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Norms Bait and Tackle

Started by dapphne, March 30, 2016, 09:23:16 am

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Mary Ann

Larry, we're with you all of the way.  I think with your posts about your memory, you are trying to explain to yourself what is going on in the hope that the memory will come back so you know what you are doing or supposed to do. 

Mary Ann


Larry, two long-time friends of mine are currently dealing with the same kind of memory loss you're describing. 
We'll be patient with your posts and love you just the same as we always have.

Prayers and  :hugs: to you, dear friend.


Here we are on another hot summer day.  The temperatures are pretty normal for summer weather.  What bothers me is the fact that hurricane weather is here.  We bought some good containers and want to put all our genealogy papers and other records in them so we can easily put them in the car if we need to evacuate.  I have some local genealogy books that are no longer available and I wouldn't be able to replace.  Our oldest daughter is interested in genealogy but still busy with work and I want to save all the information for her.

Larry, I pray you will be able to rest and enjoy some peace with your new "man cave".  We can only do so much and then we just have to trust that things will work out for the best.  Of course, I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.  It's good for you to post and that probably is more help to you than you even realize.

Mary Ann, even 'tho our days are hot, it usually cools down at sunset and can be very pleasant for sitting on the porch a few minutes or making a trip to the grocery store.  We seldom go out after dark so I like the daylight savings time as it gives us more time in the evening.  We used to have a vegetable garden every year and we always had to do some garden work or yard work in the evenings.

Patricia, I wish I could send you some of our rain.  We have been having some rain downpours that last an hour or more almost every day or evening.  Now there is a supposed to be a tropical storm coming from Arkansas down into the Gulf and then going east which should impact us this weekend .  I looked at the path on the digital Weather Channel and have never noticed that kind of storm path.  All that smoke from the fires must be hard on you.  Hope that you will have some relief soon.

Marilyne, i remember when my oldest daughter lived in Calif., they had a route and plans in case of an earthquake so each one knew pretty much where the others would be in case of emergency.  When we lived in Morocco, we rented a house in Kenitra from a local French Doctor, and we kept a small bag packed in case of emergency (but not because of the weather).

I think of all of you but I am definitely not a writer and just can't summon the energy to mention all I'm thinking and could just gab a bit more in person.  Have a good day everyone.


Larry, my Mom had trouble sleeping in her later years. It annoyed her to no end so she took sleeping pills. I would call her in the morning and she would sound all "fuzzy brained". My sister always called her in the afternoon, so by then she was back to herself again. Too bad I can't recall how the morphine affected Dad's thinking. Dad had Interstitial Lung Disease and with that, a lack of oxygen uptake. Oxygen deprivation can cause temporary memory loss, among other things. I don't remember if you said you were on oxygen. So, don't rule out meds and not getting enough oxygen before jumping to dementia just yet. It is something worth considering and talking to your hospice people about if you haven't already.

I am going to have to make a cover for my keyboard. I took the vacuum to it this morning and can't believe how much of Shan's fur got pulled up from under the keys. Amazing considering, to my knowledge, he doesn't lay on this keyboard.

It doesn't look like we are going to get much relief from the hot weather for the next 10 days at least. I am not going to attempt to mow any of the lawn until the weekend.


Good morning❣️

We have enjoyed a nice cool morning but the temperatures are rising so we will have to close the house up soon! 

JACKIE, it was a success, we all can see the picture of LARRY and Pat!  Isn't it a nice one of them!

LARRY, I had no idea one could freeze eggs..... at 25 cents a dozen it is a great time to stock up! When I buy eggs from a local place they tell me they can last up to 3 months UNREFRIDGERATED if you do not was the protective seal off of them.  I just can not do that....it scares me.  I refrigerate them and wash them as needed.   

My Dad is starting to show concerns that he is aware that his memory is not good.  It is scaring him and I just tell him it is nothing that he can control and to just do the best you can.  I do not know wha5 else I can say to him about it.  His voice is strong and he appears to be doing well. 

