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Norms Bait and Tackle

Started by dapphne, March 30, 2016, 09:23:16 am

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Mary Ann

November 08, 2019, 01:18:57 pm #15660 Last Edit: November 08, 2019, 01:24:44 pm by Mary Ann
It has been suggested that B&T and SS be combined and I hope they are not.  I post in both of them, more here than in SS, but the topics of conversation are entirely different one from the other.  Of course, we could continue our threads regardless, but I think there would be fewer total posts.

We've been down to 17 degrees this morning and the pond is still open.  We have ducks on the pond, occasionally, and I have not seen the Canada geese for a few days.  I long for the days when we had 100 ducks on the pond but eventually 150 geese stopped by and our duck population left.  If we have a half dozen now, that's a lot.

I just finished watching a ship go through Marine City, then in Algonac on the St Clair River.  Marine City is most interesting because one of the moderators lives in Marine City and often goes to the river side with peanuts for the birds and squirrels.  A man who has posted is visiting Marine City and the two of them were in view of the camera before and after the ship went by.  It makes it more interesting when you have the hometown touch.  Another man was at Port Huron recently but I'm not sure he lives there.  I love reading the Chats under the pictures because you learn a lot.

I had cereal for breakfast this morning and I think Kendrick can smell milk.  I use skim milk and when I am done, I let him lap up what's left.  Today's cereal was granola and I tried to get everything up before I let him have the milk but I couldn't.  However the cat sat patiently waiting for his treat so I let him have the last lap - and he lapped it up!

Patricia, I did not know Anchorage was below sea level; I did know it was by the San Andreas fault which caused the drop in the main street in the earthquake.  If we stop to think about it, each of us lives in an area that has particular features that make it what it is.  I enjoy the longer posts too - they usually give me something to reply to.

Marilyn, the original B&T was not a separate folder but part of the old Aardvarks which was on Prodigy.  It was something that someone would ask to join Aardvarks and they had to have a passport and that came with the Boat & Tackle.  I'm not sure about the details because I wasn't a member of the group.  I think Judy, Pat Scott's sister, was in that group, maybe Pat herself was in it because Norm and she had known each other a long time Papa John, Beverly and Shirleyn.  Dapphne/Sandy?  Adrienne?  I don't know at what stage anyone joined or who might have been originals, but that is where the Boat & Tackle started.  It was part of the Michigan group on Senior Net and they were not only Michiganders who joined in and I was one of them (I also posted in West Virginia because I was born there and lived there a whole 1 1/2 years!).  When SN was left high and dry, Norm contacted Yahoo and Boat & Tackle by itself was formed.  That folder was erratic in that sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.  One year Pat and Paul visited Norm and Dot and, of course, SN etc was discussed.  Norm asked Pat about the possibility of Norm's Boat&Tackle being part of S&F and Pat allowed us in.  One day someone wanted a passport and whoever was monitoring the folder said "no passports needed here".  She did not know the significance of the passport but that ended the passport thing.  I think we are the same as always since Norm's Boat&Tackle became part of Seniors & Friends.  Maybe some older timers than I am could add or subtract to what I have written.

I'm not going into detail, but I will tell you the Norm of B&T was not the Norm at home.  Two different personalities.  I'm glad so many got to enjoy Norm's SN personality.  He wasn't bad at home, just different.

I think I've written a manuscript and I'm going into hiding for a while!

Mary Ann


I agree as I think it would be wrong to combine the two discussions.


Should We Stop Keeping Pets?
Research into animals' emotional lives has cast doubt on the ethics of petkeeping.



Could someone post a link to the Quebec site.  I think I have most of the others, but somehow missed Quebec.  I'd like to see the USS Indianapolis if its within view.

Mary Ann


Tomereader, this is the one for Quebec I use but I'm not sure it is the one MarsGal uses.  I never was able to really define the USS Indy and a ship that looks like what I thought was that ship is there.  MarsGal wrote this morning that the USS Indy had left and was escorted around the bend.  Stay tuned for more from her.

