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Television Today

Started by Marilyne, March 29, 2016, 06:38:19 PM

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Marilyne, did you see my recommendation for "The Intern".  A really good movie.
Also over Christmas Holidays I watched "The Two Popes" both the movie and the documentary.  Both excellent. 

The Irishman was informative, but like "The Departed" it was just too heavy-laden with the "F" word, which I don't feel adds anything to the story, the acting, or the writing.  BTW, haave you noticed how many books nowadays have the F word in the title? This is sickening.  Oh, I'm showing my "old people's side".  Sorry.


Marilyne, I bet you were watching the TV last night at the Golden Globe awards.  I don't think we even turned on the TV yesterday.  I seldom watch award shows anymore.


January 06, 2020, 01:53:59 PM #1622 Last Edit: January 06, 2020, 04:21:41 PM by Marilyne
Tome and Jean -Yes, I'm staying true to the awards shows, so I always watch the Golden Globes, Emmy's and Academy Awards.  The others, like the Grammy's and Tony/Broadway awards are not of any interest to me anymore. 

Last night's Golden Globes was good,  because I had seen lots of the TV shows that were nominated, so I was rooting for the ones I liked.  I had not seen any of the winners, except for, The Irishman, (Netflix), and Chernobyl, (HBO).  I like Ricky Gervais, even though he doesn't go over very big with the Hollywood liberals, because he really skewers them for their hypocrisy.  However, I did see Robert DeNiro, laughing, so I guess he doesn't take himself too seriously.  Not so with Tom Hanks, and most of the women. >:(  The dresses on the women were pretty "far out" to say the least!!  The style now, (if you are well endowed), is to wear a gown cut as low as possible, and then open all the way down in front, to the end of the bodice.  There was one woman, (don't know who she was), that I thought for sure was going to come out of her dress.  You almost had to look away because it seemed inevitable!  When she went up to the stage to get her award it was pretty scary!  :o

Tome - Yes, I did see your recommendation for The Intern, and hope to see it ASAP.  Also, The Two Popes, received lots of nominations in every category, but I don't believe it won anything?  I'm looking forward to seeing it too.  Mrs. Maisel, was also nominated for lots of awards in the comedy category, but didn't get any!  A comedy show called Fleabag won every award in that category.


I tried watching Episode 1 of Fleabag, but I found it was just simply Nasty, and held no interest for me at all.  I DVR'd the Globes last night and plan to watch today sometime.  The folks on our block are getting new gas meters installed, so I have been interested in that, had to be home this afternoon so they can relight the pilot on my water heater. My A/C/Heating does not have a pilot, it is all electronic ignition, which pleases me since I don't have to worry with lighting the pilot myself. Plus went to P.T. this morning, so have been busy-ish.  Tomorrow I need to put a small roast in my CrockPot with veggies, which I can eat on for several days. I have been doing my braunschweiger on white bread for a couple of days. Also ate spaghetti and chili for a couple days.  I love that, but
I'm ready for some substantial foodstuffs now, for awhile.  Will probably have Ramen noodles for supper tonight (it is 4:00 in the afternoon here right now).
I was a "nasty gal" last night and made me a banana split, w/chocolate syrup, whipped cream and maraschino cherries on top.  I've never been a big ice cream eater, but have been trying to get rid of the remainder of the vanilla bean for awhile.  Hubby was the ice cream eater in the household, he could go thru a half gallon in a week.  If you are an ice cream afficianado, have you tried the Tillamook brand?  All flavors are wonderful, but they have a seasonal Oregon Cherry which is awesome, even to me!  Gee I've talked a lot, better go check the TV newscast to see if we're still standing, or at least what the weather might be. It has been 64 degrees and sunny, with a 9 MPH North wind, which chills it a bit.  Won't complain about this.


January 07, 2020, 08:48:51 AM #1624 Last Edit: January 07, 2020, 08:51:15 AM by phyllis
Tomereader, I agree with you about "Fleabag".  I value my time enough not to waste it on trash.  I enjoyed "Two Popes" very much because of the two veteran actors that played the roles.  Anthony Hopkins, in his early career was a big favorite of mine, and most of the time I have liked Jonathon Pryce.  Together I thought they were exceptional   It is a shame that actors don't just act anymore.  It seems like acting roles now only call for them to take their clothes off and run around shooting each other.


Phyllis and Tome - I agree with you both on Fleabag, and I have no intention of giving it a look. Most TV shows are so vulgar and distasteful now, that I honestly wonder why viewers and reviewers find them so funny?   I guess because there has to be either vulgarity or shock value, to get people to laugh, and to watch a show.   

