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Feb 24 2021 8:23pm
mycheal: Spring  thaw has arrived here :)

Feb 21 2021 3:49pm
Oldiesmann: Ours is finally melting.

Feb 20 2021 8:05am
so_P_bubble: 4 inches in Jerusalem!

Feb 13 2021 11:01am
Oldiesmann: Anyone else buried in snow? We got 8 inches here Monday into Tuesday, another half inch or so Wednesday and more is coming next week

Jan 22 2021 12:28pm
Pooch1: One of these days AARP will begin flooding your mailbox, too! (IMHO it's in the business of selling things.)

Jan 21 2021 11:26pm
Oldiesmann: Reader's Digest thinks I'm a senior citizen now apparently. I got a subscription offer in the mail saying they'd approved a "special seniors discount" for me

Jan 01 2021 8:00am
Amy: Happy New Year to you also !

Dec 31 2020 11:16pm
Oldiesmann: Happy new year everyone!

Dec 18 2020 8:22am
mycheal: Ya all stay safe now  >:(

Nov 29 2020 1:51pm
Oldiesmann: You're welcome. Glad you like it :)

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Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for April 15, ...
Last post by JaneS - Today at 06:48:37 AM
Good Morning Everyfriend!  Cindy and my Gdaughter, Courtney will be arriving between 10 and 11 a.m. today.  I'm ready!  I slept well last night and there are enugh chairs cleared off for everyone to have a place to sit.   :thumbup:

LLOYD, I am so sorry to hear your bad news.  Like AMY, I thought he had agreed to your living in the house even if the decision went the other way.  I agree that you should not leave him a screwdriver or a stick of furniture or a curtain for a window.  Sell it all out from under him!  Take what you want and need and leave NOTHING else!

I'm heading for the shower now so I'm dressed and ready to greet company!  I wish you all a good day, better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for April 15, ...
Last post by Amy - Today at 06:36:56 AM
Good morning..

Snow has gone again and let us hope this time gone till Nov!!

Picking up a few things in town then home get some work done.

Lloyd, I am so sorry to read this! I thought Bob said that you could live there  no matter what the court said. I would have an auction on all the things you can't take and leave him with just dust to play with. People like Bob will pay dearly for what they have done to others.

Shirley, one could write a book on what is said and what one thought was said here. Must admit it can be funny at times and I do have to wait so I can repeat it right without laughing. On that note we are to head to the city for a remote for Kyle's hearing aids......YAY!!

Jane hope you can take it easy today. Don't want to tucker yourself out so that you don't enjoy your company. Remember they are coming to see you, not do a house inspection.  I will ask him next time we talk. I never know where he is..

Better get ready to meet the day..

Enjoy your day and stay safe.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for April 15, ...
Last post by Lloyd Hammond - Today at 05:54:42 AM
I scrolled back and do not see post I Made. But the Bad news Is we are getting booted out of our Home , Have to be out Lock stock and barrel by the Last of June. all we Have done for Bob and get Kicked in the teeth Like this. I say again documents and put in court records with a lawyer. we are both heart sick.

Town Talk / Re: Norms Bait and Tackle
Last post by Shirley - Today at 05:53:28 AM
Cat got me up wanting to out, he is feral, thinks he is free because if he pesters enough he gets his way all the time. Think I will have breakfast & go back to bed, my tummy appreciates being full & sends me right back to sleep, even with that cup of coffee.

I think most of us visited the Missouri discussion because they had so much fun in there & we all found some connection. And you, Shirleyn, was ONE reason I came up with Tisie, you got here before I did. All said & done, we must have all had good typing teachers, our fingers still do a lot of talking. :thumbup:

Only a few of us left from the old Missouri group, Lloyd still posts over in the Soda Shoppe & still has many problems with his computer & spelling, but hanging in. Have not heard from DorisA for a year or more, we used to keep in touch, her husband died but she stayed in her house. Remember Martex, Whimsy, a couple of sisters that lived in different states???.... So many names I've forgotten....I remember when Bunnie died, her husband went first, she was "the Picture Lady" that had polio as a child & the wicked return of it after her children were grown. How lucky we were to have met them all, I didn't get to but one gathering in MO.

I hear the train whistling as it goes thru Wichita... still the saddest sound to me. We've had a few deaths (suicides most), in this area so the whistle is extra loud & long in this flat land. Didn't think I would ever call Kansas "home" but have been here since Dec. of 1960 & my kids think of this as their home even though one born in England, one in MO & the last one in Liberal, KS. My husband's ashes are in a niche here, my matching urn stored in a back closet with all paid receipts inside for the niche next to his.

And that's MY story, & may have mentioned that I was a Kindergarten drop out because my father was transferred from Jefferson City to Sedalia, MO right after Pearl Harbor. Being the last of 5 I was mortified at the games & lack of teaching, so when I came down with measles & whooping cough & a drain in my lungs, my mother didn't make me go back because we were going to move anyway & NO Kindergarten in Sedalia. You girls bring up nice memories.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for April 15, ...
Last post by Lloyd Hammond - Today at 05:42:44 AM
Good Morning everyone. 28º and clear the weather guesser says going for the upper 40's Hope you all have a great day. see you all later.

Town Talk / Re: Norms Bait and Tackle
Last post by shirleyn - Yesterday at 11:08:42 PM
Hey Hey Hey MaryPage!  Here is the Shirley from Florida you were talking about!  So good to see you again.  I have often wondered about you and how you were.  I am four years younger than you – so good to see someone older than me.  Of course most of my same age friends are all gone already, so no one to commiserate with.

Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for April 15, ...
Last post by JaneS - Yesterday at 10:53:01 PM
Loved it, SHIRLEY, only I AM the one who needs a hearing aid.  I know when the kids are all gathered this week, I'm going to wish I had one!

