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  • brian: how many months has it been?   LOL
    Yesterday at 02:15:24 pm
  • Oldiesmann: Brian: It will happen if/when I find a good option. Until then you'll just have to live without it.
    Yesterday at 12:51:32 am
  • brian: i guess  its  safe to assume  this  site  will never have anothr live  chat
    September 14, 2019, 02:47:18 pm
  • Pooch1: Let us pause today to remember the innocent victims of 18 years ago and those brave responders who still suffer and die from the deadly after effects left by terrorism. 
    September 11, 2019, 07:34:27 am
  • brian: many here need  practice  at   reading  lol
    September 08, 2019, 01:08:11 pm
  • Amy:     Bubble did!!   ( brian: shirley   send  email to owner mavens )
    September 07, 2019, 11:45:04 am
  • brian: well bubble   ask the  person who  brought  his  name up ------   I merely answered a  query   on how to  contact him   via   email
    September 07, 2019, 11:18:08 am
  • so_P_bubble: So why bring his name here??? Idle talk?  ktsssss...ktsssss....
    September 07, 2019, 04:06:43 am
  • brian: Amy  nobody  ever  said  mavens owns anything  but his  own room
    September 06, 2019, 11:07:32 am
  • brian: Pooch he  has tons  and tons
    September 05, 2019, 11:26:34 am
  • Amy: Shirleyn, Bubble will hel you. Mavens does NOT own this forum.
    September 04, 2019, 04:25:37 pm
  • brian: shirly  i tink its  uncle   if tat  doesnt  work    go to  [link] its  likely on his  home  page
    September 04, 2019, 10:55:41 am
  • shirleyn: Thanks AMy, I am trying the computer section.  I had already tried the button.
    September 04, 2019, 07:51:11 am
  • Amy: Shirley on the right side ther is a button,no alerts or emails. Try clicking on that ,or go to the computer help section and  Rammel will help you with the problem.
    September 03, 2019, 08:45:56 pm
  • shirleyn: brian, what is owner mavens email address?
    September 03, 2019, 08:11:54 pm
  • brian: shirley   send  email to owner mavens
    September 03, 2019, 08:08:50 pm
  • shirleyn: HELP!  Can anyone help?  I am receiving over 500 emails a day from Seniors and Friends, some times more.  How can I stop them?  Anyone?
    September 03, 2019, 07:53:13 pm
  • Amy: Pooch, thank you, that should make his grandchild proud :)
    September 02, 2019, 02:22:03 pm
  • Pooch1: Amy, many years ago Brian bragged that he'd been kicked out of better chat rooms than SeniorNet.  Perhaps he has no alternatives left?
    September 02, 2019, 12:52:44 pm
  • so_P_bubble: Good advice, Brian.  I don't think you will see a chatroom here any time soon...
    September 02, 2019, 12:10:07 pm

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Messages - Shirley

Jane, when I was fixing my egg with the "bacon crumbles" this morning & wondering how Pat is doing without Larry. Little things mean a lot.... song in there.... & friends pop into mind so often.  I just checked & don't have an e-mail address for Phyllis. Sorry. Wonder if she can get a personal message through here?  I don't know how that works. Time for me to feed cats & put that taco soup in the frig & freezer. I do think I am addicted to this recipe.  Had a small bowl to see if it needed anything, now it's time I can eat a big bowl.  :thumbup:

I'm on the old computer downstairs... the other one insists it isn't connected to the internet. I've restarted several times, did the thing to turn off modem (or router?), one pop up asked if it's wi-fi key was turned off.  I don't know where a wi-fi key is... but know this computer is working & same wi-fi.  :crazy2:
Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
Today at 05:10:42 pm
Okay, look to the right of the picture (left side of face) where lips come together... if they smiled any wider the camel would be bumped off......... does that work?
Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
Today at 08:23:25 am
:thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  I hoped my "tip" wouldn't ruin it for all.... I don't do crosswords or any of the other type games except for something like this. Thanks, Bubble.
Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
Yesterday at 06:10:51 pm
Jenny, the trick is not to search all the swirls but to look "for a camel".... it isn't hiding.  :)
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
Yesterday at 02:14:52 pm
Sharon, glad to see your post & know you are on the mend... painful as it may be.  I've been checking a couple times a day to see about you & Mary, goodness, seems every Senior & Friend is having serious problems. Stay healthy, hugs... Good luck with the cure for that computer! Shirley
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
September 15, 2019, 09:44:32 pm
Sunday night, I keep hoping for word that Mary is doing okay & remind myself that "no news is good news". Hopefully the girls are busy entertaining her in the hospital. I stayed 8 days because it turned out I had a side effect from the one med they gave me for A-fib. After I got home & got that out of my system I was fine. A cracked rib hurts for 6 weeks & even if they saw them in two, they hurt for 6 weeks! Will check in tomorrow.

Sue, was mid 90s here as well, & humid. I've been walking down to the river to feed fish about 7:00-7:30. Have to put on long sleeves to keep mosquitoes from eating me up. I spray my legs & boots that I wear into the river bed.  I had some of the next generation get upset with each other on Facebook early on & decided too easy to misunderstand so refuse to get drawn in.

