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Denver: Television

Jun 01 2020 8:12am
mycheal:  ;D

May 27 2020 8:28pm
Astro: Oldiesman:  Much better.  Thank you!

May 26 2020 1:21am
Oldiesmann: Should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

May 26 2020 1:08am
Oldiesmann: I must not have set the permissions correctly for that board when I set the site up again a few years ago (long story - there was a server crash years ago and no backup, so we had to start over from scratch). I'll fix it soon.

May 25 2020 6:09pm
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May 22 2020 2:46pm
brian: never   many  in chatroom here------  poor  showing

May 14 2020 9:29pm
JeanneP: Brownies.

May 11 2020 1:02pm
Oldiesmann: I don't think we allow regular members to start new topics in most of the boards here

Norms Bait and Tackle

Started by dapphne, March 30, 2016, 09:23:16 am

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Callie. Now I do my own rugs as I have so many.My laundry is big. Been for sale for a long time . He must have millions invested in it because years ago he did all the laundry for 3 hospitals and lot of the Hotels but these days they all have the own. He has very little business now. Does a beautiful job on my regular things like sheets, towels clothing as all folded and looks like ironed if needed. Done it for years.]
Now I use is big comercial ones and do my own Rugs I can get a doz in there for $5. and about 3 to dry. I also will be doing my bedspread AQuilts and afghans soon. In the big ones can do my quilts and afghans together and cost 5$ . Now on laundry there is a 10lb min at $1.lb. Mine usually cost about 12 dollars and can't see how he makes money as he has 3 girls working And now Min. is $10. Same women done it for at least 10 years. Hope it never closes but don't think he will sell. Laundries not popular now.


June 27, 2020, 12:07:28 am #18001 Last Edit: June 27, 2020, 12:16:53 am by Denver
Good evening. 

I was not able to get in here all day long.  Did anyone else have the same issues?

I spoke to my brother tonight and he seems to be doing as well as can be expected  Right now he has a lot going on but as soon as all the arrangements are made and the funeral is done, it will hit him like a ton of bricks.

MARILYNE, our getting to eat a meal out made such a positive boost in my spirits....it was wonderful.  One of the few sort of normal things we have done in a long time😘.  I need a haircut badly, but I am still apprehensive of being in that close contact with someone.....but I will need to do it soon as my hair is becoming pretty much non manageable.  Sadly, seems more and more people feel they are above wearing a mask when out and about and our governor is really pleading to get everyone to please continue to do it. 

We used to have Perkins here in Colorado also, but all of the ones I know of are no longer in business.  I thought they had wonderful breakfasts on their menu.  Seems all the good places like that are no longer in business. 

Have a good rest of your evening.


I just found this on here as I started to post tonight!  Not sure why it did not post!

Now on to my Friday night post!

This was a fun day......Mark and Jonah came to visit while mommy was out with a friend.  We had lunch and Jonah had a nice nap while Bob,  Mark and I had a wonderful time chatting.  Just as they were leaving a terrible storm hit but luckily we were on the edge of the worse of it, so were spared the heavy wind, rain and hail.

I wish you all a good night of rest and a good Saturday for you all.



Good morning, good morning, all!

Tome, I just love the Quebec cam at night. It sparkles like crystal and gold.

Yesterday I took advantage of a sunny day to mow the front yard. The rest of the day was a bit of this and that, not accomplishing much of anything. Today I think I will start on my grocery list and do a little more rummaging to find more stuff to get rid of. The ultimate goal is to find a smaller place for me and the cats which doesn't have a big yard and lots of repairs/improvements to deal with. That is a long term goal since apartment owners around here limit cats to two and require hefty pet deposits, most with an additional monthly fee. Then, too, apartment availability is tight right now and probably not get any better. Senior housing always has a long waiting list.


Callie -  I  "chimed in"  only once, on the Marine City chat .  I didn't feel at all comfortable, so never tried it again.  It's a situation where they all know each other - the same way we all know each other here in SN, although we've never met.  It takes a long time to get recognized and included, in a chat group or message board. 

