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March 29, 2020, 06:29:53 pm

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Mar 27 2020 9:27am
Pooch1: Click on "Chat" above, Lloyd.  Nice to see you again.  How's the horses?

Mar 27 2020 12:22am
Lloyd Hammond: Lloyd

Mar 27 2020 12:22am
Lloyd Hammond: I can not get this thing to work right, so sweet dreams and good night

Mar 27 2020 12:18am
Lloyd Hammond: Lloyd

Mar 27 2020 12:18am
Lloyd Hammond: I can not get a complete paragraph all together, so good night and sweet dreams.

Mar 27 2020 12:13am
Lloyd Hammond: morning. i am struggling with this one big time. when this place gets full it post;s it on it self.

Mar 27 2020 12:08am
Lloyd Hammond: hello my regular computer is the repair shop. it is past my bedtime so i am going to shut this of for tonight. i hope to see you all in the morning. it is raining here now again light. Ihope to get my regular computer back to morrow and put this one in the

Mar 14 2020 11:18am
brian: never  knew CHAT    had appeared above------   I was the  one  who turned   him onto it !!!!

Mar 14 2020 9:50am
Pooch1: As a simple courtesy to you.  If you wish to interact with chatters, click on "Chat" above instead of complaining (LOLing) that Shoutbox isn't busy.

Mar 13 2020 11:52pm
brian: so why are you    on it?

Soda Shoppe 3-19-17

Started by Jeanne Lee, March 17, 2017, 09:39:24 am

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Jeanne Lee

Just to hold us off until Joan is "back in the saddle". 

Let us know what you're having for breakfast.  And don't forget to leave some in the hidey hole!   :D

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Jeanne Lee

It was the first camping experience for Jed.

As soon as he had pitched his tent, he went for a hike in the woods.  In about fifteen minutes he rushed back into camp, bleeding and dishevelled.

"What happened?" asked a fellow camper.

"I was chased by a black snake!" cried the frightened Jed.

The camper laughed and retorted, "A black snake isn't deadly."

"Listen," groaned Jed, "If he can make you jump off a fifty-foot cliff, he is!"

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I posted this in last weeks renderings, I am re-posting cause I am not sure anyone will go past the link posted.......

Good Morning Everyone!

Cloudy, as usual, morning.  But we will have sunshine later along with highs around 80.

Hopefully Joanie is feeling better this morning.  I hope they can wean here from the ventilator soon.  Bless her heart I know she is so tired of all the machinery.

Gloria, spring is really here for us.  Nearly all the trees are fully leafed out, well except, the Chinese Pistachio in the front yard and the Pecan tree next door.  Maybe they know something the others don't know.

Have been invited to a birthday party for one of the men in my group this afternoon, he is 85, his birthday is on the same day as my wife's.  It is at a local BBQ joint, buy your own, cake and entertainment furnished...LOL  Suppose to be a surprise, but don't know how that is going to work out.

Amy, nice to hear you got a day off and can loaf around with your sewing.  Bet you find something to get into through, knowing you.  Hope your hubby is improving, I know he is tired of his treatments (and all the junk that goes with them).  Hope you pup is doing well too. (also, whatever). LOL

All this talk of using good grammar has me spooked.

Has anyone heard from Jackie?  Hope she hasn't had a setback.

Lloyd, you need to get out there and start working on your garden and the weight will roll off.  I am surprised you put on any weight, having to work the cattle and other farm duties.

Larry, sorry to hear your wife is having a hard time of it.  I know how it is hunting for a comfortable spot, sometimes you just cant find it and of course at night your mind starts working overtime which just makes it worst.  She might want to try the Lidocane patches, I know they do stop most of the pain, but it can break through when you try to do to much.  You can only wear one 12 hours then leave them off for 12 hours.  But there seems to be some residual carry over when you have it off.

Got to finish up dressing for church.  Everyone have a great day.


Thanks, Jeanne Lee.  Another one of my old graphics and it is nice to see it again. 

I haven't had breakfast yet but it will be cinnamon rolls.  Big and gooey....just the way I like them.  ;)

I sent you a PM.  Let me know what you decide.