Hugs to all. Shirley
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 15, 2019
September 15, 2019, 08:50:58 pm
I've been here 3 or 4 times today & each time "on the run" and see I didn't leave a message. Thanks, Bubble for the new home, the graphics & funnies, a special treat all around!

Today I sent an e-mail to a friend from age 6 all through the years. Every so often we would cross paths & enjoy catching up. I got her e-mail address from the class "reunion" list, had not seen her at a reunion luncheon for several years & wasn't sure if she was still around. Sent my phone number because "some of that vintage" don't do computers. She does i-Pads & phones so we talked for probably an hour. I told her about telling my mother about the time she explained where babies came from. Both she (across the street) & the girl next door had little brothers so their mothers explained to them young. On the other hand, I was the baby of the family & my mother never got to that discussion. Her mother had died when she was 7 so wasn't sure how to approach the subject. Back to my learning, after explaining about WHERE the babies grew, she gave me a "oh, my, Shirley has a shocked look on her face".... and she ended with, "maybe you don't do this since you are Catholic". I agreed, sounded pretty yucky to this maybe 7-10  year old. When I told my mother about this a few years before she died, I thought she was going to roll on the floor laughing. Carol had forgotten that incident but said she wished I'd reminded her before her mother died as she would have enjoyed as well.

So, comes back to Bubble's inspirational messages. I certainly have enjoyed every phase of my life & tell my doctor that "I'm going to LIVE until I die". Hopefully I can leave with a smile on my face, I don't doubt a little panic with the last gasp, but I would like my kids, grands & greats to think of me with a smile. I realize not everyone envies my life, even my sister thinks I'm from another world.... I do remember Joan rolling her eyes at my love of camping.... I've had the pleasure of dinners with some of the richest people in the world and can honestly say cooking over a campfire was just as much fun.  Hope each of you can spend a day in Memory Land with as much joy as this day was for me. Hugs to all. 

I have a sink full of dishes, I hand wash them since big bowls & pots. Will do that & a last minute feeding for 3 cats & I will head to bed. Sunday is a long day even if I slip in a nap. Sweet dreams to all.
Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
September 14, 2019, 10:20:06 pm
Found it! Love this, may I copy & send to my great grands?  They are into finding things in pictures & would love this! Long ago I had an artist friend that painted "paint" horses that were filled with all sort of other figures. Very interesting, she had more patience that I do. I've never seen one like this, different animals, especially in color. Thank you!
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
September 14, 2019, 10:09:18 pm
Jeanne, have you ever had your house power washed before?  We did ONE time & it was a disaster because of our hard water. We have storm windows all around & the water went between inner & outer windows & dried before we could wipe them off. Had to take off every storm window & use a glass scraper to get the lime streaks off. Hope you have soft water!

Jane, so glad you do Facebook & could check on Sharon & Mary. I don't do Facebook 'cause I don't want to know what my grands are up to all the time. Seriously, I know they all share photos that way but I'll just wait until someone e-mails me the photos. I remember that Mary was active blogging & all when they traveled. Hope all's well. Are you doing okay today?

No nap today & I am weary to the bone. Ran the vac in the pool & did some other outside chores & got very hot. I am ready for winter, anything cool.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2019
September 14, 2019, 09:22:27 pm
Oh, how sad if Larry's hard work wasn't saved!  He really put a lot of effort into organizing that. I'm not much good about checking out recipes but now & then will try one from a trusted friend & love to share good tastes. I've tried a number of taco soups but one was outstanding & probably be the only one I ever make again. Since I didn't take recipes over to that other place, if anyone wants the one for taco soup, can condense it down for here.

Also, ToMe... my Kroger butcher was the one that suggested I try ham SHANKS instead of ham hocks (next to each other in MY Kroger). Shanks have almost no fat & still have the good flavor, more like using a ham bone. My father loved the fat on ham hocks... "best part"... he always said (lived to 95 & smoked all his life). I had a friend in MO that used your same "name" online.... never got around to asking where she picked that up, her name was Dorothy.

I boil my beans (pinto or Great Northern) in my spaghetti pot so can drain off that first water without the beans slipping out & down the drain, yes, it happened to me. Boil about 15 or 20 min & pour water off, fresh water & T of salt per pound of beans... and package of ham shanks. I used to add a couple cloves of garlic, fine chopped but bought a jar of garlic ready to use... some black pepper & they taste good to me. I cut off all the lean meat after cooked so it mingles with the beans & think of my MIL when I make corn bread to go with it. She always served it with fresh made cole slaw.

Jenn, got to tell you that my eyes filled with your news, I am so sorry they are all having to go through more. If I feel this heart ache I can just imagine how all of you are struggling to put a happy face on around Michele. Prayers continue for her health & strength to keep fighting.

Been a super busy day & I need to feed cats, clean the kitchen & get to bed. Just leave the lights on tonight, in my world they are all LED & will last for years!!!!
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
September 13, 2019, 10:00:06 pm
Bedtime so thought I'd check to see if anyone reported in for Mary or Sharon. Good night to all.  Shirley
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2019
September 13, 2019, 09:51:17 pm
Almost sundown, still light enough to see 3 cats laying around the pool. Tom & Tiger have not had their "midnight snack" but Callie didn't want what was offered for supper so ate an extra large serving of her fav midnight snack, the canned Friskies. I always heard that cats ate the same all the time... not these! They act like they love something but if served 3 days in a row, they will walk away.  Seriously, is that not spoiled? 