Mary Ann


November 08, 2019, 02:27:34 pm #15665 Last Edit: November 08, 2019, 02:45:48 pm by Marilyne
I'm in agreement with Patricia and Mary Ann, that we keep Soda Shoppe and B&T as separate folders.  For those of us who try to reply to messages that have been posted every day, it would be difficult to add so many more people to reply to every day.  I know there are members who post in both folders now, but they copy and paste a basic message for both, and then add personal comments to individual members in the separate folders.  I enjoy seeing messages here from Jenny, Joy, Callie, Amy, (and of course Mary Ann!), who post in both folders, and it seems to be working out okay for them?  I usually read Soda Shoppe every day, to see what's going on in everyone's lives.  I also read Bosom Buddies, every day and occasionally post there if I have a question.


...I was not familiar with Senior Net, yet keep hearing of how popular it was, although i understand it came to its end, then our S & F's forum took over which gave members a new home...I believe i joined S & F's a year later...must be ten years ago now...

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey

Mary Ann

Jackie, I have no idea how long I've been in any folder and if you think you've been here about 10 years in S&F, I'd say I've been in S&F 11 years and so has anyone who was in it at the start.  But I have no idea how long I was in SN or how long ago that I posted on Norm's account where I could sign in without Norm paying anything but if I went over a minute, he'd be changed about $3 a minute.  And woe be to me if I ever did because I would have heard it from Norm.  I think I never went over the limit.  That is where I met people online for the first time.

Marilyn, I do not copy and paste for the two folders because to me, the subject matters are entirely different.  For instance, I doubt many in SS know about the ships, as it is not mentioned.  I really just join either conversation.

We had roast beef for supper last night (Tom fixed it in the IP) and I'm going to have a roast beef sandwich - one of my favorites.  I may have one for supper as well as lunch.

Mary Ann


Tomereader, Quebec is lovely at night with all the lights. Last I saw they were towing USS Indianapolis around the bend to the working docks,so she is out of view. The Canadian warship, though, is still docked in view of the webcam as of 3:30pm EDT.


Good Afternoon. 

Part of the connection in SeniorNet were the "Bashes" (get-togethers) organized by participants in different parts of the USA and Canada.  They were usually Thursday - Sunday and quite a few were able to attend. So we were able to interact personally and I think that made a difference in how we "conversed" on line.

Also seems as if there were more traveling around the country.

Three interstates come through OKC.
Helona, GinnieB and I (and sometimes others) enjoyed meeting those coming through.  We would say, "just let us know which one you're coming on; we know good places for lunch on all of them"  ;D .

Pat and Judy came to have dinner with me when the tour group I was with went through Guelph and ToniLee organized a luncheon with SeniorNetters from the area while we were in Hershey Pennsylvania .
(Always chuckled about that one.  They were so excited to take me to a brand new restaurant in town that they all just loved. I was expecting something Amish.    It was a Texas Roadhouse!!!  (I felt right at home.  ;) )

I suspect most of the "oldies" have either passed away or "aged out" of getting together.

Whatever the reason,  I enjoy reading posts in various S&F forums but rarely make personal comments unless the poster comments on something I can relate to.  I seem to have more in common with those who post here and the Library - probably because I'm a big reader and several of us here are interested in the same "outside" subject (boat webcams)


I have daily links to almost all the forums on this site. It was from when I was a cardmaker and recipe organizer back in the early days with Pat Scott. Nowadays, I only read and post to Pets, Photos, PSP, and here. I have no interest in other folders.

Combining more into one would result, in my opinion, to less participation and more losses.

I joined ThirdAge and SeniorNet in 2000, and yes, I had to ask Norm for a passport. I joined the discussions of the state where I knew posters and also pets and PSP.

Callie, I loved hearing and seeing photos  about the bashes and Adrienne always sent me CDs from the bashes for a nominal fee.

Mary Ann

I never attended any of the big bashes, but I know of two mini-bashes that Norm had here.  We went to Cheers both times and you've read about Tom and me going to Cheers which is a little over a mile from here.  I "knew" several of the people who came here because Norm had mentioned them so often.  He even had people visit him in Florida.  That is how I met Papa John, Cornelia and Wrinkles.  On one of our trips to Florida, Jim and I stopped to see Papa John.  Cornelia had died by that time and he was alone as Martha was teaching.  He was so surprised and pleased that we would take time to stop off to see him.  I think he died a couple years later. 

