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May 22 2020 2:46pm
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May 14 2020 9:29pm
JeanneP: Brownies.

May 11 2020 1:02pm
Oldiesmann: I don't think we allow regular members to start new topics in most of the boards here

May 11 2020 11:54am
Astro: Oldiesmann:  I briefly brought it up with So P Bubble  and she thought you might be able to rectify my dilemma. 

May 11 2020 11:52am
Astro: Oldiesmann:  Thx.  I have no icon which would allow me to start a new  thread.  I have icons which allow me to comment on past postings but not to initiate a new subject.

May 10 2020 10:40pm
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May 10 2020 8:17pm
Astro: Oldiesmann: I'm trying to post pictures and seem to be missing an icon or two that allow it.  Any ideas?

May 09 2020 11:26am
mycheal: Delphine great to hear that keep it going :)

May 09 2020 10:03am
Delphineaz: some one sent men a message and wanted to know if I was still around.   I am alive and kicking,

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Norms Bait and Tackle

Started by dapphne, March 30, 2016, 09:23:16 am

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I had a doctor's visit scheduled in March and I called and changed it for August.  I figure things would be somewhat normal by then.  In the meantime the doctor's office sent out a message they were seeing patients same as usual.  But I will just wait until August as they mailed me the lab order and I really don't want to go to our little hospital while the covid-19 cases are added one or two every day it seems.

We went to two grocery stores yesterday and I noticed that we were only a few Of the people now wearing masks.  All Walmart employees wear masks but I didn't notice that at Publix.

Today is a rainy day.  I've been reading a good mystery but stopped to cook some eggs for egg salad sandwiches for lunch and thought I would check in and see how things are going.  I love our sunny days but also enjoy a rainy day now and then.

Marilyne, when we lived in Ocala, my doctor was from India but he had a lovely British accent.  He had spent his university years in England before coming to the states.

Today has been a lazy day and it is going to continue being a lazy day, but (sigh) I guess I will have to leave my book long enough to make some sandwiches.

Have a good day, everyone.


May 21, 2020, 09:12:02 am #17791 Last Edit: May 21, 2020, 10:00:22 am by Vanilla-Jackie
Been sitting outside soaking up our sun, from low down in our valleys to looking up to our hillside views with cows roaming around, oh the peace and tranquillity of just hearing the sound of our birds and the fluttering's of the leaves on the high tree just a stones throw from my home, the starting of our parkhome site where other trees form at the other end - the lower parts down the steep slope....

...Not long left was the estate agent photographer taking updated photos of my park-home now the lock-down is over with although we still have to keep our distance..he was due yesterday and did try until he found he couldn't get through which i found out was due to workmen tarmacking preventing cars from turning off the main road leading to the long lane leading to the clifftop, turning off half way along the open wide lane to our park-home site...but thankfully he got here today and right on time..Over the last four-five or so days my MS body has been real bad, i have struggled putting one foot in front of the other, causing my body to bend over forwards and my knees to go like jelly and my feet numb, plus the pummelling and electric shock pulses inside my right leg, groin area had realy come alive so hard having to prepare the staging that needed doing with no one to help me do it..even had trouble taking the decking heavy canvas covers off and carrying them indoors..

...Took my very last antibiotic-penicillin tablet two hours ago, just rechecked, tell a lie, one more to go, oh well, been on them for a fortnight now, glad the two of them are as good as ending... so now i can eat a slice of cake that was delivered from Betty's, from the famous Betty's tearooms, now a knock at the door, just taken in my Betty's five speciality baked loaves of breads...two separate couriers as orders from their bread from their bakery has to be ordered separately, something they have just started out baking due to the need since our C-Virus situation, plus both their cakes and bread are to die for, calories, calories.....

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


Jackie - Good morning to you.  Not quite 8:00 AM here, but I know you are already in late afternoon.  You described a lovely day there, in your tranquil setting!  Sounds like the cake and bread, delivered from Betty's Tearoom, will be delicious and enjoyable for you!  I love bakeries, and miss that wonderful smell, when I first step inside the door.  We have some nice ones here in town, but are all closed now, until the shelter-in-place is lifted.  I'm hoping that will be soon, as I'm getting restless the past couple of days.  I hope your unpleasant MS symptoms, have subsided, and that you're feeling better now?  Glad you're almost finished with the penicillin prescription.

Jean - looks like you and Larry are getting back to normal, and starting to shop around town again. I can see that we, as human beings, are not cut out to be confined.  How terrible and depressing it must be for people who are sentenced to prison, and know they will be there for many years or forever.  Not a pleasant thing to think about, so early in the morning.  Good idea to hard boil some eggs for sandwiches or anything else.  I do have plenty of eggs, and lots of bread in the freezer.    Here's hoping you have another nice day, before the Summer humidity sets in.

