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January 28, 2020, 10:18:11 pm

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Jan 28 2020 12:47pm
brian: https://minnit.chat/SeniorChatZone     pooch    thats  the  room owned   by snarl  on same  site  as  oldies

Jan 28 2020 11:44am
Pooch1: Heck, I can't even find the chat here! >:(

Jan 27 2020 7:32pm
Oldiesmann: Changed the background color of the chat to gray, so the box to type in should be more noticeable now

Jan 27 2020 7:21pm
Oldiesmann: Pooch1 - the chat here is simple. You just click in the box below the emoticons, etc. and start typing then press enter when you want to send the message.

Jan 27 2020 7:20pm
Oldiesmann: Brian - the one I set up here

Jan 27 2020 3:27pm
brian: pooch u been having  nice  chats  with  SNARL   in there     so how is it u have  trouble using it???

Jan 27 2020 2:47pm
Pooch1: I can't make heads or tails of how to use that new chat.  I think I'll just stop wanting to chat.

Jan 26 2020 8:15pm
brian: your minnit  or snarl's?

Jan 26 2020 8:14pm
brian: what  chat  yu  talking  about  oldies?

Jan 26 2020 2:10pm
Oldiesmann: Nicknames should work properly in the chat now. I had a typo in the code that was putting a quotation mark in the wrong spot.


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