Good Sunday Morning Everyone,  from the cloudy and cool,  but dry,  rocky coast of Maine. 

March/April are never spectacular Months here...  But come May,   YAHOO!   

Thanks Jeanne Lee for opening up a new spot for the Soda Shoppe.       You need to close the door on the old one,  so no one can post there..   

All is well and you are doing a Great Job Jeanne... 

Have a good day, Everyone and Joanie I hope you are feeling better today.


"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:

Jeanne Lee

Sandy, thanks for the reminder to lock the door.  I just went and did that.   :)

Phyllis, I have quite a few of those older graphics and so long as you don't object I'll keep using them while Joan is away.   :)

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Good Morning, Everyfriend,

Jeanne Lee,  thank you for opening a new Shoppe.   Surely hope and pray that Joan can successfully come off the ventilator as planned.

Granddaughter Emily stayed over last night.  She is working a tournament at the ASA Softball Stadium in OKC and my house is closer than that of her parents.  She was up and out the door at 7:30 this morning.

I'm going to a friend's 97th Birthday party this afternoon.  Mary has more "git up and go" than I do - and will be giving the program at the next meeting of the P.E.O. chapter to which we both belong.  She has published two books of her poetry and I'm sure she'll have some new ones to share this time.  Some are inspirational but most are humorous with just a bit of "bite" to them.

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.

June Drabek

Good Morning Lloyd, I have been awake since 6.a.m., but it takes several hours for me to really come alive. First thing is a wake up call to take a pill. Then I do all my leg and foot massage while in bed, then comes more pills and a b.p. check. I am alive, so I turn on the coffee machine, plop down in my recliner and do all the morning prayer readings and sing a hymn. Then comes breakfast, and gradually make my way to the computer to annoy all of you. I am dressed but will skip Church again today. Not alive enough to join the rest of the human race…just you poor souls that can always delete me.

Phyllis, thank you for the delightful Spring graphic and Poetry. You have made my day !!!!!!God Bless You !

Amy, You sound very content this Sunday morning, and I know your day will be just what you want it to be, so sew, sew, sew.

Larry, you sound "up and at 'em" this Sunday morning. Good for you ! I am plodding, but thankful to be able to do that. No plans at all for my day, just one step at a time.

Gloria, our sun is shining brightly at the moment, no real weather change till possibly Tuesday, some rain. I hope.

Jeanne Lee, thank you for this mornings new weekly greeting. Our Bis would be so proud of both you and Phyllis. I wish I had your talents.

Hal, say a prayer for those of us that will not be going to Church this morning. Two weeks in a row for me now, but the body says, "stay home !" so I obey. Are you planning to attend the B. party for your friend ?

Callie, my neighbor across the hall is over a hundred years now, and she is up and dressed and down for meals every day of the year. Makes me ashamed if I decide to just "rest". At the same time, it would be foolish to push the body too far and end up on the floor again. So we do what we can, while we can.
As long as we are here, let's dance.

Mary Ann

Jeanne Lee, beautiful graphic.  Did you say it's from Phyllis' collection?  I like the poem that goes with it.  I also thought the one you posted last night was pretty.

Dot and I did our "usual" this morning - church, OTB.  While eating, we gab and gab and gab, with rarely the same topic each week.  This morning we split a lemon pie and a tuna melt.  Those keep  us going until mid afternoon. 

Tom drove for Uber last night and said he had many drivers last night who were celebrating St Pat's Day yet. 

Even thought cool, I think it will be a nice day.

Mary Ann


JeanneLee, that is the perfect graphic to pick of Phyllis's first day of Spring tomorrow and I would dearly love to see the crocus blooming.

The day flew by,  and yes June and Hal I did do some sewing.I was going to put the binding on the Irish chain but need my wits about me when I do it so maybe tomorrow. VON came latter than normal but that is fine, Hal, the chemo is starting to wear him down but thankfully he does go and lay down. As for Golden Girl she is so happy she doesn't have to wear the t shirts! Healing nicely and I hope that is it!!!

June, would never delete you! You amaze me with all that you do and you do know that God hears all prayers, no matter where you are.

