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Norms Bait and Tackle

Started by dapphne, March 30, 2016, 09:23:16 am

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July 01, 2020, 03:51:19 am #18030 Last Edit: July 01, 2020, 05:50:56 am by Vanilla-Jackie
Just this minute listened to and watched ( Good morning breakfast TV ) a lovely story of five year old Tony Hudgell who was inspired by Captain Tom Moore ( now 100 ) who walked continuously to raise money for our front line workers a month or so ago...
... Well this little boys story told he was abused as a young baby at five weeks old so badly by his biological parents, admitted to a London hospital and had to have both his legs amputated in 2017,  thankfully adopted at four months old, has now just raised money through daily walking all through this month of June, he has just finished his 10km challenge walks..the cameras, celebrity's, hospital surgeons, were all there at the end cheering him on at the finishing line...He was raising money for the hospital which saved his life..Video clip...


" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


Jackie. Stories like that good to read. I hope that his rotten parents see it. At least some people will remember what happened to him and make sure they know.


Jackie,  I saw the story of that brave little boy on t.v. news and got tears in my eyes.  However, it did not mention (or I didn't hear..) about the abuse.  How sad and how wonderful to have adoptive parents who obviously loved and encouraged him.

Heat index (how hot it feels) is somewhere around 110º in central Oklahoma - even higher in other parts of the state.

I worked as a counselor at the Tulsa YWCA camp in the summer of 1954. Don't remember that we had "heat indexes" back then but do remember the actual temperature was over 100º and the lake was too hot for the campers to swim in the afternoons.
Also remember that the counselors who didn't have "dorm duty" would row out on the lake after campers had gone to bed.
That's when I learned to gig frogs.  Someone would shine a flashlight directly into a frog's eyes and keep it there, which stunned it so it didn't move.  Then someone else would "gig" the frog with a forked stick.  I couldn't do that but I could hold the flashlight still enough to stun the frog.
Counselors had a fried frog leg lunch the day the campers left.

And that's my Tale of the Day for July 1st.  :bow:   :laff: 


July 01, 2020, 06:19:39 pm #18033 Last Edit: July 01, 2020, 06:22:52 pm by Vanilla-Jackie
I never knew of this little boys ( abuse ) story until yesterday, what an inspiring little chap he is...and he took his inspiration from a man old enough to be his great grandpa..or great great grandpa..by watching him proudly walking back and forwards raising money for a good cause...It also showed Captain Tom personally thanking him via sitting at home video with his daughter and i am assuming her two children standing behind them..This is what we want to see more of on our tv news channels...

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


What a sad story about the little boy's abuse. Too bad they don't have some like punishment for parents that abuse!

Callie, I remember that summer in MO. I worked for Civil Service at the SAC base between Sedalia & Warrensburg. In a concrete block building with concrete floors and NO AC!!! We had a fan at the open door (Base Supply), building was 280' long & a real oven, one day's temp was 118°.......... and we survived!

It is a scorcher in Kansas again today but I did some weed whipping down along the river, those darn weeds have grown taller than the tiger lilies so the lilies are having a hard time blooming. So far not any mosquitoes but think we may have sand fleas, they are a rusty brown color, not black like other fleas. I haven't seen any but a few bites that actually made me thing we might have chiggers (for the first time) in KS.

I come read the posts but do my talking over in the Soda Shoppe & Photos.... some times I can't help myself & feel like talking.  :-\   How's the weather been in your area, Jackie?  I recall one summer when we lived in High Wycombe it was so cool we only missed 3 days having a fire in the fireplace. Would love "cool" right now!


July 01, 2020, 08:16:19 pm #18035 Last Edit: July 01, 2020, 08:20:47 pm by Vanilla-Jackie
I understand prisoners dont take kindly to child abusers...I am assuming both parents are behind bars...What do they say..." what goes around, comes around.."

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


Yesterday was a bad day for me.  One of those off days after a night of getting up and down and no rest for the weary.  But last night was much better and today also.

I've got a small meatloaf in the oven.  That is one of Larry's favorite.  He hasn't been feeling up to par and I wanted to fix something he would enjoy.

