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Library Bookshelf

Started by Marilyne, March 29, 2016, 03:20:53 pm

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May 30, 2020, 06:02:08 pm #2280 Last Edit: May 30, 2020, 06:03:46 pm by CallieOK
Thanks,Marilyne.  Don't remember the last time I tried to watch that channel, That wiil be a New Project Woo Hoo  ;D 


I've discovered that I haven't forgotten how to read after all!  :)     For the past couple of months, my interest level was zero, as well as my ability to concentrate on any book . . . but suddenly I'm back!   

When I'm looking at a list of books, or just browsing in a bookshop or library, I tend to be attracted to books with interesting cover art, or an intriguing title.   (I know that sounds very shallow, but I can't help it.)  ::)    Anyway, I picked this one from Amazon, knowing that I would like it, because of the title.

It's called,  When We Believed In Mermaids,  by Barbara O'Neil.   I'm a little over half way through it, and so far the story hasn't disappointed me. I really like it!
Sorry Callie, I hope you won't kick me out of the IRCS club?  :-\


;D , Marilyne.  Nobody's going to get kicked out of anything by me!!! 

Our weather has improved and I'm able to spend more evenings on the patio watching the birds and a friendly rabbit, as well as enjoying some chats with my next-door neighbor.  Being able to have a conversation in person has relieved the irritability a lot

I'm attracted to the same things as I'm browsing through the 14,000+ items available for e-loan from my library.

I have several on Hold that won't even be released until later in the summer.  Cuts down on the ones I'd like to get sooner but also gives me a chance to be among the first to read something new.

I've begun a writing project and have been spending time on it. However, I'm down to two books - one almost finished - on my Loan list so need to get busy and find some others.

Onward and Upward... 


Funny--I've picked up some too.  It's welcome.


My post from this morning seems to have disappeared. I wonder if I hit forgot to hit post.

I was saying that I've taken it into my head to clear out some of my over 500 eBooks on Amazon, most of which are freebies. Amazon, bless their hearts, sets all the books that they update back to not read. Now I can't tell which ones I already read and which I didn't care for or read and didn't want to keep but forgot to delete, so far, I have ended up rereading one I read but only remember the first section and one that I don't remember much about either. I think I only deleted two so far.

The last two books I borrowed from FLP I sent back almost immediately. One I read about six months ago and forgot I did, and the other just didn't interest me like I thought it would. I am still waiting on four eBooks on hold and added several more to my wish list.

My audio books are piling up. My newest acquisitions include The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt by Toby Wilkinson, Barbara Tushman's A Distant Mirror, and some classics including The Count of Montecristo and The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire. Listening has been a bit spotty the last week or so. I am still on the second of the fantasy series I am into, so it will be a while before I get to those.


I am back to reading A Splendid Exchange: How Trade Shaped the World by William J. Bernstein. I had set it aside a while back and never got back to it until now. The chapter I am on now (The Disease of Trade) is about how disease was spread through trade routes and its effects. The book was published in 2008, well before our current pandemic, but oh so timely and familiar feeling now.


MarsGal - The chapter from your book, How Trade Shaped the World, about how disease was spread through trade routes, is indeed timely.     About a month ago, I watched the 2011 fictional movie, Contagion, which was about a deadly flu virus from China,  sweeping around the world, and killing millions.    I couldn't get over how the Coronavirus epidemic, came along 9 years after that fictional movie, and mirrored the story so closely!

I finished the novel, When We Believed in Mermaids, and I liked it a lot.  I think most of you would like it, so I definitely recommend it.  An unusual story, with likable characters, family drama, angst and conflict.  However, no violence or creepy stuff.


