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Title: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: so_P_bubble on April 01, 2019, 01:12:30 AM
Soda Shoppe

for  April 1, 2019
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: so_P_bubble on April 01, 2019, 01:13:12 AM
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Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: so_P_bubble on April 01, 2019, 01:13:36 AM
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Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: so_P_bubble on April 01, 2019, 01:14:06 AM
Newton asked:

How to write 4 in between 5?

1) Medicine students said: Joje!

2) Science students said: Impossible!

3) Management students said: Not found on the Internet

4) Engineering students said:  F(IV)E

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: so_P_bubble on April 01, 2019, 01:14:29 AM
"The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own.
 No apologies or excuses."

Bob Moawad
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: so_P_bubble on April 01, 2019, 01:14:54 AM
"Each day means a new twenty-four hours.
 Each day means everything's possible again.
 You live in the moment, you die in the moment, you take it all one day at a time."

Marie Lu
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 01, 2019, 06:32:40 AM
Good Morning!  I loved the offerings for today.  Pictures great, joke...funny; sayings....pertinent....very pertinent!

I wish you all a great day filled with whatever it is you wish it to be.  Make it your own in every way!
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: phyllis on April 01, 2019, 07:22:40 AM
Just like the rest of you we are having up and down weather.  After a couple of lovely warm days I woke up this morning to temps. near freezing.  But the sun is coming up and it is warm in the house.  So I'll just let Mother Nature do what she wants to do.  As if she needs my permission.   ::)

No plans other than laundry today and that is fine with me.  The local weatherman has said that the allergies this year are astronomically high.  I agree with him!  We've had so much rain this past winter the trees and shrubs are blooming like crazy.  And the more blooms, the more pollen. 

Take care, All.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 01, 2019, 07:30:12 AM
Good morning everyone..

Cold but a nice sunny day here. We will be waiting on the VON then get on with our day.

Bubble thank you for the new start page .

Phyliss, I am so thankful that I don't have any allergies.

Enjoy your day everyone.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 01, 2019, 09:41:03 AM
AMY same here. 33º and bright sun at the moment. Calling for mostly cloudy High of mid 50 Ty's. hope you all have a great day just as you like. weighting on news here on sale to be over and see how many $$$ our calves bring. we sold ?# to a individual and balance through local sale barn today. Haven't heard yet how many went where friend Bob took care of it for us. I was having one of those bad head ace days and never got out of house.feeling better today just a slight stuffy head. we Have a appointment with Edward Jones to day to check on how and where to leave or put savings $$$. sure dose not grow very much now days. I am temped to draw it all out and spend it having a good time in Florida at Tampa bay collecting live sea shells. see you all Later.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: larryhanna on April 01, 2019, 10:14:02 AM
 Hi Everyone on this April 1st.  It looks we will have a mostly cloudy morning and then a sunny afternoon with a high only to 60 degrees. I am hoping to have a much better day than yesterday. The unstable angina started again yesterday afternoon and evening.  It never got too bad but just uncomfortable.  I hope to have a little more energy for today but so far that has not been the case.  Pat had set out my breakfast tray last evening so I only had to get a couple of things from the refrigerator.  Scott was coming out yesterday afternoon but never made it as he fell asleep and didn't awaken until after 7 pm and that was too late so he said he would try to get out sometime today.  He has today and tomorrow off from work so hope he can spend a few hours with us. I am going to have to just check in for today.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: CallieOK on April 01, 2019, 10:14:41 AM
Merry Monday and Happy April Oneth.

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Gloria on April 01, 2019, 10:36:11 AM
Good morning everyone. Big change in the weather yesterday. With that 55° and sunny morning I went outside and a few others were out enjoying it.  It got cloudy and started pouring.  Good thing we were on the porch. Temperature dropped 30 degrees.

AMY  yes the Saguaro does bloom right on the top so only the birds get a good look at them. I do love clear local clam chowder or the red (tomato one) dislike the Maine chowder that has milk in it.

MARY ANN  the sudden change in the temperature was worse than the wind and rain yesterday. Had a light  jacket on but  by the time we got inside I was cold.

GLORIA de  when the piles of snow left from the plows are just about all gone w e sure do not need more of it but it has happened in June before, 8 inches of snow that broke a lot  of trees and branches because the trees were all leafed out .

SHIRLEY  before I plan to go out I watch the trees, if they are blowing around I stay inside.

JANE  when I was a kid and lived in Fall River a new theater opened and it opened with Dumbo. Of course we had to go and see it. I think it was in the summer of 1941.

JENNY  my daughter's younger son has a landscaping business and he uses all native plants in the work he does, they don't need all the water others plants do. His customers love what he does. Hope your friend does not get too many of those spines in her hands.

BUBBLE  thank you for the new page, great  spring graphics. Love how the engineering students saide f(iv)e and the quotes.

Better get a move on or my CNA will be here before I am ready for her.
Have a good day.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Lindancer on April 01, 2019, 01:12:19 PM
Good afternoon, sunny but cold. Gloria we too, had that sudden drop in Temp.  Poured yesterday.  The one day I could have gone out on the sun porch to read, I had company

Amy, glad to see you had a sunny day

Bubble, thanks for our April start.  to day would have been my fathers birthday

Phyllis, I bet flowers are starting to bud down there,,,,,,,, I use to look forward to Spring when I lived in Charleston. I have not  seen any budding, and the animals have gotten all my bulbs.  Each year i seem to have less, snow drops all gone, iris and daffodils I think there are two plants left

Larry, I am sorry to see you are not feeling up to par. Feel better soon.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 01, 2019, 10:21:27 PM
Today was a tough one!  I came home from work very tired.  I took care of the doggies needs and did some stuff on the computer and then I took a nap. 

After supper, I did more on the computer and some desk work and then .... nothing! 

Tomorrow there are two yard guys coming by, one at 8:30 a.m. and one around 4:30 p.m. to see what I need done and give me an estimate.  They will also give me an estimate for mowing and upkeep for the summer.  I've tried but I'm just not up to it any more.

My daughter in Maryland gave me some yard work for Christmas and she'll be coming up to do some of the decorative stuff.  I think we're going to turn the left over stump into a garden fountain.  She has some ideas and so do I.  Then we're going to plant some flowers and maybe a couple of evergreens.  We'll see what transpires. 

I'll be off to bed in a bit because I have to be up and dressed and have the doggies fed before the guy gets here at 8;30.

I wish you all a good night and may God keep you in his care.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 02, 2019, 06:21:51 AM
Good morning everyone.

We are off to the city to the oncologist ,to get the results of the CT scan . They need more blood work done as they didn't get enough information off the last one so early in we go.
Finished the camp quilt yesterday and can move on to another quilt. Going to be another long day here, both dogs will be coming with us as they are both great travellers.

Jane, ,hope you get a good lawn keeper at a decent price.

Gloria de, the sun was nice but gosh it stayed cold!

Gloria, I have only had the creamed clam chowder, will look for the other one to make.

Larry, hope each day finds you feeling a  bit better. I know it is hard not to do things but take it easy and don't tired yourself out.

Better get a move on here

Enjoy your day everyone.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: phyllis on April 02, 2019, 06:44:44 AM
I have to get dressed early, too.  The maintenance crew that checks and takes care of the heat pump will be here around 9.  Hopefully it will just a routine visit and they won't find anything that has to be fixed.
I hope you can find someone reliable to do your lawn, Jane.  David does ours now but it is getting to be a chore for him and during the allergy season being out there makes him miserable.  Good luck!

I hope it is a good Tuesday for everyone.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 02, 2019, 07:09:34 AM
Good Morning everyone it is @602 A M partly cloudy and 38º shooting for high of low 60ty's. that is fine with Me. well after 8 A M I am going to sale barn and see how we did on the cattle we sold there yesterday. Have a great day just as you like it everyone.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 02, 2019, 08:16:38 AM
I'm ready and waiting for the first lawn guy to show up.  I don't really have a "lawn".  What I have is a "yard".  There is a big difference, you know!  But I'd like to keep it neat and tidy.

I wanted to stop by and wish you all a good day.  Make it your own in every way.  Mine will be busy and I'm not sure when I'll be back. 
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Joy on April 02, 2019, 08:30:41 AM
Good morning.    Pretty sunny morning, but only 28º.

I didn't get here yesterday, so I did go back and read the messages from Sunday and yesterday.

Larry, sure wish you would start having some better days.  Not feeling so good for so long now, has to be very stressful for you.  But,  just keep hanging in there. Someone told me one time, that you get used to hanging if you hang long enough.

Jane, I really want to see the movie, "Dumbo", also.  From the previews I have seen on TV, it really looks like it is more of an adult movie than just for children.  I guess I will have to wait until it is on a DVD, unless, I can get to go and take my great-grandchildren. That would be fun.

I hope you will find someone reliable and not so expensive for your yard work.  The local landscaping company that does all the work around our place here,  has not shown up as yet.  There is a lot of cleaning up to day, as we have had so much wind and lots of branches and brush laying around. They do a good job, and will plant some annuals around the ground.

My son is having a combination  surprise birthday/retirement party for his wife on Saturday.  And, it was up to me to mention an idea to get her there.  And she was very receptive, even mentioning that she had gotten a $15 off coupon from the restaurant where he is having the party. So, I don't think she has a clue .He is expecting  about 30 people, so I am really looking forward to going.  I know it will be a nice evening.

I had a kind of lazy day yesterday after getting my hair done at noon. By the time I got back upstairs and had lunch, it was nap time.  The day went by very quickly.

Callie, I was so sorry to read about your grand daughter's quick cancel of the show in Florida. I guess that is something that happens sometime.  I sure hope it won't discourage her.

Amy, good luck to your husband with his oncologist appointment.  That waiting is always hard.

I have not been up too long and need to go get something to eat.  Tonight is card night.

I hope everyone is feeling better than you did yesterday, and will be able to enjoy today.  Hope you will find something exciting to do.

It is nice to see a picture of Jack from W Va. in the random image on the left side of the page this morning.  His great pictures of him and his dog are greatly missed over in the Photo board.  He has decided to leave the S & F group as there just wasn't much interest in that board anymore.  I have been in touch with him via e-mail and he is fine, just kind of lost interest in S & F.

Oh, almost forgot to thank Bubble for the nice new greetings for this month.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: larryhanna on April 02, 2019, 09:58:11 AM
 Hi Everyone on a rainy, chilly but otherwise nice morning and we are to see the sunshine by mid-afternoon.  We were suppose to get up an inch or more of rain last night but have no idea whether we did or not.  I have managed to get a few things done this morning such as emptying the top rack of the dishwasher and fold up a few rags that Pat had washed that will be needed by our housekeeper when she gets here Friday.  I have several other small projects I would like to do or get started on this morning but other than fill my medicine boxes for the next two weeks they are not high priority.  Scott did make it our yesterday morning and stayed until about 2:30 when he had to go home and get ready for work.  I think when I wrote here yesterday that it was Wednesday morning and not Monday morning. He worked on his mother's computer and fixed it so she can use Chrome on it.

I have read all the postings since I posted here yesterday.  Thanks everyone for keeping this discussion going as coming here each morning is a vital part of my day.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Denver on April 02, 2019, 03:27:03 PM
A good Tuesday HELLO to EVERYFRIEND!

AMY, I am holding the most positive thoughts for Kyle and you regarding the CT scan results. 

JANE, anxious to read how the yard men worked out for you?

JOY, the surprise Birthday / retirement party sounds like fun.  Glad your part of the surprise seems to have worked out well.  I love being part of planning a surprise party but I have asked my husband very kindly to PLEASE tell me if anything like this is going on, so I can be appropriately prepared.  One time I felt so bad for a friend that did not know and she was not in very appropriate clothing and was mortified. 

PHYLLIS, I do hope  you are not given a big bill for the heat pump service call today.  I just spoke to my dad a bit ago and they had to call for service because their HP was blowing cold air.  Sometimes it freezes up if it gets too cold, but this is not the case he is stressing a bit hoping he will not have to buy a new one. 

Nice to see your post as always LARRY.  ENJOY the day.

I must get a few things done before we have to head out the door to tend to grand kiddos after school activities.  Today we take Matt to tennis is not near their home so Bob will have to figure out where we are going.  Michele was feeling a bit better this morning after her LONG day of Chemo yesterday.  Unfortunately though, she is fine one second and then she is whiped out the next.  Bless her heart.

Have a great day.


Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 02, 2019, 03:33:58 PM
We are tuckered but so happy with the cancer to be seen!!! Now to keep it that way. The oncologist said one more visit then Kyle can go once a year ,not twice.

Joy, yes the waiting is the hard part.....the not knowing that eats into you but one has to believe in good positive about it all.

Jenny, prayers for Michele..
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Shirley on April 02, 2019, 05:51:37 PM
Oh, Amy, fantastic news! A red letter day for you & us, thanks for sharing. I came to ask you a question, wasn't it you that was called for jury duty & opted out?  I got a notice today with all the required dates which interferes with a grandaughter's wedding and our trip to the mountains, besides the fact that my BP went over the top just thinking of having to report to the court house every day for the weeks (almost full month of June) & searching for a parking spot, then walking to where I needed to be. Short winded as I am just the thought wore me out. Besides I'm used to getting a nap to make up for 4-5 hours sleep at night, not what a juror gets to do.  :o  I did Google to see if there is an age limit & online it says "if 75 or older, no medical report needed", but the paper I got today says must have a Doctor's report, etc. I tried to call the number listed but goes back to "read the paper". All through the years I've told my kids when called for jury duty to ask if I could replace them, (no way...) really would be a challenge for me now.

My mower guy comes tomorrow so must be out & unlock gates before 8:00. I asked him if he minded if I raked some leaves that gathered on the flower beds since I bagged them a couple weeks ago.. if his mower would mulch or bag. He was okay with that, so may or may not get to it. He's going to give me an opinion of what to do about the Bermuda grass in the berm... can't dig the roots out, layers of rock & black plastic, hate to use poison because of cats, but with 2 evergreens in it, can't burn or they'd burst into flame. This guy is a fireman so confident he won't recommend burn.  ;)  Think I'll go for fast food tonight, been trying to use out of the freezer & want something different.

Bubble, naturally I had to copy & send your catch of "how to write 4 into 5... pretty tricky! Thanks for the graphics & tidbits... hope all's well in your world today.

Joy, I agree that you have to make sure she is dressed for the occasion since I was in Cas' baggy sweat shirt & jeans when I showed up for a surprise baby shower... mortified & I could have killed the one that tricked me into going "as is". She thought it was really funny. Thoughtful of your son to give her a party, though.

Larry, thought of your son when hearing the news about the girl that was killed because she got in the wrong car. Will make sure everyone knows what to do & expect from now on, I'll bet. Safer for the driver as well as passenger how they have a way to recognize. One time when at a convention, I would not have gotten into a taxi had my husband not been along. The driver & car reeked of booze & just dirty... but we didn't have time to wait for another to catch our flight. My daughter had her first Uber ride in Seattle & more than pleased with it, decided that was the way to operate in that traffic. Oops, time is up so will check in later tonight!

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Mary Ann on April 02, 2019, 06:22:13 PM
Shirley, it would be so easy to get into the wrong car, especially since there are so many silver or white cars.  Tom has a silver Camry and has a Lyft sign in the lower right corner of his windshield where it is quite visible.  Every driver does not have that.  Our roads are in terrible condition and it is easy to lose hubcaps.  Tom has lost three of four and has only one on his car now.  He has ordered some that cost very little but he wants his car to look nice and it doesn't without hubcaps.  If the driver where the girl was killed had had a Uber sign, she might have seen it and not gotten in the wrong var.  I do not know that the Uber driver did not have a sign, but probably not.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 02, 2019, 06:24:55 PM
Shirley, I did get a note from our Dr  and that helped. The girl at the courthouse said if I am asked again, to just the same thing . This was my 3rd time..I did serve 11 days the first time, then the next time it was settled out of court and I was thankful not to go the 3rd time.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Shirley on April 02, 2019, 08:24:34 PM
Mary Ann, I forgot that Tom also drives for Uber... as well as Larry's Scott. I do like the idea that the passenger needs to ask, "What's my name?" before getting in... I will remind my daughter & grands that use the service. Dangerous for the drivers as well.

Amy, I will ask my cardiologist tomorrow when I see him. I called today to talk to his nurse but she was busy & another called me back. She said the Dr wants me to come in tomorrow to have a look/listen & talk about my short winded problems. The family Dr ran all the tests to make sure I'm not anemic & Echo didn't show what "they" considered too much of a problem, & asked if I had been to a lung doctor... answer was "no"... but maybe it's just the end of a lazy winter & too much to do all of a sudden. My kids are concerned & I am babying myself a little instead of pushing to be able to walk more/easier. If this doesn't show up a reason I'm declaring me lazy & move on! The one valve actually does show above critical stage but the nurse said, "we don't worry about that valve too much".......I'm not concerned enough to risk any invasive tests. Right now I am yawning my head off but can't go to bed yet, cats are all out & due one more meal tonight.  ::)
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 02, 2019, 08:50:27 PM
well it has been a good day. one fellow sent the money for the calves he bought and we went to the auction barn and got the check for what we sold there so we now have a little traveling $$$$, Nancy got her doctors appointment moved to tomorrow. so we Have  a few things to do to the R V and the to dolly and food to load in it, we should be ready to get to traveling next week. Nancy wants to change where she wants to go first.we are going to go to postoffice tomorrow and see about passports.if it dose not take too long to get them we may go north and east first. sweet dreams and good night,

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 02, 2019, 11:50:23 PM
Hello Everyfriend!  I've been a little lax about posting here but there is so much going on and it wears me out!

I had two yard fellas here today and they both took my list with them and will get back to me with estimates.  I'm leaning toward the first one because he used words like "free stuff",  "doesn't cost as much" and "within budget".  He also did not express any reservations about the things I want/need done.  The other guy was very nice but he said he'd get me a price on the one thing the other guy could get free.  And there was one job he said he couldn't handle and it's one that's been bothering me for several years now.  I'll wait for the estimates but I'm a bit prejudiced.  And the second guy didn't shake my hand.  The first guy did when he came and when he left and he told me where I could see some of his work.