At my old style laundry, you have to drop the rugs, sheets or whatever, off at the counter,  and then pick them up a week or so later.  They are nicely done, folded and ironed, if necessary, and inside a large plastic bag.  (Used to be wrapped in green paper, securely held together with string.)  Anyway, its very pricey!    At my local do it yourself launderette, they have the extra large machines, so you can do the heavy bathmats and rugs all together.  Reasonably priced, but difficult for me to handle, especially transferring from the washer into the dryer.  A very busy place, so you often have to wait a long time for a dryer.

Jenny - how nice that you had Jonah and Mark over for the afternoon.  Impossible to adhere to six foot social distancing, with an active toddler!  Ha ha.
Did you read about the woman in San Jose, who deliberately leaned over and coughed in the face of an 18 month old baby?  She was standing in line at a frozen yogurt place and didn't like it that the mother of the toddler didn't keep him at a six foot distance, so after reprimanding her, the woman then turned around and coughed right in his face!  People who do such things, should be aware that you don't get away with stuff like that anymore.  Not only was there a camera in the yogurt shop,but other customers took pictures of her as well.  What a world we live in now!



I have to go pick up my new lenses for my eyeglasses.  I was surprised they came in so quickly but they aren't doing much business during the pandemic.

I have such a problem cutting meat even after I sharpen my knife.  I've finally decided I'm going to try an electric knife.  My mother used to use one.  Now I know why.  I think I'll see what's available when I take care of my glasses.

Jenny, nice that you got the visit with your son and grandson.

The day is warm and sunny.  Washed a load of clothes and have a couple more things to do before going to the store.

Have a good day everyone.


Marilyne,  that's exactly why I haven't tried to post on the StreamTime chat! I do enjoy reading the conversations and have learned a lot from the questions that some ask.  The moderators do a good job with the cams, IMO.

Goodness!  I can understand why you wouldn't want to deal with having your rugs/laundry done at that place!  I told the lady I just wanted them washed and folded - nothing fancy.  That's what happens and they're all 3 put in a plastic bag that's twisted shut. The drive-up option is available for all kinds of cleaning/laundry.
I use my rollator seat to help "tote" them to/from the car.

Jenny,  so special to have a visit with your son and grandson. I enjoy the one-on-one (or two)times.
We also had a Perkins but it's been gone for a long time...along with Golden Corral, Applebee's and all the cafeterias.  Now it's all ethnic or "herbs and spices".
It's been a "leisurely" day.  Stripped the bed and need to get the clean sheets on.  Two  loads of laundry are about done.  Took care of the bird feeders and pot watering last evening so, if the wind settles down a bit, it may be a nice evening on the patio.

Hope Everyfriend has had/is having an enjoyable day.


Good morning guys and gals.  Hmmm, are there any guys left in here?  Anyway, surprise, surprise from a long lost friend.  I have decided to limit my Facebook time into once a day, so that leaves me extra time to go elsewhere.  And that is how I ended up here this morning.  Sorry I have been absent for so long.  I have enjoyed catching up in here the last couple of days, but I am sure I have missed out on some/a lot of news.  I now plan on staying with you all.  Okay? 



A Sunday Hello to everyone!  Nice here today, but a little bit too windy for me.  The wind is blowing from the West, right off the ocean, so it feels cool and clean.  I doubt that we will get any of the Sahara dust cloud, here in California, but if so, I think this wind would blow it back in the opposite direction!

shirleyn - So good to see your message this morning!   Things have slowed down in S&F, since you were here last.   The messages are few and far between, but everyone who used to post here, still does, except for one or two people.  We're all still missing Mary Ann.  She was the one who held things together in Bait & Tackle.  She could be counted on to show up every day, and always responded to our posts.

Callie - Has the Sahara Sand, arrived in OK?   That would be interesting to see, as long s it didn't get too thick and cause breathing problems.  I saw your post in another folder, that Miss Ellen might be returning to NYC in August?   I hope that works out for her, and that things start again soon in  all aspects of the entertainment industry.  That reminds me, I saw in the paper this morning that the show,  Hamilton,  will be on live tonight, starring the Broadway cast!  Said it would be on a "streaming channel", which could mean Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and lots of others that I don't have?   I'll look it up when I leave here.

