault!  I now bake potatoes in the microwave and they turn out perfectly!

I am sure my mother hung some clothes out in freezing weather, but I also remember seeing the lines strung in the basement where she hung clothes.  I did enjoy hanging them outside in good weather.

There isn't much on a dryer to go wrong, not like a washer.  I've had four dryers in I don't know how many years (maybe 65-70 years), but three of them I left when I moved and the last one went with the washer after the washer quit spinning.

I will look forward to seeing Don's Santa pictures, too.

Tom just returned from a church-related dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  He said he thought their prices were a bit high and he had a chicken wrap.  I don't know what drink he might have had - tea or a soft drink.  Tom is not a drinker, although he may have a beer once a month if he goes to a HS class party.  And he nurses that!

Mary Ann
Site Announcements / Re: FYI: Upcoming site upgrade
Last post by CallieOK - Today at 08:48:33 pm
Michael,  could you change Unread Posts and Updated Topics clickables to bold print like Previous Topic and Next Topic are?  That would be more "eye-catching" and easier to see.
Town Talk / Re: Norms Bait and Tackle
Last post by Mary Ann - Today at 08:42:11 pm
Larry, your salad meals sound good to me and I would like either tuna or canned chicken on mine.  Tom does sometimes fix a tuna mix to put on sandwiches.  He doesn't like sandwiches as much as I do, but they are more convenient to take to school for lunches so last time we ordered two loaves of bread; one is in the freezer.  We like 12-15 grain bread and we were getting the 15-grain but the store seems to have discontinued it so I am ordering 12-grain now.  I like the texture.  I have been able to buy two slices of watermelon but Dot buys a small round one and cubes the inside to store it, probably like you have done.  I don't care how I get thank you notes - e-mail, snail mail or in person - but I do appreciate them.  James and Alicia will thank me Christmas Day when we're there.  Annie doesn't have her gift yet.  I may or may not hear from Paula or Erin.  When the kids were small, Sue would have them send me notes, but they are grown up now and should be able to send them on their own.

I'll see if I can find some information about Geoff's programs; I even understand he has billing on the program.  He is an unusual young man (31 this year).  He may not be working now, but I really don't hear much about him unless Tom says something.  He may never be famous, but he is doing what he likes and that is important.

Mary Ann

Flus. (One flu is too many)

Thanks, Bubble, for info on that French sauce.  I had never heard of it.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for December 1...
Last post by CallieOK - Today at 08:40:29 pm
Good Evening,

We've had two - count 'em - TWO sunny nicely warm days in a row!  Amazing - particularly since Thursday was horribly windy and wet.  I had to drive across town in sleet!
Bubble,  cute stories and wonderful pictures for our new Shoppe.  Thank you.

Shirley, I'm with you re: fire alarms, sirens and such.  I was teased in elementary school because I cried and put my fingers in my ears when the fire drill alarm sounded.  It was all I could do to stay calm during those when I was teaching Second Grade. 
My home smoke alarm has only gone off once - when some streusel topping bubbled over and caused the oven to smoke.  I'm sure my blood pressure was way above stroke level and I was almost in tears by the time I opened doors, turned on fans and got the thing to stop!

Before we had a drier in Leadville CO, not only did the laundry freeze on the line - I sometimes had to clear snow drifs from under the lines so the sheets could hang free.

Don, I'm looking forward to seeing "Santa Elvis".

Am down from 102 cookies to just 8.  :thumbup: . Did I mention I also made half a recipe of Martha Washington candy - "only" about 75 pieces instead of 150.
I fixed little gift boxes of cookies and candy for two of my "household helpers" and the ladies in my Bridge Club and took 4 dozen cookies next door for the neighborhood Christmas House Tour tomorrow evening.  The remaining 8 will go in  gift boxes for another household helper and a friend with whom I'm having lunch on Tuesday.
The rest of the candy will be for family.
Of course, I'll have to make more cookies next week for family - but not that recipe!!!!!

Time to settle in for some reading and maybe the re-run of the Boston Pops Christmas program.

Sleep well, Everyfriend, and have pleasant dreams
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
Last post by JeanneP - Today at 08:08:29 pm
I cant get into your Facebook account it seems.
Like you ,I have to really watch the soap Iuse on all my laundry. Also bathing.
Hard when in hotels. Always have to get pillows changed. They seem to think people like feather pillows.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for December 1...
Last post by larryhanna - Today at 08:08:20 pm
Hi Everyone.  Rather than being rushed in the morning I decided to go ahead and post this evening.  I am happy to say I am feeling better this evening than I have all day.  We just finished having a salad dinner.  I had tuna on mine and Pat had canned chicken on hers.  It had been awhile since we have had that meal.  I did go out and attend my meeting this morning but was glad to get home and eat a quick lunch and then lay down.  I am enjoying watching some college football and basketball games.  We did see a little sun today and a brief shower and the temperature has been pretty good.

Shirley, we never had a fire drill in our one room school house.  As I recall it was heated by a pot belly stove.  Our high school was small involving only three or four classrooms and we didn't fire drills.  We also had to hang our clothes out on the line to dry and I remember getting the cloths off the line and the overalls and jeans would be frozen stiff.  Thank goodness we have dryers in our homes now.  Wow, your dryer must be an Energizer Bunny type.  I can't even remember how many different dryers we have had over the years.  I have found that I always need to scroll past my posted message because if someone else has posted while I was posting my message doesn't get posted until I hit the Post button a second time as you indicated you do.  I think that is why I seem not to post when I have posted since I forget that step.  I feel that same way about paying for meals or giving money to our son as he doesn't make a lot of money on his job. 

Bubble, I didn't think the Santa picture looked too much like the pictures of Don I have seen in the past but I just wasn't sure.  I look forward to seeing Don's pictures. 

Gloria, I think our church has about 300+ secret service members that only appear at Easter and Christmas.  Of course, I know probably of lot of them are family visiting our member who do attend regularly.  Like you I also miss Don's Sunday afternoon classical music program but he was wise to retire from it when he did.

Don, I look forward to see your pictures.  I hope you are feeling more at home in your new place.  Are you still listening to a lot of classical music?
Leisure Activities / Re: Library Bookshelf
Last post by JeanneP - Today at 07:57:15 pm
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