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September 25, 2020, 03:35:28 PM

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lurk: Greetings all, what a lovely site you have here, I've been following the rebuild of the site with interest, and as I'm 60yrs old this month decided to register and say Hi.

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GrnMtnGal: Haven't been here in a long time.  Nice to see lots of the same people posting. The COVID-19 has caused me to revisit many things, reading, jigsaw puzzles knitting, etc. Staying put most of time.

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Norms Bait and Tackle

Started by dapphne, March 30, 2016, 09:23:16 AM

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CAROLYN  -  good to see you back with us!  I remember you from way back in Senior Net.  We both posted a lot, in the Books and Literature folder.  There were so many members back then, and it's sad that many of them are no longer with us.  Just in the past year, besides Pat, we have also lost June Drabek, Gloria (de angel), and Larry Hanna.  Not nearly as many posts here as in years past, but we still enjoy chatting every day, as well as playing games and looking at photos.

Nice to hear that your granddaughters and grandsons are doing so well. Sorry to hear about your sister and your dil, both being diagnosed with breast cancer, and your son-in-law, with leukemia.  I hope you return soon, and keep us posted on how everyone is doing? 


Hello Carolyn! How wonderful to see you here and have fresh news from you and yours, although some are not so good. Hearing about Brooke and Grace made me realize how many years have gone by since you were sharing your prose on WREX.  Do you still write? I'd love to read more from you.
So many of WREX members gone as well...

Good wishes for the coming holidays but I hope you'll post again before then :)


Good Morning Everyone from
the cold and partly sunny and
windy, rocky coast of Maine. 

Hi Carolyn and all others who
are posting here.  It is good to
see you back.  I am sorry for
the ill health that your family has
been suffering,  but good to see the
Grand Children growing up to be
successful young adults. 

All is well here for me.  Today is the
last day of my using eye drops for
my recent successful  cataract surgery.. 
Which went very well and I am very grateful
for that.    :coolsmiley:

Seasonal Celebration have taken over
everything here except political  havoc
(which we do not discuss, fortunately!)

Hope you all have happy holidays and I
hope to be paying more attention to Seniors
and Friends now that we care coming into and
new Decade beginning with Jan 1st, 2020.... 

How exciting !!!

Have a good week Everyone!
"Two things are infinite:
The universe and human stupidity;
and I'm not sure about the universe."

― Albert Einstein

Mary Ann

Sandy, it's only 20 degrees here, so not so warm.  I'm glad too that we don't discuss politics here.  Even though Tom and I are of different political sides, we don't discuss them, either, and we get along very well.  We don't discuss religion, either.  Peace, it's wonderful!

Mary Ann


It is great to see you post again, Carolyn. Sorry to hear about the cancer issues. Having to deal with so many in the family with cancer at the same time must be hard to deal with. My thoughts are with you and the family.

Also, the sad news about the White Island volcano eruption and the lives it took sure caught everyone by surprise, or so it seems from the new reports here. I looked up the location of the volcano and saw that it is not all that far from Aukland.

And more sad news, someone reported on BoatNerd that a female crew member of the Wilfred Sykes drowned at Burns Harbor while boarding the ship.

On the cheery side, at least here, we missed the snow and rain that was supposed to hit overnight into early this morning. It looks like the other side of the river might have gotten a little though. Right now it is sunny and actually doesn't feel as cold as it did yesterday. 


Yesterday was in the 70s and today is 46F—-cold and rainy.  Such crazy weather.

Mary Ann, I looked at the Grand Haven webcam and it looks like high tide.  The waves are rolling in.  Looks cold and overcast there as it looks here.

Glad we got our grocery shopping done yesterday.

Everything is quiet here and nothing much going on at the moment.

Hope everyone is having a good day.


  :hello:    My week is  :dogrunning:  :excited: and :thinking:

I'm planning on a less hectic weekend but you know what they say about "the best laid plans....." 


Another do-nothing day here in the Interior with a plus 28 and dark outside. Farrah and I are both up, and she is having a second breakfast. On the one-half cup of IAM's diet food, she's lost an entire three pounds in eleven months. She gets no treats, people food, or anything else, so perhaps her metabolism is low? You can pick her up without straining now, and she is very active.