Despite being stuck at home during this pandemic, the days seem to fly by.  I've been playing too many computer games, that's for sure.  I'm glad we have an answering machine.  Besides scam calls there are a lot of hang ups which are probably political parties.  If we don't recognize a number we don't answer anymore.  Most of the calls are unknown. 😠

It is another typical sunny summer day, but yesterday we had a summer storm and rain.  The rain was nice.  Hard to believe half the year is over.  Niceville will be having their usual fireworks over the Boggy Bayou with masks and social distancing but we will stay safe at home.  The young people still are being careless and that is the biggest problem in this pandemic.

Hope everyone is having a good day.


Good morning 🦋

We are back home again after a WONDERFUL visit to Vail.  My heart is so full of the time we had.  The trees there look so healthy right now....I could not stop starring at them...just beautiful.  The flowers in Vail are always spectacular and I just love going into  Vail Village and riding my electric cart up and down every street and take them all in.  The Mountain sides were so green.....it is definitely Candy for the 👀, and YES, Gloria, I thought many times how much I wish you could see what I was seeing😘

We stayed in one son's condo on the third floor of the building.....oh my. The three flights of stairs nearly do me in, so I do not make that climb any more than I have to😩🤪. The air at 8500 feet+ is MIGHTY thin! We spent a lot of time at the Boston sons place and had dinner with them both nights we were there.  Our two grandsons have grown like weeds.  Even this we FaceTime with them all the time, we could not believe how big they are and how they have matured.  The oldest is a half a head taller than me and the other one nearly looks me in the eyes🤣🤣

Yesterday morning Jonah and his parents arrived and we got to see all three grands together for the first time.  What a delight.....It was short and sweet as we left for home very shortly after.  The drive both ways were very nice except for a dumb move on my part on the way up DEFINITELY had my guardian angel looking out for me.  Thank GOD we did not have a accident, but it was a very close call.  I have always prided my driving abilities but the decision I made in this case does make me wonder if I am really that safe anymore😩😩

JACKIE, so very sad to read about the little boy....makes me so sad and EXTREMELY ill feeling.  I am so happy to read the news that you have a buyer for your home.  Now comes the hard choice as to where you want to locate.  Sad to read that you have not heard from your grandson in such a long time.  How disappointing and heart breaking😩😢

I know many of the folks in here have issues with where they should live.  We as a couple struggle with that very same issue.  At least there's are the two of us to bounce ideas off of😘. We know our time here in a private home might not be for that much longer, and we have many options in front of us, and none are totally to our liking.  It is very difficult to know. 

I rewrote my message that I posted in the Soda Shoppe and now I have lost it, so I am going to have to just post it and add just a bit and get this posted.... Sorry for this being so long. 

Have a wonderful day.



Good Afternoon,

Looks as if I'm following Jenny around!  :walkwhistle:

Have had a busy morning because I woke up in a "Get 'Er Done" mood which is much better than the "I Don' Wannas" I usually have on such a  :hot: day.
Shortening the story I wrote in the Soda Shoppe..... I spent most of the morning making sliders and baking biscuits. Had forgotten to put frozen biscuits on the grocery shopping list and then remembered I had a box of mix in the pantry.  Doing both meant being able to have the oven off before the Heat Of The Day.

#2 son brought burgers last night.  DIL was getting her nails done and would take care of her own dinner.  Hadn't had much contact with them in the past couple of weeks so it was nice to catch up.
The big landscape projects he'd been swamped with designing are now in the construction phases - which isn't his department.  However.  the salesmen keep bringing in smaller ones. So he's still busy.
DIL is continuing to work from home.  Apparently, the local AT&T center has decided the teams of account managers can do their work there as easily as taking up office space so it may be a permanent thing.  That's okay with her.

Sad news is that one of their beloved Labs has lost 90% of his eyesight because of diabetes.  There is surgery but it would cost $3,000 per eye and, since he's almost 10 years old, they will just love and care for him as long as possible.  He does know how to get around - including getting and and out of the pool and I suspect Moose's "brother", Joe, will be very protective.

