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August 06, 2020, 02:30:52 pm

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Jul 31 2020 8:33pm
mycheal: Delphine hello, best wishes your way :)

Jul 29 2020 7:51pm
Delphineaz: Been a long tme for me too.  Belated Birthday greetings Pouch.  So many have passed away.  Blessed is their reward.

Jul 24 2020 12:14pm
Pooch1: Andie, the old days when 8-10 of us would have fun in the evenings on Senior Net or Chatback and eedy would play her music are long gone.  Hard to tell what's happened to many of our old acquaintances, but time has marched on.  Sad. old acquaintances

Jul 23 2020 8:02pm
Andie: haven't been here in a long time so I feel like a newcomer.  I have been training for this distancing for several years now.  Hope everyone is staying safe.

Jun 10 2020 4:09pm
Denver: Television

Jun 01 2020 8:12am
mycheal:  ;D

May 27 2020 8:28pm
Astro: Oldiesman:  Much better.  Thank you!

May 26 2020 1:21am
Oldiesmann: Should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

May 26 2020 1:08am
Oldiesmann: I must not have set the permissions correctly for that board when I set the site up again a few years ago (long story - there was a server crash years ago and no backup, so we had to start over from scratch). I'll fix it soon.

May 25 2020 6:09pm
Astro:   feel free to start a topic here. Any duplicated topics may be merged together so we don't have two topics of similar nature.  Has that been eliminated?

Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 pm

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Marilyn...My deepest sympathy to you and your children on the passing of Kimberly.

Lots of storms here this morning, heating up now and more storms to come tonight. 

The Home Health Care Nurse was here and she rigged up a mask for Ray to use and called the Medical Supply People to find a larger mask for him, as this one keeps slipping up.  I told him he needs a "double chin" to hold it in place. :smitten:

I've been doing endless laundry and getting used to using the Food Saver gizmo. 

Have a good Memorial Day, EveryBuddie!


Good morning!  It's nice and cool this morning, with more rain to come.  It's been a hard couple of days here in the Midwest, storm wise.

Have a good day!



Good morning, Every Buddy.  I'm still in PJ's but will shower and dress soon.  Bill was up long before me and he'd had breakfast and made coffee, so all I had to do was get out a bowl for cereal, fill it and eat!  I have my once a month bridge club at Azalea Place at 11:00 for lunch and afterwards for bridge.  He'll stay busy with phone calls and texts to his office at SIUE.  I need to call Libba to see if she's going over to Azalea Place today--if not Bill will take me there.

Jane, it's nice to hear that you're having some cool weather. It's already HOT here at 8:00 a.m.!  I'll be inside, though, at Azalea Place, so will be cool enough.  I'll take a sweater along as it will probably be cooler than I like.  I'm glad the Home Health Care nurse has given you some good advice for Ray.  I hope today is a good one for you both.

Mary, you are right about the heat down here.  If I were staying home this morning, I'd already be out for my morning walk in the hope that I won't melt while going up-hill and down!  However, I'll take a sweater to Azalea Place with me--they keep their AC on high all the time.

Marilyn, I'm so sorry about your grand-daughter.  I hope the family will rally around and be there for each other.  Thoughts and prayers for all of you.

Darlene, I hope your Memorial Day included family.  How hot is it at your place?

I need to get dressed.  Libba just called to tell me she'd pick me up, so that will save Bill a trip over to Azalea Place.  He's confiscated my dining room table for an office and spends lots of time there as he gets phone calls, etc. from his office in Illinois.

Have a nice day, Every Buddy. 


Good morning, Gals. I've got my last load of laundry in and things picked up, the bed made etc. Now I need to go out and fill 2 of my hummer feeders. I filled the pretty one in front last night, as it was empty, but had to make some more sugar water. I don't have much else planned for today, maybe try to copy some pictures, etc.

I hope that all of you who are on FB got a chance to see our grandson and his bride and the many family pics.  The couple really looked spectacular--the Princess and her Prince.  But they are a very sweet, hard-working couple as well.

Sue, I hope you have good cards today and that Bill gets a lot done.

Jane, I do hope they find a mask for Ray that fits well. I'm sure that with all the weight he's lost, his face is thin.  Take care of yourselves. You're always in my thoughts.