Lloyd, Cas was in the Air Force, Air Police. I was really offended when he died I had to give back the "Vet" plates for cars & RV. We were married 3 of the "active" years and all 4 of inactive. I was the one that Cloroxed his white hat cover, lanyard, gloves, boot laces & scarf EVERY night.... washed, ironed (yes, boot laces, too)... and pressed a sharp crease in his pants & clean ironed dress shirt every day. BUT, I didn't count when it came to being a vet, had to give up my tag. He won an "Airman of the Year" award for our base, only time in a year & half anyone from our base won. The Major asked him how he got that shine on his boots... instead of dipping his cloth covered fingers into water & then the polish... he used gin. Cas was in from 1953-'57 active & before he got the final discharge 4 years later (during the Cuban Missile Crisis), papers were burned at the base in MO where they were stored. Took extra time to get that final release! We were in England during the Suez Crisis & on alert until we were shipped back to the US. He didn't have the rank for a wife to be shipped over, but they couldn't stop me from going as a visitor & staying on. Because I already had a clearance (Civil Service at Corp of Eng Map Service, cartographic draftsman) & also Civil Service Clerk Typist/ draftsman.... I was intervied by the base commander in England for a job only an American (classified) could have. I told him that he didn't want me, that I couldn't take shorthand! I also would not join the Wife's Club since the gov didn't pay my way over & I didn't owe them the time. I did it all with a smile....  ;)  A lifetime ago. Hey, Happy (belated) Birthday!

Amy, thanks for that link. I still don't understand what the difference is between the IP & pressure cooker. I will have to check to see if anyone I know uses one here so I can see... this old Missouri Mule has to SEE to understand. (MO born, is the "Show Me State").... Y'all talk about using different types inserts/pans??? Still a mystery to me. I did use my pressure cooker to fix the beans & ham shanks.

I got the fixin's for another pot of taco soup. I've tried several different recipes but this one really "turns me on". This is the 3rd batch I've fixed & it makes a huge pot. Doesn't sound as good as it tastes. Jane, I'll bet your crew would love it if they like Mexican flavor at all. It calls for a package of taco seasoning.... I use Williams... or Taco Bell.... Wish we lived close enough to give you the 2 cartons of Ball jars I'll never use again. I did give a couple away when I made the picklelilly.... recipe from a long ago neighbor that tasted exactly like what Mom made.  I made it twice & both times dumped it out because I didn't trust my canning. These jars have the Liberty Bell on from 1976. If I remember, slight greenish/blue tint.

The goal tomorrow is to clean off this table & put leaves in.... will have room for all the paperwork still not finished with, this laptop & hopefully room to get out paints to start working on Christmas presents. Sam's Club has all their stuff out already, kinda pushing the season, huh? I can't paint in a room off by myself, spent all these years with a long phone cord so I could go from canvas to stove & still be talking on the phone. Supper was on the table at 5:00 pm & all sign of painting put away.  That was when it was safe to multi-task.  ;)  ;D

Good night to all.... I think Jenny has been coming in last so will let her turn the lights out. Got through Friday the 13th SO FAR without anything bad happening.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2019
September 12, 2019, 11:46:47 am
Sandy, I do think that Fe is cuter than Shirley Temple at that age.   "Chilly".   :tissue:  So many of us would love to have that to complain about.

I've got another bean story, Bubble! After cooking a pot of beans very early in my life back n the "States"... using a large size pressure cooker from Mother. I turned it off, flipped the "dingle" on top off & stood in horror as all the juice shot out of the top onto the ceiling, dropping back onto the stove & behind it. Had to finally disconnect the gas line to move the stove to get it all cleaned up. Not what a tired husband wants to come home to.

Lloyd, I have never blown up a whole batch of eggs and at this age, hope that is one pleasure I don't face.

Gloria, for real, hemp is not pot?  I admit I am kinda behind on these things. Keep me posted, hope it helps. I had forgotten about drying the celery leaves, I used to do that!

Amy, how is the InstaPot different from a pressure cooker?  I have a large-large crock pot that rarely gets used, a large pressure cooker that hasn't been used since buying a medium size one (that I'm going to fix beans & ham shanks in today).. have a little Presto cooker (electric) from about 40 years ago that I still use when I want to fix candied carrots or a big pot of steamed potatoes to mash... (not often these days)... so have held out getting the Instant Pot. Also don't know which brand is the one of choice most or all of you use... I am weakening. Didn't think you could freeze celery & am always having some to throw away, I want the fresh crunch in meat spread (along with crunch of onion)... but celery is such a fresh flavor in soups & other things. Do you chop it?

Jane, I find myself wound between 2 cats a lot of times, they don't like to share with each other so one at my face & the other behind by legs. Not the best zzzzzzzzzzzs but do enjoy waking up with them being so happy. All 3 were waiting at the door when I got up the 2nd time, Callie didn't quite finish her breakfast & raced to the garage door to make sure I understood that SHE wanted to go sleep in the garage, not outside. Bless her heart, I wish I could make her understand the potty rules around here, she tries so hard to please. I know you would be just as frustrated & sad to not be able to let her hang out with the others all the time. By the way, that skillet I made the Egg Crisp in yesterday is no longer a "non-stick". Fried my egg in it this morning & it stuck like the old skillets before teflon.