MARY ANN, I know it has to be annoying to you when you can not find things like your peanut butter! 
I know you wish Robin would communicate better with you about items rather than Tom.  I hope the plans all come together well for the birthday gathering.

JEAN, it appears you are in for some bad weather according to the news last night.  I read that New Orleans is already having street flooding🙀

MARILYNE, I hope you and Sandy enjoyed a nice lunch together yesterday.

PATRICIA, it is frustrating when you do,not get your packages....sometimes it seems the carrier just do not care to go that extra step to get the job done🤬. I hope the fires are getting better contained in your area.

I must get busy......enjoy the rest of your day. 🥰

Mary Ann

We just returned from the birthday celebration.  There were James and Alicia, the twins, Tom and me.  Tom and I treated.  Tom belongs to something at the Score but he could not get his free dinner because only one to a check.  Tom and I will go there before the end of the month and he'll get his free dinner.  It is warm here so instead of sitting out on the sand under the palms, we were on the deck which has a cover and concrete floor and it worked out fine.  It is about 90 degrees here, maybe officially a bit less.  It's hot anyway.  The girls are their usual selves.  Ellie is more outgoing and gave me a kiss before we left.  Jo is more bashful and shy.  Both girls had a child's  hamburger which was almost as large as an adult burger and they also had some chocolate milk.  Alicia and I both had a turkey, ham, bacon sandwich and I brought home 3/4 of the sandwich so I'll have enough for at least one meal, if not two.

I'm ready for a nap.

Mary Ann


July 10, 2019, 03:43:00 pm #14256 Last Edit: July 10, 2019, 03:49:03 pm by Vanilla-Jackie
Larry Hanna...
...you have been doing fine so far and you are making clear sense in your posting today...I would say your mind and memory is as sharp as the next one...Yes agree it could well be a medication or the morphine that is playing with your mind or interfering with your mind and memory, I wouldn't be jumping to conclusions just yet...

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


Mary Ann - Sounds like you and Tom, had a fun birthday celebration with James and his family! The Score, was a good place to go with the twins, where they could be outside.  I'm always impressed with how well behaved they are.

Jenny - Like you, I would be uncomfortable keeping eggs unfrigerated for any length of time . . . much less THREE MONTHS!  :yikes:  I also place the egg container in the fridge right away, and wash them as needed.  Your dad hopefully, just needs to be reassured, about his memory.  We all have those short term memory lapses from time to time!

I went to the grocery store around noon today, and it really tired me out. The long walk through the vast supermarkets, is becoming too much for me in recent months.  Even leaning on the grocery cart tires me out.  The problem is that all of our stores are very large . . . the only small ones that are easy to navigate are Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.  However, I don't like to go to those on a regular basis, because they don't carry many of the things I want to buy.

Well, guess it's time to relax for the remainder of the afternoon.  it's about 2:30 here, so I have plenty of time to read, or sit on the deck and enjoy the cool weather. (Very unusual here to have such mild weather in July!)     


First I want to wish a belated Happy 57th Anniversary to Larry and Pat and a Happy Birthday to Pat! That was a great photo (with my favorite flower, red roses).

Larry - I agree with those who think some of your memory problems could be caused by lack of oxygen or medications. You do a wonderful job of explaining your thoughts and feelings, and I, for one, appreciate an insight as to what it's like to be in your position. You've taught me a lot about how Hospice works.

People with chronic diseases often hear "But you don't look sick!". I saw something on Facebook that says a lot. "Pretending you're okay is easier than trying to explain to everyone why you're not". So true!

Jean - Great idea to put your genealogy papers in a container. I should do the same. I also have a LOT of old family photos, some dating back to the 1800s that I should protect. I've been scanning many of them but it's a long and slow process. Like you, my talking skills are better than my writing skills.  :) I wish we could sit down together and have a good chat!

My daughter and also my sister-in-law raise chickens to have their own eggs. It's true that as long as the fresh egg isn't washed it can be left on the shelf. In my house, everything goes in the refrigerator!!