Just received a notification from our Library system that "Library To Go" will begin at selected branches, on June 9th.  Thankfully, both of my nearby branches will have this.  (I only have one book on request at this time).  They did move the outside book bins back, so we could begin returning items we have been holding for 3+ months. They had just picked them up and moved them somewhere for storage.  If we return something, it is 4 days before it shows as being returned on our record. I don't know what they are doing, or where, but must be some of that ultra-violet light treatment we've heard of.  The Library To Go will be similar to what we had to do when the beauty salons re-opened.  Make an appointment (request for books), they will notify you when holds are ready. Call the to schedule a pick up time.  Drive to the library, park, they'll check out your items and deliver them to you while you wait in your car.  Sure, it sounds a bit of a bother, but hey, we can get books, reading material.  I have read so many Ebooks, I'm just "blah" about them.  I picked up one of my hardcover books last night, thinking it would be nice to hold a book in my hand.  It was nice, but hey, I had already read it!  I put off starting to read my copy of "The Goldfinch" since it is so long, but the movie has already come out.  It's on Amazon, and I tried to start watching earlier today, but over the last week or so, I can only seem to watch about 15 minutes of something, then I either turn TV off entirely, or switch over to Netflix and do the 15 minute thing again.  Getting a short attention span in my old age, LOL!
The heat is getting miserable here too.  I don't know what the actual temp was yesterday, but just stepping outside to check mailbox just wilted me down.  I try so hard to keep the A/C set high enough so it only comes on intermittently.
Got it at 82 degrees now, and with the ceiling fans, it is comfortable in here.
I simply cannot think about an electric bill of $100.  It's bad enough being in the $65+ range.  I'm frugal with running the washer/dryer, dishwasher too.  But being alone they don't get much of a workout! It's going to be a late lunch for me, 2:50 PM, and I don't know what I want to eat.  Since it's the weekend,I may splurge and go get a Burger or some Taco Bell junque food!  I'll be a good girl and cut this short for now. TTYL as the "texters" say.  Stay cool, stay home, stay safe. 


Tomereader, I envy you your re-opened libraries, even though since I don't drive they wouldn't do me any good.  Maybe I could pay them to mail me the books. ;)


I still can't get back to reading for longer that half hour. Before this if the book good I would sit and read it all day.
Wish ours would put the bins outside again. I have over 20 books here. Also I miss having their copy machines as I don't have a scanner anymore and time for Car licenses etc want paying and they just sent a open card not one in a return envelope. They want all done on line but mine needs me to take the road test. Need it in  April. Our stickers went up to $159 this year. Its due June 30th.
So hot still. Need to go to store as I am out of Ginger Ale and 7 up. Means I have to get dressed. Would get arrested if I went with what I have on right now....


I finally finished Age of Swords and have now started listening to the third in the series, Age of Swords.

The last book I read, The Emperor's Edge by Lindsay Buroker, is a fantasy I managed to put in my SciFi folder. It was okay, but I ended up skipping the middle to see what happened at the end. It turns out to be the first of a nine book series. I can't see me reading all nine books. Maybe two or three, but not nine. The story line is that a group of people, one an assassin, one a cop (called Enforcers here), an alcoholic academic, a preening outcast from a rich family, and a young street urchin/thief, conspire to save the young emperor from a greedy and nefarious group who oppose the emperor's ideas for reform. The group are considered by all to be enemies of the empire, an image they encourage in order to preserve the emperor's true parentage and keep him on the throne. Some wizardry/magic included. It appears I may have the next to in my queue, so I will read them next, I think.

Bubble, how is your friend in Brazil doing? I don't find many SciFi fans to "talk" to. Even our SciFi discussion group on SeniorLearn is down to just me and PatH.


Thank goodness. From today now we will be able to take back all the library books. Drop them at the back entrance. Still not going into the library. I have 23 books taking up space in my Bedroom. About 18 not worth reading. Will keep 3 that may be O.K.
I did start reading a few now that are on my Ipad, Amazon fire and another tablet. Sort of got use to it but still prefer in my hand.


June 13, 2020, 09:21:04 am #2292 Last Edit: June 13, 2020, 09:25:40 am by maryc
Jeanne P,  I understand what you mean about returning the books.  I had a pile of puzzles and books borrowed from our Senior Center library that I kept moving around my sewing room.  Finally yesterday when I went to do Meals on Wheels I noticed that the Director of the Center was working. I phoned in and she told me I could come in to get or return books,etc.  It's good to have them gone and I picked up a few books.  One is a real oldie...."Brave New World."   That title could be quite appropriate right now!! 
  I spoke with a friend this week who told me that she has been getting books from a couple "Little libraries"  around town.    She and a few friends have been keeping the book supply flowing by exchanging books during these past weeks.  She is a private duty personal care aide so is pretty well connected through the community.
Mary C