We all have gotten older and I know some who hosted bashes have gone to the "great beyond".  At my age, I would not attempt to go to a bash.  I had a time making the decision to go to Indianapolis last summer but I may plan to go again.

MarsGal, I take it that the ship beside where the USS Indy was is the Canadian ship.  It's an interesting view that I get.  Now I'd better go to the St Clair River to see if there is any traffic before it gets dark.  I'll check the other places too.

Mary Ann



Way back when Pat started S&F, she asked Don (Radioman), and me, to be "discussion leaders", for the Leisure Activities forum.  Does anyone even remember discussion leaders, or DL's, as they were called??  I know everyone remembers JoanFL, who was such a wonderful DL for Soda Shoppe, but most of the others have been forgotten, or are no longer with us.  Anyway, I truly love Books, Movies, TV and Music, so I have continued to post in all of those folders over the years. Movies, are relevant to both books and TV, so we dropped the separate movie discussion.  As I said earlier, I read Bosom Buddies and Soda Shoppe every day, but rarely post in either one.  I also read and post in the Pet folder, and in Photos, Old and New.

This afternoon I went to the library, and checked out five books.  That should keep me busy over the weekend, and give me something to talk about in the Library~Bookshelf folder.  :)  

Mary Ann

Marilyn, I used to read a lot.  I remember coming home from the school library with at least eight books to read.  Of course, they were children's books because I was in elementary school; one I remember is Hans Brinker.  Then there were the Bobsey Twins.  We had book reports in high school, one each semester and that's where I discovered I liked non-fiction more than fiction or novels.  After I was out of school I would go to a library in a department store and buy books there - rentals and I'd pay something for them.  I still have most if not all of those books.  I graduated to biographies and I have several of those.  Now my eyes will not let me read.  I don't have a Kindle and I don't intend to get one as I have enough to keep me busy and/or interested.  From the Sunday Detroit Free Press online, I try to read Mitch Albom's column.  He is a sports writer for the Free Press (Freep) but each Sunday he has a kind of opinion article.  I guess I can boil things down to that I like human interest stories.

Incidentally, I live across the road from the Township Library.  Dot is one of their best customers.

Mary Ann


It is getting colder here finally.  Next week we'll be having daytime highs in high 50s or low 60s and 40s during the night.  We don't have to worry about the snow.

Joy, I hope you are feeling better.

Marilyne, I hope you enjoy your reading over the weekend.  I've finished several good books over the last week and my eyes are a little tired so will give them a rest for a couple of days.

Callie, I enjoyed the video.  Oh, to be young and energetic like those dancers.  I've often heard that dancers have problems with their feet---blisters, etc., but your granddaughter is probably too young to be bothered with that yet.  That was really enjoyable.


November 09, 2019, 02:26:06 am #15675 Last Edit: November 09, 2019, 02:33:41 am by Vanilla-Jackie
Talking of nostalgia...I had not been a member on our forum too long when i think it was Jeanne Lee who asked me if i would like to join their card making team which i jumped at the chance to join and apart from myself and Bubble kept it going after everyone else had one by one dropped out mainly due to medical issues or timing commitments...
As most things in life..." it was good while it lasted..."

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


Good Morning Everyone,  from the
colder and overcast,  rocky coast of

I have started the preparation phase
of cataract surgery.   (Drops in
my eye,  3 times a day)...  The first
drop went in easily and so far,
so good... eye feels good to go. 
Sat, Sun, and Mon drops 3 times
a day,  and tues  "D" day..  And
then more drops etc until eye is
I sure will be glad when this
is  over and I am hoping that I
will have a good outcome.  It sure
will be nice to see better again,
even if it is only out of one eye. 

I joined Senior Net back in the early
90's...   And Norms Bait and Tackle when
it first started under that name.
Been around a long time. 