Mary Ann- Chape's youngest sister just found out that she's going to be a grandmother (her first) to twins. She's so excited. I don't think I've seen any recent pictures of your twins. Nobody messes with my peanut butter!  ;D I always say I like a little bit of bread with my peanut butter.

Marilyne - Same here in the grocery stores. I use the cart to lean on but even then get very tired.

Good night all.

Mary Ann

Kendrick and I went out on the deck for a while.  He did not want to come in, but when I walked toward him, he got up to come in.  A couple of  years ago when we had so much heat and no rain, the only thing that grew was quack grass.  When I put my plants out on the deck this year, some quack grass grew in the geranium plant.  I pulled out the quack grass and put it on dirt in a unused hanging basket.  We had rain right after that and the grass took in that basket.  Now Kendrick has two kinds of grass to eat. 

I have a lot of genealogy information and it's all in Ancestry.  I know, as far as our family information is concerned, I should print it out because when my Ancestry account is closed, there goes all of the info.  At present no one is interested but Tom says he will retain my genealogy in case someone down the line is interested. 

I wonder if anyone who has watched the Algonac site on the St Clair River has noticed the solar panels on the lights along the river.  At night, the area is lighted very brightly.

Beverly, Chape's sister will have fun with twins.  Our twins are red headed girls.  I think one of the girls' hair is getting a bit darker and her father has auburn hair.  The other girl's hair is carrot red, basically straight but we noticed a wave at the ends of her hair recently.  The other girl has naturally curly hair.  They are not identical, Jo is taller than Ellie and weighs more.  That may change.  Jo is quiet and Ellie is effervescent!  Always a smile, and gives kisses when people leave.  Not Jo, it is hard to get a wave from her, but she has a lovely smile.  I wish we lived nearer them so they'd get to know me better.  That's Jo's problem, she doesn't see me often enough, so is shy but when I'm at their house, she warms up.  They're so cute; I love them both.  Chape's sister is in for fun.

Mary Ann


July 11, 2019, 08:02:43 am #14260 Last Edit: July 11, 2019, 08:16:33 am by larryhanna
Hi everyone. As far as I know I didn't take a sleeping pill last evening and Pat checked my medicine carefully for then and again today. I had gotten an extra sleeping pill in my noon medicine box yesterday. Unfortunately, as I sit here at my big computer with the oxygen on I am again dozing off to sleep again this morning. It is still about 3 hours before the aid will get here at 9 am to help me with my bath.

Scott will be over this morning to help us. Pat hopes to get a hair appointment this morning as the lady is suppose to be back from her vacation. I am not going to worry about getting a haircut at this time as not likely that I will be going out very much other than for a planned drive.

I had a nice visit yesterday afternoon from our Associate Pastor who is a kind and caring man and he is going to ask our new pastor to try and come and visit with me although going into a pastorate involving over 500 members to from one with about half that is quite a workload increase.

I was able to accomplish a couple of things yesterday like getting the Ring doorbell account canceled and now know I will have to deal with Dish again in terms of the remote controls that are suppose to be a part of the large smart TV control package that if you have Dish you see on the screen all the time.

The rest of the day I will probably just try to deal with the breathlessness by staying on the oxygen. I think finally, after seeming to say it over and over, this may be the day that Scott puts up the grab bars and gets things ready for the carpet removal and replacement with the vinyl. So it should be a pretty quiet day. I seem to be in my right mind this morning, which is encouraging if I could only stay awake.

Once again if my postings take some strange turns today don't be alarmed as our minds can do some strange things.

Janet, as I think back over a period of time I realize things have been happening and not just recently.  I remain optimistic and knowing I have the support from you all, is very encouraging.  I must admit I have never been this frightened in my life.  I have decided to start reducing the clutter in my life and am going to  return  all of the blue tooth devices I have acquired.  I have a beautiful TV with great sound and why complicate my life.  I am fortunate in that my family is very supportive of me and I know they will always be there for me and we as a society now have a greater awareness than 20 years ago. Thank you and all of you for your support of my loving family.  I went through this with my Mother and know it is a difficult family journey.  I also hope it is just medications but now sure that reflects any reality to what has happened over a long period of time.