Marilyn, I hope that Kim's passing doesn't ruin your trip to Kuaii, as I know that is special for you too.  Prayers for all of you.d

Hi Mary, Darlene, Jeanne, and Alpiner. Hope you're having a good day and not too hot. It is in the mid 90's here all week!



May 28, 2019, 12:02:21 pm #7024 Last Edit: May 28, 2019, 12:07:25 pm by JeanneP
MaryZ. I think I just typed in MaryZ in facebook. Will try again using MaryZelle. And Sharon. I now can get you up in there. Beautiful photo of the Wedding. Looks like a great time. Loved the colour of the dress you chose.

Jane. Ray sounds to be more comfortable now. Good you are getting some help taking care of him. Hope your weather doesn't give you any problems.

Weather here crazy. Still storms every night. Hot during the day. So much damage done with the wind. I still have not got the yard fixed up. House jet washed and porch painted. Rock and Mulch just sitting here.
Marilyn. Sorry to hear of Kims passing. So young but sounded like she will be in a better place now. 


Thank you, Jeanne for the comments on the wedding and my dress. It blended in nicely with her colors and was suitably understated for the Grandma.

I'm sorry you are still having such storms. I hear about them every night. Our son is in Belleville, IL, so they've had a lot too, but nothing damaging. As for the work you want to get done in the yard, etc, I'd just sit back and relax till Mother Nature decides to take a rest.  We are terribly hot but little rain or storms. I just fed the birds and had lunch and will relax now.


It sounds like jane and Jeanne are both okay with all the storms - or at least have not sustained damage.  It's amazing that the storms have been going on for almost two weeks now.  So mych damage and still more to come from the flooding.

Lovely family and ceremony, Sharon.  You and John look really good.

Hope you get some good cards, Sue.

Hugs, Marilyn, and all the other Buddies.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


I've been checking the weather in Kauai and there will be rain  the first few days we are there. But the tempurature will be in the low 80's. I really need this vacation after all that has been happening this past year.


Good morning, Every Buddy.  I had so so cards yesterday at Azalea Place.  Bill and I had breakfast together and Libba picked me up for lunch and bridge at Azalea Place.  Bill had to leave while I was out because he had a meeting scheduled with someone (?) in Memphis.  Then another meeting somewhere else and back to his home in Illinois. 

Sharon, it sounds as if you had a really nice time at the wedding.  I enjoyed my visit to Birmingham for Alex's graduation.  He and I were roommates--next door to Jon and Stacie.  There were 300+ graduates and it took a while, but it was nice.  Jon, Stacie, and Alex brought me home the following day--then drove down to New Orleans where Nick was dog-sitting and according to some photos he'd e-mailed to Stacie and Jon, cooking!  He'll be a junior at LSU in the fall.

Jane, I hope the storms you've been getting have started to by-pass you.  Also sending good wishes for Ray and you.  I hope he's feeling much better and is able to rest.  Also hope the home visiting nurse is helpful.  Keep us posted.

Mary, I had a couple of hands of good cards, but still didn't finish in the money.  I enjoyed the day out, although I'd have preferred staying home with Bill.  However, he was trying to finish up paper work and had numerous phone calls from his office in Illinois, so he wasn't available to just sit and chat with me.  He left for a conference in Memphis while I was out to the bridge game.

Marilyn, I hope your trip to Hawaii goes well.  I'm so sorry about your grand-daughter.  Thoughts and prayers for her family.  Let us know how the Hawaiin adventure goes.  Enjoy!

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


Hi Gals, Thank you, Mary for the good comments on the FB pics. I did think we cleaned up pretty well!  :D  The new couple is now in Jamaica for their honeymoon.  They paid for the whole wedding themselves. Don't know why the parents didn't help.

Marilyn, that's a bummer that you will have rain a few days in Kauii, but we found that we enjoyed our visit in spite of some rain. I know you need this time away. All my sympathy for your loss, but I know that no words will help.  HUGS

Sue, it sounds like  you had a good time at the graduation. Nice that Nick is learning to cook.  When will Tim & Kris be back? Is Eddie well now? I know it was nice to have Bill there, but our kids' visits are always too short.

Jane, I second Sue's wishes for you and Ray. Keep us informed if you can.

Jeanne, so glad you can get my pictures now.  Also glad that you didn't have any damage.

