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Title: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: so_P_bubble on January 01, 2018, 02:04:14 AM
Soda Shoppe

for January 1,2018

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: so_P_bubble on January 01, 2018, 02:05:15 AM

It’s New Year’s Eve, and the restaurant is hopping—revelers, band, overworked waiters. Wending his way through the crowd is a drunk, staggering back to his seat.

 Spotting an attractive woman sitting alone, he says, “Pardon me, miss, did I step on your feet a few minutes ago?”

“Yes,” she says testily, “you did.”

“Good! I knew my table was around here somewhere.”

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: so_P_bubble on January 01, 2018, 02:06:23 AM
My friend’s husband is always telling her that housekeeping would be a snap if only she would organize her time better.

Recently he had a chance to put his theory into practice while his wife was away.

When I popped in one evening to see how he was managing, he crowed, “I made a cake, frosted it, washed the kitchen windows, cleaned all the cupboards, scrubbed the kitchen floor, walls and ceiling and even had a bath.”

I was about to concede that perhaps he was a better manager than his wife, when he added sheepishly,

 “When I was making the chocolate frosting, I forgot to turn off the mixer before taking the beaters out of the bowl, so I had to do all the rest.”

 -Mary I. Costain
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: so_P_bubble on January 01, 2018, 02:13:50 AM
A new page for Soda Shoppe starts HERE (
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 01, 2018, 05:47:37 AM
well I am up feeling pretty good Closed the door to bedroom and left Nancy enjoying her rest. I raided the fridge and cleaned up some leftovers. ready to face the new years cold weather, after good light I will go feed the cattle and chop ice for them to get a good drink.hope you all were reasonable bringing in the new year.have a great day starting the new year, Hope your day is just like you Like it with good health. it is -5º here now calling for a high of 10º today.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 01, 2018, 06:48:41 AM
Good morning everyone..

Happy New Years, may you be blessed with health and happiness for 2018!

We went to bed but I did hear fireworks go off last night. Bothered the dog but we soon went back to sleep.

The neighbour is bringing his snowmobile over to work on in the garage where is it nice and warm. Temp is -35 at the moment.
Not much else going on here..

Jane, hope you feel better today.

Enjoy your day everyone.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 01, 2018, 07:37:54 AM

We had temps in the minuses overnight.  I didn't sleep well because of this darn cold and I've decided not to go to WM to get my extra discount today.  It will still be there on most things and since I got two very nice gift cards for the local grocery chain, I decided I don't need to get any extra food right now.  Cheap and discounted is nice but FREE is even better!  And I can do that any time.

The boinger just went off so I'm sure the doggies will be here any minutes to remind me that it's time to eat.  OOPS, there goes Annie sounding off.

I'll try to get back later but if I don't show up, I'm catering to my cold.  I've decided that it's time to take something for it.  Maybe I'll sleep off and on today. 

In the tradition of the Pennsylvania Dutch (who were mostly German) I have my sauer kraut in the crock pot for my lucky New Yeat's meal!  My grandfather was actually German and they made their own sauer kraut when I was growing up.  I'm a fan of it and I don't just wait for New Year's to have it.  But I don't let New Year's pass without having it.  I'm not taking any chances!  My grandfather is probably watching!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Joy on January 01, 2018, 09:04:15 AM
Happy New Year back to you all !!!   Hope it will be a very healthy, happy and prosperous year for everyone. 

Jane, sorry about your cold.  I have been coughing, but don't seem to have a cold.   I have never heard about the tradition of sauerkraut for Good Luck in the new year.  I think my mother used to get white fish for new year's.  And, I remember years ago, that my uncle would go around to all the relatives to be the first man to enter the house in the new year   I haven't heard of that tradition for a very long time. 

I, too, like sauerkraut, but haven't had it in a long time.  My mother used to fix it with pig's feet and that was good.  We used to have a neighbor who made his own.  I do remember my mother would always try to get it fresh and not in a can.  I wouldn't fix it just for myself, as I wouldn't be able to eat it all. 

It was 0º  when I first turned the computer on. But, it is sunny. I don't remember it being this cold for so long for a long time.  And, it is not going to get any better the rest of the week. 

Amy, hope you have a nice day.  I heard some fire crackers before I went to bed.  Sounded like they were right outside my window.  I was thinking about all the dogs who would probably be afraid.  I was up to see the ball drop and was glad I was inside and not outside in the mob of people.  Thankfully,  I guess there were no unusual incidents.  They sure seemed to have all the security pretty well covered.

Nice that you let your neighbor use your garage to work on his snowmobile.  I guess that is a pretty popular mode of transportation up your way? 

Hope all who are experiencing this big freeze will stay warm and cozy inside.

I meant to thank Bubble for the new heading for us.  That is very nice, Bubble.  You always do such a good job in keeping up with the changes.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 01, 2018, 09:22:21 AM
Here we are all decked out in the new year and in a brand new forum, thanks to Bubble.

Things were relatively quite in my neighborhood, a few fireworks for a short while but I rolled over and back to sleep.  I guess we will not be having the Texas tradition of Black Eyed Peas for New Years day.  Wife is fixing beef stew and I will whip up some corn bread muffins for our New Years dinner.  One of my favorite meals.

Well to baffle and entertain you I will leave a link for your viewing pleasure.  Tell me how he does it. (
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: larryhanna on January 01, 2018, 09:50:39 AM
 Hi Everyone and Happy New Year. We are below freezing here this morning but just barely as it was 31 degrees when I got up.  It will stay in the 30's today but above freezing and then we will be in the 20's tonight.  I know this sounds pretty warm to those of you having such cold weather.  Neither Pat nor I have any appointments this week so am looking forward to a pretty quiet week and getting things summarized from last year in preparation for tax time and new schedules set up for this year and updating various things like a summary of our bills and financial information in case it is needed this year, but I don't expect to happen but one never knows.    I plan on watching Georgia play Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl this afternoon and then perhaps will watch Clemson play Alabama  this evening but probably won't last the whole game as it doesn't get underway until 8:45 this evening and that is getting pretty late for this old man.  There are a couple of earlier games I will probably tune into. 

Hal, putting out the de-icer wouldn't seem very logical unless the highway department knows something that hasn't been made public.  Guess they are using the better safe than sorry philosophy.  I don't think we have tried the ribs at Texas Road House as usually stay with the steak. 

Gloria, I hadn't heard about the "polar bears" postponing their dip in the ocean.  That particular activity never made much sense to me.  I would think playing football in such cold weather would be pure torture.  I see the Patriots won their game yesterday.  If your lease doesn't specify what temperatures you are suppose to maintain in your apartment I wouldn't pay any attention to what the manager wanted.  I bet she stays nice and warm in her office and her home. 

Callie, our housekeeper helped Pat get all of our decorations put away and those we store in the attic back up in the attic.

Bubble, thanks for getting us off to a fresh start with the beautiful graphic.  Funny jokes.

Lloyd, sounds like a good day to stay inside as much as possible. 

Jane, it is hard to beat free.  At Firehouse subs if you do a survey online after you have made a purchase they give you a number to write on that receipt and you can then present it  for a free drink.  I have taken the survey numerous times as it is worth $2.  So sorry you are having to fight another cold and hope you can take it easy and get some extra rest.  I was talking to a lady at Church yesterday who said she was making black eye peas and collards as it is s tradition that you will have a good year when it starts off that way.  The only problem was she said neither she nor her husband liked collards and probably would take only a small bite and throw the rest away.  I am sure glad that wasn't a tradition where I grew up as can't stand collards nor do I care for black eyed peas.   

Joy, I remember my mother making sauerkraut and then we had it with hot dogs.  Pat and I occasionally have that same dish now and I like the Bavarian style of sauerkraut.   
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: CallieOK on January 01, 2018, 10:21:49 AM
Good Morning - in a new year and a new Soda Shoppe.  Thanks, Bubble!

Patio thermometer says it's 0º out there.   The sunshine is deceptive!!!!

I didn't learn about black-eyed peas on New Year's Day until I married a Mississippi native.  Guess I'll have to take my chances since I forgot to get any.

The Sooner quarterback has been battling bronchitis since the team got to California last week.  Hope that won't spoil our chances in the Rose Bowl.  Of course, since he's graduating, it might mean discovering a new talent to follow in his footsteps.

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Shirley on January 01, 2018, 10:44:33 AM
I didn't grow up with black eyed peas or any traditions for New Year Day, but I do have the wooden mallet that Dad said they used to press the kraut down as it "worked".  The huge stone container was broken when I went with my parents after the sale of the "home place", and Dad had a tear in his eye when he pointed out the "kraut masher" that lay beside it.  It now hangs on a wooden holder downstairs that also holds the dipper that lay upside down on top of the cistern, a huge spoon that looks like acid has eaten into the metal (don't remember what he said it stirred), and Grandma's cane, a well worn piece of wood that was bent at the top to fit her hand.

Larry, I also like the Bavarian style, and Joy, you can get the tiny cans (not Bavarian), Franks brand (only kind I buy) if you really want a taste of kraut.  I even like it cold & known to take a fork & dip out a bite as I put it into a bowl to heat to go over hot dogs.  Didn't serve it often & usually the kids preferred if I cut the sausage or hot dogs into bite sizes & heat with the sauerkraut, called for a skillet of fried potatoes & a bowl of applesauce.  Such a variety of flavors but still sounds good to me.

I checked before coming here, temp was -5 and "real feel" of -17, but the sun is shining!  Cats look at the door & think they should be out in that sun but skid to a stop when the slider opens.  They did go out for short stays yesterday, lay against the house where the wind couldn't hit them & sun on their fur.  The birds are even hiding, I will take bread down to the river & some leftovers for whatever finds them first.  I was horrified yesterday to see some kids playing on the ice near the bank on the other side.  The water is so swift under the ice it pushes up big slabs, if a kid went under they wouldn't find him until it thaws, probably miles down stream.

Jane, hope your cold doesn't hang on, "they say" handling money is the worst germ catcher job of all. 

Hal, the city sprayed those chemicals on our streets a couple weeks ago because of a chance of snow or ice.  None got here & I'm sure the stuff has worn off by now.  At the time I thought it was a crazy idea since we are too dry to think of rain or snow, but we only pay the taxes, huh?  Since I always get my car to a car wash after snow & those chemicals, wonder if I should have cleaned it off this time.   Ah, well..........

I'm stalling, need to get busy & haul those decorations to the basement & put away the Christmas Village... the body is not quite as sore so guess I'll live. 

Gloria, Doris called last night, we talked & laughed for an hour & 47 minutes (she always checks before we hang up).  We talk about the past, her Herb was such a good sport to travel with, we listen to each other's memories & tell about the dumb things we've done.  By the time we hang up we have a sore ear but smiling. 

Good morning, Callie...........
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Radioman34 on January 01, 2018, 10:51:50 AM
Happy New Year dear hearts. I' m chatting with my favourite Israeli so I'll check back later
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Gloria on January 01, 2018, 11:35:39 AM
            HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018

Good morning everyone, had another sleepless night. That is 2 nights in a row and I do not like it. Not normal for me. At 11am it is now 3°. Sun is bright but will not warm things up on this New Year's day. Wonder how those who spent the time outside celebrating had a bit of frostbite.

MARY ANN  I was wondering how those in NY and here in Providence fared out in the bitter cold last night. Not for me.

JUNE  the CNA who was here Friday wore a mask. She was told that since she had a cold she had to wear it and not give it to me. The company is carefull about their clients.

GLORIA de  I am still getting used to the difference in this computer after being without it for so long.

HAL  been a long time since I watched the ball drop in NY. Wonder how the one in Providene did. First time they tried that here.

BUBBLE  thanks for the new page and beautiful graphic and chuckles.

LLOYD  our high today will get to 11°, mot very warm.

JANE  hope you can rest/sleep as much as possible with that cold. What a way to start 2018. Take care. I like sauerkraut, too.

JOY  like you I cannot remember these temperatures for a long time. We ar  e suppposed to be in this cold all week. This is a couple of weeks and that is a long time. One good thing it will kill a lot of bugs  that manage to survive in the winters we have been having.

HAL  amazing rope trick.

LARRY  I know there are differnt polar bear groups around but the one postpo‌ned is the one here in RI. I did notice the last time I was in the office that she also has a good size heater in it. She is the only one with her AC in the wall under her window. It is there all year and no cover over it to keep cold air out. The rest of us are supposed to have ours out by October 1st.

CALLIE  just checked and it is now 3° so it is warming up a bit.

SHIRLEY  no traditional food here for the new year. The only sauerkaout I buy is Silver Floss. There are a few other brands that I tried but that is the best around here. I have to get in touch with Doris, have not talked to her in ages. I do miss her.

DON  been thinking of you. Wondered how many times you were Santa this season. I hope it was more than that first one about the time my PC died.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Mary Ann on January 01, 2018, 12:17:30 PM
Happy New Year to Everyone.  If you had a bad 2017, I hope 2018 is kinder to you.

Gloria, when I was young, I had two favorite meals - Franco-American spaghetti and sauerkraut and weiners.  My mother would not fix sauerkraut over the weekend because the smell lingered and she didn't want to smell it then.  I know it smelled the same during the week and I don't know what she did about it, but maybe she was more willing to work to get rid of the smell.  Anyway, I still like sauerkraut and seldom have it because there is too much in a can for me.  I'll have to have Tom get some; I don't know if he likes it or not.  Dot fixes it sometimes with kielbasa and potatoes and has me to her house for a meal!

I did not stay up to watch the ball drop but I did watch the New York Philharmonic play Leonard Bernstein music.  When the program ended at 11 pm, the cat and I went to bed.

At 12:15 pm I am not dressed yet and that is because I did not wake up until 9 am and I usually have been up a couple of hours by that time. 

Lake Michigan has a bit more snow covered ice on it today.  It is about 13 degrees in the air and as long as we have those cold temps, more lake will freeze.  I wish the wind would blow to form some formations, but so far, the wind hasn't been too bad.

I'm missing a few people who have not been feeling well and I hope we'll hear from them soon.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Sandy on January 01, 2018, 12:57:10 PM
Good frosty Morning to Every One..
High temp today is suppose to be 8 degrees Fahrenheit,
but the wind chill is -7 degrees F..... 

Yes, we are in for a weeks worth (at least) of uncommon
freezing weather..  And so it is.

The heater is awesome ... I am very pleased with it.
Much better then the older one that I have under my desk. 

I have the old one under my desk,  the new one in the middle
of the living area,  and I turn on my oven for about an
hour.      I know that it seems like a lot,  but until the temps
get naturally up into the twenty some thing,  I will
have to work to keep this apartment comfortably warm.

Finally 2018 is here.     
I plan on keeping a positive attitude,  until something
outrageous happens.  (news wise)    Then I will
hibernate until things improve again. 

I am still able to control what news I am
subjected to,  and I will take advantage of
this control  while I can. 

For self preservation,  I must maintain a positive
outlook,  in spite of the nature of world events
(political) around me.   

Bubble  "My friend’s husband is always telling her that housekeeping would be a snap if only she would organize her time better."

Sounds like he needs a good slap up side his
empty head !!!

I would "organize him"  right out the back door!!

 :balloons:  Sandy  :balloons:
Happy January  Every One!!!!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lindancer on January 01, 2018, 02:51:07 PM
Good afternoon again, I just lost a shot post. a I wrote befor, baby it is cold outside, and that is all I am going to say :coolsmiley:

bubble, that you for opening this page, and for getting some smiles from us, If you got  to speak to Don, I know it was the starting  of a good New Year.

Callie, My husband was from Ala. do he had his black  eyed peas. We also I herring at Midnight for luck, as that was a Swedish.  I did have my creamed herring a bit early last night.  Now my grandfather believed what every you did on New Years day, you would do all year, so he would go down and work on his boat and fish nets, at lest for and hour.

Sandy, like you outlook, agree.

Larry, with all  that cold the paper said this morning that there were a million darn fools out there

MaryAnn, I was inbed reading, but I did turn on time Sq. at Midnight, then went back to reading

Gloria, I tried to shot Happy New Year across the sound, but the wind was to strong from RI and you didn't hear me :bestwishes:
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: CallieOK on January 01, 2018, 03:09:02 PM
Patio thermometer has "warmed up" to 9 degrees!

I enjoyed the Rose Parade but was disappointed that there wasn't more of the OU band shown because of a commercial break.

Hi, Shirley,  Miss Emily should be on her way to Overland Park; classes start tomorrow.  I'll "worry" her to Wichita if you'll take over from there.   :)

Gloria,  my parents were from Kansas and Nebraska and I don't think either one of them had a New Year's eating tradition.   I learned to make quite a few southern dishes but told him he'd have to go to his mother's if he wanted turnip greens. 

Larry, neither my housekeeper nor I is tall enough to reach across the refrigerator to put Christmas dishes in that cupboard - nor to reach the pull-down for the stairs into the attic.  Fortunately,  the men in my family are all over 6'5".   ;)
I asked Grandson to help this time so we can have some one-on-one time.  Taking advantage of his girlfriend gone visiting out of state.   :thumbup:

He's coming tomorrow afternoon so I'm off to the kitchen to bake some cookies.

Stay warm, Everyone


Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 01, 2018, 03:18:45 PM
Spent the day so far, eating, sleeping and letting the dogs in and out.  Boy! have I been having some weird dreams!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lindancer on January 01, 2018, 03:39:40 PM
Callie, I watched the Rose parade at 11, on GH, with no advertisements
 just at the beginning, with a Honder ad. When we moved to Charleston, my further MIL, brought over Okra, of course my mother from NY had never seen it before, so she boiled, after cooking for a while she gave one look and it landed in the garbage  My husband would always order fried okra, when we went out
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: CallieOK on January 01, 2018, 04:23:40 PM
Yuck! to any kind of okra except fried....crisp!  My kids would eat that like popcorn.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 01, 2018, 04:47:09 PM
The day has slowly disappeared..neighbour fixed his snow mobile  nice and warm in the garage. He mainly uses it to help a friend make trails in the sugar bush.  I did get some cutting done but no sewing. Maybe tomorrow.
I googled okra.....and it seems to be full of vitamins and good for you....What does it taste like?
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 01, 2018, 05:07:40 PM
Whoeeeeee Callie did ou see all the red in the Rose Bowl?  anyone left in oKC.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Radioman34 on January 01, 2018, 05:34:44 PM
It has been an interesting month just past. My Santa  gigs were plentiful and I was able to earn almost $1800 which almost covers the cost off my flight to Israel which is next month. On the downside I was involved in a car accident which resulted in my car being a total write-off.  The most serious aspect of this incident is that I have no recollection of what happened. I just blacked out or fell asleep and the collision occurred. I now consider myself a menace on the road and have voluntarily given up driving, so the roads should now be a little bit safer in London Ontario. Given the circumstances of the accident I'm sure that by the time the report makes its way through the system my driver's permit would  be revoked anyway. So, the next item on the agenda is to find a retirement home and I'll be attending to that when I return from Israel. But I'm okay and life goes on.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Mary Ann on January 01, 2018, 05:54:54 PM
Oh my, Don, it does look like age has caught up with you, maybe more mentally than physically.  It is hard to give up our independence by not driving.  I am fortunate to have my nephew live with me or else I would be in a retirement place.  Tom moved here four years ago (doesn't seem that long) and after his daughter totaled his car, he took over mine, so I was gently eased out of driving.  I don't mind it now, but it seemed strange at first.  I have a few years on you now.

Who drives for you in Israel?  Does Bubble still drive?  I know people in wheelchairs do drive, so it is not unusual.  You might miss some very cold weather by going to Israel and that would not be hard to take. 

I hope 2018 is kinder to you than 2017.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Radioman34 on January 01, 2018, 06:01:39 PM
Mary Ann those were my sentiments: I'm paying the price for my old age. When I'm in Israel Bubble does all the driving. I drove one year in Israel but never again. They put greater reliance on their horns than on their brakes It's ironical that when I reported my accident the first thing the claims officer did was offer me a  rental car, which I declined.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 01, 2018, 08:12:56 PM
Don I am sorry to hear of the accident.  I do suppose you have a good public transportation system, ours is not that frequent so you wait a long time between buses.  Thankfully you weren't injured.

Callie I am about to give up on OU. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: CallieOK on January 01, 2018, 09:21:27 PM
Hal,  so close.  I'm too exhausted to analyze. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 01, 2018, 10:23:32 PM
well it is time for me to wish you all good Night and sweet dreams. we got down before daylight to -2º and up to 14º back back to -4º now so as soon as I post this I am going to hit the hay. hope Nancy will snuggle up close with her flannel night gown and keep me warm. when i was out feeding hay and chopping ice for
the cows my hands got pretty cold co held them on the egoist pipe for a couple min. to get them warm. hope to see you all tomorrow.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 01, 2018, 10:32:39 PM
Callie, seems like this one went like the whole year.  Last team with the football wins.  OU played some great offense and lousy defense.  Oh well, its all over but the cussin.

it is 29 degrees here now, never got above freezing all day.
I am off to bed.

Nite, nite, God Bless and Sweet Dreams

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Denver on January 01, 2018, 11:39:11 PM
Well the first day of 2018 is almost over.  It sure went fast.  We did enjoy the parade this morning, then it has been one football game right after the other....I for one will be happy when football is OVER! 

CALLIE, I did my best to will OU to win. It just was not meant to be😢

Thank you so much, BUBBLE, for the nice fresh SS.

OUR New Year tradition is the first one to come through the front door after the strike of midnight brings in the we gather everything that is considered $$ and that person takes it out.  Then rings the door bell and the other one welcomes them in and takes the money.  We always have to have our black eyed peas too, says my Southern hubby.  Never have and never will fix turnup greens.....Bob does like them but has to eat them elsewhere! 

It was very cool all day here today! The sun was out and that always helps.  Our grandoggie was not wanting to be out long at all on her walks.  Today is her 4th Birthday. 

Mark and Megan went to the Rose Bowl Parade and sent us a few lovely pictures.  I really wanted to be out there this year for it! But hopefully we can plan on next year if they still live in the LA area. 

Today continued to be a sad day for the police families involved in the terrible ambush of four officers yesterday here in our fine community of Highlands Ranch.  My heart aches for the one wife and two young daughters of the one officer that was killed. The other three officers are recovering well and one was released from the hospital. 

My dad is not doing well at all as he continues to deal with a terrible urinary infection.  I am hopeful I can go down to see him soon before we have to leave for California the end of this month for the wedding. 

I wish you all a good night of rest....especially YOU GLORIA!

Pleasant dreams to all. 

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 02, 2018, 06:17:31 AM
well It is 5:05 AM and -1º calling for a high of 20º today. hope you all had a better night than I did. not a good night my breathing machine had a red face saying my mask leaked.  not sure if i am staying up yet or not. hope you all have a warm and safe day today.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 02, 2018, 07:17:24 AM
Good morning everyone..

-18 ° this morning and no new snow :thumbup:

VON is coming sometime today and I do hope the repair man for the hot tub. Nothing else is on the agenda for the day.

I do wish we would hear from/about Joan and Sun too.

Jane, hope you put the run on that cold!!

June, where are you please??  Hope you have more zip in your step today.

Jenny, it is interesting to read the different ways people bring in the new year. Black eyed peas, money, dark haired people..

Hal, 29 is chilly for you folks. Yes, we do have good public transit  here in Ontario . We also have a seniors bus here.

Don, glad you weren't hurt. My friend gave up his licence when he went through a red light. Phoned his dd and asked if she wanted his car.

Gloria, I hate sleepless nights...takes forever to catch up so I hope you had some quality sleep last night.

Larry, good idea to get a jump on taxes..not a pleasant job to do but a necessary one

Callie, have a fun day with your grandson.

Gloria de, it is still cold here and will be for most of this week coming. Pity any animal that is out in it.

Joy, they use them for recreational use and some may use it in the bush , me I would rather be in where it is nice and warm.

MaryAnn one of my favorites as a child was creamed peas on toast or creamed corn either one was good.

Shirley, careful putting those decorations away.

Lloyd, stay warm and safe!

Better get a move on here.

Enjoy your day everyone.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Gloria on January 02, 2018, 09:23:06 AM
Good morning everyone, a whole 8° now, warmest morning is ages it seems.
Finally slept 4 hours but still not the 7 or 8 I usually do.

AMY  over the years some have come and gone in the SS but the only one I worry about is JOAN.

Not much to say this morning and want to get into the shower before my CNA gets here.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 02, 2018, 09:27:58 AM
well we are up to -4º now but are still calling for just 20º today even with bright sun. we are supposed to get some warmer Sunday up to 42º and possible rain, sure could use both. have a great day everyone. I am going down stairs and build a fire in the fireplace.

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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 02, 2018, 09:31:38 AM
Gloria make sure the heater is on high before the shower do not want ice sickles hanging on yourself.

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Post by: Mary Ann on January 02, 2018, 10:40:14 AM
Amy, I remember creamed peas on toast but not creamed corn.  My mother was from Wisconsin, a dairy state and we had a lot of creamed vegetables.  I can't say I care for creamed vegetables now.  I am slightly allergic to corn so I don't eat that other than sweet corn and an occasional dish of popped corn.  When Tom first came here to live and did some shopping for me, he bought four large bags of frozen corn (kernels).  I don't know how long it took him to get rid of the corn, but I informed him I was not going to help him!  Peas I love and always have.

One thermometer says 17F degrees but my computer read 9F degrees a few minutes ago.  I'm not headed out today that I know of.

Mary Ann
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Post by: larryhanna on January 02, 2018, 11:04:48 AM
 Hi Everyone. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of you all having the very cold temperatures to share them so generously with us here in the South.  It was 17 degrees when I got up this morning and will stay in the high 30's this afternoon.  At least we will be above freezing.  For some reason I doubt I am going to get any sympathy. 

I didn't leave the house yesterday and watched a lot of college football.  Both South Carolina and Georgia won but Clemson did not.  The Georgia/Oklahoma game was a nail biter and went to two overtimes.  Georgia now advances to play for the National Championship against Alabama.  I have nothing particular on the schedule for today so will continue my first of the year work here in my office and just take it easy again today.  The schools resume tomorrow so things should get back to normal operation around the community. 

We forgot to watch any of the Rose Bowl Parade and I did know about the HGTV broadcasting it without commercials.  I only watched a little of the Clemson/Alabama game as it was getting too late.

I have left comments for several of you in response to your postings in Norm's Bait and Tackle discussion so if I don't comment to you here I am not ignoring your posting. 

Shirley, I am not familiar with the Franks brand of Bavarian sauerkraut but will get some if I see it.  I understand that most paper money has traces of cocaine or some other illegal drugs on it. 

Gloria, I also had a somewhat sleepless night last night but guess I got enough rest as felt awake this morning.  I guess your apartment rules are for the tenants and not for the manager.  Perhaps when the manager gets too warm in her office she needs to turn her A/C on to cool it down.  I have never heard of Silver Floss sauerkraut either. 

deAngel, I think the thing that turned me against okra, which I had never seen growing up, was working at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City and they served it in a slimy mess with stewed tomatoes.  Pat likes fried okra. 

Don, nice you could supplement your income with the Santa jobs and that it will pay for a good part of your trip to Israel.  How long do you plan to stay on this trip?   It sounds like you are a wise man to know that it was time to surrender your driver's license.  Undoubtedly when you get relocated to a retirement living facility they will have transportation.   

Lloyd, I hope you can get some extra rest today to make up for your bad night. 

Jenny, it is nice that you both are football fans.  Pat does not care for most sports although will doesn't mind watching golf, which we did a lot last year and probably will do so again this year.  The only pro sport I like besides golf is the NFL and I soured a bit on it this season with the actions of the players and some of the owners in regard to disrespecting our flag.  That was quite a site to see and hear that B-2 bomber fly over the Rose Bowl stadium yesterday.  I have never heard of the New Year tradition that you have.  Sorry to hear your dad isn't doing well and not able to get that infection under control. 