The Netflix show, Dead to Me, was recommended to us. (a comedy/drama) We watched the first few episodes, but just couldn't deal with the four letter words, and sex, scattered throughout.  The main star, Christina Applegate, can't utter a sentence without the F word being in it somewhere.  I just don't understand that way of talking, but I guess the younger generations must all relate to it?  Anyway, Christina A, was nominated for an Emmy Award, for her role, so I know people like or expect to hear it on a regular basis.   

Also, as much as I like Mrs. Maisel, the way she uses the F word in her comedy act, as well as in everyday conversation, is not realistic to me, because this show takes place in the early 1960's.  Women didn't use that word back in that decade.   I guess the writers and the actors who produce and star in these shows, don't realize that, because they are all so young?

Okay, that was my "old lady rant", for today!       


That is the same reason that I no longer watch "Mrs. Maisel", Marilyne.  My son thinks it is funny and I told him he's welcome to watch it whenever I'm not in the room.  And, I have often said that these period shows are written by people who are too young to know anything about the time they are writing about.  I find myself looking for discrepancies (I call it nit-picking) and that kind of spoils my interest some times.


Phyllis - I have not given up on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and have to confess that it's my favorite show, in spite of the colorful language from the show biz characters, like Mrs M, "Lenny Bruce", and Suzy, et al.  The rest of the cast, (the two sets of parents, husband,) do not use the F word . . .  and all those hilarious episodes at B Altman's, and The Catskills, are profanity free. 

I complain a lot about the language in today's movies and TV shows,  because I don't think it's necessary, but apparently the screenwriters and producer/directors, think it is?   So I'm willing to accept it, if I like the show and the story and the characters. In other words, I do pick and choose, and will accept it in most cases.   In the case of Dead to Me, Christina Applegate's use of the F word in every sentence adds nothing  to the show, and is extremely grating, so I stopped watching.


A good friend is going to be "on" "America's Funniest Videos" tonight (6:00 p.m. CDT).  The blurb in this morning's t.v. list says the theme is "a musical tribute to golf gaffes" and she did say her husband took the video on a golf course. 
I don't watch the show so don't know the format - just know they are not going to be on in person.

Anyway - if you do watch,  look for a "Mary" from Edmond, Oklahoma.

I'm planning to watch the new "Masterpiece" on PBS - supposed to be another "Downton Abbey".

Re: the "F"  word.  I'm beginning to think today's "youngsters" (i.e. - anyone younger than we are  ;D ) think of it the same way we do "Darn", "Dadgum it" (southern?) and "Drat".  I can remember when "Damn" was considered vulgar.


Callie - I'm in agreement with you, and your thoughts on what our generation considers to be distasteful language.  Most likely, we will never be comfortable using the many four-letter-words that have become commonplace.  However, I do think we have to accept the fact that that's the way the younger generation expresses themselves.  We don't have to like it, but if we don't accept it as "the new normal", we'll miss out on a lot of good movies and TV shows!  I've never heard my adult children or grandkids using those words, but maybe they're just being considerate of us old folks? LOL!  I have no idea how they talk around their friends?

I left a message for you in Bait&Tackle, about Jeopardy.  I should have posted it here in the Television folder.  (The All Star Tournament, or whatever it's called.)


Marilyne, I agree about missing a lot if we can't/won't "space out" the uncomfortable words. My adult children do not talk that way but I've noticed my 20-something Grands occasionally hesitating before they use a "descriptive" word.
I saw your comments about "Jeopardy" in B&T.  I missed the first week and don't regularly watch the show...so am not familiar with the contestants and missed one biography.  You may have noticed the link I posted.  Should be an interesting week coming up.

I liked "The Intern".  Haven't always been too impressed with Robert De Niro but really liked him in this one.  Loved his "generation gap" scenes with the younger guys.

Discovered that "Two Popes" is available on Netflix and have it on My List. 
Am currently "binge-watching" the past 2 seasons of "Anne Of Green Gables" and finishing the previous seasons of "The Kominsky Method" (Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin) and "One Day At A Time". 
Noticed that a new season of "Grace and Frankie" begins January 22.

So many shows...so little time... <sigh> 


I don't watch many movies but I sure did enjoy "The Intern".  De Niro was really good in that part.


Jean and Tome - I'm looking forward to The Intern, but still haven't had a chance to watch it.  Seems that we've had lots of sports on our big TV lately, which takes up most of the prime viewing time. ::)  Actually, I'm also a big Sharks hockey fan, and enjoy the games right along with AJ.  I can't say the same for football, however. Tonight is the College football Playoff Championship game, and LSU will be playing.  That's his favorite college team, ever since our granddaughter graduated from there.  The San Francisco 49ers, have jumped into the pro finals, so he has suddenly become a fan, after years of not being interested.

Anyway, when football is finished, (and not a moment too soon for me!), I will get back to movies.   Besides The Intern, I'm looking forward to The Two Popes, and we'll pay to watch the movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.  It won a number of Golden Globe awards, and is now nominated in lots of categories for the Academy Awards.