Off to catch up on some reading.  E-books I had on Hold are beginning to come in - and I'm not done with a few I already had checked out.  Of course, it's possible that I'll be :sleepy: before I get too far.



Good Afternoon everyone!  Weatherwise, it's a miserable day here.  The fog rolled in along our Northern coast, bringing a strong cold wind.  It's been blowing non-stop from that direction for two and a half days days.  The temperature inside the house has dropped to an uncomfortable 67 degrees, but I refuse to turn on the heater in July!!  Outside it says 65, but I'm sure the wind chill is much lower.  I know, I shouldn't complain about something so mundane, with so many important things going on in the world.  ::)

Callie - I just saw your message that the weather is HOT in Oklahoma! Wouldn't it be great if, for a welcome change, we all got to enjoy at least one day of what we each think of as perfect weather!  For Summertime, I think I would choose a temperature between 75 and 80 . . . no higher or lower.  A gentle breeze, and a bright blue sky would top it off! 
Thanks for mentioning biscuits!  This is perfect weather to open my box of Bisquick, and make a batch for dinner, and enough for breakfast tomorrow.

Jenny - Good that you got away to Vail, and enjoyed some nice vacation time, with your visiting son and his family. Then you got an extra bonus, by seeing little Jonah!
We had the pleasure of visiting Vail, about 20 years ago.  What a charming town it is!!  We drove all around and tried to see as much as possible within only a couple of hours.  It was in June, and we were driving an RV,  on our way home from visiting AJ's cousins in Minnesota.  We drove home via South Dakota, so of course went to Mt. Rushmore, then through Wyoming, and on to Denver.  We sure did like it in Colorado, and I can see why so many people are leaving California, and moving there.

Jean - I copied Callie with the biscuits, and now I think I'll copy you, and make a meatloaf for dinner.  I thought I was done with cooking a couple of years ago, but this shelter-at-home, has me busy in the kitchen once again!  I hope both you and Larry, are feeling better today?  I know I have some days that are difficult and stressful to get through.  On days like that, I can't concentrate on reading, and I don't enjoy TV or spending much time on the computer . . . plus I seem to lose my appetite, and eat very little.  I guess we have to expect days like that as we grow older.  :P 


... not any more, buyer pulled out yesterday..

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


It looks like a week or so of over 90o weather with lows in the 70s. Yikes! I am off to feed George's cats in a bit. Other than that I don't plan on going out for a few days. Thank goodness the grass is not growing so fast right now.

I watched the first season of an Icelandic series called Trapped night before last on Prime Video. It was pretty good. The dialog is partly in English and partly in Icelandic with English subtitles. Last night I started a Great Courses, free for this month only, video on England, Scotland and Wales. It primarily focuses giving historical background on areas that travelers might want to visit. Lots of maps and photos.


Right now it is sunny, but supposed to be cloudy and stormy off and on.

Marilyne, I hope you and AJ enjoyed your meatloaf as much as we did ours.  I made just a small one but we have plenty left for today.  I have a box of Bisquick and maybe I'll make some biscuits today.  I usually don't bother rolling out my biscuits nowadays but just form them with my hands or drop them.  For a night time snack I like to slice the biscuit, butter it and fry it in a skillet.

I use to always watch fireworks and enjoy a patriotic program, but I'm not feeling very patriotic these days.

Jackie, I'm sorry to hear the buyer pulled out.  This will give you more time to think about where you want to go and be ready when the next buyer comes along.  Sometimes we just don't know why things happen like they do but we just have to have faith and shoulder on the best we can.

Jenny, I'm certainly glad you didn't have an accident when traveling.  I'm also glad you did have a nice couple of days seeing your family.  My sister (now deceased) lived in Colorado Springs for years and I've been there several times.  I did not like that high altitude.

Callie, both my daughters work from home and love it.  My oldest daughter lives in Canada but works part time from home for a college in the US.  She worked for many years for a computer company and is semi retired.  My youngest daughter works for a large company and agreed to go with them only if she could work from home.  She has been there a few years and once or twice a year she flies to their main office.  She used to live in South Florida and when she moved here to the Panhandle the worry was making sure she had a good Internet source.