I went to one gathering in my area,
that I put together.  It was a small but
nice gathering of a few regulars at that time. 
Beverly was there and I wish that I could
remember the others and more of the details
of where and when.    My memory is poor
these days until someone refreshes it. 

I hope that we keep both discussions open
as they are both special. 

Have a good weekend Everyone.. 
Winter is coming (boo) and life
goes on... 

Sandy (aka Dapphne)

Twenty years from now,
you will be more; disappointed
by the things; you didn;t do
than by the ones that you did.

So throw off the;  bowlines.
Sail away from safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your; sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.
(Mark Twain)

Mary Ann

November 09, 2019, 09:11:25 am #15677 Last Edit: November 09, 2019, 09:15:41 am by Mary Ann
Thanks for the memories!  I am glad to hear from others about what became Norm's Bait & Tackle, although that took several years.  I didn't live with Norm and Dot, so what I heard was from when I visited them.  But Norm and I talked "computer" a lot because we both enjoyed using our computers.  We both were into genealogy; poor Dot got left out a lot, however, I did some of her genealogy too and even yet, when we're together, she talks a lot about her family.  Dot was one of seven children and Norm and I were the only two in our family, so she had a lot more to talk about.  I think there are only three or four left in her family now. 

Sandy, good luck with your cataract surgery and I hope things turn out OK.  You know that Norm and I had it done and both of us were so happy with the results.  I had forgotten about putting drops in my eyes before and after surgery, but now I remember putting prednisone in my eyes before, then tapering off afterward.

Lots of whitecaps on Lake Michigan this morning.  I understand we (the US) will set records with low temps in the next few days; I don't like to hear that.  If it's cold now, what will it be in another two months?

Mary Ann


Good Morning,

Sandy, glad to see "the countdown" has begun for the cataract surgery. I think I had three different kinds of drops to use at different times for a few days.  Hope you're as pleased with the results as I was.

FLajean,  thank you for the kind words about Ellen.  She's 26 and has been dancing since she was in kindergarten.  The only time I remember her saying anything about her feet was when she was taking ballet during grades 1-12.  I do know that, since she went into musical theater, she's worn out at least a couple of pairs of dancing shoes every year.
There are 31 performances for the Christmas show so I'd bet she'll need a new pair by the end of December.

Mary Ann, genealogy was a big thing for late hubby and me.  Neither of us came from large families and we were easily able to trace ancestors back to the  original immigrants. We were also able to visit sites where ancestors lived - back into the early 1800's.  We planned to do more of that after he retired but, unfortunately, he died before reaching that age. I've put together some stories about some of the families and should do more.  However - "the best laid plans....etc. etc."   :)   

I remember "discussing" alligators with Norm during S&F years.  He didn't believe (or said he didn't  :) ) there were any in Oklahoma until I shared a picture of a particularly ugly one that had been found in a river in the southeastern part of the state.

A flock of sparrows and four pairs of cardinals are emptying the sunflower seed feeder almost faster than I can get it filled.  Looks as if that will the Project du Jour.

Enjoy your day, Everyfriend.

Mary Ann

November 09, 2019, 11:45:09 am #15679 Last Edit: November 09, 2019, 11:47:18 am by Mary Ann
Callie, many serious genealogists go to family sites and get copies of land records etc.  I have seen the burial places of my parents (of course), all grandparents, all great-grandparents, four 2x great grandparents and two 3x great grandparents.  I did not travel to see those grave sites, but did travel to see people who took me there.  I do not begrudge people who have done what I have not done.  I think it is fascinating to find out the names of my ancestors and where they lived.  I have seen many of their residences.  And most of the residences are still standing.  Genealogy has been a good hobby.

We are in the 30s today with the sun shining brightly, so it's a nice day!  Tom is gone for the day and I think the cat misses him because Kendrick has been downstairs ever  since I got up.  I'm pleased that he uses his bed that I brought into this room.

I've been hunting for a jacket and I think I'll go through a drawer to see if I can find it, but also to get rid of some things.  Robin is active at a thrift store and I'll give her somethings when she's here next week.