Amy, is your husband able to use the hot tub with his heart condition?  I have never before heard of anyone eating creamed peas or corn on toast. 
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Post by: JaneS on January 02, 2018, 11:48:28 AM
How about creamed dried beef on toast?  That was a staple when I was a kid.  I suspect that it was a Depression Era meat stretcher.  Still feel lousy.  Called off work! Car won't start.  This year HAS to get BETTER!
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Post by: Amy on January 02, 2018, 12:53:39 PM
Shovelled the driveway, next will be the snow blower..snow is still falling.
Neighbour came over to get one of our vehicles to use. His needs to go in for repairs. The fellow is coming around 3 to fix the hot tub and no Larry he does not use it. Not because of his heart but because he just doesn't care for it. Me, well I love it especially in winter when I can look out and see the sky,snow falling or rain.

Jane ,can you still buy that type of beef? As kids at home you ate what was in front of you or you just did without. Hope you feel better soon . Will you sil come and have a look at your car?

Going to go sew for a bit.. :)
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Post by: JaneS on January 02, 2018, 01:10:00 PM
They still sell dried beef in most of the delis around here but I don't eat it creamed any more. I don't much like anything creamed and I think that's a product of the Depression, too.  A lot of stuff was creamed because it was a food stretcher. 

My son is coming by this afternoon to get my car started.  It was the deciding factor in not going to work today.  If the car had started, the decision would have been harder to make but if I had gone, I'd have been sorry! 

It's a beautiful sunshiny day today but still cold.  And it's supposed to stay that way all week.  LARRY, I'll take you weather any time.  We'd call it a "heat wave".  O think it might be up around 20 right now.  Not what you would call "warm".
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Post by: Mary Ann on January 02, 2018, 02:03:04 PM
Jane, I loved dried beef creamed and if I thought of it today, I'd try to make it.  I know in past years I was able to buy dried beef and maybe some day I'll see if Tom can find some.  That may have been the only thing creamed that I really liked.  I guess it was a Depression things, but I also felt it was a Wisconsin thing, my mother being from Wisconsin.

Tom and I just got back from having lunch with James and Alicia and their twin girls.  Those girls are so sweet and when they look at you and smile, your heart just melts.  Both girls were so good until the last when they got tired, then they cried a bit, but not long and not hard.

Mary Ann
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Post by: Shirley on January 02, 2018, 02:22:53 PM
"............and so it goes........."  Another year and doesn't look like things will be a whole lot different.  Larry, love your droll thoughts about getting sympathy from the ice cubes out here.  Do think we are probably more prepared for these temps than you are for what is going on down south.  That Global Warming is a pain, huh?    :2funny:

I'm planning a camp out for next week, been on the phone to see which of the KS campgrounds has electricity turned on & found one where I used to take the kids swimming in the summer & think I will enjoy.  Just a couple nights away to chill out (understatement) & enjoy the scenery.  With electricity I have all the benefits of home without those jobs pestering to be done.  I know "someday" I won't have the option to run away from home like this, but it does give the free spirit in me a chance to float. 

Don, sorry about your accident but made me think about my parents neighbor that didn't drive.  She had a standing deal with the local cab company that the same man would pick her up & always take care of her.  She trusted him completely & as she explained to my mother, "consider what you spend on a car, maintenance & insurance as well as gas.... not only does she never have to look for a parking place, she doesn't have to worry if it will start".  When they went to Garden Club she rode with Mother but she was never in need of "rides", a spunky little old lady that was a very good neighbor to my parents.  Hope you will enjoy the new life & be counting the days with you for the visit to Bubble's world. 

Jenny, sorry about your father, so difficult to keep up with the different generations.  My thoughts & prayers that everything works out for all of you. 

Gloria, I know Doris would love to hear from you, if I remember right, she said she had lost your phone number.  Hope you find some extra zzzzzzzzzzs today, I was awake a couple hours last night "just because"..... got to thinking.   :uglystupid2:

Lunch time in Kansas.  Will check in later.  Have a Terrific Tuesday (did I get it right, Callie?)
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Post by: June Drabek on January 02, 2018, 02:58:07 PM
Hi  my darlings..I have been out of it for a couple of days. Started a post yesterday, but somehow this "stuff" really hit me and and I had to go to bed. Woke today, and said to self, "Self, if you were at home in you  house and you felt this lousy, you would spend the day in bed." So other than popping in here, and also eating some food, I will be headed back to bed.I have my meds delivered six times a day, so I am always taken care of, but they can't heal the common cold

Just had some lunch, so I will go back to bed and book. Keep Well !!!!!!!
see you later. June
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Post by: halkel on January 02, 2018, 03:54:25 PM
Well late checking in today.  I think the common cold malady struck all over last night.  I woke up with a coughing fit and feeling absolutely lousy all over.  At any rate called the PT clinic and caceled my appointment for this afternoon.  I told them I am sure you don't want me coming in with this cold.  They agreed.

Amy, my wife buys the dried beef in small jars.  Dried beef gravy is eaten at my house on a regular basis.  Only exception, we put it on biscuits and my son in law always appreciates an invite.  Brand name is Armour, 2.25 oz @ $2.32 a jar.

Back to my easy chair and a cup of hot coffee.
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Post by: Joy on January 02, 2018, 04:54:14 PM
Mary Ann,  Stouffer and Eskay sell Creamed Chip Beef already fixed, and you just have to make the toast. Not sure if that is what you are referring to as
dried beef",  Stouffers is in the frozen food section and Eskay's is in the deli section with the hot dogs and packaged lunch meat.  I always have some in my freezer and just takes a few minutes to fix. 

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 02, 2018, 04:58:34 PM
DRIED BEEF IN JARS!  That can't possibly be what we had creamed and on toast!  The farmers around here all knew how to make it and it was paper thin and very tasty.  I loved it just in a sandwich or stuffed in my mouth plain.  What they have in the delis is ok but it's not the same.  There's one butcher in town who has it made for him by a farmer and he's very protective of the farmer's name and location.  But that's ok with me as long as he keeps supplying it.  We had our own grandfather, then my uncle, then my cousin but no one in the family does it any more.  The farm is gone! 

I must go back and lie down after I let the doggies out.  Don't know if I'll make it to work tomorrow.  We'll see!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: June Drabek on January 02, 2018, 05:20:09 PM
Janie, this seems to be a bad time of year for we elders. I checked my medical records. and I had been having a bad time way back in Nov. God is still in charge and that is a consolation. We are never alone.
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Post by: Mary Ann on January 02, 2018, 05:35:30 PM
Jane, years ago, I was able to buy dried beef in a jar.  The slices were paper thin.  And to me, the terms "dried beef" and "chipped beef" are the same. 

I hate to have Tom look for dried beef and I doubt he's ever had any and he wouldn't know what he was looking for.  I'm not sure he would eat it because he is trying to maintain his weight and I think he avoids salt.  I'll talk to him sometime about it.

Mary Ann
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Post by: Shirley on January 02, 2018, 06:20:59 PM
The only "dried beef" I ever saw or knew about came out of a jar.... for true!  I loved a salty bite straight out of the jar & that was all for me.  I was not a good eater back in early days and Mother had enough others to worry about.   :rolleyes: 

Do you remember when we got the little jars of pimento cheese & even the pineapple flavored cheese in those small jars that we washed out for drinking glasses.... We thought those foods were a real treat. 

June, Jane & Hal..... have y'all been gargling with hot salt water?  Sure helps, just keep a glass full to "nuke" half a dozen times a day, heals the sinuses & throat.... and can't hurt if it doesn't help.   :thumbup:

I am SO sleepy, fed cats early & we walked down to the river.  Discovered that Tommy II has been visiting us after dark, has been begging at the doors since I've kept the garage door closed & didn't get down to the river for a couple days & guess he thought he'd better come fetch.  I haven't seen him for a year or so but maybe the family that has been feeding him moved.  So sad.... but I do NOT need another cat to worry about.  Think he must be "fixed", doesn't act like he's looking for fur girls.   ;)
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Post by: mycheal on January 02, 2018, 08:37:36 PM
I get "Dried Beef" Regularly at the meat market here, they get out the round and shave it on the slicing machine and yes I cream it on toast :) It's not cheap  :idiot2:

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Shirley on January 02, 2018, 09:09:04 PM
Mycheal, I never thought about the meat market having the dried beef to shave.... you are right, it is "onion skin" thin & just the thought makes my mouth water.  By the way, I have wondered how to pronounce your name & gave up & Googled.... am I right it is another way of spelling Michael (name of my nephew).... We have some unusual spellings in my family, my mother's name is spelled "Palagie".... and sounds like French saying... "Gi-Gi" (roll it out) ... Pa-la-gi..... I always loved it but her first grade teacher nicknamed her Tisie & that stuck all her life, much to her dismay.  Because of this my siblings & I got the most common names of the year....

Time for me to gather up cats, not sure where they are right now.  I did get a nap in, June, and rounded out my full 7 hours of sleep. 

Hope all of you with colds get to feeling better fast.  I just knocked on the desk to ward off those germs.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 02, 2018, 10:18:12 PM
The only way I ever saw dried beef was in the small glass jars. 

I now wonder if beef jerky and dried beef are first cousins.  I remember my Grandfather speaking of drying beef back in his day and saying it could be kept that way and if you took off the dried part that the beef under it was almost like fresh beef.  I never saw any of it in my life.

JaneS, you got some work ahead of you working on cutting up that deer.  Did the give you any backstrap?  Hmmmm, good, along with mashed potatoes and gravy and hot biscuits.

Tonight is suppose to be the coldest of the season, according to weather guessers, going down to close to 20 degrees, but warm up starts tomorrow afternoon, suppose to stay below freezing till around noontime.

Bedtime.  Talk to you tomorrow.

Nite, nite, God Bless and Sweet Dreams.......oh, my Mom used to make her own pimento cheese. 

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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 02, 2018, 10:50:40 PM
another way we used to do beef when we never had freezers was take all of the bone out it and  can it in jars. some times we would cook patoes in it also. all you had to do was open a jar of it dump in a pan and mix a little corn starch through it in and you have a quick meal. good night and sweet dreams.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 02, 2018, 11:15:49 PM
HAL, you missed something!  My deer was cut and wrapped and frozen.  All I have to do is take it out, thaw and cut.

I don't think our dried beef is anything like beef jerky.  Maybe a 4th or 5th even a 6th cousin but it's definitely NOT chewy.  It's very tender and easy to eat.  The only think bad about it is the price! 

Good night all!  I'm going to try to go to work tomorrow.  I've already called off enough but I'm going to insist on being on the end away from the food.  I don't think the customers will appreciate me breathing on the food. 

Sleep well and may God bless us, every one!
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Post by: Denver on January 02, 2018, 11:57:21 PM
Good is nearly time to go to bed, but I wanted to stop in and see how you all are doing.

Dad sounded a little bit better today and two of the sons called to tell me the same.  Thank you, LARRY and SHIRLEY for your kind words.  It is a realt concern when I am not there to see how he really is doing.  I know he is not eating hardly at all.  Prayers are welcome if you can.  Thank you.

Pleasant dreams to all and I hope those of you that are a bit under the weather will start feeling much better soon.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 03, 2018, 06:30:56 AM
Good morning everyone

Still snowing here but the temp is + 5......balmy :) I shovelled our driveway twice yesterday, washed the floors and the fellow fixed the hot motor and blue pack. I had to fill the tub up some as he lost water when exchanging the pump and when I took the hose out I had not shut it off . Had water all over me and on the garage floor!! I was mopping up the garage floor and hubby pipes up and says's ok you don't have to wax the floor!! Cheeky fellow!

Today is the day...I get to play with the new boy, I think there is just as much snow as what I shovelled away yesterday. Plus out by the mail box needs cleaning for the mail lady.

Jenny prayers for your Dad, remember when they worried about us as a child/grown up too,now it is our turn to worry about them.

Jane,take it easy ,don't tire yourself out.

Better get a move on here lot of snow to move.

Enjoy your day everyone.
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Post by: JaneS on January 03, 2018, 07:00:03 AM
Good Morning Everyfriend!  This morning I fell much better.  I was up a few minutes and was doing something and all of a sudden, I thought, "wow! I feel better!"  I hope that feeling persists.

Jenny, I've been remembering your father in my prayers and will continue to do so.  He's certainly come a long way in life!  You are so lucky to have had him so long and I pray you have him longer and in better health.

The coffee pot finished so I had to run and grab a cup.  Anybody else ready?

I hope you all have a great day filled with the love of family and friends!
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Post by: phyllis on January 03, 2018, 08:19:41 AM
Good morning!  At last some time to say a little something here! 

First........HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! 

It was wonderful to read that I have been missed by my dear friends and I'm sorry that I haven't posted anything for quite awhile but hopefully I can get caught up now and be more "with it" here.  It has been a long period of all kinds of things to be taken care of with end-of-the-year things to deal with....and some necessary house maintenance to take care of....and bouts of sickness for both my son and me.  Both of us caught something vicious that made us pretty sick.  David especially was down and fainted three times which scared the heck out of me.  And when I came down with "whatever it was" I was very lightheaded and felt faint, too, and really out of it for several days.  It may have been a bit of the flu or some other nasty virus that is floating around.  I have no idea what it was!   Thank goodness, we are both feeling much better and nearly back to normal and we were able to get out of the house yesterday to go to a meeting about medical insurance (ugh!).  As for Christmas and New Year's holidays.....they pretty much didn't happen for us.  Well, with a little luck, there is always next year.  I'm just grateful that we are feeling better.   :nanadance:

And now trying to deal with the intense cold.  We North Carolinians don't handle this kind of weather very well.  I know that all of you up north don't understand what all the fuss is about when you all have much colder weather every year.....but we just aren't well equipped for such low temperature that can cause power outages and now with a sleet/ice/snow storm due to hit us this evening everything gets a bit crazy.  David got the gas logs turned on yesterday so even if the power goes out we (or the water pipes) won't freeze.  And I baked bread and made sure we would have something on hand in case I can't cook. So, just bring it on, Mother Nature!  We're ready......I think.   :-\

I've tried to read everything here and catch up with you all but I can't possibly respond to everything except that I hope all of you are doing well....or, at least, doing better.  I sincerely hope and pray that 2018 will be a much better year for us, for our country, and for the world!

Take care, everyone, and I will be back soon.  I promise! 

ADDED  LATER:  I always liked dried (chipped) beef on toast.  It was a staple when I was a kid.  Kraft still sells creamed cheese in little jars.  I always liked the Pimento and my husband's favorite was Old English Cheddar.  Great on little crackers as a bed time snack!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 03, 2018, 08:48:20 AM
AMY am glad you are warming up some maybe it will drift on down this way.
we need moisture here bad wouldn't holler too much if it came in the form of your snow. we are currently at 19º and headed for 26º they say for today.
Have a great day everyone.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Mary Ann on January 03, 2018, 09:17:39 AM
Phyllis, it's good to see a post from you - finally!  I'm sorry to hear you and David have not been well and I hope you continue to stay better.  I know how the weather can change from place to place; I have relatives in Indianapolis and they have much more ice there than we do 250 miles north.  I'd take the bus down there and it seemed the weather changed at the state line - sometimes for the better, other times not.  And I was able to handle the cold much better than they were because I was used to it.  So stay in when you have ice and snow - if you can - it will go away.  You'll be warmer before we are.

Stay well.

Mary Ann
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Post by: JaneS on January 03, 2018, 09:25:23 AM
We're all the way up to 4º from -2 overnight!  I'm off to check out the smiles at Wally World.  Maybe the cold will keep people home!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: larryhanna on January 03, 2018, 09:28:23 AM
 Hi Everyone. Not quite as cold her this morning as it is around 28 degrees and will only get into the mid-30's this afternoon.  They are having icy conditions in Florida and winter type weather is going up the East Coast but will not be getting to us.  I plan on staying in again today until late this afternoon when we are meeting Scott and Jennifer at the BBQ Barn for our dinner meal today.  They will then come on out to the house. 

Jeanne Lee called Janet Damon yesterday and Janet shared the following per Jeanne's request:

Now I have news about our dear Jeanne.  She called me this morning to say she's still praying for me, and when she can get CP (Wi-fi is sketchy in the hospital) she also prays for the needs here.  Yes, she is still in hospital, and doesn't expect to get to go back to her trailer, but will be going to rehab, assisted living or a care home, she doesn't know which or where yet.  Larry, she asked me to ask you to share this on Seniors and Friends as well.  And she said to tell you all that she needs all the prayers she can get!

When I was growing up we often had creamed dried beef on toast or biscuits.  I also remember it always came in those little jars and must have been relatively inexpensive.  My dad always liked his bisquits mainly two crusts with little between the crusts. 

Jane, It sounds like you were wise to take a day off from work.  I was glad to read you are feeling better today so the rest must have helped.  Cars don't like that severe cold weather either.  Do you keep yours in a garage when the weather is bad? 

Mary Ann, what a joy to get to see the twins periodically.  Nice of James and Alicia to stop by and let Dot see them as well. 

Shirley, you are right about being better prepared in the Midwest and NE than we are down here for the really cold weather.  They had stories on the local news last evening about people having frozen pipes.  I can't imagine going camping with it being so cold but hope you have a most enjoyable time and experience no problems.  I know you are exactly "roughing it" in that nice motor home but still sure doesn't appeal to me.  :) I do remember the pimento cheese in those little jars.  I never cared for it when I was young but really like it now.  We buy it all the time at Aldi's.  They have a brand called Happy Farms and it is the best we have ever found.

Lloyd, I remember my mother canning beef and it was handy when she was rushed at mealtime as was easy to fix.  It sure was good with noodles as a main dish. 

Jenny, I am glad to see that you found your dad feeling better yesterday. 

June, so sorry that you are still under the weather.  Glad the medical staff there is keeping a close eye on you.  Having the medicine delivered 6 times a day provides many opportunities for you to be checked on.  Apparently a lot of people are suffering from bad colds and many with the flu.

Hal, you were suppose to be getting over the cold.  Sure hope today finds you feeling better. 

Amy, as hard as you work I bet that hot tub does feel good and relaxing.  We also had to eat what was put on the table or go hungry as I was growing up. Hope your new snow blower makes quick work of a hard job. 

Phyllis, so good to see your posting and to learn that you and David are feeling much better.  Sure hope you don't get power outages from the bad winter storm headed up the Coast.  It sounds like those gas logs could come in handy.  We have an electric fire place that is just for show and puts out no warmth at all.  It looks pretty realistic but no actual flame at all.  I think a lot of us are hopeful for a better 2018 than 2017 was.

Lloyd, glad to read you are going to be a little warmer today but still sounds like a day to stay inside where it is warm. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Joy on January 03, 2018, 09:59:14 AM
Good morning from my freezing cold  area.  They are calling for snow starting later this evening, but hopefully, it is going to go more towards the east coast and we are not supposed to get that much.  Hopefully, they are right about that. Feel so bad for the people in Florida who are not used to all this cold.

I had a friend who spent the week between Christmas and New Years in Nags Head, on the outer banks, and she said it only got above 20º one day.  Saw a couple pictures and they were bundled up like eskimos.  They knew it would be a little chilly, but not that bad.  There were snow flurries yesterday  morning when they were leaving.  Her family and ours used to go to the Outer Banks every summer when the kids were little.   I reminded her that  maybe the terrible mosquitoes that we had on these vacations were better than the freezing cold temperatures.  Not sure which would have been worse.

Amy, have fun with your "boyfriend" this afternoon.

Jane, glad you are feeling better.   

Larry,  enjoy your evening with your son  and grand daughter.  Your BBQ dinner tonight.   Thank you for  letting us know about  Jeanne Lee.  She sure has had a rough time and hope that she will be feeling better soon.  She is missed here, along with our  Joan.   Sure wish we would hear something about how she is doing.

Phyllis, so good to hear from you. It has been a long time.   Do you have any special crocheting project m that you are working on ?  Glad that you and your son are doing better.

I  was up early and put my trash out and went back to bed.  I have been coughing a lot, but don't seem to have a cold.  I didn't sleep too well last night. But, I feel better since I have been up a while now.

Enjoy your day today, and for those of you who are having all the cold weather, please try keep warm and safe.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 03, 2018, 10:17:35 AM
Oh wow I am in  :smitten: with the new "boyfriend" Joy!! We walked through all the snow as if it was butter!! His motor purrs in comparison to the "other". Just out of curiosity I didn't use the electric start but pulled it and one pull and off it went!! This one is a keeper!!!

Prayers for Jeanne Lee and those in need.

Joy, maybe get that cough checked out if you have no signs of a cold.

Phyliss, enjoy reading your posts and so happy you are back.

Better go see what mischief I can get into now that the VON has gone.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Joy on January 03, 2018, 10:22:08 AM
Amy,  I  have a lot of trouble with sinus problems.  Seems I get this every winter about this time.  I  don't feel like it is cold, as I don't have any congestion.  Lots  of  sinus  drainage.  I am fine, but thanks for the concern.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Mary Ann on January 03, 2018, 12:35:49 PM
Joy, I feel for those people who are getting unexpected cold.  Our weather is colder than usual, but we are used to cold weather.  I see where we will have a high of 19 degrees today (heat wave) but we will be below 15 degrees the rest of the week -that is daytime, night time will be nearer zero or at least in the single digits.  Tom will go to the store this morning, but he has warm clothing.

Mary Ann
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Post by: Gloria on January 03, 2018, 12:53:58 PM
Good morning everyone, late getting here, really cought up on sleep and I feel awake now. Sun is shining and the emp is 25° according to TV.

LLOYD  I turned the thermostat up to 90 and let it get hot in here before I got into the shower . No shivering when I got out of it.

MARY ANN  I like most vegetable. My Mom made some creamed ones once in awhile and I always liked that.

LARRY  no sympathy from those of us in the deep freeze. Envy you will get when it feels warm in the 20's now.

JANE  sorry the new year is not starting off good for you. Means it can only improve. I remember buying small jars of that dried beef, my ex liked it. Only creamed veggie I will eat is cream corn when I hake shepherd's pie.

AMY  tomorrow we a e in for a nor'easter. Weather  guessers all say chance of power outages. Ler it snow and be windy but please do no let us lose power.I think our generation all ate what was put before us. Not like some of today's kids.

SHIRLEY  I know I want to email Doris but seems like I have spent all my computer time since I got this PC back tring to get ever y thing installed again. Of course the first thing I did was get S&F up and running.

JUNE  rest/sleep is the best when one has a cold. Take care of yourself.

HAL  I used to buy the small jars of the dried beef but have no seen it in years, mainly because I never liked it.

JANE  resting and taking care of yourself is more important than going to work when you are ill.

SHIRLEY  I had a lot of those small Kraft cheese glasses. Just right for kids to handle. Used the different cheeses for stuffed celery.

HAL  yesterday the weather forecasters said 30° here today, big storm tomorrow with a possible foot of snow in places then back into the deep freeze on Friday. Been many years since we had an extended cold spell like this. Must be global warming making it this cold. yeah right.

JENNY  good thoughts and prayers for your Dad. You are so lucky to still have him.

PHYLLIS  great seeing you this morning. Hope this year brings better health for you and your son. I do not look forward to no power, this building would get pretty cold. Only one generator to keep the bottom floor warm. With the elevator not running I would be unable to get down the 2 flights of stairs.

LARRY  thanks for letting us know about Jeanne Lee. Prayers for her.

Amy   glad your new boyfriend is easy for you.
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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 03, 2018, 01:32:54 PM
 Gloria and we were lucky to have it. we raised a big garden also and canned.
we no longer do the big garden, we buy lots of produce from the Amish at auction. only thing there is you have to pay close attention you may be biding on a grope of 5 or 6 boxes instead of one @ x # of boxes. but makes cheep good produce to can. we canned a lot of tomotes. I take a quart of them and use a puree tool and make juice out of them (good stuff ). you know Me on a see food diet. see food and eat it, that is why I can't get rid of my fat tummy.
Have a great day.

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Post by: June Drabek on January 03, 2018, 03:13:29 PM
G'day, mates. I am still down and out. Mine is definitely a chest thingy. Lots of coughing up that stuff. I told the Nurse this morning that the cough syrup does nothing to is my lungs.  She gave me a good tip. Take at least five deep inhalations as often as needed. It does help. I haven't told the Clinic about my problem as they would right away notify Gary, and they just arrived for a less that two week vacation in McCall Idaho. No way will I spoil that. They can't heal me anyway.....I have all I need right here where I live, thanks be to God. And the deep breathing is great !! I can feel it clearing things up.

The little nurse that taught me the breathing just popped in to see how things were doing so I was able to thank her for her wonderful help. She was so glad it was working.

Time to kick back and rest again....Later.
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Post by: halkel on January 03, 2018, 03:47:51 PM
Late again today.  Had hot water heater problems this morning.  I called the plumber to come check it out and repair, the little lady who answered advised me, very nicely and apologetically, that she could put me on a list for Friday and hopefully they could get around to me, but maybe not.  So once again I called old faithful, my SIL, and he came over and got it going again.  The pilot was out and he had trouble getting it lit, but after ready something in the manual that came with it, it lit and is going now.

Jne, you need to see the doctor.  Otherwise you are going to end up in hospital, just where you don't want to be.  Like it or not.  Your son is a big boy and knows what he has to do if they notify him of your condition.  You can always express your desire for him not to be notified.

Nice day here today, about 50 out with bright sunshine, but will get cold when sun goes down.

I hear the couch calling.

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Post by: JaneS on January 03, 2018, 05:31:17 PM
HAL...we have COLD and SUNSHINE!  Without sunshine (at night) we have REALLY cold!  I promise you all, I will NOT live in this house another winter without new insulation!  I didn't know the coldest winter on record was predicted when I decided to save my money for doing the job in the Spring!  Thank goodness for FLEECE!  And for space heaters.
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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 03, 2018, 06:29:48 PM
 JaneS be very careful with those space heaters for fire hazard and carbon dioxide posing both, we all want you for a lot of years yet. have a safe evening.

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Post by: Gloria on January 03, 2018, 08:49:33 PM
Just thought I would let you know I might not be here tomorrow. This storm is going to be bad with up to 14 inches of snow and winds up to 50mph. All local channels are saying we could lose power. This town has it's own power and they return power faster than the National Grid. All the workers are local ad they do not want their families to go without it.

LLOYD  we always had a big garden and my Mom did a lot of canning and so did I. Very appreciated in winter. Now my daughter cans. Sure saves money and tastes better than what one buys.

JUNE  hope that cold leaves you soon.

HAL  not nice with no hot water.

JANE  this is the coldest winter we have had here in many years.

Have a good night and all in the path of this storm stay inside and keep warm.
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Post by: June Drabek on January 03, 2018, 09:46:25 PM
Goodnight all......I send you Love, Peace, and health. June
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Post by: Denver on January 03, 2018, 10:30:31 PM
Keeping an eye on the weather and praying for those that are effected by “Grayson”.  I sure hope it is not as sever as it is forecasted to be. 

Thank you, AMY, you are right, it is now my turn to worry about my dad.  He continues to have a serious problems with a bladder infection....the antibiotic has not helped at all and he can not understand why the doctors office have not responded to his messages.  The doctors are over whelmed with patients this time of the year, and especially in the retirement community he lives in.  This has been a on going problem for well over a month and it does seem that he is in need of more hands on care than he is getting.  Smiling as I read about the nice expierence you had with the snow blower. 

LARRY, I think my dad is trying to make things sound better than he really is, especially to the grandsons.  Today he is not good at all. 

GLORIA, good for you for turning up the temperature so you could be comfortable while you took your shower.  I sure hope the storm will not cause too much problems there at your place.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my dad.  I am really worried about him. 

JANE, I am sorry the winter is starting off so cold....I, too, sure do wish you had been able to get the new insulation done.  Thank you for prayers for my dad. 

PHYLLIS, I am sorry to read that you and David have both been under the weather.  It is hard to keep up with the everyday things when you do not feel well.  I do hope the worse is behind you both. 

LARRY, thank you for sharing the update on JEANNE LEE. she sure has had a rough time. 

JUNE, so sorry to read you continue to have the awful cough that the meds do not seem to be helping you with.  I know you do not want to worr6 Gary, but please go see the doctors if you do not improve SOON.

You take care too, JOY, and feel better.

Keep knocking on wood, SHIRLEY, and keep those germs away.

Pleasant dreams to all. 