Now that I have said entirely too much (unusual for me) I'll close and hope everyone enjoys the weekend.


Good Afternoon,

Oh, Jackie, I'm so very sorry about the buyer backing out. 

Wow!  Looks as if I started a trend with the Bisquick.

Jean, I used to roll and cut and was never satisfied with the results.  This time, the directions didn't include that.  So I dropped soup spoon size "rounds" (didn't really shape them) onto a parchment lined cookie sheet and was much happier.  I think I'd been handling the dough too much.
Hadn't noticed before this box - but there were suggestions for "add-ins" with the pancake/waffle instructions that sounded really good.

I usually make up a pound of hamburger into meat loaf or meat balls. I freeze meat loaf slices and reheat in the toaster oven as needed.  I bake the meatballs for the minimum time suggested, freeze them and then take out - usually 2, sometimes 3 - and reheat in the toaster oven with BBQ sauce or Sweet/Sour sauce or Brown Gravy mix or crumble them up and make "Untidy Josephs" (a/k/a Sloppy Joes  ;) ).   

Marilyne, some kind of "dry front" went through late yesterday afternoon that dropped the temperature ( into the 80's  ::) ) and calmed the wind into a nice breeze.  I sat on the patio until nearly dark watching the birds and enjoying the evening.  A male house finch (similar to a rosy finch) landed right off the patio and hopped around for a while. Thought it was going to come up to me.  Unfortunately, it flew off when I tried to reach for my phone to take a picture. 

No plans for the weekend.  Family is going fishing and I "politely declined". 

Hope YOUR weekend is enjoyable.


Well, my morning started off much too early, 5:30 AM, and went down the tubes rather quickly.  Barely had time to drink a cup of coffee, and strip the linen off the bed.  Put sheets in washing machine.  Just after it filled, it switched to wash cycle with an extraordinary crashing sound, I went to look, and the tub had collapsed into the body (housing) of the machine. Called repairman,who said if it "does that, it is non-repairable".  Had to pull a totally wet, king-sized sheet from the tub full of water, wring it out, put it in a bucket.  The electric plug was being stubborn, and it took me several tries to get it out of the wall, before the stupid broken machine was to go into the wash/spin cycle.  Thankfully I got the plug out, just in time, and the water did drain out.  I cant think of the catastrophe if it had started spinning while sitting slant-wise.  So, after my daughter got here (we had banking paperwork to do), off we went to Lowe's to buy a new washing machine.  If I can find the serial number of the old one, and when I bought it, I have to call the Maytag number and see if I still had some warranty left on it.  (Supposed to be 10 yr warranty, and I have not had it that long), so maybe get a tiny warranty payment.  LOL, keep your fingers crossed.


July 04, 2020, 12:37:04 am #18045 Last Edit: July 04, 2020, 12:49:03 am by Denver
Another later night post....these days just get away from me and I have been on many telephone calls and even some FaceTime calls with my grands this evening. 

MARILYNE, Vail Village is like visiting Germany or  a visit to Germany in Epcot Center  to me.....just an amazing little town.

We have watched a couple of 4th of July things on the TV tonight, but none too exciting. 

I had quite a bit of laundry to get done and it took me awhile.  Bob took our car to the car wash and vacuumed it out good....it has been awhile and it was very necessary. We had tacos for dinner and that was our day.

JACKIE, I am sorry to read that your buyer backed out....so here you are starting all over again😢. When it is right, it will all work out for you, but that sure doesn't help your feelings right now😩

Oh my goodness, Tomereader....what a awful thing to happen.  I can't imagine how hard it would be to try to wring out a King sized sheet...what a mess. 

CALLIE, one time I bought frozen slices of meat loaf at Sam's Club.  We really liked them and the ease of fixing them....went to buy more and have never seen them again😘  Seems when I make meatloaf we eat one meal and have a couple of sandwiches out of it and it is gone....so none left to freeze!