Jenny - Hope we hear from you today, letting us know that everything is running smoothly?  Are there any plans for the schools to open, in your area?  I would imagine that the children are getting restless? 

The County Superintendent of Schools, spoke last night on the news, and it sounded pretty grim.  School will start in July, but the restrictions sound difficult to deal with and very unpleasant for everyone.  Masks on all students and teachers, all the time.  Desks set up to be six feet apart in the classroom.  No recess or PE.  Lunch will be eaten at the desks.  Very glad my grandchildren are all finished with school!  I don't think those restrictions will be accepted by either parents or children, and will be relaxed considerably before school starts.  Picture a classroom full of students, all wearing masks.  Makes me shudder.       


Today is nice and sunny.  Supposed to have a high of 82° today.

Our youngest great grandchild, Jasmine, was 4 years old yesterday.  She had a nice little home birthday celebration with her parents and brother.  She looked so cute and happy in the pictures they posted on Facebook.

Hope everyone has a good day.


May 22, 2020, 02:05:04 am #17794 Last Edit: May 22, 2020, 02:07:56 am by Denver
Good evening 🦋

Another day in the Covid world......Today is Dr. Dave's Birthday, but  sadly we did not get together due to it being his late day at work and our not being able to gather together for a meal.  We are hopeful we will get to spend a bit of time with him one day of this holiday weekend.

Speaking of the long weekend.....I had no idea it will be Memorial Day on a Monday. 

We enjoyed another pretty day here in the Mile High, and thankfully there were no winds today 👍  They have been awful the last few days.

MARILYNE, today was the last day of school for the now homed school children.  All the news we have seen other than the Covid has been about the Class of 2020 and their not being able to properly graduate.  The governor plans to have school reconvene in August, but I think we might just have to wait and see on that decision.  I, too, shudder as I read what your state is planning to do in July, regarding students returning to school. 🤔

JACKIE, I have been wondering how your back area turned out after the workmen finished their job?  I do hope it looks better than you were anticipating it would?  I hope the antibiotics have done their job, but it sounds as though you have been pretty uncomfortable and I was sure hopeful you were doing better. I am happy to read you have been enjoying your view and listening to the birdies as they sing to you.  I hope the newly taken pictures of your home come out good.  You deserve a nice qualified buyer to come and put a contract on your home SOON!

It is late so I must say goodnight to all....pleasant dreams 🛌



Good morning.  Just making an appearance.  Have not been on the computer that much lately.  Have just been very lazy and I get so overwhelmed at times with all this mess.  I try to avoid the news, but it comes up everywhere.

Nothing much to talk about. Just been doing a lot of reading and then that makes me sleepy. I think I miss going out to eat the most.  Just not the same bringing it home. 

I have no plans for the week end.  Same old....same old.  Hope everyone will get to do something different from what they have been doing.  I have a feeling this all is going to last for a long time.  We all will be climbing the walls soon.  Really getting so depressing.

At least I did get my hair cut this week, and thought that would make me feel better, but it really didn't. 

Just wanted to stop by and say hello.  Take care of yourselves.



Joy... MS body has been really messed up these past few days, i really could not " climb the wall " if i tried...

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


May 22, 2020, 01:52:15 pm #17797 Last Edit: May 22, 2020, 01:59:29 pm by FlaJean
We are having a sunny and warm day.  Larry went to get a few grocery items while I was busy in the kitchen.  Now it is time to rest.😊

My daughter was finally able to go to the dentist.  She has been suffering with a painful toothache.  She said the dentist prodded and poked and decided she needed a root canal.  So she is going to an endodontist Tuesday.

Jackie, I hope you are feeling better.  It has been a rough year for you and I hope you can get things settled about the house.  You were truly loved and your dear partner in life seems to have left you cared for the best he could.

Marilyne, things are opening up a bit here in the Panhandle.  We will see what happens when the tourists start arriving.  Some of the employment comes from our side of the bridge that connects us to the tourist area.

We see several male and female bluebirds visiting the bluebird feeding station, but they didn't use the bluebird houses for nesting.  Bluebirds are rather small and only smaller birds can get into the bluebird feeding cage.  We have a pair of cardinals that are regulars but they are too large and eat at one of the other feeders.  I know this is so boring, but what can I say----we are living a pretty boring life right now.

Bubble, I hope the weather is a little cooler.  We have had such good weather and  the summer heat will be here before long.  But what I really dread is the thought of hurricane season.