Had a call from the guy that mows, will be here after while so I'd better get dressed & unlock gates. I did get at least an hour extra sleep but not sure Fitbit will give me credit, (only if an hour or more).

Mary Ann, my mother was alive during WWI and think that is why she was so upset with the news of Pearl Harbor. Don't think her brothers had to serve since they were farmers, but a lot of WWI men didn't come home and she was terrified for her sons.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2019
September 11, 2019, 09:47:46 pm
Well, I was sure you'd ask for that recipe..... did finally get the smell out of the house but took a lot of doing. And, Jane, you are so right, "DON'T TELL THE KIDS!"  One job at a time, can't multi-task anymore. In all my years I never did fry 2 eggs to a crisp like today. Did some serious scrubbing on that skillet. My fav/best skillet & those crispy eggs just slid out & left behind some charcoal in the bottom. Need I say more. Recipe: One absent minded cook, 2 eggs of unknown age (slightly cracked... but so was the cook); several jobs going plus eating on the run, phone call and you can't screw this recipe up, I guarantee it!   :thumbup:  :booboo:

SO hot again today. Had to put enough clothes on to visit the doctor, he will take that lump off my neck, says no problem but I think he will be surprised when he starts. It has been there at least 2 years or more. Will get it done a week from tomorrow.

And now... how many of you can remember the day Pearl Harbor was bombed?  I felt the same on 9/11. When the news came on the radio that Sunday morning about Pearl Harbor I was squatting down on the floor furnace (remember those?) with the funnies on the floor in front of me. Mother was in the kitchen & let out a scream ... to this day it sounded like an injured animal to me. She kept saying, "I have 3 sons that will be called to fight"... At that time I don't think Mother considered "older" men with families would be called up, Dad was pushing 50 with 5 kids. I realized that life would not be the same and it was not. I felt the same on 9/11, my daughter was somewhere in the air in the Eastern US. We didn't hear from her for hours, her plane was grounded and to this day I'm not sure how she got home, rented a car or what. I know she told me but those days were filled with "what ifs".... Do you think WE as a nation will pull together or are we too divided now, should we ever be attacked again?  Scary thought, isn't it?  And now to bed, I did not get enough zzzzzzzzzs last night. Hugs to all and God Bless America, with all her warts, there is no place like home! (Even if it still smells like an Egg Crisp).  Shirley

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2019
September 11, 2019, 12:04:57 pm
I've got half a dozen things started but wanted to tell y'all right now, before I forget.... the latest disaster I created. Phone rang while I was having myself a 2nd breakfast (egg sandwich), I was up at 4:30 & had 3 Eggos & went back to bed. My tummy does not appreciate sweets when empty so was not happy when I got up again. Fried my egg & decided to fry 2 eggs I had been moving to new cartons until I get around to cooking them to take to the river. They were cracked when I got them home & do not eat cracked eggs, cause "they" say not to.

Anyway, was eating my sandwich, waiting for a new pot of coffee to drain down & had those 2 eggs frying ... watching TV. Phone rang & I quickly swallowed what was in my mouth, got interested in conversation with my friend & NOSE told me I forgot those eggs. Burned to a crisp... that got me tickled with so many of you talking about making apple crisps. I like apple anything but what I took out of that skillet was NOT APPLE... house smells awful. I did not even save the "egg crisp" to take to the river. It was crisp thru & thru!   Gloria, my mouth waters every time you mention getting a tree ripened apple so first thought was you'd be cackling if you saw the crisp I created! Sure hope that "pot-cream" works! 

Got to get busy, blankie in the washer soaking (one Tom threw up on in the RV, I just toss them into a large plastic bag to wash when we get home). #1 son is coming by this afternoon to connect the new hose to add water to the pool... the old one had little geysers all up & down to soak anyone getting near while filling. This wind is sucking the water right out & don't want the level to get below the tile. Also am to run by the doctor's office to see if he can remove the lump on my neck or if I have to go to someone else. It isn't anything serious but big enough to notice when I curl up to sleep. Watching for the mail person to come by, should be getting the check for that car window, I will have to make waves if it doesn't come soon.  Gotta get me organized! I don't multi-task as good as I used to, that's how I ended up with "egg crisp" for the trash!
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2019
September 10, 2019, 10:51:57 pm
Wow, Jane, I was proud of getting ONE load of laundry done today. You do keep moving!  Sorry about your BIL, don't know if that valve can be repaired/replaced like the aortic... through the artery (or is it vein?). Prayers he/they make the right decision.

Well, Gloria, I am happy for you but jealous that you have had some cool nights. We can't seem to get a break, 90s & humid & tomorrow promised strong winds. I have weather on my Kindle so check my fav spots in MO & CO when I check Wichita... Even they are hot these days, but cooler at night then we are.  :tissue: I've got to buy some more Kleenex or Puffs Plus.

Mary Ann, I don't know what it is that eats the food I take down to the river. I have not seen any fox this year but know they are all around. The cats were not afraid when just one out back, but wouldn't get out of the pool area when they saw two. I think they realize they can be trapped. Cats only go down to the river when I am with them, not sure if they do at night. There are no trees on the long bank before getting to the river bank so probably could not out run the fox.