JEAN, I enjoyed reading about your family and appreciate you sharing some personal memories with us.  Thank you for your kind words....I am so very thankful we did not have a accident either.....It was on the da6 of our youngest son's birthday....and our family gathering and it sure would not have been a time to have a tragic thing happen.  Speaking of birthdays.....something shared with me today was a bit heartbreaking.  Diane sent a very generic bday card to our son....wrote a couple of words to Brian....then had my dad sign it.  My dad has been Pepa to our family for many, many years.....clearly he did not know whom he was wishing a happy birthday as it said, "have a good one, Bob".  This was a bit upsetting to Brian as well as to to Bob and me😢😢 My dad is getting very forgetful but I feel if Diane had made it clear what the card was he would have signed appropriately.

Oh my, I am sorry...things seem to be much bigger and more upsetting that ever now during these Covid times.

  Must get to bed and give you all a rest.



Just a quick note, for anyone who is interested in watching the private boat parade on the Charlevoix cam.  I just saw one go through that was completely covered with flags.  Colorful and patriotic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_WnBLX0HXI


July 04, 2020, 12:42:40 pm #18047 Last Edit: July 04, 2020, 01:00:44 pm by CallieOK
Oh, Thankyoueverso, Marilyne for giving me yet another web cam to keep up with.   :2funny:
(I'm teasing; have bookmarked and looking forward to watching)


Callie - Charlevoix is one of my favorites, because I like to see people walking and watching, on the sidewalk.  also, you can sometimes see the people up close, on the private boats.  They have a "boat parade" every Sunday morning, during the warm weather season.  This one today is obviously in honor of Fourth of July, although I haven't seen as many decorated boats as last year.  Another good thing about this cam, is that you see all sorts of watercraft, including rowboats, kayaks, inflatables, as well as the fancier yachts, sailboats and party boats.

Also those two buildings across the channel are interesting to watch.  The one in the back looks like a castle.  Charlevoix, is in Northern Michigan.  I'll have to look at my trusty atlas, and see exactly where it is?   


Marilyne, my brother-in-law was born in East Jordan in Charlevoix county.  Our family visited his family when I was just 11 years.  My sister was 13 years older than I was and she had just recently gotten married.  We visited Charlevoix and Petoskey while we were there.  I can remember like it was yesterday standing by a white railing and watching the boats in Charlevoix.  But none of the web cams match my memory.😊

Needed to go to the store today and get a few necessary items (like potatoes and eggs).  Nice to have that job over.  Many people still not wearing masks and we have had 110 positive COVID-19 cases in our county in the last two days.  What is wrong with people?

We had a little bit of rain today.  The vinca plants have taken over the flower bed, but they are such a pretty rose color.  The city is having fireworks tonight.  We will be able to hear them even if we don't see them.

Hope everyone has a good day.


Beautiful wb site. Mine says no Chat for this live stream. Still nice to see the boats going down. Would love to be walking down the side walk today. Wonder if as hot as here. Great to see a place were not many people walking bye.


July 04, 2020, 08:27:38 pm #18051 Last Edit: July 04, 2020, 08:39:24 pm by Denver
Quiet day around here....gee, I sure miss the old days when we always had family to get together with.  The anticipation of seeing the fireworks too❣️

Thank you for sharing the web cam, MARILYNE.  I have been watching it off and on all day. 

JEANNE, I did not see anyone walking either....maybe tomorrow.

JEAN, we had big black clouds all around us but nary a drop of rain fell.....we sure could use it.

We had a LOT of loud booms last night and expect there to be more tonight. It is so dry out and I sure worry about someone starting fires.  All of the commercial fireworks displays have been cancelled.

Happy 4th of July to ALL 🇺🇸



Good morning everyone.

Lately I've been watching the webcam at the Kiel Canal in Kiel, Germany. The Kiel canal has two live cams, one at each end. It connects the Black Sea at Brunbuttal at the mouth of the Elbe and the Baltic Sea. This one, at Kiel, is my favorite. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzqj8UsMTw8  I've also been watching the live webcam at Hamburg which is also on the Elbe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aI5KUf1BjGM Very nice at nice and with the jazz music background to help set the mood.

Last evening I got treat to some loud Mexican style music from somewhere outside my house (I think from across the creek) and later, firecrackers which always upsets Shan.