I have been sick to some extent since last Thurs. I started out with a very mild sore throat which has gradually worsened into bronchitis, I think.  I started Mucinex last night and that seems to have helped some, but I'm really tired.  I didn't need this, but it's not serious and no fever, so shouldn't complain.




Sharon....keep a close eye on your lungs.  Too much bronchitis and pneumonia around.
Your dress and pics of you and John and the wedding party were gorgeous.  I admire and love it that they paid for their own wedding.  Too many people here have their folks going into big debt...mortgaging their homes, dipping into retirement savings to pay for what I think are outlandish weddings and receptions...$25,000-40,000 is beyond my "acceptable level," for middle class parents to come up with.'ll soon be on your way!  ENJOY!'s great Bill could get by for a visit, even a short one. 

Jeanne...storms here, too.  Corn coming up, but fields have standing water, even if tiled.  Rivers are running bank full.

Alpiner...hope all ok in CA

Joy..hope you're ok in LA

Darlene...poor TX sure having lots of storms and damage, too.  Hope your area is ok.

Mary...remodeling finished at your place? 

I'm here in an infusion cubicle at the cancer center in Cedar Rapids. We had to be up at 6:00 and I don't do well that early anymore.  Luckily, next week we're back to chemo just a mile from our house. 

My sister and husband are coming out next week for a few days. 



Sherry I saw all the pictures on facebook. looking good.


Thanks Gals for the nice comments on the FB pics. Most of them really came out well.

Jane, I hope this infusion makes Ray feel better. Is it blood or chemo? John saw that Hubbard IA was on the news last night with a tornado sighted.

Hi Marilyn. Bet you're packing and dreaming of beaches by now.

Jeanne, I've been concerned about you in all these storms too, as well as Darlene & Jane.

I'm feeling a little better today, but still under the weather. John got all the pruning and watering done this AM, so I expect he will be napping shortly.
We had some upsetting news last night. Melanie called to tell us her cancer has come back. They did a biopsy and will do surgery 2 weeks from now to remove her ovary and possibly a bowel resection if it grew into it.  It's been 6 yrs since she was first diagnosed ad I hoped she was free of it, but apparently not.  Please keep her in your thoughts or prayers. She'll be 56 in July.


Sharon...I'm so sorry to hear of Melanie's health issue.  She will indeed be added to our prayers.   

A friend of Ray's stopped by to visit this morning.  His cancer has spread everywhere...brain, bones, etc.  He had 15 of 55 radiation treatments when they stopped those.  Now he gets some shot.  He is so sick looking.  They'd just bought a FL home and we're having it remodeled, added to, pool added, etc.  they're going down there next week, he said.

Laundry seems endless now.  Ray gets blood on his shirts from his nose bleeds from the cannula and oxygen drying out his membranes.  The face mask, thankfully, is helping with that.

I hope everyone in the South and here in the Midwest stays safe from the tornadoes, flooding, straightline winds, etc. 



Sharon, so sorry to hear about Melanie's recurrence.  Cancer is such an insidious disesase - keeps sneaking around.  But glad that you're recuperating from your busy weekend.

jane, sorry to hear about your friend.  I hope Ray is improving, though, even with the excess laundry.

This 2-week spate of storms and tornadoes settled over the midWest has just been awful.  And I've been watching about the flooding downriver, too.  The Mississippi has been at flood stage since the awful rains during January/February.  That's really doing a number on folks downstream.

Just another 90+ day here today, but it is supposed to "cool off" into the 80s beginning tomorrow. Somebody asked about the upheavals and renovations where I live.  The renovations are ongoing, and will probably will be for several more months.  But at least we can see and appreciate the new parts at they happen.  I'm enjoying the new "look" to the building.  Plus they've hired a new executive director and new food services director, and we'll meet them at the residents' meeting next week.  Now if they could just find and hire enough food servers and housekeeping folks...

Happy Thursday, Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


I went to the doctor this morning, she found a swollen lymph node in my neck and I am to  take sulfa (penicillin allergy) and another drug, for 10 days. I go back for a recheck the day after we get back. I also had a CBC done to check the white blood cells for infection. she seems to think that is all it is not Lymphoma.


Marilyn...good to get the antibiotics and have them with you while on vacation to take care of the problem.  Have a good trip...relax and enjoy what is said to be beautiful.