Larry, does your wife print off patterns from the internet? They do have some lovely free ones.

Better go tidy up the kitchen, just like my sewing room someone makes a mess!!!

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


We are feeling a bit better today and visiting was fun.  When it comes to conversation, I can't walk away  :D

Amy:  I have heard of the quilts for several diseases and also want to mention quilts for the homes set up for trafficked children - it is an ugly fact but not well known.  My gratitude to you and your friends for your lovely gifts.

My laptop was going nuts but seems to have corrected things now - how I don't even know.  It sure is disappointing to have so many scams coming in via the 'puter and phone.  Now there is more Fake News that even gets to stations and is repeated. 

I have to cook some flank steak before we leave and have forgotten how to do this so the good old search gave me a new recipe. 

There have been some grass fires in our home area and that seems too early in the season.  Here in Tucson, the temps are more than ten degrees above normal - just before it was below so it is a see-saw happening. 

June Drabek

Carol, I'm sure you had a good time with your guests, even if you were not in the best of health. I'm so glad you were able to host them and enjoy it so much.

It has been a nice quiet Sunday here in my area. Mild temps, nice fresh air coming in my windows. I have had several longer walks today, and plan to go down for supper later. Chili and cornbread..one of my favorites.

Tomorrow my daughter in Love Dori will be flying back to her young family in Idaho. She will spend a week with them. She just adores her little Grandchildren, and misses them being so far away.My Grandson...the little ones father, will be leaving on a Missionary trip to Honduras the end of this month. Life is sure different than when I raised my little ones.

I'm praying along with the rest of you for our beloved Bis/Joan. The S.S. is just not the same as when she is with us, and I'm sure she will be over-joyed when she can come back to her home again. She has such a loving family, so I know they will be happy when she is able to enjoy her home again.
As long as we are here, let's dance.


Good evening and Good night, as it is almost bed time, I have had a busy day.  I am doing ancestry and one of my neighbors came in to help me, with a lot of hints. She has done her family tree. then I have spent the rest of the day.  taking time out to eat etc.

Jeanne Lee, for the lovely graphic.

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Mary Ann

Jeanne Lee, thank you for filling in as much as you can for Joan.  We do appreciate it.  I know there's more to the job than the graphic, jokes and thoughts.

Mary Ann


June, yes we did go to the birthday party.  Most of the guest was made of two different church's. Wayne attends one church and attends our bible study at our church.  It was a really nice gathering.

Well it is my bed time so I will say a Good Night, God Bless and Sweet Dreams.

Lloyd Hammond

well I got involved in a good movie and let time get away. so it is time to say
good night and sweet Dreams. have a great day tomorrow.


Lloyd Hammond

wow everyone must be sleepy heads today. no one here since I posted good Night wishes last evening. Have a great day everyone.



Good morning everyone

First day of Spring  today...hope from here on in the weather behaves. Before the month is out it wouldn't surprise me if we did get another storm or two.

A day of gathering here today ,need some fresh fruit ,milk and hubby needs his meds refilled.

Lloyd, I hope you have a great day with no mishaps.

Carol, that is so sad, I can't imagine people would do that to kids.

Enjoy your day everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

Lloyd Hammond

Good morning Amy I was just talking to peter alias roley in England and I was showing him some things I built in the house And the cameras went off both the portable one and the one in the Laptop.I do not know how I turned them off or how to turn them back on? need help.Have a good day.



Good morning everyone,  woke early so here I am. Have an appointment this morning so glad I did wake early. See my eye doctor to see in the eye drops are helping my dry eyes.

JEANNE LEE  thank you for helping out here.  With all the snow  still here a Crocus would not be able to get through it. Hope the weather guessers are right and we have seen the last snowfall and spring will really be here starting today. Cute joke. My breakfast will be the same as usual, oatmeal with some fruit.

HAL  supposed to warm up here today but still wearing winter jackets. Will be another month before things are starting to bloom here. Those patched do not help everyone, they did nothing at all for me. When  I  took the prescription to the pharmacy the druggist told me it was a waste of money, he was right. I can imagine JOAN  is tired of the hospital by now and anxious to go home again. Hope that birthday party was a surprise yesterday.