I am going to have to make an appointment with the dermatologist tomorrow. I've got a slowly spreading itchy rash across my stomach and a few spots on my arm in spite of using an antihistamine gel and tablets. I think a week of trying to deal with this myself is enough. Could be hives from the pictures I've seen on the net.

The very hot weather continues for another week at least.


Good Morning to everyone.  The Fourth of July was uneventful here.  We didn't see or hear any fireworks at all this year.  After dark, we walked around outside in our neighborhood, but all was quiet, and we didn't see anything, except for that beautiful full moon!

MarsGal - I have so many webcams on my desktop now, that I hesitate to add even more!  However, I'll take a look at the ones you posted.  I hope you feel better today, and that your rash is clearing up?  I should go to my dermatologist too, and have him look at a suspicious spot that has appeared on my forehead, and AJ has a sore red spot of his cheek.  As we get older and older, it's all we can do to keep up with the constant arrival of new health alerts!

Jean - How nice that you remember visiting Charlevoix, so long ago.  Mary Ann, used to talk about Petroskey, and how much she liked it up there.  Apparently her nephew Tom, and his ex wife lived there, and that's where Annie was born.  I remember that she would often mention in this folder, that Tom, was in Petroskey for the weekend, and that he loved it there and hoped to move back some day.

As I said, yesterday was uneventful.  Nothing in the way of celebrations allowed this year.  Not only because of the virus, but we have extreme fire danger here in California.  Humidity was low in all areas of the state, with lots of small brush fires. 

We spent the evening watching two good old movies. The first was Yankee Doodle Dandy, from 1942, with James Cagney.  I love that old patriotic story, with all the music and dancing.  That was followed by The Music Man, with Shirley Jones, and so many other familiar stars from that era.  One of my favorite musicals, that I never tire of watching. 


July 05, 2020, 12:03:06 pm #18054 Last Edit: July 05, 2020, 04:29:20 pm by Vanilla-Jackie
... get it checked, if just to rule out " shingles.."

Well i done a daft thing through the night...Got out of bed after a short sleep, hand felt my way as usual with eyes closed the short distance to my en-suite loo, two large fitted wardrobes each side of me so i have done this walk without putting any lights on so many times with my eyes shut, but, this time the loo seat was down, Oh yes i sat on the seat and started my MS pee, only to realise my mistake, got straight up still dribbling, lost my MS balance, toppled forwards and hit the floor heavily still dribbling, slightly catching my head guess on the wall, now have a slight bump and bruise on my forehead, nothing major, yet for those few seconds it terrified me that i might not be able to pick myself up, ( broke a bone or knocked myself out, ) thankfully i grabbed hold of the sink and got my MS body up, lights off...i would have been there all through the night miles away from anyone knowing i was in trouble, not that anyone here would come to my aid, not that caring kind of place...whether it be 1.30am or 1.30 pm...and besides, who would hear me calling for help, shower room to the back, my home is the first home down in the valleys, plus both front and back doors i lock for the night...My new friend way up through the car park gates clifftop, then down through the drive woodlands overlooking the sea would be my nearest and first port of call and she has been hedging me on to get linked to an emergency call button to press to wear around my neck, with she being the main name for them to alert, i shall now be taking her suggestion more seriously as she recently got one for her mother...she is very concerned for my safety and isolation..but then where she and her hubby are living also is scenic yet very remote but she is able bodied and fit for her age, she is in her early 60's, walks her dog, drives her car...in fact she has emailed me and wanting to take me out somewhere for a drive tomorrow, i shall go but i do have a couple of home deliveries due and one i definitely wont leave a note asking to leave on the doorstep, too valuable if go astray, large box that wont fit through my letterbox...maybe leave a note on the door asking for it to be re-delivered the following day..

Cellulitis infection ankle to midway cleared up, gone, but midway to knee, leg is still swollen up like a balloon, so water tablets are not doing what its meant to be doing..
My MS inside the body nervous system activity has gotten worse..