Mary...good they keep the residence up to date and appealing.



The only problem with the antibiotics is that I they make me sun sensitive, so lots of  sun screen is in order. Good thing I already bought some to take.


Good morning, Every Buddy.  I am dressed and ready to go to Kroger.  Eddie is well now and will pick me up sometime before noon.  The neighborhood annual picnic is tomorrow and I need eggs so that I can make deviled eggs to take as my contribution to the meal.  We meet at the cul de sac (spelling?) directly behind my next door neighbor's home.  I'm going to walk over with them.  Tim and Kris are still in Alaska as far as I know.  He'll call me when they get home.  Bill left on Tuesday to go to Memphis where he will be in meetings--and will call me again when he gets home.

Marilyn, I hope your trip is going well and you have a great time.

Jane, thoughts and prayers continue for you and Ray.  I hope he's feeling much better and is glad to be home.

Marilyn, I hope the sulfa drug puts the kibosh on the infection and you have a lovely time in Hawaii.  Enjoy your trip and your family while away.

Sharon, I'm sorry to hear about Melanie.  I've put her on my prayer list and you, too, as I know that is hard for a Mom to hear.

Eddie just rang my door bell and is sitting in my kitchen waiting to take me to Kroger.  I have to buy eggs to make deviled eggs among the other groceries I need to tide me over for the week.

Best wishes to Jane/Ray, Marilyn's trip, and every other Buddy.



Thanks everyone for the good thoughts and prayers for Melanie (and me). This really came out of the blue to me although Mel has known something was growing on an ovary for the past year and they've been watching it. It's slow growing so they weren't sure it was cancer. I'll be glad when the surgery is over and the pathology is back.

I'm gradually improving from my bronchitis or whatever it is. The Muccinex is wonderful.

Jane, I'm sorry for your friend. How nice of him, in his condition, to come visit Ray.  Sorry for the laundry too. Has the Dr suggested coating inside of Ray's nose with aquaphor?  It is water-based and might prevent the bleeding.

Mary, I know you will enjoy all the renovations and new personnel. They are planning a massive renovation to our Lake House, etc also. It hasn't been changed in 13 years.  However they are still in the process of drawing the architectural plans and changing them as people suggest.

Marilyn, I'm so sorry you are sick. I hope the Antibiotic works quickly and doesn't prevent you from having a wonderful time.

Sue, I'm glad Eddie is well and able to take you on your errands now.

John painted the first coat on the shutters today. They look so much better already.

I hope no one is impacted by the storms & tornados & flooding. It looks awful.

Hi to all.  Sharon


The rain has let up for a couple of days & we are drying out .  No flooding .


Sherry I am not sick, a lymph node is swollen,. Dr. thinks and hopes is is just an infection and not Lymphoma


May 31, 2019, 07:16:56 pm #7042 Last Edit: May 31, 2019, 07:19:10 pm by jane
Sharon...they say to use KY lubricant for his nose.  It hasn't helped much.  I got very upset with the oxygen supplier who says they don't have a mask with dual elastic strings to keep it on his head as he sleeps.  Respiratory supervisor at the hospital made one for us.  Now to figure out how to attach it to the oxygen hose.    Good they have been watching the ovary thing.

Alpiner...glad you're safe.  Lots of flooding and tornadoes here in the Midwest.  11 were in Iowa in the last two days. 

Sue...good Eddie is well again and can take you where you need to go. and humid here today and again tomorrow.  I'm hoping to be able to just stay home tomorrow with no people coming and going. OK? probably have the heat and humidity, too. 

Marilyn...good to take sun screen with you.  Enjoy!



Good morning, Jane and Every Buddy looking in.  I've had breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen.  When I finish here, I'll shower and put on my shorts/t-shirt for going to the neighborhood picnic.  I'll walk over with Sandra and Rob.  They live next door to me and we can go through their back yard to the cul de sac (spelling?) on the next street.  Last year I walked all the way around the block with my dish in my hand and that wasn't easy!

Jane, I'm glad the respiratory supervisor made a mask for Ray's use.  I know you'll figure out how to attach it to the oxygen hose.   You've both had a tough time through this and I know it's worrisome for both of you.  Thoughts and prayers going up for you both from here in Alabama.