PHYLLIS  thanks for sharing your talent with us.

SANDY  I agree, Mat is a beautiful month here in New England.

CALLIE  one has to admire those in their 90's that keep going. There are several here, one is 99 and now visiting her daughter in California, the other is just about blind bur she is out walking laps around the parking lot every day.

JUNE  now who would ever delete your posts? Not me for sure. We are waiting for it to warm up here so we can put winter coats away.

AMY  those gremlins at work at your home making a mess for you to clean up again? Shame on them.

CAROL  just saw on the news about a fire in Nebraska. Does seem early for those darn fires.

AMY  I sure hope we have no more snow this year, well maybe a dusting at Christmas time but that is a long way off.

LLOYD  sorry your camera quit on you while talking with Peter.

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Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning  Gloria.
well  it must be female it works when it wants to , on and off again.
Good to see you hope you are fit as a fiddle today. I am going to go take my vitals and see if they think I am still alive. My memory is still not up to par.
we bought a juicer and eating healthier. don't waste the pulp either, put it in soups. one is beet root 3 green apples a cucumber and some honey . yummy.



It's a beautiful Spring morning here.  A little chilly but will warm up by this afternoon.

I would never delete what you write, June.  I enjoy your posts too much to deprive myself of that pleasure.

Thanks to everyone for saying that you liked the graphic.  And thanks, Jeanne Lee, for digging it out of the archives and posting it here this week.

I OD'd on basketball yesterday.  Duke lost but N. Carolina won so, as they say, you win some and you lose some.  ;)

Take care and be well, everyone.


Hi everyone.  The day has started out beautifully.  I slept in this morning until after 8 am, something I very seldom do.  I was so tired when I got home from Church yesterday that I put my sub in the refrigerator and had it later in the afternoon after resting for two hours plus.  Walmart did have our order ready for pickup yesterday.  I did watch some really good basketball games and now see that South Carolina beat Duke so will go on in the Tourney.  They played too late to stay up and watch them in the win.  Today I plan on attending my noon meeting and then at 4 pm Pat has an MRI if she can stand to lay on the table long enough.  Tonight is our monthly men's meeting at Church but I have decided to not attend.  We will likely eat out tonight after the MRI.

Gloria, I watched part of the Rhode Island game last evening and see this morning that they were not the victors.  People do some dumb things like building in a flood plain. 

Jeanne, thanks for helping Joan out and getting us started on a new week.

Phyllis, I haven't had one of those big and gooey Cinnamon rolls for ages. 

Callie, your 97 year old friend sounds like someone that it would be nice to know. 

June, you are a trip with your comment about us deleting your postings.  That is not going to happen. :) I sure hope today finds you feeling better. I do see that you did some walking and were going down to supper last evening so that tells me you got to feeling better. 

Lloyd, sorry that I do not know the answer to your problem with the video shutting off.  Have you checked the setting for the Skype program as you may have clicked on the wrong link making it just an audio call and not a video one.

Hal, the birthday party for your friend sounds like fun.  Jackie has been posting in the Christian Photographers discussion and I don't think anything new is going on with her based on her postings. My wife has not tried the Lidocane patches.  Fortunately she can get comfortable in her easy chair and spends a lot of time there. 

Amy, Pat does print off many different patterns from the Internet and I sometimes wonder what she does with them.  However, if that makes her happy then I am fine with her printing all of the things.  Unfortunately she hasn't been up to doing much sewing although now has her Featherweight set up and has all the things she needs to sew on it in our sun room. She also spends a lot of time watching quilting videos on the computer or on the TV.  I wonder who makes that mess in your sewing room.  I think the same little elf does the same thing here as Pat is always talking about needing to straighten up her sewing room upstairs. 

Carol, glad your laptop is behaving itself.  Sometimes just turning it on and letting everything reset does wonders.  Pat is always checking for new recipes on the Internet and she has found some great ones that we really enjoy.  She retired her old cookbooks to the bookcase here in my office. 