Jenny, too bad you weren't able to have a birthday dinner for your son.  This pandemic can't last forever and it will be so good to have a normal life again.  The latest news is that gloves aren't necessary but masks and distancing are still very important.

Joy, hang in there.  Hopefully before too long you can visit one of your favorite eating places.  Larry and I have talked about eating out and have made a decision it will be at an outdoor setting.  From what I have read, that is much safer.  Right now I would love to visit one of those restaurants in Inner Harbor and have a delicious crab cake.  Larry's choice would be shrimp.

Sandy, how is it going with the masks?  I was reading the other day about the cloth masks and they should be laundered after each use.  The writer said she wondered if boiling water in a tea kettle and poring over the mask would be easier and sufficient.  Sounds good to me but my medical knowledge is nil.

I hope everyone has a good day.


Joy - good to see you here this morning!  I envy you, getting a haircut!  our beauty and barber shops won't open until close to June First.  However, I think it will be sooner, because people are getting extremely restless and tired of staying home.  I'm in dire need of a cut, and so is my husband AJ.  He ordered a haircutting set from Amazon, but that was weeks ago and they are still out of stock.  I'm secretly happy about it, because I'm dreading giving him a haircut.

Jean - Like your daughter, I've been having tooth pain for weeks now.   It's in my upper back molar, that happens to already have a root canal in it!  I don't know what that means, but I'm sure it isn't good.   I do have a long standing problem with clenching and grinding my teeth, causing TMJ pain, so I'm hoping I can get a new night guard from the dentist, when this SIP is over. 

My youngest daughter is waiting impatiently for the dentists to open, as she needs to have her tooth implant completed.  She was almost done with the process, when the dentists all closed down.  It's now two months past the time, and she is worried that the completion may not run smoothly, after such a long wait.

Jenny - I also feel so sorry for the graduating classes of 2020. Such a sad situation for them to miss the ceremony and all the related festivities.  I wonder if the younger school age kids have been getting much of an education these past couple of months?   Doesn't seem possible to me, but if not, they will catch up eventually I hope?   Time will tell, I guess?

Twelve noon already!  In spite of the boredom and the lack of freedom, I do think that time is moving quickly . . . the days and weeks are moving along at a fast pace!       


Good morning, all you Bait and Tacklers.  We have another sunny day here in Auburn, Alabama.  I've had breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen.  I want to get outside for a 3 block walk down hill and back up.  It's good exercise and fortunately I rarely see anyone else walking this early.

I hope every one looking in has a good plan for the rest of the day.  Take care and keep us posted.



Unless I find something soon it is going to be a boring weekend. Saying storms soon. Usually I take this weekend to set up all the porch furniture after painting the porch. Can't even go to buy the stain.
I look for outs of people to still head out on Memorial Day toget wth crowds . Our Gov says not to but he is being ignored right now.
I will not be eating out and will stil just trim my hair until I hear them says all O.K.


Good late afternoon Everyone!

It is nice here on the rocky coast
of Maine today.  Yesterday was hot
but today is back to normal ..

I am working on getting ready to make
masks.    Have to wait for the sheets to
come in so that I will have enough material
to work with. 

My big problem is that I have
to have everything ready to go
including my plans before I
set off on my mask making
journey .. 

I have the pattern for the
ones that I will be making..
they are easy enough as long
as my sewing machine holds up. 

Just about the time I get going
making my masks,  people will
stop needing them!  Except,
I believe that the fall will
bring back the Covid,  so
my masks will be needed again. 

Hot soapy water should be enough
to keep masks safe for the next

But that is just my humble
opinion... oh dear,  how did
we into this mess??? 

Hoing that everyone is having a
better day and is staying as
safe as can be.. 


"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:


Still not out cleaning the shed.  Have a hard time cleaning these days.


Today was another pretty day.  I sat out on the back porch for awhile and had some popcorn and Pepsi and it felt good.  The birds didn't seem to mind me being out there except the crows.  I did get a couple of photos of the crows through the window but they were gone quick as a wink when I opened the door.

Sandy, I think we will be needing masks for a while.  Now that things are opening up many people in this area have stopped being careful.  There will be more people getting this virus I'm sure.

It has been so quiet today.  No lawn mowers, no kids playing.  I hope everyone has had a good day!