I decided to reveal my  "corvid haircut!" just for fun.   After the events of the past few weeks,  I think we could use a little something to lift our spirits....at least I do mine.   I have an appointment for a professional haircut on Tuesday this week.   Vicki will take care of the blunders I made especially across the back.  I feel just a bit guilty for worrying about such a small thing in light of the current troubles, but I guess we can only deal with what is at hand.
    A very nice surprise came in my mailbox this week.  A young friend who I mentioned here earlier had been to an Annual Authors Series at Charleston, SC with Mary Alice Monroe,  Elizabeth Berg, and others.  Mary Alice was about to launch her new book "On Ocean Boulevard".   My friend sent a signed copy of the new book.   I have gotten right into it and it is like revisiting old friends at The Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island.
Mary C


well my posting vanished again. Try to remember what I said.
Mary. You look so good with short hair. As mine curls I have to leave it longer. I did trim my back again yesterday. Now the front on sides are back to bob length and if I blow it a little I think may leave it like that. Seems to be getting thicker also.

Now the library again letting us order books on line and they send a Email when it our turn. Now we still have to call and pick up outside. That is not  to bad. They have 2 new ones for me today. Have a week to pick them up.
I am still not into reading as many as usual. Hard for me to sit still it seems.In Bed I last about 10 min. So funny how this Tie Down is working on us.
We had the youngest in my area die 2 days ago. Age 37 and he worked for Amazon. Now it makes me feel like I don't want to be ordering on Line anymore. I did get a packet yesterday. Quickly tore the package up. Washing hands right away. i need my special Shampoo but I got on line and saw that the Vitamin  shop here in town have 2 bottle and so I called them and will pick up tomorrow. Just never been in that shop before. They will bring curb or you can go in. May see if any Tech. in Target also to check phone.


Mary, I like your haircut.  Back is always tricky.  I've cut my own hair for years, and that was the hardest to learn.  I wouldn't be able to do a really short job--the shaping is too hard.

Jeanne, isn't it awful being suspicious of everything that comes into your house.  Unless there's some reason not to, I put mail and packages off in a corner for a day, to give the virus a chance to die, before opening.


I finished two books in the last several days and am now embarking on new adventures.

The first is the audio version of Michael J. Sullivan's Legends of the First Empire series within his World of Elan series. Next up is Age of Legend: Legends of the First Empire (book 4). This fantasy continues to captivate me. So far, there are two more after this in the "Legends" series, both of which were published last year. I wonder if they will be the last. But never fear, there several other series in the World of Elan universe which will keep me quite busy for quite a while. The Legends series is not the first published, but is a prequel to the rest, which comes to a total, so far, of 22 novels and several short stories in the Elan universe.

The second book I finished is C. J. Cherryh's Heavy Time. Once again C. H. Cherryh had me totally engrossed in the story and the characters. A tale of corporate greed and malfeasance on a ore processing and shipbuilding station, Cherryh brings together a cast of characters ranging from young newbie, naïve ore prospectors to the old hands, from those who are suppressed by "the system" and find ways to work around it as best they can to those who know how to "play" the system, from political activists to don't rock the boaters. It is a tale of murder, cover-ups, and the psychological, physical and financial damage wreaked upon those unknowingly caught in the middle.

Now I am reading a murder mystery called Blackman's Coffin: A Sam Blackman Mystery by Mark de Castrique. The main character is a disabled vet who was, prior to losing part of a leg, was a military police investigator and the story is set in the Asheville, Black Mountain (VET hospital), and the Biltmore Forest, NC area.


June 24, 2020, 12:36:32 pm #2297 Last Edit: June 24, 2020, 12:39:42 pm by FlaJean
Blackman's Coffin sounds interesting.  I'm going to check the library digital list and see if it's available.

 Checked - (as usual) it is not available.


Darn it. My 3 books did show in LP coming in but just went and picked them up  curb side and 2 are small print. Going to have to order some more books.
Now they open up inside next. Week. I sort of like the curb when dressed sloppy. I am today . So hot again. I for the day


Jean, I finished Blackman's Coffin yesterday and went looking for more. My online library only has this first one in audio book form but none of the others, and my local library only has one other. There are six in the series so far, according to the author's site, and A Specter of Justice is the fifth. I may have to make do with that, though I'd like to read the others. Castrique has another series he calls Buryin' Barry which has seven books in it so far. This series is about a former cop turned undertaker. Castrique himself is an experienced broadcaster and producer, and has gained several awards, including an Emmy, for his work.

My latest audio book "read" is The Silk Roads: A New History of the World by Peter Frankopan. Since I barely got started with it a while back I am starting over.