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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 04, 2018, 06:22:55 AM
well good Morning everyone. It Is 5:18 A M here and 9º and clear and shooting for 21º for a high today, regular heat wave. hope you all are staying in and well.

Jenny tell your dad to keep yelling and get loud with it the wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the grease,


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Post by: Amy on January 04, 2018, 07:13:36 AM
Good morning everyone.

Looks like I have another date with the snow blower. Will get at it when it gets light out. Slow moving this morning. Washed my van yesterday and since the neighbour doesn't need the other one today , may get it washed  also. Will put a fire on in the garage and see.
+4° this morning but we are head back down into the nasty - 29's for the weekend. I do hope they are wrong about that.

Better get a move on here, sleeping puts me behind.....but it did feel good. :thumbup:

Enjoy your day everyone.
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Post by: phyllis on January 04, 2018, 07:25:43 AM
It's a brrrrrr morning but beautiful.  White everywhere.  The snow storm cleared out around midnight.  Here in central NC it was a dry snow so even though it snowed hard for several hours, the accumulation was only between 1 and 2 inches.  I think it will stay on the ground for awhile since the temps are so low but we are supposed to have sun today so that will be welcome.  We haven't lost power but several areas near us have so fingers crossed that the heat pump keeps chugging away and the water pipes don't freeze.  Other than that it is beautiful to look at and since I don't plan to go out, "looking" is all I'm going to do. ::)

Take care, all of you up the eastern coast.  Stay safe and stay warm.

Joy, I haven't crocheted or knitted anything for a long time.  I was thinking recently that I should look through my stash and see if I can start maybe a laprobe or afghan.  My fingers are a little stiff but maybe the excercise will help loosen them up.  How about you?  Working on anything?

So worrisome about your Dad, Jenny.  I hope a solution to help him can be found soon.  I think doctors all over the country are overwhelmed right now.  So much illness around in this very cold winter.

June, I hope that "chesty" cough has eased some for you.  David had it, too, after his bout of illness but finally it is letting up.  He coughed less yesterday and when he did it didn't sound so alarming.  When we finally got out to get some groceries a few days ago you could hear people all of the store coughing.  It hasn't been a good winter anywhere, it seems.

Jane, you make me shiver.  I was questioning whether I should have someone come see if I needed extra insulation, too.  Too late to help during this cold spell, I guess, so I'll just pile on extra clothes and blankets and get through it.  I keep thinking about the early colonists who only had a fire place to keep them warm and cook their food.  It must have been very difficult back in those days.  I love to read about American history but am so glad I didn't have to live then!

I simmered a crockpot of 15 Bean Soup all day yesterday and it tasted so good last night!  Nothing like a big bowl of hot soup on a cold winter's night.

Amy, minus 29 degrees!  I cannot even imagine!!!

Take extra care, everyone.
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Post by: JaneS on January 04, 2018, 07:38:29 AM
Good morning Everyfriend!  And a special good morning to those who are up and attem this morning.  I feel so much better this morning that I think I'm going to make some plans.  Nothing big or exciting...just not on the couch! 

We're supposed to get some light snow today but the temp is up to 19 this morning.  That's almost warm!  Note, I said "almost"!

Stay warm!  Stay well! Stay here!
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Post by: halkel on January 04, 2018, 09:03:17 AM
Our low for today was 29 and going to 56.  We are starting to get back to normal.

Good Morning Everyone!

Trying to get myself organized so I can get to my appointment on time.  I slept pretty good last night, this old cold is a drag and I woke up with a slight sore throat from coughing so much and stuffy head.  Oh, well, I am obviously not the only one in the group. 

Jenny prayers were said for your Dad and others.  I hope he improves and gets the attention he needs..

June, hopefully you are feeling better.  Sometimes I think I am improving and then it all kinda disappears and I feel like I am back to square one.

Amy, cold, cold, cold.  I am glad it isn't in our area.  You must really be burning through your wood pile.

Janie, happy you are feeling more chipper.  And hope things stay improved.

Got to get a move on.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: larryhanna on January 04, 2018, 09:41:03 AM
 Hi Everyone. Hi Everyone.  It is a beautiful and sunny winter day here in South Carolina.  It is still a bit under freezing and will only get up to about 36 today.  I will be getting out and about today as plan on going to coffee and then to the Church for the Wisdom group and finally will stop at Walmart to pick up the online grocery order that will be waiting before I come home.  I don't need to pick up the old fellow I take to coffee with me as he has an appointment and can't go.  Yesterday afternoon we did meet Scott and Jennifer at the BBQ Barn for our evening meal.  While the food was good the restaurant was very cold.  We were glad to get back to the house where it was warm and enjoy a pleasant evening.  We were able to talk awhile with our great granddaughter and the youngest great grandson.  The two older boys chose not to talk. 

Hal, glad to see it is warming up a bit down your way.  We are still having a cold day and then will be having some days in the 40's.  We did have snow to the East of us in our county and the school let out early yesterday and several of the counties dismissed school for today as there are a lot of back roads are snow covered and icy.  The country newspaper sent out an alert on the phone that snow flakes had been seen in the county early yesterday afternoon.  Along the coast of South Carolina they had as much as 5 inches of snow, which actually is quite unusual. 

Jane, so glad to read you are feeling much better today.  Now that all the pressure of Christmas is over for with all the cooking and preparations perhaps you will have time to relax and take things at a slower pace. 

Phyllis, glad to read you didn't lose power in the storm.  You mention how difficult life must have been for the settlers and it reminded me of a wonderful series of books I read years ago.  It was the Red River of the North Series by Lauraine Snelling.  It dealt with the first settlers in Michigan and are Inspirational books. 

Amy, that cold temperature isn't something to look forward to over the weekend.  Glad you were so happy with your new snow blower. 

Jenny, you are probably right that your dad is trying to ease your mind with understating his problem. 

Gloria, thanks for the heads up on your situation with the weather.  Sure hope you don't lose power.

June, sorry to read that you were still down and out yesterday.  Glad the nurse suggested something that helped the cough and made it easier to breath.

Lloyd, nice you have access to the Amish produce. 

Joy, I relate to the sinus and allergy problems.  We buy Kleenex by the case anymore as both Pat and I use many of them each day.  This is a strange time of the year to vacation on Nags Head. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Sandy on January 04, 2018, 10:01:54 AM
Good Morning Everyone from the Stormy Rocky coast of Maine.     

The Blizzard has started and we here on
the coast are suppose to get the brunt
of the storm.      I hope that we don't l
oose our power.   Usually here in the
heart of the city,  we don't loose it.   

Maybe we will get lucky and the storm
will go out East of us and we don't get
a direct hit. 

Have a good day, Everyone... 
Stay Safe!

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Mary Ann on January 04, 2018, 12:41:23 PM
Jenny, since the doctors seem to ignore your dad's problem, is there someone who could take him to Emergency at either a hospital or Urgent Care?  When I had a headache that persisted and my doctor didn't think it was anything, I had Tom take me to the hospital Emergency and they solved my problem.  Headache gone. 

Tom has gone for groceries.  Our store now has a Fast Lane policy where Tom calls in the order and they give him a time to pick it up.  When he gets there, he calls a number and they bring the order out to him.  There is a cost, which I don't know, but it is reasonable and the plan also saves Tom a lot of time.  I make out the grocery list ahead of time and Tom phones it in.  I know other stores all over have similar plans. 

I haven't watched the Weather Channel yet, but Sandy wrote that the Bomb Cyclone had begun in Maine.  I just turned on the channel so I'll see what it going on.  We are cold at 12 degrees, but the sun is shining brightly.  We get lake effect snow often.  I'll look at Lake Michigan at Grand Haven to see how much lake is frozen.

There are people on the snow-covered ice on Lake Michigan and it looks like an adult and two children, at least two people are shorter than the one.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: June Drabek on January 04, 2018, 02:07:34 PM
Called downstairs this morning, told our R.N. I needed more help...Dr. ordered another three day dose of aziomythrycin, and albuterol machine medication. Free meals delivered to my apt. They do take good care of us. I'm feeling weak and tired..but God is still at work, thanks be to God.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Radioman34 on January 04, 2018, 04:24:59 PM
I'll be heading off to Israel next month and following my return in May I'll be looking seriously into retirement home living. This is where I'll be calling on you folks for advice and guidance. This is a whole new world for me and all help will be gratefully received
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Mary Ann on January 04, 2018, 04:47:15 PM
Don, do you have any friends living in retirement homes?  If so, do they like them and how are they treated.  All retirement homes are not created equal and there are all sorts of costs associated with the homes.  I think they are much improved from when they first appeared.  If I did not have Tom here, I am sure I'd be in one, especially since I no longer drive and walking to transportation is almost impossible.

Enjoy your time in Israel.

Mary Ann
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Post by: halkel on January 04, 2018, 10:19:41 PM
Well, what a mess the clinic was this morning.  Overflowing with folks, all ages, hacking and coughing.  The pharmacy was standing room only.  Only place not overloaded was the lab and it was plenty busy but not a long wait.

Doctor gave me some antibiotics and Mucix (sp) and I am to go back next week for a follow-up.  I have a 9AM appointment with the pain doc, kinda a waste of time.  I am not going to have any more treatments.

June, you made my day when you said you told them the doctor needs to do more work on you.  That old cold/flu/whatever that you have is pulling you down and depressing you.  That is just not like you.  Hang tough babe, you are our inspiration.

Amy Hope you and the new blower had an enjoyable afternoon and it kept your hands warm.

Janie, hope you are feeling better. I know it must have been a long 4 hours at work today.  Back in my working days I hated midnights and especially hated them when I had a bad cold, seemed like they were 24 hours long.

Well going to pop some drugs and head for my bed.

Night, night, God Bless and Sweedreams
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Shirley on January 04, 2018, 11:50:33 PM
:thinking:  Reading &  :thinking:  More reading &  :thinking:.... and praying for all with those nasty colds & your father, Jenny....
Sure seems like they could give him a shot of something to cure that problem.  "Back in the day"..... I loved it when I could just run to the Dr's office & get a shot of penicillin & be fine.  They quit doing that after a few years & now I don't dare even try such. 

We are supposed to warm up (compared with the last week or so).... was above freezing today but the wind had a bite to it. 

Gloria, I forgot all about "stuffing" the celery with that pimento cheese.  I do make pimento cheese with Velveeta, Miracle Whip & a jar of drained pimentos.... and use an old potato masher to mix it with, we like it lumpy so can't melt it. 

Amy, your snow blower sounds fantastic.  I do love the warmer in the steering wheel of my little Buick.... never thought about having one in the snow blower handles, wish the RV had it but doesn't.  It doesn't even have seat warmers.   :tissue:

Don, depends on the town you want to live in & what they have to offer.  I have a friend living in one in the KC area that really is top of the line as far as choices, has it own little town with more than half a dozen fast food places on the compound... can run around in the scooter or golf cart... But, when I must make the move I plan to be near at least one of my kids.  So far I have not found one that compares with what is offered in KC, but will worry about that when the time comes.  Know you will enjoy your visit to Israel, should be a beautiful time of year, spring coming on.  Take good care of yourself so nothing keeps you from going! 

Past my bedtime again.  Cats have been extra hungry today, they eat like pigs & they did go out & run.  Sweet dreams & God Bless.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Denver on January 05, 2018, 01:20:07 AM
Here I am LATE at night posting again......  I started earlier and managed to fall asleep in my recliner....  I did not sleep last night. 

I thank you all for your kind and supportive words.  Dad did manage to get the urologist nurse to call him back late this morning.  After talking to him she agreed that he needed to be seen, however it would be her as the doctor was not in today.  She was shocked to see how bad the infection is..... she said they were doing a culture on his urine specimen taken a week ago.  No one told him that they were doing this.  He is on a chathiter and she actually decided after he was back home that he needs a antibiotic right phoned him in one, even though it may have to change after the new culture that started today.  Thankfully he was able to sleep a bit after he got home and he even managed to eat a little bit...something he has not done in days.... I thank you for the thoughts and prayers and ask you to continue as he is not out of the woods yet. 

LLOYD, I said the same exact words this morning to my dad,
 “Jenny tell your dad to keep yelling and get loud with it the wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the grease”.  He just sounded so pathetic this morning....just did not know what he could do next....
Thankfully, he made great strides today and I hope and pray that this antibiotic will work. 

I continue to think about all of our friends that are being effected by this storm....I hope and pray they are all safe.  The last time I talked to our son in Boston tonight, they still had electricity and were just riding off the storm.  I sure was hoping GLORIA would be in....  Also, GLORIA de, out on Long Island. 

Son Mark called us this morning to say that he completed and passed his LAST test for the PGA.  He will have to go to the Golf Academy in Florida in April when he will receive the official documents.  He is quite proud of himself in getting this all done in record time. 

JUNE, I am happy you have contacted the doctors there and you, too, are moving on in trying to rid yourself of that nasty bug and should be feeling much better soon.

CAROL, channel 9 did a report on your relatives in MN cutting the ice for the Winter Carnival.

Pleasant dreams to all. 

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 05, 2018, 06:25:37 AM
Good morning everyone..

Tad  chilly here temp is -20° this morning, on the bright side despite the high winds last night we have no new snow!! :happydance: New fella was put out yesterday as being only an inch or so of snow I waltzed with the shovel instead.
Picking up meds and getting some groceries and that is it for out doors.

Shirley, I never thought I would use the heated seats in the vehicle but even in summer I turned them on.....felt good on the back too! This could be a wonderful love affair with the Cub Cadet, so far I am impressed ..way better machine than the Husqvarna.

Jane, happy to read you are feeling much better ,now don't over do it. Instead of going 100 MPH try 60 for a while. :) How is Jim doing?

June ,if after the 3 more days and you are still not feeling your perky self see your Dr. Maybe he/she needs to put you on a different med.

Hope all on the east coast are safe and warm.

Enjoy your day everyone.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 05, 2018, 06:50:36 AM
Good Morning Everyfriend!  It's up to 9º here this morning.  It didn't hit 0 overnight but it was down to 3 and not supposed to get above 10 all day today.  It hurts to take a breath outside.  Don't know how AMY does in the temps she gets!

AMY, I think I might only be operating at 1/2 speed right now!  i forgot to make dog food last night so have to do it this morning.  I had all the stuff ready and my brain just ignored it.

If the car starts, I'll be off to Wally World this morning at 9.  I think I really prefer the 9 - 1 shifts.  I still don't have to be ready at the crack of dawn and I'm home in time to have a decent lunch with my doggies.  I don't ask for much now, do I?

Jenny, I was happy to read that your dad finally got some much-needed attention.  It must be so hard to have him so far away and needing help!  I must remember that when my Texas daughter gets a bit testy when I don't tell all! 

I think the timer went off for the doggie food so I'll wish you all a good day and warmer weather!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Gloria on January 05, 2018, 08:02:04 AM
Good morning everyone, what a day yesterday. I tried going online but every time I did the power blinked on and off so gave up. We got 16 inches of wind blown snow. Last night when the snow stopped falling it was hard to tell because the wind was blowing it all over. The cars in the parking lot have no snow ohe roofs and it was piled up on the east  facing sides of them. Maintenance man kept plowing the walks and even the porch. That wasst time I saw the porch covered with snow. Very cold, too. Started at 10° and will be dropping all day. The plow truck was here several times during the night and of course he woke me every time.

JANE  I turned my thermostat up to 90 and still could not warm up. Wind was blowing through the cracks in the cheap windows. Whistled all night, still windy.

JENNY  Grayson was as bad or wose here than the forecasters said. Glad I did not have to go out. Sounds like your Dad should be in the hospital.

AMY  just heard on local news we might have another storm the beginning of next week.

PHYLLIS  I have no desire to go outside in this cold and wind. In a way good thing it is so cold because the snow is light and the wind blew most off the roofs. I gave up knitting and crocheting almost 10 years ago, my hands kept cramping.

HAL  56° would feel like summe here right now.

LARRY  no school here yesterday and today. Too darn cold.

JUNE  glad you called the RN for some help a last.

DON  I live in senior housing and would love a retirement home but here they are very expensive. Glad this town has a car to take us to doctor appointments but not for shopping or anything else. Enjoy tour time in Israel.

MARY ANN  we have public transportation but I could never walk to the closest place to get a bus. If I really have to go someplace my son will take me but I do not want to take advantage of him.

SHIRLEY  those jars of cheese made stuffing celery easy. Now I use cream cheese and mix different things to it, like some with chopped cherries,or black olives or crushed pineapple or what ever. That is what I make to bring for holidays now. There are 2 different retirement places that have ads on TV and one looks wonderful but not for my wallet.

JENNY  glad your Dad is finally getting some help. Congratulations to Mark and getting what he has worked so hard for.

JUST heard on locat weather that with the wind chill it will feel like 20 below zero at times today. Another day I will stay inside.

AMY  I like Canada (my Dad was born there) and Canadians but I wish they would stop sending their cold temperature here.. Yes I know you get it from further north but sto being so generous and sharing it with us.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 05, 2018, 08:08:01 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

Our cold spell is over and no freezing temps last night.  It is suppose to get right back up there, temp wise, the rest of this week.  Winter isn't over but January is our worst month.

Jenny, happy you father is finally getting some attention.  He must have been absolutely miserable.

Janie, hope your car starts this morning.  The cold, cold weather is rough on a battery and everything else on a car and living things.

I have got to get a move on.  9 AM apmt

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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 05, 2018, 08:24:53 AM
good Morning girls/Amy and JaneS I see and everyone else that come in later on. we are a bit better of on temp. today, it is 10º now and calling for 26º for the high.  I forgot to tell yo all the other day but janeS brought it back , talking about dog food. the other day when i was feeding the cattle lucky she not paying attention got in front of the front wheel on the tractor. herd her yelp looked down and seen her get up behind the wheel and run away from tractor.
she as all dogs that get hit with a vehicle did learn, she still runs right in front of it like daring you to hit her again. she seams to have no after effects. that was 3 or 4 days ago. have a great day.

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Post by: JaneS on January 05, 2018, 08:39:53 AM
I'm off to Wally World!  Maybe all the shoppers will "shop at home" today!
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Post by: larryhanna on January 05, 2018, 09:46:41 AM
 Hi Everyone.  It is another beautiful morning here in South Carolina although we will stay in the mid-30's today.  I did enjoy my morning out yesterday having coffee with a couple of friends and the hour at the Wisdom group.  I had to wait a few minutes to pick up my grocery order as there were two cars ahead of me.  I have no particular plans for today.  Pat said she planned to go to Walmart to pick up prescriptions and then to the Dollar Store to get more birthday and anniversary cards for the Sunday School card ministry.  This is the third and probably last year she will do this.  If she wants I may help her with some of these errands. 

June, glad you asked for additional help and hope the medicine soon has you feeling better. 

Hal, it seems a lot of people are suffering with colds and flu.  Hope the antibiotics greatly help you. 

Shirley and Don, I have a former boss who lives in a great Methodist owned retirement home and when I visited him he took me on a tour.  He loves living there.  He has always been a big woodworker and they let him brings all of his woodworking shop and set it up in a basement area with the understanding that it will remain a part of the property when he passes.  His wife had Alzheimer's and they had a separate unit for that care when it was necessary.  The dining room was like a fine restaurant.  He didn't tell me how much it cost him but know it had to be very expensive. 

Jenny, my wife has a habit of falling asleep in her recliner in the late afternoon and then she isn't sleepy until one or two o'clock in the morning.  Sure glad your dad is getting some help with the infection.  Great news for Mark.  Does he ever plan to play on tour? It is a goal achieved and he has reason to be proud. 

Amy, if minus 20 is only a tad chilly what qualifies for really chilly?  :) 

Jane, hope you car started ok and that you will be able to work the 9-1 shift from now on.  Is it cold where you register is located?  If the shooppers "shop at home" today you will have a really boring shift.  :)

Gloria, glad to see your posting this morning and know that you have power and heat.  It sounds like the NE are due for a very cold weekend. 

Lloyd, glad your dog wasn't hurt.   
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Post by: CallieOK on January 05, 2018, 11:40:31 AM
Good Morning,

Sunny again and supposed to be warmer in Central Oklahoma.  Next week forecast is for spring-like temperatures....well, very early Spring, maybe.

Miss Ellen reported 5-6 inches of snow and high winds in her area of Manhattan yesterday.  She was sent home early  from work  because there were no customers in the restaurant.

Jenny,  I was a "long distance child" when we lived in Leadville and my mother didn't "tell all", either.  Frustrating!

I always made my own pimiento cheese, too - much like Shirley's except I used grated cheese.  It was one of my husband's favorite sandwiches - although he refused to eat it the time I added chopped hard boiled eggs.  I thought it was good but never did it again.   My mother used to add chopped black olives but I knew that would never fly.
 Now, I just get a carton at the grocery store and put it on crackers.

Mentioning mother's way reminds me of a little notebook I found among her things when clearing out her house.  She had listed menus she'd served for bridge parties and supper guests.  A frequent supper guest menu was "p cheese sandwiches,  p and o and pot chips".
I realized  that she meant pimiento cheese sandwiches and that "pot chips" were potato chips but couldn't figure out the "p and o".  It finally dawned on me  -  when I was using one of her relish dishes - that it meant "pickles and olives".

Have some errands to do before son brings lunch from Arby's.

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.
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Post by: June Drabek on January 05, 2018, 02:02:35 PM
Good morning kids, Had a good nights sleep, but woke at 4 a.m. and didn't go back to sleep. Today was cleaning day, plus the nurse was here at the same time to check my lungs, and order albuterol ? for my breathing machine, and all at the same time my breakfast was delivered, so three activities all at one time. Still coughing with icky sputum, so today will be a day of rest for sure. I am just SO thankful that at my request they did not notify Gary while they are on vacation in McCall, Idaho. I know they are having a much needed vacation with the kids and grand-kids. Fresh snowfall sent via picture on my computer..very pristine and lovely.

Lunch will soon be delivered, so I will prepare for it....,Keep safe, well and happy my beloved people. June
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Post by: halkel on January 05, 2018, 03:08:48 PM
June,  :thumbup:
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Post by: JaneS on January 05, 2018, 03:42:05 PM
Hello Everyfriend!  Did I mention before that my new year got off to a bad start and had no where to go but up?  WRONG!!  The car started up fine in my driveway and I got to work on time and put in my shift (just busy enough and not too busy).  Then I happily clocked out and went to my car....which refused to start.  I had to walk from one end of the parking lot, all the way to the other end of the store to the Automotive Department and beg for help!  Nice guy came with me and jump started it and I came straight home.  It's bitter cold out there.  Now I'm in my woolies with the heat turned up and stuff thawing to be cooked in the oven for supper....more heat!  I just might take my LL Bean throw and curl up on the couch and catch a few zzzzs.  It's too cold to do anything else.

LARRY, I work 3 MORNINGS a week each week.  I'm never there after 2 p.m. and I'm usually out by 1.  I just tried one evening shift a week last summer and I'm not going to do that any more. 

I'm going to be in touch with my grandniece who attends a nearby college and when she goes home for a weekend, maybe we can connect and I can drive to her college and she can drive my car the rest of the way to her house dropping me at my sister's on the way.  Then we can do the same in reverse when she comes back to school.  I really NEED a visit with my sister and brother since they are back from the hospital.  I talked to them both on the phone yesterday and they sound better than they have in  a long time!  I appreciate all the prayers and I continute to hold all your loved ones in my prayers.

Stay warm!  Stay close! Stay well!  Stay Happy!
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Post by: Amy on January 05, 2018, 04:35:31 PM
Not fit for man nor beast out there today! Warmed up to -14°F but windy, a lazy wing that would rather go through you than around you.!
Not a productive day here, went to town and meds weren't ready so came home and put the groceries away. Made pizza for lunch, will do that again only make it smaller. Found some zzz's that should have been with me at 3 am but weren't so I grabbed them up.

Jane, do you need a new battery?

Hal, I agree....June  :thumbup:

Better go see what I can get into now. :)
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Post by: JaneS on January 05, 2018, 04:53:01 PM
AMY, seems like this battery isn't that old.  I think it just want's to get around more.  You know about the car that the little old lady only drove to church on Sunday?  Well, this one wants to go out during the week a bit more.  Maybe I'll have to make some social contacts and drive around a bit!  I am going to call the garage tomorrow and see if they can tell me how long ago they put it in. 
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Post by: Amy on January 05, 2018, 04:59:23 PM
Jane, yes they do need to be driven and not just to church and back. Maybe they can test the cells in it, you may have a bad cell???
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Post by: Shirley on January 05, 2018, 06:19:57 PM
Larry, many years ago a good friend was set to put her husband in the Methodist home here, very nice place, until she was told that "they would take care of him until death but his entire wealth would be signed over to them upon entrance."  I do not know what it would have meant in terms of HER care, but she was not willing to do that, and upset that they did not know the terms long before needed. 

I know that was still in effect before Cas died because one of his golf buddies thought the family planned far enough ahead & had sold the house before his/their father needed care.  The care home went back 5 years & demanded the sum the house sold for or "come & get your father".  I thought maybe the tales were slightly exaggerated because both cases there was plenty of money to pay for care.... at least for a while. I've heard of other places that are run the same way, with options of pay as you go until money runs out, or "buy" the lifetime care.   

I don't know how the rules are now, but I thought it was a fair insurance "gamble" to trade all you own in exchange for life time care..... could swing either way.  I do believe that the care facilities run by "non profit" are kinder and do more for the patients than the "for profit" places.

Jenny, happy to see your father is getting attention... and 3 cheers for Mark!  Quite a thrill to reach his goal. 

Callie, really touches our heart to find hand written notes from our mothers (or fathers)... and see what they were thinking that day.  It was a time when women loved to host the luncheons, Garden Clubs, etc.  Now & then we would get a chance to taste some leftovers... dainty & so good. 

Janie, if the battery is still under warranty (especially if Walmart), have them check... we did have a couple that wouldn't hold a charge & when checked by the mechanics, did have a dead cell (Walmart sold).  Walmart is the best about standing behind their product.  I also have a "trickle charger" that can be left on when a battery isn't up to par.  Was using on the RV accessory battery until we had Walmart in CO check... turned out a bad battery I had bought at that same store the year before... so they replaced without batting an eyelash!  So far I have not had to attach the trickle charger since replacing that battery (& it doesn't get used all that often).  Good luck.

Lloyd, so sorry to hear about Lucky, poor baby.  Glad he seem okay.  This cold weather is not as much fun as when we were young!

Amy, since you deal with the severe temps so much, do you also believe we need to breathe through fabric (like a scarf) so as not to have those icy crystals hit our lungs?   When I grew up my mother was so strict about it she made a believer out of me.  I can almost SEE my lungs shrinking up with icy air. 
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Post by: Mary Ann on January 05, 2018, 06:39:08 PM
Shirley, according to Dot, it is a law that any money given out in the previous five years must be retrieved.  She found that out when Norm was in Pilgrim Manor.  And his entire estate was to be assigned to them.  If there was anything left at his death, it would be prorated and some returned to his estate.  As it turned out, he was days from going on Medicaid.

I have had a bum shoulder for some time so today I went to the ER to see what I could find.  In the x-ray room, the nurse came in to take the x-ray and said, "Dorothy?"  I said, no, I'm Mary Ann".  Dot has been having severe pain in her hip area for a while and I knew she had a doctor's appointment today and found she was having an x-ray too.  Another nurse finally straightened out the nurse in my room and x-rays were taken 
(nothing different from what I knew).  I called Dot when I got home and she said that explained the mixup with her team because they said what info they had did not agree with what they had been told.  Everything got taken care of in good order.

I usually use a mouse with my laptop and I'm having one heck of a time with the touch pad to do some small things.

Mary Ann
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Post by: June Drabek on January 05, 2018, 08:14:22 PM
Another day of R and R. I think i'm getting better..that inhalant stuff really helps with the breathing, but I wouldn't want to have to depend on it forever. I canceled my supper delivery for tonight. They give too much food, even half servings are too much for me. I have plenty of left overs in my fact I threw some out today.

Had a sweet thank you card from my Dori today for the Christmas check. She is an Angel.
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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 06, 2018, 05:51:34 AM
June Drabek you should know you should not skip your meals you should eat some good chicken noodle soup. that will help you to get well soon.
Have a great day one and all.