Jean - Glad your glasses worked out okay for you.  I canceled my eye doctor appointment, which was supposed to be last Wednesday.  It was for the visual field test, which takes a long time.  If you've ever had it, you will know that you have to sit there with your chin on a rest, and hold a clicker in your hand to push when you see the white light flash.  The machine is in a tiny claustrophobic cubicle.   I dislike that test at any time, but feel like its not right to take it now, when C-virus is so out of control. I'm thinking, "who was there taking the test, right before me?"  I think I'm turning into a germaphobe!

I hope we hear from others, who haven't posted in a long, long time. (You know who you are . . . so please return!)  :missyou:


Today is hot and sunny.  Thank goodness for AC.

Marilyne, my ophthalmologist skipped my field test.  I don't know why but he seemed very pleased with my eyes and the low pressure.  I take Lumigan drops at night and Timolol in the morning and it seems to work for me. Tomorrow I have to go have the laser treatment on one of my eyes and then in a couple of weeks on the other eye.  I understand it is usual after cataract surgery to have a little cloudiness, but I haven't noticed it.

I would love to see the streaming movie of Hamilton, but I'm not joining Disney Plus (or whatever it is) to see it.  I remember years ago when we first got cable and I signed up to add Disney to our cable lineup for $9 a month.  What a ripoff.  The same programs over and over and soon we dropped it.

We had one family of bluebirds this year.  I was hoping we would see another family but not so far.  Larry will probably clean out that birdhouse soon.

Well, I hope everyone is having a nice day.


Yes, Marilyne, Hamilton will be on the Disney+ streaming channel.  I don't have that, and don't plan to. I have been a really bad girl.  My  local PBS has been running a "Downton Abbey" Marathon most of the week.  All six seasons.  I have the DVD's (if I could find them) and actually watched the first 3 seasons.  After bingeing for several hours, I realized I had forgotten most of those episodes.  But I have really gotten into it again.  Everything is so beautiful, the costumes, the Abbey itself (I know part of it was a "set" cause I watched "the Making of Downton Abbey a long time ago).  Now I have to go find my DVDs so I can involve myself in the lives of all the characters.  I didn't binge all the 52 episodes, and didn't dare DVR them, and use up all my DVR space. (I watched until 12 midnight most nights, and this morning till 4:30 AM) I didn't want to watch any of the 6th Season, because that was the Finale, and I'm not ready to find out how it wrapped up. (...as if I don't have enough junk DVR'd and 3 streaming Channels to watch...) What was I thinking?  LOLOLOL.  Hope you and AJ are doing well, and enjoying the "momentary" cool weather out there.  Speaking of the Sahara Sand, I dont think it's really gotten here yet, although I can smell it when I go outside, but not seeing the beige/brownish haze that accompanies it. 
I made the most wonderful veggie salad the other day, and will try to post the recipe on the proper board.  It's called "Greek Zoodle Salad" and is primarily zucchini noodles.  I would hope you have one of those little "Vegetti" gadgets to get the zucchini in noodle form.  Anyway, it is all awsomely vegetables with a bit of Feta cheese to validate it's being "Greek".
Take care, eat well, sleep a lot and enjoy the things we can enjoy while this insidious virus is escalating in most places.


Hi, ShirleyN.  Glad to see you back amongst us.  :welcome: 

Marilyne, The plan for Ellen to return to NY will probably depend on NY limitations for people coming from certain states.  She and the other roomies who went home are keeping in touch with each other and the one who is still there.

Yes, the Sahara Sand arrived some time yesterday.  I can't really see it out my window but am aware of dust in the air when I go outside.  Last I heard, it was supposed to drift east in the next few days.  The wind has been "sweeping down the plain" so I haven't been out except to drive down to the mailbox.

I had seen Lyn Manuel Miranda in "Hamilton"....I think on PBS...quite a while ago.  Ellen was able to see him in the Broadway production several months before she moved there when she and a friend went to NYC to "look things over".
Last time her parents went to visit, the Miranda family sat two rows in front of them at a show they went to see. The aisles were cleared and ushers stood on either side as the Mirandas came in and left.

My appointment on Thursday was with the eye doctor to check eye pressure (I'm heir to glaucoma).  I remember the "stick your face in a funnel and push the button when the dots appear" test and hated it - partly because I'm claustrophobic about having my face covered and partly because my reactions weren't fast enough to catch all the dots coming at me. 
However - Hooray! - now he has a different machine.  Just had to put my chin in an indentation on the left side of the chinrest  and look at the center of the X that showed on the screen.  Tech did her thing  :) , I put my chin on the right side - repeated- and was done!!!  Easy Peasy!