I realize that my posting yesterday sort of put a damper on our fine conversations so it is time to let that rest and get about the business of just enjoying each other's company as we do day by day. 

Knowing I have support from people who really care about me means so much. Thank you all.
Jackie, I sure am not giving up that dementia is setting in but I know there is no reason it shouldn't be me and be someone else. 

It has been a struggle with going to sleep as I have been trying to write but hopefully my posting today makes sense and is reasonable.  Now to visit the Soda Shoppe and then it should be time for the Aid to come and help me with the bath.

Mary Ann

Larry, to me, what you said today makes sense.  We've said in the past that you should take one day at a time and it seems to me you have been doing that.  Your travels with your health problems are a guide for others of us to think about.  We don't always travel the same paths, but we can learn from one another.

It is going to be another warm one today and at 9:20 am we are already at 74 degrees.  Last night when I went to bed, my indoor/outdoor thermometer read 79 degrees both in the bedroom and outside.  I have a hassock fan that I turn on and I slept good all night.  Kendrick comes in occasionally to sleep and stays a half hour.  He does not help at all with my sleeping but I manage.

I can't think of a thing that has to be done today but I know something will crop up.  I really don't do much anyway.

Mary Ann


Good morning.  Just stopping by to mark my place. I know I have been missing for a couple days.  Nothing wrong, just really have had nothing to talk about. I need to go back and read the previous messages.  I have not been up too long and need to get some breakfast.  Hopefully, I will be back later. Have a great day.



A major change went into effect yesterday, here in Los Gatos.  Our Main thoroughfare, Santa Cruz Ave., has been turned into a one way street.  Used to be one lane in each direction, North and South.  Now both lanes  going south, with designated bike lanes on each side.  This directional change is being called, a Road Diet, and is happening in cities and small town all over California.  The point being, to help control or alleviate traffic gridlock congestion going through the major part of town.  Needless to say, it's very controversial, and there are the many differing opinions.  As with any major change, there are nay-sayers and Yay-sayers.   AJ and I are going to drive the length of the Road Diet this morning, and see how we like it?  :-\


July 11, 2019, 12:43:39 pm #14264 Last Edit: July 11, 2019, 12:50:28 pm by angelface555
Small float planes landing by cruise ships in Juneau's live cam.


Port de Quebec


Mary Ann

July 11, 2019, 01:27:48 pm #14265 Last Edit: July 11, 2019, 01:30:22 pm by Mary Ann
Marilyn, we have several one-way streets here, but most are in the downtown area and I do think it eases traffic woes.  Since I don't drive, it has been a long time since I've driven downtown.  I don't know how our city size compares with Los Gatos; we have an approximate 200,000 population.  But we have five suburban cities and two townships around the city, so there are maybe another 100,000 in those areas.  I do not live in Grand Rapids proper, but in one of the townships and we have about 25,000 population.  I think there are some one-way streets in Grand Rapids that are not downtown, but they are few.  It is difficult to get along at first, but they grow on you.

Joy, please don't let lack of anything to tell about to keep you from posting.  I rarely have anything to say, then take a couple of paragraphs to tell about nothing!

There have been many ships on the St Clair River this morning, so many that I had trouble finding time to get dressed and to have breakfast.  Around noon, I finally found a few minutes but by the time I'd get back to the cam shot, a ship would be in the middle of the screen.  Usually I get back in the middle of the screen with a ship showing.

My lunch today was the remains of half of the sandwich I had at the Score yesterday.  Now I think I'm going to dig out some coffee ice cream.  It is hard so I don't get much out of the container.  Good and bad - I don't eat much but I'd like more.