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Post by: Gloria on January 06, 2018, 07:02:21 AM
Good morning everyone, another day in the deep freeze here. We will all be happy to see it get above freezing again, a whole -3° now but wind chills -15 to 25 below zero. Last night the wind was howling so loud it woke me. Sounded like a wolf howling. It hits this corner of the building and gets into the cracks around the windows. Just heard that o0n top of Mt. Washington in NH -highest point in New England- it is -99°. Sure would not want to work up there. The son of a friend does work there.

HAL  lucky you BUT according to the last report I saw by the end of next week we will be in the 40's. Yippee, that means I will be able to go outside again. Sure I can bundle up but cannot move fast enough to keep warm.

LLOYD  glad Lucky is OK.

JANE  hope you had an easy day at WM yesterday.

LARRY  I cannot remember such a long cold spell with strong wind like this one. I am happy we did not lose power. This place has a generator but only warms the main floor and with no elevator I would not be able to get down there without help. I always liked winter and said I would know I was old when I did not like it, guess I am now OLD.

CALLIE  my Mom never had a written recipe  so a lot of what she made died with her.

JUNE  I hope today finds you feeling much better.

JANE  several years ago my daughter sent me a down throw and I really have used it this winter.

AMY  too cold here and would not survive it is got as cold as you have.

SHIRLEY  so many times on TV news you see people with scarfs up over their noses or the collars of their coats up around their faces and only their eyes showing.

Have a good day and stay warm.
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Post by: JaneS on January 06, 2018, 07:25:33 AM
Good morning Everyfriend!  Weather Bug says that it is -3º this morning and that the wind chill makes it feel like -9º!  That's COLD!  I know, it's not as cold as where Amy is but for us it's COLD!  The dogs went out and were back before I managed to close the door.  I need to go to the store sometime today so I hope the car starts!

We're waiting out the doggies pills right now so when the boinger goes off we'll have breakfast and sometime in there, I'll try to start the car.  I shudder to think what the oil bill is going to be since the furnace is running all the time. 

I hope you are all staying well, getting better, keeping warm and basking in the love of your family and friends!
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Post by: Amy on January 06, 2018, 07:25:44 AM
Good morning everyone...

This bitter cold weather is getting comfortable here , I wish it would move on as it has wore out its welcome!
Laundry to do and make  some turkey pot pies today and soup after we pick up hubby's meds.

Shirley, the cold doesn't bother my lungs but if I have to be out a long time in it eg snow shovelling I will wear my hood on my coat. Most of the times I just wear my ear muffs.

Gloria, I don't mind the cold but this bitter cold is not nice. Warmer weather brings the snow. Temps in the 40's sound so nice right now!

Mary Ann, I use a wireless mouse with my laptop also...don't care for the touch pad. Maybe I just haven't given it a chance.

Jane, we are enjoying the fruits of my labour, pun intended. We had pears yesterday and peaches the day before :)

Callie, I don't think we want to bother our children, at least that is my excuse. I do worry about them and figure they don't need to worry about us.

Larry, this chilly weather is really poor guessers said it should be gone the first of the week.

June, hope today is a better day for you.

Better scoot, slept in again today..

Enjoy your day everyone.
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Post by: Amy on January 06, 2018, 07:28:15 AM
Jane, on the bright side of this cold weather we don't have to deal with skeeters or blackflies. :2funny:
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Post by: Joy on January 06, 2018, 07:42:46 AM
Shirley,  I don't know if it is done in other states, but Maryland has something called "Nursing Home Spend down".   When my husband had to go into a nursing home, I had a wonderful lawyer, who specialized in Elder Care Law.  MY 3 sons and DIL met with him and when he explained it all,  it sounded like it was illegal.  But,  it wasn't.  I had to go back 5 years and account for all the checks I had written for EVERYTHING.  Then, they take most of your assets and divide them by half.  Did not include our condo, but just about everything else.  I would not have been able to do this if it hadn't been for my DIL taking care of getting all this information together.  It was one of the most difficult things that I have ever had to do.  I don't remember everything about what it involved, but you can look it up. I remember the lawyer telling us that it didn't matter how we felt about Barbara Mikulski, ( a Senator from Maryland) but we could thank her for getting this law into effect. Not all states have it. But, you hear about a spouse going into a nursing home and all the money is used up, so the surviving spouse is left with nothing.  This law protects that half for the surviving spouse.  It basically is putting the spouse in the nursing home, under the care of Medicaid.   Medicare covers the first 100 days of being in a nursing home, and my husband passed away on the 100th day. So, after all we went through getting into the spend down program,  we didn't have to use it .  My oldest son said at the very beginning that it sounded like it was something illegal, but it wasn't.   I have given this information to several friends who were in the process of putting someone in a nursing home. 

You might want to look it up just to see what it is all about.  My  DIL had a piece of carry-on luggage that was filled with all the paperwork.  She is a smart cookie and was able to understand it all.  It just about made me sick to my stomach when I thought about all that was involved.

Here is a link that explains some of what I was talking about........

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Post by: phyllis on January 06, 2018, 08:08:22 AM
Like all of the rest of you along the East Coast, it is bitterly cold here in NC.  The temp. was down to 5 deg. overnight but now the sun is up and shining brightly so it should warm up a little before long.  Can't wait until next week when our temps. will be way back up in the 50's and 60's.

I MUST get out to the grocery store today!  Just about out of several things.  It will be a tie as to whether we freeze to death or starve to death.
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Post by: JaneS on January 06, 2018, 09:00:22 AM
Dear PHYLLIS, I sincerely hope you do neither!
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Post by: larryhanna on January 06, 2018, 09:29:45 AM
 Hi Everyone.  Today is going to be basically a carbon copy of yesterday in terms of the weather.  We are suppose to get to 40 late this afternoon.  I plan on staying home today.  Yesterday I went with Pat on her errands and did the Walmart items as she waited in the car.  We then went to the Dollar Tree so she could get the cards she needed and while she was in there I went down to Office Depot and got the ink I needed for my printer.  It was over $50 for the four small cartridges.  They didn't stock the ones I needed at Walmart but later I found I can order them but then have to pick them up in the store and I am not sure it is worth the effort to save a couple of dollars.

Callie, I stopped at Arby's on Thursday for a quick lunch.  I had to get one of the mint chocolate shakes and it was good and went well with my roast beef sandwich.  Of course on Friday I get new coupons for Arby's that would have saved me a few dollars.  Glad you are getting some warmer weather.  That is headed our way the first of next week.

Phyllis, you are a lot colder there than we are here in SC.  I am also looking forward to next week as the cold weather seems to be bothering me this year. 

Joy, in 1990 or the year 2000 when my dad had made the decision to put mother into the dementia unit at the nursing home he wen through a similar process in determining how much of their assets were his and how much were mothers.  Fortunately, they never had to get to that state as they had sufficient savings to pay for the two plus years when mother and then dad were in the nursing home before they passed.  This was in Missouri and he didn't have to go back five years as I recall but did have to establish what half of their assets were minus the home and car.  I have no idea of what the law is about this matter here in South Carolina although I know a lot of this is Federal law.   I appreciate that link and will print it out to put with the other papers I try to keep updated to make things easier for my wife and son when I am no longer in the picture.   

Amy, I have heard that we lose the most body heat through the top of our head.  It has been cold enough here that I have been wearing my hat when I go out along with my leather coat and gloves and I am never outside very long.  Otherwise I don't bother with a hat and wear a lighter coat.  Sure glad the cold doesn't bother you. 

Jane, I read yesterday that our electric company had the highest usage ever during the last few days.  I hope your car will start today.  The dogs know when it is smart to stay inside where it is warm.  Happy to read that your sister and brother are sounding much better.  I hope you can work it out to see them soon. 

Gloria, I don't see how anyone could work in minus 99 degree weather.  I hope you are able to stay warm in such cold weather and the wind coming in around the windows.  I don't think anyone could really like weather staying so cold for so long.  It has never made sense to me why they require the weather reporters to stand outside in the terrible cold.

June, my wife is now having to use prescription inhalers three times a day as she has asthma. Glad to read you are feeling better.  I guess it is better to get too much food served than not enough. 

Shirley, I know that my former boss told me he was gifting the maximum allowed each year to his children and he had four.  Of course, I am certain he didn't have to deal with Medicare or Medicaid for his wife as they had plenty of money.  He lives in Kansas just across the border from Kansas City. 
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Post by: Sandy on January 06, 2018, 10:01:34 AM
Hi !
All is well here on the rocky coast of Maine,
except it is very cold and slippery underneath!

  :coffee: :baaa: :woohoo: :snowball: Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr !! :snowball:  :woohoo:    :baaa:  :coffee:
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Post by: halkel on January 06, 2018, 10:58:02 AM
Good Morning Everyone!
Cool and overcast here this morning but suppose to get nice and warm 60 degrees here and stay around that for the next few days, but late next week more arctic air is headed our way.

Gloria, I can remember the howling winds when I lived in Canada also the pop, pop of the building on those bitter cold nights.   Could never figure what was shifting. 

Well I managed to give my wife my cold and she is in bed trying to sleep it off.  Hopefully she gets to feeling better soon.   My throat is still sore but my cough seems better.

Larry, the price of ink is terrible.  I used to order the generic years ago and then they put all the electronics on the cartridges and if you tried using them it screwed everything up.  I joined the HP instant ink program and they ship them to me as needed.

I will more than likely watch some football this afternoon and make a run to Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries.  Got to get an order in shortly.  Out of dog food and wife said we needed other things.

Janie hope your car started.  One of those trickle chargers might be what you need.  Or just start your car and let it run for 30 mins or so a few times a week.

Everyone have a great day

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Post by: JaneS on January 06, 2018, 12:38:00 PM
Car started twice so far today.  I started it and let it run 15 minutes last night and it started right up this morning.  I hope it starts tomorrow morning because I have to read the lesson at the 8 a.m. service. 

Cathy came and took me with her to the Amish store this morning.  I spent my Christmas Gift Card and got all the stuff I still needed including a large bag of Beggin' Strips for the doggies. 

Now I'm going to hibernate the rest of the day unless I get warm enough to go shop the BOGO at Giant.  But I think I'll leave that for tomorrow morning after church when I'm already out in the cold!

One of the things I got at the Amish store was a Hoagie (most of you call them Subs) for my lunch.  I'm enjoying it as we chat.  Wish I could share it.  It's delicious!

HAL, some things we do NOT share with family members...such as colds.  That wasn't very nice of you to give yours away to your wife.  I sure hope she feels better soon. 

I'm off to see what I can get into!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 06, 2018, 12:48:04 PM
Warming up here -13!!! Wind is so bitter still..had thought about hanging the bedding out but it was just a fleeting thought. :)
We went to the dump this morning and I was so tickled to see the bald eagle...but then he flew and soar and oh my what a beautiful sight!!That made my day.
Better get back to laundry........hoe hum...
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: June Drabek on January 06, 2018, 03:32:51 PM
Good Morning dear Hearts.

Gloria….me too. I am old. I feel like I have been blah  for long enough, but I can't seem to talk my self out of this one. The nebulizer helps but it doesn't cure. Still on anti-biotic, so I'll try to be patient. I couldn't live in a better place for the shape I'm  in.

Amy, thank you for your concern dear friend. I'm sure I must be getting better, but I wanted immediate healing…greedy old bag that I am.

Larry, my prayers and sympathy goes out to your wife. Asthma is a thief and a robber, and though I have not been tabbed with that title, I have a lot of shortness of breath, but also coughing up carloads of phlegm. Sorry about that, it sounds icky, and is.  I have heard the same, that most of our body heat escapes from the top of our head.

Hal, My husband loved to shop. He took over the grocery shopping when we moved back to Ca. with three children, all under six years of age, and one automobile. I would keep a running list of "needs" posted and he would shop at his leisure. He also used coupons…loved getting a bargain.

Janie my lunch has just been delivered. Don't remember what I ordered so it will be a surprise. Life is just a bowl of cherries…..they say.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 06, 2018, 06:44:32 PM
Those darn zzzzs on the sofa grabbed on to me this afternoon and with the help of a couple of cuddly doggies, I lost myself in them.  As my daughter said, this was a good day for that.

She (my daughter) brought by some papers for me to change my Medicare supplement insurance over to the same plan but with another company for a lot less money.  I'm going to call them on Monday and see about doing that.  The gal that does that for the Agency on Aging where they both work has been going over it and came up with some good info.  I'll report back when I'm ?wealthy? from the savings!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: June Drabek on January 06, 2018, 07:02:56 PM
Janie, aren't we Blessed to have our kids taking care of us so well ? I decided it is time for me to come alive for a change. my new dose of albuteral is ready to off I go to breathe again.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Denver on January 06, 2018, 07:53:52 PM
A good Saturday evening HELLO to EVERYFRIEND!

Our Christmas decorations are all put away for another year.  The House always looks so bare after this is done....  it is dark too, without the shining lights of the tree. 

My dad is showing a bit of improvement, so I am very thankful for all of the good thoughts and prayers. 

Yesterday was the funeral for the policeman that was killed here on New Years Eve morning.  The procession was over a mile long, with so many different police and firefighters from all over the country joining in to show their respects.  We stayed home until 3 PM hoping to not get in the traffic, but when we left we saw at least 20 police vehicles heading back home, all of which were from out of state.  The funeral was held just a couple of miles from our home. 

AMY, what a thrill for you to see the bald eagle when you went to the dump today.  I hope you start to warm up some now.  Sure glad the thought to hang the bedding out was only for a fleeting  moment!  😱

JUNE, I do hope the antibiotic starts to do it’s job soon for you.  You are indeed, so blessed to live in the home you do. 

JANE, I am sorry about the car issues you have been having, but it seems you have it under control now.  Just hope it holds out tomorrow morning so you can get to church.  I hope you can get the paperwork filled out so you can save some money on your health insurance.  I always like to read that you have been to the Amish Store.

HAL, I am happy you are doing better but sorry that your wife now has the darn cold! 

LARRY, you have my kind of luck with the coupons coming right after I have been to a place and paid full price.  I do not think Mark hopes to go on the golf circuit, but after April he has the credentials to do it if he gets the chance.  He has been contacted by a private exclusive club to interview for a position that would suit his expertise much more than the position he fills now.  If it is meant to be it sure would be a great job for him. 

MARYANN, glad you got the confusion between you and Dot straightened out so you could get your X-ray done.  It appears they did not have any suggestions to help you with your pain? 

GLORIA, you agree with what we have been thinking in that it seemed my dad should have been hospitalized due to the severity of his condition. 

SHIRLEY, I sure hope you have been getting a bit of rest after these holidays are over!  It is a bit of a let down, or at least that seems to be a common thought.  I am happy to have the task done of putting the decorations away, but feel sad that it is over.  We are lucky in that we have Mark’s Wedding to look forward to.  I hope we can plan to spend some time with dad in AZ after the wedding.

I wish you all a good evening. 


Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Shirley on January 06, 2018, 09:58:11 PM
Joy, interesting link, thanks, will save it for the future.  Had a "friend of someone in the family" that had a stroke fairly young (think 50s), had not prepared for anything, much less his wife.  Sadly, she wouldn't listen to advice about "separating" the money when there was a little left & basically living on charity of family & friends and he is being taken care of by Medicaid.  So many things go through the mind when hearing about these situations.  At times I thought we were crazy, doing without when we could afford something better.  But we saved and it has paid off.... at least for now, doesn't mean life couldn't change in a heart beat, I think we all live with that. 

Larry, I had an uncle in MO that gave his kids (7 of them) the max for Christmas... at that time it was $10,000.  He once won a new car in a raffle & gave it back to the church that held the raffle.  They had plenty to last out their lives, all 6 daughters became nurses and took care of them to the end. I'm not sure about Kansas laws but if anyone tried to follow MY money trail they'd go nuts.... I take required IRA in cash & do what I please, gifting to my kids or repairs on the house.... the government didn't help earn it & I don't feel obligated to inform them where it goes.  Nothing illegal about that~ 

We've all dealt with life as we found it..... no regrets for me & hope I can stay this ornery & opinionated to the end, but probably won't, don't expect I'll ever become a sweet little old lady but I'm working on it...  (sure I am)......

Jenny, like you I dangle a carrot in front of my nose to keep life interesting.  Already got reservations at Mt.Princeton for June.  I will take it easy & if my boys try to push me to hike more than I want, I'll go into the old Red Fox routine of.... "I'm comin'..." with hand over my heart & looking to the heavens.  Seriously, looking forward to the trip as are the "boys".  Do you have your dress already, for the "Mother of the Groom"?  Best wishes to the happy couple.  So sad about the police funeral....

Amy, I have not seen the eagles close around here this winter but pretty sure I saw one high in the sky one day.  The osprey has come & gone on south & saw a big blue heron take off when I went down to the river bank tonight.  I've been lazy about getting up in the mornings & know the eagle usually passed by my house very early.  Nothing in the paper about where they are nesting this year.
I do enjoy the wildlife, hope to see some this week when out camping, weather looks to be unusually warm.  How's that for luck?

Hal, not a smart move to share that cold with your wife...... I'm sure she will remember...   :bash:  :noway:   :kiss2:

Mary Ann, that is really a hoot that you & Dot were in the same ER for X-rays.  No wonder the nurses were confused since I would think they mostly go by last names... only different locations for the problems! 

June, hopefully the antibiotic will get the job done & you can feel more like your old self.  I know you work hard to keep the body mobile & no question your mind is clear as a bell.... just need to get you perked up.  How is "baby June" doing & how old is she now? 

Gloria, got to admit I am not as happy with the cold weather this year.  I've been wearing UGGs around the house & to the store & do think it has brought on a foot/heel problem.  I've complained to my friend  & she thinks it is "planters fascitis" & after looking up all the causes & symptoms, agree with her.  No need for a doctor.  I'm still having a lot of pain with that sore bone from when I hit the concrete the week before Christmas.  Don't think they'd do anything for it & not looking for pain pills so no need to run to the Dr.   ;)

Jane, I have one cat that talks me into naps .... she doesn't care to go out unless the sun is shining & she can keep out of the wind.  She won't even go down to the river with the rest of us this week.  They are all fed & down for the night. Our fur babies are a lot of company, aren't they?

Can't believe it's time for that Sat night shower AGAIN!  I know we've had half a dozen Sundays in the last 2 weeks.  Finally got the last box of decorations down to the basement but didn't organize like I planned.  Time to dump some old stuff.  Sweet dreams to all and God Bless. 

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 06, 2018, 10:56:42 PM
Read all the post and I am now caught up on all the family stuff.
Mary Ann hope the shoulder quits worrying you.

June, I only have two more antibiotics left to take, hope they start to kick in and clear this cold up.  Wife is coughing away, I tell her to take her cough medicine. I went down to KFC and picked up two chicken pot pies for supper, they kinda hit the spot. 

I don't think we will be going to church in the morning the way we feel.  And I really don't want to pass this around any more.

Oh, by the way the wife is not blaming me but my daughter who brought this cold with her when she came up for Christmas.

Good Night everyone, God Bless and Sweet Dreams

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 07, 2018, 05:51:27 AM
Good morning everyone..

Didn't intend to get up this early but dogs had a different idea. -22° F this morning but it is going to warm up this week so the weather guessers say. A day of rest here although due to the high winds drifting snow has to be removed from the driveway and in the back on the paths for the dogs. Not a big job to do.

Shirley, I love to camp and we did a fair bit of it in the past and as a child. Nice to have your weather co-operate for your camping trip. I enjoy all wildlife....all but spiders... :eek:

Hal, hope you and your wife feel a lot better today. Chicken soup and plenty of fluids and gargle with warm salt water should help.

June, I had to laugh at your description but I think we are all greedy in wanting our health back..NOW. We are not used to being sidelined for any length of time .Hope your bounce is back in your step today.

Genny, this area was noted for eagles long long ago and now they are slowly coming back. Love to see them here.I just have to remember if we have a pup to always go out with them.. Our Border Collie was 8 weeks old and we went outside and I heard something above me and it was the eagle flying over head. Pup would have been a nice snack for him.

Gloria, we had the winds howling for 2 days and now I have to tidy up the mess they made.Hope you are staying warm and happy to read you didn't lose power.

Larry, that is the reason my friend knitted me a balaclava , she said she worried about me doing chores and when I had to open up the ice on the pond for the cows to drink. It really does make a difference but I am not a hat wearer and didn't wear gloves until the past couple of years.

Jane, hope your chariot starts this morning.

Tea is made, porridge is done setting on the back of the woodstove if anyone wants some, fruit and maple syrup to go in it.

Enjoy your day everyone.   
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Gloria on January 07, 2018, 08:20:03 AM
Good morning everyone, just heard on local weather that we broke a record set in 1912 for cold. it is -6° and that is not the windchill.That is like 25 to 30 below zero. Have we moved to the north pole? We have been in the deep freeze for 2 weeks. We should be out of it toward the end of the week. Hooray, might be able to get outside again by the end of the week.

JANE  cold is cold no matter where we live and I am so ready for the 50° the weather guesser  says we will have by the end of this week. At least I am lucky I do not have to go out in it. Bundle up when you go to church this morning. Hope everyone's cars start, too.

AMY  this year for the first time I have worn a warm hat when I go out. I dislike hats but will do every thing to be warm. My jacket has a hood and I have that over the hat. Maybe it is because I no longer move fast but I really feel the cold this year. Maybe it is the age by now? No, old is a frame of mind, right?

PHYLLIS  the sun has been out most days here but has dione little to warm anything up. Sky  has been clear and even at night bright with stars. Hope you made it to the store and home again with enough food to wait out this cold. Stay warm.

LARRY  like you this is the first time the cold has bothered me. Sure does not help my back any. Like you I do not understand why the TV stations send people out in this weather. Even most churches here have canceled services today.

HAL  I remember my parents talking about that popping sound when they lived in Canada. With the cold here thi last 2 weeks I do not know if it is heard here because I have stayed inside. Have you tried honey to sooth your throat? Always worked for my family and me. A teaspoon of it and let it slowly melt in your mouth, don't just  swallow it all at once.

JANE  hoagie or sub here they are called grinders. So many different names for the same thing. I enjoy one at times but been some time since I had one.

AMY  only eagles I have seen were in zoos and the Sand Diego wild anuimal park. I would love to see one in the wild.

JUNE  you make me wish I was living in a place like yours. The staff there are so caring. Here the staff -manager- just does not understan the elderly and can make life miserable for some of us. Hope you feel better soon.

JENNY  wonderful how police from all over go to the funerals of fallen officers. These days it is a dangerous job.

SHIRLEY  don't ever change. If you started being a "sweet little old lady" we would not know you. You have a love of life and people that I envy. Twice I had that pain in my heel and the Podiatrist numbed it and put a shot in it. He also gave me a brace to wear at night if it bothered me again. It keeps the toe part of foot higher, stretching from the heel. Works fine when I need it.

AMY  I have the thermostat turned up and staying inside. I will not go out in this cold.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: phyllis on January 07, 2018, 08:37:25 AM
We didn't starve so obviously we made it out to the grocery store.  Yay!  As for freezing to death...I'm able to post something here this morning so I must be still alive.  Yay, again!  Just one more day of below freezing temps. and we will begin to warm up.   :clap:

Larry and Hal:  Since almost everything  I print on my HP Envy 5530 printer is a document and doesn't need to be printed in color I turned off the color printing and only print in black & white.  Saves a lot on ink expense since I don't need to buy a color cartridge, too.  Also I order Black cartridges from Amazon and it is delivered right to my door within a day or so (I'm a Amazon Prime member) and shipping is free.  I love Amazon!

I hear David stirring around upstairs so I guess I better give some serious thought to breakfast.   Hmmmm....think I'll pull those cinnamon rolls out of the freezer and warm them in the oven.  I'm in the mood for lots of sugar.

Take care, All.   

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: larryhanna on January 07, 2018, 09:04:01 AM
 Hi Everyone.  It was a cold 17 degrees when I got up this morning but suppose to get to 40 this afternoon.  I will be going to Church by myself this morning as Pat's back is really bothering her.  She is up early and using the cold pack on it.  I will bring something back for our main meal of the day.  Yesterday I just stayed home and worked in my office all morning, rested after lunch and then watched the Kansas City Chiefs lose to the Tennessee Titans.  I didn't watch the evening game as it came on too late.

Hal, not nice of you to give your cold to your wife.  Glad your cough is better.  I have used the generic ink cartridges over the years with good success until I got these printers.  Do you use the online grocery ordering? 

Jane, the Amish are really getting into the modern era if they are using gift cards.  Glad your car started OK. I recently got one of the big roast beef subs at the Walmart Deli and it was very good.  You do have to add your own mayo or mustard but that is no problem.  I think they have little packs of condiments you can get at the deli counter to go with them but didn't think about it. Always good to find a way to save some dollars on insurance.  However, I doubt that wealthy is something you will become from the savings.  :)

Amy, you are a brave person to even think about hanging your laundry out on such a cold day.  They probably would have frozen dry almost before you got them on the line.  I saw on the news last night that in New Hampshire on top of a tall mountain the wind chill brought the temperature down to feel like 100 below zero and the man blew bubbles and they instantly froze and he could pick them up. 

June, I didn't mind doing the grocery shopping and still don't if I can get an electric cart to navigate the isles.  Pat has never liked to shop until she found she can shop on the computer and is making up for lost time.  Sorry to read that you are still feeling so puny. 

Jenny, it is nice of the policemen and firemen to come to honor a fallen comrade.  There work is so dangerous.  We have had several policemen killed or just die here and the funerals have been similar although I don't think the processional was a mile long for them.  I hope the interview goes well for Mark.  Would this involve another move and to another State?

Shirley, I read the material in the link that Joy shared and printed it out and will put it with my other papers that I hope would be helpful when something happens to me.  I try to update them every January as things change in a year.  Hopefully we have enough savings to supplement the survivor annuity that Pat will get when I am gone that she will be able to continue to have a decent life style.  But you are right that life can change in a heart beat. 

Gloria, your churches are wise to cancel their services with it being such cold and bad conditions.  I expect that is the case in many New England towns.     

Phyllis, there is seldom a week goes by that we don't get one or more deliveries from Amazon.  Glad you were able to get to the grocery store yesterday.  If I want to print in black I just use the laser printer.  Fortunately I seldom print anything in color. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 07, 2018, 09:14:15 AM
Shirley I do not care what the rest of the bunch says I think you are a sweetheart. If i did not already have a bosey lady to holler at me I would chase you see if i could slip up on your blind side. it is 32º going for 36º today here
and calling for rain, but no sign of it here so far. north of us they have freezing rain. i would like to get some moisture but not in that forum,  Have a great day everyone.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 07, 2018, 09:18:19 AM
phyllis as long as you are happie do as you wish,but you cant take it with you when god call's your # , enjoy your time here I bet you have earned it also.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: phyllis on January 07, 2018, 10:34:10 AM
I totally agree with you, Lloyd.  I plan to live the way that pleases me from now on.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 07, 2018, 10:50:07 AM
Car started fine this morning and I got there in plenty of time to ease everyone's mind about my reading.  It was a nice service and good fellowship at the coffee hour after the service. 

Then I stopped at the the local grocery store to get the things I still needed to make vegetable soup and I have the meat cooking now.  Tomorrow I'll be continuing that process and hopefully, will get it canned later this week.  Nothing like a nice batch of veggie soup on a cold day to warm one's innards!

Guess I better get the rest of the stuff put away and start thinking about some lunch.  I almost never eat breakfast before church and I'm getting a bit hungry just thinking about food.

LARRY, you're probably right about not getting wealthy on what I save on my medigap insurance but it's sure going to feel like it for a while!

I wish you all a warm day!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 07, 2018, 11:40:00 AM
Drifting snow has been cleared away, wood for the garage and the house done.Now to get lunch and then sew :)

Gloria, I do believe that the hat does keep the heat in but gosh I also don't care for them.

Jane, are you doing the soup in the canner or a pressure cooker? Happy your car started!!!

Better go rustle up lunch..
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Mary Ann on January 07, 2018, 01:04:20 PM
I feel I am no better today but no worse, either.  Tomorrow I'll call the orthopedic place to make an appointment and I hope it doesn't take too long.  I have an idea I'll be referred to a therapist. 