I've been told that my posts here haven't been up to my usual standard and I'll try harder.

SHIRLEY, if I were in your shoes, I definitely would opt out of jury duty.  Some things should be left to those who don't need naps and nearby bathrooms on call.  My mind sometimes wanders when I watch TV.  I don't think that would be fair to anyone who is on trial.  And I fall asleep during Perry Mason and Matlock.

JOY, nice of you to see that your DIL is properly dressed for a party.  When I was turning 80, I had a feeling that the kids would do something and I told my daughter that I didn't want any surprises.  They did the party anyway but they asked me who to invite and told me when it was.  And they did the "No Presents" thing that I asked them to do.  It was very nice and I did enjoy it.  I hope your DIL does, too.

LLOYD, if you go East, I'm 5 miles off interstate 80 and there's room at the end of the street to park a camper overnight.  I'm going to be away for a bit in June and I'm having company for a few days in April and again in May.  So when you're ready to take off, check with me.  I'd love to see you and Nancy again.

Now I'm off to bed.  Tomorrow is a work day but not until 10 a.m.  And I have no plans for before work.  I'm going to try to go a bit easier.  I wish you all a peaceful rest and  a happy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Denver on April 03, 2019, 12:27:26 AM
AMY, to read the wonderful news......a clear report from Kyles CT scan🙏🙏🙏

We got the kiddos where they needed to be once again today.  We had a few minutes to chat with Michele and she looked so much better today.  Yesterday she just looked SO worn out. 

MARYANN, we not only get a discription of the color and type of car the Llift or Uber driver is in but the tag number on the car.  You need to be careful to assure it is the correct car for sure. 

SHIRLEY, first of all I am sure happy you are getting in to see your doctor so you can find out a bit more about your condition.  I hope the doctor will sign a form to relieve you of jury duty.  Preferably forever! 

JANE, happy to read the yard men came to talk to you about your needs for gettin your yard in order. I hope the for you to make.  It sounded like you have a pretty good idea already. 

I must head off to be....pleasant dreams to EVERYFRIEND.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 03, 2019, 07:07:48 AM
Good morning everyone.

Calling for flurries or rain today, I will take the flurries please. Still have way too much ice about.

On our way to the city yesterday I saw a lone Bittern standing in a narrow opening of ice covered  water and thought how cold his feet must be! Frogs will still be buried in the mud so maybe he caught a few fish to eat.

Need to pick up dog food today, both dogs are getting low  on food so will head into town to the feed mill. Will chase dust bunnies when I get home and wash  floors. This is a never ending job till everything dries up outside.

Jane, I too would go with the man with the handshake. To me that means a lot!! Remember when deals were settled with just a handshake? Plus it sounds as if he is also looking out for you, trying to get you the best without the high price. I would say his Mom raised him right.

Jenny happy to read Michele was having a good day......she will have a lot of up and down days in the time ahead. Prayers her way and for all.

Better get a move on here.

Enjoy your day everyone..
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 03, 2019, 07:32:15 AM
Good Morning Everyfriend!  We don't have much time before the boinger goes off and the doggies will want too. 

JENNY, Michele is still on the prayer list at church and on the one in my heart. She will remain there until you tell me she doesn't need the prayers any more. 

AMY, I answered your good news about Kyle in an email to you.  Lots of other stuff, too.

I think you're right about Bill (the yard guy) being "raised right".  But his wife also works for the Area Agency on Aging so he probably hears lots of stories about old ladies and their problems.  If she's anything like Cathy, she's very careful not to mention names but if the story fits, she uses it. 

I had to leave and go feed the doggies when the boinger went.  But I guess I'm finished for now.  I'll try to check back later but it probably won't be before I go to work at 10.  Enjoy your day, Everyfriend.  Make it you own in every way.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: phyllis on April 03, 2019, 08:28:01 AM
Such good news about Kyle, Amy.  :thumbup:

Bright and sunny today and supposed to be warmer.  Yesterday was rainy and never got out of the low 40's all day.  I stayed in and did more laundry plus I baked another cherry tart.  It is good!

Take care, All.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Gloria on April 03, 2019, 08:34:40 AM
Good morning everyone, well we did get the rain predicted for overnight, windy now. I am beginning to think that every time we have a beautiful blue no cloud sky before a day is over it will change to rain and wind. So far this spring it seems like that.
Nothing happening here but tomorrow the witch and the maintenance man will be checking apartments to make sure they are all safe, no blocked windows or extension cords to trip over, and the stove works like it should. I think it is more for her to make sure we have a clean apartment and no messes. At least I have no clutter, have to have clear floors to get around with the rollator. Will see what she finds to complain about tomorrow.

Have a good day everyone.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 03, 2019, 08:48:41 AM
good Morning everyone,you all know the old saying the hand is quicker than the eye,well my brain also is confused it get's the e's and I's backwards to each other, sometimes it messes spelling up so bad spell checker cant fix it and if Nancy is not on hand i am lost in the Maze. it is 46º and cloudy here today and calling for veering % of rain for today. oh well the old timers used to say if you do not like the weather here now stick around a short while we may have what you like. we called grandson last evening and he threw a monkey wrench in our plan's for traveling. His wife is a steward's for a airline she is flying now and has a heavy schedule. she can take her husband with her doubt she can take us though. when we get there when she is home I am going to ask her if she can get cheep tickets for us,if she can and they are cheep enough to fit our pocketbook will get tickets to go see peter in England. sweet dream isant it. we have stopped in and seen Jane when traveling close to here, only thing wrong with that was she would not let me pay for it but was good to see her and have a good meal with her. Have a great day. Having light drizzle in K C MO. at the moment. see you all later.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 03, 2019, 08:52:43 AM
 Gloria we seam to be a copycat with your weather. see you later.

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Post by: larryhanna on April 03, 2019, 10:06:23 AM
 Hi Everyone.  We have a beautiful sunny day today with a high expected of 73.  We are looking forward to Scott being with us later this afternoon and early evening.  Other than that I expect it to be a pretty quiet day. I do have a couple of business matter to tend to.  I think I may have overdone a bit yesterday but was feeling like getting something accomplished. 

There were so many good postings that I wish I had the energy to comment on all of them but that is not the case so will just check in again for today.  

I hope everyone will enjoy the day.
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Post by: Mary Ann on April 03, 2019, 10:13:14 AM
Jenny, re Uber - it is my understanding that the drivers answer the call as it comes in.  I have not had occasion to use Uber, since I have my own personal Uber driver.  Tom would tell the person the make and color of his car.  It would be difficult for the person to view the license plate because we have only the rear plates, none on the front. 

It is looking like a nice day today, it is 40 degrees now at 10 am.

Gloria, good luck with the witch's check up.  If she saw my condo unit, she'd throw me out as this room is a mess. 

Jane, I'm glad I do not have to worry about lawn care here.  I do let the Board know if there is something I think should be taken care of.

Mary Ann
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Post by: Lindancer on April 03, 2019, 11:34:56 AM
A quick Good morning, should be getting ready to go to Lassies,to day is brown Bag day, but I just don't feel up to it. as my breathing is very bad to day.

Amy, I just had to come in here to say: I am so happy to read your news.

Jenny and Larry, always glad to read your post. I am just thankful to have S&F's to keep me busy and out of trouble. I can set here by the sunny window and write to all you nice friends
The phone just rang, and it was the man from down the street, he works at King Kullen, in Wadding River.  He called to see If I needed anything thing from his store.  How lucy can I be, and he takes the bus to work.

Jane and Shirley,  75 is the cutoff date here also.My trouble was the jury duty was never around here. One time when I was working I was called to jury duty in Brooklyn,I could never have found my way around ther plus I would have had to take the subway from the train station. Hospital got me out of that one. My friend that lives 30 mile up the Island got called to Riverhead, which happens to be the County set, with all kinds of court complexes. They told me the theory was being small towns you might know someone so they call you to another district.  The best yet my husband got two jury calls for one week.  One was  Town Court, and supreme count was the other one. He took the Town Court that was for one day.
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Post by: phyllis on April 03, 2019, 05:17:16 PM
Gloria de, When I lived up in Dutchess County, NY, I was called to jury duty at the Southeastern NY district court in lower Manhattan.  It was a ninety mile train trip to Grand Central station and then a long subway ride to the court house down on Foley Square.  It took me 2 and 1/2 hours each way.  I tried to get out of it but couldn't.  And it was during a blizzard, too.  That was interesting.  I was seated on a jury for an arson trial involving three co-defendants.  We had one day of trial when one of the defendants admitted guilt.  The judge had to dismiss the trial and set a new trial for the remaining defendants who still claimed they were not guilty.  Of course, the jury was excused.  I've rarely seen a man as angry as that judge was. Total waste of time, money, and use of the court.  For me it was an interesting experience - and frustrating.
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Post by: Shirley on April 03, 2019, 06:29:29 PM
Good news and bad.......Good news is the Cardio Dr gave me an excuse not to serve as a juror.... bad news is the valve the surgeon replaced 6+ years ago needs to be replaced again. He told the nurse to just write my excuse as "being treated for congestive heart failure".... but he insists I am repairable because my heart is strong. Not at all what I expected but still am not surprised. This procedure can put the replacement valve through the leg artery, said he's sent 7 off to this doctor, 6 had very good results but one had a stroke. That can happen with any heart cath/stent, etc. I thought I had 15 years before facing this but he said he's been expecting for a couple years, just didn't know how long I could hold out.  At least I wasn't just imagining a problem!  Youngest son called the other night to see if he could stop by after work tonight... of course I'm glad to see any of them when ever they have time, right, Parents? His daughter is the one getting married the first week of June & going a little crazy with wedding plans & expenses! I pulled out a whole eye of round roast that I had sliced & tenderized, cut into strips (same as used for fajitas only I call them "steak fingers"... browned add fresh garlic & put into cast iron Dutch oven for an hour to get super tender. Low calorie but stick to the ribs. Have a jar of pickled beets if he's interested... plenty to go with it, but he doesn't eat much since he works out on Wed.night. All my kids are into physical fit & trim these days, no fun to eat with.

Better check the meat, don't want it to scorch on bottom.
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Post by: Amy on April 03, 2019, 07:30:29 PM
Shirley, I am glad you have an out for jury duty and sorry that this operation has come sooner than you thought. You ,dear lady will come through this with flying colours!! There will be no stopping you after the operation and healing time. Prayers for you, know you can do it.
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Post by: JaneS on April 03, 2019, 11:10:21 PM
Was on my way to bed and decided to check up on S&F first.  I'm glad  did because now I have something to add to my prayers.  SHIRLEY, I'm sorry to hear your bad news but like AMY said, you'll breeze through it and still be "our Shirley"! 

I'm off to bed.  Lots to do tomorrow.  I wish you all a peaceful sleep and a happy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!
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Post by: Shirley on April 04, 2019, 01:23:06 AM
Thank you, Amy & Jane....  have to admit that I'm not thrilled with the idea, & I sure do welcome your prayers. I went to sleep with all 3 cats outside and knew I'd probably wake up since weather guessers said we would have a storm about midnight. Sure enough, woke up at midnight & glanced at the door to see Tom & Tiger wanting in. I've checked 2 more doors but no Callie, radar showing rain almost here. Now I feel guilty because I yelled at Callie when she slipped down to the basement because I left the door open. She knows she isn't supposed to go down so darted from room to room down there when she heard me coming. I chased her up but instead of going outside where I left the door open for her, she circled the table & ran back downstairs 'cause I rushed up & left that door open again. By then I was really yelling at her so we were down & up again before I grabbed the little Hoover & turned on to scare her out. I had to take the battery powered rechargable Shark out for the trash that she marked her spot on yesterday & shorted out. Frustrated with cats so now I'm worried that I hurt her feelings. Got to get back to bed, about 5 hours sleep last night & no nap, busy day. 
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Post by: Amy on April 04, 2019, 07:16:15 AM
Good morning everyone..

We had high winds last night but no snow  :thumbup: This morning I have a dentist appointment to attend to.

Shirley, animals are so forgiving and Callie will soon forget the day. I can talk cross at this pup and he comes right back for more hugs and cuddles. Babe ,you don't talk cross as she is so sensitive. Just use words and she understands them.

Phyliss, thank you, is cherry tart like cherry pie?

Gloria de, thank you..hope your breathing is better today.

Better get a move on here..

Enjoy your day everyone..
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Post by: JaneS on April 04, 2019, 07:41:22 AM
Good Morning Everyfriend!  The sun is shining and it's supposed to be a nice day.  Below freezing temps overnight and up into the 50s during the day.  Spring has Sprung!  This is normal for early Spring in Central PA and I'm in full favor of "normal"!

Have lots on the agenda for today including shopping for a birthday present for a little gal who will soon be 1 year old.  It's hard to believe that it's been a whole year since Emma joined our family.  She has grown in our hearts so fast!

I just went in the kitchen to get the doggies a treat and decided it's time to run the dishwasher.  (I don't have any clean spoons).  I had to open a new "easy open" package of DW detergent thingies and they're NOT "easy open".  Well, maybe if I were 20 years younger and didn't have "Arthur" invading my hands, they might be.  Getting old is NOT for wimps!

I wish you all a joyful, happy day!  Grab it and make it your own.  In your case, SHIRLEY, talk nice to the kitty!
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Post by: phyllis on April 04, 2019, 07:57:07 AM
QuotePhyliss, thank you, is cherry tart like cherry pie?

Yes, Amy, but easier to make, quicker to bake, not as pretty, but just as tasty. Just Google "Rustic Tart" and you will get links to a whole bunch of recipes.  I've made the apple tart but found that we like cherry better and I just use canned cherry pie filling and store bought pie dough, one sheet.  It takes me about 5 min. to put it together.

Shirley, I know the doctor's opinion gave you a shock and I'm sorry.  But, good that he wants you to have it done sooner before you had a serious episode jump up and hit you.  Will one of the children be able to be with you when you have it done?  You are always "there" for them now it is their turn to support you.  They will want to know if you need help.  Sorry if I sound "preachy" but we worry about you.

Grocery shopping today, as per usual.  I woke up with a terrible headache but hope it will go away when I get busy.  Spring allergies are really terrible this year.  Everyone I know is complaining about the high pollen.  But, the trees and shrubs, etc. are only doing their natural thing.

Jane, today's packaging drives me crazy!  Nothing is "easy open" any more.  I keep a pair of pliers handy and a sturdy knife and use a few choice words along with them.  Then, generally end up asking David to open it for me!

Let's all make it a good day!
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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 04, 2019, 08:08:19 AM
Good Morning everyone, well we do not have problem with cats, just one dog here is Lucky she is allowed in the garage only,Nancy keeps her feed and fresh water there on the step for her. she can eat and drink as she wishes. as for cats as far as I know only one it runs wield out and sleeps in shop and keeps her not ever see any sign of little ones, that is alright with me. even tho as a child I had a cat i let sleep in bed with me no longer have a house cat, I learned they will get on table and lick on butter dish and out of any food left on table,so no cats in house here. Have a great day. we have light rain and 50º Here.

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Post by: Shirley on April 04, 2019, 08:40:18 AM
Callie showed up at the front door as if nothing happened, came in & took a quick look to see if the basement door was open! She understands most words but is really stubborn about some things. Tom went out earlier & still making his rounds. Raining but not real hard, no thunder or lightning... that sends him find me & sticks like glue. She refused the tuna I put in her bowl, ate some dry food & in her bed cleaning up. I'd better go feed myself & catch a few more zzzzzzzzzs, still sleepy.

Thanks for the advice, encouragement, concern, girls... daughter says any time I am set for surgery she will be here & baby sit the cats. Don't know why but even Tom will go rub against her leg, he doesn't see her that often & won't even do that with the boys and he sees them all the time!  Both boys will be here & do anything they can. Don't know what the new surgeon will say, he may not see me as a choice for this type procedure. My daughter sent a link to a report that Mick Jagger is to have the same procedure..  ....sounds easy enough & what my cardio described to me, but any time they invade the body is a chance for a stroke, so I'm not thrilled with the idea.

Jane, I've given up and keep pliers & box knife in my tool drawer in the kitchen. On the cabinet top by the stove I have scissors in a heavy jar that holds pens, pencils & finger nail files. These old hands are not as strong as they use to be. Sure does not seem like Emma joined the Senior Family a year ago.... would have thought "not long ago" when reading about her arrival. Send her a special "Happy Birthday" from the old Auntie in Kansas, please?

Amy, Callie seems to understand everything but has a stubborn streak about doing what she wants... like having the pad next to the litter box and checking out the basement. I discovered she marked her territory in a storage room in the basement and with so many nooks & crannies down there, could be a real problem of finding "where that smell comes from". There is a litter box at the foot of the stairs that Tom & Tiger use, but she has her mind made up about some things. She doesn't hold a grudge but I do........ I'm not going to replace that Shark Navigator but will sure miss it.

Good morning, Lloyd. Happy your cattle brought in big dollars, my brother-in-law used to get calves at the sale barn in the spring & grain feed during the summer when they had some land north of Warrensburg. They don't live there anymore. I was never a cat lover, my sister always had one, but I will take care of these as long as I can since Cas enjoyed having them around his last few years.
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Post by: Gloria on April 04, 2019, 09:52:17 AM
Good morning everyone, sunny and 37°. The wit ch and the maintenance man will be checking the apartments today for anything dangerous. Like extension cords and blocked windows in case a fireman has to take us out a window. Heck I cannot  open t he windows anymore than about 8 inches and cannot open the screens either. Only a few windows in this building open all the way. Not safe IMHO.

LLOYD  would be wonderful if you and Nancy could go see Peter.

LARRY  like you I tire too fast these days and I do not have your health problems.

SHIRLEY  if you are any thing like me, the few times I had surgery I wanted it done ASAP, not waiting and worrying. I just added you to my prayers.

Have a good day.
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Post by: larryhanna on April 04, 2019, 10:41:35 AM
 Hi Everyone.  We have a beautiful and sunny morning and headed to a high in the mid to upper 70's today with no rain in the forecast until possibly late tonight. The kind lady from our Sunday School class did bring by the Wednesday night dinners of fried chicken, salad, French fries and a thin but rich dessert.  Two pieces of chicken were on each dinner so I had the wing, 3 French fries, a little of the salad and the dessert.  I gave the rest of the dinner to Scott and Pat had put one piece of her chicken on Scott plate.  The girls were here but they had eaten before they got here to I reimbursed them for the cost of their dinners as it was no more than what it would have been had we taken them out to eat.  There are only two more Wednesday night dinners in May and then the meals will stop for the summer.  I can go online and pay for the dinners.