Mary Ann


November 09, 2019, 02:08:46 pm #15680 Last Edit: November 09, 2019, 02:40:58 pm by Denver
GURRRRR, I was just ready to post and one slip of the finger and poof, my post is gone!  I have been trying to make sure I copy it often Incase this does happen, but then I forget and I get STUNG!

Anyhoo.....I will try to remember what I did write.  It is going to be a beautiful day here, in the 70's then tomorrow a storm moves in with cold and snow😡😡

I have really been enjoying the posts....you all have been doing great at posting!

I have noticed several of you stated that you would not like to see the SS and Norm's Bait and Tackle join together as one folder, however I would find it better as I post in both and know that sometimes I post things in here that I read in the other one, and etc.  sadly, there are so few of us anymore that I do not see it as being that much more to read for those  that only post in one or the other!  Just my thought! 

I told that my Boston DIL is highly allergic to cat dander and the first thing she asked about when hearing of our possible move to the new condo was IF Smokey, my cat would be going with us?  I did not have a cat for a time period and during that time she lived in Denver and hardly ever came to our home.  So when they move to Chicago, and then on to Boston, I decided I needed a cat and got one.  Bob does not want the responsibility of a dog, for numerous reasons, even though we like dogs.  I guess one could say I am being insensitive to her condition, but I really feel I need a cat for my needs, and she is never here.....

JANE, I certainly understand  your frustration with the feral cats and the problems they can cause in others yards, etc.  I can not understand why a city would not be more sensitive to the need to go to this abandoned home and take these kitties away and at least neuter them, but as SHIRLEY pointed out, no one wants to adopt a feral cat.  The way I wrote it before was much better worded! 

LLOYD, I am pleased that the judge was kind and let you have your home back! 

SANDY, best of luck to you on your cataract surgery.

JACKIE, I had no idea you were not involved in Senior Net...seems like you have been a part of the group for much longer than you have.....I started in SN 22years ago as we were living in Texas after Bob retired and was doing consulting work.  WOW, that was a long time ago😘😘

MARILYNE, at some time you asked about Michele and I realize I have not mentioned her lately.  She is doing her radiation treatments every week day.  She seems to be handling it very well....so much better than the chemo.  She has done 8 so far, and needs 18.  Thank you for asking about her.  I have to say that it made me sad when you commented that it has been a long time since you had a nice one on one conversation with your son😢

OK, I must get busy.  Have a great rest of your day.



November 09, 2019, 02:36:09 pm #15681 Last Edit: November 09, 2019, 02:39:25 pm by Marilyne
Sandy - You'll be relieved when the cataract surgery is over, and pleased that it wasn't as bad as you were anticipating!  The only thing that bothered me after the surgery, was the many different drops, and the frequency that they had to be used.  I got used to the routine quickly, and soon it was no problem at all.

Jean - Yes, I did get lots of interesting books at the library. Last night. we watched a good movie, that you and Larry might like . . . Radio Days.  I saw it many years ago, but I think I enjoyed it more this time around.  It's a Woody Allen film, about his childhood in Brooklyn, during the early 1940's.  The story centers around the radio, and the important role that it played in families during the War years and afterwards.  (If you don't like Woody Allen, no problem, because he isn't in the movie).

Callie - I'm also very interested in genealogy, and have spent lots of time in Ancestry.com, over the past couple of years. I've especially enjoyed contacts with second, third and even distant cousins.  Now my oldest daughter has become interested, and has built a very impressive Tree! 

Mary Ann - I'm one of the few long time members of Senior Net and S&F, who never attended a bash, not have I ever met any members of either one.  If you think back on the many bashes, they were all in the East, Midwest and South, so too distant for me to consider at the time.  In the late 1990's, there were a bunch  of members in Southern Cal, in the Orange County area,  who used to get together for dinners and social events. I can't remember any of their names now, except for one man, whose SN nickname was Happy Bill.

Nothing at all happening here in Northern Cal, over all those years, that I knew of . . .  no meetings or bashes or get-togethers.   At one time, wjoan, who was then known as Western Joan, planned a bash in Las Vegas, that was very successful.  I remember wanting to attend, but don't recall why I didn't? I think this was right after she moved to Washington, but not sure?