Carolyn, it's very nice to see you posting here again! You've been missed! I believe I remember Brooke in middle school and Grace perhaps nine or ten? Do you still have your two dogs? I am sorry that you have so much illness in your family. I know how hard that is to deal with, and I hope all goes well for them.

Mary Ann

Patricia, it's not surprising, considering how weather patterns change, but your 28 degrees is higher than our 20 degrees!  How about that!

Kendrick does not get people food at all, unless you count the few times he gets milk left over from my cereal - if I can get the loose grains of cereal out of the bowl.  While he always leaves a little dry food in his bowl, he does not seem to be overeating. 

Jean, when I looked at Lake Michigan/Grand Haven, there were a lot of whitecaps, which tells me it is windy.  The Great Lakes as a rule, do not have high and low tides as the oceans do, but a west wind can blow the water further onshore.  What affects the Great Lakes depths is rainfall and snow melt.  Those affected the lakes and also the St Clair River where the water was so high, it ran over the walks along the river.  Ships had to slow way down to prevent both the walks being washed over and also erosion along the shores. 

MarsGal, I read that report on Boatnerd too about the woman who drowned in Burns Harbor.

Mary Ann


Good morning, Bait and Tacklers!  I'm still sitting here in my P.J's, but will get dressed soon to get outside for my morning walk.  I'll need a heavier jacket than I usually wear as it's much colder here this morning.

My Wednesday bridge club met yesterday at the Moore's Mill Club for lunch and bridge afterwards.  My friend Terri picked me up and we met the others who were already there and who were ready to order lunch.  I chose small bowl of soup and a small salad--and that was enough for me yesterday as I had a late breakfast.  I seem to be eating more on this chilly days!

I hope every one looking in this morning has a nice day ahead. 


Mary Ann

Sue, I know Alabama doesn't get as cold as Michigan, but the cold air is slipping further south these days.  At 10:20 we are at 23 degrees.  I can't see the flag to see about the wind, but I did notice on the Port Huron site the flags were flying from the East.

I don't get dressed very early in the morning any more and I think it will be another half hour at least before I do get dressed.

I want to get started on my Christmas cards, all 20 of them, but I won't send them out for another week.  Most are relatives who do not live in this area.

Mary Ann


We lost our power AGAIN last night!  We were watching a great movie on Netflix, and suddenly everything went black!  It's happened so much lately, that we have flashlights and candles stashed in easy to get to places around the house.  Fortunately there was a full moon last night, so by opening the shutters and mini blinds, we could see well enough to find the  flashlights, et al.  Nothing to do, except go to bed, which we did. I was awakened around midnight by lights going back on, and I could even hear the TV playing way out in the living room.  I got up and  turned everything off, and fortunately, went back to sleep.   Such a nuisance, I must say!!!  I'll take a look at "Next Door", when I finish this message, and see if there are any reasons given for the outage?

Mary Ann

What a nuisance, Marilyn, to lose power, especially as often as you have lately. 

We're enjoying 29 degrees right now; it was 18 when I got up.  I think the wind is not blowing, at least not hard.  I think I saw one snowflake, so that is not a problem. 

Tom is home for a while, then will go gallivanting to somewhere this afternoon later. 

He has been asked to babysit Saturday morning again as James and Alicia are getting ready for her parents to come for Christmas.  Tom isn't crazy about babysitting too often because he runs out of different places to take the girls.  He does not want to sit at McD's for four hours while the girls play.  He enjoys babysitting at their house because he can read to them.  Saturday mornings are my day to shower and shampoo and when I go with Tom, I have to do it later in the day.  I feel by going with Tom, I can be of some help, so I will go with him.  It also gives the girls a chance to know me better.

Tom just brought up my Christmas labels so I can get that started.

Mary Ann


Good late morning from the Interior! I'm late getting in here this morning as I had early visitors. Farrah is getting bossier. Yesterday she jumped up on the couch and wanted a throw removed.

 Farrah would catch my eye, look at the throw, look at me, and make her disgruntled sound. I moved the throw, and she settled in for a nap. She has come such a long way; however, she still startles easy.

Nothing new here other than in weather we've dropped from plus 28 to plus 16. I hope everyone is having a nice day.