The only TV show I've been keeping up with is Mrs. Maisel.  Episodes 6 and 7, seemed to be somewhat of a confusing mishmash, IMO.  They are making the mistake that lots of popular shows make, in that they're trying to cram too much into one hour . . . giving short segments to feature all the major and minor actors in each episode.  It never works for me, and instead I feel dissatisfied when the hour is up, and start to lose interest in the show.       


I saw a few good movies this past week, the first one being, The Two Popes.  It was a pleasure to watch two of our greatest actors -  Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins. Very deserving of their Academy Award nominations.  I also loved seeing the many views of the Sistine Chapel.  What a breathtaking sight! 

Tonight we watched, The Intern.  I liked it, and thought it was a cute, contemporary story.  There are a lot of things about, Robert De Niro, in real life that can be extremely annoying . . . but as an actor, he is one of the best. I've never seen that man give a poor performance in a movie - going way back to when he was a young man, and he's now 78.    He always gets his characters just right - whether it's a comedy or drama, or whether he's playing a fictional character or a real person.  I think you would all like, The Intern.  Anne Hathaway, was also very good, and I enjoyed the scenes showing modern day Brooklyn.


January 25, 2020, 11:02:01 AM #1634 Last Edit: January 25, 2020, 11:03:44 AM by Sandy

I have been thinking about the foul
language that has been brought up here.

When I was a young person in the fifties and sixties,
damn of darn was about as far as women would go. 

But boys and young men spoke using very
foul language when girls or women were not
around.    And it was considered disrespectful
too use foul language around family and female

As the glass ceiling has been shattered
society has loosened up it's
hold on free speech and the naughty
words have started to slip slide around
in our younger daughters mouths .

Now,  bad words are common,  although
my daughter Kelly still reprimands
her girls if they let one slip around
me.    This is truly a sign of respect
that she insists upon.    We still
try to keep the home life civil
when the "elders" are around. 

"Two things are infinite:
The universe and human stupidity;
and I'm not sure about the universe."

― Albert Einstein


Sandy - That's an interesting point you made - that once the "glass ceiling" was shattered, that put women on the same level as men.  So the younger generations of women,  feel free to use the same four letter words, as men have always used.  The screenwriters began to write the foul language for their female characters in movies and TV shows - and then those changes started to show up in real life, in everyday conversation..  The older generations of women, (like us) will likely never feel comfortable using profanity . . . but we'll all be gone before long, and then I guess it will become commonplace in all generations.   


I've finally gotten around to watching The Crown 😊. I have 4 more episodes to watch.  I'm really enjoying it.


I just don't know if I want to get started watching The Crown. So many Episodes. Maybe one day. Will see if you are enjoying it.


My goodness, it's been quiet in here.

However, that gives me a chance to catch up a bit.

I liked "The Intern" and "The Crown", too. Loved the scenes with Robert De Niro and the young men having a meal together.  Hoping a new season of "The Crown" starts before too long.

I finished all the series I was watching on Netflix and then enjoyed "The Two Popes".  I wonder if they filmed in the real Sistine Chapel?

I visited the Vatican as part of a tour of Italy in 2003.  The Sistine Chapel looked much like it did when the two popes came out of the side room where they'd had pizza - VERY crowded!  I looked and looked for the finger of God reaching toward the finger of (is it Adam?).  Then took a few steps and discovered it was right over my head!

Granddaughter Ellen and friend were in Rome on their own in September.  They had a Breakfast Tour of the Vatican - arrived at 7:00 for a continental breakfast and a talk - then the group of 20 toured the entire place before the regular tours began later in the morning.  She said it was AMAZING!!!!  The two girls climbed all the way to the top of the dome, too.

I've been watching two "soaps" on network t.v. - "This Is Us" and "A Million Little Things".  I like stories that follow several characters (or, in this case, families) but am beginning to think the script writers are running out of plot lines.  :)

Meryl Streep is in a new Netflix....can't remember if it's a movie or a series.  I think it's called "Laundromat". Also put the movie "Five Floors Up" on My List.

Must first find that elusive Round Tuit and Do Something Useful.  ;)

Happy Watching, Everyone.


Callie - Regarding The Two Popes - I just assumed that the scenes in the Sistine, actually were in the Sistine Chapel. WRONG!! I finally looked it up and here is a shortened version of what I found:

"Filming locations included a refugee camp in Rome, a full-size reproduction of the Sistine Chapel interior created at the Cinecittà studios in Rome, an area outside Castel Gandolfo (the popes' summer palace), various locations in Rome as stand-ins for scenes at the Vatican, and in poor areas of Buenos Aires."

It surely did look like the real thing to me, but I should have realized that it would be very time consuming to film the scenes in the actual Chapel.  The life size reproduction is amazing, in itself, and very convincing! 