Patricia, looking at the links of other places is like taking a trip.  I would rather have been on the cruise ship in the first video, but you could see in Juneau that they had a good system in place.

Mary Ann


July 11, 2019, 03:56:32 pm #14266 Last Edit: July 11, 2019, 04:05:26 pm by angelface555
I'm depressed I'm stuck inside until next week or so. Here's a view of the smoke after a drenching rain.



Patricia - so sorry to see those photos. :(  That's the way it looked here last Fall.  We could barely see across the street, and breathing was uncomfortable.  I remember being very depressed also.  It's hard to describe the feeling.. Stay inside, and keep telling yourself that it will be over soon. 

Mary Ann - We did drive through town this morning, and were pleased with the looks of the Road Diet, so far. There is diagonal parking on both sides, which is much easier for me to manage than parallel, which it was before.  Los Gatos is a small town, not nearly as big as Grand Rapids, which sounds like a large city.  The last population count here, that I remember, was 30,000.  The street where the "diet" has been implemented, is only about five or six blocks.  However, it's a very popular area, with lots of nice restaurants, shops, etc., so it's always overcrowded with people from San Jose and surrounding communities, as well as people who live here.


Mary Ann, I did see the solar panels on the lights. I thought I mentioned it before, but maybe not. Too bad I missed all the ships today. Yesterday afternoon I did see a Patrol Boat stop a motorboat. The moderator thought they were doing a safety check. Also, I forgot to ask I anyone had seen the gorgeous schooner earlier this week. I happen to like schooners clippers. This one, Inland Seas, had either a black or very dark green hull with black sails. I was drooling. It turns out that there is a sailing school at Sutton Bay, MI, and the schooner is owned by the school. Most of the still photos I see of it show a dark green hull with burnt orange sails. Maybe the webcam and the lighting just made it all look black. I like the black look much better. https://www.flickr.com/photos/schoolship/albums/72157649052728584

Patricia, I hope the smoke isn't exacerbating your allergies. How is Farrah taking it? Oh, and I really like the pix of Farrah in the Photos group.

Mary Ann

MarsGal, I did not see the Inland Seas schooner and I would like to have seen it.  Tom's former wife lives in Omena which is on Sutton's Bay.

Today was very busy with ships on the St Clair River.  At the very last, before I came to S&F a barge pushed by a tug came into the Algonac area, went so far, then turned around and went in the other channel.  The camera watched it until the barge was no longer in sight.  I saw the Patrol boat stop the motorboat. 

Patricia, I hope for your sake that the smoke leaves soon. 

Marilyn, it sounds as if you approve of the "diet".  Having angled parking is a lot better for a lot of people and having it available on both sides of the road is a plus.

Tom just left for the gym, will return for a shower, then will meet Annie/Cate at the Corner Bar with her SO.  The Corner Bar specializes in chili dogs or just plain hot dogs.  It burned down over a year ago and has been rebuilt and reopened recently.  It was a popular landmark and everyone was devastated by the fire.  The fire was accidental when a dumpster caught fire and it was next to a gas line in the building and the place went up in flames.  Firemen were able to save the original facade and that is part of the new building.  Not only that, they hold hot dog eating contest and had a Wall of Fame.  Someone had photographed it at one time so they were able to duplicate the Wall.  I think the original building dated to 1873.  The new one has many safety improvements, also more amenities.

I'll put shoes on so I can go with Tom when he returns.

Mary Ann


It's been a long, tiring day. We slept late and then Chape had to be in Leesburg by 1:00 for a dental appointment. They did three implants. The implants are to anchor an upper plate. I sat in the waiting room for over 2 hours. I drove home, left him off, then went to the store to fill a couple of prescriptions for him. Also did some grocery shopping while I waited for them. Brought some chocolate ice cream home for him, which is something he loves and can seldom have.

Patricia - I'm sorry you are confined to staying inside. The smoke looks awful and is so bad for your health.