Mary Ann - I can see that Tom has run about of ideas, as to where to take the girls to play during the winter months.  Easy when the weather is nice, and you can go to the park, the beach or a zoo.  The only thing I can think of in the winter is a movie theater or skating rink, but they're way too young for either of those.  He'll probably end up back at McDonald's, drinking coffee and looking at his phone, while they play. 

Patricia - I wish I could enjoy some quiet time with Farrah or Kendrick.  I've always found that time spent brushing or just petting my cats, is very relaxing for me too. They say that it lowers your blood pressure, which would be great for me. When Shelley and Claire were here over Thanksgiving, I did spent lots of time with Lily, their pretty calico.  Shelley said the vet told her that Lily is a Norwegian Forest Cat.??  I Googled the name for pictures, and saw a lot, but none of them look like Lily.

It's a nice day here today - overcast, but warm.  My outdoor thermometer reads 67 degrees right now, which is unusually warm for December.  It feels good, because there is no wind at all.


December 12, 2019, 05:35:41 PM #16035 Last Edit: December 12, 2019, 05:50:44 PM by angelface555
Marilyne, all cats are individuals even within the constraints of a specific breed. NFCs are similar to Maine Coons in that they are large cats, and their paws are more splayed due to originating in a sometimes snowy atmosphere. They come in several colors. Lily could be a mix, as well.



While MaryAnn has spoken of Kendrick's larger size, Farrah is a medium-size cat. She is twelve pounds presently, and a medium runs between 10 to 14 pounds. When she was at 15.5 pounds, the vet suggested strongly that she be put on a diet.

Feral and or abused cats tend to eat more because unlike an indoor cat, they learn that they cannot always count on a meal. So they eat as much as they can when they can unless they're sick. This is a learned behavior that many but not all have. I'm lucky that my vet has five formerly abused, neglected, feral cats that he's adopted. So he's familiar with the type.

She has 1/2 cup of Iams diet daily, and I usually find 5-10 kibbles in the next morning, which I put back in the day's feeding. She's healthier, more active and her eyes and coat are shiny.

Mary Ann

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a pretty cat and not one of the pictures looked like Kendrick.  Annie was told he is half BelgianCat but I don't know what the other half is - but he has stripes and is orange or ginger.  And he is big!  I cannot pick him up.

Marilyn, you may be right in our ending up at Mc D's and I know the girls would not mind.  But Tom would not be drinking coffee because he does not drink coffee; he drinks plain tea.  Iced.

Patricia, I don't think Kendrick would demand the removal of a throw, but if his way to any place is blocked, he just stands there until I make a path for him.  And he'll stop on his way to wherever to get a few pats. 

Mary Ann


MaryAnn, I remember when you said he was 15" in length, and that is a big cat! When Farrah was 15.5 pounds it was hard for me to pick her up but now, it's easier. She's gotten pushy and very verbal about it. She's grey with stripes and dots, but she does have a ruff and some signs of an Abyssinian, but she's a mixture and not a purebred.

She's affectionate when she wants something such as breakfast or a sound body scratch. Otherwise, she's independent.


Finally - a day without anywhere I had to be or anyone coming to my house.

So.... a bit of catching up...

Jenny, IMO, unless that school nurse had actually tested your grandson's blood sugar level, she should not have made a comment about "possible diabetes".
I can understand why you and Bob would change your minds about moving right now.  At least, you now know what might be available when the right time comes.

Jackie, and others:  The Men's Lodges I know about are Elks, Masons, Shriners and Odd Fellows.  The Masons also sponsored Rainbow Girls for 12-18 year old girls and I was a member of that during high school.
If I remember correctly, the Shriners often have a motorcycle (or motor bike) group that participates in local parades and does "fancy routines" as they ride down the street.
The Elks Lodge in Leadville was a popular place for groups to have parties and dances.  I remember wearing long underwear under a formal to go to Valentine Dances because it was so cold.
My Dad and my husband were members of the Lions Club for many years but they don't have a special building and now have women members. 
Welcome back, Carolyn!  You have been missed!!  Amazing how our Grands grow up so fast, isn't it?  Sounds as if yours are doing well.  I'm so sorry about the health issues in your family. 