Oops - need to find something for Sunday Supper before my t.v. shows begin.  This is the only time during the week I have things I want to keep up with.  Started watching Beecham House on PBS.  It's no Downton Abbey but, of course, I'm now curious to see how the story develops.


Hi, Callie.  I've been watching Beecham House too.  Tonight I'm DVR'ing it as I'm
terrifically eye-strained from watching all those episodes of Downton.


Posted earlier but did not have internet, so now my post is gone. 

It is late but I did want to say HELLO and see how everyone's day was?

We have decided to go to the mountains and stay a couple of nights in our sons place so that we can see our out of state family.  We will social distance from one another and no hugs will likely happen as they want to make sure we are all safe🙏 It will feel good, but maybe a bit strange to head off into the beautiful mountains.

I have been told that you can sign up for one month of Disney for $4.99, and cancel at the end of the time.  That might be a way for us to be able to see Hamilton.  I know it will be wonderful and I sure hope to see it.

MARILYNE, from what I have heard on the news it sounds like your area may go totally back into lock down with all the ramped cases of Covid.  So sad the way so many ignored the easing back into by wearing masks and distancing themselves😩. It is only natural for you to not like the tight quarters where you were taking the test.  I would sure hope they would have really sanitized that area after the last patient......but??  Oh yes I did see the woman that spat on the child.....what a horrible thing to do.  How could anyone do something so stupid? 

Nice to see your post SHIRLEY!  I hope you can come back soon and keep in touch with us.

JEAN, how nice you were able to get your new lenses in so quickly.  Now I hope they are doing a good job for you. We have a electric knife, but for some reason I never think to use it.  Great idea!

I need to head off to bed.  I hope you all are having a good night of rest....pleasant dreams to all. 



June 29, 2020, 01:51:15 am #18013 Last Edit: June 29, 2020, 03:50:18 am by Vanilla-Jackie
Thank heavens i am to be taken out tomorrow morning, for hopefully, as she ( my new church friend ) put it, " a drive, " at least for a short while i shan't be cooped up inside here all day by myself, and non stop talking to myself, to Richard, to God, and crying, nor on the computer or watching a little tv, eating or drinking endless cups of tea...I have so much going on in my head, i truly dont know which way it will all go nor which path i should take, re, i have a buyer for my home and i have so much swimming around in my head, not just the moving-settling in process when it takes place but, the what type of accommodation, whether to buy or to rent, where to head for, such as the village i-we left where i am familiar with but will bring back all the memories of our previous life TOGETHER, or a fresh place i have not visited before, but it WILL be somewhere back in either Bedfordshire or Hertfordshire, back home as i call it... Re, the fact i am not healthy, fit and able, or for how long i can remain independent and by myself, the what i want and the what i need, or will eventually need are two different things...I do not take kindly to being pressurised by people as to what i should do, what THEY think is best for me...i like to be in control of ME...I find myself asking Richard - God to guide me in my right direction, i just can not make another moving to my next home big mistake, plus i will not have the money to uproot myself again if i have...And of course this time for the past 20 plus years, i shall be moving into somewhere, and starting, the stepping into the unknown - fresh future  WITHOUT my Richard...i just have to get this right, no more stupid nor expensive mistakes...
Anyway, no one said our lives were going to be...easy - happy - uncomplicated..

I will clear my head and catch up on reading everyone who has posted in here and see what is, has been going on with everyone's life since my last posting
...Oh and it was my great grandsons birthday yesterday i have not heard from him in i guess now it has been a good three months, no not once has he phoned nor asked me how i am coping through this C- Virus pandemic, my one email i sent to him ( no other way to get in touch with him ) asking how they are coping has been ignored but, i sent him an email yesterday wishing him a happy Birthday, so far no reply, nor am i expecting one as in the past year i kept asking him to send me an updated photo of my great grandson of whom i have yet to meet, of which he kept on saying " i will nan, i will nan, " well i have STILL not received one, and he is going on five...the only email photo he sent me was a year ago of which he was aged one & a half..