I think Scott discovered the problem with Pat's computers that wouldn't connect or stay connected to the Internet.  It had to do with the IP address and rather than one that changes he put in a static one.  He was also able to figure out how to get the games downloaded that Pat had paid for over the years.  Obviously we were happy happy as that takes a big weight off my shoulders thinking I would need to restore the computer to factory condition.  He will be out again this afternoon and will do the same adjustment to the other laptop. 

When I made my Camomile tea last night I noticed it was very dark and had a different flavor.  When I finished I discovered that Pat had not removed the coffee pod from yesterday morning so I had a blend of decaf coffee and tea.  I would usually notice this before I start the coffee pot to dispense the hot water but had not.  We had a good laugh over this unimportant oversight by both of us and I will be more careful in the future.  After I finished the tea I had a great night's sleep.

Lindancer, sorry our had to miss your Lassies meeting but it sounds like you made a wise decision to stay home.  I hope your breathing is better today. 

Phyllis and Linedancer, over the years I was called for jury duty several times but never had that far to travel and at the end they had the system set up where you could call in too see if you would be needed that day as you served for 5 days of whatever length a trial might be if selected for a jury.  The last time I didn't even have to report as we were released for the entire week. 

Shirley, I hope you won't delay your needed valve replacement and risk your life.  It sounds like you won't have to have your chest reopened for the replacement so will likely have a quick recovery and hopefully would feel better immediately.  I just bet your cat will forgive you.

Amy, glad you were able to miss more snow last night.  Have fun at the dentists.  Those appointments are certainly not as scary as they used to be.

Jane, glad you are having normal weather up your way and that Spring is finally here.  Pat and I find opening packages and products to be very hard and sometimes the seal is almost impossible to get off or even cut off with scissors or a knife.  I don't have a problem with "Arthur" but still have a lot of problems with some of the packaging. 

Lloyd, we had a house cat for a number of years and expect we would have been shocked if we saw what when on when not around.  However, we always kept the butter in a covered dish.  I hope this will be a good day for you. 

Gloria, I hope your inspection goes well today but would be willing to bet that it does as you know the routine.  I agree with you about wanting to get surgery done ASAP.  I don't anticipate that I will ever have anymore surgery as wouldn't be a good risk with this heart condition.
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Post by: Mary Ann on April 04, 2019, 11:31:17 AM
While I have discovered the cat on the dining room table, he jumps off immediately when I holler at him.  I don't leave food out on the counter and his own food is available at all times.  Kendrick really is a pretty good cat.

Mary Ann
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Post by: Lindancer on April 04, 2019, 03:06:29 PM
Good afternoon and a quick "Hello" sunny day, but cool. 
This is the first time I have been on oxygen 24/7. My count had gone down real low. I now have it up to 79. Guess that is why I am so tired
Gloria, hope everything went OK, when they didyour house checkup

Shirley, prays are being sent your way, and anybody else that  need a hug.  Guess I should not say that anymore.  Although when I get hugs from my neighbors.  I just know they care about me
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Post by: JaneS on April 04, 2019, 04:28:10 PM
Well, I started a post a while ago and I was interrupted and I just now got back and it wouldn't let me post.  While I was trying, I lost it.   So I went and got a cup of coffee and I'm going to try again.

This morning one of the yard guys came by with his proposal for doing the things on my list and it was very reasonable.  I think he's going to be the one but there's another guy coming by on Saturday morning and I'm going to wait and see what he says.

I've made some pretty good progress today what with balancing the checkbook, getting the bills paid, (hopefully) finding a yard guy, and getting a good start on the choc. PB crackers for Bethany.  I also cleaned off my desk and put some stuff away that's been bugging me. 

All in all, a good day.  I hope you all had a good one, too.  Almost forgot...I said a prayer for everyone who needs it.

Now I have to start thinking about supper!  Any suggestions?
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Post by: Amy on April 04, 2019, 07:39:07 PM
The day went well and I am happy to be home. Neighbour just left with the groceries we picked up for her and now I am going to put my feet up.

Gloria de, I will take hugs anytime.....they feel so good.
Jane, I NEED to clean off my desk too ,been trying to do it all week. Start then move on to something you think I am procrastinating?

Joy, must be busy?

Enjoy your evening everyone.

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Post by: Shirley on April 04, 2019, 08:41:01 PM
Checking in to see how the day has gone for everyone. Where's Gloria... is that steam coming out of her ears or is she celebrating that all went well during the inspection???? 

Gloria de... when my oxygen level went down to 74 in CO, I didn't even know about the cans available over the counter in Walmart. By the next day it was up to 78 & couple more days up to 83. That time I had driven out by myself & had a cat screaming in the back because she needed me to stop so she could use the litter box, only no place to stop on that stretch of highway. Was in a curvy stretch with bright sunset in my eyes & very dark around the curve in shadow of a mountain. These old eyes don't adjust that fast. All in all, the most stressful trip I ever made so try not to go when the days are short. So sorry your level is down... do you keep raisins on hand & all the high iron foods?  My iron level drops & I can tell it immediately, but mine is not as bad as yours. At one point in my daughter's life she was so extremely low I wasn't sure how she would get built back up. When Andy had his heart surgery they gave him a prescription that brought his level up fast. I had mine checked to see if that was my short winded problem, wasn't. Hope you can get fixed fast!

Looks like I need to stop & take the cats' supper down to the river. Tonight I cut up some chicken I had frozen along with some fresh raw hamburger. They ate the hamburger but not the chicken so will feed it to some other critters. They didn't eat their breakfast tuna, either. They do have the best of the dry food on hand all the time so won't go hungry, but they will eat at least half a can each of the wet Friskies (if I have the flavor they like). Getting dark so better move. Later!

Larry, I also keep my butter in a covered dish, I like it soft so it stays on the counter. I use up a stick about every other day, the real "butter-butter".

Amy, you are right, the critters are forgiving but now & then I do get on their nerves!  :-[

Mary Ann, my Tom (cat) is so lovable, but he gets his wild instincts stirred up when out so much. Would love if he could be happy as a full time house cat, all of them. Sadly, ferals do not change. Poor old LaurenKat was 18 when she escaped in CO and my only consolation to her remaining in CO was that "at least she died free". But I will always feel sad she was so terrified those last days. I would be lost without an animal to talk to.

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Post by: JaneS on April 04, 2019, 11:06:41 PM
I'm on my way to bed but stopped in to say....

Good Night Everyfriend!  And may God bless us, every one!
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Post by: Denver on April 05, 2019, 12:04:43 AM
Checking in late tonight....

Michele had a very bad day yesterday so we stayed with her until Dave got she is better but we wanted to be there just in case. 

SHIRLEY, I am sorry to read that the report from your doctor was more serious than I would have expected in light of the fact they did not call you and get you in right away.  I am aware of the operation you are going to have and I certainly hope and pray that it will go well and you will be up and out of there right away going strong.  HUGS to you.

GLORIA, I hope the inspection went well today and the w*tch did not cause you too much stress.

LARRY, it sure was good to read your daily offering.....I hope you are feeling better.  So nice the church members take care of you on Wednesday nights. 

JANE, you did accomplish a lot today.  Happy the estimate was acceptable on the yard work.  I think you are smart to wait for the next one due on Saturday.  Thank you again for all the prayers.....

The new house cleaning lady is to arrive at 8AM.  We are anxious to have this over and see how it went. 

Pleasant dreams to all.


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Post by: JaneS on April 05, 2019, 07:09:15 AM
Just a quick "Good Morning Everyfriend"  while we wait for the boinger.  We've been up and attem since about 6:20.  And believer it or not....there's snow on the ground and it's still coming down!  It doesn't seem to be laying on the roads and sidewalk but it is laying on the grassy areas.

AMY, I thought I told you to keep your snow on your side of the border!  This definitely looks like Canadian SNOW and I just hope it goes back where it came from and pretty quick!

Cathy texted me last night that she's going to the Amish Store right after work this afternoon and do I want to go along.  I asked if it would be alright to delay my decision until after work today so I can see if I have any energy left.  That was fine with her.  So we shall see!

It's almost time for the boinger.  I know without even looking because Annie just appeared in the office doorway.  She hasn't told me yet but it's only a matter of time.

I wish you all a better day than yesterday.  Make it your own in every way!

P.S.  Maybe Joy won the card game and is celebrating!
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Post by: Amy on April 05, 2019, 07:24:48 AM
Good morning everyone..
No no no Janie, that is your snow and please don't share. :) We are to have warmer temps this week end and no snow..

Working around home today...little jobs that are finally going to get done. Then sew, I hope.

Phyliss I did look up Rustic tart and my Mom used to make that when there wasn't enough pastry to do another pie. Sometimes she would also roll the left over pastry out and put butter,brown sugar and cinnamon on it then roll it up and bake it. That didn't last long we loved that. Thank you for brining that memory back and I think that is the way to do some pie/tart here as it takes forever to eat a pie without help.

Gloria, wouldn't it be nice if the wi tch parked her broom at another place?

Larry, hope you have a wonderful day today.

Enjoy your day everyone.
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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 05, 2019, 07:37:48 AM
Good Morning everyone. well those that eat at McDonald's will be able to eat cheaper just seen on the news a fellow is sewing them over 33 cents higher than a compeater. but they may have to raise there price to cover court cost, HA HA. Have a great day. is 49º here and cloudy suposed to get in the upper 60 ty's Have a great day.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Sandy on April 05, 2019, 08:02:28 AM
Good Morning All from the
sunny, rocky coast of Maine.

Shirley,  I am sorry to see that
you have an unwanted operation,
coming up sooner than you

Jenny, I feel so bad
for Michele and her family
with her having to fight
this awful battle.

Eating "Fast Food" can be
a lot cheaper than cooking
from scratch around the home. 
Unfortunately there are so
many negatives about "Fast Food"
with the Fat and extra Calories,
that forces us to be very
careful not to over induldge. 
Which is not easy if when we
are really hungry..

Hope that you all have a better
day today.  Weekend is
just around the corner..

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Post by: larryhanna on April 05, 2019, 09:38:43 AM
 Hi Everyone.  Kind of a dreary morning and will be a cloudy day with the temp getting into the low 60's this afternoon.  Our housekeeper will be here today.  I am going to just have to check in for today as am fighting a great weariness this morning. I sat on the side of the bed for about 45 minutes before I could get motivated to get cleaned up and dressed.  This is one of those mornings when I am having trouble holding my head upright when I am standing but can keep it upright when sitting.  I did get in the car yesterday morning and go with Pat over to Walmart to pick up the grocery order and Scott was here to help her get them in the house and put away.

Lindancer, if people don't want hugs then just let the other person know.  I will take as many hugs as I can get.  It is so sad that primary teachers are not suppose to even touch a student anymore.  I guess a few bad apples spoil the basket full.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Joy on April 05, 2019, 12:39:00 PM
Just stopping by to say "Hello"

I know I have been missing for a couple days.   Just been busy  "piddling" around and you can't really see anything that I have accomplished.  Worked on reconciling my checking account, had some phone calls to make, had some things to look up on the computer and  just general  straightening up.

Shirley, sorry to see where you will have to have surgery, but, I am sure you will be fine.  You are a STRONG lady.

Larry, sorry you are having so many issues in the morning.

Gloria, I know all about those inspections.  Our manager is not exactly like yours, but a lot of residents have issues with her.  I get along with her very well, and have no problems.  But, our inspections are basically to make sure everything is working properly. And I am sure they do a quick glance around.  Usually, if they are in here for 5 min. it is a long time.  But, everybody always get so nervous when the notice comes around.  But, they usually give us a couple weeks before they come.

Amy, I am so happy to hear the good news about your husband. 

Jenny, glad your daughter-in-law is feeling better.  That does take a lot out of you, but soon it will all be behind her.  I keep her in my prayers.

I am sorry if I missed anyone who is not feeling up to par, so I will just wish everyone a better day today.

Jane, as a matter of fact,  my partner and I did win our card game last night.  My partner was a substitute so I told her she was a good luck charm.  We just seemed to be able to play right into each other's hands.  Worked out good, for a change.  No big celebration, tho.

Yes, I am excited about the party for my DIL tomorrow night.  I know I will be on pins and needles all day.   I know it will be a fun evening, and I will get to see some of their friends who I don't get to see very often.

Hope everyone will have a great afternoon and evening. I need to get some lunch.

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Post by: Shirley on April 05, 2019, 08:13:55 PM
I got one load of laundry done but not much else to show for my day.  Did get a call from the Cardio office, made the appointment to visit with the doctor that does the TVAR. Asked the nurse making the appointment if it really was just a talk... or did I need to shave my legs! :dontknow:  :nanadance2: She assured me (after she quit laughing) it was just to talk. These things we want to know, right?  Thanks for the thoughts & prayers,

Spent most of the day fighting my computer because it says the Bluetooth is off.,. so it won't sync with my Fitbit. I know it is the computer bluetooth because I can sync with my iPhone.... In Windows 10 I can't find the setting to turn bluetooth off & on... when I check in settings it wants to know if I want to add a device but refuses to give me the option to add Fitbit Versa... asks if I want to UNINSTALL... Finally tonight Fitbit joined the laptop and gave me the info I was looking for. It really is a good tool to be able to show the doctor my history of resting heart rate, etc. Mine is on the high side & has been going up the past month again. I don't wear it for exercise, etc.,but is the most accurate watch I've ever owned. My daughter has hers set with emojis that mimic her activities.

Have I missed Gloria's report after the witch zoomed in?  I scrolled back & didn't find anything from her. Suppose she blew her cool & popped the old bag & they locked her up?   :tickedoff:   Check in, Gloria~~

#1 son is stopping by on his way home, to pick up that chocolate pie I made & can't possibly eat it all. Running late so was getting a little concerned. He called, last student finally left so he'll be here soon. Will check in later.

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Post by: Denver on April 05, 2019, 09:23:13 PM
A Good Friday afternoon to EVERYFRIEND.

The long awaited day arrived for the house cleaner lady. We prepared so well for her.....making sure there was no clutter around the top of the desk was only a lamp, a container of pens and pencils and the telephone and that was it.  I have very few knick knacks at all.  Like four small things on the mantel... one vase and a lamp on a side table.  Definitely conducive to easy cleaning. She was to be here four hours for a "deep clean".  She told us she would wipe down all doors and cabinets. The kitchen cabinets appeared to be wiped, sort of, but no doors were wiped at all. No lamp shades were dusted....a few picture frames were half dusted. The sofa was not vacuumed, even tho she specifically said that was part of the deep clean. Enough of this.  I am sorry to vent.  I do not think we will have her back.  It was quite disappointing.  She charged $38. an hour.  I am not sure if I should contact her immediately and tell her she did not meet up to her discription of her services, or what?  I thought I might let her come back one more time and see how she does, but Bob thinks there is already enough evidence of her type of work and we should end it immediately.  Any suggestions from you all?

SANDY, your kind words for Michele mean so much.  Thank you. 

Enjoy the surprise party tomorrow, JOY! Thank you for your prayers. 

LARRY, sorry this is not a better day for you.  Take care.🙏

One of Dr. Dave's  very sick patients that comes to him for hyperbaric chamber treatments brings in a get well card every week for him to take home to Michele.  So many people go out of their way to show their kindness, and this is one of those examples.  We spoke to Bob's Sister in Florida today to wish her a Happy Birthday, and she tells us there is one lady at their church that ask her every Sunday how the week went for Michele.  The prayers that are being said ALL OVER THE WORLD are so heartwarming.  Those of you that have put her on your church prayer lists.....oh my, my heart is SO FULL of thankfulness.  💞💞

SHIRLEY, they just told on the news tonight how well Mick Jagger is doing after his heart operation.....that will be you SOON.  I just know you will do well also. HUGS. I see you slipped in.....glad you had contact with the doctors office.  Oh my, I sure hope Gloria did not have a altercation with the w*tch!

YIPPEE, JANE went to the Amish Store!  So happy Cathy agreed to wait for you to go along.  You know this always brings a big smile to my face, because I know how much you like to shop there.  I just wish 8 could join you!!

I wish you all a good night of rest.


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Post by: JaneS on April 05, 2019, 10:57:40 PM
Hello Friends!  I just stopped by to say...

Good night Everyfriend!  I offer prayers for all who need them.  And I'm wondering about Gloria, too.  I hope she's OK. 

SHIRLEY, I hope your "visit" with the Dr. goes well and everything is laid out to your satisfaction.

My last yard guy will be here tomorrow morning and I'm going to listen to everything he has to say.  Then I'll make my decision accordingly.  I think he's the youngest one of all of them but his is an actual business for him.  He's also the farthest away.  I'll know by next week and maybe the weather will be cooperating and things can actually get started.
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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 05, 2019, 11:16:53 PM
well I am slow tonight , but I bid you all sweet dreams and goodnight. Hope to see you all in the Morning.

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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 06, 2019, 06:49:33 AM
well I went to dream land early and seam to be first in this A M. seam to dream lot's any more mostly with people already gone home, sure hop that not sign I am soon to join them on the other side? for the most part i am enjoying being here as the weather is getting warmer and more comfy. hope you all will have a day just as you like it, see you all later,

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Post by: Amy on April 06, 2019, 07:12:43 AM
Good morning everyone..
We did get some of Janie's snow that she blew this way:) Not a lot of snow but enough to make roads wet.

Yesterday did not go as planed, we wended up in emerg  for 4 hours.Kyle was seen by a really nice Dr and he is sending hubby for a MRI. Will know more after that

Today is laundry and I may try to get more yogurt made.

Making this short ,need to get a move on..

Enjoy your day everyone.
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Post by: Gloria on April 06, 2019, 07:14:23 AM
Good morning everyone, foggy this morning but should be a sunny warmer day so says the weather guesser.

AMY  that left over pie dough rolled out with cinnamon and sugar and baked is something my Mom used to do and I did that, too. Sometimes I would add some chopped nuts. My 3 loved it. I wish the company would get rid of the witch, no one even wants to even say hello to her. Wonder what she will find fault with when she comes in for the yearly inspection.

LARRY  hugs always feel good. Contact with a person always feels good.

JOY  yesterday it was the owners that were here making sure everything was working and no windows or door blocked. I know she will complain about this wood floor(cheap imitation) that the finish is wearing off. You can look at it and see where I walk all the time, can see the track from the rollator.

SHIRLEY  had a good laugh at your remark about me popping the witch. Glad I don't run into  her often when I go by her office on my way in or out.

JENNY  I do not cross the witch,  she would find a way to evict me.

JANE  I have been in, I know I make sure it is posted.

LLOYD  hope you take it easy today.

Have a good day.
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Post by: JaneS on April 06, 2019, 07:19:06 AM
I'm up and attem!  The doggies are awaiting their breakfast.  They've had their pill and we're awaiting the boinger.

LLOYD, I went through a period a few years ago when I dreamed of my parents and my grandparents almost every night.  I wondered the same thing you did but it hasn't happened yet.

As soon as the boinger goes and the doggies have been fed, I'll be off to get dressed just in case the yard guy is early.  I have the cushions of the wicker settee on the porch and I've just about decided that it needs to be painted.  I do need to do something to the legs where the wicker is coming off.  A few years ago, I taped the legs of the matching chair and it's still holding.  Maybe I'll try that.  And then paint it.

It's almost time for the boinger so I'll wish you all a good day.  Good Morning Gloria!

JENNY, still praying regulary for Michele and everyone who cares about her.
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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 06, 2019, 08:47:01 AM
 JaneS sure thank  you for the word's of support as I am enjoying my time here. sun is shining bright here this A M. weather guesser says currently 46º and shutting for the 70 tys . sore through t is mostly alright now, still a little stuffy headed. we mix honey bourbon and lemon equal parts for such conditions, I think I will go get another shot and go fiend a good western movie on the couch and take it easy today as Gloria advised. see you all Later.

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Post by: phyllis on April 06, 2019, 09:36:48 AM
Amy, I am so sorry that something else has come up for you and your Kyle.  Especially hard to take after getting good news about the cancer.  You are in my thoughts and prayers as you go through another emergency.

Jenn, I think of Michelle so often and add my prayers to all of the others who are saying them for her.  And also for Dr. Dave and the kids.  They all must find extra strength at this time.

It rained all day yesterday but is only overcast today and supposed to be warmer.  We needed the rain just to wash down the pollen.  It is really bad this year and everyone is suffering.  It is just something we have to get through.  Medicine can help a little but the side effects are uncomfortable, too.

Good luck, Jane, on finding the right guy for the yard maintenance.  David does the mowing and general clean-up for our yard now but he is bothered by allergies, too, so I feel sorry for him when he goes out to do the yard work.  I've mentioned trying to find a yard guy but he says he doesn't mind doing it and it gives him some exercise.

Gloria, sorry you have to tread so carefully around the unpleasant lady in charge of your building.  I'm sure she won't find anything wrong with your apartment that would cause you to be evicted.

Hope you are feeling better, Lloyd, and no more accidents.

Larry, I'm glad you got out for a little change of scenery.  I know it made you tired but it can lift the spirits a little just to see the outside world.  Augusta and your town is going to be very busy for a few days now, aren't they?  I can't believe it is time again for the Masters.  I always enjoy watching it.

To All of our friends here in S&F......Please get well, stay well, and make it a good day.
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Post by: JaneS on April 06, 2019, 10:16:37 AM
AMY, I somehow missed your post about Kyle's adventure in the ER.  I'm so sorry and I'm sending extra prayers your way.  Please let us know as soon as you know something.
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Post by: larryhanna on April 06, 2019, 11:03:06 AM
 Hi Everyone. We are in for another cloudy day with a high in the mid-70s.  It is sort of like day and night the way I felt all day yesterday and last evening and how I am feeling this morning.  I actually feel a little more human today and looking forward to the day.  Late this afternoon are the last two semi-final games in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  They are getting started early enough that I should be able to watch all of both of them. 

The top Amateur women golfer from around the world are competing in the final round of the first Annual women's golf tournament ever played at the Augusta National Golf Course.  This is the only round they will have played on the true Master's Course as the other two days were played at another course.  I am sure I will watch quite a lot of the men's Tournament, which gets underway Tuesday with special events and then the actual tee off for the Tournament starting on Thursday.  Even if one doesn't care for golf just looking at the magnificent golf course and all the beautiful blooming plants is worth while.  This is considered the premier golf course in the world.  Many people fly in using their own or company planes and the roads are clogged and the restaurants and other businesses love it. Many people rent out their homes for this week for thousands of dollars.  The schools have their Spring break this next week and many residents leave town.  Our Church services have reduced attendance, except we older folks plus many of the activities of the Church are cancelled for the week.

I have read all of the postings but don't see anything I could have said other than what you all have already posted so will just do this check in for today and wish you all well.
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Post by: Joy on April 06, 2019, 11:56:13 AM
Just a quick good morning.  I have a couple things to do until I need to get ready to go out later this afternoon.

Larry, I do hope that you feel better this morning.  And, that you  will have an enjoyable day watching the ladies play golf. Quite an honor to be able to play there.

Amy, I was also sorry to hear about your husband's trip to the ER.   He had just had such a good report from the scans he had had, so hope this wasn't anything related.  Just another little bump in the road.  I, sometimes, get a little tired of these "little bumps in the road".  Hope you both will be able to enjoy the week end.

I, too, continue to keep Michele and all her family in my thoughts and prayers. 

Jane, good luck in finding the "perfect"  lawn guy !!!

Gloria,  I don't think we have ever had the owners of the maintenance company go through the apartments.  It usually is just the maintenance man and the manager.  Although I have had just the maintenance man come by himself.  Also, I am on the 4th floor and our floor has not had the new smoke detectors installed.    The 1st, 2nd,  and 3rd floors , I think they have been changed, but so far ours hasn't.   And, I think the law, at least here in Maryland, was that all smoke alarms were to be replaced with ones that have a battery that will last, I think, about 10 years.  They will change the batteries if they start to beep, but every year when they change the clocks, I always have my son change the two in my place.   So, at least, I won't have to be doing that twice a year.  I sure don't want that thing to  start beeping in the middle of the night.  So far, I have not had any problems.  Last week, the maintenance man stopped and asked my alarms had been replaced yet, and I told him they had not. So, I have been expecting him to come back any day now.

Have a great day.

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Post by: Shirley on April 06, 2019, 03:49:52 PM
First of all, Amy, I've been in here twice & started a post but phone rang or someone at the door so I lost my post (didn't have time to do the size, color, etc)... I'm so sorry about the emergency, will double the prayers that this was "just a bubble" that can be over with fast. We sure have a lot of parts that can cause trouble, don't we?  Special hug for the both of you.

Just got back from Sam's Club, had a bite of the cats rotisserie chicken (straight out of their oven), then decided to have dessert before a meal. Those blackberries I cooked this week are delicious on toast, but I bought the little pound cakes today & put some of those blackberries & dollop of Cool Whip on top & fighting myself to keep from having another bowl full. SO good!

Joy, you reminded me that I still have not put my basement smoke detector back up, I changed batteries but when I tested it wouldn't give the squeal so thought it was worn out. I searched Amazon for new ones & happened to notice that one mentioned holding the test button down to make sure it squealed... well, that worked!  Don't have to buy a new one, just got to put it back up...

Larry, Cas was glued to the TV for all those golf games & would yell at me to "come see" the gorgeous flowers. He was so jealous that a parish member took our Priest to play golf on that course.... wealthy member  ;) , but that Priest delighted in talking to someone that realized how special that was. Cas was not a member of the church but any time he saw Cas he would make a point of talking golf with him. Cas was not fond of "organized" religion. His 2 best friends growing up were preacher's sons so he had a slanted view, but like I always explained to our kids, "he was quick to pray when they got sick and a believer that God was everywhere".... and he was grateful when prayers were said for him! We respected each other's beliefs and didn't try to change each other. Do hope you get some relief from being so tired when spring settles down. Glad that oxygen does help, does being outside help you?  Cas seemed to breathe easier in fresh air.

Jenn, I sure wouldn't be willing to waste more money on someone that can't do better than I will!  I've been trying to figure how I can have another pair of hands & feet to do a real spring cleaning.... working with someone that can do half again what I do. Don't know how to find one but my daughter says to price "by the job" and not by the hour. Makes sense, just make out a list of what you want done & ask how much.... I'm going to nail the pool guy down this next time, bottom line price & what it includes. Every time he keeps adding costs to what we talked about, more this & more that... & the bill is way MORE than what I expected! 

Jane, with my yard full of Bermuda grass there is no way to kill it without killing everything else (including the cats), so I'm not willing to pay $500-$1000 to make that berm look nice when a few months later is totally overgrown again. This year this whole area has a bumper crop of that purple weed.. the bloom looks like a giraffe head, don't know the name... solid mass of it between my house & the river & in many yards. I'm ready to call a truce & whatever covers the ground can stay! Reminds me, we're supposed to get rain this afternoon & think it is safe to put the rain gauge out again.  Better go do that while I think of it.

Gloria, was thinking of ways to keep the witch from your doorstep... how about holding a heavy pot when you see her coming & accidentally dropping it on her toes if she gets in your face... when she stoops over to pat her sore toes your rollator might get away from you & roll over the other toes... no? You can secretly grin next time you see her & remember my suggestion... okay? ;D 

Be back later, y'all behave (or have fun).
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Post by: Amy on April 06, 2019, 05:12:24 PM
This day has been beautiful!! At first I didn't think I could hang laundry out, cloudy etc but it soon cleared and out went the bedding and towels!  While hanging them out a lone loon flew over so they are now back.  I put the instant pot on to make a double batch of yogurt, getting dirty looks for one pooch that there is no whey in her food! Then made 8 1/2 doz peanut butter cookies.put some in the hidey hole for you..that is it for me today.

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers ,I have a million thoughts running through my head and hope I am wrong about them all.I know how good we both felt when the oncologist gave the good news and now this.

Shirley ,thank you for the hugs.

Joy,I hope so too...with all the pot holes in the roads we sure don't need bumps in our life!

Jane, thank you..I hope we know soon. Just need to get the appointment for the MRI.

Enjoy your evening..

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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 06, 2019, 09:35:03 PM
Good evening everyone. well I went to get on line and had no internet. I called the phone service and got a automated service now try talking to one of those, I am sure it is crazy but a little more of that and I would loose my sanity and and my temper both. have a good rest of the evening,

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Post by: Lindancer on April 06, 2019, 09:48:08 PM
Good Late evening.  My breathing and oxygen level is not that good againto night.  One of the neighbors insist on sleeping on the couch to night . I keep telling her I am OK for the night. 

I will say good night and BIG hugs to everyone.  Prays where needed.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Mary Ann on April 06, 2019, 10:00:10 PM
Lloyd, try your airplane key, if it is on you don't connect.

Mary Ann

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Post by: JaneS on April 06, 2019, 11:38:51 PM
A late night hello to Everyfriend!  I've had a busy day today and I fell asleep on the sofa twice.

The third yard guy was here this morning.  He seems to know what he's talking about and he shook my hand coming and going.  He took some measurements and my list and will get back to me by the end of the week with an offer.

After he left, I gave the doggies their snack, had a tomato sandwich and then took off to buy doggie shampoo.  When I got back, I stripped the cover off the couch, threw it in the washer and then threw Mickie in the bath tub.  She really doesn't like baths and lets me know that in no uncertain terms.  After her bath,  rested a bit and then it was Annie's turn.  She doesn't mind baths...meaning she knows it's something she has to put up she's a bit easier.  But all that hanging over the tub and lifting and scrubbing and drying took the wind out of my sails. 

I cleaned out the bathtub and threw all the dog towels in the washer with the sofa cover and then I had to deal with the rest of that and supper too.

Everything is done except for changing the bed.  And THAT will have to wait for tomorrow.

I'm off to bed to recoup...I hope. 

I wis you all a great night's sleep and a happy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!
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Post by: Amy on April 07, 2019, 07:57:57 AM
Good morning everyone.

Going to be another lovely day here. We need to take the garbage, ashes and dog landmines to the  dump today.

Jane, can you attach a removeable shower head and get in the tub with the dogs to bath them. I would get in the tub with the dogs and found it much easier to do..we now don't have a tub but a walk in shower and it makes it much easier on me.

Lloyd, hope you have your internet all straightened out.

I had better put an egg in my boot and beat it, sorely lagging behind this morning.

Enjoy your day everyone...

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Post by: phyllis on April 07, 2019, 08:09:36 AM
Am I the only one up?  Maybe that means that everyone is having a good sleep in.  Hope so.

Very foggy out this morning.  Warm air coming in and it is supposed to be up in the 70's today.  Not too bad.

Quiet weekend so far and I hope it stays that way.

Well, there is Amy checking in.  Good morning, Amy, hope things go well for you today.  I would love to hear the loons. 
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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 07, 2019, 08:28:47 AM
Mary Ann I know I am dutch y but I cant help that. I do not know what you are talking about My airplane key. I do not have a airplane.also I never put in enough hours to get a pilot's License I did take enough hours to do sallow but never finished enough time to fly.. It is 55º and calling for high in the 70 ty's in today.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Mary Ann on April 07, 2019, 08:51:56 AM
Lloyd, on my laptop on the function keys, over the + sign is an airplane key.  Sometimes I hit that key when I want the + and I disconnect the Internet.  It happened to me last week. 

If you don't have an airplane key, someone else will have to help you.  I don't have a plane or pilot's license either.

Mary Ann
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Post by: Shirley on April 07, 2019, 10:42:18 AM
Well, doggies.........Mary Ann, I never noticed that little airplane key before!  That's like on the phone, iPod, etc. to put the item in "airplane mode"... meaning turn off the wi-fi!!!  Glad you told us because I'm sure I've done it before & one of my kids fixed the problem of no internet without explaining to me.  Thank you!

What kind of computer are you using, Lloyd?  I am on the HP... my little airplane icon is same as Mary Ann's... right over or on top of the row of keys with numbers & then the _- and =+ keys.  If you see the + sign, look right above..,. at least on this HP laptop. Good luck!

Boy, do we have fog... worst I think I've ever seen in KS. Does anyone know if the tail lights come on when using the "auto running lights"?  I noticed a lot of cars today that rear lights were not on but were the kind that had "running lights" on. Their brake lights came on but didn't even see the cars until they stepped on their brakes. I've been doubting that mine are on but never confirmed one way or the other because it's hard to see when in the garage with light showing throught the open door & don't want to leave the car running & close the garage door. So, I've been turning off the "auto" and using manual ON when it's raining or thick fog like this morning.

Busy day, didn't get enought sleep last night so need a nap. Cats all happy this morning, Tom & Callie had salmon & Tiger got tuna. So funny to watch them sniff their bowl to see if they want what is offered... Last can of salmon so will have to do some shopping! 

Super Sunday to all.........(gotcha, Callie)  ;)
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: larryhanna on April 07, 2019, 11:07:48 AM
 Hi Everyone. We are to have another cloudy day with it getting to 80 this afternoon.  It wasn't that warm yesterday but still comfortable to to sit out on the porch yesterday afternoon, which I did for 30 minutes or so and hope to do so again this afternoon.  I had to wash the pollen off the porch chairs.  In the past I have done that with the garden hose but can no longer get to the turn on valve. 

Happy to say I had a day yesterday that I was not anxious to have it end as was feeling a 100% different than on Friday and enjoyed the day.  This is the second day in a row my blood pressure was too low to take the diuretic as was only 59 and the doctor told me it must be at least 60 or above to take it.  The main thing I have on the agenda today is to go to Church by listening to last weeks Church service online as I can visualize being there. I did watch a couple of hours of golf yesterday afternoon and then watched the first game of the Semifinal of the men's basketball game.  I didn't try to watch the second game as came on too late.  However, when I got up to have my Camomile Tea I did catch the last few minutes of it.

Joy, actually I didn't watch the amateur women play that last round of golf on the Master's Course.  They had finished by the time I got to the TV yesterday afternoon.  I didn't realize that they had smoke detectors that would run for ten years on a battery.  Ours need to be changed every year and sometimes sooner.  I can reach all but a couple of them and they are the easiest to change than any we ever have had as the little battery case open and it doesn't require taking device off the wall and hooking the battery terminals to the battery. 

Shirley, our bodies are certainly very complex systems and it is amazing how they can work when things go wrong but aren't we thankful that they can.  I think the only way someone not a member of the club can play at Augusta National is when a guest of a member.  The members have to have deep pockets.  Even getting tickets to watch the Masters is not an easy process but a sought after ticket.  I haven't been outside very much since I became ill but know the fresh air can't be harmful and hope to do that more when we have weather in the high 70's and the 80's.  I have a very nice place to sit on my front porch that is in the shade in the afternoons.  I agree with your daughter in having housework paid for a set price rather than on a hourly basis.  At the beginning of this year we gave our housekeeper a little raise as she had done the job for 4 years without an increase and is well worth what we pay her.  It usually takes her about 3 hours to clean our little over 2,000 square foot home although doesn't often clean the upstairs sewing room although she is welling to do so. Have you asked friends for any recommendations as some of them may have housekeepers.  You deserve not having to do the housecleaning as it sounds like your cats are a full-time job.  I will not put out my rain gauge this year as can't get out to empty it with the rollator and the ground is so uneven. 

Amy, I hope your husband gets good results from his new tests.  Your worrying is not going to change the results but do understand your concern as he has been through so much. 

Lloyd, hard to get a problem fixed with those recorded phone messages.  Glad to see you are back online. Different brands of laptops set their function keys to different functions. 

Lindancer, how thoughtful of your neighbor to stay with you last night.  I do hope your breathing is better today. 

Jane, I know from some experience that washing a pet is not an easy task when they don't want to cooperate.  You were busy yesterday.  I hope you can have a quiet Sunday with your clean dogs and sofa. 

Phyllis, we have not had many mornings with fog so far this year and sometimes it stays down around the river and we are on a bluff so often miss it altogether.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: CallieOK on April 07, 2019, 03:37:11 PM
Good Afternoon,

Shirley,  I consider myself "Got!  :) :)     

Re:  housecleaning.  I use a locally owned Cleaning Service every two weeks The same gal comes every time and she now sees things that need attention that I haven't even noticed - as well as doing some occasional extras since it rarely takes her as long as the estimated time.  I do tip her every time but don't pay her directly.  The Service bills me a monthly set fee that's based on certain services and personal needs and how long the estimated time for cleaning my # of rooms would take.  The Service takes care of getting a sub or any other change I might need.

Miss Emily called earlier to say she had finished her first Board Exams, which were today. She and friends who had also taken them were going out to celebrate but she didn't mention fog in the K.C. area.

Larry,  I also saw the last few minutes of the second basketball game last night and was glad Texas Tech won.  Always glad to see a conference team win if my Sooners or Cowpokes aren't in the running.

Gloria,  I, too, am glad your neighbor stayed with you last night.  Hope things are better today.

Not much going on around here except the "same old same old".  Did go OTL today after church.  Now ready to be a Recliner Radish and finish the paper....such as it is.  I'm too stubborn to switch completely to on-line reading and surely do miss the various columns and other things that are no longer in the print version.

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 07, 2019, 03:42:34 PM
Hello Everyfriend!  So far, I've had a rather busy day.  Nothing special but just "keep up" work.

The fog was like pea soup around my house and I considered the possibility of not going to church but I was all ready before I noticed how heavy it was so I gave it a try.  The church is about 2 miles south of me and the further south I went the thinner the fog was so I'm glad I went.

After church, I made a quick stop at WM for a couple of items I needed and then home to change the bed.

I usually change the bed the day the doggies get their bath but I was just plain too tired last night.  Now it's all clean for tonight.

LARRY, I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better today and I'm also envious of your porch sitting.  I'm so looking forward to that!

Gloria de, so nice of your neighbor to look after you last night.  I'm sure you slept better for knowing someone was there.

AMY, did the egg work?

JOY, was your DIL surprised and I'm sure you enjoyed the party.

Washer just finished with the last load of bedding so I better go put it in the dryer.  Be back later.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Joy on April 07, 2019, 04:46:24 PM
Late getting here today.  It has been just a busy day on the computer.  And, some telephone calls. 

My DIL's party last night was very nice.  There were 32 people there and it was nice to see some of their friends that I don't get to see very often.   Some of her friends who she has not seen for a while.  They all used to dance in a clogging group, and a lot of them still go to the Fiddler's Conventions down in Virginia and North Carolina a couple times a year. 

And, yes, Jane, she was totally surprised.  And more surprised to see friends that she hadn't seen in a while.  Some of their mutual friends, I hadn't seen for a good while.  It was nice to catch up with them and what was going on in their families.  All have children that are grown up now.

Food was good and very plentiful.   There was even some left-overs boxed up for the taking. So, I have dinner for two nights.

I don't know where this day has disappeared to.  The sun has been shining most of the day, but getting cloudy now.

Larry, I hope you had the same kind of a nice day today that you had yesterday.  Maybe that is the start of a good turnaround for you. Glad you were able to sit out.  Not warm enough here to do that yet.

Gloria, I am sorry you are feeling too well and it was nice your neighbor spent the night with you.  You certainly have nice neighbors that I know you appreciate. 

Looks like it is almost dinner time, and it seems like I just ate my breakfast.  The days go by so fast lately.  I have several busy week-ends coming up, so I am hoping that will help to restore my energy.

Have a wonderful rest of the evening.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 07, 2019, 05:34:35 PM
Mary Ann Thanks for the coaching. I will try to learn better what to do and do it better, Have a great rest of the day. we went this afternoon to great grand son's Birthday Party. fun to watch them play,but I can't keep up with them. too old.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 07, 2019, 10:22:47 PM
well It has not been busy Here today or my computer is not doing it's Job.
oh Well it is time to bid you all good night and sweet dreams. hope to see you all here in the morning in good sprites and good health. Good night all.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 07, 2019, 10:55:33 PM
Just stopping by to say...

Good night Everyfriend!  I wish you a peaceful night and a happy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Denver on April 08, 2019, 01:17:26 AM
Sunday night....already!  Where do the weekend go?  We had two beautiful days and we sure enjoyed them.  We cleaned the garage that was so badly needed.  The back end of our SUV is packed with charitable items and the trash stack is very impressive.

AMY, I am so sorry to read about another scare with Kyle.  I do hope he can get right in to have the MRI so you can hopefully ease your minds that it is nothing serious.  One step forward, tw9 steps back!  You two sure could use a break after all you have been through.

LARRY, it sure is good to see a nice post from you.  I hope you continue to feel stronger eac( day. 

CALLIE, it seems your housekeeper set up is a good one.  We are still in a tizzy over our situation and still do not know just what we should do.  Congrats to Ms, Emily for finishing her first board exam.

GLORIA de, I hope you are feeling better today.  How sweet of your neighbor to want to spend the night to make sure you were OK. 

Tomorrow Michele will got to the University of Colorado to see a Oncologists that is thought to be the best for her particular type of cancer.  We will take her there and she will meet Dave and they will go together.  We will then take her back home. 

I am off to bed....pleasant dreams to EVERYFRIEND.


Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 08, 2019, 06:12:10 AM
Good Morning everyone. hope you all are having a peaceful end to your nights sleep,and have a great day as you like. we plan on getting the finishing touches on the RV clean and fixing up the R V ready to hit the road for a while. see you all later.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 08, 2019, 07:02:26 AM
Good morning everyone..

Woke to liquid sunshine this morning, a gentle rain it is.

Chasing dust bunnies today and putting the finishing touches on a quilt top and maybe starting another.

Jenny, I hope Michele gets encouraging  news from the oncologist.

Lloyd, enjoy your day.

Joy, that was the perfect birthday party for all!!

Larry, you are right it doesn't so I just put it in God's hands.

Jane, that did work and now I am going to put another one in and beat it. :) Can't get my work done sitting ....can I?

Enjoy your day everyone..
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 08, 2019, 07:10:58 AM
Good Morning Everyfriend!  It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day in Central Pa.  I got up to 54º and it's supposed to get into the mid 70s  later today.  My kind of day!

The doggies have been out and have had their pill and we're waiting for the boinger and then breakfat.  After that, I'll be getting ready to go meet my public at WM for a few hours.  When I come home...we'll see.

JENNY, my prayers continue for Michele and her family and that includes you and Bob..I hope this trip today is a good one!

Still praying for a good MRI for Kyle!

The only thing I have planned is to get Emma's birthday gift on the way to Oklahoma.  My daughter will be there for her birthday and she's promised me a "face time" call with Emma.  It's better than nothing!

Guess I better get moving.  It's almost time for the boinger and when that goes off, there's no putting off a couple of hungry doggies.  I wish you all a good day...especially you Larry and Gloriade.  Take it and make it your own in every way!
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: phyllis on April 08, 2019, 07:49:57 AM
Cloudy morning here with severe storms predicted for this afternoon.  I hope the prediction isn't really as severe as "they" are saying but what will be, will be.

Today is a normal Washday Monday for me but it is supposed to be a busy week with a couple of appointments and deliveries and maintenance people all due during the week. A lot of activity for me but all stuff that has to be done.

Must get going and get breakfast over with.  Take care, All.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Gloria on April 08, 2019, 09:13:35 AM
Good morning everyone. Read the posts but cannot sit here lo. Raining and the dampness has set into my bones. Glad my CNA will be here later and can give me a back massage. Have an appointment tomorrow morning, hope I do not have to cancel it.  Have a great day.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Sandy on April 08, 2019, 10:03:07 AM

Good Morning Everyone from the cold,
and SNOWY,  rocky coast of Maine.

What a surprise when I looked out my
windows and saw snow on the ground
and in the air still..   It is suppose
to turn to rain later.   And I suspect
cold, wet and chilling to the bone
for the next few days.     


Looking around at the web cams from
Duluth,  and the lakes region and
I see lots of rain and FOG around the
Northern Mid West as well as here in
New England. 

Other wise all is well here.   Just
a bit disappointing as I as hoping
for a warmer, drier and sunnier
for cast..   :'(

Not to be here in New England.
It must be April showers... 

Have a good day,  Everyone!
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: larryhanna on April 08, 2019, 10:55:42 AM
 Hi Everyone.  I have read all of the postings since yesterday but am only going to check in today as not feeling very good and am very tired.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Carol on April 08, 2019, 01:10:36 PM
Larry:  Take an easy resting day. 

In the past 4 weeks, we have had 10 visitors stay over - most for two nights.  I am barely doing anything and woke at 4 AM so off to a poor start today. 

Jenny:  I read about your DIL, prayers for the family. 

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 08, 2019, 06:07:40 PM
Got home from work about 2;15 very tired after a  really busy day at work.  An electrical inspector was waiting in my driveway and while he was still here, the radon guy came.  By the time they both left, I was so tired I couldn't think strait.  So I curled up on the sofa and took a nap.  That lasted about 2 hours and now I feel somewhat better. 

I'm going to get us some supper and then I'm going to do absolutely NOTHING for the rest of the day. I hope you are all doing the same!
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 08, 2019, 06:18:22 PM
Jane ,that is great advice, curling up and doing nothing. I can handle that! I did finish off another quilt so onto the next one. This one will be a camp quilt for a boy.

We did hear from the hospital and Kyle has an appointment for Apr.25th . Not happy with the time but tis ok..just hope we don't have to come home in the dark.

Enjoy your evening..
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 08, 2019, 11:09:16 PM
AMY, seems like they might have got him in a bit sooner but that's hospitals for you!

I did as I said I would...NOTHING!  I do feel somewhat better.  Now I'm going to wish you all a very GOOD night and a happy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Denver on April 08, 2019, 11:40:02 PM
Good evening.  This day proved to be a good I am smiling🥰🥰

Michele's appointment went very well.  Some of the suggestions are not easy ones to accept, but this doctor made both Dave and Michele feel good about her situation and the hope and trust that he will be helping them through this.  One of the new plans is to do radiation on her lung for 6 weeks, so that will extend her chemo time. 😢  This Doctor will be monitoring things and assures them that if things on the current plan are not doing the job then he has other things that they can try. All we can do is trust in our Good Lord and accept all the love and prayers that you all are saying for us and rejoice in our blessings.

We picked Michele up at Dave's Office, so they were able to drive one car to the University.  She was hungry so we had a sub sandwich at Firehouse Sub that she was craving.....we were thrilled she was hungry.  Then we decided to take a drive to see a lot that some friends of theirs have just purchased to build on soon.  She was feeling quite good and we ended up even looking at a show home that is nearer to their home and she was so happy to think that we might be interested in a possible move nearer to them. All in all it was a delightful time with her and I think she truly enjoyed the time also.  Bob kept asking her if she was OK, not wanting to wear her out too much, but she assured us she was doing good.  Now if she is feeling good tomorrow too, we will all be rejoicing! 

LARRY, I, too, am sorry today was not a better day for you.  I do hope you could take it easy and that a good night of rest will make tomorrow a better day for you. 

AMY, I am feeling sad that you have to wait so long for Kyle's MRI appointment.  Also that the time of day might be an issue for you.

JANE, after your day you deserved a couple of hour nap and a good full night of sleep also.

Thank you, CAROL for your prayers. 

GLORIA, I hope your CNA was able to give you a nice massage and you got some relief.  I hope you are able to make it to yo7r appointment tomorrow.

Thank you ALL again for your continued support and prayers.  🙏🥰

I wish EVERYFRIEND a good night of rest.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Shirley on April 09, 2019, 12:12:25 AM
Well, I was not expecting to be rushed into doing more surgery but the new doctor that does the valve through the artery was emphatic today that "if I did nothing I'd be dead in a year"... if I want to go camping in the mountains in June I have to have the heart cath next week and they will put in stents if any blockage at that time. A week later they will do the valve replacement without opening the chest again, just push the new valve inside the one they put in 6 years ago. Not at all pleased that it takes 2 invasive procedures but I think I convinced the doctor & the nurse that I wanted the minimum of any kind of medicine and did not want to take blood thinners the rest of my life. The doctor was a little surprised at my determination to be in charge but I told him to talk to the other doctor (same office) that did the heart cath back then. We will see.... but doesn't seem to be a choice about what is needed & how soon. They will do the 2 procedures a week apart to give the dye with it's kidney danger time to clear out before invading again. I wanted to wait until after Easter but the nurse explained that it needed to be over by early May with June being play time in the mountains. All we can do is "the best we can"... so be it.

Gloria, Doris A called tonight, I've been thinking about her because I check every year to see if the dogwood is blooming in MO... dogwood & redbud growing in the woods is such a pleasure to see. Don't guess I'll get down again this year, not so much in the wild anymore but driving through Leawood (where we used to live) is "candy for the eyes"... huge dogwoods in pink and white. The campground at my fav spot at Truman Lake has a big dogwood tree at the entrance.  Doris said she is doing good, still driving herself anywhere she wants to go. I think we talked about 2 hours.... we always do. So funny how one thing brings up another & we finally quit when our ears get sore. We only met once but you'd think we grew up together.

Amy, the 25th is a long way off... hate to wait but not sure I like to be rushed into something like today, either. The nurse didn't ask if I "preferred" any particular day or time... but she would mail me the schedule when she got it worked out." Wasn't quite sure if they were rushing me in before I changed my mind or if they really thought I needed to get this taken care of ASAP. So hope all is okay with Kyle and was just one of those things that day. Is he nervous?  Do you get the feeling that we aren't in control of our lives? 

Jane, hope you can get rested up & slow down. This time of year so much going on with yards & all. I need to adopt a plumber and just got to find a cleaning lady to help me get this house cleaned out. No end of "to-dos"... Take care.

Great news, Jenn, and so glad you popped in so I can go to sleep with that on my mind. I can only imagine what a struggle is must be to keep her spirits up with worrying about "what will happen to her kids if"..... How far is it between where y'all live?  I've forgotten, does she have any other family in the area?  It would be nice to have those grands close enough they could ride their bikes to visit you. Extra prayers when I go to bed, that she still feels good tomorrow.

Sweet dreams to all and God Bless..... Shirley
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 09, 2019, 06:44:39 AM
Good morning everyone..

Liquid sunshine day here ,so far. We are off to the city to pick up my glasses...I use them for reading and they are just changing out the lenses.

Jane, I would have liked the appointment sooner but you take what you get and be thankful. I am happy to read you did that difficult job of nothing...hope you're able to do more of them .

Jenny, that was so nice to read Michele had a great time out with you and Bob. We do have to put our trust in the Drs  that they know what is best .

Shirley, on the bright side the operation is now.....not leaving you much time to worry and stew about it. Kyle is fine now knowing we do have a date. As we age we seem to lose a lot of control, as the body demands to be taken care of.

Gloria, I hope you have  better day today .

Gloria de, let today be one of easy breathing for you.

Larry, hope you feel a lot better today and can enjoy doing what you like.

Sandy, oh my, not nice to wake up to snow now...please keep it your way. Ours is slowly going  we have about a foot in the back yard, bare ground in part where I snow blew trails for the dogs and to get wood.

Carol, hope you had a good nights sleep last night..

Better get a move on here.

Enjoy your day everyone.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 09, 2019, 07:19:41 AM
Good Morning Everyfriend!  The doggies are waiting for the boinger and then breakfast.

Prayers on the way for Shirley.  Please let us know as soon as possible how it all went.  I expect you'll be packing for your June camping trip as soon as the dr. lets you up and about. 

JENNY, it sounds like you and Bob had a lovely time with Michele yesterday and I bet she would be delighted if you lived closer to them.  I'm wondering, too, how far away you are now.

I'm still praying for all who need it and I will continue to do so.

After my "do-nothing" evening and a pretty good night's sleep, I'm feeling much better.  When I'm not hungry, and I'm not sick, I know I'm overtired.  I'm giving some though to cutting my hours at WM and maybe it's past time.

I better get this day started.  Both dogs go to the vet for checkups today and that's going to be fun....NOT!  The only other thing on my agenda for today is the regular stuff and making a meal that I can eat the rest of the week.  I haven't decided what yet but I'm thinking some kind of stir fry. 

Enjoy your day, Everyfriend.  Make it your own in every way!
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 09, 2019, 08:17:29 AM
Good Morning everyone. It is bright sun here 54º and calling for high in the 70º range no rain in sight until the weakened. Have a great day. see you later.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: CallieOK on April 09, 2019, 09:53:14 AM
Shirley,  Prayers and Good Thoughts winging their way up I-35 to you.

Busy day ahead.   BBL to check in on the rest of you.  :) 
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: larryhanna on April 09, 2019, 10:47:09 AM
 Hi Everyone.  We had a stormy and rainy late afternoon and evening yesterday and more rain is in the forecast for today but tomorrow and Thursday are suppose to be nice.  At least it is 86 degrees here yesterday afternoon.  They had to suspend the first practice round at the Master's Tournament yesterday due to the lightning and high winds.  We have the chance of having the same situation again this afternoon and evening.  I had a very good night's sleep last night but am still very tired today so am just going to check in again this morning after reading all the postings. Shirley I am adding you to my prayer list but know you are a lady of strong well and love life so you will be fine and be able to enjoy your life again.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Joy on April 09, 2019, 10:56:10 AM
Good morning.  It is a pretty sunny morning, but won't get up to the 80º that we had yesterday.

I am waiting for my DIL to go to Walmart.   My bank is inside Walmart, so it is convenient.  I need some cash and also will pick up some bread and milk and some fresh fruit.   I had some frozen strawberries that I ate for my breakfast.

Shirley, I am glad that you made the decision to have the procedure in time for you to go camping in June.  Wishing you a real quick recovery.  You are a strong lady, so I am sure everything will go well and you will be "good as new" for a long time.  I know we are just about the same age, but you sure can run circles around me.  I am just getting so lazy, and I know that is something that only I can do anything about,  I am hoping when the weather gets warmer, that it will help to renew my energy.  Hate feeling this way.  Just to easy to not do anything !

Larry, happy to see you here this morning, but sorry that you are still feeling so tired. 

Hope everyone will have a good day.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Shirley on April 09, 2019, 11:51:38 AM
Thanks to one & all for the prayers and kind thoughts... 'tis a boost to have y'all think I am a tough bird, but still kine of reeling at this new twist. I really did think I had years before facing this again.

Joy, don't talk about being lazy... I want to go back to sleep so bad this morning but know I have way too much to do before that heart cath & probable stents next week. I've never added any of the kids to my checking accounts & need to talk to a lawyer about the codicil to my will (which Cas & I had made, identical, at least 30 years ago)... Need to get salmon & other cat foods to last for at least a while. Then how about a bathrobe to walk the halls in the hospital??? May only be 2 days but don't want to walk the halls with that fly trap back opening.  :o  For sure they get you up before your brain kicks in to be concerned about how one looks.  :-[ 

Things scheduled for spring (furnace/AC man to take care of the switching (cover off AC & stored) & then the pool guy to come do his thing (cover off & stored) while I push him into doing MY way. He dumps tons of chemicals into that icky water & I choose to dump the water & refill with fresh well water & just add chlorine for the summer), it takes 7 hours to fill at only cost of running pump motor... yard guy is taken care of but the gates to pool area aren't finished yet. I plan to paint them white since the old wood was redwood & we're making the new ones from "treated" wood. Need to make a list. I'm sure glad I didn't promise to boil & dye 10-12 dozen eggs like some years! 

Larry, this is the first time I've had to sign that I do NOT have a DNR on file and that I DO want blood if needed. Nurse explained why both are necessary now. Another first.... I signed to agree to heart cath from both sides, she says it gives a clearer picture. Ever had that?  Told her my kids all know my wishes but guess it's time to put into writing with a lawyer.

We are supposed to be in the 80s again today, that is HOT (I know Gloria feels like I do)... too hot in the sun by nice under a blooming Cleveland pear tree looking down at the trees lining the river, all popping out with new leaves. The tiger lilies now stretch almost the full width of our bank, full shade the entire width (not a single tree on the bank when we moved here a little over 30 years ago). The wisteria from my parents neighbor hangs from the tallest elm tree & bends it down. Bird nests in all the trees. I hear the red winged blackbirds but haven't actually seen them yet. The brown thrush is not back and do hear calls that are different so assume are migrating birds that only stop over for a rest & bite to eat.  Yes, Larry, I do love life and this little speck of earth in particular.

Better get moving. Hugs to all. Shirley
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Mary Ann on April 09, 2019, 12:24:13 PM
Shirley, I read what you and others do and plan and I'm ashamed that I do so little.  I mostly compute, only watch TV in the evening, nap some days (sometimes with the cat and other times without).  Even when I was the age of many of you, I still didn't to that much.  I've lived alone for most of the last 50 years but I'm so happy to have Tom here now. 

The sun is shining and it's 55 degrees; a bit higher and I will open the front door and keep it open until late afternoon.  Radar doesn't show it, but I keep hearing that we will have at least one more snow storm. 

My taxes both are submitted; the Federal has been accepted and the State has been mailed in.  I refuse to pay $25 to file for the State, especially when the refund is close to $25 so I won't hear from them until my bank account increases.  My taxes are simple but I find it harder to do each year.  Mostly procrastination.

Hugs for everyone who needs them, even if they don't need them (Dot is the hugger in our family).

Mary Ann
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Denver on April 09, 2019, 02:34:55 PM
Happy Tuesday, EVERYFRIEND!  Today is my Daddy's 95th Birthday!  I really wanted to be there with him today, but we can not be in two places at one time, and he understands this and encouraged me to not come back after just having been there, and I will go see him as soon as I can.  Truth is, I thought sure my brother would go down and see him....but he did not🤬🤬

SHIRLEY, I am sorry that you are being forced into doing the surgeries......but it seems they are both necessary and we do want you to be able to get to Colorado to camp with your boys.  I have every trust that you will be coming through this with flying colors....WE KNOW YOU❣️❣️ It always makes me smile when I read that you and Doris have had a nice L O N G chat🤣🤣 Happy to read she is doing well!

JANE, we only live 15 minutes door to door from Dave and Family now.  It is just that the new homes we looked at are about 5 minutes away.  I have to admit that having a nice brand new home would be very nice but we are so comfortable in our home and the thought of a move is frightening.  Unfortunately! Our home needs updates and that is a process that is frightening too.

LARRY, take it easy and rest yourself up for your next good day!  I saw that the practice rounds were cancelled due to weather yesterday and from what I have seen they probably are again today.  We have all kinds of weather alerts for tomorrow here....they are saying it could be another "bomb Cyclone"....yikes!🤬🤬

AMY, glad that Kyle is accepting the date that his MRI is scheduled for. 

JACKIE..... how is the new haircut?  Hope you are enjoying your MS Group right now.

Enjoy your day.


Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Carol on April 09, 2019, 03:58:40 PM
Jenny:  I am glad you are not going to be moving very far - if you do decide.  We have moved so many times, I am dead set on not moving until we need some care.  I used Tidy Maids of Castle Rock and they did a great job and quickly because they use several cleaners working at the same time.  Sorry, do not have the number with me. I am thinking the house will need refreshing when we get home and it takes me so long anymore.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dad.  I hope he is doing well.  You have too much stress these days - take care of yourself.   

Amy:  When is Kyle's MRI?  Best wishes to both of you.  Is winter finally over for you? 

Shirley:  It is better to get procedures rolling and you won't have time to think about it.  Your blooming flowers sound so lovely.  Buy yourself a super soft bath robe -

Mary Ann: Isn't it interesting that the weather persons are calling these episodes weather bombs?  I remember huge storms from long ago and it looks like they have picked up again this year.  Everything is cyclical. 

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 09, 2019, 10:40:39 PM
Hello Everyfriend!  I had a bit more energy today than I had yesterday.  The doggies had their annual checkup at the vet.  I took them both at the same time this year because Mickie is getting worse and worse about being left alone.  They were so good that everyone was commenting on their behavior.

Dr. Crombie asked me what I feed them because they are both so healthy.  They almost 12 and almost 14 and she said anyone who didn't know would think they were half that.  Makes me feel good.  We must be doing something right.

JENNY,  Happy Birthday to your father.  I'm sorry you can't be with him but nice to know he understands.

SHIRLEY, I wish I had your outlook on life.  You see everything in God's light and that's good.  I could almost see the flowers and trees as you described them.  I went back and reread your description just to "see" it again. 

Tomorrow's a work day and I'll be off to bed in a few minutes.  I wish you all a peaceful rest and a happy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 10, 2019, 07:02:01 AM
Good morning everyone.
Yesterday was interesting to say the least. Started off to the city and half way down remembered that my glasses were at home. I did have a pair in the van and hoped they would be ok for the new lenses if not it would have meant another trip down. They were able to put the new lens in the old frames,by then it was lunch time . Chinese buffet was delicious and the dogs enjoyed some of it too. We then went cross country to the chocolate factory picking up a few goodies there. Went to the quilt  store and picked up some awesome fabric called Sage and Sea Glass for a log cabin quilt.On the way home we drove into a snow storm :tickedoff:  but it petered out as we got closer to home.

Today  is taking the van in to get the winter tires off, I sure hope that was the last of the snow!!

Jane, that is a great report on you furkids.

Carol, Kyle goes on Apr.25th for his MRI.If the symptoms come back I am running him straight to the hospital in the city. I did that when he was having congestive heart failure but I stopped in a village at the ambulance depot and they finished the trip for me. By doing that he was seen to quicker  than if I had of taken him.

Better get a move on here.

Enjoy your day everyone.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 10, 2019, 07:15:18 AM
Good Morning Everyfriend!  I'm up and attem and definitely feeling more chipper than I have in a few days.  I'll be off to WM today for my visit with friendly faces.  I always seem to learn something from my customers and I guess that's good.  My dad used to say "If we don't learn something new every day, we might as well turn up our toes and die."  I'm not ready for that so I keep learning.

AMY, I'm praying for a good rest of the month for Kyle.  Seems like that MRI is a long way off.   Also, I like your plan or a log cabin quilt!

I have a few things to pick up at WM and I'm trying to decide if I want to get ready and go do it early or trust that I'll have some energy left to do it after.  Sometimes these decisions just make themselves.  We'll see.

I wish everyfriend a great day.  Make it yours in every way!
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Post by: phyllis on April 10, 2019, 08:07:12 AM
Sorry I didn't make it here yesterday.  Had stuff to do and an appointment with the cardiologist in the afternoon.  He was running an hour late but apologized all over the place for making me wait so long.  It was worth it, I think, since everything is going very well and he doesn't want to see me again for 15 months.

I wish the heart news was better for you, Shirley, and I know you are worried about the surgery you are facing.  You are so strong and your family is close and supportive and you have good medical care available.  I just know you will do fine.  I'm crossing fingers and toes and eyes but, more importantly, I am praying for you.

Finally, it is supposed to be a good day of Spring sunshine, lower humidity, and comfortable temperatures.  I have little planned today.  Only need to open the door for the service man to finish maintenance on AC unit.  Otherwise, just need to finish the laundry and make some Butternut Squash soup.

Take care, All.
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Post by: Gloria on April 10, 2019, 10:10:10 AM
Good morning everyone, well will be getting new glasses in about a week to 10 days or so. Boy the price has gone up since I got my last ones. Why is it when I think I have saved enough for a splurge something comes along that is needed? As usual every time I go out  for anything I come home exhausted. I lay on the couch and had an hour nap, last night I was sound asleep by 9 and had a good 8 hours sleep. Then my back acted up because of not moving that long. Oh well life goes on, right? I woke to sunshine and it is already all cloudy. Enough of my complaining for today.

JENNY  prayers that the new doctor helps Michele.

SHIRLEY  better getting that  surgery done sooner than later, no time to fret about it. Prayers for you. I get tired after a phone call or 10 minutes. Never did like talking on a phone. Right now it is 39° and am glad the 80's is not here yet. Need the AC in before that happens.

Better have breakfast and get dressed before my CNA gets here. Have a good day.
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Post by: larryhanna on April 10, 2019, 11:19:21 AM
 Hi Everyone.  Finally a sunny and totally cloudless day for the first major even of the Master's Tournament.  However, the weather is looking iffy towards the weekend.  Scott and the girls will be here late this afternoon and Scott will make the Taco Pie for our dinner.  One of my good coffee drinking friends stopped by yesterday afternoon and we had a nice visit.  I am still feeling very tired this morning so am just going to check in again for today and hope tomorrow will be better.

Shirley, to answer your question I did have one cath where they went in on both sides.
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Post by: JaneS on April 10, 2019, 05:10:06 PM
Hi Everyfriend!  I came home from work all in but my shoestrings and they were coming in pretty fast.  I didn't even take time to change my clothes.  I just let the doggies out and in and gave them a snack and curled up on the sofa.  After a short nap, I feel a bit better. 

The vet called to set up an appointment for Annie to have a tooth pulled and then after that, Mickie has to give one up, too.  Guess they're not as healthy as I thought.  Also not as cheap as I thought.

I have supper started...well,  have rice cooking to go into a casserole.  I think I might save it for tomorrow. 

I had some good news.  My SIL in Maryland called to tell me his neighbor is moving and has offered him a pile of landscaping rocks if he wants them.  I have to measure where I want them and he and my daughter will bring a load of them up on Saturday and begin some landscape work....FREE!  For my birthday!  Another time, they'll bring another load and do a different job that I've been considering for several years.  All with free stones and free labor!  I really love these kids of mine and the ones they married are pretty nice, too!

LARRY, sounds like you have some pretty nice family to come over and visit and make dinner! 
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Post by: JaneS on April 10, 2019, 05:13:08 PM
Sorry!  I got hung up and couldn't get my place on the previous post.  It wouldn't let me do anything else so to avoid losing it, I posted without finishing.

I hope you are all having a great day. 

PHYLLIS, put a bowl of Butternut Squash soup in the hidey hole with my name on it.  I don't think I've ever tasted it.
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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 10, 2019, 10:34:07 PM
well It is time I bid you all sweet dreams and good night,hope to see you all tomorrow.

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Post by: Amy on April 11, 2019, 07:17:53 AM
Good morning everyone..
Nice bright sunny day here ,chilly but it will warm up later.
 We are off into town, one of the grocery stores has butter on sale for 2.77....far cry from the 5-6 dollar a lb when not on sale.
I will make this quick as I want to be in there early.

Prayers and hugs for all ..

Enjoy your day.
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Post by: phyllis on April 11, 2019, 07:41:53 AM
The soup is there, Jane.  Hope you like it...we thought it was pretty good and it doesn't take long to make.

It is the day to be hunting and gathering.  So glad that it is a nice, clear spring day.  I'm not happy about the off-the-chart pollen count but we do have to eat.  Maybe if I just hold my breath all the time I'm outside?  Nope, don't think that will work too well.

I almost beat Amy in here but she snuck past me.   :)

Hope the day goes well for all of us.
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Post by: JaneS on April 11, 2019, 09:18:18 AM
Good Morning Everyfriend!  Thanks to the doggies and my laziness, my day got off and running today.  I forgot that I had to be making dog food last night so before I went to bed, I put some chicken in the crockpot to be shredded to go in the dog food.  After their pill, I had an hour to get it shredded and the food made.  WHEW!  I made it before they started nagging me!

And it also occurred to me that if my kids are coming Saturday to do yard work, I'm going to have to feed them and have some cold drinks available.  Thank goodness, there's enough chicken left that I can make a pot of Chicken Corn Soup and I have plenty of water and Gatorade. 

Thanks for the Butternut Squash soup PHYLLIS.  I'm going to have it for my lunch today.  I'm sure it's delicious! 

AMY, even with the exchange rate, the regular price of your butter seems high.  I hope you got a good supply on sale.

I hope you have a great day.  Make it your own in every way.
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Post by: Gloria on April 11, 2019, 09:30:18 AM
Good morning everyone, 35° and the sun is shining, hope it does all day for a change. Yesterday turned cloudy, windy and cold. At least this is better that the storm co‌ming across the country. What they showed on TV it looked like white outs and accidents.

JANE  like you I appreciate what my family does for me. Even my daughter living so far away. Have to be careful not to say anything about something I want because she will send it to me or send the money to get it to a son so they will get it.. I thank God my 3 are nothing like their father.

AMY  like you I buy butter when it is on sale and freeze it. By the time I get to the last pound it is on sale again.

PHYLLIS  I like butternut soup, one can add rice of something to it is desired.

Not many posts this morning. Time for me to get dressed and get my day started.
Have a good day.
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Post by: larryhanna on April 11, 2019, 10:33:42 AM
 Hi Everyone. We have an overcast but dry morning and it is suppose to be a very nice day for the beginning day of the Master's Tournament. There are tens of thousands of people here than have come from other places to see it. I will be watching on TV but probably not too much until the last afternoons and the weekend.  We have a special friend coming to visit us from out of town and she is bringing us dinner today.  She won't be here until after 3 pm and will likely stay for only a couple of hours, but that is enough as visiting like that really tires me any more.  I really enjoy it but it has a cost.  Scott and the girls were here yesterday evening and Scott plans on coming back out today.  I decided I would try once more to get into the shower after which I had to lay back down for awhile.  By the time I got to my office this morning I couldn't hold my head up.  Once again I have read all of the postings but going to just check in again today.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 11, 2019, 10:52:20 AM
Between Kyle and I we picked up 16 lbs of butter, I am not long going through that when I bake. 
I am curious on how much you all pay for one pound of butter?

Floors are all washed and I washed a camp quilt and hung it on the like . Noticed the rhubarb peeking amongst the snow too!!!

Need to straighten out the freezer and put this butter away.

Phyliss, I like my squash soup with a dollop of sour cream on it..

Gloria, we are having a lovey day here...too chilly to sit outside yet but tis ok.

Jane another dish I like to make is a seven layer dinner ......all in one pot and easy to make. Used to make it on days we were killing chickens.

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Post by: Joy on April 11, 2019, 11:02:12 AM
Good morning.  I am just stopping by to say Hello.

Nothing special going on and I have already had a short nap.  I need to get the kitchen straightened up.

Larry, so sorry you still aren't feeling much better. 

Jane, you sure do keep busy with making the dog's food.  

Phyllis, this past fall,   I had the butternut soup at Panera's bread place and it was so good.  I am not a big soup person, but that was just so tasty.  I did find a copy-cat recipe for it and made it a month or so ago.  It was delicious.  They served it with some pumpkin seeds on top. Added a little crunch to it.  I am sure yours  was just as good.

Hope everyone has a good day.

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Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 11, 2019, 11:30:09 AM
click on Stacy Westfall and click on the bare back bridles and watch the video. if it is easier just type it in your own browser and watch.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 11, 2019, 12:47:33 PM
Here you go Lloyd.

Keep in mind this horse does NOT have a bridle  on and the lady is controlling by leg and foot pressure.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Mary Ann on April 11, 2019, 01:41:37 PM
Jackie-Vanilla posted in Norm's B&T that Richard had died suddenly.  I don't think she knows what she will do yet; they moved to their present location because of her MS.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Carol on April 11, 2019, 02:36:46 PM
It seems everyone here is experiencing stress on all levels.  We have some issues that we try to stay healthy and accept. 

Sandy:  We only visit Duluth (Don's home town) in summer - remember being stranded there one Easter years ago. 

Jane S.  Are you feeling better and rested now?  Did the doggies eat your stir-fry with chop sticks???? :D

Jenny:  Wishing you and Bob peace and good health - it is harder when it is the kids, isn't it? 

Shirley:  We will all be saying prayers and good wishes for you -

Mary Ann:  Thank you for letting us know about Jackie-Vanilla's husband. 
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Denver on April 11, 2019, 03:55:42 PM
I am shocked to read of Richards sudden death, JACKIE.

I believe I am the only person here in our group that met Jackie and Richard in person.  Just this morning I was going through some photos and found one of us all having coffee together in London a few years back.  It seems no time ago and yet, I believe it was 7 years ago. 
Thank you, MARYANN for letting us know. 