Now I have to make up my mind what I want to read next, more from the book on ancient trade and trade routes, or C. J. Cherryh's Hellburner, or something else.


Our county library systems is on the small size.  I need to find another lending digital book outlet.  I don't mind buying an ebook now and then but only if I have read other books by the author and am pretty sure I will like the book.  The digital library is limited for me.  Maybe I'm just too picky.


My budget doesn't allow for spending much on books anymore. I got Blackman's Coffin when Amazon offered it as a freebie with Amazon Prime. Now they lend it free with Kindle Unlimited which I don't subscribe to. The Free Library of Philadelphia, which is available to all PA residents, only has this one in audio, and none of the others at all. They use Overdrive, as does my local library. Internet Archive (www.archive.org) has it but I never figured out how to actually download files from there. Plus, they only have Epub and PDF available. You can read online if you have an account (free). https://archive.org/details/blackmanscoffin00deca/page/n3/mode/2up I make use of Interlibrary Loans on occasion, but that is pretty much out until the libraries open up again.


MarsGal - I've mostly been reading novels that my daughter or dil has brought over for me.  Nothing I would choose, but better than nothing, for now.  AJ confiscated my Kindle, at the beginning of Shelter in Place, so I haven't had that to fall back on.  I much prefer a real book anyway, so he is welcome to it. 

maryc - I can't believe that I never commented on your new picture and your haircut!   You did a great job, and it doesn't look like you needed a professional cut.   I have given up on my hair.  I tried to cut it, but could only do the sides and bangs, so now the back has gotten so long, that I hold it in place with a big barrette, and then try to curl the front with a curling iron.  Our hair salons have not opened here, and I'm afraid it will be a while yet until they do.  A new surge of Covid-19 has hit us in California, and it's pretty bad.

How wonderful that your friend had a chance meet both Mary Alice Monroe, and Elizabeth Berg!   As you know, E. Berg, is one of my long time favorites.  I also like Monroe, and will definitely look forward to reading, On Ocean Boulevard.

Sandy brought me a novel that she love,  called,  In Five Years,  by Rebecca Searle.  It was a good story, with a couple of surprising twists. I liked it, and I think most of you would enjoy reading it. 


I'm doing most of my reading on my Kindle, during this time when can't get library books.  For the second time in about 30 days, I went to my shelf, where I put new books I have bought, or the ones that I win in the various publishers' on-line sweepstakes, and pulled out a book.  Only to start it, and realize that I've read it already!  Guess I read when they first arrived in the mail.  Both of these were mysteries/thrillers; one by Laura Lippman, the other by Karen Cleveland. The Lippman is the one I started last night, but it is so good that I decided to go ahead and finish it.  One of the Tess Monaghan, P.I. series.  I have been going through Kindle ebooks like crazy and haven't written down titles or authors. And, have started several that were so badly written and terribly edited that I just Removed from Device.  I realize this should be in the books section, but I wanted to get something posted so you "friends" wouldn't think I had been abducted by aliens, LOL.


Three days ago my next Slough House (Slow Horses) book, Real Tigers, arrived. Then yesterday Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, was ready to pick up. I was not expecting Sapiens quite so soon since the wait time was longer than another novel on my hold list.

My audio listen, The Silk Roads: A New History of the World by Peter Frankopan, is densely packed with a lot of information not directly related to traveling the Silk Road, but more like the world changes that were affected by the Silk Roads or, in some cases, changes that affected the use of the Silk Roads. The second chapter which was about the spread of early Christianity, only marginally mentioned the Silk Road and its influence in spreading the new religion, possibly because most of the movement went west and away from the ends of the Silk Road and not so much east. This book would be slow reading indeed, and maybe a bit "dry", if I had to read the print version


MarsGal - "The Silk Roads", sounds a little too heavy to tackle in print, at this time.  For now, I'm sticking with the light reading.  Just started, "Fried Green Tomatoes, At the Whistle Stop Cafe", by Fannie Flagg.
I left a message for you in Bait and Tackle.

Tome - The Tess Monaghan, P.I. series sounds good.  I'll look into that at the library, as soon as I can get in . . . which looks like a long time from now.


Last night I binged on Trapped, an Icelandic police series. Dubbed in English where needed, it kept me interested. I'll watch the rest tonight. Amazon only has eight videos of Season 1 although Wikipedia lists 10. You might recognize one of the characters who played Gian Paolo Baglioni in five episodes of The Borgias.