Mary Ann - I love a hot dog with "the works" now and then. My home town just opened a place for foot long hot dogs, french fries and maple creemies. We'll be flying north in September and that will be one of my stops. My brother still lives there and we usually spend a few days with him. I haven't lived there since I was 19 but it's still my "hometown". Pop. around 2,000 and I still know many of the people. Even a few people I went to school with.

Larry - Chape has had some strange things happen lately and he's worried about dementia, too. Hope you had a good day.

Mary Ann

I don't know what happened, but my computer is completely different than when I went to bed last night.  I have had two upgrades in the last two days and I think they are responsible.  I have trouble getting from here to there.  I don't like it at all.  When I signed on this morning, I had a revised page of my crossword puzzles, two of which I use; the other things on the page I ignore.  By trial and error I managed to get to S&F, read a couple posts and then went back to bed.  Things were no better when I got up the second time. 

Beverly, my dad had his teeth out with the exception of three teeth on the bottom.  Two were together on one side and the other was on the other side and those teeth anchored his lower plate.  Eventually, the stress on those permanent teeth was enough that he had to have those removed too.  So far, I am lucky in that I have all of my own roots but I have 12 crowns.

Tom and I met Annie and her SO at the Corner Bar and eventually another couple joined us so there were six of us.  Tom mentioned that I was 95 yo and the man could not believe it.  He is a flatterer and I let it go over my head, but ever so often he'd mention it.  I have an idea today he will be telling his friends "I sat beside a 95-year-old woman".  I had the house specialty - chili basket and cole slaw.  French fries come with it but I didn't get any.  I should have gotten a root beer but didn't think of it, so drank water (my usual).  It was a very enjoyable evening for me so I hope Tom will suggest I go again. 

Mary Ann


And yet the smoke is still, perhaps more so...

 Special Weather Statement
Weather Updated: Jul 12 3:12AM
Issued by the National Weather Service
For Middle Tanana Valley, Alaska


Marilyne, The Dalton Fire Crew from California is in the area, thanks!


Patricia - The Dalton Hotshots, are a well trained crew of firefighters, with many years of experience.  I hope they can help to get your fires under control.  I guess the coming thunderstorms can be either good or bad?  Good if they bring enough rain, but bad, if they bring lightning strikes?  I hope you're feeling better this morning?

Beverly - Interesting about Chape's dental implants.  I didn't realize that implants could be used to anchor an upper plant.  our youngest daughter had an implant on an upper tooth (incisor I think?) just last month. The tooth had been removed about a year or so ago, and she had a temporary bridge there, until she decided on the implant instead of a permanent bridge.  So far it's been successful.  The post was put in, and now she has to wait about four to six months, before the implant can be put in. 

Mary Ann - sounds like you had a great time at The Corner Bar! (love that name!) It's nice that you and Tom could spend some time with Annie and her SO.  It's always nice for us older ladies to get a compliment now and then . . . and it's true that you don't look 95 years old!  I've seen enough recent pictures of you, to believe that you look much younger than you are.

Time for me to make a short drive to the local fruit orchard for some Blenheim apricots.  The only large orchard left here in the Santa Clara valley, that used to be called, The Valley of Heart's Delight.  Now the fruit orchards are all paved over and we are known as, Silicon Valley. :( 


July 12, 2019, 12:50:29 pm #14274 Last Edit: July 12, 2019, 12:59:18 pm by Vanilla-Jackie
No Larry Hanna today... :-\ that is unusual for him, I hope he is alright and just resting... If so, he might show later..

Mary Ann...I hope they never charged you for the French fries if they never gave them to you...

Patricia...oh what a health hazard, the smoke...

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


It sure is quiet today.  I've had the Weather Channel on and it looks like the storm will become a hurricane before it hits New Orleans.  From there it will go up and turn east.  We will get some rain but doesn't look like the hurricane will impact us.

Where is everyone this morning.  Patricia, I noticed that you all are having rain.  Shouldn't that help with the fires?  But then you are also having lightning which causes fires?  I know you must be getting cabin fever.

