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January 27, 2020, 07:34:48 am

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Jan 26 2020 8:15pm
brian: your minnit  or snarl's?

Jan 26 2020 8:14pm
brian: what  chat  yu  talking  about  oldies?

Jan 26 2020 2:10pm
Oldiesmann: Nicknames should work properly in the chat now. I had a typo in the code that was putting a quotation mark in the wrong spot.

Jan 25 2020 3:55pm
brian: POOCH   interesting----when i leave any site  I just  go  LOL

Jan 25 2020 3:31pm
Pooch1: Oh, BTW.  Happy to see the correct time showing.  TY for that, too :)

Jan 25 2020 3:29pm
Pooch1: I just had a nice chat with Snarl.  The room needs some directions as to how to post (click Enter on your desktop) and how to exit (click on your name and scroll down to disconnect.)

Jan 24 2020 11:23am
brian: https://minnit.chat/SeniorChatZone  will   get you  to a new   chat thats looking  for    chatters -Owners user name is  SNARL-she is a nice person--since its new  few yet  go there but she  authorized me to  notify    anyone

Jan 22 2020 11:53pm
Oldiesmann: Will add a link to the menu soon

Jan 22 2020 11:52pm
Oldiesmann: Added a chatroom via Minnit Chat, and it should use your name even if you haven't registered an account with them... Let me know how it works for you. https://www.seniorsandfriends.org/index.php?page=chat

Jan 21 2020 3:00pm
Pooch1: TY, Oldies, for all your hard work. :)


Started by RAMMEL, March 29, 2016, 08:34:06 pm

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Well I have been playing again on this W10 With Firefox as on mine. When serching for the Tool box it says that can only use Tool box when using W. it  requires Internet Explorer 6+
Windows XP SP3/Vista/7+

So what do you think I should do?


What's happening, strange way getting into S and F right now have to keep signing in.  Also goes back. To start 2016. 
Even clicking on NEW


I still keep getting back to march of 2016 but I can now get into S and f without having to sign it each time.


Well windows 10 keeps doing me in . Their upgrade wiped out word 2007 and with the last up date it wiped out note pad.


I am no computer geek but notepad  should not have been lost IMHO.  I have had Windows 10 for some time and get updates on a regular basis, but so far it or they have not disturbed any of my programs.   What happens when you type in Windows 10?


Try typing -  notepad  - in the search box.

Or   Click the Win logo (lower left), scroll down to "Windows Accessories" and click on the drop down,  select Notepad.

Let us know how it goes.
"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."



This morning I watched this video about the latest Windows update. Joe explains some interesting updates like the addition of a light theme and having more cursor colors and sizes. Some of these are more for techies and business and professional versions but keep watching. I think I already knew about the Windows update delay feature. There are new/additional features for Notepad. I don't use it, but I know a lot of people do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkKBObURSu0


Windows 10 v1903 features removed or planned for replacement

"As Windows move from one feature update to another, it adds new features, and remove some features. These features are usually removed when there is a better alternative or existing functionality won't work with future hardware. The same has happened with Windows 10 v1903 - and Microsoft has shared an official list of features which have been removed, will be removed and features which will no longer be supported."



Well windows did an upgrade and returned my Word program. Notepad is still missing.


Did anyone else lose their sound after the latest Windows 10 Update?


I did not.  No problem here.


Not for me either although Microsoft sent this out about W7 and I received it via the Lifehacker site; "Deadlines are scary. I know. And Microsoft has thrown Windows 7 users a big one: Update to a more modern operating system by January 15, 2020, or you'll never receive security updates ever again. Eventually, Microsoft will even start disabling key Windows 7 services--like Internet Backgammon and Internet Checkers--throughout the year."


Grrrrr! I just switched from Avast to Norton (the freebie that comes with my Comcast acct.). For the life of me I cannot get the password manager to work. It appears that I must have Norton's toolbar installed, which the instructions never mentioned.

So, now I am looking for another password manager that is good and isn't overly complicated. I've used RoboForm before but it won't let me create a new account with my current email address because it still sees my old account. There does not appear to be a way to change the RoboForm log-in so I can use it. If I really, really want it, I will have to change all my logins to a new email account. There are a couple of others in Firefox's stable of extensions I might try, but not tonight. I'll try again tomorrow.


Try BitWarden. I've used it for quite a while and love it.


Thanks, Oldiesman. I'll take a closer look at it. I just need it for my windows machine since I don't have a smartphone. Then again, maybe I should look into something for the Linux too, although I don't use it as near as much.