Yesterday at 01:32:43 am #17804 Last Edit: Yesterday at 12:12:05 pm by Vanilla-Jackie
...yes the wearing of masks and keeping distance is still ongoing here in UK after our recent two consecutive three weeks lock-down sessions...I had a for sale home viewing yesterday where the couple came wearing masks and gloves, we still had to keep our distance with me sitting outside in our glorious hot and sunny weather whilst the estate agents rules are to open all doors and windows whilst the viewing takes place...I have another home viewing coming up in a few days time, will have to go through the same routine...After they leave i wipe over all door handles, wipe over surfaces, mop the floor as a precautionary more for myself not for them as they are wearing gloves, i am not and i am the one inside my home after they leave.....

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


Good morning to everyone.  :)   We're heading for the first heat-wave of the season, which is supposed to start today, and will last through the entire week.  Temps in the 100's expected.  We were planning to go to the cemetery tomorrow, in San Jose, to place flowers on the gravesites of AJ's parents and brother.  However, I think we'll wait until the following Monday.  It will be too hot tomorrow, with no shade. 

Jackie  -  I hope that the people who come to view your house, will like it, and that you will get a good offer!  Showing houses during this pandemic, is difficult.  The same protocol, is being followed here as well, for those buyers who are serious.  First there is the "virtual showing", on the computer.  Then if the buyer is interested, they come in person to see it.

Sandy  -  It will be fun for you to make the masks, and give you something to pass the time.  Lots of people are making them here, as well.  They say that cotton fabric is better than the disposable masks, for filtering out the virus . . . plus you can wash them ad use them over and over again. 

JeanneP - Cleaning out a shed sounds like hard work!  Best to let it go until a later time, when you can hire someone to do it for you?  I have to get busy going through boxes in our basement, full of things that nobody wants.  Lots of LP vinyl albums, as well as old 78 records.  Also a couple of boxes of sheet music, from the 1940's and 1950's.


Good Morning,

Marilyne,  oh, please don't throw away your vinyl records and sheet music too quickly.  I've heard that "vinyl is back" and I know there are stores around here that deal in old vinyl records.
If there are colleges in your area, you  might contact the music department to see if they would like to have the sheet music (and/or the records).  My "musical theater" granddaughter was sometimes looking for things like that when the MT department was doing a production.
She also took several of my 33 1/3 albums from the 1950's and used the covers as a collage on her apartment wall.

No news from this corner.

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.


A pretty day here.  I'm allergic to something blooming and my hay fever is driving me crazy.  I took a Zyrtec so maybe it will calm down some.  I love spring and early summer but hate the allergy that goes with it.

Not much going on in our neck of the woods.  Not much to write about.

Jackie, I do hope you have good news coming about your house.

Marilyne, it seems awfully early for such high temperatures.  Hope you have AC.  Our oldest daughter, Kathy, never had AC when she lived in Calif. but they lived a few blocks from the north end of Monterey Bay and it was cooler there, I think.

Callie, is your granddaughter going back to New York now that the pandemic seems to be waning--at least in that area.  We are living in bad times, and I wonder if life will ever seem normal again.

Another day and another dollar as the saying goes.  Hope everyone is enjoying a nice spring day.


Good morning, Every Bait and Tackler looking in.  I've just stopped in to say Hello.  We're having a lovely sunshiny day here in Auburn, Alabama.  I have read the Sunday morning paper and am dressed for a walk down hill and back up.  It's not the easiest walk in my neighborhood, but I enjoy it.  I hope Every One looking in will have a lovely day, too!



Jean,  Miss Ellen is an attendant in a wedding here on June 11 that's still on schedule but she would like to go back to NYC ASAP after that. After almost 4 years living there, she really feels as if that's "home".   Two of her apartment mates and quite a few friends are still there..  However, unless/until things in NYC change, she'd just be going back to the same situation she left.
  All information she's received and I've read sounds as if the theater situation all over the country is dire.  So she knows that auditions aren't likely to happen and she lost both of her "real" NYC jobs.  So she's just "playing it by ear".

I've just finished watching my church service on Facebook video.
We had quite a bit of rain during the night and I had to hang the newspaper pages on a rack to dry out.

Off to see if they're dry enough to read and hunt up something for lunch


Callie  -  Sorry that things are looking so bleak for Miss Ellen, as far as NYC is concerned.   Coronavirus is still raging there, so I'm sure it will be a long time before the Broadway theaters open.   Such a sad situation for everyone who lives and loves that life!   Will things ever be the same?  I think so, but it will be a long wait. 

As for my old 78 rpm records, as well as the 33 & 1/3, vinyls - I'm afraid most of what we have is worthless, and only has meaning to us.  Some older 78 albums and singles were purchased by my parents, so they are special to me, but of no interest to anyone else.  The vinyls from the 60's through 80's could be of interest to some.   Unfortunately, no early Beatles or Rolling Stones albums, which are worth more than they were when they were new.