Amy, I am impressed with your niece moving to PEI.... how exciting. I can't imagine wanting to live on an island... I do not like big bodies of water. We would have called this river behind my house a "creek"... but it is the Arkansas River. Big difference, I an see the other side. I went to England & back on a ship.... couldn't get me on a cruise for all the gold in Ft.Knox! I shudder, get goose bumps thinking about it. I loved seeing the Gulf, both coasts up & down, but almost held my breath when looking at the vast amount of water. Don't know where that fear comes from, but it's real.

I'll turn out the lights.... maybe Jenn or Lloyd will be around later so maybe leave them on for a while. I'm off to sleep, got a busy day tomorrow (doing nothing!)  :2funny:
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
September 10, 2019, 10:20:23 pm
Jane, that's pretty much how Kansas does it... joint & survivorship. I did immediately cancel joint accounts & had all put in my name... canceled the credit card he used all the time & found it was a good thing because one of the insurances told me on the phone that "he'd just use that credit card to pay".  I told him it was canceled & I would be sending a check. This auto insurance likes to bill double the cost but if you call they give you half price. I don't like these games but tolerate since this auto club would haul the RV where ever help could be found & not a limited mileage. Anyway, did cash some i-Bonds that were in his name only & my name only .. no beneficiaries on either. Cashed the ones in his name last year & tax man recommended cashing only one per year since it brought income into another bracket... but at this age I wasn't willing to gamble how many good years left! I do resent being taxed outrageously on money we saved, had nothing to do with the gov! I keep taxes paid up front as much as I can but still get hit for a chunk in April. At least I don't yell & moan 4 times a year with estimated income like Cas did. It was reality to find income basically cut in half, pension was set up that way, the SS that was his in mine & mine went away... but the bills didn't change! Life is good, we saved and so far all's well.

Jeanne, where was your grandson in MO?  My kids all went through Wichita State University here in Wichita. Good engineering school & at the time they went, had great connections with all the aircraft industries here. Pretty much why all went into Engineering. So far Youngest grand is working on her Masters & Doctorate at the same time, in Audiology. One is back in to work on a Masters in Mechanical (first degree is Mio-Med Engineering & not many jobs where he wants to live). My oldest brother had a photography studio in Manhattan, KS. He died about 20 years ago. That is a much greener area than Wichita. This is the starting point for "the dust bowl" of western KS & eastern CO. My cousin's husband taught at K-State, she was an RN, not sure if he stayed there or moved back to MO after she died. With a base near by, it is a busy town.

I keep stopping to let a cat in or out, son called & I think I am ready to go to bed. Allergies are over the top, ragweed is in it's prime right now. Long time ago the doctor told me that "we have the highest ragweed count IN tHE WORLD right here. I never had allergies before & have put up with them since we moved here when I was about 30. I tried over the counter & a number of prescriptions but side effects worse than the allergies, so I whine & grip.

Hope Mary is doing okay. Those first few days are a nightmare, having to cough to get the fluid out & hoping nothing came loose when doing it. I couldn't eat, couldn't make anything go down past that lump in my throat but some fruit, not the pain, just body rebelling.  Good night to all, sweet dreams. Sharon will probably be awake all night knowing she will go home tomorrow!

Introduce Yourself / Re: A big welcome to Valtermar
September 10, 2019, 05:48:33 pm
I left a message in computers & thought I'd give it a try in here (since computers isn't visited often these days).

Have HP laptop using Windows 10.... bought a Garmin GPS & daughter installed Garmin Express to get updates faster. Had to agree to their cookies BUT I didn't know I'd be hounded with pop ups every 30 seconds that I had to click out of the way to see any page (not just Garmin stuff). I can't remember how to delete cookies on Windows 10 (using Chrome).... help, anyone???? Please.. Not sure that will end the problem but maybe until I try to use Garmin Express again, you think? My motorhome doesn't have built in GPS, car does, but car never goes out of town. I have no sense of direction so always have my Magellan hand held GPS with me but this Garmin talks to me & does a good job. I have a Tom Tom that came with "lifetime updates" but after a few years they tell me it is too old to update... how's that for double talk?

Thanks for the help... Shirley
Computer Store / Re: General Computer Q & A
September 10, 2019, 05:35:37 pm
Doesn't look like anyone has been in for a while so I will ask my question & maybe ask it in several other places.  :-[

Have HP laptop using Windows 10.... bought a Garmin GPS & daughter installed Garmin Express to get updates faster. Had to agree to their cookies BUT I didn't know I'd be hounded with pop ups every 30 seconds that I had to click out of the way to see any page (not just Garmin stuff). I can't remember how to delete cookies on Windows 10 (using Chrome).... help, anyone???? Please..
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
September 09, 2019, 07:43:53 pm
I'm buzzing through to see if there is any word from Mary's family. Couldn't remember when the surgery was to be.

Jane, I had not even thought about the house being in both names!  Guess I should check to see what Kansas laws are about it just going into the estate as is.  We never used the "one time tax break" when selling/buying houses so still have that benefit if I sell before I die. Not sure how many changes in those laws since we took care of these things before Cas died. As much trouble as Cox has given me, I hate to think of what dragons are out there. Good luck with your challenges, remember to enjoy all the days ahead.