I didn't make it to church this morning and I haven't talked to Dot yet to see if she went; she was going to try.

Take a look at Grand Haven - lots of snow on ice and people are walking toward the water.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 07, 2018, 02:15:44 PM
Good afternoon everyone!

I am finally moving about, I did fix myself some eggs and bacon this morning, wife didn't want any, she just had a muffin and coffee.

Larry, when my wife was gone I did online grocery shopping and started a list yesterday for WM but wife said she would make it to the store today and not submit the order.  So I didn't.  She does most of her shopping at a different store.

Weather is still mild here, but still overcast.  Gloria I noted that you set a new record breaking a 1912 record.  Isn't it strange how global warming went that far back.  But then more taxes will fix the warming.....LOL

Larry since the pro football players have taken to their knee to honor God only knows what I have lost interest in their game.
Those jerks knocked the country and people who made them millionaires.  I still enjoy college football and loved high school football when I was in smaller towns.  Cities just don't have the same atmosphere.  I always bought season tickets when living in the small towns.

Amy didn't know you had cows.  How many head do you have and do you milk any of them?  If so send me some buttermilk, love the stuff.

Back to my couch.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lindancer on January 07, 2018, 02:51:29 PM
Good afternoon  Taffy is unhappy as the snow is so deep outside the sliding glass doors, she cannot see out.  I put a dish with bird seed out in and old dish on top of the snow band on the porch.  Lot of snow birds, sparrows, and 3 blue jays. Of course one squirrel came to mess things up. But I cannot chase him, as he needs to eat also, they will just have to share.

Phyllis, I would like to come down and have breakfast with you, I like the sound of hot buns.When my son Mark was about 2, he could not say roll, and he would ask for hot holes

Amy, I wore a knitted hat to the doctors Friday, and had more complements on it, even in Walmarts.  the hat was over 30 years old, and had tiny shinny disk knitted in it.

Jenny, I hope your father keeps feeling better, it is not easy at our age. the cold is really bother my back and shoulder.

Hal, My mother also would give us   lemon and honey for our colds. Of course when i got older a little hot whiskey was added.

Gloria, I have a portable heater next to the computer going when I am here.  Mobile homes have cold floors, as the ground is just a few feet away. In NY we order sub sandwiches.  When we moved to SC in 1940, they were calling pizza'a tomato pies.  Of course I was saying stoop, and they were say side porch or veranda
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 07, 2018, 03:13:41 PM
Hal, I had cows, don't have any now. I used to hand milk a Jersey for the house and half a gallon jar would be cream so butter was made . I gave away the buttermilk to a neighbour he liked it, and some went to the chickens and dogs.If I was baking then some stayed in the house. :thumbup:

Gloria de  ,we have lots of blue jays, doves and juncos.....but not many chickadees this winter.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: CallieOK on January 07, 2018, 03:47:33 PM
Good Afternoon,

It's raining in Central Oklahoma - no freezing, no wind - just plain old rain!  I read that it had been 51 days since we'd had even a sprinkle.

Church was full this morning and the usual OTL ladies went to our favorite diner, which was also busy.  It was just sprinkling before and after church but, by the time we left the restaurant, it was pouring!

Fortunately,  I had worn "layers" and a lined raincoat with a hood so I didn't have any problems - except that driving with the windshield wipers going full blast makes me a bit discombobulated.
Also fortunately,  I only had a few blocks to go to get home.

Son has a head/chest cold so isn't coming for our planned "file cabinet work session".
I'm off to become a recliner radish...and probably borrow a few of Janie's zzzzzzzz.

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lindancer on January 07, 2018, 03:53:04 PM
Amy many years ago when you cold buy raw milk, my husband from Ala. bought a small churn, and would make butter and of course butter milk. Till the day he died he drank a qt. of butter milk a day. Of course he made a lot of corn bread.

I use to have a lot of doves, two years ago I counted 20 now, I only see one once in a while. When I moved here 34 years ago the quail  use to walk through the yard  loved to watch them. Also in the Spring a mother duck with babies would  walk across the street from the pond, and would feed at my bird feeder. Use to have garter snakes in the garden, have not seen one in years. Sad to see our nature fad. New people complain if you put bird feeders  out, as it messes up there cars
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: June Drabek on January 07, 2018, 04:51:41 PM
Tisie…..Baby June will be three years of age in Sept , and I understand runs the household "her way". Her two older brothers are her slaves..they seem to have no choice. She is one very fortunate little girl, so loved by all. If she follows in the footsteps of her her great grandmother she has a few "hard knocks" coming her way. Self-made, stubbornness caused. But she lives in a loving, God-following family.

Hal, I don't know how many antibiotics I have left, as they dole them out to me. It is the same thing I had last Dec.  "azithromycin". In my opinion it doesn't do much good, since this all started on my 93rd, Birthday. They push my cough syrup here, but my problem seems to me is in my chest..not my throat. The albuterol in the breathing machine seem to be the most help to me. No Church for me either Hal, but God is as close as a breath or a heart beat.

Amy, I am not up to any bouncing yet..but I am alive, I am here, I am breathing, I do not have much of an appetite, but I eat, I sleep well, so I am thankful and love being here with all of you good, good people.

Gloria, I am so proud of you for going out in that awful cold weather, and you are wise to bundle up properly. I wonder if that very, very cold weather is destroying a lot of germs ? I have been reading about the horrors going on at JFK airport. It sounds like a real nightmare. My dear friend, I too wish you and others could be living in a place like Rowntree Gardens. They are SO caring.

Phyllis, I too am an Amazon fan, and have the Prime membership. It was Bis/Joan that sold me on the program. How I miss that dear lady. She is one of a kind !

Larry, I am tired of feeling puny, but my thankfulness overcomes my complaints.I can walk, I can talk, I can eat, I can digest, I can hear, breathing takes a bit of effort, but it still works. I'm so sorry your wife has so much pain, plus that devil asthma she has to live with.

Time for me to get out for a walk. Since I missed Chapel again today, I want to pick up a program so I know who is doing what while I am gone.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: mycheal on January 07, 2018, 07:36:20 PM
June, Your an inspiration, keep the spirit, I sense things are on the uphill climb.
And the albuterol doing its' job and more so soon.

Be well keep up that spirit. That walk is a blessing for you :) keep it up when possible :)

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lindancer on January 07, 2018, 08:08:35 PM
Good evening down to 8, guess i will not go for a evening stroll.

June, as everyone write, you write words that are so uplifting. When the doctor walks in and says to me, how do you feel? if I didn't have to walk and breath, I am in great shape, but I am here. That seem to satisfy them. Looks like I am going to get ahead of you again, I will be 94 in Feb.
WE still have our own small groupies club. 90+
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: June Drabek on January 07, 2018, 08:20:27 PM
Gloria de, thank you my friend for inspiring me. Now I am determined to join you in the 94 years group, so hang in there girl and wait for me. We have about twenty people living here that have passed the one hundred mark, and they are still going strong.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 07, 2018, 08:45:54 PM
Hal they left the bourbon out. It should be honey lemon and bourbon equal parts. it wont make you drunk and will cure head or chest. a local drugest gave us the formula. also if you look on the label of what you buy over the counter or your doctor gives you they all contain same ingredient. have a great evening and sweet dreams.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 07, 2018, 10:30:08 PM
Lloyd, nothing I am taking right now has any alcohol in it.  Nothing against alcohol, I have more than the average bear invested in all forms of it.  But finally learned my lesson and only partake on special occasions.  Your druggist was just passing on a time honored toddy recipe which my Grandad used also.  And I suspect that it was a good excuse to have a good stiff drink.

I meant to ask you, how are your bees doing in all this cold weather.  Hope they are getting lots of food so they can keep warm.

June, sleep well.  We all love you.

Got my pre-op appointment in the morning for my other eye
I will be happy when that is done.

Nite all, God Bless and Sweetdreams

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 08, 2018, 05:56:32 AM
Hall it is and has been tooooo clod to open the hive up to look in on them. has been lot of days past since it has been warm enough for them to get out side and work. so i just pray they are alright. I will let you know as soon as we have enough warm enough weather to look, thanks for asking. it is 31º @4:54 AM
and heading for 46º today they say. have a great day.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 08, 2018, 06:12:43 AM
Good morning everyone..

The temp is +19 ° wow..balmy from the - 29° , along with warmer weather it also blessed us with more snow. Looking out it doesn't seem much maybe 2-3 inches, but it does have to be moved.

Hubby wants to head to the "other" city this morning to look for winter boots. We will wait a bit and let the highways get cleaned then head out.

Better go get ready....hmmm wonder who I will dance with Mr Snow blower or Mr Shovel???

Enjoy your day everyone.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 08, 2018, 07:26:50 AM
Good Morning Everyfriend!  Our temps are also slightly up today but there is snow in the prediction.  We shall see what transpires.  If it snows enough, they will close the schools early and if the driving is too bad, I won't get to see Kiran today.  I'm thinking it's not going to amount to that much and snow isn't so bad to drive in.  They are predicting freezing rain on Wednesday and that's when I stay home.

Soup is ready for delivery to church and to eat and I have enough beef left for another batch later in the Spring.  I've discovered that it's time to make barbecue sauce.  I'm just about out and I prefer my own to purchased.  I'll have to think about that! 

I'm waiting to see the oil bill and then I'll decide if I go into debt for the insulation.  I suppose saving on one thing and spending on another isn't a particularly good plan. 

I wish you and yours all warm and well!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: larryhanna on January 08, 2018, 09:25:14 AM
 Hi Everyone.  While it is 28 degrees this morning we are to get up to around 50 this afternoon and then the rest of the week will be warmer with possibility of some rain.  Pat thinks the improvement from the shots in her back may be over as yesterday and again this morning she is back to using the ice and taking the muscle relaxants and taking half of a pain tablet.  I just fixed her breakfast and we plan on TV Dinners, which we have in the freezer and they need to be eaten, for our main meal today probably with a little salad.  I have nothing particular on my schedule for today and don't expect to leave the house other than to go to the mailbox this afternoon.  I am looking forward to the Georgia/Alabama college football Championship game tonight and will be pulling for Georgia.  I did watch parts of both of the playoff NFL games yesterday over the weekend.  I was pulling for Carolina to beat New Orleans.  They gave them a tussle but in the end New Orleans won.  However, the Atlanta Falcons won their game on Saturday and will be in the playoffs that start this weekend. 

Lloyd and Phyllis, a good idea to spend our money for the things that please us.  Pat and I have the same philosophy. 

Jane, glad to read that your car cooperated with you yesterday.  That vegetable soup sure sounds good. 

Hal, I agree with you on the pro football players disrespecting the country that has allowed them to become rich.  I lost a lot of interest in the pro games as well although have watched some of them recently and will probably through the Super Bowl.  It will be interesting to see the impact on season ticket sales next year.  Glad the time is now at hand for you to have the cataract surgery. 

Amy, aren't you glad you no longer have to get out morning and night and milk the cow.  I grew up on a dairy farm and we usually milked 20 cows.  I was so glad to get away from the farm and when I left Dad changed to beef cattle.  Glad to see you are having a balmy day today although our definitions of what balmy is differ greatly.  :)

Callie, our Sunday School class was about up to our usual number yesterday and this surprised me considering it was cold.  We didn't have a full Church but a nice turnout. 

June, glad you get such good care there at Rowntree Gardens.  Fortunately my wife doesn't have too much problem with the asthma and the inhalers seem to deal with the problem.   
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Post by: halkel on January 08, 2018, 09:31:30 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!
Sunshiny morning here and suppose to get nice and warm today.

Lloyd, I hope the bees are doing okay.  They have a hard life having to survive during the long winter months.

I have to get myself in the bathroom and get myself cleaned up so I will get off here and get at it.

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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 08, 2018, 09:38:06 AM
Larry I seen a bumper sticker I liked once. It said we are spending our children's inheritance.sounds like a plan to me. sun is shining bright here and is up to 29º
and headed for 46º they say. hate a great day.

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Post by: Gloria on January 08, 2018, 11:26:51 AM
Good morning everyone. Now terrible cold this AM. TV guesser says 23°, almost a heatwave. Slept better last night than the last week or more.

PHYLLIS  just heard on local weather that this has been the longest we had in consecutive days of below 20°  on record. 

LARRY  Mt. Washington in NH is the highest point in New England and it somewhere where all the winds seem to swirl around. This cold has not been kind to my back either. I either have to sit or lay down to feel half human but cannot do anything if that is all I do.

JANE  this weather is perfect for home made soup.

AMY  I feel like you about hats but this year I have worn one more than ever.

HAL  I think someone's cold has got to me. Woke sneezing and coughing all morning.

GLORIA de  Squirrels will take all the bird seed and leave nothing for the birds.

JUNE  hard to believe baby June is already a little over 2 years old. September is 8 months away. My little great grandson is 2 1/2 now and too smart. I have not gone out in sever al days and the way I feel this morning I will stay in again today. Like you I miss JOAN and wish there was some news about her. Too long since we have.

GLORIA de when anyone asks how I am I tell them fine except for my back. If asked how I feel I answer with my fingers, have to make a wisecrack.

HAL  every thing these days seem to have a pre-op appointment. Wonder how necessary they are or if just a way to make more money.

AMY  hope you do not have to dance with nothing to do with snow. Hope the roads are clear for you drive.

JANE  no snow here today but Thursday 50° bringing rain with it. Hard to believe we will go from -6 0° to 50° in 4 days.         
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Post by: Amy on January 08, 2018, 12:12:14 PM
I danced with the shovel first then later on I used the snow blower...and it is still snowing and is going to stay there until tomorrow. Weather did not look promising to go to  the city and I said there are better days travel.

Have a good fire going and after my tea I think sewing is in order :).
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Post by: CallieOK on January 08, 2018, 01:09:10 PM
Merry Monday, Everyfriend,

Sunshine is back - not too sure about the "warmer" temperatures but they're supposed to be coming.

I read something about 2018 being the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1.  I have my Dad's photo album from his days as an army quartermaster in La Rochelle France (not in any battles) during this war and am wondering if I can find some place that would restore and preserve some of them.  Not sure I trust "general" stores to do that and don't find any local area place on Google that mentions doing so.

  I don't have a fancy photo app on my computer but had good luck scanning and restoring a daguerreotype of my grandmother from the 1870's.  So maybe I'll try with a few of the album photos that don't particularly need to be preserved.
We shall see.

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.
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Post by: halkel on January 08, 2018, 03:19:02 PM
Callie, you might want to check out the following link: (
The have an 800 number you can call to answer questions (

Might want to look at the second one for DIY

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: CallieOK on January 08, 2018, 04:39:40 PM
Thanks so much, Hal.  I do pretty well with my scanner but always interested in expert advice - and The Library of Congress is definitely "expert".
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Post by: June Drabek on January 08, 2018, 08:59:02 PM
Good Evening dear hearts and gentle people. Have read all you messages. And I don't have much to contribute. This day has just disappeared, without any contributions from this lazy old piece of baggage in Ca.  We did get the promised rain fall, haven't heard any  numbers yet, but it was gentle in our area. More expected during the night and tomorrow, Thank You God.

I am finishing up on all the food I was given during my incarceration while on the antibiotic and will start associating with my usual dining companions tomorrow. It's time to order some stuff on line too.

My Dori and Gary have returned from their vacation in Idaho. Gary came home with a cold, but he plans to do our Bible study on Wed.

Time to go chow down and get ready for an early bed and book. Have a Blessed night my beloved friends. June
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Post by: halkel on January 08, 2018, 10:30:06 PM
Where did everyone go?  No one is posting tonight, guess everyone is watching the "big" game.

Didn't do much today but go to the doctors office for my pre-op paperwork and started my income taxes.  Just have to wait on the statements from different folks.  I swear I hope the tax overhaul does cut down on what all the government wants, in the way of information.  For any who are interested you may want to look into OLT to do your taxes with.  It's free. (

Well I am going to bed and watch a little of the game and pull the covers up and get some sleep.

Nite All, God Bless and Sweet Dreams
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Post by: JaneS on January 08, 2018, 11:11:48 PM
Now run along home
and jump into bed.
Say your prayers
and cover your head.

The very same thing
I say unto you.
You dream of me
and I'll dream of you!
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Post by: Denver on January 09, 2018, 01:18:55 AM
Awh, what a sweet poem, JANE.  I have never heard this, but I plan to remember it to use the next time one of my little ones are around.
I will dream of you, too❣️

JUNE, you sound much better today.  I am happy, happy, happy!   Sorry Gary managed to pick up a cold while on their trip up North...
I just hope he is feeling much better and not still contagious when he come to you Wednesday.

LARRY, your team did not win tonight but it sure was a great game.  My Alabama born hubby was happy to see The Crimson Tide win. 

Marks was pleased that his interview went very well today, however he does not expect to hear anything for a couple of weeks. 

We are going to have a beautiful day tomorrow so we plan to get out to enjoy the National Western Stock Show. 

Pleasant dreams to all. 


Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 09, 2018, 07:20:44 AM
Good Morning to you,
Good morning to you,
We're all in our places
with sunshiny faces.
Good morning to you.
Good morning to you!
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Post by: Amy on January 09, 2018, 07:25:41 AM
Good morning everyone...

Slept in and have some snow to deal with before VON gets here bee back later...

Janie ,loved your poems especially the shiny faces. Golden girl thought I was sleeping too long and I soon had her wet tongue on my face and in my ear!!! :P
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Post by: Gloria on January 09, 2018, 08:30:57 AM
Good morning everyone, had a dusting of snow over night but now the sun is shining. With all the freezing weather here many places had pipes burst, quite a few schools were closed because of damage. So many of the schools are very old and seems there is no money to fix them or build new ones. In the state capitol, Providence it is worse.

CALLIE  good luck finding someplace that can restore those old pictures.

JUNE  glad you are feeling better.

HAL  have fun with your tax filing.

JANE  cute poem.

JENNY  hope Mark's dreams come to fruition with that interview.

JANE  you closed yesterday with an uplifting spirit and star ted the day chipper. Looks like you are feeling good. Keep it up.

AMY  love the way a pet tells you it is time to get up.

Either I am early this morning or not many “up and at 'em” yet.
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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 09, 2018, 09:08:10 AM
good morning everyone. the weather guesser says partly sunny but I see none.
say 30º also high for 47º today. well stay in if possible and stay warm.
keep a big smile, the nice thing about a smile is you can keep it and give it to everyone you see. also smile and the whole world smiles with you, have a great day.

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Post by: JaneS on January 09, 2018, 09:16:57 AM
I'm off to Wally World!  Wish me smiles!
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Post by: larryhanna on January 09, 2018, 09:37:25 AM
 Hi Everyone.  The cold has moved out and we expect to get into the low 60's this afternoon.  It didn't get to freezing last night.  I don't expect to go anywhere today unless Pat feels up to going out for our big meal.  She may not want to do that since we start our Wednesday night dinner tomorrow night at the Church.  Last night I watched Georgia University get beat by Alabama University in the college football championship game.  It was a very entertaining game and went into overtime before Alabama won.  It kept me awake until after midnight, which I something I try to avoid but this was a special event. 

Lloyd, I have seen that same bumper sticker about spending our children's inheritance. 

Gloria, you all deserve some warmer weather.  I expect a lot of records have been broken during this cold spell. Sure hope you aren't coming down with a cold.  I have had calls to handle the pre-op appointments but had to go in person for the cataract surgery as they did more testing at that time as well as fill out a lot of papers.

Amy, hope you were able to get some sewing done yesterday.  I am sure that is more enjoyable than being out in the cold shoveling snow. 

June, glad to see you are able now to start associating with others today.  Hope you are feeling much better.

Hal, other than gather our papers and get everything ready for income tax filing it will be next month before IRS has all the forms and instructions ready.  I can never file until late March anyway due to one investment that doesn't have final figures until then.  Did you watch all of that game last night.  At least in Central time you didn't have to stay up past midnight like I did.  That is a beautiful facility they played in at the new football stadium in Atlanta.  For over a billion dollars it should be nice. 

Jane, Pat's aunt used to always end her telephone conversations with us telling us to give the other person a hug and we would get one also. 

Jenny, nice to read that Mark was pleased with his interview.  I agree that it was a great game last night with two almost equally matched teams.  They both have bright futures with those young quarterbacks. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 09, 2018, 10:19:09 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

Larry, no I didn't see the end of the game.  I went to bed intending to watch the game and ended up going to sleep.  Ga was ahead when I got in bed.  The seemed to swap a lot of punches in the game, more than normal.

Wife has a lady coming shortly to measure a couple of bedrooms and give us a quote on some new carpet so I need to get off here and get cleaned up.

Everyone have a great day.

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Post by: Joy on January 09, 2018, 10:42:53 AM
Good Tuesday morning.  Still cold here, but a little better temperatures this morning.  38º when I turned the computer on.   SUpposed to be up near 60º by the end of the week.  And the sun is shining, tho.

Larry, several days ago you asked if my son collected a certain kind of mug?  I had never heard that name before.  But, no, when he worked for the Defense Dept., he traveled quite a bit,.  So, most of them are from places he traveled to.  And, then, they also go on a lot of vacation trips, and pick them up at those various places.  He built several shelves in their kitchen dining area that goes around the wall to display them all.  I don't know just how many he has anymore.  And, then, I remember giving him different kinds over the years as gifts.

And,  Phyllis, you asked if I am working on anything special now.  I started an afghan a while back and am still working on it. Wasn't real happy with the color combination I chose, so you know how that goes.  When I don't particular like the colors I am working with,  it is hard to work on it sometimes. With the holidays over now, I might get back to it.  It isn't for anything special, so I will probably donate it to the Linus project.  I have been doing much for them for a while now.  My fingers don't work real well anymore, and then, at times, can pose a problem. 

I remember you made so many pretty things.

I have been up for a while, but still slow moving.  Have a lot of little jobs I could be doing, but just slow-going.

I need to finish putting a few Christmas decorations away, and then straighten things up a bit. 

Jane, glad you are feeling better.  I like your cute little poems this morning. Hope you have a good day at work.

Gloria, there has been the same kind of problems down in Baltimore city with the schools heating problems.  So many of the schools right down in the city are old with decrepit heating systems.  Of course, the powers -that -be are blaming each other for all the problems.  Plus, so many water pipes have broken and the streets and sidewalks are sheets of ice.  I have a friend who lives on a street where the water pipes broke over 3 weeks ago, and they still have not been back to do any repairs.  They stopped the water gushing, but didn't fix the problem.  She hasn't sent her children to school since they started back from the holidays.  She said the ice is about 8 in. thick on the sidewalks.  Way too dangerous for kids that have to walk to school. 

Luckily, in my area, we didn't get too much snow, but what we got, is still sticking around from it being so cold.  This weekend will be like a heat wave going through. But, not supposed to last very long. And, old man Winter will be back to visit us.  So far, tho, we have not had that much snow. Most of the couple snowstorms have come up from the south and went on up the coast.  The boardwalk down in Ocean City, Md. is still covered with a lot of snow.   Looks pretty,  if you don't have to be out in it.

I need to get on with my day.  Hope everyone will be able to keep warm and enjoy some sunshine.


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Post by: June Drabek on January 09, 2018, 02:19:52 PM
Janie, Good morning to you,
Good morning to you…..
We're all in our places,
Wlth sunshiny faces,
And this is the way,
To start a new day. ;)

Amy, Waking with wet tongue in my ear, may result in a dog with a black eye. You are such a good, patient doggy mom. :tickedoff:

Gloria we had a lovely rain  yesterday and through the night, but this morning the sun decided to assert itself, and won't let the clouds do their thing. I'm still coughing and spitting and blowing. I had to tell the clinic their breathing machine was being naughty, and popping a tube connection, so she is taking care of that. Also she will cancel a four a.m. check to see that I am still here.  At first I thought the wake up was my imagination…no one comes in, just a light knock and a peek inside. This morning it was a very LOUD knock, so I realized it wasn't my dreaming.

I have no activities planned for the day. Still don't feel like "me" yet so I'll try to act my age. My Gary will be doing Bible studies tomorrow and I don't want to miss that. I do plan to go down for lunch today, and bring enough home for supper.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lindancer on January 09, 2018, 05:47:45 PM
June, hope you are feeling better each day.  When I was in the hospital last year with pneumonia, the gave me  plastic tub, with a ball in it, which i had to blow in every hour, 10 times to get the ball to the top of the tube. I still use it every once in a while to keep my lungs clear.

Joy my husband had a small collection of beer steins that our son got him while station in Germany.  One was a hunter stein, and you had to find the right place to drink out of it, or it ran on your face. Of course my Cyriel had a lot of fun with that one

Larry I sure hope Pat starts feeling  better, as I have written before, I went for a couple of years for those shots in the back, and the last one were 4 shots right across the back, and the anesthesie coast more then the shots. they lasted about a month and did not want to pay

Jane, enjoyed your cute poems

Jenny glad to hear Mark, did well on the exam.  Enjoy your day out. Hope you are hearing good news about your did

Amy I never could keep up with you. My getup and go is gone
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Post by: halkel on January 09, 2018, 07:36:04 PM
I have a favor from all, Steve my SIL is at the emergency hospital with a severe case of strep throat that has gone septic, they are trying to find a bed in ICU but the flu has them full.  Please all your prayers will be appreciated.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Joy on January 09, 2018, 07:52:26 PM
Lin,  funny that you should mention the beer stein that your husband had the secret spot to drink out of.  I have a pitcher that is the same way.  It  is an antique pitcher, probably close to 100 years old by now.  It had belonged to my aunt and  it has holes around the top of the opening.  I had almost forgotten about it.  I have it sitting on a shelf that I hardly even notice it.   You have to find the right hole to draw the liquid up out of it.  If you tilt it to drink,  the liquid will run down your chin.   I will have to get it down and see if I can find the right place to drink from it.

I don't think I have ever heard about anything similar to that before.  I know years ago when my aunt still had it,  it was always fun for her to get it out to show people and ask them to drink out of it.  Not knowing about how to drink from it,  always made for a fun time when the water would go all down the front of the person.  I think it does have a name for it.  I will have to try and see if I can find out anything about it. 

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 09, 2018, 08:00:00 PM
Prayers for your sil Hal..hope he is soon back home.

MaryAnn , I think my get up go and went with yours :)
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Mary Ann on January 09, 2018, 08:18:05 PM
Be sure to read the folder "I don't know where to start" by Ken Corson, son of Jeanne Lee, about her condition, which is not good.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Denver on January 09, 2018, 08:40:21 PM
HAL, possitive thoughts and prayers for Steve....this flu is really bad right now all across the US.  So sorry to read this news. 

It was a beautiful day here....nearly 70*!  We went out to the National Wester Stock Show and enjoyed our time very much. 

GLORIA de,  we have a few bier steins that we purchased when we lived in Germany. The hunter one  Cyriel had sounds like a cool one.  I do think I remember one of those.  My dad is starting to show a bit of improvement, thank you for asking. 

JUNE, I hope you are feeling more like yourself tomorrow so you can enjoy your time with Gary and his Bible Study. 

LARRY, nice to read that the Wednesday Night meals will be starting at your church tomorrow.  I know how much you all enjoy them. Glad you have warmed up today.  We have a pretty sever storm heading for us is the storm that is causing the flooding and mud slides in Southern California.  I am very sorry to read that Pat’s back pain is back.  Please tell her I am sad that the last shot did not last. 

GLORIA, I have been watching the issues of the school situation and the lack of enough money to do anything about it.  Very sad.  Thank you for the kind words about Mark getting his job. 

Thank you, MARYANN, for the heads up about Jeanne Lee.

I just read Ken’s message and I am so sad for him and our Jeanne Lee. 

I wish EVERYFRIEND a good evening.


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Post by: June Drabek on January 09, 2018, 09:23:58 PM
Hal, Steve is in my Prayers for  Gods' perfect healing. Is Steve the good guy that takes you to place where you need transportation, etc.  he sounds like you need him for sure.

Jenny, thank you. I have beeh feeling a  bit more alive each day, so I am sure I will get down for Gary's class.