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


Good news, Jackie, that you have a buyer for your house. All I've been doing is slowly getting rid of stuff so when I decide to move, I won't have as much to pack or get rid of. My long term goal is to find an apartment, preferably on first or second floor which will accommodate my cats. All the places in my current price range insist on a two cat maximum and most require them to be de-clawed. Oh, no, no, and no. A lot of the apartments for seniors around here are those things with lots of amenities including a restaurant, pool, exercise room, etc., all accessible indoors. Some complexes are really large and include some units for assisted living people. Too much togetherness for me, and too pricey.

On Saturday I watched a heavy lift ship unload two cruise/speed boats at Sarnia. Very slow going. They unloaded them into the water, but I didn't see where they went after that. What surprised me was that neither boat was plastic wrapped like I see on those hauled via trucks. Maybe they were and the wrap was taken off before off loading. I only caught the action when the offloading was in progress.

Yesterday I placed an online Pantry order with Amazon. Today I am going to finish up my grocery shopping at the store. I still need to get bread, fresh produce, and fish.


June 29, 2020, 07:48:04 am #18015 Last Edit: June 29, 2020, 09:10:33 am by Vanilla-Jackie
.. i have collected and saved a few largish cardboard boxes that i will fill stuff for donation collection, i have already filled a couple but sadly due to our C- Virus, no charity collections will drive out to collect, then only a handful of shops are opening, that will take all precaution waiting 72 hours before they allow staff sorting through, then steam clean etc..

Like you, i too have a no no list, i cant nor dont want to be doing stairs, i can on a good day ( MS )  slide in but I cant get out of a bath, literally, and far far too dangerous, at present i use the shower room but most places outside of retirement places either have a bath or they have a shower... there are other things i would want but i cant nor wont get all for the money i have available..Yes there are always clauses about pets, cats and dogs, which just adds another burden to ones already burden of upheaval and to the unknown that we would rather not be facing in the first place, due our now changeable and unwelcomed situation in life....

I took in my Riverford organic fruit-veg doorstep delivery this morning so plan on eating healthier as from today, been suffering with terrible MS gut lately which affected my MS body bad..the nervous system..

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


Jackie - Good News, that your house is sold, and you will soon be moving to an area that will be better for you!  :thumbup:    I'm sure that you'll be doing a lot of research, as to available living situations, in the towns that you favor.  It's the same problem here, as to charitable donation sites.   People have been clearing out clothing and household items, while being at home for so long.  Now all the shops are either closed or no longer taking anything, because they are packed full, and not planning to open for a long time. 

MarsGal - Same thing here in California, as to pets in apartments or houses.  Most places have a flat rate for one pet, but then it goes up much higher, for each additional one.  My youngest daughter is longing for a dog or cat, but cannot afford the huge hike in her rent.  Is there a reason that you are planning to leave your house rental?

Jenny - Yes, we are back to C-virus lockdown again, what with the sudden surge of new cases.  Some of the businesses due to open today, will not open now.  Others that had already opened will be closed again, such as  restaurants with indoor seating.   Some counties  had already opened hair and nail salons, as well as barber shops, and now will have to close again.  They had never opened here in Santa Clara County, so it will continue on, as it has for the past three and a half months. 

I've decided to forget about Hamilton, for now.  Even though $4.99 is reasonable, I have enough channels to choose from, what with the premium channels like HBO and Showtime, plus Netflix, Amazon, and a sports channel that AJ likes, that has Sharks Hockey.   We've never watched the Disney Channel, we have on our regular cable, so doubt we would care about anything, once we've seen Hamilton.


Quote from: Tomereader1 on June 28, 2020, 10:27:06 pmHi, Callie.  I've been watching Beecham House too.

I'll wait to comment on Beecham House until you've watched the latest episode. ::)

Jackie,  Yay for the house sale. The places you mention as possible moves sound very interesting. 
I moved to my present home 8 years after my husband died.  We had lived there for almost 25 years.  At first, I felt as if I were "staying here" instead of "living here".  Decided to give it a year.  By that time, I knew it was the best decision I'd ever made - and that was 19 years ago!  Unless I need Assisted Living supervision, I don't plan on moving again.
Hope you had a great time on your outing today.