The summer that I turned 12, I saw the movie musical, "State Fair", with Dick Haymes, Jeanne Crain and Dana Andrews.   I was crazy about the movie, and the Rogers and Hammerstein music.  For my birthday that August, the only present I wanted was the album of songs featuring all of the cast members.  I still have it, with each record well worn, but still intact in its separate sleeve.  What do you do with sentimental items like that from the past?


I don't have a whole lot to report, but am home from my daughter's home, which is 45 miles away.  She happily kidnapped me on Friday, and I did not have to be coerced or physically restrained to pack my suitcase and go with her! :thumbup: We did not do a lot of stuff, but eating was a big source of enjoyment. It was kind of a "slumber party environment". Friday night, we had Pizza Hut Pizza, and having accrued some "points", she was also entitled to pick from several sides for free.  We chose the boneless wings with a Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce.  All was delicious, and had enough of the pizza left over for lunch Saturday.  Saturday night was a spectacular homemade omelet.  She is getting so good at whipping up these omelets with spinach, black olives, diced real tomatoes, and cheese, topped with salsa and sour cream.  To accompany the eating binges, we watched hours of several different TV shows from the 80's and 90's on her IMDB channel, which is free.  When we got home today, she tried to set it up on my TV, but could never get it to work.  Our TV's are the identical make and model, so who knows?  We opted to return me to home today, ahead of the severe thunderstorms predicted for her area predominantly, and mine to a lesser degree.  I haven't had any rain yet, but she drove home in violent rainstorm, and reached her house during a hailstorm.  She and her house and vehicle are safe and undamaged.  I am just very, very tired and will probably turn in rather early. 
Hope everyone has a safe and lovely day tomorrow, doing at least one thing that has not currently been on your lock-down agenda.  Call someone you haven't spoken with in awhile! That is such a spirit raiser for the one receiving the call, and for the caller, too! :smitten:


Tome, what fun!

Marilyne, Not only the Broadway theaters but community theaters across the country that hold auditions in NYC. She had performed in New Jersey, Florida and Wisconsin through those.

 Ellen took the original albums for The King And I, Oklahoma, My Fair Lady, Sound of Music", South Pacific (Mary Martin and Ezio Pinza), The Music Man, and Tommy".

I have a lot more 33 1/3 albums, as well as 45's and even a few 78's dating back to my era. I'm sure no one will want them but am hoping "someone" will take them to a store dealing in vinyl and other old records and see if they'll be interested.

I do still have a turntable that will play the 33 1/3's.  Haven't looked at it in a very long time to see what speeds it will play but think I have one of those little inserts we put in 45's so we could play them on a "multi-speed" turntable.

Hmmm..may have just found a Project for the empty days ahead.  :thumbup:



Today at 12:44:21 am #17813 Last Edit: Today at 03:33:39 am by Vanilla-Jackie
... i see ( read ) you too have to deal with a tough " downhill-uphill " walk, same as i do as and when my MS body will allow you remember the days we once " skipped " ( with or without a skipping rope ) downhill and back again, oh memories, memories of the days when once we could do it....and not forgetting donning on a pair of roller skates to whizz down that hill...hmm we were young and not afraid of falls, we just picked ourselves up till we went down again, we had good balance back in those days, even if we came home with a few grazes to show our parents...

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


Good morning, Every Buddy looking in to Norm's Bait and Tackle this morning.  I'm still sitting here in my P.J's, but need to shower and dress soon as my daughter-in-law and her Mother are picking me up to go to son's home for dinner (a late lunch).  Tim does most of the cooking and it will be yummy!

I hope every one looking in has a lovely day.


I just finished reading a wonderful book, another by Lisa Wingate.  (She wrote "Before We Were Yours" which was a fact-based novel, that I totally enjoyed. The one I just finished, on my Kindle, is "The Story Keeper".  It is set, mostly in Appalachia, and has both a modern time frame, along with an historical one.  The characters are well-written, and I have found Wingate to be an excellent author.  She has other books in this series, (Carolina Chronicles), which I will have to get into.  At the conclusion of the story, I thought "this would make a wonderful, full-length Hallmark Movie, or simply a made-for-TV movie".  Then again, the writers would probably hack it up and leave it totally unrecognizable.  About Wingate's books, she doesn't fill content with needless cursing or sex scenes, for which I strongly applaud her. You can tell interesting and viable stories without those.  I don't want to leave an impression that these might be "cozy" stories, (no harm - no foul to cozy readers). I got this Kindle version from Amazon, it was either free, or $1.99 and after having read it, I certainly would have paid full price. I hope some of you will read "The Story Keeper" and enjoy it as much as I did.