Gloria de, I do try to remember to do breathing exercises each day, but my "rememberer" I pretty faulty now. I know it helps a lot to keep at it. I've got to have a bite to eat or I'll forget all about supper.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lindancer on January 09, 2018, 09:47:42 PM
Hal, I have come in here late night to tell you I have joined the pray chain for Steve.  Extra prays go to you and the rest of the family.

Joy and Jenny, Cyriel always had fun with the Hunter Stein. When we had our yard sale  before we moved into a mobile home I sold a lot of his steins, but did keep just a few of the special ones, one glass one is from Austria.  Dennis also sent us a beautiful hand carved cuckoo clock  from the Black Forest I felt so bad as one box was lost, and the clock was in it. I still do not understand how that could have happen.

Good Night to all with hugs and prays to those others in need.
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Post by: JaneS on January 09, 2018, 10:30:29 PM
Where is the folder about JeanneLee?  I can't find it!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 09, 2018, 10:52:43 PM
It has been quite a night.  First Steve and now Jeanne Lee.  They finally found him a bed in an ICU across town.  My Granddaughter has called several times giving us updates and it doesn't sound too good.  She said doctors say next 72 hours will tell.  He (doctor) said right now it is 50 50.  My Daughter, Steves wife, said that he is starting to respond to his meds and they have his fever down and he is somewhat coherent, he will answer questions.  Thanks to all of you for your prayers.

June, yes this is the SIL who does so much for Babs and I.  He is a good man. 

I am off to bed and hopefully some sleep.

Night, God Bless and Sweet Dreams

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Denver on January 10, 2018, 01:20:26 AM
JANE, you can see it here.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: so_P_bubble on January 10, 2018, 04:16:09 AM
For news about Jeanne Lee (
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 10, 2018, 07:57:25 AM
Good morning Everyfriend!  Thank you Jenny and Bubble.  I just kept trying last night and I found it.  Such sad news or our dear friend...sad for us but happy for her.  She is in good hands!

I probably slept better last night than I have in a month.  I think it's the "heat wave" we're experiencing.  The temps are up into the 20s and it almost feels like Spring.

HAL, im happy to hear that Steve is being cared for and prayers continue for him.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 10, 2018, 08:04:42 AM
Good morning everyone..

Praying for miracles for both Hals sil and Jeanne Lee..
Hal glad to hear  he is holding his own.

Waltzing with the snow blower tuckers me out and I slept in again. Temp has also warmed up here to Jane +8 ° F here this morning.We are having a heat wave too :thumbup:

Finished all but the binding on the doggie quilt and those that quilt will understand when I say I don't wish to do that one again. :)

Better get ready to meet the day

Enjoy your day everyone.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: larryhanna on January 10, 2018, 09:18:01 AM
 Hi Everyone.  It is going to be a truly beautiful day as nice an sunny and going to get up to around 70 degrees.  This is going to be a very busy morning as Pat has an appointment at the pain clinic.  Then we will go to the Credit Union to have the money wired to pay off our house mortgage--no more house payments!  Then if Pat feels up to it we will go to Great Clips so she can get a haircut.  Wednesday is senior day and you save $2 over the regular cost.  While she is there I will go across the street and get some cash from the ATM and make a quick stop at Walmart for a couple of items.  This evening, as I said yesterday, we will go to the Church for the Wednesday night dinner.  After Pat's doctor's appointment yesterday we decided to stop at the Pizza Hut for the Tuesday evening buffet and more specifically just to say hi to our son.  He was busy so we had little time together but got a nice hug as we left.  He and Jennifer will be coming out to the house after dinner.

Joy, thanks for the info on the mugs that your son has collected over the years.  I would be surprised if he doesns't have a few of the Toby type mugs.  Here is a link to a site that shows the Toby mugs:

June, that is a terrible situation with the mudslides out in California.  The last I saw 13 people had been killed.  They showed a young 14 year old girl who had been recused from the mud when one of the firefighters heard a faint noise as they were searching for survivers and investigated.  She thought she was going to die.  I hope you get to attend Gary's Bible study this morning. 

deAngel, I have had to use that device for breathing years ago when I had the heart surgeries and it wasn't easy to get that little ball up in that tube. This morning Pat used the ice and took a half pain pill before she got out of bed. 

Hal, I will certainly include Steve in my prayers as that conditions sounds very serious.  I understand hospitals are just overloaded now with flu patients along with their regular case load.  Glad they got him into ICU where he will get the care he needs. 

Jane, glad you had a good night's sleep last night.  That sure makes one feel better.  No sun bathing now!  :)

Amy, was there something special that made the doggie quilt more difficult that normal?  I know that after Pat finished hand quilting the king size white on white quilt she said never again would she do a king sized quilt. 

Jenny, is your son's place of residence or his golf club in danger from the mudslides? 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Carol on January 10, 2018, 11:13:03 AM
Quilts -- I made a binding for a queen-sized quilt yesterday and even that is just too huge anymore.  Both the iron and little space heater were "on" and that caused a power failure - it happens in this house.  My mistake.

I have to call for hair appointments here one hour ahead of when we want to be in the shop.  Nothing like that makes sense to me - a waste of time and motion particularly for those who answer the phone in the shop.  Organize the place.

Hal:  Sincere prayers for your SIL Steve to recover totally. 

Jenny:  One of our sons works on University ave and the staff stood by windows to watch the funeral procession - that took place at Cherry Hills.  This idea of a mentally ill person having all that firepower -- I can't go on. 

Amy:  I never thought running the snow blower was a dance - it seemed pure grit.

Yesterday was the monthly genealogy class on DNA - more science that I needed. I started to count the number of times the young speaker said "So" before every sentence.  So, you know, and so forth.   

 Don went to a lecture on China and had to leave because of outside noise blocked everything for him.  Other than that, we will try to get back to exercising again and my allergy headaches are lessening.  Rain today may be helpful.

Larry:  No more house payments for you and Pat!!! Hooray!   

Thinking of Jeanne Lee and thankful that her son is by her side.   
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: phyllis on January 10, 2018, 11:21:33 AM
I am hoping and praying that Steve has improved overnight, Hal.  I woke up thinking about him and Jeanne Lee this morning.  So many hard things to face right now

So much warmer here yesterday and today.  I hope to get out and enjoy it this afternoon.  I have to get my hair cut, go to the library to pick up a book that I have had on hold for a long time, and perhaps we will eat dinner out since we have been housebound for so long.

Please stay well, everyone.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Gloria on January 10, 2018, 11:24:05 AM
Good morning everyone, another night sandman skipped me till about 3 this morning. I hate nights like that.

LLOYD  in this building not many have smiles but I give then one of mine. Sun is shining here so that makes the day a good one.

LARRY  we are happy here to get above 32°. The warmer days now here are the the “January thaw”. Even a bit above freezing feels warm. Rain due this coming week end, up to 4 inches. Too much but if it was snow that would be up to 4 feet.

JOY  34° here now but better than the 4° of just a few days ago. Every day lately one school or another is closed because pipes burst from the cold. Most schools are very old and cost too much to repair and no money for new ones. Would have been better to keep them updated when they started to crumble.

JUNE  like your greeting yesterday. You must be feeling much better, great.

HAL  I know ho bad Strep throats can be. My older son was on the verge of rheumatic heart as the result of one. The doctor told us to keep him in bed and off his feet and was at the house every morning to check him out. I will add Steve to my prayers. Is he the SIL who is always there to help you?

MARY ANN  sorry I do not know where that folder is. I do not check out other forums in S&F

JENNY  some of the schools here are very old and never been kept up with repairs. Ceilings falling, walls peeling and all that.

JANE  like you I have no idea how to fine the folder about Jeanne Lee.

BUBBLE  thanks for the link. Jeanne Lee has been a help to every one of us at one time or another.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Mary Ann on January 10, 2018, 11:32:31 AM
Gloria, go to Bubble's post 182 (above) for the link to the folder about Jeanne Lee. 

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lindancer on January 10, 2018, 01:05:04 PM
Good afternoon, Gloria I too, am smiling as the sun has stayed out all morning, and now into afternoon. The other morning it did get down to 2.

Larry, Hope Pat starts to feel better.backpain is no fun.My spinal stenosis
has been acting up, but I think this weather  has a lot to do with it.  Our Pizza Hut, has become a walk in clinic. It was on the Traffic  Circle, after they widen it so it is a double lane one. The first month there were 14 accidents in it.  Pizza Hut was about 150 yards  east of it, 3 cars hit it within a years, the last time the  car nearly went through it, Just lucky it happen about 2AM.  After that the company decided that was it.

Carol, last year I really got into genealogy. It took me 6mos. but I went into Male side of the family, I got back to 1742. I made up books with pictures and history of family for my grandchildren for Christmas. Of course they also got a check. My one granddaughter wrote me and called me how happy she was with it, the boys thanked me, and just said they enjoyed reading it.  I now am going to work on the female side, I have so much information on grandmothers, but I found it was harder to go back on, as the names kept changing as the married.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Carol on January 10, 2018, 05:32:10 PM
Gloria de:  Your work on the family history is one of the nicest gifts ever.

When a traffic circle was installed near daughter's home, they had so many crashes---because of the arrogance of "me first" drivers.  In Europe, especially Sweden - it was so pleasant because the drivers followed the rules.  Interesting to read about all those mishaps.

My friend has Spinal Stenosis and she has a shot every few months.  She does a lot of stretching exercise daily.  It sounds like a constant care is needed just to function.   :grouphug: 

GrnMt.Gal:  Minus 25, that is really freezing.  I hope everyone keeps their power.  Now to look up the town of Wells. 

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: June Drabek on January 10, 2018, 08:03:10 PM
It is certainly quiet in here today. I'm sure we are all concerned about Steve, Hals' blessed son in law, and our own Jeanne Lee who is failing in health..

Ken, I am so glad you are there with your mother.I feel your presence alone is going to give her added years with us. I have two sons, probably your age, and I know how their presence helps me to plunge on ahead in life.

Hal, I know what Steve means to you. He is the son you needed in your life, and I am so thankful you had him. May it be God's will that Steve will recover and come back to enjoy a long and happy life time.

My friends.....all of us here.....we are truly Blessed by a loving Father to have this family association that we can enjoy. There are so many lonely people in this world that have never had this particular relationship we have here.I treasure it daily  and I truly love each and every one of you individually. You are all so unique, and as a group of believers we are so strong in prayers. God has given us a wonderful gift. Lets keep it as long as we can, and pass it on to those that follow us. O.K. ? Amen.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lindancer on January 10, 2018, 08:25:15 PM
Good evening

June, I just wanted to come in to night, and tell you we all wish you were our next door neighbor, in apartments  or houses, so we could give you one big hug.  As others have wrote before you are and inspiration to us old.  No matter what our age
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 10, 2018, 09:52:37 PM
Evening All.  Your prayers are working, Steve has improved considerably and now there is talk he may be able to come home on Friday.  Daughter sent us a picture of him tonight, he must be feeling much better.  They decorated his mask and gave him two ears to make him look like a cat.  Thanks all of you for the prayers, please keep them up.  And Gob Bless all of you.

I saw my doctor today and he said to come back in the spring.  So that was good news.  I am still beat even though I slept good last night.  I am going to bed pretty quick so I can get up early to make mens breakfast and bible study,

Nite, nite, God Bless and Sweet Dreams

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 10, 2018, 11:13:37 PM
Good night my friends!  God bless and keep you and yours in his loving care.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 11, 2018, 01:53:34 AM
hello everyone. I am up for a dry mouth, that darn breathing Machine dos that to me. back to bed and try to catch more of Jane's ZZZE's. i have been feeling punk lately just feeding the cattle and catching Naps while watching westerns on down stairs T V and stoking fire in fire place. sweet dreams to all. I am sadden to read all the sad news. but life goes on. good night back to bed for me,

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 11, 2018, 06:45:06 AM
Good morning everyone..

We have rain here,so that means ice every where! Glad we don't have to go anywhere. Yesterday turned out to be our travelling day ,we had a lovely sunny day and it got that warm I had to take my coat off. We both managed to find what we were looking for in shoes/boots. We just got home and then the rain started.

Today I need to bring wood in and I want to raise the snowblower up a bit as it is set to pavement.

Hal, happy to read Steve has improved. Sounds like you are also doing ok if your Dr doesn't want to see you until Spring!

Larry,what a nice feeling to have that mortgage paid off!! Hugs are the best gif of all!! I had to applique the eyes and nose on each pup, it really wasn't too bad and I just hope it brings comfort to a child.

Gloria,temp is 37° F here at the moment, guess this is our January thaw.

Carol, that is one part of quilting I really enjoy, putting the binding on. I sit at night watching tv and hand sewing it on.

Better get a move on here.

Enjoy your day everyone..
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 11, 2018, 07:38:02 AM
Good morning Everyfriend!  I have a dentist appointment this morning.  I almost forgot it but the nice young lady called and reminded me Monday.  It's just a checkup so I'm not in dread of it. 

This afternoon, my friend and I are going to the movies to see that Winston Churchill one.  It's called DARKEST HOUR and I think its going to be pretty good. 

So that's my day!  I'm wondering if the reason I haven't been sleeping so well at night has something to do with all of you snitching my zzzzs?  You are aware that we are all supplied with our own zzzzs so I'd appreciate it if you would use your own first.  If that's not enough, then I'll happily share but please, look for your own.  Every sofa and easy chair comes with a built in supply and they multiply like hangers in the closet only better!

I guess I better get started on my dailies!  I wish you all a good day!  Keep warm!  Keep well! and keep happy!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: larryhanna on January 11, 2018, 08:15:36 AM
 Hi Everyone. Our day is starting out with it being around 60 degrees and it will be cloudy all day.  Yesterday was a very nice day to be out and about.  We did accomplish all of the things I wrote about yesterday including paying off the mortgage on our home.  Neither Scott nor Jennifer made it to the dinner at Church last evening but Scott did come over around 8 and visit for a couple of hours.  Today will be my normal Thursday.  I will pick up my friend and we will go to coffee downtown.  I will then bring him home and go back to the Church for the Wisdom group.  That will be it for the day. 

Pat did not get good results from the pain doctor yesterday.  Since the shots haven't held they will not give her any more.  She has an appointment with the surgeon as wants to talk to him again before making a decision about whether to try surgery as he had told her before that surgery would address only a little of her problem since the spinal stenosis is so severe. 

Carol, it sounds like your classes yesterday were not satisfying. 

Phyllis, hope you enjoyed your dinner out last night.  When Pat has been in the house for several days she just needs to get out for a little while and we find that eating out is just about right to fill that need. 

Gloria, when I can't sleep I listen to an audiobook that is on my phone that is on the night stand.  I can set a timer for 15 minute increments so that when I fall asleep I don't have to hunt too hard to find where I left off hearing it.  I also set a new bookmark each time.  I find that usually will put me to sleep and if not it helps the time pass.  Glad you are getting a little January thaw.  That is a lot of rain you  are expecting to get.  It is too bad that schools have been allowed to deteriorate.  The county we moved from in Georgia had a wonderful school system and built new schools every year for the quickly expanding population.  It appears that the county I now live in has pretty good school.  However, I haven't visited any of them so that is just based on what I read in the newspaper. 

deAngel, I would also love to have a neighbor like June.  As I think about it I would welcome all of you as my neighbors. 

Hal, your news about Steve is certainly encouraging and hope he will be able to leave the hospital tomorrow.  The words you got from your doctor are what we all want to hear when we go for an appointment.  I know of at least three doctors I will not need to be seeing this year.

Lloyd, do you sleep with your mouth open?  My wife does and she has to keep a bottle of water by her bedside so she can reach it at night.

Amy, sounds like your timing in being out yesterday was very good.  That icy rain sounds bad.  I bet that pup quilt is really cute and a nice added touch.  My wife has a stack of pot holders that is her current project.  She is able to only spend a short time working on them and that is not everyday. 

Jane, I also apprecate getting the calls to remind me of appointments.  Some of the doctor's offices also send out e-mail reminders.  I hope you will enjoy the movie this afternoon.  For some reason my easy chairs didn't come with zzzzzs in them as never go to sleep in my recliner.  However, Pat's chair seems to have an over abundance of them and she usually uses some of them every afternoon and early evening. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Gloria on January 11, 2018, 08:41:17 AM
Good morning everyone, 30° now at 7:30, much warmer that a week ago where it was with a below zero with wind chill. Just heard this afternoon will hit 50°. Our January thaw?

JOY  so many schools here had broken pipes but most schools here are old. The high school in Fall River, Ma. had pipe break Tuesday night and they showed on TV the water rushing out the doors and down the stairs and out the doors. That was not one of the old schools either.

PHYLLIS  with all the freezing temperatures we had here I felt housebound, too. I llove going outside to walk every day but it was too cold and stayed in. I would go down to check my mailbox and hardly anyone around to chat with either.

MARY ANN  I did see Bubble's post yesterday. So sad to read the message from Jeanne Lee's son.She has helped just about everyone here in S&F.

GLORIA de  it waas wonderful to see the sun shine all day yesterday. I went out and got some walking in and then sat on the porch enjoying sitting in the sun. Felt wonderful.  All that cold got to my back, too. No matter what I did it was painful.

JUNE  when I was without my computer for almost a month I re ally missed our Soda Shoppe family.

HAL  glad to see that Steve is improving and might go home tomorrow. I do know what a strep throat can do, I used to get them often.

LLOYD  hope your energy returns soon. No fun when you cannot get a good sleep every night.

AMY  glad you got out yesterday and found the shoes/boots needed.  WOW  you are having a heat wave. That is what we will be having the next couple of days, too.

JANE  that Winston Churchill movie did look good on the bits showed on TV. I do not think my sofa has any Zzzzz's in it. I lay on it every afternoon but have yet to find any. At least it gives my back a rest.

LARRY  several years ago I saw an orthopedic back  doctor and he told me there is no guarantee in back surgery and I could end up in a wheel chair the rest of my life. Others I have seen said I was too old, first one that told me that was more than 10 years ago. I know I will not get anymore shots in my back, never helped me.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Gloria on January 11, 2018, 08:45:55 AM
An oldie but goody

Grandma's Take on Modern Life
Some time ago, a loving grandson was talking to his dear, old grandmother about modern life. He asked for her opinion on everything that had been going on in recent years. His grandmother gave him a long look and said: "Well now, sonny. Let me see...
I was born before:
Frozen foods
Contact lenses
The pill
There were no:
Credit cards
Laser beams
Ball-point pens
Clothes were hung out to dry in the fresh air.
Man hadn't walked on the moon.

Your grandfather and I didn't live together 'til we got married. There were very few single mothers.

I called every man older than me 'sir' until I was 25. After I turned 25, I still kept calling every man with a title 'sir'.

We were before gay rights, computer-dating, dual careers, daycare centers, and group therapy.
Our lives were governed by the Ten Commandments, good judgment, and common sense.

We were taught to know the difference between right and wrong and to stand up and take responsibility for our actions.
Serving your country was a privilege; living in this country was a bigger privilege.

We thought fast food was what people ate during  lent.
Having a meaningful relationship meant getting along with your cousins.

Draft dodgers were those who closed front doors as the evening breeze started.
Time-sharing meant time the family spent together in the evenings and weekends, not purchasing condominiums.
We'd never heard of FM radios, tape decks, CDs, electric typewriters, yogurt, or guys wearing earrings.

We listened to Big Bands, Jack Benny, and the President's speeches on our radios.
If you saw anything with 'Made in Japan' on it, it was junk.
The term 'making out' referred to how you did on your school exam.

Pizza Hut, McDonald's, and instant coffee were unheard of. We had 5 & 10-cent (5 and dime) stores where you could actually buy things for 5 and 10 cents.  Ice-cream cones, phone calls, rides on a streetcar, and a Pepsi were all a nickel.
And if you didn't want to splurge, you could spend your nickel on enough stamps to mail one letter and two postcards.

You could buy a new Ford Coupe for $600, but who could afford one? Too bad, because gas was 11 cents a gallon.

'Grass' was mowed.
'Coke' was a cold drink.
'Pot' was something your mother cooked in.
'Rock music' was your grandmother's lullaby.
'Aids' were helpers in the Principal's office.
'Chip' meant a piece of wood.
'Hardware' was found in a hardware store.
'Software' wasn't even a word.

We volunteered to protect our precious country... No wonder people call us 'old and confused' and say there is a generation gap."

This woman is 76 years old.

She was born in 1941.

Gives you something to think about, doesn't it? It just goes to show you how much life can change in one lifetime.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 11, 2018, 09:10:53 AM
Wood kindling is in, snowblower raised and gassed up ready for the next dance ,yard cleaned up and vacuuming done...SEW TIME  :thumbup:

Larry, I think  congratulations in order on your new position as administrator...good choice !

Better go see what trouble I can get into :)
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 11, 2018, 10:38:05 AM
AMY if you cleaned the yard with a vacuum cleaner it must be a big one and you surely be tired ? Have a great day

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Denver on January 11, 2018, 01:27:13 PM
Yippee....I just read that you are getting a raise, JANE!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 11, 2018, 03:58:00 PM
Good Afternoon.
The wind is blowing, the sun is shining and the temp is dropping and suppose to get down to 34 tonight.  Getting some of Tisie's, Callie's and Amy's weather. 

Went to Bible study this morning.  We had it at a different church, which has a cafe, and had an good study of Jesus arrest and trial before the priest of the temple.

Not to much going on around here.  Talked to my daughter a little while ago and she said Steve is still doing good and they have pushed back his possible discharge date to Saturday.  They were waiting on the infectious disease doctor to come in and do his exam (I think they are waiting on some cultures) and see if they can do away with the IV meds and go to pill form.  I am getting everything in abbreviated form, which I understand, hard to update completely.

Amy, hope that ice storm (rain) has stopped and you are not iced in.

Jenny I heard they good news to for WalMart, also bonuses too.
That ought to cheer folks up.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 11, 2018, 05:44:34 PM
My good neighbor across the street called me this morning when he heard it on the TV news.  I went to the Associates web site to verify and it's true.  I don't know how the raise will affect me.  The last time they raised the starting wage, everyone automatically got that amount in the form of a raise but it didn't mention that on the website.  However, it did say that everyone would get a bonus of $200.00 to $1,000. and that it will be based on time of employment.  I'm counting on a big one because I've been there longer than the guy who made the announcement. 

The fiscal year ends Jan. 31 so I'm thinking the paper work will be done in Feb. and we'll see the results in March.  Whatever it is, it's going to bulk up the INSULATION FUND! 

The movie was excellent!  The guy who played Winston Churchill did a great job! 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Shirley on January 11, 2018, 06:41:38 PM
I just got home after 3 days (2 nights) at a lake near where we used to live.  Had 2 beautiful days of about 5--60 degree temps (not at all normal for Jan in KS).... but TV warned of rain turning to snow/ice & dropping temps overnight.  They weren't kidding!!!  It was still near 50 degrees at midnight but bearing down from the NW was all that nasty weather... by 2:00 am the RV was rocking so hard from high winds I was afraid TomCat would throw up, thinking we were moving.  He managed to make a little mess before we got 5 miles from the house.  I did get much needed sleep, 11 hours & 33 min, so Fitbit told me.  BUT, the wind & rain turned to wind & ice, ice was on the inside of the windshield.  The rest of the RV was toasty warm, furnace works great. 

Had a problem when I went to unplug this morning..... did everything I could think of to open the door for the power cord... frozen solid as was that whole side of the RV.  I tried to call auto club, have paid for it for about 19 years & never used.... but I could hear their voiced & they could not hear me!  After a couple tries I called my son & HE could hear me.... advised me to bring a pan of water to a boil & pour it around that little door... worked like a charm (after spending about 2 hours freezing trying everything else). 

Not one of my brightest ideas, but all's well that ends well.  The cats have mellowed & don't run around looking out windows all night. Tiger wanted to lay her cheek on my cheek & Tom likes laying behind the calf of my legs... & I'm positioned on that king size bed so I can watch TV.  Had a couple nice days in the middle of winter so now to clean up all the mess.

I'm so sorry to read about Jeanne Lee's condition.... she is such a free spirit so will keep praying that God will do what He thinks best.  We will all join her some day and hope we can be as useful and fruitful as she has been in the time "until". 

Hal, glad to read your SIL is doing better.  I used to get strep throat all the time (after they started diagnosing it as such)... and would stop off at the doctor's office for a shot of penicillin & go on to whatever was planned for the evening (ball games or dances.. in high school).  Never took more than one shot & the fever would be gone as well as the sore throat.  I'm not sure why doctors quit giving shots of antibiotics but expect the pharmaceuticals prefer we take pills for a week or so???  You think???   

Had a phone call from a friend & my daughter so no time left to talk here... must go feed cats.  They went outside for a few minutes & back in, but haven't seen Callie Cat since I got back, need to whistle for her.  Be back later.  Hugs all around!  Shirley

Jane...   :thumbup:
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: June Drabek on January 11, 2018, 08:56:04 PM
This has been a rather unusual day for me.  Again, one of those days when I wished I could just stay in bed and sleep the day away. But I pushed myself up and out. The highlight was a lovely, loving email from my darling Dori. I did take three long walks during the day, slept about 3 hours this afternoon, but ready for a light supper and more bed and book and sleep.

I am so happy that Steve is doing better, and hopefully he can go home soon. I wish we could hear more of our Bis/Joan, and now our Jeanne Lee, also suffering with breathing problems. I am so thankful her son is with her, and hopefully he can get her located in a pleasant care facility.This is the time of our lives when family really comes in to the care picture. So I pray ALL of our members have loving family near by.

Time to have that light supper, so I will bid you all a very good night. God is as close as your breath, so breathe Him in and be thankful. I love you my buddies. June
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 11, 2018, 10:17:06 PM
Quite evening here.  Just watched a little TV and opened the mail, just a bill and the usual junk stuff.

June, see you had, like you said, a quite day.  Rain must have stopped there since you got out for some walks.  Terrible about the mud slides and deaths.  I saw some pictures of the devastation. I cant help wondering why engineers can stabilize where they build those houses.  But I am not an engineer and more than likely talking through the top of my head.

Tomorrow I have the day off.  No appointments and the cleaning lady called and begged off until Monday so it will be quite around here. 

Our weather is turning very cold and the winds, which are still blowing, are like a sharp knife, cut right through you. 

Night, night, God Bless and Sweet Dreams

Oh, welcome home Tisie

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 11, 2018, 11:09:14 PM
Good night my dear friends.  I fear tomorrow will be a very bad day, weather wise.  The rain is to continue all day tomorrow and into the evening with temps being in the 60s.  Then the temps will drop and the rain will turn to snow and freezing rain.  The entire weekend is looking bad.!  I think I'll stay home and cook something! 

I wish you all warm, healthy and happy! May God bless us, every one!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 12, 2018, 06:10:38 AM
Good morning everyone. Sandy ? is your hair still naturally dark with a little salt in it. my hair doesn't give my age away either. we also have a grand daughter
born with a full head of hair like hers,needed washed and set as soon as she made here first appearance in this world. we may be kin and not know it.
Have a great day.

Hall how is your Sil. doing. weather is 10º here now @ 5"08 AM. headed for high of 22º for today.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Gloria on January 12, 2018, 06:57:06 AM
Good morning everyone, warm start to the day, 45°. Heat wave is here.

JENNY  I heard that Wallmart raise on the news last night. Guess they could not be outdone by the "BIG" raise in Social Securitiy this year.

HAL  glad Steve is improving.

JANE  hope you get the $1,000 bonus. That would help with the isulation. Wonder how long it will be before the Churchill movie will be on TV. I would not be able to sit in a theater to watch a movie anymore.

SHIRLEY  glad you are home safe and sound once again. I had many shots of penicillin when I got a strep throat.

JUNE  I am like you wishing we would hear something about JOAN. Been too long since Jenny told us about a message from Joe on Facebook.

JANE  like you we are in for a lot of rain here then freezing with the drop in temperature. I already told my son not to drive here Saturday because of icy roads.

LLOYD  my younger son at 65 has a lot of dark hair with maybe a few strands of white but his beard is white.