Marsgal,  I'm sorry I missed the unloading at Sarnia.  Quite a "parade" going from Algonac to Port Huron (or vice versa) yesterday.  Haven't had time to check things today.

Jenny, how lovely to spend some time in the mountains.  About the only time I miss Leadville is when it's as hot, humid and windy as it is here this week.

I just placed my second on-line order for groceries - to be delivered tomorrow afternoon.  Hope it goes as smoothly as the first one did.

Will be interested to know the opinions of those who watch "Hamilton". Took a while for me to get into the rhythm of the Rap dialog.
Did anyone see Lyn Manuel Miranda in "Mary Poppins Returns"?   Interesting to watch an actor playing such different roles.

Off to finish some desk work, a/k/a Pay Bills  :P,  and then take them to the mailbox.


Another hot, sunny day. I got the laser treatment on my right eye this afternoon And go back to have the treatment on my left lens next week.  It was over in just a few minutes.  The employees were wearing masks today.  With the uptick in COVID-19  cases, the Governor has mandated wearing masks if unable to keep distance----about time.

I thought we were going to get some rain today but it never materialized.  There was an underground watering system when we moved here but it was broken and the pump didn't work.  Larry had the pump replaced but prefers watering the grass and flowers by connecting the hose to the pump.  If I had to do the watering I would get the system fixed.  I'm not up to pulling a hose around anymore.

Jackie, I hope you enjoyed your drive and good news about selling the house.  But now it is decisions, decisions.

Callie, it sounds like it might be a while before New York becomes normal again.  But when things open up again, it might be Ellen's big chance if she is there and established.  I guess she and her friends will keep a close watch and see how it goes.

I bought a small blueberry pie for me and a small apple pie for Larry, and I think I will go cut a slice.


June 29, 2020, 07:24:04 pm #18019 Last Edit: June 29, 2020, 07:54:11 pm by Vanilla-Jackie
The car drive is taking place tomorrow, oh oh, time gone midnight, it is tomorrow...Friend emailed that it is going to rain so may not take me, told her a little rain wont stop me but, i feel this little rain might be heavier than i am predicting, so the ride may or might not go ahead but i did email her back telling her i need to get away from this parkhome if just for a short while...
...Our tomorrow meet up is also part business as she wants to talk something over about getting me hooked up to a call alarm emergency system that connects to landline phone, the same one she got her mother..i am not sure as to whether i want to go through the rigmarole of connecting the box to my telephone landline socket especially if i move and have to dismantle it and notify them, or to be another thing to worry about as and when i change my home address...nor having to take out monthly subscriptions that can or cant be cancelled..
...As for the move, we in UK, find we are often in a " chain, " keeping the chain going...it is very rarely a cash buyer comes along and we have a vacant property to move straight into if you are looking to buy...i have options to play around with, dont know which way it will go..

... love blueberries, always have them in my porridge - muesli's and granola's...

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


I'm doing most of my reading on my Kindle, during this time when can't get library books.  For the second time in about 30 days, I went to my shelf, where I put new books I have bought, or the ones that I win in the various publishers' on-line sweepstakes, and pulled out a book.  Only to start it, and realize that I've read it already!  Guess I read when they first arrived in the mail.  Both of these were mysteries/thrillers; one by Laura Lippman, the other by Karen Cleveland. The Lippman is the one I started last night, but it is so good that I decided to go ahead and finish it.  One of the Tess Monaghan, P.I. series.  I have been going through Kindle ebooks like crazy and haven't written down titles or authors. And, have started several that were so badly written and terribly edited that I just Removed from Device.  I realize this should be in the books section, but I wanted to get something posted so you "friends" wouldn't think I had been abducted by aliens, LOL.


June 29, 2020, 08:14:29 pm #18021 Last Edit: June 29, 2020, 08:29:38 pm by Vanilla-Jackie
... book i am currently reading is Tales of a Tiller Girl by Irene Holland...My true story of dancing in wartime London..here in UK we watched the Tiller girls at the London Palladium variety show on our tvs back in the 50's and 60's...How she loved dancing from a young age and knew she was going to be a dancer, the financial sacrifice her mother happily made to get her started, the very independent Irene in her struggles to make it, her chance to join the Tiller Girls troupe...I am finding this book from her a very good read..



" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


Marilyne, I am accumulating a bunch of reasons for wanting to move, from a yard too large for me to truly handle well anymore to necessary repairs and pricey renovations. There are still some doors and windows that need replaced and the kitchen cabinets especially need to be replaced. In fact the whole kitchen could use a complete redo. The house, except for the bathroom (which I did get redone a while back) are all plaster walls which need a little work downstairs, but upstairs they are cracked and peeling in spots. The back bedroom floor (linoleum) needs taken up and redone. At the least, the outside old siding needs a cleaning; it is growing a bit green in spots I can't get to. I don't think the outside walls are insulated. I can live in this house; I like it, but can't afford what it needs to make it nice. There is always a necessary repair the comes up to put of any renovation thoughts on hold. That depresses me sometimes. I am beginning to feel like I am living in The House of Usher (apologies to Nathaniel Hawthorn). Now aren't you sorry you got me started?  :yikes:

It looks like we are in for some 90 plus or minus a few degrees weather for the next ten days. The heat is not so much a problem as the humidity that often comes with it.

I just realized I haven't had breakfast yet. Fed the cats, but not me.

Callie, I only saw a few of the ships yesterday, but I did notice that CCG Caribou Isle was still at Sarnia. I think most of the Canadian Coast Guard cutters a bit strange looking and Caribou Isle is probably the strangest. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/photos/picture/ships/3867254/316001978/shipid:380056


June 30, 2020, 12:01:28 pm #18023 Last Edit: June 30, 2020, 12:06:28 pm by Marilyne
MarsGal - I'm not sorry I got you started about your house!  :)   I love hearing about it!  I've never been sure if it's your house, or if you're renting?   If renting, then I can see that you wouldn't want to put the time and money into upgrading it.  If it's yours, then it would be too much for you to do yourself, and costly to pay someone.   Our house was built in 1960, which isn't very old, but in the past 20 years, we haven't kept it up as we should have.   AJ is one who wants to do everything himself - all repairs and upkeep, plus taking care of the 1/3 acre of land it sits on.  A daunting task for a couple in their 80's.

Jackie - I hope the weather was nice today, and that you enjoyed your drive?   The book you're reading, Tales of a Tiller Girl, sounds good, and historical as well.  I'll check my library, and see if they have it?  It hasn't opened yet, and probably won't for a while yet. 

Jean - Looks like things are reasonably safe in your part of Florida, but pretty bad in the southern part of the state?  The majority of cases of Covid-19, in all states, are now occurring in young people in their 20's through 40's.   People are getting very restless here, and lots of small businesses are closing for good.  I think the fourth of July weekend will be  very quiet and unlike any that we remember from the past.       


June 30, 2020, 02:54:33 pm #18024 Last Edit: June 30, 2020, 03:02:45 pm by JeanneP
Jackie. Now up where my family are there are like 3 villages close together and then the main town. in all 3 they have some beautiful bungalows for seniors which I would love if I was back there. Now these are Council so just lease. Now lots of the council estates and houses the people can buy if they want to.
My Aunts had cottages that they owned. Now my cousin i stay with. His home was built in1820s. All modern now and his wife mum had the Carriage house all modernized attached to it.
 I love their village.  Can't you look into something like the Senior bungalows. I noticed that theirs had ramps on some for wheel chairs.I  nside fixed for people with disabilities. At one time I went to them trying to get my one aunt to sell her cottage and move into one of these places. Her cottage had stairs to bedrooms. But she loved it.

Now you live in a different area where lots of people buy to retire I would say so Government may not build like they do up North.  My grandmother moved to Bournmouth when she was widowed and my mother lived 6 months South and 6 up North.Worked great for me when visiting.
I hope can find something you like without having  to invest you money into.  I said I would move once I retired and buy elsewhere but then decided better to not have mortgages and owe debt. Worked out good for me. Been about 55 years here now.

I think I know the Phone system that lady is talking to you about. I would wait until you got settled to where you will be living before thinking about it.


June 30, 2020, 03:21:35 pm #18025 Last Edit: June 30, 2020, 04:08:05 pm by Vanilla-Jackie
Jeanne P..
..Downside ( UK ) one has to join the lengthy waiting list for council accommodation and it can takes years before you are lucky to get one...also to buy your council home you have to be in it for three years before you can buy it from them..oh and one needs to be living in that borough..or those already living it take preference..