Sandy,  Hooray for finishing the eye drop routine. Kind of amazing how much better things look, isn't it?

Mary Ann, is there a library with a children's area where Tom could take the girls?  They'd probably enjoy looking at books and there might be an area where he could read to them.

Patricia,  I enjoy reading about Farrah's personality.  I'm not that big word that means giving animals human characteristics but I see "personality" in the birds at my feeder the same way people see it in their fur babies.

Time for the news....such as it is.  I mostly tune in to see what the weather gurus "think" might be happening in the next few days.

Enjoy your Evening....

Mary Ann

Callie, last week we took the girls to Barnes & Noble where they have story telling time for the kids.  The first reader was rather bland and while the kids listened and watched (she'd show them pictures from the book), they lost interest.  The second reader was much more animated but by that time, the kids (not only the twins) had lost interest.  I am sure Holland has a library, but I think Barnes & Noble served that purpose.  At B&N they also had a cafeteria where I could sit while a band played.  There were a lot of people in the store, possibly because of the band (Holland High Jazz). 

Patricia, Kendrick may lower my BP, but I may raise his.  I can tell when he's upset with me because he will go into the living room to ignore me.  He wants what he wants when he wants it, and he doesn't get it that way!  If I said Kendrick was 15", I should have said 15#.  He's about 36+ inches long; he doesn't sit still long enough for me to measure him; he often is curled up in something.  Including his tail, he could be four feet long. 

Temperature going up - it's 38 degrees now.  From 18 this morning.

Mary Ann


Looks like I'm the first one here this morning?  It's about 7:45, and I'm doing the usual - drinking coffee, and catching up on email, and messages here in S&F.  Not much to speak of in either case. 

I'm feeling a bit weary this morning.  Not sick, not tired,  just weary of life in general.  I look around me,  I read the morning news, and wonder why things have turned out the way they have in our world?  (We can't blame everything on "you-know-who"!)  We are a country divided and full of hate, which is especially sad during the Christmas season.  End of comments for now.  I must eat some breakfast, take a shower and get ready for my hair cut appointment later today.  I will return later.


Lots of shipping action at Marine City. One upbound just arrived at the bend, and three downbound will arrive in about 15-20 minutes. Three coming off the lake in about an hour or so. It is 10:53am EDT here.

Hi Marilyne, you posted while I was typing.


We had a lot of rain yesterday and today is going to be scattered storms.  We're supposed to have a one day heat wave on Monday up in the 70s.  The weather has been really weird this year.

Not much going on here.  Lots of pretty decorations in the neighborhood.  I don't know if I'm even going to bring out my little Christmas tree.  Larry doesn't want to bother so not much encouragement there. 😠

Mary Ann, I looked up about tides on lakes and found out the Great Lakes do have tides.  I thought the following from Google was interesting.

Image: science.howstuffworks.com

Yes, the great lakes and lake pontchartrain definitely do have tides because they are NOT landlocked like other natural and man made lakes
 are land locked.

Well, I sure hope everyone has a good day.

Mary Ann

Tom and I just got back from lunch at a golf course, different than the one we usually go to.  I had a Greek chicken wrap and sweet potato fries.  Tom had a bowl of French onion soup and a side salad.  We both liked our choices. 

Jean, the water does rise on the Great Lakes, but it is nothing like the ocean.  I don't think there are forecasts for high and low tides because what they get are not worth mentioning.

Marilyn, I've had days like you are having.  It bothers me that there is so much hate in this world, let alone the US.  And, no, "you know who" is not responsible for all of it.  What about the religious hates that go back to the beginning of time almost. 

I thought I left on some Christmas music for the cat, but I found when I got home, the TV was on mute.  Not that the cat cared!

It is kind of a dreary day, but at least there is no snow.  I think we're around 35 degrees. 

I still have to work on my Christmas cards but I have the weekend available.  I've already sent out the cards and checks to the family and I'll give Tom a check too.  Others will not get money, but some will get pictures - wallet sizes of the pictures taken for the church directory earlier this year. 

Tomorrow I will go with Tom to Holland while James and Alicia make more progress in getting ready for her parents visit over Christmas.  Tom doesn't know where we will take the girls but we probably will go back to Barnes & Noble for story-telling time.