Have a good day everyone.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Gloria on January 12, 2018, 06:57:59 AM

Old Folks

Dear Pastor:
    Don't ever forget about us old folks. We are worth a fortune. We have Silver in our hair, Gold in our teeth, Stones in our kidney's, Lead in our feet and Gas in our stomachs.
    I myself have become quite a frivolous old gal since I wrote you last.
As a matter of fact, I'm seeing five different gentleman every day.
    When I get up in the morning, Will Power gets me out of bed. Then I immediately go see John. A few minutes later, Charley Horse comes along.
When he leaves, Arthur-itis shows up and finally I'm so tired, I go to bed with Ben Gay.
    As you can see, we all need your prayers.....
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 12, 2018, 06:58:34 AM
Good morning everyone..

The snow sure has taken a beating here, rained most of the night. Today is rain and then turning cold and  snow. Will nip into town to pick up milk and do a few errands. Have everything in ready of the nasty weather to come.

We are missing Joy? Good to see Shirley back from her trip.

Better get a move on, this sleeping in is becoming a habit.

Enjoy your day everyone, stay safe.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Joy on January 12, 2018, 07:02:41 AM
Good morning, Amy.  I am here early this morning, also.

I needed to be up early to get my trash out to the trash room.  And, now I need to go downstairs to put some mail out and to pick up my mail from a couple days.  I don't always get it everyday.  Mostly junk mail, anyway.

Glad to see Shirley is back from her trip. 

Thanks for asking about me.  I just don't get in here everyday.  I came in here this early hoping to see some news about Jeanne Lee.   

Hopefully,  will get back later today.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 12, 2018, 07:12:11 AM
 Gloria in my side burns I have a few white hair , same with my beard, used to be a pretty albruin.  I enjoyed your post this A M going to try to coppie it off.
thanks and have a great day.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 12, 2018, 07:37:41 AM
Good morning Everyfriend!  After a fitful night (Mickey had a case of the "I need outs") I hit the floor running this morning.  I forgot to make dog food last night so had to do that this morning.  It's all finished and ready for the next few days. 

I'll be off to Wally World today but I'm not going anywhere this weekend if the weather is a bad as predicted.  It's been raining all night and doesn't show signs of stopping.  If the past is any indication, we'll be swamped at WM today.  Everyone will be stocking up for the weekend.  All you have to say is "bad weather" around here and everyone hits the grocery stores and the video games.

Stay warm, stay healthy, stay happy and maybe you should also STAY HOME!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 12, 2018, 07:51:55 AM
JaneS Nancy just told me she heard on the news that some Sams club and some wall marts are going to close have you have some insight about this ? bee careful about hitting the flour running may have some ice on you tracked in and you could fall and get hurt. have a great day and hope you have all smiling faces in your line.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 12, 2018, 08:08:26 AM
Lloyd, someone else asked me that question and I have not heard anything about that.  I looked on the Associates website and found nothing. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Mary Ann on January 12, 2018, 09:47:15 AM
Jane, you probably will get the weather we are having now.  Yesterday we were in the 50s and temps started going down after dark.  At 3 am we had 31 degrees and at 7:30 am it was 25 degrees.  At 9:45 we have 23 degrees.  I do think we missed the mix of weather and we've been getting only snow.  The mix went over to Detroit and I hope it goes south of you.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 12, 2018, 10:28:47 AM
The morning took a bit of a curve with the chiropractors office calling saying they had a cancellation for 8:15 would hubby like that one..YES!! Picked up milk, juice and ice cream bars and came home to stay. Very foggy out there now and temp is to drop with flash freeze warnings. We are snug as a bug and intend to stay that way. :)
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 12, 2018, 11:16:21 AM
Good Morning Everyone!

Cold here, but dry and sun is shinning brightly.  Sounds like a lot of you are fixing to have some really bad, nasty weather.  Made me shiver just to read about it.

Janie, we have one of the Sam's stores closing here.  Never been to it as it is a ways for me.  Haven't heard anything about any WalMart stores closing.  They are opening up a bunch of the neighborhood grocery stores here in San Antonio.  Matter of fact just opened one by our church.

Lloyd, as a readhead my hair gets blonde in my old age, but my beard, when I let it grow, is white as can be.  So be it, it is what it is.

Nothing on tap here today, going to take it easy.  Wife is back in bed.   Her cold is bothering her.  She went to doctor yesterday and she gave her some new meds.  Hopefully it will work.  I have a persistent cough.

Everyone have a good day and stay warm.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: larryhanna on January 12, 2018, 11:23:51 AM
 Hi Everyone. We are going to have another fairly warm but cloudy and rainy day today.  We had light rain on and off all day yesterday and today the forecast calls for 100% chance of rain at 4 pm with high chances at other times.  We can use the rain.  It will then cool off a bit for a few days.  Today the housekeeper will be here shortly.  We plan to go to the Dairy Queen for our main meal of the day.  They have very good hamburgers and of course ice cream.  That is all that is planned for today.  So I will just be taking things easy today.

Gloria, glad you are having a respite from the very cold weather.  I am surprised that the schools weren't prepared for the very cold weather with regard to the water pipes.  Surely it has been very cold in your area before.  I think there were a few broken pipes in this area but didn't hear of many. I shared your info with Pat about your experience with the orthopedic back doctor.  Thanks for providing some humor. 

Joy, always nice to see your posting.  Time is going by so quickly that I can't keep track whether I have seen a posting from someone for a day or two but if no postings in several days I hopefully do become aware of it. 

Lloyd and Jane, the article I saw indicated it was only the Sam's Clubs that would be closing stores.  I can't image them closing any of the Walmart stores as their parking lots are always full. 

Amy, I am going to have to get busy and coordinate with Bubble to see what I need to be doing.  At least I can be a backup for Bubble here.  I will contact the Webmaster to see if there is anything else I need to do.  It has been a number of years since I did any of this web type work so have to relearn but hopefully am still teachable.

Hal, that sounds like a nice place for the Bible Study.  That must be a big Church if it has a buffet.  I bet Steve was disappointed in not getting out the hospital today.  Sure glad he is getting better. 

Jane, happy for you to get a raise and a bonus.  If companies can make more money they can pay their employees better.  It sounds like just what you need for your insulation fund.  It sounds like a good plan to stay in over the weekend and avoid any icy roads.  You sure don't need to be breaking any bones by falling on the ice nor does anyone else here. 

Lloyd, I have been gray headed since I was in my mid-30's and it is now white and mostly gone.   

Shirley, you are a hardy soul to go out camping in January.  Glad you are safely home. 

June, nice to see you were able to get out for those three walks.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Carol on January 12, 2018, 01:37:27 PM
Just checking in to see how everyone is faring.  We went to a local breakfast place with our 2 for 1 coupon and service took forever.  Because... drum roll here --- the computer was down and the 4 guys cooking had a hard time reading cursive writing orders.    ::) 

Don took me to my favorite thrift store that is near an upscale neighborhood.  I found a large airtight container for a small bag of flour in my pantry, beautiful greeting cards for just notes to friends, plus a perfect basket to fit on the empty shelf in the t.v. cabinet - it will hold all our cords and more.  $6 for everything - another good deal.  Don is out blowing the droppings from a mesquite tree.  Wonderful looking tree - too messy for too many months. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Carol on January 12, 2018, 01:54:00 PM
Jane S.  I wish you the best in your bonus check. 

Jenny:  The funeral procession etc. is on You Tube for our fallen police officer.  It is filmed at Cherry Hills church - and it is a Police funeral .  The entire video has to be a couple of hours - I finally had to turn it off but did watch and listen to the very young widow read her letter.  Terribly sad.  Have you heard how the other wounded are doing? 

Shirley:  Great idea on the hot water - I use the spray can of WD40   to unlock frozen car doors - bet you know what I mean.  We do not have any animals anymore - instead, we dog-sit and have not been asked to cat'sit so far.  That cat hides from everyone so we have only seen pictures. 

Larry:  Thank you for taking on as Administrator - so nice of you to help out.

Laundry calls -   

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: June Drabek on January 12, 2018, 03:16:45 PM
Hal, I think the flooding site problems..and other building sites are many times the fault of the folks that want their home built on what they think is a beautiful view and great privacy, and no traffic, etc., etc. New lot sites should be closely investigated for all sorts of weather hazards before deciding where to build. I have seen pictures of homes built where half the home is over a canyon, supported on lengthy stilts, but NO neighbors to be bothered with, but a GLORIOUS view, then a serious fire, earthquake, flooding comes along and their home is kindling.

Janie, sweetie, there is no place like home… my opinion, at my age. I love the peace, familiar areas, a bed nearby, no alarm clocks, lots of good friends as close as a button on an instrument of one kind or another. It's a good life. Never "bored". God would frown on boredom.

Gloria, I see  those same guys in my apt….. John. A few minutes later, Charley Horse comes along.When he leaves, Arthur-itis shows up and finally I'm so tired, I go to bed with Ben Gay. The names may change a bit at times, but they are all still in attendance.

My house keeper was in this morning and slicked everything up. She had to work around some wiring, but I guess she is used to that.I have an elec. powered breathing machine… wire plugs into the wall the other into the machine and I sit and puff on albuterol for 15 minutes twice a day. I purposely skipped this morning, but may use it tonight….my choice. I also plan to cut back the special cough syrup…a new brand that works wonders, but I don't want to depend on any of this stuff if I don't have to. They were needed at the time.

Larry, I know Bubble will appreciate greatly your being a partner with her in this work you will be doing. I thank you Larry. You will do very well, I know, and it is great having two in command…..thank you my dear friend.

Time for me to go down for lunch, then home for another very welcome nap. So many things I should be taking care of, but the nap rules my hours. See you later kids. I love you all. June
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 12, 2018, 03:31:17 PM
The flash freeze has started and thankfully snow came to stick on the ice first!! Snowing and high winds now.....think it will be a doozie of a night.
Jane hope you are home safe and snug as a bug!!!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Carol on January 12, 2018, 04:05:45 PM
Amy:  Hunker down in the house.  I am sure you have plenty to keep you occupied - quilting.  I just spent a few minutes organizing thread and feel so good. 

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 12, 2018, 05:05:09 PM
I know this is late but well worth watching........enjoy!!

The photography, music and message in this video is truly beautiful -
Please enjoy.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Joy on January 12, 2018, 06:06:25 PM
Amy, thanks for sharing that beautiful video.  Never too late to see something like that.  A message for all year through.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 12, 2018, 07:31:18 PM
Well, this day is ending and I'm thankful.  It had it's moments both good and bad.  I went out in time to go to work a bit early so I could stop by Automotive and make an appointment to get a battery in the car this afternoon.  The car had other ideas!  It decidd not to start!  So I prevailed upon my good neighbors and Steve put on his jacket and slippers and took me to work.  I hadn't even made it to break when Cheri (Steve's wife) texted to say she'd pick me up after work and take me home.  Not "do you want me to pick you up".  Just, ""ll be there at one to pick you up".  My daughter says I lucke out when they moved in across the street.  I think I'll adopt them!

Then my son picked up TLH at the bus and dropped her off here and she stayed for supper.  This gave her mom a little "me" time when she got home from work.  That was the good part.

Tomorrow, we'll get the car started and I'll go up to WM and get a new battery and then it better not give me any hassles!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Shirley on January 12, 2018, 07:40:09 PM
That was beautiful, Amy, any time!!! 

Thanks for the welcome home, everyone..... even with so many things going crazy it was a good few days, proved that I am not as fragile as I was starting to think, my worst enemy is "thinking".   :crazy2:   

Carol, the whole door was frozen from the rain that came before the freezing temps... & more freezing rain.  Today I needed to plug into my garage power & the door was frozen again so I got the hair dryer out & plugged into the cord from the garage & only took seconds to get it open.  I'll put that extension cord back in before the next trip!  I had not used it in the 3 & 1/2 years of owning this 4-Winds but used to use it (with the Rialta) in MO to have various appliances on the picnic table, usually when we had visitors.  Live & learn, huh?  "Don is out blowing the droppings from a mesquite tree.  Wonderful looking tree - too messy for too many months", the sweet gum tree in my front yard is worse.... dealt with curling leaves in spring & all fall have to pick up those spike ball that can trip one when walking across the grass, more fall every day. 

My friend here in town laughs at all the problems I create for myself... she doesn't want to travel at all so no RV problems, no pets so feeding or animals getting car sick problems.... she has plenty to laugh about.  ::)  Ah, life is good as long as you enjoy what you have and don't dwell on what you can't do or have, right?

Larry, so grateful you will help Bubble for now.  It is quite a chore to keep everything running, I sure don't have the smarts to help, would if I could. 

We are supposed to have one day above freezing (Sunday) & back to real winter all next week.  A chance of snow on Monday but since it's been a long time with no snow, I won't hold my breath.  One thing for sure, we have had enough cold weather to get rid of the pesky bugs of summer. :thumbup:

Joy, my daughter plans to drive to Wichita on Monday for her birthday & mine.... she was going to bake the chocolate cake my mother nearly always had on the table, ready to serve to anyone that stopped by.  Ever bake the one that used real cocoa, half a cup of cold coffee & pour a cup of boiling water over all before stirring fast & popping into the pan & oven?   I think it was a coast to coast recipe during the early '50s & I still bake it for friends & neighbors when a death in the family.... and it will always be my mother's grandchildren's favorite cake!  I talked my daughter into waiting until she got here & we'd bake it together.  Your cooking spree inspired me.   

Jane, one good thing about Walmart batteries, they don't hesitate replacing if you happen to get one that doesn't hold up to it's warranty.  I agree with your daughter about being lucky to have such good neighbors... but my mother always said, "you have to BE one to HAVE one!" 


Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 12, 2018, 10:34:08 PM
Another day has passed and coming to an end.  I have been coughing my head off all day and feel absolutely exhausted.  My youngest daughter in Del Rio called a local restaurant and had a bowl of chicken noodle soup and dessert sent to the house.  God only knows how much she spent on that.  But it was good and hit the spot.  I should say a bowl for Mom and Dad.....

Tisie, that cold front you wre speaking of is due here Tuesday and the weather guessers are say "possible" freezing rain or snow or both and cold, cold, temps Tuesday suppose to stay in the 30's all day. 

Anyoldhow, I am off to bed and hopefully a good nights sleep.

Nite, nite, God Bless and Sweet Dreams

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 12, 2018, 11:24:42 PM
Good night my friends!  Stay warm!  Stay Happy!  Stay Healthy!  Stay in God's presence!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Denver on January 13, 2018, 12:23:37 AM
A good late evening HELLO to EVERYFRIEND!

CAROL, the deputy that was hurt the worse was moved from ICU yesterday, which is of course a good sign, but he still has quite a long recovery time down the road, and it is unknown if he will ever be able to work again.  He was hit while trying to help pull Deputy Parrish out and the bullets travel around in him and caused a lot of serious damage.  His father is the Boulder County Sheriff.  The other two deputies were not severely hurt, and were released from the hospital a day or so later.  One of these two is a lady who broke out a window in the apartment so she could jump to safety. How she avoided serious injuries is nothing short of a miracle.

Our oldest son from Boston flew in last night and stayed over night with us.  We had a couple of hours to chat this morning before he had to head out.  He does a yearly guys ski trip at his mountain home in Vail.  There will only be four of them this year, so that is a much easier group than they normally have.  Thank goodness the mountains have been getting snow and it will be a good ski weekend.  Colorado is very low in measurable precipitation, causing some real concerns if things do not turn around soon.  Kurt just texted me to say they are safely in Vail after a LONG 5 hour drive....roads were snow packed and way too many people trying to get up there! 

HAL, happy to read that Steve continues to do well, but sorry he was not able to go home today.  I feel bad for you with your terrible can and does really wear you down!

LARRY, I have been trying to find out if there has been any of the mud slides or flooding in Mark’s area, and to my knowledge there has not been.  Thank you for asking. 

Good luck getting the car in to get the new battery tomorrow, JANE.  I for one feel very thankful that you have the nice neighbors that help you out. 

GLORIA, thank you for sharing the story that you shared....I have first had experience with a few of “those guys” too! 

AMY, thank you for sharing the nice video.  I am going to go and enjoy it again. 

It is late and I need to get to bed.

Pleasant dreams to all.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 13, 2018, 07:07:29 AM
Good morning  everyone...

We were lucky, we didn't get the amount of snow the weather guessers were calling for. Woke to maybe 2 inches of new snow with a temp of -7° . Wood box needs filling again and laundry to do today ,general cleaning and I would like to start another quilt.

Better get a move on..

Enjoy your day everyone..
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 13, 2018, 07:29:59 AM
Good morning Everyfriend!  As predicted, the rain changed to snow sometime during the night.  So far, I don't think there's much more than an inch on the ground but it's still coming down and the wind is blowing so there could be deeper snow in some places than others.  Thank goodness, the condition of the car makes it not only a good idea but necessary to stay home.  The snow is supposed to stop sometime around noon and that's when my son closes his store.  I think he's planning to try to get me to WM to get a battery sometime this afternoon.  I'm going to call and make sure they are open and that they have what I need before I even attempt to get there.  It can wait until Monday if necessary.

I don't have to worry about my daughter trying to get to me either.  She's picked up a bug and is recuperating at home.  We've been in touch but we're not into sharing bugs.

Amy, I loved the video also.  Sat back and watched and listened until it ended.  Thanks for sharing.

I'm formulating a casserole in my mind from things in the fridge.  So far I have cooked beef from a left over roast, spaghetti sauce, noodles and cheese.  Anyone have another idea I can throw in.  I've got all the proper spices to jazz it up a bit.  Maybe I'll chop up a green pepper and throw in a bit of garlic and onion. 

We're waiting out the "boinger" for the doggies pills right now and I think the sun has risen while I was typing.  Make today a good one!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: larryhanna on January 13, 2018, 08:51:44 AM
 Hi Everyone. After a day of rain and now a night that got down to 31 we are expecting it to get to 50 this afternoon with sun all day.  After two days of cloudy weather the sun will be welcome.  We did go out to Dairy Queen for their $5 lunch special yesterday.  I plan on attending a meeting this morning and making a quick stop at Aldi's and then late this afternoon will likely watch the football games.  They don't start until about 4:30.

Carol, hard to beat those 2 for 1 coupons.  One reason we often eat at Ruby Tuesdays is their coupon offers.  I also clip the Arby's coupons as often get a sandwich there.  At one of the restaurants we go to the wait staff use what looks like cellphones to place the order.  I am sure they are specialty devices that just look like cellphones in size. 

June, I have never been able to understand why people place homes in areas where they know there is high risk of natural disasters or where there are steep yards. 

Amy, it sounds like this will be a good weekend to stay inside and sew. 

Jane, I hope you now have a new battery in your car today and that it gives you no more problems in starting. Good idea to check ahead to be sure they have what you need.  You do have nice neighbors and I bet he enjoys being of assistance to you. 

Shirley, no one could ever accuse you of being timid in doing what you want to do.  You are right in that life is what we make it and we can find happiness and contentment regardless of our circumstances if we decide to do you.  I don't have a handle yet on what I may need to do with this site other than create a new discussion on occasion.  I guess I will find out as the need arises.  Did you ever make a hot milk cake?  It was my grandfather's favorite and my grandmother made it often with homemade caramel frosting. 

Hal, how thoughtful of your daughter to have the soup delivered to your home.  Sorry to read that your cough is so bad and hope today finds you and your wife feeling better. 

Jenny, nice your son and his friends can enjoy the cabin in Vail.  We spent a night or two there during the summer many years ago.  Everything was basically shut down and I remember having a problem finding a place to eat.  There was also no television in the room.  It was a pretty location however.  It sounds like no news is good news regarding the mudslices in Mark's area. 

Amy, is there any problem with ice under the snow?  Hope you are able to get another quilt started. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 13, 2018, 09:36:25 AM
Good Morning everyone.
Larry water or dry powdery snow on Ice makes it slipper. you can fall easier.
stay in off of it. Have a great day. in two hitches I had 10.5 hours of sleep last night. It is @8:33 AM 12º and cloudy saying partly sunny and high for today of 18º today.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Mary Ann on January 13, 2018, 11:37:49 AM
June, you have often written how tired you are after ordering your groceries.  Today, I found out why.  Our grocery store has recently begun a program where we order by computer, then pick it up at a prescribed time at the store.  I got my baptism in ordering this morning and I did not finish looking at everything.  I had not signed in yet when Tom took over and got me established in the program.  But the quantities of foods they have!  I think I can do it by myself in the future; it's almost easier walking through the store where you don't have to look at every item in the store.  It will be easier from now on because what I have ordered previously will be available to copy.

We are at 17 degrees with no snow falling. 

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Shirley on January 13, 2018, 12:53:13 PM
And a Super Saturday morning to all!!!   (Got that right, Callie?)  Bitter cold but sun is shining. Got to go get the cats a chicken at Sam's Club in less than half an hour.  I like to catch them coming out of the ovens. 

Larry, " Did you ever make a hot milk cake?  It was my grandfather's favorite and my grandmother made it often with homemade caramel frosting"...... never made or tasted that one, but would love to have the recipe.  I've never even made caramel frosting but do like the flavor.

Hal, sorry that cough is lingering.... my mother used to insist (even in mid winter) that as soon as fever was over & sun shining, we had to turn off the furnace & open windows to let fresh air in.  Actually, it never failed to get rid of the germs so we didn't catch everything all over again, (with 5 kids we could pass germs forever).  Just takes a short while to air out & we wrapped up during the process.  Sorry about that freezing rain we're sending on down.... nasty stuff.

Mary Ann, I've never tried to order online but do keep my Kroger (Dillon's here) store for coupons & weekly ads.... Most of the time I get fed up with all the products that have coupons & just look for what I plan to buy to see if there is a coupon attached.  I don't like having to go through all their brands every time I check the site, patience is not one of my virtues.  I do think they could organize the online lists better. 

Jenny, we stayed in Vail, Eagle-Vail, Avon & one other little area of Vail over the years.... all summer trips & the flowers were absolutely gorgeous.  I was glad they had the bus that ran up & down the main street so not as much walking in that high altitude.  I  did walk at times, to visit the many art shops.   Much as I enjoyed Veil & Aspen, my daydreams are of the woods & creeks of CO. Do hope Mark's area is safe from mudslides. That state has had one disaster after another. 

I don't understand why "the government" feels the need to pay for or replace when people that build or buy in dangerous should be paying their own insurance, not taxpayers.  First thing we did when buying a house near a river was check for flooding & found no flood insurance necessary.... we sit 12' higher than downtown Wichita & even if dams broke, the water would spread out & never get near our house.  Any time we had wind or hail damage it was the insurance WE paid for that helped us and KS has the higher rates to prove it.  Some companies even pulled out of KS because of so many claims during one period.  Here it is, tax time again so I am on my soap box~~   :tissue: :banghead: :bonk: :bash: :chatter: :crazy: :cussing: :calm: :calm:

Gloria, love the funnies.... so glad you have your computer back... seemed like forever that you were missing.  How is Regina doing?  My daughter is trying hard to not lift more than her doctor said... so that hernia repair doesn't break open again.  My daughter was born in Jan of '56..... how old is yours? 

Ooh oh.... need to get to Sam's NOW!  Have a great weekend... extended with the holiday Monday.  Shirley

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Gloria on January 13, 2018, 01:38:55 PM
Good morning everyone. I am late today. That wind and rain last night kept me awake. It was hitting my windows so hard I thought they would break. Finally got to sleep after 5am. At midnight it was 61°, another  record broken. 45° now and bu tomorrow morning will be in the teens. Just about all the snow is gone except for the big piles from the plow.

LLOYD  glad you liked what I posted yesterday. That was on JOAN posted a long time ago. I was checking out folders on my external drive. I had one of some of Joan's morning posts.

JANE  since the blizzard in 1978 when it was unexpected  even the mention of snow will send many to the store for the milk and bread and snacks.

MARY ANN  we missed the mix of snow/rain and that is OK.

AMY  that flash freeze is in our forecast, too. They said the roads would be icy but what I see from my window the road here looks dry. The wind dried things up pretty good when the rain stopped. The sun is shining and the sky a beautiful blue.

HAL  my grandson had bright red hair but it has darkened. When he decides to let his beard grow it is red and curly. Looks like one of the Irish Leprechauns and there is no Irish in the family. Years back he and some cousins took a tour of Europe and in Ireland people kept saying he must be a Boston Irish.

LARRY  the Fall River High school is 40 years old. They used to be in better shape years ago and were built to last. Nothing these days is made or built to last.  So many schools in the area had broken pipes and water damage.  I must have seen 6 orthopedic back doctors and only the first one talked surgery before he even looked at my back. Then he wanted to give me cortisone shots every 4 weeks.  None helped, and the last pain doctor hit a nerve at my spine and my left leg has bothered me since. I imagine Bubble would a like having some help.

CAROL  my daughter had a mesquite tree in their front yard in San Diego. My SIL  kept the bottom branches cleared so the could walk under it. Very pretty. They have some on their place in Arizona that have grown wild and look so different.

JUNE  I think many of us have dates with those men every day. Charley Horse does not come calling often and for that I am thankful.

AMY  glad the snow and wind has not showed up here. A little breezy but sky is still clear and temperature e is falling. Beautiful video, thanks you.

SHIRLEY  with 2 weeks of below 20° I hope all the darn bugs here were killed, especially the gypsy moth eggs and ticks.

HAL  yesterday I made a pot of chicken soup and it hit the spot with the cold and rain.

JENNY  I have a few more of JOAN”S posts that I can post, only have to remember to do it. Every time I read one I wish we would hear something about her. Seems like ages since you shared a Facebook post from Joe about her.

JANE  so many seems to have bad colds or some kind of bug this winter. So far so good in my family.

MARY ANN  I can order online for a grocery delivery and pick the day and time for it. I try to pick a time when a CNA will be here to help put it away.

SHIRLEY  right now I have my bedroom window open and the thermostat down. Love to get fresh air in every day unless it is too cold out. Of course the manager does not want any open windows at this time of year. She says it will freeze the heating elements under the windows. It is above freezing now so should be safe.  You would think that in Ca. They would be smart enough not to give out permits to build in dry river beds and on the edge of cliffs.

My daughter's birthday is 12-27-1953. She is doing good so far but now has to go for 5 weeks of radiation. She was hoping to avoid that but when she saw the doctor last week he said better to safe to make sure all the cancer is gone. I still do not have everything installed in this poor excuse of a computer.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Mary Ann on January 13, 2018, 02:15:19 PM
Gloria, I'm glad the bad weather passed  you by.  We are cold today - 18 degrees, but the sun is shining and it is not snowing.  Our grocery pickup is new and we have to pick it up.  I'm going to have to go over that online ad to learn what is available.  I wish they'd have the same product with the various sizes all in a row.  As it is, I had to look on several pages to see the same product with the sizes one on a  page.  I'll get used to it.  I'm happy for the service and I know Tom is too because it is easier to drive to pick up an order than it is to do the shopping.  I must be getting old!!!

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lindancer on January 13, 2018, 02:49:15 PM
Well, this is the 2nd time I am writing in this post, must have hit something and a long post went puffffffff!?

Gloria, we started out warm this AM, but I think the temp. has fullen 30 degrees, by nightfall wlll be 18 and all down hill, late Monday and into Tuesday. 

There was a large bang a while ago, I think a transformer blew in the park, as I am getting messages that the power will be restored about 7:15PM.  I guess part of the park must be out of power. I am going to end this post and maybe do and other, as I have lost it 3 times.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lindancer on January 13, 2018, 03:01:46 PM
Here I am again, starting a new post. If it goes this time, you might hear from me to morrow.

I wrote before to Larry and Shirley, agree with them about people going back year after year and building on fragile land.  Here the problem is people build on the dunes and close to the bays and some times right over the water. In the Hampton they build mansions on the dunes, and then when part of the building goes into the water, they expect the government to bring ii more tons of sand and large boulders to protect this SUMMER HOME. Of course you know who pays taxes for those homes.  When I was a kid, and we had a beach house next to the coast guard station.  the dunes were high, but if a Coast guard saw us playing on them he would tell us to stay off of them . When they were not looking my cousin and I and the other kid like to go to the top and roll down them  I guess it really was a dumb game, but at lest we were out side playing.

Hal, how nice, I bet you enjoyed that soup.