Right now, it's a "seeing" aid I need.  My eyes have gone into slamshut stage and I'm tired right up the gazoo!  But I'm ready for my company tomorrow.  Every time I tried to sit down today, I thought of something else I had to do.  I'm ready for the haystack!

I wish you all a peaceful night's sleep and a happy Spring day tomorrow.  We had rain today and when it stopped, the sun stayed behind the clouds and the wind blew.  It was NOT a nice Spring day!
Town Talk / Re: Norms Bait and Tackle
Last post by MaryPage - Yesterday at 10:31:56 PM
Well, Tisie: I remember who you are now!  Wondered which Shirley you were, but was pretty sure you weren't the one, I think she lived in Florida, I exchanged so many quips with.  My special memory of you was that I went to school (an all-girls boarding school) with a Tisie, and had never expected to encounter one again.  Your mother could not have been she, because my Tisie would be 94 if living, and it would have been impossible for her to have given birth at age 6 or so.

Ah, the Missouri connection.  One of my 5 daughters lives in Kansas City, as does her elder daughter.  Her younger daughter lives in St. Louis.  I don't know the name of the section of town Judith lives in, but she lives on Holly Hills Boulevard, so maybe its Holly Hills. Judith has two little boys.  One will be six next month and the elder is 8.  Both go to a public school for the gifted.  I've been meaning to ask my daughter, their grandmother, if that is peculiar to St.Louis only, to the county it is in, or to the whole state.  We don't have that here in Maryland, but they do have a special STEM program public High School (only) in Fairfax County, Virginia.  My little great grandsons, I am told, but mind you, I am no expert on these facts, having passed the tests to get in (each was nominated by their regular school teachers) are guaranteed to be able to go all the way through High School there.  Mateo, who is standing in front of me in my family photo over in Photos, and it looks as though I am choking him, albeit I swear I am not, is one of my favorite people in this whole wide world.  He is a talker.  When he was in kindergarten, Judith was sure he was going to wind up the first kid expelled despite their guarantee.  He kept coming home with notes to the parents.  Turns out he wasn't a bad kid, but a Big Time Talker.  Nothing could shut him up: he had stuff to say, and he said it.  So at the end of the year, when the school had its awards ceremony, they made up a new one, just for Mateo.  MOST TALKATIVE.  Mateo was not daunted; he was delighted.  Can't quash that kid!

Sorry to say, he gets that from Judith by way of me.  I still remember the horrible Mrs. Fritz in third grade at West Point.  She automatically put my name up on the far right corner of the black board Every Morning, and then put a check after it for every additional 5 minutes I had to stay after school that day.  For talking out of turn.  Oh, how I hated her! Once she surprised me by yelling (literally: I think she was in the wrong profession) at me with her back turned and when she turned around to berate me further, I told her I had not spoken, and she would not believe me, and over on the other side of the classroom the handsome Punch Summerall stood to be recognized, and Mrs. Fritz adored him (so did I), so she told him to speak, and he said it was not I who had spoken.  And, miracle of miracles, she Believed him!  While I swooned.  I had been in love with Punch forever.  He never learned this, but we did go to school together one last time in Fort Knox, Kentucky several years later.  His real name was Charles, but he had a twin sister Judith, and she was called Judy from birth, so the family started calling him Punch and it stuck.  You are all old enough to figure that one out.
Soda Shoppe / Re: Soda Shoppe for April 15, ...
Last post by Shirley - Yesterday at 10:21:42 PM
Got this from an old friend (same age as me) & thought "how true" at OUR age!  Hope you enjoy...

Bob feared his wife Peg wasn't hearing as well as she used to and he thought she might need a hearing aid.

Not quite sure how to approach her, he called the family Doctor to discuss the problem.

The Doctor told him there is a simple informal test the husband could perform to give the Doctor a better idea about her hearing loss.

'Here's what you do,' said the Doctor, 'stand about 40 feet away from her, and in a normal conversational speaking tone see if she hears you.
If not, go to 30 feet, then 20 feet, and so on until you get a response.'

That evening, the wife is in the kitchen cooking dinner, and he was In the den.
He says to himself, 'I'm about 40 feet away, let's see what happens.'
Then in a normal tone he asks, 'Honey, what's for dinner?'

No response.

So the husband moves closer to the kitchen, about 30 feet from his wife and repeats,
'Peg, what's for dinner?'

Still no response.

Next he moves into the dining room where he is about 20 feet from his Wife and asks,
'Honey, what's for dinner?'

Again he gets no response.

So, he walks up to the kitchen door, about 10 feet away.
'Honey, what's for dinner?'

Again there is no response.

So he walks right up behind her. 'Peg, what's for dinner?'

(I just love this & it's SO true)

'For Gods sake, Bob, for the FIFTH time, CHICKEN!'
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
Last post by maryz - Yesterday at 05:33:14 PM
Marilyn, glad that Keith's sons are finally going to help out with your move. And that it looks like you're going to find a place to land when you do finally move. It's a "seller's market" around here, too. I'm hearing that houses are selling as soon as they hit the market. Sending good thoughts to you.

jane, glad you've got some good weather coming up. I hope it materializes.

Sharon, glad you got your heat and your computer working - not fun things to be without. Like you, I almost never use my laptop except plugged in. I don't even know if the battery could be replaced. Just something I never think about. Glad your bridge was good.

alpiner, sounds like you had a good few days off.

Darlene, are you getting into hot weather again?

I got a bunch of lab work done this morning - preparatory to my doctor visit next Wednesday. Not too bad with the sticking, and it didn't take long at all.  It was really chilly getting out this morning, though.  Near freezing again overnight tonight.

Hugs to all the Buddies!
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