My friend took me in the car ( shingled road causeway not a bridge ) to Portland Island a place i had yet to visit, a shame the day was wet hazy and grey so visibility was not great, and to be honest i was not impressed with the island, not a place i would like to live on even if the properties are cheaper..

She also had booked an empty retirement block viewing without me knowing but it was in Weymouth and i dont like Weymouth it is on the coast and through an empty tram-line alongside the busy marina...( Weymouth is not the posher side of Dorset, Poole is ) ..so again i was not impressed with neither really just not my cup of tea as they say..none are as nice as they sound..hectic and rather rundown, plus the views out of the windows are a bit of a mishmash, retirement blocks, part small garden area, traffic, marina, fairground, children park with railings, seaside hotels, guest houses, ...on the plus side, the vacant room was a lot cheaper to buy, i would have money left in my purse...
But it was nice getting out for those few hours..even having some company was a welcome blessing..

Jeanne...friend is concerned over my safety being alone and is pressing me to email details i have received by email ( she contacted the NHS call safety alarm company ) so i can get one set up...There are so many of these call alarm systems on the market - the website to choose..Friend says i can add her name to the call out...

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


We've been hearing far off thunder all day but no rain or storm yet.

Jackie, you are being very wise in thinking about the future and knowing what you like and don't like.  At least you got out for a little while.

Not much going on here and not much to write about.  We haven't heard from Beverly or Patricia in a while. Hope everything is ok.  I only check about three forums so I might have missed them if they posted elsewhere.

I've really been lazy today, but I do have some clothes in the dryer and need to check.  I like to fold them as soon as they are dry so they don't wrinkle.

Have a good day everyone.


Good afternoon yawl!  I have been remembering things from the past, here in Norm's place.  I used to be the first one in here, in the morning & would set up a big pot of coffee and a pot of tea to start everyone's day.  Also, Norm used to love the hot rolls, too.  Those were fun days.

You all have been discussing about where to retire to.  We looked at some places, and they had apartment type of living, but they had dining rooms where you had your meals.  Wouldn't have to do any cooking.  They also had maids come in once a week, so no cleaning.  it all sounded good, but those apartments were so small, we decided not for us.  My sister in law, who is 95, moved into one and loves it.  Maybe for a single person, but not for a couple.  It still sounds good to me, as I am having a rough time keeping my home up the way I would like it to be.  But I do a little bit each day.  Sometimes a little in the AM & then a little in the afternoon.

And now that supper is over, I will shut down the computer & go watch TV the rest of the evening.  Not many choices, so I have been watching the GameShow Network.  Mostly.  Anyway, I hope you all have a nice evening.



below on Random Image is a photo of Toni-whimsy. Such a good one. I hope that Junee in Australia. I met Whimsy just one time when i had a gettogether for a day here in Champaign. About 20 people did show up. Sad to say but most of them now passed. (Junee is doing well).


July 01, 2020, 12:45:50 am #18029 Last Edit: July 01, 2020, 02:28:22 am by Vanilla-Jackie
Yes retirement blocks ( where one is well cared for and with plenty of people around you, company and safety, ) have been, still is a consideration but what does one do with outside newish decking furniture that one is craving for ones own back garden for sitting out, and relaxing in...If i have my dream it is still to open a back door and step out onto flat ground and fresh grass, listen to and watch the birds, whether you are fully dressed or in your dressing gown - nightclothes and slippers..Hard choices we are left with when we get older, have medical issues, ailments, or lose our partners causing a life change of our futures...it is hard leaving our old life behind..not so when we are younger, more agile, able bodied but, this will now be our last chapter of our lives we will be entering into, " stepping into the unknown " as they say..

Another issue for many is, not all retirement block buildings accept ones pets...or if they do, they place restrictions as to only one small dog...and then after, dogs can not be replaced..And again, if one chooses to go into ground rented accommodation( private rental, not retirement, ) many specify " no pets.."

Hard decision is distinguishing between what one needs and what one wants, as to moving to our next home, whatever or wherever that may be...
What does one do, go with what one needs or what one wants...

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey