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Television Today

Started by Marilyne, March 29, 2016, 06:38:19 PM

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Rick - it worked!  I see that all shows are on Eastern time, and I'm on Pacific, three hours earlier, so it will take some figuring.  Whatever it is that's playing right now, I don't recognize any of the actors?  I'll have to work on the sound also.  It's not clear - very muffled sounding - on this commuter, regardless of what I'm watching.  A commercial just came on, so I guess I would have to get used to that again.  :D   


It may not be perfect, --- but----- it might improve   :thumbup:
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I have the large size iPad and the folk tv comes in good.  Beautiful picture and good sound.  Thanks Rammel.  I bookmarked it.


Now I can get Antennae. but I like to old shows only thing is the commercials on them last longer than the half hour shows


Jean. Now I have a Ipad but it is now 5 years old. Will see if I can get it up on mine. I have forgotten so much on IPad now. Now how do you Bookmark and did you just go into Apple Apps to find it?
I can see the Internet changing soon. All will have to be screaning. Our Comcast here is getting into other things than Cable watch on TV. Can't get any help from them now. A fancy office in the Mall has taken over the old office that was down the street from me. The people now have fancy uniforms on and work on commission. The have to check every thing through main off so can't deal with pricing.



jeannep, just type in the info from Rammel into the address line just like you would on the computer.


JeanneP - it doesn't matter if your Ipad is five years old.  My husband's iPad is at least ten years old, and it works fine.  Same with his iPhone.  It's very old, but still perfectly good.  Besides the Apple store, you can get help with it at Best Buy, or any store that sells Apple products.   


Jeanne. The site comes up showing what it is. Looks like 30 min. Shows all day . But says can't br done for me.on my desktop can klick on it but just show a 5 min . Think out east on dish /satalite



We watched the sweetest old movie on TCM last night . . Penny Serenade, from 1941, starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne.  The story starts with Irene Dunne, preparing to leave her marriage to Cary Grant.  She goes to the old record player, (Victrola), and plays, "You Were Meant For Me", and starts reminiscing about their long time marriage.  As she plays different songs from the 1930's, the memories come back - both happy and sad.

I had heard about this sentimental old movie, and always wanted to see it because it was highly recommended.  In spite of the sad parts,  there is something very uplifting about it, and I think you all would enjoy it as much as I did.


Anyone besides me, doing lots of TV watching??  That's about all I do during these long Summer afternoons, since we're still locked down here, with nothing open, so no place to go.    I've seen  many different shows, and have enjoyed most.  A few are shows I would never watch under normal times, but these times are not normal.  I won't mention everything I've seen, but will name a few of the highlights.  Most of the documentaries I like best are on Netflix.  The best movies are on TCM, but I've seen some on other channels that are also very good

A new and excellent documentary on Netflix, is  Sinatra, All or Nothing at All.  A very good show, starting with his early life in Hoboken, NJ, and then into the "Bobby Soxer" era, when he sang with Tommy Dorsey. Lots about his marriage to his first wife, Nancy, at that time.  Then a focus on his many movies made during WWII, mostly musicals with Gene Kelly.  After that  he was in some good dramatic movies, most remembered for,  From Here to Eternity.  After that came the "Rat Pack" years in Las Vegas, and of course all of his romances and marriages, after divorcing Nancy.

Whether you're a fan or not, it's a good show, and interesting to watch - especially for those of us who are old enough to actually remember those years!  It's divided into two long episodes of well over an hour each. 

The other documentary we watched on Netflix was World War II, in Color.  AJ loves the WWII shows, and I like them too.  This one is especially good following both the European and Pacific fronts. Everything about Hitler, D-Day, the Generals, and the Japanese battles, leading to the Atom Bomb.  A well done lesson in history!

Tomorrow I'll return with comments on some of the movies and TV shows that I've watched this past week.  I hope we hear from some of you, and what you have been watching, and what you recommend?


Not specifically related to TV as he was in quite a few movies as well, but veteran actor Wilford Brimley has died at the age of 85. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/01/obituaries/wilford-brimley-dead.html


August 02, 2020, 12:33:33 AM #1722 Last Edit: August 02, 2020, 12:37:35 AM by Vanilla-Jackie
I wasn't familiar with his name but i am familiar with his face, and as you have mentioned the film " Cocoon " i do remember him in it, a film i have absolutely loved watching over and over again, all actors - actresses superb...and the story just " out of this world.." as the well - known expression goes..

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Marilyne, I watched the documentary "World War II in color" and thought it was well done.  I might look at it again after I read some old free books that I got from iBooks.  The first year we moved here to Niceville in 2016, the local college (yes, we do have one in our little town) had a wonderful program of someone who sings like Frank Sinatra.  Gigi, Jeff, Larry and I went and really enjoyed it. Some wealthy person donated money to the college for theater projects and have some outstanding entertainment in their beautiful auditorium.  A couple of years ago Jason Alexander (TV series Seinfeld) was there and Gigi and Jeff went and said he was very good in his one person show.


Jean - another documentary featuring real people, in today's high stress world, is Lenox Hill.   It takes place in a hospital in the heart of NYC, and focuses on the neurological surgeons, Labor and Delivery, and in the fast paced ER.   Only one season so far, and the last episode was filmed when the Coronavirus first hit NYC last winter.
I know I mentioned this series once before, but thought I would remind you and others, who might be interested.  It's playing on Netflix.   

Also on Netflix right now, is the new season of,  Selling Sunset.   I'm looking forward to seeing what has happened in the lives of the various  women who work for The Oppenheim Group, in Hollywood.   I may watch Episode #1, this afternoon?   Looking forward to seeing my favorite realtors!  :)


Its time for another quiz, short and sweet with only nine questions, and two answers are given to fill in the blanks. https://www.seniorsandfriends.org/index.php?msg=182484   


Marilyne, I'll get to Selling Sunset eventually.  Thanks for the reminder.  It sounds silly, but I can't watch medical type programs.


Jean  -  No, it doesn't sound silly at all, that you don't want to watch medical type programs.  Lots of people feel that way about medical or hospital shows on TV . . . especially if they have a loved one who is hospitalized, as you have.    I haven't looked at Selling Sunset, yet either.  I know it will be there forever, so I'm trying not to be in any hurry. 

Starting about now, most series shows on TV,  like "Sunset", "Succession",  and dozens of others,  will not be filming any new episodes until after the Pandemic gets under some sort of control.  The virus has stopped the production of movies, television shows, and Broadway plays and musicals.  It's really sad how it has changed all aspects of our lives.  I feel so bad for the school children, who will be unable to attend classes here in California.  Online learning, will be in effect, even in all the colleges and universities. 

We've mostly been watching old movies on TCM.  Last week we saw, Giant,  from 1956, starring Elizabeth Tylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean.  Wow, that is a great movie, that was way ahead of it's time, as far as race relations is concerned.  Our daughter, Sandy, discovered that she has TCM, as part of her AT&T TV package.   She has really been enjoying the dramas and the musicals from the 40's and the 50's.  She also watched "Giant", and was very impressed with the story and the acting.  Now she's hooked on the older movies, and is recording lots of them to watch in the evenings. 


My youngest daughter loves the old moves too.


October 18, 2020, 12:57:55 PM #1729 Last Edit: October 18, 2020, 12:59:34 PM by Marilyne
Sorry to say, it's been two months since anyone has posted here.  I watch TV every day, and have seen lots of historical documentaries, entertaining reality shows, and many excellent movies.   I know I tend to write way too much, so will just comment on the two most recent programs that I've enjoyed and would like to recommend.

Both of these shows happen to be on Netflix:
The first one is a very entertaining reality series from Australia, called,  Instant Hotel.   The premise of the show, is that four couples are looking to rent out their homes for tourists.  They are located throughout Australia - the big cities, small towns, seaside resorts, and bleak areas of the outback.  The four couples then spend a day and a night in each others homes, and then rate the house, as to location, comfort, attactiveness of the decor, things to see and do in the area, etc.     

Hard to explain, but it's so interesting to see these houses, and the areas in Australia where there are located.  The couples who own the homes are not actors.  Some are married, some not.  Some are young, some are older.   We got a big kick out of this show, and enjoyed seeing many different locations in Australia.  There are two seasons to watch.  We preferred Season #2, but liked both seasons.   

The second show is an excellent documentary, The Last Czars, which is about the 20th Century reign of Czar Nicholas, and his wife Alexandra.  This is exciting real history, that occurred during World War I, and the subsequent Bolshevik Revolution.  It includes the birth of their son, who was found early on, to have hemophilia.  I won't go into all the details, but that was when Rasputin, was brought to the palace.  Therein lies much of the story.  It is said to be factual, and is the opinion of historians and experts on the Romanov Dynasty. None of the characters in the dramatized part of the series are fictional and the scenes depict and re-create real-life events as closely as possible.

The actor who played  Rasputin, was amazing, I thought.  He looks just like real photos I've seen of him,  Also the actors who played Nicholas, Alexandra, and their family members, were excellent.  I think most of you will enjoy this documentary.  We enjoyed it very much, and learned a lot about why Russia, is the way it is now. 


What channel "The Czars"  I'd really like to see that one.  Netflix,Amazon Prime, Hulu, PBS Masterpiece?  Which?


Hi Tome -  Both of the shows are available on Netflix.    I hope you like The Last Czars.   It's a fascinating look back at  history!


Hi Marilyne.  I'll try and find it tomorrow. 
I've been trying to "dump" some of the stuff I've had DVR'd for ages, so going thru
watching one, deleting, and moving on.  I had one about 9/11 and the Air Force One saga, with the President on board, and everything in Washington going to hell in a handbasket.  If ever there were mess ups, both technical and human, they happened that day.  This was a most interesting and informative documentary.  The lack of accurate information from everywhere/everyone (gov't bureaus especially), it's a wonder that the President, AirForceOne and all aboard were able to get back to D.C. so he could address the nation.  It also informed us that as much as we think we know what's going on the the halls of power, don't ever believe that.  I highly recommend viewing this if you can find it.  It originally broadcast on the History Channel.