Amy be careful of that ice and snow.

Gee, I got through this with out losing the post.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: CallieOK on January 13, 2018, 03:48:17 PM
Good Afternoon.

Sunny and brrrrr-cold in Central Oklahoma.  Shirley, I wish you'd shoo those Arctic Fronts back where they came from before they head this direction!

Project du Jour is to sort out the accordion-pleated folder I put the monthly receipts/statements/etc. in during the year.  Need to make room for January 2018 things and might as well buckle down and do all the rest of it at the same time.

Amazing how many things I can think of that "need" doing before I start that job!  (Can we say "procrastinate"?  ::) )

Jane's figuring out what to do with ingredients she has on hand reminded me that I could do the same thing.

 :no:, Callie!!!!!    :noway: Get busy on that folder!!!!!!   :whip:
Oh, alright!    :P
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 13, 2018, 03:56:07 PM
Callie, I did it! Now we'll see how it tastes!  If It's good, I'll tell you after supper.  If it's bad, I won't say a word!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 13, 2018, 04:30:13 PM
I will have to weight until My grand daughter get's over to post a copie here of what i attached to Jennie Lees son's email. but here is acopie of whet he responded to me.


Thank you very much Lloyd.  It opened fine.

Mom passed peacefully Thursday morning at around 9:00 AM.  My sister and I were with her.   It was time.  She wanted to be with Jesus.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 13, 2018, 04:40:03 PM
Thank you Lloyd, just know Jeanne Lee is in a much better place Gods arms.

Still cold an the wind is raw!! Going to throw another log on the fire.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 13, 2018, 05:01:42 PM
Amy I do not know if you are in USA. phone aria or not and I do not know your Phone # If you are I would call you straight away. but I forwarded a copie of the document I attached to Kin's email.
It is titled tomorrow. On my desktop it is in gold print with a border around it.
but in email it dose not show that way. I usually print it on photo paper and get a good frame at dollar general store.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 13, 2018, 05:28:58 PM
We will all miss Jeanne Lee!  But we all know that she is in a safe, warm, happy place.  We can rejoice with her and Thank God for welcoming her!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 13, 2018, 06:41:40 PM
Callie, and anyone else who's interested, the Mish-mash leftover casserole turned out great!  It was definitely "more-ish" so I had some more.  There's a lot left so I'm glad it turned out well because I'll be eating it for a while.  Maybe I'll freeze a little of it and see how that works. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lindancer on January 13, 2018, 07:05:53 PM
Thanks, Lloyd on the information about JeanneLee, My prays to her family
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Shirley on January 13, 2018, 08:04:25 PM
Wow, that news let the air out of me, Lloyd.  For sure she is in a better place but just as sure, I/we will miss her and think of her often.  It is a very sad day.  I hope someone can come up with her obituary in the paper so we can leave a message for her family, and so her local friends will know how much her cyber family loved her.  Shirley
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Mary Ann on January 13, 2018, 08:25:33 PM
Shirley, I looked for the obit but did not find it.  Perhaps it would be published on Sunday.  I am not sure about her information, but I think her last name was Lewis, not Corson as Ken's name is.  In one message, he mentioned "her daughter" which leads me to believe that Ken and the daughter had different fathers.  I also think she lived in or near Corinth NY.  If anyone has better information, let me know and I'll do more searching.

I have to look for the name of Ken's latest post so you can read it.

Shirley, the post is titled "Sad News for Friends of Jeanne Lee" and I'm not smart enough to find a link for it.  One of our more astute members will come up with the link.  I get a menu when I sign in and the above was in the menu, but it is not in the Forum list.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: CallieOK on January 13, 2018, 08:51:46 PM
I'm saddened to read of JeanneLee's passing.  My condolences to her family.

Janie,  I didn't have a mish-mash but did use up a few things I found here and there.  Emptied a partial box of biscuit mix I'd had in the freezer since ???? (use by date still good, though) and a few other "partial" things in the fridge by making applesauce muffins and Hamburger RollUps.  Had a rollup with mushroom soup/chili sauce topping  for dinner and plan on muffins for breakfast in the morning.

 :-X on how far I got with the folder, though.     ;)

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: June Drabek on January 13, 2018, 09:01:30 PM
I had a bad day, due to my own fault. I canceled my albuterol yesterday since feeling so good. Woke this morning all worn out, so I am back on it again, and will order a treatment for tonight. I have been too tired today....will not be so foolish again. See you all tomorrow. June
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 14, 2018, 12:19:52 AM
Good night Everyfriend!  Tomorrow is another day!  Stay warm!  Stay Healthy! Stay loved!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Denver on January 14, 2018, 12:34:41 AM
I am very sad to read your new, LLOYD.  JEANNE LEE has been such a important part of our group and she will be greatly missed.  Seems just a week ago she posted saying she hope to be back soon!  My condolences to her family and friends. 

We bought a pressure cooker pot a few days ago and I finially got up enough courage to use it.  I made pinto beans with a nice ham bone and it turned out delicious.  Now I feel confident to use it again. 

JUNE, I am sorry to see you have had a set back.  I hope the treatment tonight will help you to feel much better tomorrow, sweet lady. 

JANE, sure happy your “Mish-mash“ turned out yummy. 

GLORIA, I will look forward to more of Joan’s past stories.  I am sorry I do not have any news to share regarding Our Joan.  I do look for any news that Joe might have shared daily on Face Book.

SHIRLEY, needless to say Vail has changed a LOT, and I must admit it is a place that I always enjoy going to.  It is like stepping into a nice village in Europe. 

LARRY, you would never have a problem finding plenty of places to stay and eat on Vail now.  It stay open year round now with summers being nearly as busy as it is during the ski season.  Shockingly, Kurt sent a picture from one of the lifts today, saying that the sun was out, the powder was perfect and best of all it was not crowded.  I did not buy a Instant Pot as there are none to be had and seems it will be the middle of February before they are.  We bought one at Costco.

GLORIA, I am sorry to read that Regina is having to go through radiation treatments.  I do understand their wanting to do this extra step though just to make sure.  I sure hope and pray she will be fine and can enjoy the rest of her life. 

Pleasant dreams to all. 


Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 14, 2018, 06:18:26 AM
Good morning everyone...

Here is the post from Ken about his Mom.;boardseen#new

No new snow to deal with and the cold is sticking with us -20°F at the moment. Laundry was caught up yesterday and hubby's sis came for a nice visit.

Hal, hope your cough soon leaves you.

June, your body must have like the routine of using albuterol.I know we all don't care to take meds but if they help they are worth it.

Gloria, prayers for Regina  and a clean bill of health at the end.

Jenny, are you happy with the pressure cooker?

Jane, I love mishmash, no recipe and everything taste delicious!!

Larry, Lloyd answered about the snow and ice. When you have snow on top of the ice you can't see it is very slippery. A few years ago I took a pail of bird seed to put in the feeders and crossing the drive way I found myself looking up into clear blue sky. Once I checked everything out, nothing broken I got up, minus the birdseed as it was scattered all over the driveway. I had stepped on ice under the snow. When hubby came home he asked why would I throw birdseed all over the driveway :coolsmiley:

Hope everyone stays warm today.
Enjoy your day.   
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 14, 2018, 07:04:03 AM
Good morning Everyfriend!  Weatherbug says the temp is 6º and fells like it.  I'm not going to give the car a chance to make a fool of me.  I'll be getting dressed later and waiting.  My son says we'll find a battery today and someone to install it.  We shall see!  I have an appointment on Monday and I'm going to cancel it just in case. 

WM didn't have the battery I need and the closest store that does is 50 miles away.  I thought about going there but he only has one and there's no guarantee he'll have it when I get there.  My WM is getting a shipment of batteries overnight Sunday night but he doesn't get a list of what they are.  I guess I'll wait and see...unless my son comes up with something.  There goes $150 bucks or so out of my insulation fund!  Maybe I should rename it it "The Emergency Fund"!

I hope you all have a lovely day...warmer if possible.  I don't want to wish my life away at this advanced age but I'm really looking forward to SPRING!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: phyllis on January 14, 2018, 08:02:03 AM
Yearning for Spring here, too, Jane.  We're cold again but happily we aren't as cold as you are up there in PA.  At least, the sun is coming up and that seems to make the cold weather more bearable.

I'm so sorry to have our fears about Jeanne Lee confirmed by her son via Lloyd.  It's all part of getting older to lose friends and family more often but it doesn't make it any easier to go through.  The only consolation is that they no longer have to live with the restrictions of ill health and age.

I'm hibernating again.  I just can't tolerate going out in this cold so I stay in my warm house and put on another layer....or two.....or three.... of clothes and wool afghans and just keep as comfortable as I can until Mother Nature decides to let up on us for awhile.  Thankfully, my son and I are not dealing with illness this time and that makes it easier to get through the cold times.

Hope you get a new battery soon, Jane.  I have David go out and start my car just to make sure it will do what it is supposed to do.  It better start!  I had AAA put in a new battery just a little less than a year ago.  They came out to my driveway and installed it there.  Easy solution.

That reminds me.....I got an email from Amazon that our area is now able to order groceries on line from Whole Foods and they will be delivered to my door within 2 hours.  Yes, the service costs a little extra but sometimes it would be worth it if the weather is just too bad (or cold) for me, or David, to get out to the grocery store.  I remember when I was very little that my mother would call the local grocery store (Ott's Grocery) and tell them what she needed and very shortly they would be at the door and even bring the groceries inside for her.  Also, the delivery person would always have time to chat and catch her up on the local happenings (gossip).  We may live in a high tech modern age but "the more things change the more they remain the same".    ;D

Shirley, I hate Sweet Gum trees, too.  I have two that overhang my driveway and they always make a mess with those gum balls.  I have to be very careful to watch where I step because they can roll under your foot and make you fall if you aren't very careful.

Take extra care, everyone.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: larryhanna on January 14, 2018, 08:34:48 AM
 Hi Everyone.We are back to winter temperatures again today.  It was 26 degrees when I arose and will only get up to the low 40's this afternoon.  The only thing on the agenda is going to Sunday School and Church.  I will bring the devotional for our Sunday School this morning and perhaps lead the singing of the two hymns, which I have done for the last two weeks.  I no longer have a strong voice but can read the music and sing on key and we have a microphone.  After Church I will stop somewhere and bring something home for our main meal of the day.  Pat has come down with a bit of bronchitis and has been doing a lot of coughing.  However, she has been using Zicam and she thinks the cough is better this morning.  Her back is feeling better this morning also and she didn't start the day with the icepack.  Hopefully she will be able to enjoy a good day.

Lloyd, I have started using my CPAP machine and oxygen when I rest in the afternoon as well as at night so rack up some large hours per day on it.  It sounds like you were able to get some good sleep.  You certainly had a cold day.

Mary Ann, I think my wife has mastered the online grocery shopping and expect you will soon do so as well.  She does miss going to the store as would see things she needed but forgets to order online.  She is keeping a grocery list and that helps if she can remember to put it on the list.  I hope you will come to like the online ordering.  I haven't had to do it as Pat takes care of it from her easy chair. 

Shirley, I have never made a hot milk cake because I have never cooked very much and if I make a cake it will be from a box.  I did eat a lot of it as I was growing up as had many meals at my grandmother's table.  I do remember that some of the frosting would turn to sugar but it was still tasty.  I read yesterday that some hospitals are now prohibiting children under 13 to visit in them because of the danger of bringing in the flu germs and the sick people in the hospital don't need that.

Gloria, glad the warm weather and rain have pretty well eliminated the snow.  You will be ready for the next snow storm now with someplace to put it.  A lot of our roads and other infrastructure is really getting old.  They are having trouble with sinkholes in Augusta do to the age of the waterlines.  The Interstate highways were built to a 25 year life expectancy and that is long past and much rebuilding is now required.  The same way with the bridges. 

deAngel, glad your part of the park isn't having the power failures.  Winter is definitely back after a brief but pleasant pause. 

Callie, I think "procrastinating" is a job and worthy of being on the to-do list.  Things will eventually get done. 

I know we are all saddened by the passing of Jeanne Lee and yet can be thankful that the struggles she faced with her health situation is over. 

Lloyd, Jane has asked me to put your document in this discussion and I will work on it and will do so today or tomorrow. 

Jane, glad your Mish-Mash casserole turned out well.  Over the years Pat has made many similar dishes that could not be repeated since they used whatever was available.  Sorry you couldn't get the battery at Walmart and now have quite a journey to get it. 

Shirley, here is a link to Jeanne Lee sons posting that has his email address.  I am doubtful he will check back into the discussions and wonder if an email would be better as undoubtedly he would see this and perhaps share it with his sister.   I see that Amy has shared the link to Ken's posting about his Mom.

June, hope you have a better day today and will continue with your treatments. 

Jenny, you sound like Pat as she was a bit concerned about using the Instant Pot (I see you were not able to get the Instant Pot).  She made delicious mac and cheese a couple of days ago and did so in a very short period of time including cooking the macaroni in it to start the recipe.  She is finding many recipes on the web for the Instant Pot. 

Amy, that sounds like a perfectly good question your husband asked about the bird seed on the driveway. Glad you weren't hurt from that fall.  Fortunately ice and snow are not something that very often happens here in South Carolina and if it does we will be staying inside until it is gone.

Phyllis, good news about Whole Foods delivering in two hours.  Our Whole Food store that was close by closed this last year so we no longer have that option.   
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Gloria on January 14, 2018, 09:32:56 AM
Good morning everyone, feels like winter is still here. After hitting 63° early yesterday it is now 17° according to the TV and the sun is shining. Now except for the piles of snow the plows left and we had our January thaw we are in for snow this week. No idea how much but we do know that winter is far from over. We have had several big snowfalls on St. Patrick's day and even in April.

MARY ANN  where I can order online for delivery they do not have everything and everything seems to be in large packages, no small ones. Still for someone like me who cannot get to a market it is very convenient. I do miss going into a market and seeing what's new and picking my own produce. I KNOW I am old already  :(

GLORIA de  like you it was warmer after midnight yesterday that after the sun rose. Winter this year really got to these old bones. Do not have to go out in the cold to feel it either. I really have been turning the heat up this winter. Same here along the shore where people have their summer houses. A storm either damages them or washes them away and they rebuild in the same place again.

CALLIE  I have a folder like you and keep putting off clearing it out.  I must have some things in there from 10 years ago. Doubt I need those anymore.

LLOYD  thank you. Jeanne Lee is in a better place now where she is with God. We will all miss her.

JENNY  I wish someone had Joe's email address so we could find out about JOAN. I know we all would like to know.  Thank you for you prayers for Regina. She is in my prayers and thoughts all the time especially with them living so far away from everything. At least they  will not have to go to Phoenix-a 7 hour round trip- and it can be done in Kingman, a 2 hour round trip.

AMY  thank you for the link. I will let Regina know she has prayers coming from my cyber family. She did join SN years ago but never had time to post much. You are so right about that hidden ice. I know I looked up at the sky a few tines because of it.

JANE  good luck getting that battery today. Like you I am looking forwad to spring and finally warmer weather.

PHYLLIS  I am with you about dressing in layers in this weather. At least I do not have to worry about heating bills as that is included in my rent. I do turn it up till I can be comfortable.

LARRY  the bridges in this state are in bad shape and if not fixed soon I am afraid some will collapse during rush hour. There are many 18 wheelers going on all the highways and our governor wants to put a tax on them. It would be easy to go around the state but local truckers are against it. They say they will take their businesses out of state. There would be less tax.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 14, 2018, 09:55:24 AM
Larry that is fine if she did not forward it to  you I can put a copy of it to you in email. by email it will just be I think in black ant white. although in the reply to her son sent to me it showed in the gold color it is on my desk top. I got the original I put the border around it and saved it in gold. in those days  I could think and reamber better than I do now.  I posted same here as she did a copy  of what he said in reply better twice than not at all Have a great day.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 14, 2018, 10:15:58 AM
 Gloria well being one of the many things i done was a over the road truck driver. I realize the prows and cons of it. they do not get as a whole not get the respect they derisive. too many folks do not stop if it were not for there effort they would not be eating as well as they do. they also do not give them the room they need to maneuver the rigs and the blind spots in turns. I do not reamber  the year but years back the drivers got tired of it and shut down and blocked many major roads for a while  and it opened there eyes for a while. folks need to try and put there self in there place for a while. Like the old Indian said ware there shoes and walk a mile in there shoes first.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 14, 2018, 10:58:05 AM
Phyllis, I am with you on the hibernating...gosh it is cold out!!![
I must admit I am also looking for Spring and when in the city the other day I bought bean seeds.  I am pushing winter out fast!!!

edited to today Sandy goes in the hospital?? Hope everything turns out ok for her../size]
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: June Drabek on January 14, 2018, 02:45:08 PM
Sunday morning, and I did not go down for Chapel services. Again. I think I have missed too many meetings, but the body rules my life now. I went down for lunch yesterday but had to take half my food home.....just too tired to eat. I'm going to try again today, then I can come home and just fall apart. See you later, God willing and the creek don't rise.  :)
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 14, 2018, 03:08:48 PM
June, passing you a paddle ,if the creek rises... paddle....we need you here with us  :smitten:
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lindancer on January 14, 2018, 03:22:19 PM
Good afternoon, almost 3PM. I have had one of those days, a pity party and I don't know why, All I have to do is look at my family pictures over my computer desk and feel sad, It too will pass, it always dose. I will have to go watch golf and knit a little. I am making finger less gloves for the two receptionist in the hematologist office. They have very,very long finger nails and cannot wear regular gloves.

June, I am sorry you do not feel well, but it is important you talk to other people.  If only for 10 min.

Am, I also am looking forward to Spring. Once Jan. and Feb. are out of the way, I feel better But March I know can be bad.

SAndy, our thoughts and prays are with you.

Gloria, Permits to build on the beach, is partly greed, as they get big taxis from those people who only stay nor more then 3 months out of the year.  Prays also for Regina.

Jane, Hope you get that battery soon.

Phyllis, when I was a kid, Shanes grocery would come to the house in the morning, to take my mother's order and late afternoon would be back.  My grandmother even called Swezey's Deptstore about a snow suit for me as she was not able to walk, they sent someone down to the house with 4 for her to chose from.   Krough or Dugan delivered the cakes, rolls and bread.    of course milk and eggs came with another delivery man.

Larry, I bet I would never recognize Augusta.  When we drove to Ala. (which was about every 3 months.) from Charleston, we would eat breakfast in a restaurant on the way I think it could have been the Greyhound Bus Terminal When we traveled in those days1945 there were not many restaurants on the highways.

Jenny, around Christmas the Instant Pot was sold out.

Maryann, Hope your shoulder is getting better.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: halkel on January 14, 2018, 05:04:14 PM
hi folks.  I am writing you from the hospital, I was admitted about two this morning,  seems I had a heart attack.  They are not sure how much damage has been done, but cardiologist said a second blood test came back much better than the first.  Seems that cough I have been having is not a cold but fluid build up in my lungs caused but my heart not functioning properly.  I am on drugs I've to try and get all the water out of my system.  My old breathing went to pot.  I run into the same thing as Steven, like to never found me a room.  Steve is home now and I'm not.

It was a long night.  And they finished processing and fussing with me about six this morning.  I just woke up from a long nap.

I dislike typing on this key do so I'll close this post out.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: larryhanna on January 14, 2018, 05:13:11 PM
Thanks to Lloyd for sharing this comforting poem:;sa=view;id=541 (;sa=view;id=541)

Note:  scroll down after the link above loads and to increase the size to more easily read the text hold down the Control key and use your scroll key to increase or decrease the size of the text. 
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on January 14, 2018, 05:22:28 PM
Hall you take it easy behave your self. we do not need to lose anyone any time soon. rest well  and get well soon. I want to visit in the spring when we get to doing some traveling, want be in heaven with you but not too soon,weight a few
more years.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Joy on January 14, 2018, 06:27:00 PM
I am really behind getting into S & F today. 

I had a busy Sat. and didn't hardly get on the computer at all.  My grandson came to see me with 2 of my little great-granddaughters.  Addy is 5 and Kinsley just turned 3.  They hadn't been to get their Christmas gifts yet,  My grandson went down the road to McDonald's to  get  lunch.  I had told them they had to eat their lunch before opening presents.  They both ate    every bit of their Happy Meals.  I had gotten them several different kinds of books,  two being coloring books. So, we had a good time coloring.  I have a book case with a lot of little figurines that they like to rearrange.  So, they spent a lot of the afternoon doing that.  They are so cute and were so good.  I had also gotten them Walmart gift cards, so they were going to stop there on the way home to get a couple more things. 

Then, today, I got involved in a project that I have been putting off for a while, so that took up most of the day. 

So, I am just getting here. I was sorry to read the message from Jeanne Lee's son, but know it had been expected.  She will be missed.  So glad that her son and daughter were with her and she passed peaceably.

It has gotten cold again here, also.  After a couple days of almost 60º,  this cold isn't welcomed.  I get  an e-mail every month letting me know what my electric bill is  before I get the bill in the mail.  I was expecting it to be at least $200.  I have really been pushing the thermostat up quite often since before Christmas and I also did more baking than I usually do. So, I am more than pleased that it is $137.00 .  That is just about average for this time of the year.  Since I am on the north side of the building, my summer bills are quite low. As I don't get much sun at all,  I hardly use my A/C that much, so the summertime makes up for a couple of the colder months. 

Mary Ann,  I have been using the on-line shopping with Walmart,  like Larry and Pat do. I am more than happy with the service, and even though they show a lot of products, it really doesn't take me that long.  Everything is broken down into sections, just like the actual store.  Some take a little longer than others, but I can get it down pretty quick.  I can go to the website and  order things that I think about, and my list if saved until I get finished and ready to check out.  It is a lifesaver for me, as I just have a very difficult time walking the whole grocery store now.  I check with my son or DIL to see when they will be going to Walmart and then I reserve the time period for when they will be there and can pick it up for me.  My son lives about 10 min. from me and they have to go right by my place to get to the store. So far, it has all worked out great.

This day sure has flown by.  I did get a few things accomplished, but not as much as I had hoped.   See it is just about time for dinner.  Not sure what I will fix.

Hope everyone will have a nice rest of the evening.

Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Amy on January 14, 2018, 06:31:54 PM
Prayers Hal for a speedy  recovery. Please don't  rush it as you know this cough has been with you a while.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: mycheal on January 14, 2018, 07:27:47 PM
Although these times seem dreary, hold onto the many  good memories. There are many Jeanne left  us all with, so many to hang onto, to sustain all.
Remarkable woman, downloaded some photos for me and chatted in length doing so.
Always  there and loved doing it among other things.
My Deepest Sympathy to the family .
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: JaneS on January 14, 2018, 08:28:17 PM
Hal, I was praying for you before you went to the hospital and now I've stepped it up.  I'm going to be in Texas in the Spring and was thinking I might take a ride south to say "hello".  Nothing definite and it will depend on my daughter's schedule.  Also, we have to spend some time in OKlahoma holding my new Great Granddaughter.  That comes first.

But listen to the drs and get healthy soon. 

I'm going to say "Good Night Everyfriend" right now just in case.  Take care of you all! God be with you!
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: June Drabek on January 14, 2018, 08:45:08 PM
Mary Ann, i have a list printed out for ordering tomorrow, with delivery on Tues. I have been procrastinatng because just didn't have the energy but time is out. If I forget a few items, I order from Amazon, as they will deliver just one order. My Market is Vons and they require a large order if you want it delivered . but it is the best way to go for me.

I'm still trying to believe that our dear Jeanne Lee will no longer be posting here. She WAS Sr. net for years. She and Pat. I picture her in Heaven still smiling down on us with love and encouragement.

Jenny, thank you for your love. Today was better and I am back on a twice a day schedule with the albuterol, and it sure does help.

I am really concerned with our Hal. He has not been really well for weeks now. I wonder if what they are giving me would help him. Albuterol. Have any of you had this particular breathing treatment. It is best to learn about it, just in case.

Gloria, My prayers are going out for Regina. She is so young and so vital, I know she will be properly healed. God is watching over her. 

Amy..I'm learning that I am not so smart as I thought I was.Healing takes time, not when I think it's time to start whizzing around.

Amy, I've got the paddle right next to the door. even the the creek would have to come up to the third floor. Weird things still to happen.

Gloria de…thanks Sweetie, I'll do my best to keep the words flowing.

Hal…..Prayers are being said dear friend, and God is listening.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: CallieOK on January 14, 2018, 09:05:15 PM
Hal,  prayers and good thoughts coming your way.

Gloria,  prayers and good thoughts to your Regina, too.

Janie,  if you're going to be anywhere near OKC when you come to see your precious new great-granddaughter, be sure to let me know.

Son and I had a very productive "file cabinet work session" this afternoon.  He now knows how to find the location of a piece of property from the legal description.   :thumbup:

Sleep well, Everyfriend and have pleasant dreams.
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Mary Ann on January 14, 2018, 09:26:03 PM
Hal, I'm sorry to hear you are in the hospital, but it is the best place for you.  It's good that the doctors found the source of your cough.

June, be sure you continue to mind your Ps and Qs so you can feel better.

I've been trying to find an obit for Jeanne Lee.  I think she lived in Corinth NY.  There are some newspapers in the area but so far I have found no obit.  I understand there will be no memorial service and I don't think it is necessary to publish an obit.  If I find one, I'll copy and post it here.  If anyone knows where to find the info, let me know.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: Soda Shoppe for January 1,2018
Post by: Shirley on January 14, 2018, 09:58:20 PM
Well, Hal, you threw a curve with that "cough turned heart problem".  I know we all hate to be told we need to take care of ourselves, but it's a fact!  I had a friend whose son kept telling his doctors that he had something wrong with his heart.... 40 years old & he had a heart attack.  His mother said his comment in the hospital was, "I told him so!"  Maybe you will get better care since they say it isn't "just a cold".  Prayers and know your family will be riding herd on you, keep us posted and get better fast.

Lloyd, that is such a touching piece, I certainly appreciated when you send it after Cas died.  You have a big heart.

June, my mother and my brother were given albuterol but I was not sure what it was for.  Mother had congestive heart failure but my brother had COPD.  As long as it makes you feel better I would not hesitate taking, but maybe ask the nurse what side effect you might could watch for.  I really don't know & never know how much we read on the internet is up to date.  Some papers I read are years old & much newer information is out... at least it was so when I was researching about my aortic valve replacement. 

We all worry about you & each other, I am still feeling very sad about Jeanne Lee tonight.  I always associate her image with waving the flag, she was patriotic to the core. 

Gloria, so sorry that Regina must go through radiation but "they" seem to have proved it's worth.  I can imagine the heart ache you feel not being able to be with her.  Hope Skype is working so you can see her for yourself. 

Jane, I can't remember what my last battery cost but don't think I ever had to pay $150.  Maybe it's been longer than I thought, but I put the heaviest duty one every time.... Sam's Club or Walmart, & they put them in free (or did then).  Good luck with the shopping.  My little Encore will be 5 years old this fall... same battery so guessing "any time".... and going to call my auto club (Allstate) tomorrow or Tuesday to find out why they could not hear me on my cell phone this week.  I called them twice & they couldn't hear ME but I could hear them... & called my son & HE could hear me.  No sense paying for it if they can't help when needed! 

Joy, I've been really impressed with my electric bills since I've been replacing all the light bulbs with LEDs.... little by little I think I have all done now.  I need to get a new shop light in the garage & one over the computer table in the basement.... but those lights are on a lot so want to replace fixtures & all with LEDs.  One of the comforting thoughts is they will last long enough I probably won't ever have to replace again. 

Mary Ann, Cas' mother did not want an obit in the paper or any service, but her sons still had a private service for family & few friends that they called to "invite".  Thanks for trying to find it, sometimes it doesn't get into the paper for a week when there's no service.

Going to start getting ready for bed early, takes a while to feed cats & visit with them.  Poor little Mama Callie would like to stay inside with us & tries to be so good, but I can't trust her out of my sight for fear she will want to mark her spot.  She has learned to purr & so grateful for the chance to come inside or follow me around when I'm outside. 
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Post by: so_P_bubble on January 15, 2018, 03:25:22 AM

Let's start a new Soda Shoppe