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October 26, 2020, 03:00:09 PM

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Oct 05 2020 3:45am
lurk: @Oldiesmann  Ok I can see it was logged, thanks.  ;)

Oct 05 2020 3:04am
lurk: @Oldiesmann  Was this issue logged on GitHub?

Sep 23 2020 11:36pm
Oldiesmann: and things won't show up properly with it enabled

Sep 23 2020 11:36pm
Oldiesmann: FYI, if anyone is having trouble seeing the latest posts, go to the Look and Layout section of your profile and make sure the "Show most recent posts at the top in topic view" box isn't checked. There's a bug with that setting

Sep 08 2020 1:22pm
lurk: Thanks @Astro   ;)

Sep 08 2020 7:14am
Astro: Welcome, lurk !

Sep 07 2020 1:51pm
lurk: @Oldiesmann Thanks,..  ;) Nice to see the mentions working. :)

Sep 07 2020 9:53am
Oldiesmann: Good to see you @lurk

Sep 07 2020 2:36am
lurk: @Oldiesmann  Nice to see you applied the fix to the Shoutbox to make the collapse / expand setting stick.  ;)

Sep 07 2020 2:34am
lurk: Greetings all, what a lovely site you have here, I've been following the rebuild of the site with interest, and as I'm 60yrs old this month decided to register and say Hi.


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