My new friend had given me a book to read, have to say previously not familiar with the story ( she is a church person ) The book is " Heaven is for Real " by Todd Burpo preacher - pastor, the boys ( Colton ) father..Son Colton visited heaven, when he almost died in his hospital bed, when age four and met his unborn sister and his pop..Jesus and God..I have now finished the book, also was watching interview videos in the early hours of this morning..

Dont know if this link will open for you..friend lives through the car park gate, far end past all the cars, where it says no cars ( it is private to those who live down there, there is also a tiny hut church near to her, active once a month, ) I live off mid way back down from the cliff opposite direction..then a mile or so to the left mid way, leading down in the valleys...


" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


I saw "The Music Man" but missed "Yankee Doodle Dandy" which is a favorite.  I did see some of the fireworks in D.C. And heard the ones in Niceville.  :)

It rained last night and this morning but now the sun is shining brightly and it is hot.  Been sitting here reading a little and playing a word game on my iPad.  Larry has been watching a few of those Hallmark Christmas in July movies.  I boo hooed through a couple yesterday.  But you know with Hallmark they always have a good ending.  Reminds me of GloriaDe.  She just loved those Hallmark movies.  I told my husband, Larry, I wish we could get Jason a Hallmark ending.  But I'm giving up hope on that score.

I hope everyone had a nice July4th and is having a good day.


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Sat for a brief moment clifftop carpark inside friends car overlooking the sea..There were around five cruise liners just sitting there in the centres all empty of passengers, the water was very calm, no movement, no waves, just so picturesque and scenic then onto her shack home sitting on the swing seat, cup of coffee overlooking the sea and cruise liners..I was pleasantly surprised to see steps going down from the decking patio, into a lower green woodland garden all part of her gardens.. it was only when her dog had gone down did i realise this too was a part of her scenic home..

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


Very nice pictures from the Google link, Jackie.  Reminds me of the scenery from several of the British mystery TV series'.


I've watched so many classic musicals on TCM in the past couple of days - I feel like I might burst out singing! ;D  ::)   Not likely to happen, but it does put me in a happy mood.   First came Yankee Doodle Dandy, then The Music Man.  Yesterday was Bye Bye Birdie and On the Town.  Today I watched Singin' in the Rain. (recorded from last week).  So I've had enough of the light hearted movies, and will now get back to drama and intrigue!  I haven't looked at what's playing tonight, but I have a huge selection of channels  to choose from.   

I did get out for a walk here in my neighborhood today, but I didn't go far, and didn't see any other walkers.  Tomorrow I may venture out to the grocery store again.  We've been ordering from Safeway for pickup, but I do like to go to my favorite locally owned market, about every two weeks.  Hope you are all doing well, and that we hear from everyone again soon?


A good Monday HELLO to all. 

We recently purchased a new set of sheets for our bed, so today we opened them up to wash them, then we washed the comforter and now we are washing the old sheets.  Phew! That is a lot of sheets to deal with since it is a king size bed!  We are both worn out! 

JACKIE, the home that you visited sounds delightful and I am happy you were taken there again for an outing.  I read a article about the poor staff that have been isolated on the cruise ships and how awful it has been for them. I wonder when it will even be possible for folks to feel safe on a cruise again?  So sad.  I did enjoy looking at the area around your home.  Thank you for sharing it.

We had a delivery of beautiful flowers a bit ago.  They are from our youngest sons, wife's parents.  How sweet of them to think of me with the funeral of my SIL this week.  It actually brought me to tears.  The fragrance is delightful and I am so appreciative🥰

MARILYNE, we are sure lucky to have choices of things to watch on TV.  Last night we watched the first half of HAMILTON. We got started a bit too late to watch the entire play. We also had the volume on super loud so we could hear the words they were saying, and with the doors open we did not want to take chance on bothering any of the neighbors.  I am anxious to start the second half tonight.  BTW, your selection of movies sounded delightful.. I enjoy the old musicals. 

JEAN, the Hallmark Movies are always very good.  Tear jerkers, but they always have a good ending and I, too, wish there could be a Hallmark ending for your Jason. 🙏🙏 and a HUG for you. It is true, GLORIA de certainly did enjoy the Hallmark channel.

Many interruptions so I best post this now.

Have a good evening,