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March 30, 2020, 06:59:40 pm

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Mar 27 2020 9:27am
Pooch1: Click on "Chat" above, Lloyd.  Nice to see you again.  How's the horses?

Mar 27 2020 12:22am
Lloyd Hammond: Lloyd

Mar 27 2020 12:22am
Lloyd Hammond: I can not get this thing to work right, so sweet dreams and good night

Mar 27 2020 12:18am
Lloyd Hammond: Lloyd

Mar 27 2020 12:18am
Lloyd Hammond: I can not get a complete paragraph all together, so good night and sweet dreams.

Mar 27 2020 12:13am
Lloyd Hammond: morning. i am struggling with this one big time. when this place gets full it post;s it on it self.

Mar 27 2020 12:08am
Lloyd Hammond: hello my regular computer is the repair shop. it is past my bedtime so i am going to shut this of for tonight. i hope to see you all in the morning. it is raining here now again light. Ihope to get my regular computer back to morrow and put this one in the

Mar 14 2020 11:18am
brian: never  knew CHAT    had appeared above------   I was the  one  who turned   him onto it !!!!

Mar 14 2020 9:50am
Pooch1: As a simple courtesy to you.  If you wish to interact with chatters, click on "Chat" above instead of complaining (LOLing) that Shoutbox isn't busy.

Mar 13 2020 11:52pm
brian: so why are you    on it?

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