I started watching This is Us, when it went to Netflix. I liked the first two episodes, but must have gotten sidetracked and forgot about it.  I may give it another look.  I think Laundromat, starring Meryl Streep, is a movie? 

I've been watching the documentary, The Windsors, on Netflix, and I think you and everyone else who has seen, The Crown, will enjoy it. It runs in episodes, just like "Crown". It's real footage, of most of the same events, but of course it really is the Royals, so no made up dialogue.  Interesting to see how closely, The Crown, followed actual events.


Happy St Patrick's Day, to everyone!   It's been a while since I've posted here, but looked in yesterday and again this morning, for some ideas for shows to watch.  Those of us who live in areas where the Coronavirus is a serious threat, are grounded at home for the duration.   Everything here is closed down, and we are asked to stay home, and only go out for emergencies or essential items.  We are all used to having the freedom to come and go as we please, so this is difficult. 

Anyway, we will be doing lots of TV watching, reading, and computer browsing, over the next couple of weeks.   Please let us know if you've found a show or series or movie that you recommend?   I cycle through HBO, Netflix and Amazon, plus all of the On Demand movies, but nothing looks good to me?   I know there are hundreds of shows/movies/documentaries, to watch, that I would enjoy, but I need some ideas??


Marilyne,I watched a movie this week with Morgan Freeman.  It was Feast of Love. I saw it on Prime Videos though my daughter reminds me that you can just ask for the title or the actor and "she"  Will find it for you.  This was a good story but had a bit more explicit sex than is my preference so I persevered to see the outcome.  It's a challenge to avoid violence and or pornography anymore.
Mary C


maryc - Thanks for the movie suggestion.  I like Morgan Freeman, and have enjoyed every movie I've ever seen him in.  We've mostly been watching documentaries on Netflix.  AJ likes World WarII shows, and I like anything to do with the Royal Family.  Since watching all of the seasons of The Crown, I want more!  8)  So we've been watching a documentary called The Royal House of Windsor, on Netflix.  Last night we also watched an old black and white film noir movie on Prime, (I think), called He Walked By Night.  Starred an actor from the 40's, Richard Basehart, and a supporting role for Jack Webb.  Supposedly a true story.


A terrific Morgan Freeman movie is the 2012 movie "The Magic of Belle Isle". I think all you Freeman fans will love it.


Tome - Thanks for the suggestion.  Another Morgan Freeman movie that I liked is, An Unfinished Life, starring Freeman, Robert Redford and Jennifer Lopez.  The critics were not kind, but I thought it was quite good.  I had read the book, so maybe that's why I liked it?  I think it came out in the early 2000's, so is around 15 years old now.  Of course there is always The Shawshank Redemption, which is always worth watching again and again. 


I agree, Marilyne,"The Shawshank Redemption" is one of those movies you can watch again and again.  After reading "The Gentleman in Moscow" I wanted to see "Casablanca" again and rented it the other night.  I never cared for Humphrey Bogart but I like him in that movie.


I subscribe to Britbox and have been watching MI5.  It's pretty good with a good cast of British actors. 


Even if you don't subscribe to Britbox you can watch with a free trial.


I watched the Netflix movie "Five Floors Up" last night and really enjoyed it.

Morgan Freeman and Diane Laine are a married couple who decide they need to sell their fifth floor Brooklyn apartment in which they have lived for 40 years and buy something in a building with an elevator - mainly because their dog, Dorothy, is having issues climbing the stairs.  (Actually, he is, too - but doesn't want to admit it) :) 

The story line includes the sell/buy process as well as flashbacks to their younger days when he was a successful portrait painter and she was a teacher.  I enjoyed the "cliché humor".
There's an "alert" to Nudity and Language but the only nudity is an early painting of his and the only time I was aware of the 'f' word was when the realtor used it in the final scene.  However, the final comment is their low-key but appropriate reaction.


March 21, 2020, 06:07:46 PM #1648 Last Edit: March 21, 2020, 06:09:38 PM by Marilyne
Callie - Yet another MorganFreeman movie that I've never seen! Five Floors Up, sounds good, and being available on Netflix is a plus.  Seems like most of the movies I want to watch, are pay-per-view, and are priced between $2.99 and $5.99.   I generally don't mind, as that's a reasonable price for an evening's entertainment.  However, Netflix or Amazon are always preferable.

Phyllis - M3 sounds good, but unfortunately, we don't have Britbox. I do like the British dramas and comedies, so I'll probably end up subscribing to it before long.

Jean - I also enjoyed the references to Casablanca, in "A Gentleman in Moscow".  I know it's available on my free movies, and probably on Netflix too. It's one I can watch over and over, and see something new every time.  The role of Rick, seems like it was made for Humphrey Bogart. I like all the character actors as well, especially Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet.


correction...it's Diane Keaton in "5 Floors Up".