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January 20, 2020, 01:55:25 pm

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Jan 20 2020 1:23pm
Oldiesmann: New shoutbox is up with imported history :)

Dec 31 2019 9:06pm
brian: pOOCHERS       HAPPY   NEW  YEAR!!!!!!!!

Dec 31 2019 7:16pm
Pooch1: Wishing you all peace and contentment in 2020.  We will accept our situations, whatever they may be, and continue to be valuable parts of our communities. 

Dec 22 2019 12:31pm
brian: I wish u all a pleasnt   holiday season in here  -----  cant  do it in non  existent  chat room---    oldies   did u look at  minnitchat.com  they have  free   chatrooms

Dec 21 2019 4:31pm
brian: Oldieshombre    dont  bother --  not  important

Dec 21 2019 12:33pm
Oldiesmann: I'll see what I can do about importing the old data then. Shouldn't be too difficult :)

Dec 21 2019 10:45am
brian: so  recent= as far as  we  can  recall  in here

Dec 21 2019 10:11am
Pooch1: As far as the scroll bar lets us go back, brian.

Dec 20 2019 3:25pm
brian: well poochers?   We  solicit  yer opinion

Dec 20 2019 3:24pm
brian: question then  becomes   what is  definition of   "recent'?

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Site Announcements / Re: New portal/shoutbox
Last post by Oldiesmann - Today at 01:43:43 pm
Are you still having issues? It's working fine on my end.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for January 15...
Last post by Lloyd Hammond - Today at 01:10:23 pm
Mid day Hello everyone. AMY you could not stand to let the snow stay up there.Is snowing hard out of the north east, we already have at least 1/2" and still at it.I am not sick just tired and wore out Like i had did a hard days work. had one long Nap since i got up and am ready to try for another.

Town Talk / Re: Norms Bait and Tackle
Last post by RAMMEL - Today at 01:07:49 pm
   CallieOK  --- There are two little check boxes just below the coffee pot at the top. They control the "Side Panel" and the "Shout Box".
Site Announcements / Re: New portal/shoutbox
Last post by Marilyne - Today at 12:34:05 pm
The font size button at the top of the post box, is not working for me. When I click on it, it takes me completely out of S&F, and onto a blank page.  Then I have to reopen S&F once again and the same thing happens.  Obviously, if I just start typing, without trying to enlarge the font, it is working fine.  I need the large font!
Town Talk / Re: Norms Bait and Tackle
Last post by CallieOK - Today at 12:29:01 pm
Merry Monday.  All of my information is in a panel on the side. Otherwise, things seem to be okay.
Photos and More / Re: Photos Old and New
Last post by Mary Ann - Today at 12:21:47 pm
Good heavens, Sandy, you're just a kid!  I graduated from high school two years before you were born - in 1941.  In June, it will be 79 years that I've been out of school.  I started working in 1942, still before you were born.  I am older than dirt!!!

Mary Ann
Town Talk / Re: Norms Bait and Tackle
Last post by Mary Ann - Today at 12:16:25 pm
Marilyn, I'll see what happens here.  There is a note at the top of the folder that Oldiesmann has made some changes.

Mary Ann
Site Announcements / New portal/shoutbox
Last post by Oldiesmann - Today at 12:01:10 pm
I just switched portal systems on the site to one that's more actively developed. The biggest change you'll notice is the shoutbox, which should hopefully be easier for everyone to read/use now. I am currently working on importing shouts from the other one so all of that should be back later. Let me know if you have any problems/questions.
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
Last post by maryz - Today at 11:51:07 am
I'll bet it's cold for Auburn, Sue.  It was 20* here when I got up, and up to 24* now (10:45am).  Very cold for this area, but at least it's not ice and snow.  Sorry for jane and Jeanne.  I like my indoor space to be about 68 in the winter time, but this room is hard to keep that way.  When I turn the heat on, it tends to keep heating, and not cut off where I set the temp.  So it'll get up to 72 or 73 very quickly, and then I have to turn it off.  Oh, well, it gives me some exercise, getting up and down.  ;D

The Titans lost yesterday, so their Super Bowl hopes are gone, but it was a good year for them.

Nothing much going on for me today.  I think Home Health is supposed to come by to set up an account.  The doc ordered some PT for me - a good thing, I'm sure - and they'll do my INR checks (the blood thinner levels), so I don't have to go to the doctor's office for that.

Happy MLK Day, Buddies!
Town Talk / Re: Norms Bait and Tackle
Last post by Marilyne - Today at 11:43:43 am
My Seniors and Friends is messed up this morning.  I can't get the font size to work.  When I do what I always do to get font size and color, it immediately jumps to a completely blank page.  I'll be back later in hopes that things will fixed? 
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