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  • brian: how many months has it been?   LOL
    Yesterday at 02:15:24 pm
  • Oldiesmann: Brian: It will happen if/when I find a good option. Until then you'll just have to live without it.
    Yesterday at 12:51:32 am
  • brian: i guess  its  safe to assume  this  site  will never have anothr live  chat
    September 14, 2019, 02:47:18 pm
  • Pooch1: Let us pause today to remember the innocent victims of 18 years ago and those brave responders who still suffer and die from the deadly after effects left by terrorism. 
    September 11, 2019, 07:34:27 am
  • brian: many here need  practice  at   reading  lol
    September 08, 2019, 01:08:11 pm
  • Amy:     Bubble did!!   ( brian: shirley   send  email to owner mavens )
    September 07, 2019, 11:45:04 am
  • brian: well bubble   ask the  person who  brought  his  name up ------   I merely answered a  query   on how to  contact him   via   email
    September 07, 2019, 11:18:08 am
  • so_P_bubble: So why bring his name here??? Idle talk?  ktsssss...ktsssss....
    September 07, 2019, 04:06:43 am
  • brian: Amy  nobody  ever  said  mavens owns anything  but his  own room
    September 06, 2019, 11:07:32 am
  • brian: Pooch he  has tons  and tons
    September 05, 2019, 11:26:34 am
  • Amy: Shirleyn, Bubble will hel you. Mavens does NOT own this forum.
    September 04, 2019, 04:25:37 pm
  • brian: shirly  i tink its  uncle   if tat  doesnt  work    go to  [link] its  likely on his  home  page
    September 04, 2019, 10:55:41 am
  • shirleyn: Thanks AMy, I am trying the computer section.  I had already tried the button.
    September 04, 2019, 07:51:11 am
  • Amy: Shirley on the right side ther is a button,no alerts or emails. Try clicking on that ,or go to the computer help section and  Rammel will help you with the problem.
    September 03, 2019, 08:45:56 pm
  • shirleyn: brian, what is owner mavens email address?
    September 03, 2019, 08:11:54 pm
  • brian: shirley   send  email to owner mavens
    September 03, 2019, 08:08:50 pm
  • shirleyn: HELP!  Can anyone help?  I am receiving over 500 emails a day from Seniors and Friends, some times more.  How can I stop them?  Anyone?
    September 03, 2019, 07:53:13 pm
  • Amy: Pooch, thank you, that should make his grandchild proud :)
    September 02, 2019, 02:22:03 pm
  • Pooch1: Amy, many years ago Brian bragged that he'd been kicked out of better chat rooms than SeniorNet.  Perhaps he has no alternatives left?
    September 02, 2019, 12:52:44 pm
  • so_P_bubble: Good advice, Brian.  I don't think you will see a chatroom here any time soon...
    September 02, 2019, 12:10:07 pm

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Messages - maryz

Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
September 05, 2019, 05:00:38 pm
Sharon, glad you're getting to go home next week.  Still lots of work ahead, but you'll be more relaxed.

Hang in there, jane.  It will get finished, eventually.  It took me probably longer than it should have, but finally got accomplished.

Marilyn and Darlene, good luck with your feet and BP issues.

My PT and OT gals tell me I'm improving with strength, recovering from exertion - both good things.
 We finally found out today that my surgery (open heart with mitral and aortic valve replacements) is scheduled for Monday.  Transport from here will be on Monday morning.  I guess everything after that is on a "depends" basis.  The girls are hovering.  Kate is still here right now through late Monday or Tuesday morning, Margaret comes back Sunday night or Monday.

Sarah & Carson are still in Chatt.  Haven't heard what's happened in their town.  I texted with Paul in Charleston about noon, and he said the winds and rain were ferocious with a high tide due about 2 p.m.  Haven't heard from him again.  Guess I'll get the personal storm update later today.

I'll try to get word to y'all when I can after.
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
September 01, 2019, 03:40:37 pm
Well, finally have the laptop again, so can check in and post.  This is what I know now.  I have two valves to be replaced - mitral and aortic, which cannot be done by catheter. So there is open heart surgery in my not=to=distant future, probably 1-2 weeks.  I was moved to a rehab facility to regain some strength.  Right now my O2 level and heart rate are giid - thanks to pacemaker.  After surgery, I will have 7-10 days in the hospital, @2 weeks in rehab hospital, and then more time in a regular rehab (that's very close to where I live, so good for the girls to stay.  I'll let you know when a date is set.

My normal BP runs @150/70-80, with one pill + diuretic daily.  While in the hospital, it ran from over 200/? to 100/?  We were happy with anything under 150.

jane, glad you're happy with the la-z-boy.  Our grandsons took stuff of John's they wanted, and I took most of the rest to the homeless shelter.  Tough to do those things.  I never got an EIN for John, either. Your finance folks will advise you.

Sharon, glad you're seeing results from the PT/OT. Congratw on taking your own shower, They'll start with me tomorrow.  Also, IMHO, glad to be looking ahead to retirement community.

Marilyn, sorry about the heel spur - so painful.  Glad you're on the schedule for fixing.

Sue, sorry about your friend.  Won't be too long before basketball season.

Darlene, hope they get your BP meds sorted out soon.

Jeanne, hope you're finally getting some cooler weather.

alpiner, I agree, definitely don't put off seeing the dermatologist.

I hope I haven't missed anybody.  Happy Labor Day!
Leisure Activities / Re: Library Bookshelf
September 01, 2019, 12:34:24 pm
All of Ivan Doig's books are good.  Another writer with series and stand-alones is Ferrol Sams - mostly a Southern writer.
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 26, 2019, 08:55:20 am
Kate and I are sitting here waiting for me to be taken for the cardiac cath.  Kate got here about 5:30, and I've been awake since's 8:40am now.  Who knows when they'll come.

jane, I commented about your issue on the Other Medical Conditions board.  We're getting some rain here, too, at least here.  Hope at my place too.
Medical Corner / Re: Other Medical Conditions
August 26, 2019, 08:37:46 am
jane et al, the last one that I had to deal with kept asking me for information I had already provided them (no charges involved, though).  I finally sent one of their requests back to them with a handwritten note in red marker saying, "I've already sent you everything I have - there's nothing else."  I got a check from them in a couple of weeks - and it wasn't even for very much money.  This was spring of 2018 and John died in 2015.
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 25, 2019, 07:50:24 am
Well, sorry Darlene.  Looks like we were sharing stuff.  Glad you're out and getting some new meds.  Keep us posted.

And alpiner, looks like we're all falling apart,  It does pay to watch those "places", and see the doc when something changes.

I had a rocky start to my night, but it ended well.  I started feeling like I had before I started on the oxygen, and was concerned.  Then I thought to ask for a mask for the O2, rather than the nasal cannula.  I'm pretty much a mouth-breather, so I've had to concentrate to do all my breathing through my nose.  And my nose was getting stopped up - hence, more mouth-breathing and no O2.  It got much better with a face mask, and I wound up sleeping very soundly from 2 until 7.  So I guess I'm back on a forward path again.

Happy Sunday, Babies.
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 24, 2019, 05:06:47 pm
Got my laptop, so I'm able to write more.  The results after the pacemaker installation was immediate.  My heart rate had been about 40, and it was up into the 70s!that plus the oxygen has been wonderful.  Now that they've the emergency problem under control, they're going to work on the underlying major problem - the heart valves.  I had another echocardiogram this morning, will have some PT/OT tomorrow to help me get up and walking, and have a cardiac catheterization on Monday.  Maybe go home on Tuesday.  Then the "Valve Team " will get together and come up with some recommendations. They'll then talk with me and the girls about it, and we'll make decisions.  It definitely won't be the new, easy, through-the-catheter type fix, though.  The girls and the hospital folks have been great, so now we wait for more data.

jane, glad you're getting some cooler weather.  Predictions here are highs in the 80s for the next week - and that's a good thing...more seasonal.

Sharon, sorry the trip out was painful, but glad you're making progress overall.  Keep using that walker, even if it's permanent.  There are worse things.  I know what you mean about moving too fast.  I finally have learned to slow down...actually my body just made me do it.  I'm also glad you're considering moving into a retirement center.  It always sounds like a lot of money, but when you consider the costs that you don't have anymore (groceries, maintenance, insurance etc., etc.), it pretty much balances out.  Always major decisions, though.

Sue, good to hear about your pacemaker.  Good for you for the walking, too.

Hugs to all the Buddies!
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 22, 2019, 09:26:42 pm
Quickie.  I'm in hospital.  Went to er instead of doc office.  Pacemaker being put in tomorrow.  Home first of week.  Team consult to decide what's next,  about valves.  Using tablet for now. Kate's gone home, Margaret here now. Both tomorrow.  Will keep you posted.
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 21, 2019, 09:30:19 am
Sharon, we had recliners all through our married life - the last ones purchased just before John died.  I ALWAYS get La-Z-Boy recliners.  There is a handle to pull up the leg rest, and there are intermediate positions (not just the full-up). They are very reliable, and (I think) reparable for free if something does go wrong. They come in all sorts of styles, some rockers and some not.

I still feel like crap, but Kate is on her way, and I'll be seeing the doctor in the morning.

Happy Wednesday to all the Buddies!
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 20, 2019, 01:14:48 pm
Sue, be careful on those walks.  The Southern heat and humidity is brutal!

Jeanne, I hope you get through the storm unscathed.  I wish we'd get some wind and rain (although not a lot).  We've had high-90s temperatures and high humidity, but no rain, except for scattered brief showers.  We never set up an estate, but it seems to work for lots of folks.  Good luck with all your paperwork.

Sharon, how's the PT going?  Any idea about discharge yet?

jane, there are always SO many minutiae to deal with.  And it seems it's always the smallest that cause the biggest headaches.  Good luck.

I'm still staying mostly in my chair - probably about 99% of the time.  Kate will get here sometime tomorrow, and I got to the doc on Thursday.

Stay cool, Buddies!
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 18, 2019, 02:47:48 pm
Nothing going on here.  I talked to the nurse this morning and she agreed that I needed to stay put in my apartment.  She's going to check on me periodically and will check on getting me some supplemental oxygen.

Glad you're getting some cooler weather, jane.  Still in the mid to upper 90s, with no rain, around here.
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 17, 2019, 10:45:28 am
Sharon, as I recall, when I was in rehab after my knee replacement, I got PT or OT once during the weekend.  Surprised they missed you yesterday.

jane, how awful for all your family, but I agree, both are better off.  The results of drug addiction are awful...and the issue can certainly affect any family.

My breathing/stamina was really awful yesterday.  I didn't even try to go up for supper. I'm some better this morning, but if I have difficulty heading down the hall, I'll just have my meals brought down until I see the doc on Thursday. I really hope the valve issue is the causes of the problem, and can be fixed.

Margaret came by for a brief visit yesterday and brought lunch for us.  She was on her way to spend last night with Matt & Claire in Atlanta, then on to SC to stay at Sue's and visit with her friend who moved to the area near children and is in assisted living.  Monday is Sue's birthday - hope I remember to call her.

Happy weekend, Buddies!
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 16, 2019, 06:53:44 pm
Sorry I forgot, jane.  I remember now about your niece's death.  But I don't remember hearing about the murder.  So tough!
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 16, 2019, 02:35:14 pm
Sharon, I hope your PT is going well.  Any idea yet on how long you'll be in rehab?
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 16, 2019, 12:14:16 pm
jane, glad you're making some plans.  Is your sister a widow? I've forgotten - where does she live?  Good that you can find a place to store (or donate) the frozen food.  I thought "bringing food" was mainly a southern thing.  :)   Where my Aunt Betsy lived in the Valley (Edinburg, TX), when there was a death in the family, a local furniture store brought a refrigerator to the home to store all the food that was brought to the family.  I've never heard of that anywhere else, but always thought it was such a great idea and service.
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 15, 2019, 09:40:39 pm
Nobody showing up here today.  Guess we're all zonked out by the heat.
 Gee, we "only" got up to 93 today.

I'm having more and more trouble breathing and with lack of stamina.  Once I sit for a while, it all eases out, but just walking down the hall to the elevator or even getting dressed, just has me puffing and needing to sit for a while.  I'm going to really pull back on any activity until after I see the valve doctor next week.

And so much for my happy news.  I hope y'all are just staying cool.
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 14, 2019, 12:37:23 pm
Marilyn, glad you're not going to travel any more with Keith.  It is SO hard for folks with dementia (and their caregivers) to be out of their environment.  I hope you can get the carpet taken care of soon.  And Yuck! on the heel spur - when your feet hurt, everything hurts.

Sue, you should be getting some "cooler" weather soon.

Our high was 100 yesterday, but a front came through last night, and it's supposed to "cool" off today and be "only" a seasonable 90.  We did get a dribble of rain overnight, but with lots of lightning and thunder.

Good luck with the lawyer visit, jane.  I hope you can get most of it taken care of today.  Something else ALWAYS shows up that needs attention, but at least it eventually stops.

Happy Hump Day, Buddies!

Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 13, 2019, 10:32:35 am
Good morning, Buddies!

Today is a "nothing" day for me - always a favorite. We're in the midst of this awful heat wave - highs in the 90s, with heat index well over 100.  Just like all the rest of the Buddies - except Marilyn and alpiner out there on the west coast.  I went out early this morning and watered my plants, then came back in, read, the paper, and took a good nap (after being awake since 4).  So much for my day.

alpiner, glad you were able to get hold of your doc.  One good thing about getting older - no more colonoscopies.

Sue, always good to see you checking in in the mornings.

Sharon, nothing easy about rehab, even if they don't work you on the weekends. I hope you continue to improve.  I played bridge last night.  We finally got some cards - enough to make it interesting - even if we only scored 42%.

jane, it's especially good to see you checking in.  You've still got a lot of paper stuff to do, and things will sneak up on you.  But you're at least through a lot of it.  The emotional part is the hardest, of course, and takes the longest. Lots of love and hugs going your way.

Darlene, Joy, Jeanne, hope you're making it through this heat.

Stay cool and in the a/c if you can, Buddies!
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 11, 2019, 07:22:36 pm
Thanks for the info, Shirley.  I'll pass it along.  She's following some groups that are women who camp alone.  Plus she's very level-headed.  I'm pretty sure she planning to rent for a couple of trips before she decides what to buy.

jane, glad things are settling down for you.  Those first few days will be tough, but they do eventually get easier.  Hugs!

Hope all the Buddies have good a good week. Stay cool!
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 10, 2019, 01:17:59 pm
Sorry about your friend, Sue - guess at our age, we're always loving our loved ones and friends.

Darlene, I hope you can solve the possible thyroid problem.

Shirley, I'm afraid I'm not painting any more.  Actually I pretty much stopped when I broke my arm/shoulder in 2011 (with the 3 subsequent surgeries), although  I brought some painting stuff with me when I moved.  I was talking about you with my daughter, Kate, last week.  Newly widowed, she's thinking seriously about getting a small RV to do some solo wandering in.  She'll probably rent one a time or two before spending serious money.  She's thinking along the lines of what you have, basically an outfitted van.  Are you still using the Mercedes van/camper? It'll be interesting to see what she does.

Kate brought me back home yesterday.  It was so good to spend the week seeing her settled in her new life/house/community.  We didn't really DO anything, but it was still a great week.  Now to get rested up for my not-so-exciting life.  I have a routine doctor appointment Monday, but that's all on the docket.  My appointment with the heart-valve specialist is on the 22nd, and we'll see what happens after that.

Love and hugs to all the Buddies - and especially to jane!
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 08, 2019, 04:35:53 pm
Sue, we like those slug days occasionally.  Go for it and enjoy!

alpiner, glad you got a mainly good report.  We've all had places dealt with by a dermatologist.  I hope yours isn't a big deal - usually they're not.  I've had a couple frozen off.

Kate's going to be taking me home tomorrow.  We had company yesterday.  Jean and her friend, Jamie, came up for lunch.  And another friend came for the afternoon and stayed overnight.  So lots of talk and laughter.  Kate's new house is great - suits her so well, and Berea is a lovely little arts-and-crafts-heavy town.  I think she's going to do quite well here.

Hugs to jane.

Happy mid-August, Buddies!
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 08, 2019, 06:26:51 am
You'll certainly be in our hearts, jane.
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 05, 2019, 01:13:21 pm
Darlene, Sharon said on FB that she was hoping to get into a skilled care (rehab?) facility today or tomorrow.  I don't have any additional information about that, but I assume the pain she was experiencing was too much to be handled at home.  I hope she is finally getting some relief, though.

jane will be dealing with services and family for the next few days - I know they'll be tough for her.

Kate and I are doing fine together.  She's in such a nice little neighborhood, and is settling in.
She's gotten to a couple of knitting groups, and is going to meeting of humane society volunteers tonight.  She's finding all sorts of things to check out - for interests and ways to meet people.

I guess we're all still in the summer "hot & muggy days".  After all, it is August.  Stay cool, Buddies!
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 04, 2019, 10:52:33 pm
Hi Shirley - always good to see you, even if you came for such a sad reason.

Thanks for the advice about possible procedures.  One of the girls will be going with me (probably Jean), so there will be another set of ears to listen.  I would love to think something could help with the shortness of breath.  We did our Alaska trip in 1998 - still loved doing it! My e-mail is .  Are you still in your same house?  John died 4 years ago this month, and I moved to a retirement complex (independent living) the following October.
 It's worked well for me.

Kate and I didn't do much of anything today, but grandson, Andy, and his wife, Erica, came for dinner and evening - they live about 40 minutes away.  I hadn't seen them for a while, so that was a treat.

When are you going to have the service, jane.  Will there be much family there?  Take some time for yourself.

Hope everybody has a good week coming up. 
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 03, 2019, 11:53:22 am
Hi Buddies! 

jane, I hope things are working out for you today...getting arrangements made, etc.

Margaret picked me up yesterday morning and we drove to Kate's in Berea, KY. I'll be here for a few days, and Margaret is going back home today.  Berea is a lovely little college town with an interesting history (you should read up about the college and its beginnings), with lots of arts and crafts - so Kate feels very comfortable here.  Her new house is perfect for her, in a tiny quiet neighborhood of older houses, and she's happily settled in with her dog and two cats.  We went out this morning for breakfast bagels at a local place and a short driving tour of the town and area.  M & K are going out shortly to get a piece of furniture for Kate, and I'm going to "hold the fort" while they're gone.

Happy weekend, Buddies!
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 01, 2019, 12:12:20 pm
Marilyn, your Freckles is a very perceptive dog (person?).  I really commend you for your Hospice work.  And you surely have a tough time dealing with Keith.  I seem to remember you have someone come in to stay with him when you're gone.  It's good for you to have a break from time to time.
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
August 01, 2019, 10:36:03 am
Sue, I think jane does have family coming in to help out and give support.

Darlene, I'm sure you'll get all the exercise you need at a family reunion even without a specific walk.  That usually involves lots of visiting and cooking and cleaning, and just plain fun.  Enjoy.

I've managed to come up with a new problem.  I've not had heart problems before, but it looks like I might be headed that way.  My FP/PA sent me for an echocardiogram a while back, and with the results of that, I was referred to a cardiologist.  I saw him on Tuesday, and it turns out the issue is with thickening of one of the heart valves.  I'm told this is a "mechanical" problem, so will probably be treated with some sort of procedure. So now I'm to see somebody at the Valve Clinic section of the Chattanooga Heart Institute, in about 3 weeks. One of the girls will probably go with me. I guess this might be the cause of my worsening shortness of breath and weakness.  We shall see.

Happy Thursday, Buddies!
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
July 31, 2019, 06:55:27 pm
I hope jane is coping well today.  These first few days are so full of immediate decisions that reality really won't have a chance to soak in.  Unfortunately, that comes a little later - and, of course, for longer.  Love and hugs, jane!

(p.s. - just saw jane's post.  Hang in there, Babe! We're with you in spirit, if not in the flesh.)

We had forecast of scattered thunderstorms today - standard summer stuff.  We had some yesterday, with some roof damage to our airport terminal, but nothing at my place.  This afternoon, I went for my mani/pedi, and the thunder was off and on while I was there.  Just a few sprinkles when I left, but I drove through some hard showers on the way home.  I thought when I got home, I might have to wait in my car until a shower passed over.  Then on the road right below our building, there was a huge tree down in a yard.  When I got to my parking place, there were only a few drops falling, so I got in quickly.  In the 2.5 hours I'd been gone, we had had almost 1.5" of rain.  On the other side of town, our major shopping mall had an inch of water on their lower floor, and roads outside were fender deep.  Crazy rainstorms in the south.  Marilyn, those fires in Oregon look awful - glad they're not near you.

Margaret is picking me up Friday morning to take me to spend a few days with Kate. We're looking forward to seeing her new house.

Stay cool, Buddies.
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
July 30, 2019, 10:45:12 am
I just read on SeniorLearn that jane's Ray died this morning.  Deepest sympathy to her and all her family.
Medical Corner / Re: Bosom Buddies
July 29, 2019, 09:56:40 pm
Love and hugs, jane!