Jenny - I just saw your message, and will respond to it later today.  This post is too long as it is, so I won't add anymore to it!     

Mary Ann

Jenny, I am one who posts in both B&T and SS.  I find the subject matters are different in the two folders.  I have no objection to reading your posts twice because sometimes you mention something different in one folder and not in the other. 

I am enjoying a nice sunny day but I think we aren't over 40 degrees.

Norm and Robin drove to PA to visit a friend who is in jail and has not had a visitor in three years - probably the last time they were there.  It takes roughly 10 hours to get there from here.  Something happened yesterday and there was a lockdown for a week and Tom and Robin did not know about it.  They couldn't get in to see their friend and are now on the way home.  I'll write more later but James and family are coming to visit in five + minutes.

Mary Ann

Mary Ann

Back again.  My company was Tom's DIL and two granddaughters.  We had a nice visit and the girls behave so well.  I have an old Lux timer that fascinated them.  They'd turn the knob, then turn it back so the timer would "ding".  When they were in the bathroom, I heard a strange noise but soon realized it was the stopper so the door would not hit the wall.  The stopper is flexible, so makes a noise when a person moves it.  I promise I will send a picture of each to Bubble so she can post them for me. 

James did not come, only Alicia and the girls.  I am so happy they stopped.  Alicia had something going on at Robinette's, an orchard store near here, so she decided to visit me and I am so glad she did.  Those darling girls are so cute and so good.  In three months they will be three years old and talk quite good so we can understand them.

Mary Ann


November 09, 2019, 07:28:03 pm #15684 Last Edit: November 09, 2019, 07:29:59 pm by angelface555
Toronto to Vancouver by train: VIA Rail's 'Canadian'


The landscape is very similar to the Interior with water and forests.

Mary Ann

Patricia, thank you so much for the Toronto to Vancouver video.  I did not take the same route, but in 1966 I went on a Rockies tour by myself.  I latched on to two ladies so I had some company, but I left them alone too.  Our train joined the Canadian train in Winnepeg and left at Jasper.  I don't remember the exact scenery, but I must have seen similar scenery to what was on this video.  I started out with a roomette and loved it.  I could sit on the bed/couch and look out the window to see the scenery and whatever.  The heat or a/c unit failed along the way and we were put in another car and while I still had a private room, it was not as nice as the other one.  Anyway, the train trip was the start of a nice scenic trip where I saw Emerald Lake, Yoho Park, Waterton Park, Glacier National Park and places I don't remember now.  One funny thing I've always remembered was having my hair washed, dried and set.  My hair has a lot of body, even then, and all that was necessary was to wash it and maybe set it.  I am sure they had one way to do women's hair and that was to wash, dry, set and spray.  The woman put so much hair spray on my head that I could not get a comb through my hair and I could hardly wait to get home to wash it. 

Anyway, Patricia, I enjoyed the trip from Toronto to Vancouver.  I've been to Vancouver a few times because Jim's sister lives on Vancouver Island and we would start from the city to the island but we'd take ferry to the island. 

I'm fortunate that I've been able to take the trips I have, by car and by plane. 

Mary Ann

Mary Ann

November 10, 2019, 11:10:02 am #15686 Last Edit: November 10, 2019, 11:15:38 am by Mary Ann
I see I was the last one to post last night and I'm going to start the ball rolling this morning. 

I did not feel like going to church this morning.  I was all dressed to go, sat down and called Dot that I did not feel like going.  I'm sorry I didn't go and I could have changed my mind - but I didn't.  I've mentioned about our interim senior minister being defrocked and disordained by his former church.  We are in the process of choosing a new senior (settled) minister.  Anyway, the minister and his wife joined our church this morning.  He's in his late 70s and wants to permanently retire, which he will do when we hire  a new minister.  We all seem to like him and he likes us and that is why he and his wife are joining us.  I am sure Dot will go to the reception afterward and she said nothing about eating out this morning. 