My only nieces Birthday is today, and I was looking for pictures of her to share with our family.  She passed in 2002, the same year as my dear mother.  She was 31 and passed from complications associated with type 1 diabetes.  Bless her heart, she suffered a lot in her year and spent way too many periods of time in a hospital due to her situation.  She had a terrible car wreck due to a diabetic coma, and towards the end even had to deal with a amputated leg.

CAROL, you are so right, some of the most stressful things in our lives have to deal with our children.  We just always want to be there for them, but we can not take away their pain.  I certainly hope the weather will be kind for you and Don to get home safely. 

AMY, like you, I stock up on butter when it is on sale as it does freeze well.  I buy it on sale for around $2.99, but this week I can buy it for $2.49 with a digital coupon from one of our big chain grocery stores.  Awhile back, Safeway, one of the chain stores offered it to me for $5.79 a pound as my personal price.....needless to say I did not find that to be a bargain at all. I can not say what it might be on a non sale but I suppose as much as 6 or more dollars a pound.  I do not buy it when it is not on sale!  I hope you did not take your snow tires off too soon!

We had quite the snow storm here yesterday.  It was not as bad as they thought it might be but it was bad enough.  The news always has to sensationalize things so much....I know we made the national news, but they made it sound much worse than it was.  I do think they made some prett6 good decisions to cancel some flights out at the airport so people would not get stranded like they did last month  in our BOMB CYCLONE! They tried to make is think it was going to be worse than that one, but it was not.  Mind you the mid west is suffering through so bad stuff as the storm continues east.

I hope you all are having a peaceful day.  ENJOY your company LARRY and the meal she is providing. 

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Mary Ann on April 11, 2019, 04:21:33 PM
I just checked our butter prices - store brand 2/$5.00, name brand $5.00.

Quite a difference.

Dot and I are going for supper tonight down the avenue where all the "old" folks go.  The food is good but plain.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Shirley on April 11, 2019, 08:55:55 PM
My "real" butter price is usually 2/$5.00, once in a great while I've had to pay $2.99, but I also keep a stock pile in the freezer. My brain doesn't "compute" the regular price!  My husband used to say that my "eyes glow when I see a sale sign"..... love to bargain shop. ;)

Cats are in for the night, they sure are disappointed that winter has returned with below freezing tonight. Darn, meant to pick the remaining jonquils while I was putting the trash out. Took some food scraps down to the river bank & whistled for whatever comes to eat. Tom's fur came up on his tail so something was around that I didn't see. Callie had gotten into the garage when I ran to pick up Arby's for lunch (daughter came by). I had been whistling out the front door & back door & was concerned that I hadn't seen her since about 2:30am. I didn't open the door for she or Tom, decided if they wanted to go out right before I go to bed they can stay out all night. I thought she was mad at me when she didn't come in with Tom this morning.  Better go pick myself a bouquet before it gets any darker.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 11, 2019, 11:17:19 PM
AMY thanks for the link, that will help anyone that may like to watch and enjoy. I do what i said and watch often then minimize it and click on other horse shows in the right down side. wind has been strong here all day 25 35 with some 45 mph, getting cold here and supposed to before morning down to freezing that is quit a drop form our 80º yesterday, well like  we say here in central MO.If you do like weather here weigh a short while we may have what you like. Good Night and sweet dreams.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 11, 2019, 11:33:44 PM
Hello Everyfriend!  It's been kind of a crazy day.  Lots of phone calls in and out and a trip into town including a stop at my son's to enlist his aid in our Saturday plans.  He's going to go to the recycle center where all the locals drop off yard clippings.  They grind it into mulch and offer it back to the residents free of charge.  My son will take his truck over early Saturday morning and load it up and bring it to my house; I'll drive him back in to his store in time to open and when my daughter and SIL arrive from Maryland it will be here ready to use.  How's that for a deal?  Free stones, free mulch and free labor.  What a nice birthday present!

Carol, I don't remember what I said about the doggies eating stir fry but if they did they would definitely use chopsticks.  They are very proper!

JACKIE, if you're looking in, my prayers are with you in your coming days of decision.  I'm so sorry for your loss!      
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 11, 2019, 11:35:45 PM
It did it again!  The cursor was gone and I couldn't add anything to the above message.  So I posted it so it wouldn't be lost.

Now, I bid you all good night.  I wish you a peaceful night's sleep and a happy tomorrow.  An may God bless us, every one!
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 12, 2019, 07:05:37 AM
Good morning everyone..

Rain is what they are calling for today..but tomorrow is to be a lovely sunny day. Rain will help take away the remaining snow and it is getting away nicely.

I am off to get my haircut this morning, I am leaving the phone number with Kyle in case he needs me. Can you just see me flying home with curlers in my hair if he does!!

Will make a pot of baked beans when I get home and let them slow cook on the wood stove.

Thank you for the price of butter..2 for $5.00 is a deal for sure! I do stock up on everything when it comes on sale.

Jane, sounds like a fun /work time at your home on the weekend. Have fun with your kids!

Shirley , I would love to walk with you down by the river and see all the critters that come there. I love bargains and get an email telling me which foods we use are on sale in the grocery stores.

Larry, hope today is a better day for you and yesterdays visit didn't tire you out.

Gloria,I woke to robins singing right outside my window. I swear each year the same robins come here just to do that! If only they wouldn't do it at 6 am!

Enjoy your day everyone.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: phyllis on April 12, 2019, 08:10:50 AM
This is probably a really dumb question any of you leave butter out on the counter?  I prefer "real" butter but don't like to deal with it when it is just out of the fridge so I buy butter mixed with canola oil so it is spreadable even when it is cold.  If you leave butter out on the counter does it stay good or does it turn rancid quickly?  I would like to buy real butter but don't want to throw it away if it spoils quickly.  Butter is not cheap and that is like throwing away money.  Also, wouldn't want to give us a bad case of food poisoning.  Here in  Cary/Raleigh area Land o' Lakes butter is $6.19/lb.---Store brand butter is $3.36/lb. or 2lbs/6.00.  Our grocery prices are not cheap!

Cloudy this morning.  Yesterday was such a beautiful day that I hate to see the clouds and rain come back over the weekend but, maybe it will lower the pollen count and wash that stuff off of the car.  I was going to take it to the car wash yesterday but decided it would be a waste since it would be covered again by the time I got back home.

I wish you felt better, Larry.  Have you checked carefully with your doctor to determine if some of the medications, or combination of meds, are making you so weak and tired?  I take Metoprolol as one of my meds and it just saps all of my energy so I take it at night.  I hope it would be a simple explanation for you.  I'm sorry you have to deal with these issues and think of you often with prayer.

I'm feeling so bad for Jackie in England.  What a crushing shock for her to deal with.

I must be off to get some breakfast.  Take care, All.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 12, 2019, 08:46:00 AM
phyllis I do not know if this helps or not,just because we do or not dose not necessarily make it right or wrong. But we keep one quarter stick in of butter in a dish that holds that size. we use it long before it spoil's. the dish has a lid to cover it.
that sets on the kitchen table for the two of us and company that may come by. we also keep a small dish of sorghum and one pint jar of honey on the table. have to take care of my sweet teeth you know. 34º and sunny here and shooting for a high of 53º today. have a great day just as you like it. I slept in until 7:30 A M this morning came here straight away so I now have to go get something to eat. see you all later.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 12, 2019, 08:47:04 AM
Good Morning Everyfriend!  I got my shower and got dressed while we waited for the doggies boinger this morning because the Radon guy was supposed to come to pick up his equipment "sometime after 9".  He was here and left by 8:30 so I'm glad I got dressed early.

PHYLLIS, I leave the butter out because, like you, I like it spreadable.  Some years ago, I bought one of those butter bells where it sits in water and that keeps it fresh and spreadable.  But I kept forgetting to change the water and then I had little spots of mold on it.  So I just let it sit and it hasn't had any mold and it tastes normal.

I always stock up on butter during the Thanksgiving/Christmas baking season because the WM brand is usually on sale for $2.50 a lb. at that time.  Sometimes it's even less.  And I never seem to run out until it goes on sale the next time.

I hope you all have a lovely day!  Make it your own in every way!
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Joy on April 12, 2019, 09:07:31 AM
Good Friday morning.   When I first was here this morning, it was kind of dreary out , but now it looks like the sun might be making an appearance.  I hope so !!

Phyllis, I am so glad to read about Metoprolol might be the cause of a so-tired feeling. I also take that, and I am always so tired.  I usually take it in the morning, along with all the other stuff I take, so I am going to change till the evening.  Just will have to make a note to remind me.  Maybe that will make  a difference.

I have always thought it wasn't a good idea to leave butter out on the counter.  I saw something about putting a stick of butter in the microwave for 4 seconds on each of the 4 sides.  And, it does make it spreadable.  Also, I have read about grating a stick of butter and that works also. 

I woke up this morning still thinking about Jackie.  I just can't imagine what she is going through.  I sure hope she will reach out to some of her MS group friends.  I know they will be very supportive for her.  It has to be such an awful feeling of not knowing what to do and not having anybody close to her now. 

I hope Larry is feeling better this morning.

Have a good day.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: phyllis on April 12, 2019, 09:14:12 AM
Thanks, Lloyd and Jane.  That helps me a lot.  I have two covered butter dishes that I can use, Lloyd, and I have one of those little butter keepers, too, Jane, but am always too lazy to fill it with butter and water so never use it, though I love the old-fashioned look of it on the table... ::)  Thanks to both of you for the advice.

Joy, I grew up with a Mother who never left the butter out because it would spoil (so she said) so I just did as she did.  But, even if grating works I would never have the patience to do it.  As I said, I'm lazy!

Now, I'm really off to eat breakfast....and to take a stick of butter out and put it in a butter dish and leave it on the table! 

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Shirley on April 12, 2019, 09:35:46 AM
Phyll, I will answer your butter quesion fast because I'm gonna go fix my breakfast & use the "butter-butter" that sits out on my counter until it is gone. I do buy the sticks & think one probably lasts 3 days of normal use. I don't like it hard to spread, either, and have never had it go rancid. I'm probably one of the pickiest eaters around (I do wash salad mixes before eating & bring home from the salad bar & wash)... When I don't think ahead & have to pull a pound out of the freezer or even the frige, I will cut off a chunk, drop in in a single serve type skillet & as it melts & spreads out I place a piece of bread on top to toast... oh, so yummy.

Jenn, don't think I wished your father a Happy Birthday but would you please pass mine on to him?  You are so lucky to have a father still around to say that to. I had a look at the blizzard on Monarch Pass ... white out... this week. Know that whole area has not had a lot of snow this winter because I check the view cams for Salida & Buena Vista almost daily. A little piece of me stays there year around.  :thumbup:

Janie, is your mouse trying to get some extra zzzzzzzzzzzzzs these days?  I finally decided it was time to get a new one so in my search for what is best, Andy came over with 3 that he didn't use & I kept one that fit my hand & works so much better than the one I had been using. I had been using one that daughter had given her father, he like the ones that didn't plug in. I had several that worked on the old computers but would not work on this newer one...haha, it's past it's warranty so not really so new....

I'm looking out the door at the Cleveland pear blossoms all over the grass carpet around the pool... looks like dirty snow or hail. What a mess. For the first time in days the wind is not bending the trees over. Very cold out but sun is shining & looks like spring with redbud, pear & crab apple trees blooming everywhere.

Got the card from the heating and AC company that does the spring & fall check ups... need to get the cover off that AC soon, doesn't take many 80-90 degree days before the house heats up. Also need to call the yard guy, my weeds are growing like weeds.

Talked to the nurse yesterday & heart cath with possibilities of stents to take place next Wed afternoon. I am counting on being released & not spending the night, but know that did happen to Cas a time or two (overnight) when not planned. Any time they are doing "invasive" procedures they do what they think best. I am not looking forward to this and hope the new doctor respects MY wishes & the other cardio's belief in me that we can do this without a lot of stuff pumped into my body. I'm still thinking that stents may fix my problem since the Echo didn't show the Aortic valve so bad. I am not too bashful to walk away from that valve job after reading what all CAN go wrong. I know it is the better option than open heart, but still .... that is a mighty big item they shove through an artery & can see how it could tear & cause bleeding along the way. Fact is, that yellow stripe down my back keeps getting brighter!  Every stent Cas had installed gave him another year of breathing better. The 3 bypasses I got with the valve job did not offer as much change as I hoped. Enough about this surgery, will take one day at a time and know that God has His plans and none of my worrying will change things.

Wow, been sitting here thinking & it's after 8:00 am and nothing done. Cat behind me snoring... they all stayed inside last night since it got below freezing & felt much colder. Tom & Tiger haven't shown up, not sure what part of the house they slept in but nobody was in my bed but me. They don't like it that I close the door to the basement and to the rest of the house because Callie can't be trusted... Tom will go over the Dutch door to the basement either direction... I'm afraid he will break a leg but "what's a mother to do?" Usually Tiger will give me a wink & I'll open the folding door to the rest of the house for her when the other 2 aren't watching. I have those motion detector alarms across the dining & living room entries, they are not allowed in those rooms. Now & then Tom will test them & give me a silly look and race off to hid in the bedrooms.

Gloria, was thinking about your son's orchard, does he have any trees left?  Bet that was gorgeous when in bloom. I'm still checking out apples every time I go to the store & favs are the red & golden delicious. Some new names this year. How I would love to find ANY fruit that was picked ripe.

Oops, you slipped in Phyllis, Joy, Jane & Lloyd, while I was thinking & typing. Great Day to All~~
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: larryhanna on April 12, 2019, 11:12:52 AM
Yesterday was a beautiful day at the Master's Golf Tournament and it looks like today will also be a good day but mainly cloudy and warm with only a 20% chance of rain until 4 pm when there is a 40% chance.  It is to be about 84 degrees this afternoon.  We did enjoy our visit with our special friend yesterday but yesterday was not a good day for me and as soon as she left I headed to bed.  Scott came out after she left and spent three hours visiting with his mother after a brief visit with me.  I am happy to say I can at least hold my head up today, which I wasn't able to do yesterday except when sitting down.  We plan on just having a very quiet couple of days to recover from a busy couple of days.  She did bring us a Wifesaver's chicken dinner with coleslaw and green beans and a whole pecan pie.  I am going to have to just check in this morning as am still very weary.

Phyllis, you asked if maybe my doctor had changed my medicines and she did take me off a couple of them including the diuretics and prescribed a different diuretic that I was to take only if my blood pressure was 60 or above.  I have been able to take it most morning and in three months I have lost 25 pounds mainly because I have no appetite an eat very little as the food doesn't taste the same.  I also only eat breakfast and then the evening meal as I eat breakfast so late in the morning.  My taste buds have changed and I no longer like sandwiches or apples which I have eaten all of my life.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: mycheal on April 12, 2019, 08:21:50 PM
Phyllis, good question, I have my entire life left my butter on the counter , without spoilage-----so go for it  :)
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Denver on April 12, 2019, 10:21:28 PM
I am not going to post much today as I have a terrible neck pain.  It was hurting a bit yesterday and kept me awake most of the night, leaving me a lot of awake time to be thinking about Jackie. Most of the day off and on have been spent going through pictures looking for the pictures we took when we were with Jackie and Richard in London.  Sadly we can not find any more than the one's with Jackie and me. 😢 I am so disappointed.  I wanted to have it for you, Jackie.  We will keep looking. 

Around noon, I started to get up an$ all of a sudden a pain shot through my neck.....I screeched...I can not hardly move with out horrible pain.  Bob has a neck pillow the he uses....he put it around my neck and I have just sat afraid to move.....if I start to I find out it is not a good thing.  Bob thinks it is stress.....I hope that is all it is. 

Michele's hair has completely fallen out and it is hard on her to accept, however she told Dave that it would be so much worse for those with breast cancer as they have that plus have lost a breast.😢. There is always someone so much worse off than we are.  She did get a wig and feels it will help her to feel a bit better about herself. 

I have to stop....I am sorry.

Have a good evening and hugs to you JACKIE. 

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 12, 2019, 10:36:41 PM
well I have let the evening slip away so time to bid you all good night and sweet dreams. hope to see you all tomorrow.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 12, 2019, 11:24:09 PM
JENNY, I sure hope your pain is due to stress and that it lessens by tormorrow.  Having that kind of pain can connect to everything you try to do.

Also wanted to give Michele a big HUG for her attitude.  If she can believe that others are worse off than she is, she has a very big heart!

JACKIE, prayers are still with you as you make some major adjustments in your life. 

I don't know what's going to happen with our work day tomorrow.  It's been raining since about 1 p.m. today and doesn't show signs of stopping.  Thunderstorms are predicted for most of the night and most of tomorrow.  I'm thinking...they won't be up and it's too wet to work and no one wants to work in a rainstorm.  I really don't blame them.  I haven't talked with them because they are "early to bed" folks.  But I'll be in touch early tomorrow.

Now I'm off to bed.  I wish you all a peaceful night and a happy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 13, 2019, 07:15:16 AM
Seems I wasn't paying attention and the storms were predicted for Norheast of here.  That's where our TV comes from.  Today is suppoed to be warm and sunny so I'm sure the workday is on!

This will probably be my one and only posting for today because while the kids are here, I'll be busy and after they go I'll be tired.    I wish you all the best of health and te happiest of days!  I'll be back to check on you when I can.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 13, 2019, 07:34:47 AM
Good morning everyone..

Feels good to have my hair cut and now it is more manageable.
Picked up meds and butter for my friend yesterday. Rain off and on and the snow is going and the rhubarb is really growing!
I am not sure what today is..normally I would do laundry but I think my hubby would like to go roading so....we shall see how the day goes.It is going to be a beautiful day so we should take advantage of it. I can use the dryer tomorrow when it is to rain.

Phyliss, I too leave my butter out...I cut a lb. into 3 pieces and put it in containers ,freeze 2 and use one. I do have a butter bell but if one doesn't remember to change the water it can be yucky.

Jenny, hugs and prayers for Michele. When my friend's hair fell out she took a positive outlook on it and said. Look at the money I am saving on shampoo and haircuts..I can spend that on fabric!!!

Jane, thoroughly enjoy your will be a happy tired for you tonight.

Gloria and Gloria de are MIA? Hope both are ok.

Better get a move on here.