Jeanne Lee

It's spring today!  And for at least a couple of days it will feel like it with temperatures in the mid to upper 40's.  Then of course, as normal, it will be back to low 20's for a couple of days.  But at least this time of year it will continue to get warmer.  Until it gets to "hot" and I complain about that.   :D

My furnace has a new blower and my church is paying 2/3 of the cost.  One more blessing from a Heavenly Father who is looking out for me.   :thumbup:

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Jeanne Lee: Wonderful news that you are being gifted with over half of the cost of that new blower for your furnace.  That is a great idea for the use of church funds.  We go to two different churches, one here in Tucson and one at home.  Both have outreach programs and this one has people who will work on computers, etc.  The other one has a group who will build fences, and all sorts of work.  It makes my heart glad.

Don has a VA appointment for a procedure today - this afternoon.  So, I will just wait until another day to get a haircut (falling in my eyes now).  Another phone call this morning and another couple wants to visit - but they have their own RV.  Pretty soon I will have what I call "Dribs and Drabs" left in the fridge before we leave and then it is easy to cook or bake everything and either give it to neighbors or have them over for all the leftovers.  We do this at both places and try not to waste food.  Neighbors always seem to accept it  ::)

June Drabek

A very, very Good afternoon dear hearts, and gentle people. This day worked out differently for me. I was over-due for a shower, so after I was dosed my first medications, I got in there and had a thorough cleansing. Needed a rest after that, then decided to get some necessary laundry done, so took care of that chore. Then it was time to go down for lunch. Had some cream of Broccoli soup, a cheese enchillada, salad, juice, and brought home some fresh fruit. All that done, of course, I kicked back with a book and spent a two hour nap.

Carol, I hope your Don had a comfortable procedure at the doctors. We hate to see our loved ones suffer in any way.

Jeanne Lee, how good of your Church to help out with the expense of a new furnace.  That is what a Church should be like in all instances. Caring for one another in deed as well as word.

Larry, I am having less pain now so am pushing to get the body back into better shape again. I am happy to have you posting that you are taking better care of your self too. Better to pass up a meeting or two. We can get too involved at times, and it gets to be habit rather than enjoyment. I do hope Pat was able to tolerate the MRI.

Callie, Spring time is always such a treat in most of the States. In So. Ca. we hardly notice a change in seasons, as we never have a drastic change.Some summer days get hot, but not unbearable, and winter brings us needed rainfall, which we are expecting for tomorrow and a few day later….hopefully.

Gloria, hope you got good news from your eye doctor. I am reading altogether too much. My eyes get very irritated when the day is not even half over. Has Regina and husband been all settled in now, or are they still busy with plantings, etc. ?They strike me as a couple that will always have something going on to improve or re-do.

I need to get outside for a nice walk-about. Sun is shining and air is fresh and cool, and I had too long a nap. The cobwebs are collecting in my brain. So, off I go for now. Be back later.

As long as we are here, let's dance.

June Drabek

Had my walk...just down to the club house where I picked up a banana for tomorrow, had a hug and some chatting with friends, then dragged on back home. Tiredness happens so quickly, but this too will pass....one way or another.  :) Mail was in...junk. Ed has been gone since 2005 and he just received a Stocks and Commodities magazine with my new address. They never give up do they.
As long as we are here, let's dance.


March 20, 2017, 08:05:00 pm #28 Last Edit: March 20, 2017, 08:17:32 pm by Denver
A update on Our Bis, from Joe.

Update on Mom (Joan Lavelle)

They have tried unsuccessfully each of the last few days to wean Mom of the vent. Today they hypothesized that the fluid that she has around her lungs may be contributing to the lack of success, so they are planning a procedure to remove the fluid tomorrow.

She has been largely incoherent today as they gave her meds to make it easier to tolerate the vent and all the other tubes. 

Thanks to all for thoughts and prayers.

My continued thoughts and prayers for you, JOAN and Our JUNE!  Hugs to you both.

CAROL, I hope Don's procedure went well. 

JEANNE LEE, so happy your church funds were there to help you out with the furnace repairs. 


Mary Ann

Thanks, Jenny, for the news about Joan; I only wish it was better news.  Thoughts and prayers continue.

Mary Ann