Marilyn, I had plantar fascitis last spring, never had such pain when walking. I didn't bother getting advice from my Dr, my best friend had it a few years before & insisted her doctor had no real solution for the pain. My daughter had sent a pair of UGG insoles about that time & I had a pair of Nike tennis shoes half size too big the insoles fit in, worked great & completely cut out the pain as long as I wore only them. Don't remember how many months it took, but went away & hasn't come back. Do hope you can find a fix quick. Sore feet can affect the rest of the body when we can't walk good. I bought the tennis shoes big to wear thick sox when hiking... a reason for everything!

It is super hot here in KS, wishing summer gone. I would be happy if the nights were cool enough to open windows/doors for fresh air. Now we are facing West Nile Virus (a case in this county) so guess I will have to put on long sleeves & pants to go down to the river at night. I've been feeding the fish again & enjoy watching the water churn when I whistle for them. I've been giving them about half a loaf of bread every night & those catfish heads are huge... can't get a good photo of them because the water has been muddy. Doesn't take much to make me happy! Wishing all the best.... whatever makes each of you happy. Shirley

Site Announcements / Re: Sad News
September 08, 2019, 08:33:46 pm
Michael, haven't seen you pop in lately & hope all is well in your world. Thanks for keeping us together, come let us know how you are.  Shirley (in Kansas)
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2019
September 08, 2019, 04:46:39 pm
Haha, Mary Ann, I grew up with the "Ozark Mountains" and they looked like rocky hills to me, interesting rocks but not the mountains I had pictured in my mind!  I still look down all the time, sure there is a special rock waiting to be found. Your meal sounds like something I used to fix & forgot all about. I'd take round steak & brown in pieces & then cover with slices onions & pour V8 over & simmer or bake for an hour or two, usually in the oven. Kids liked it because it would be so tender. The day has been cloudy since thunder woke me up before 5:00 am.... not a drop of rain but right now this computer says it is 85° but the thermometer outside says over 90° in the shade. Sure is humid.

Gloria, just so you know, you'd be griping about this weather today as well.  :P  >:(  I am SO ready for fall or winter.

Cats got fed early because I came home from church & breakfast with all the kids & went to sleep on the end of the bed in the extra bedroom. I have a sheet over the top because the cats sometimes go in there to nap & I can lay crossways & watch TV. My daytime nap space. It was 2:30 when I woke up so will have to see what Fitbit gives me for the day & night. The nap brought my sleep up to over 7 hours, near record for me!  :nanadance:

And now I need to get busy. Not sure what this week will bring. Roofer was going to order the shingles again, they used the ones he got before on another place while MY "advisor" debated the type & cost. The hail was June 18 & since I didn't realize it did so much damage, didn't report until a week later when we got back from CO. Still been a long time getting the details taken care of when all the facts were presented in that first message. I am a little "testy" about this.

Hey, Amy, I am watching the signs of fall/winter & while it sure is feeling like summer, I realize the Monarch butterflies went through a long time ago, no robins for weeks & trees are dropping leaves. Have a feeling it is because the leaves are so thick the roots can't provide enough food & water to sustain them all, not the season. :knuppel2:
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2019
September 07, 2019, 09:40:49 pm
Haha, Jane, I am really laughing at Cathy giving you "THE LOOK" ... and where did she learn that?  ;D  Used to be that was all it took to shape them up. Hate to admit, my great grands don't know what NO is & if they do something really bad, they will take themselves to a time out corner & smile at Mom & Dad. Andy got me a safe ladder to use in the house for Chtistmas... I think it only has about 5 or 6 steps & kind of hand rail on the side. Can't believe how much I use it.

Jenn, that Jonah is darling! Still think he looks like you. Sadly he will be judged by his size & people will wonder why he isn't in school when he is 2 or 3. That's the way Andy was. 5 years between Andy & older sister and he wore her Carter's jammies with the feet in when she outgrew them. My youngest great gr-daughter in Seattle is just as big & ahead of her age, she weighs more than my sister did when she started school & just turned 2. Sorry about the flowers getting beat up in the storm. Our June 18th hail convinced me not to plant anything else. I do have some Crape Myrtle that has gone crazy in my "starter hole"... a place in the pool area the original owners left a circle out of the concrete with the best soil I ever saw. Anything planted in it grows beyond belief in nothing flat. Not sure this year old crape myrtle will even be able to transplant in the fall but got to get it out of that circle. Have a start in the front of the house a year older & doesn't compare with the size of the new stuff. I don't have a green thumb but have good luck with trees & shrubs.

Joy, we did make it to the west coast & north to Seattle, Olympic Nat'l Forest & drove down the coast highway until mid CA. Gorgeous trip except from Wichita to the NW & home, we were gone only 8 days. Crazy. He was always eager to get home, would go because he knew I'd go without him... or afraid I would. Finally we called a truce & decided he wouldn't go camping & grip the whole time with me & I wouldn't follow him around the golf course & grip about the heat & how boring it was.  ;D  Now I don't go but "a state away", mainly because nearly every trip something goes wrong with RVs... 

Lloyd, glad you made it home safe & sound. Was it much trouble pulling the car behind?  I don't think I am strong enough anymore to lift the tow bar off... my little Buick needs to be on a dolly & would be heavy lifting off & on, even with the cranks & wheelies. I am pretty content to stay in the RV except when my sons are along & have a car to run around in. They sleep in his camper but eat in mine or we go out to eat.