Mary Ann, that was a nice treat for you to go with Tom and meet Annie and her friends.  The food sounds good and I'm sitting here thinking ahead at what am I going to fix for our dinner.  Yesterday was a blah day and we got take out, McDonald's hamburgers and fries and I got a small chocolate milkshake.  There was so much whipped cream on the shake it oozed out the top of the cover----so good!  Maybe we can do the same today--I am getting so lazy where cooking is concerned.  However, we do eat a good breakfast "to start the day right" as they say.  And I still make my own bread.

Beverly, September is a wonderful month to go up north for your visit.  We have taken most of our trips in Sept or early Oct.  we spent two weeks in New Hampshire in late Sept several years ago.  The weather was perfect, and we took advantage of the trip to visit Vermont and Maine while we were there.  One day we stopped in town at a local outdoor art show and a woman came up and asked me where we were from.  I said Florida.  I complimented her on how lovely their area was with the foliage and colors, and she told me she was soon retiring and she was going to move south.  She didn't think she could take another cold snowy winter.  But I must say that Sept. and Oct. feel pretty good up in that part of the country.👍

Marilyne, I have never eaten an apricot.  Once or twice I've had a piece of one in a dessert.  The first time I went to Santa Cruz I was in vegetable heaven with all the available fresh veggies.  One evening Larry and I walked downtown and had the most delicious meal at this little cafe. The place was almost empty and the chef was doing everything.  He fixed us the best veal cutlets that were so tender and the asparagus was perfect.  Even my husband who doesn't care for asparagus admitted they were good.  We never took the opportunity to go back as our daughter moved to a larger house in a different area called Capitola, I believe.

Hope everyone is having a good day.  Thinking of all of you.

Mary Ann

I have not been here since my last post because it's been almost impossible to get from there to here.  I know there were two upgrades recently and I think they want people to use apps as much as possible.  I've been getting messages in a box saying the apps will not work on my PC.  But they have been working.  It is a different route to get anywhere and getting online has been hard, difficult at times.  I just typed in "Seniors&Friends.org" and got here, but getting to another folder may not work.  Tom sent me a link to another Duluth channel which I could not get, but somehow or other I ended up with my "old" way of watching the ships, complete with the chat at the bottom.  I can get to each site individually now but the chat is at the right and is almost too small for me to read.  I shall persevere and when Tom gets home if he has time, he'll work on things. 

Other than eating lunch and taking a nap, the computer has taken up all of my time today and I am one very unhappy person.  I haven't panicked yet and I feel I can now get to where I want but I want some organization which I do not have at present.  I do have a program on TV at 6 pm and I'll watch Wheel of Fortune.  I haven't watched Jeopardy for a while as that big winner spoiled the program for me.  At 8 pm Washington Week comes on and then my "must" TV watching is over.  In between times, I pet Kendrick when he walks by.

Jean, I hope Barry will miss you.  Watching the Weather Channel, it is coming, but I thought it looked like it would go north, so maybe  you will get rain only, as you said.

Mary Ann


Good Evening Everyone from the
comfortably warm rocky coast of

MaryAnn,,  I am sorry that you
are having a really bad day
today, computer wise.  That's no fun.
Hopefully  Tom will come home and help
you out. 


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Marilyne, we have several experienced Hotshot Crews here as it is a necessary summer income for many villagers and they have been sent to Canada, S. America and the lower 48. They were in California for your last large fires, so it's nice to see Californians here. Locally we have Canadian crews as well as Dalton, (very, very appreciated!). There are other US crews in other areas, but those are the only local ones I'm aware of.

We have had thunder and lightning storms since Thursday night, and while it's stormed all day today, we still have heavy smoke. But they're hopeful the rain will help with the fires and the smoke. The red in the photo shown is where fires are. Fairbanks is in the lower left. Basically, the entire arboreal forest is represented. :(

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I do hope our Larry Hanna makes a brief showing today...He never posted on our Christian site yesterday either and he was missed there too..

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