Mary Ann


December 13, 2019, 03:14:32 PM #16045 Last Edit: December 13, 2019, 03:18:20 PM by angelface555
Good late morning from the Interior at a cool plus seventeen. We are at 100% humidity with no fresh snow expected and that is unusual for us, (both snow forecast and high humidity); Usually, any moisture is a cause for snow.

Nothing new here, as usual, I sent all my Christmas gifts in October;  3 and or six-month plan setups for various edibles or personal grooming. I decided if you can't beat them, join them! After the fifteenth, there will be a round of Christmas teas, lunches, and dinners. I will probably send regrets on most of them as I'm dieting this winter. I had planned to lose twenty to thirty pounds in 2019 and instead gained twenty! :'(

I noticed that several here use Ensure to keep healthy, and so do others online, so I decided why not? I drink one for breakfast and one for dinner with a protein lunch. So far, I'm losing a pound every three days. Thanksgiving wasn't kind to my plan, but I'm on track and hopefully suitable for 2020.

I did the same multiple years ago to quit smoking. I announced a date and never smoked another cigarette afterward. I'm the type who cannot accomplish something moderately as it leaves too much to excuses. In the late nineties, I lost 168 pounds by walking everywhere in three years, sometimes twenty miles daily to and from work. With retirement and after falling on ice in 2014, I lost that ability. So with this method, I've lost 15 pounds in three months.


A new quiz is available for those so inclined. Please join us;


Mary Ann

Patricia, Congratulations on your weight loss program and I hope you make your goal.  Tom is on a program suggested by his doctor.  So far he's lost 15 pounds in a month.  He's very heavy and also very conscious of the fact his two brothers died at age 58.  We did not expect Tim's death (2014) but Terry was not in good health and we did expect that (2017).  Tom had French Onion Soup and a house salad today.  He does watch it, but his friends do not help him. 

I have some Ensure in the refrigerator but I'd rather have a bowl of cereal for breakfast.  Back in the "good old days" when I was young, but too heavy, I had the Roosevelt Diet (I have not idea where the name came from) for breakfast and it included evaporated milk, vanilla, water and vegetable oil.  Fortunately, it tasted good (OK) and I lost 15 needed pounds.  Now that I'm old and too heavy, I try to maintain my weight, not lose.  As the Kelvinator man (salesman who called on us at work) used to say, "I'm too short for my weight" because he was rather portly!

Cousin Tom from Indy said he and a couple of friends might come to Grand Rapids after Christmas.  I hope so; I have no idea what would bring them to GR.  They would not stay with me.

MarsGal, when I watched ships this afternoon, two went by Marine City.  D-Mack was out there and he got the Oberman to salute. 

Mary Ann 


MaryAnn, it seems that a month in 30 days is the average. I have five more to go and then back to the twenty to thirty I wanted to lose in 2019!

It's sad about Tom's friends, but pretty typical. I've found for me; it's not willpower but planning that works. If you offer me fudge, I'm going to eat it regardless, the same as other specific food triggers I have.  So, I avoid them.

I've never heard of the Roosevelt diet, but a friend of mine in our teens tried this diet of eating a candy that supposedly cured your hunger and was full of vitamins. It was popular back in the sixties. She ended up eating the entire box in one sitting. She eventually was one of the first to have her stomach shrunk.

Mary Ann

December 13, 2019, 06:50:30 PM #16049 Last Edit: December 13, 2019, 06:53:22 PM by Mary Ann
Patricia, I think Tom is going more by calories than he did with Weight Watchers.  I haven't gotten involved in his program except to try to order healthful foods from the grocery.  I do order cookies for me but I keep them in the computer room where he does not work.  He has a support group to encourage him and I ask him on Weight Day how he's done.  Not all of his friends are thoughtless, but some, without thinking, offer him something he should not have.  He does have to use his will power and cannot leave things up to his friends.   Tom's program is under the supervision of Spectrum Hospital.

I used to eat a pickle slice to dull my appetite if it is too near supper time to snack.  I still do and one or two slices will do the trick - at least for me.

I probably will finish a section of my wrap for supper that I did not finish at noon.

Mary Ann