Guess I need to turn out the lights, it's still HOT here tonight. Sure be glad when it gets down in the 50s at night so I can open the door for sleeping. Sweet dreams for all, God Bless.  Shirley
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2019
September 06, 2019, 10:04:46 pm
Jane, best wishes for a good visit with your sister & BIL.... I think I know how you feel, like my trip to MO last week, it was just time to see them. Wish them good days ahead for me, I will think of them (and you) in my prayers. God knows by now that I have a routine plea for good days for everyone in here because "you deserve good days".... Safe trip.

I kind of out did myself today & am struggling to stay awake. I drained the tanks of fresh water & the "gray" water (I don't use the black water tank... ::)  )...put the slide out & cleaned/mopped the floor & got the old buggy ready for the next trip. I put the awning out to sun dry, it did still have some moisture rolled up in it.

Then I took 4 of the throw rugs that Ms Callie had marked to claim when I bought them in new... yes, she did! Sprayed them with Dawn & used the jet spray to hose them off, they can take a couple days to dry (if they don't blow away). Since they were new, they all look nice & clean. I have been careful to get Callie out before she thinks about what is hers! Poor old girl, I just can't be mean to her, she shows signs of being pretty old & is so grateful when I go out & walk with her. She is first to go down to the river with me at night & just talks like I'm supposed to understand.

Gloria, I wrote down the name of the cream I keep seeing advertised on to go get the paper, good thing I wrote it down. Oh, my, that trip across the room was bent over all the way & back. This body is rebelling~~  The name is Hempvana..I will Google (& know you will, too)... no idea what it costs. Wishing always to find something to help your back besides just pain pills that quit working after a while.

Mary Ann, I was brushing Tom today & thinking about your boy ... does he like to be brushed?  Tiger doesn't care about it, she will walk off, but Tom will lay & roll over as long as I brush. When I lay the brush on the floor I discovered if I hold it place with my toes he will rub his chin over & over on the bristles. I found this new one at the Dollar Tree (where everything is a dollar)... is the old fashioned type bristle. I bought one on Amazon that had a push button that pulled the wire bristles down so the hair just rubs off, but he doesn't like that one. Wish there was some way to post a video of how he turns his head to make sure I don't miss any part of his chin or anything.

Amy, every job you mention doing or needs doing, I just roll my eyes & admit mine are yelling for help, too. I don't recall volunteering for these jobs back when we got married, do you????

Joy, glad you got a good report on the scans. I think it was you that mentioned taking a daily "chemo" type pill?  My brother in law has been taking them for years & he has never mentioned any side effects. "They" have come a long way from the early days of treatments.

Phyllis, hope your exercises help & you keep up with the good work, maybe work up a sweat since winter is coming on.  ;D  You will have to put up with us winter lovers doing a happy dance, and do all the griping you want, you've had to put up with my whining all summer!

Jenn, glad your father is doing okay. Are they able to use the UBER drivers to bring food that sounds good or does he still like to get out to drive?  My tastes change all the time & get tired of something & can't choke it down. I haven't had Eggos for probably more than a year & all of a sudden they sound good. I may fix a couple before I go to bed. Crazy, huh?

My bones are having a fit about sitting here so long, guess I'd better take some vitamins tonight & hope they do their magic overnight. Another week end, sure seems like they come around quick & still not any closer to fall. Really hot & humid again today. I guess it was a short week with Monday being a holiday. Sweet dreams to all and God Bless.

Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
September 05, 2019, 10:55:24 pm
I've checked in almost daily, concerned about all of you but having been through the open heart, am feeling very huggy toward you, Mary. Been quite a few years since we met on that Alaska chat, right after y'all got back from the dream of my life trip. I wish you good doctors with skilled hands for your surgery, and I will be thinking & praying that all goes well and you will have a speedy recovery. One thing the nurses forgot to tell me & felt bad after was that when having to sleep on our back, do wear a bra that holds the boobs together so they don't stretch the scar apart. My scar is wider than should be (not that it is a problem), but one nurse told me it could have been avoided if only I had known. I still don't know what kind of bra would have been tolerable but guessing you can ask before if you know to ask, right?

I groan with every pain posted, shake my head with sympathy, smile when things are going right.... and Jane, I didn't have any of the many problems you've had when Cas died. I didn't even consult a lawyer. We had put everything into CDs except for the pension & SS, all in one place & it auto turned over to me. Now my internet & phones with Cox are still messed up, even though I took a raised seal death certificate to the local office, 6 years later the account is still in HIS name & I can't get anything changed because I am not the PRIME user. Isn't that stupid? Who do they think has been paying the bills??? Well, you seem to be climbing out of the paperwork just fine and hope life is good. By the way, if I missed something important & the gov comes to get me, I still have that e-mail that went around telling about all the good points of prison life.  ;)

Our temps are still in the high 90s, miserable with humidity we are not used to in KS. Had a few cooler days last week so I went to MO for a birthday party for my 94 year old brother. My 89 year old sister hosted the party & I am not kidding, she looks 10 years younger than I do. She got our mother's skin & I got the wrinkles from Dad's side. Considering she is 4-5 years older than I am, I came home & have been having a pity party ever since.  :tissue:

Sweet dreams to all, I still feel guilty about posting in here because I'm not the "Bosom Bud"... but I feel like I've known y'all for a long time. Sharon, congratulations for getting sprung next Wed.