For me, being 95 has nothing to do with my not wanting to attend church; it is not being able to see well or hear well.  It is no fun sitting there unable to see or hear.  I am going to have my hearing tested tomorrow but there is nothing to be done about my eyes.  I think it will not be long before I don't go to church any more. 

Since Tom bought me some milk, I've been able to have cereal for breakfast and I don't feel the need for a Tuna Melt and/or Cream Pie this morning.  And unless Tom left before I woke up (and I doubt he did), he also did not go to church.  We may go out to eat later.

Because they could not see Robin's friend in jail, Tom and Robin turned around and started home.  It is a 10-hour drive and I'm happy roads were clear.  Tom got home about 10:30 and crashed immediately.  He has a contour bed and said he was glad to be able to sleep in his own bed again.  Hotel beds zig where he zags and are not for him.

When I poured my milk this morning, Kendrick showed up.  I know he smells catnip but I didn't know he could smell milk.  He laps up milk so gently.

Now I'll see what the ships are doing and I'll be back later.

Mary Ann


November 10, 2019, 11:17:18 am #15687 Last Edit: November 10, 2019, 11:22:13 am by angelface555
Good morning from the Interior, where we dropped to minus temperatures for the first time this new winter. It's minus eight presently, and we will have a high today of only plus fourteen. It is quite a drop from last week's lows in the twenties and highs in the thirties.

Everyone has had breakfast and cleaned up for the day. I had trouble sleeping again last night, waking every two hours. So I got up again like yesterday at just after three AM. The good news is that both Farrah and I are still going strong on our diets. I've lost an average of three to five pounds in each of the past three months.

I messed up at that last dinner with Alan and Dora, unfortunately. She prepared a fruit and cheese platter that was fabulous, and of course, from soup to nuts, that table was groaning! I regained too much, and I swear (As aways); that I won't do that again!

MaryAnn, I'm glad you enjoyed the Canadian train trip. I felt that the country was similar to the Interior. It sounds as if your trip, other than the hairspray incidence, was terrific.

I've only been in and out of British Columbia but feel more attune to Canada or at least that part, than the other states. The lower forty-eight seems like another country to me from people to animals to weather to vegetation. It's all different.

MaryAnn, we were typing together, so I'll wish you and everyone who follows a good morning and a good day!


" Melting Arctic ice may spread deadly virus in marine mammals"

Researchers studied 15 years of data that tracked 2,500 marine mammals in a variety of locations via satellite to find if upticks in PDV matched with declines in sea ice. They also studied measurements of Arctic sea ice over the same time period and examined blood and nasal swab samples from 165 dead ice-associated animals.

In one case, scientists found a record amount of sea ice melt in August 2002 was followed by a widespread outbreak of PDV in North Pacific Steller sea lions in 2003 and 2004. During those years, over 30% of the animals tested positive for the virus.

"The loss of sea ice is leading marine wildlife to seek and forage in new habitats and removing that physical barrier, allowing for new pathways for them to move," author Dr. Tracey Goldstein told BBC News. "As animals move and come in contact with other species, they carry opportunities to introduce and transmit new infectious disease, with potentially devastating impacts."



MARY ANN - That's a sad story, about Tom and Robin's friend in prison.  He must have been looking forward to having visitors, after three years with none.  Then something happens that probably had nothing to do with him, and everyone pays the price.  It was so nice of Tom and Robin to drive so far to see him.  I'm always impressed with the things Tom does for his friends.  Seems he is always helping someone with a problem, or taking/picking up someone at the airport.  There aren't many kind and thoughtful people like him anymore. 

I understand that sometimes you need to take a little break from church, as well as from the Cholesterol Pit.   Occasionally I make plans to do something or go somewhere, and when the time comes, I just can't get myself together to do whatever it is.  Then I usually feel bad that I should have made the effort, or maybe I have disappointed someone?  Oh well . . . the next time always rolls around, and I'm ready and willing!

PATRICIA - Occasionally it's good to go off of any food or diet restrictions, and just enjoy a special meal. Alan and Dora's dinner sounds like a good opportunity to enjoy some food that you ordinarily don't have. Sounds like they know how to prepare a tempting meal!