Enjoy your day everyone.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: phyllis on April 13, 2019, 07:49:25 AM
Hope you get your outside work done today, Jane.  No outside work here.  Rainy, rainy!  I have lots of books and the Masters is still on so I doubt that I will get bored today.

I'm shaking my head at myself.  I left the butter out all day yesterday and it was so nice to have real butter that spread so easily.  And then, last night on my way to bed I found that I just couldn't force myself to leave it out all night so I put it in the fridge overnight and took it out when I made my coffee early this morning.  I'm sure I heard my mother's voice in my head saying "put the butter away".  :idiot2:  I manage to find really dumb things to worry about.  Thanks for your answers, Everyone.  I more talk about butter on the counter. ::)

Good morning, Amy.  Enjoying the beautiful day is much more important than house chores.  Go for it! :thumbup:

Take extra special care, Everyone.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Gloria on April 13, 2019, 10:15:20 AM
Good morning everyone, just noticed I did not post yesterday. Seems to happen when I get no sleep. Been some time since I went through the sleepless nights. Started raining last night and the rain brought warmer temps, 56° at 8:30 am and windy.

LARRY  hope your company did not stay too long and wear you out.

AMY  right now I do t sit outside too long but bundle yup in layers and sit in the sun. Only time of year I can sit in the sun. Years ago I loved hearing the Whippoorwills at night till one was in the tree outside a bedroom window, woke me and I got tired of trying to sleep with it being noisy. Got up and yelled, it flew away finally. Have not heard one since I moved from our house.

PHYLLIS  when I know I want to use butter I take it out of the fridge when I get up in the morning, does not take to long to get soft. Put it back in the fridge after use. I know I like real butter but don't cook or eat like I used to. When I did I left butter out all the time in a 1/4 pound container.

SHIRLEY  wonder if you are as picky as me about what I eat. Have always been a fussy eater. Like you I do no like any surgery but really have only had minor ones, I hate being put  to sleep, afraid I will never wake. Nothing like fresh picked fruit and veggies, especially tomatoes. Most of son's trees are dead and he has been pulling them out. Will have enough only for family now. The orchard was beautiful when in full bloom, even better at harvest time with the aroma of ripening apples and seeing the apples on the trees.

LARRY  like you I have no appetite and eat only because I know I have to. Sweets are about the only thing that taste good.

AMY  I am OK just getting too lazy to bother with the computer some days. Rather just lay on the couch and watch TV.

Have a good day.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: larryhanna on April 13, 2019, 10:34:25 AM
Hi everyone.  I am just checking in this morning as not feeling like posting more.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Shirley on April 13, 2019, 01:04:40 PM
I've been up since 6:00 am but nearly noon & still not dressed. Need to trim my hair & wash it so putting off. Got the mail & still no paperwork from the Doctor's office with instructions. Good thing I called yesterday to know WHEN they plan the heart cath!  Nurse did say "no food for 8 hours before"... check in at noon for blood work but procedure not until 2:30.

Was watching Wagon Train while ago & it ended with a quote I'm not sure from the Bible or just a saying.  Maybe one of you has heard it before, I never have & neither has my good friend. We both admit we don't read the Bible but listen to the sermons.  :-[ 
Quote is:The Lord watch over me and thee While we are gone, one from another.

Cats are keeping me busy. Tiger stays in all night most of the time, so she wants in & out all day. Tom & Callie have been staying out all night (except for night before last)... so they come in, eat & crash for the day. I checked weather for the day & night I have the first procedure.... T-storms, so am sad the cats will have to be out the whole time. They do have some place they don't get wet and will be okay, I just hate they won't have a choice. Just a minute ago I was on the phone with my friend & heard this loud snoring from Callie.. looked over at Tom sleeping on the couch as he sat up, stared where Callie was sleeping in old LaurenKat's bed by a furnace vent... Tom got off the couch & walked around the corner to the closed basement door & waited for me to open (usually he just hops over)..he had been asleep so guess he knew he was too drowsy to hop!  Poor Callie, don't have a clue how old she is, but she loves belonging.

Must do something! Wishing all a Super Saturday.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Mary Ann on April 13, 2019, 01:32:10 PM
Shirley, I remember hearing your saying many times, usually as a benediction.  I put the saying in the search line and copied the first three responses.  They are not complete but you can see where the saying comes from and you can expand the answers.

Mary Ann

The Careful Handling of the Word - DTS Voice

Nov 2, 2010 - When I was a child, our pastor often closed services with the ... "May the Lord watch between me and thee, while we are absent one from another. ... In other words we think Jesus would prefer that we be either for Him or ...
Missing: source? ‎| ‎Must include: ‎source?
Genesis 31:49 and also Mizpah, because he said, "May the LORD ...

And Mizpah; for he said, The LORD watch between me and thee, when we ... The Lord behold and judge between us when we shall be gone one from the other.
Missing: source? ‎| ‎Must include: ‎source?
What does Genesis 31:49 mean? -

and Mizpah, for he said, 'May the LORD watch between you and me when we are ... the LORD keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other. ... LORD watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another.
Missing: source? ‎| ‎Must include: ‎source?
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Shirley on April 13, 2019, 05:06:25 PM
Mary Ann, you are amazing! I copied your whole response to send my friend.... she will be so impressed! Thank you. Not sure why the quote hit a note with me today, but it did. If I ever heard it before, I wasn't listening.  :-[
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 13, 2019, 05:09:12 PM
What an awesome day!!! We did stay home..sort of. I did laundry , hung it on the line and it blew dry in no time. Did the dogs bedding put it out and it too was in folded in no time. This wind is great for drying clothes.

Forgot to soak my beans last night and thought I would try to cook them in the instant pot. Well...they cooked from dry to soft in 35 min!! We then took the dog landmines to the dump, stopped for tea  and came home. Kyle said maybe tomorrow ,weather permitting we would head to the city. Can't go in a dirty van so I washed tis clean for a moment.

Roast beef with mushrooms, roasted potatoes ,green beans and trifle for dessert. I had thought of making bread and using up some whey but that is all it was...a thought.

I need to figure out something for our anniversary and it is pretty difficult to do when we are always together. I have until May to think things out.

We let the pup go off leash today, all areas where he might wiggle through were boarded up. My goodness does this lad fly!  Both dogs were running full tilt and mercy me if you stood in their way .

Shirley, your furkids will be fine, when you get home from the hospital they will likely scold you for being away but will soon get over it.You just take good care of Shirley please..
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Shirley on April 13, 2019, 10:44:30 PM
What day in May, Amy?  The best thing I could ever do for Cas... for our anniversary, was to make him his favorite meals. Breakfast had to be scratch not canned biscuits & gravy, one meal Mexican food & the other roast beef with potatoes & candied carrots or fried green beans. We would go out to eat another day... not his favorite thing to do. My parents anniversary was May 17, I never forget it. I am angry at the furbabies tonight, they wouldn't eat their chicken and just now passed on the canned Friskies! They do have spring fever & all 3 are out. At least they don't bring food back for me if they are hunting, like Old LaurenKat did! Ick, how I hated to look out the sliding door in the morning in spring... she brought Cas a baby rabbit, mouse or bird nearly every day. One thing I let him do (and he did) was clean the mess up. She was a good hunter & the neighbors with gardens loved having her show up in their yard! Callie caught a full grown rabbit that walked right up the driveway one day, then crossed over past the iris & she took one leap over the top of the fence & killed it instantly. I yelled at her so she never did any more hunting while I was around. I understand it's nature but I don't want to see it!

Jenn, I am so sorry about your neck & back.... waited in hopes I could keep from reminding you what the cure is.  :-\   So I won't tell you what I'd do.  ;)  But you do get 100% of my sympathy!  So sorry about Michele's hair, think I've probably told the story about my young niece losing hers, being interviewed by the local paper. "Bad enough losing your hair, eyebrows & eye lashes twice, but I still have to shave my legs!"  But she is still here more than 35 years later. I don't doubt your muscles are tensed up with all the stress you are dealing with now. Hugs to you. My daughter was in town this week & went for a massage, she thinks this is the ONLY place to have it done. Her shoulders get so bad she gets blinding headaches. My sister had it so bad a few weeks ago she gave up & got some strong meds that "knocked her out" for a couple days & broke the cycle, is fine now.

Gloria, doesn't seem that long ago you posted photos of those gorgeous apples when you'd go help. How long has it been? I've thought about that every time I see apples in the store... no flavor compared with your tree ripened ones! The whole south end of Wichita used to be orchards so when we first moved here we would go pick apples & peaches. They had a big hay wagon pulled by a tractor to take everyone to the picking area, said to eat all we wanted & then pay for what we took home. Ladders were standing all around so we picked the biggest, prettiest ripe ones we could find. My sister & family were here one year when our kids were all under 12, they thought that was more fun than the zoo. Many years later they planted their own orchard in MO & did everything they said to do (when to spray, etc), but their fruit was so full of worms they sat the bushel baskets on the curb, signs out (lived on a busy highway with easy turn off) for anyone that wanted to cut worms out.

I'd better check on cats, thought they'd be back to eat but don't guess they want to eat as much as they want to roam. Since they will have days & nights to stay out the next few weeks, I'm letting them do as they please. I helped create this problem so can't blame them! 

Sweet dreams to all and God Bless.  Shirley

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 13, 2019, 10:57:44 PM
Here I am ... not quite as tired as I was when the kids left.  They got here around 9:30 and they worked non-stop until about 12:30 when we broke for lunch.

I made a big pot of chicken corn soup with noodles in it and it sure hit the spot.  I had it in the crock pot on low for a good part of the morning so we didn't have to tend it. 

Then they went right back to work and  worked until about 3:30 and then we sat on the porch, chatted and looked over the job.  They sure did accomplish a lot!  Now when I let the dogs out in the morning, I'll have something pretty to look at.  They're coming back another time and spruce up another area. 

I'm really still tired and I'm headed off to bed.  I wish you all a peaceful night and a happy tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 14, 2019, 07:29:09 AM
I'll be off to church in a little while and then I want to go through the WM Garden Center to see what they have to offer.  We have another kind of large area to deal with and they gave me some suggestion as to what might look nice there.

I'm kind of in a hurry so I wish you all a GREAT day!  Enjoy every minute.  Prayers for all who need them..even for those who don't need them...just because!
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 14, 2019, 07:41:09 AM
Good morning everyone..

We are to have some mixed weather today, guess we shall just have to wait and see if it will be rain, ice pellets or snow.

Jane it will be a while before our stores have any plants in them. I thoroughly love going and looking at all the varieties and wish I had space for them all. :)

Shirley, our anniversary is May 14th..not sure what we will do yet.

Like Janie I am in a bit of a hurry will be back later.

Enjoy your day everyone..
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Sandy on April 14, 2019, 08:56:40 AM
Good Morning Everyone,
from the warmer and sunnier, rocky coast of Maine.

Sunday at  The Masters starts earlier
today because  of the probability of
inclement weather.

It is starts at 9 AM being
broadcast on CBS...   Gonna be a good
day until the bad weather shows up!   

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Gloria on April 14, 2019, 09:12:56 AM
Good morning everyone, yesterday was a beautiful warm 70° yesterday. Was outside most of the day. This morning is overcast and rain later but 56°. Glad I spent most of yesterday outside.

SHIRLEY  like that quote. The cats will be OK while you are in the hospital. You are in my prayers. The sooner the better, less time to worry. This year will be 5 years since my son had a good harvest from his orchard. Someone once asked him if any of the apples had bird droppings on them, his answer was "no the birds fly  upside down when they fly over the ofchard" Wonder is anyone believed him. He is great for answering stupid questions.

JANE  you must love looking at all the work your family did in your yard.

AMY after yesterday today is a gloomy one.

PHYLLIS  I often say I feel so lazy to my CNA. She will tell me I worked all my life and now just need to take it easy, that is not lazy, so not that is what I say to you. YOU ARE NOT LAZY.

Have a good day.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: larryhanna on April 14, 2019, 10:06:35 AM
Just checking in today.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Shirley on April 14, 2019, 11:01:16 AM
Has it soaked in that NEXT Sunday is Easter?  Seems like we went from winter to Easter awful fast.. and still afraid to leave the hose connected overnight.  ::)

Like you, Larry, just checking in!  Wishing everyone a peaceful, content and beautiful day. God Bless
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Lindancer on April 14, 2019, 01:29:41 PM
Good afternoon, I am back.  Was in the hospital most of last week. Went in last Sunday morning..  I am home now under Hospice Nursing care. It seems a good plan for me at my age. I do not want to go into a nursing home.With this plan I stay in my own home, a nurse comes once a week, I can have and aid come in 5 times a week or just for one day.I haveto give up all my doctors, they will take care of everything. If I call and ambulance they take you to their care canter in Westhampton Beach. With no family around, this seem best for me.

Hugs, prays to all my dear friends  With this plan I still an get to my computer :)
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Sandy on April 14, 2019, 02:04:07 PM
Hi  Lindancer ! 

Good to see you.  Sorry to hear that you have
been in the hospital but good for still being
able to decide what is best for you. 

I would want to be home also, around
all of the things that are important to me. 
Especially the computer!!! 

I wish you love and peace ! 
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Mary Ann on April 14, 2019, 03:25:31 PM
Gloria de, I'm sorry you had to go to the hospital but it seems you have things under control.  I have written information for Tom as to what I want and what I have and where things are.  I am fortunate that I do have someone here and I'd prefer to not go to a nursing home or a retirement home.  I also am fortunate that we have a nurse in the family and she doesn't live too far away.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: CallieOK on April 14, 2019, 03:31:28 PM
Gloria de,  I'm so sorry you've had to be in the hospital. Sounds as if you are a wise lady and have made good arrangements for your care.
Glad that you're able to be on the computer.  (I'd insert a "thumbs up" if we still had those options).
Gentle hugs to you.....
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Amy on April 14, 2019, 04:12:58 PM
Gloria de, happy to read you are home. Nice to have "things" in order and I don't blame you for wanting to be in your own home. When our friend couldn't stay in his own home, he said he would go face down in the river first before going in the manor. Instead he came here to live out his days......hugs and prayers for you.

Today we took off...Kyle picked out 3 pairs of pants that all have to go back. He finds it very tiring to try on the clothes in the store so he does here at home. The weather wasn't too bad, we ran into the rain, then ice pellets and yes some snow!!

Where we stop to let the dogs out to water the grass, has the osprey nests and they were both filled with pairs of osprey! I listened to them chatter away for a bit before moving on.

Sandy, love your calico sweet! 

Shirley, yes Easter came on quick!! We will be staying put as the pup has an operation on Wed and we have to keep him quiet......oh joy!!

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Denver on April 14, 2019, 05:01:46 PM

Still suffering with my neck pain, however it is somewhat better and I was able to sleep last night....thankfully.  Kind of ready for this pain to be gone🤣🤣. I am disappointed in myself that I did not tell you I have a rag soaked in Epsom Salts That is under the heating pad on my neck, SHIRLEY.  BY now, my first go to is always your ES! 

We did enjoy watching The Masters.....kind of nice to have it over and done with time to do something else now.

GLORIAde, I knew you had not posted this week so I am sorry it was because you were in the hospital.  I sure am happy you have such caring neighbors that come in to check on you, but I know that can take it's toll on you too.  I think your medical decision you have made is a ver6 wise one, and I certainly hope it works well for you. HUGS, sweet lady.

MARYANN, I think you are in a very good spot with your life.  I hope you can continue being in your home for a good long while.  HUGS to you too. 

JANE, I enjoyed reading* about the garden day yesterday.  I hope you were able to find some nice plants for your yard.

SHIRLEY, I am aware next Sunday is Easter and I am rather shocked that this is the case....that Palm from Church was a good give away❣️❣️🥰🥰🤣🤣

Oh my, I just found this......Sure am glad it did not go to la la land!

Have a great rest of your day.


Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Mary Ann on April 14, 2019, 05:11:43 PM
Jenny, thanks for the good words.  I try to take reasonable care of myself and I don't have an age goal in mind, except the next one should be #95 and I'd like to make that one.  I have no idea how I got so far up the age scale.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 14, 2019, 08:48:56 PM
Hello Everyfriend!  I'm showing signs of the extra work yesterday.  Places hurt when I move that haven't hurt for a long time. 

GloriaDe, you're a very smart lady to make your own arrangements.  It's good to have someone around who knows what to do if something unusual happens.  We missed you when you weren't here.

JENNY, I didn't find the plants I wanted but I have two weeks to do that.  We're not going to do anything to the garden area until Christy can come back again.  And shes getting some starts from her yard and her neighbor so more free stuff.  I like free stuff.

I'm going to head off to bed early tonight so I'm going to say..

Good night my friends and may God bless you, every one.

P.S>  My typing in the reply box was the color and size that I chose for my posting until right now.  When I began this one, it reverted to having the instruction on both sids and the printing so small and black that I can hardly see it again.  It makes me want to not type at all.  I really don't like the strain!  What happened?
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Mary Ann on April 14, 2019, 09:02:43 PM
Jane, I don't know if you fixed your post before you sent it off, but it is very readable for me - font size is perfect and green is so easy to read.

Mary Ann
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: JaneS on April 14, 2019, 09:09:29 PM
I didn't do anything to it, MARY ANN.  It came up that way but it had the [] things like this and the numbers and letters when I was typing.  Like it used to be before we changed websites.  I think it had something to do with the web I was using.  I usually use IE but I was on another web.  When I came back on IE it's working.  It was what I saw, not what printed.  It's OK now.
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Mary Ann on April 14, 2019, 09:27:26 PM
Jane, it's the results that count!

Mary Ann
Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: Lloyd Hammond on April 14, 2019, 11:52:10 PM
 Denver I Have a couple of pads . they are a good inch thick and in a L shape soft to the can either put them in the freezer or Microwave.In the freezer can keep one there all time until you need it. just  M wave it a minute as you need it ( not too long as it can burn you) put a towel over your neck and shoulder will make it safe. V A gave me mine, maybe wall mart will have them.alternate hot and cold.sure helps my neck and shoulders and back. good luck and good night and sweet Dreams to you all.

Title: Re: : Soda Shoppe for April 1,2019
Post by: so_P_bubble on April 15, 2019, 02:00:18 AM
A new page for Soda Shoppe begins  HERE (