Oops, you slipped in Alpiner. Sorry about having to have the spots removed. That sun is wicked. That will be a long two weeks.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2019
September 04, 2019, 10:15:10 pm
I'm bringing up the rear again tonight! What a good feeling to know this is the last treatment/chemo, for Michele, and more to come but not as rough as these last few months. Prayers begging for her to have lots of good years to see the kids and grands grow up!

Jane, I do envy Lloyd & Nancy sleeping in that Walmart parking lot and having breakfast with you. I love camping in CO and the convenience of electricity in MO.... but the cats prefer the activity of an all night Walmart!

Phyllis, glad you are feeling more like your old self.... cooking is good therepy!  ;)  I tend to cook when I am upset, not always smart. I just took a couple tubs of meat down to the river for whatever is hungry tonight. When I defrosted the freezer this last week I found some past date & some tubs that had lost their stickers of dates... so put them in the frig & will take a few down each day till they are gone. The animals that live along the river clean up anything I take down so I don't feel too guilty about being wasteful..... 

Amy, glad you had a good day out.... our cool weather is gone & the heat is on! Awful! Sorry to be wishing the days away but I can hardly wait for COLD weather & be able to get out for a little while without melting into a puddle. I vacuumed the bottom of the pool about 7:30 & it was still hot. I like to keep it open until near freezing so it doesn't get so icky for spring opening. I wouldn't want to live any place else, but the pool is sure a pain in the neck to maintain. We tried to have it filled in when we first bought the house but not possible unless we were willing to have fences taken down in the front (side of house), have all the concrete broken out of the bottom (they mildew) & then still be stuck with all that concrete pad behind the entire house... which would be extremely hot without the water to keep it cool. SO, I whine & will stay because it's home for the cats & I enjoy the river & privacy. End of soapbox! I will admit that I'm glad we did not get it filled in because it makes it FEEL cooler. I'm not willing to spend what it costs to have pool service when it is a job I can do & need the exercise. Pains me to spend more than $300 just to have a pool man come put the cover on & winterize the system, but he did a good job last fall & I don't want to have my sons do the job since they really don't know what chemicals he used.

Roofer is to come tomorrow to settle when they start and make sure the insurance has covered everything. My co-pay on that is about $3,500... but can't help what Mother Nature causes & since it's another "Lifetime" (dumb expression when a good hail storm will do it in again)... it should be one less thing to mark down when I go to sell. Got things lined up to do so better get to bed & be ready to roll in the morning. Sweet dreams to all and God Bless. Hugs to all.  Shirley (good night, Mary Ann)
Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
September 03, 2019, 05:09:28 pm
Love your new "HOT" rod, Don!  That is really one spiffy set of wheels, how fast will it go?  Maybe you better not admit.  ;) I bought me an "E-bike" (battery power).. that is set to go no more than 20 mph so is legal on bike paths & most sidewalks. Cute little squirrel, now you can get that camera charged & show us all around. I assume most motorized wheels are limited to the same speed. Happy for you, be safe & enjoy! Thanks for the photos. Shirley
Introduce Yourself / Re: A big welcome to Valtermar
September 03, 2019, 08:25:40 am
Valtermar, how nice that our friend, Bubble, encouraged you to join us. We are happy to have you and will probably come calling now & then, for advice with a computer problem. My first question of you is.... is that your real name or one that has a special meaning to you?  Shirley is my real name but when I first joined this group nearly 20 years ago, I used the name Tisie because it was my mother's nickname most of her life, and there were already several "Shirleys" in the membership. I live in the center of the US, Kansas, widow with 3 kids, 7 grands & 7 great grands, and 3 cats that have taken over my life. Tell your wife for me that I join her with speaking only one language, if I live long enough, that would be my goal, to learn another.

As Rammel mentioned, if you click on Forum, you will find many discussions to choose from to visit.  I hang out mostly in the Soda Shoppe and Photos Then & Now but sometimes look in on other discussions.  Sounds like you have a full and interesting life.
Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
September 03, 2019, 08:07:32 am
Love the dogs, Jane, and think that is a great photo of you! Grinning at the little one, "Keep that monster away from me!"  Are the dogs really good friends? Yellow is a good color for you.  What amazes me is not a single thing out of place in your kitchen! :thumbup:   Thanks, Bubble, for posting & the link to ride over on.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for September 1, 2019
September 03, 2019, 12:19:47 am
Guess it's my turn to turn out the lights. And a last prayer that all have a good sleep and wake up smiling!

Mary Ann & Bubble, where did our new member post?  For sure, we will be happy to welcome him. I remember when I first joined Senior Net and stayed away from the Discussions that seemed "too close knit". I'm not really bashful(that might be an understatement), but I reall am not pushy. My mother always told me that "when you walk into a room of strangers, look around for someone that looks uncomfortable or shy... see if you can make them more comfortable and all of a sudden you won't feel alone".... worked all my life.

:wave: So if you come in here, WELCOME  VALTERMAR, from Shirley in the state of Kansas, USA.