Marilyn, I'm hoping the sunscreen will give you relief when you get to Hawaii.  Enjoy your family and your vacation. 

Alpiner, hooray for no flooding!

Sharon, I'm so sorry to hear about Melanie and hope things are improving for her.  I'm glad the Muccinex is helping you. 

I made 2 dozen deviled eggs late yesterday afternoon.  I'll be taking them to the picnic as my contribution to the feast.  We're having hot dogs and whatever side dishes that other neighbors bring. 

I need to get into the shower to wash my hair and get ready for the picnic.  Have a nice day, Every Buddy.



I'll Fly away come to mind this morning, Our flight leaves her at 1:50 this afternoon. We arrive in Kauai at 8:15 tonight. "See" all y'll when I get back, although I will have my tablet with me. I is supposed to rain for the first few days we are there, but I've been told the rain doesn't last long.


Marilyn, even the rain is beautiful in Hawaii.  Hope you have a great and unwinding time.

jane, lots of good thoughts for you and Ray, mostly for health issues, but also for the weather.  I hope the worst of that is over for a while.  I really feel for those folks downstream, though.

I hope all are out of weather danger - at least for now.  Jeanne and Darlene, are y'all clear?

Sue your neighborhood picnic sounds like fun.  Enjoy and stay cool.  I can almost taste those deviled eggs.

alpiner, I didn't know you were having bad weather out there, too.

Sharon, our weather has moderated a little bit (high only 83 yesterday) for a while.  I hope yours has, too.  Unlike the midWest, we do need some rain here.

Another quiet weekend in the offing for me.  Happy June, Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


June 01, 2019, 11:45:03 am #7046 Last Edit: June 01, 2019, 11:51:19 am by JeanneP
Finlyl went andgotmy drivers license renewed Thursday. I had  been putting it off  since it ran out April 12. seemed like every time I was set to go the 16 miles to take it it was storming, high winds and I had just bought the new car. A friend had been driving me around. I now seem to get nerves when have to take it. Also was taking my allergy pills. Now have to take it yearly. Was  relieved when she said was almost perfect but was to hard braking.just ease up on the new Nissan car breaks.
I very seldom drive in other towns now and it was really busy. So now can relax again.

We are still having heavy storms and winds but its hot an humid. So many big trees  have been torn down
Past 2 weeks. Some were  well known for being over 100 years old. Urbana is well known for its trees.

Sad reading on your family members who are having health problems. Hope things improve soon.

Sue. Have fun at your picnic . Eggs sound good but eat fast in the hot weather. I don't eat any thing with Mayo  On it and so mamy things are using it now. Have to watch in summer Time

Think will stay indoors today. Read and fix a good dinner. Relax.


Hi everyone..just checking in...haven't read any past posts...had my eye lol d surgrey Wed...just came home from my daughters today...everything went good...have to sleep on my back and NO makeup for 2 weeks...Darlene


Hi Gals, I just got back from the grocery and ate lunch. Did a couple other errands while I was out too. I'm still coughing some but feel better than earlier in the week. Planning on going to church tomorrow.

Jane, I am amazed that they don't have smaller attachments for the oxygen tank.  Have you checked a health care store that sells all sorts of health things like CPAP machines. The headset I have has velcro straps to adjust it to fit. Of course it fits on a tube also, so maybe you could use something like that.  KY is a good idea too. I'm sorry it isn't helping much though.  Glad you're safe from the storms.

Like Mary, our temps have dropped from the mid 90's down to low 80's and supposed to stay there this week.  We need rain too. I'm sure the MW would be glad to send us some.

Sue, have fun at your neighborhood party. I love deviled eggs too.

Jeanne, glad you got your license finally. I know you've been worried about it

The HOA landscapers mowed today and John has finished all the pruning, etc, so the yard looks nice.  He thinks he will put another coat of paint on the shutters but thinks he's catching my cold, so didn't do it today.

I picked up some books at the clubhouse and dropped some off, but wasn't thrilled with my selections and wanted to go to the real library, but by the time I got there, it was closing.

Bon Voyage, Marilyn!!

Darlene, I forgot about your eyelid surgery. I'm glad it went well. Bummer on no makeup for 2 weekss!

Hi to everyone else.  Keep safe, dry and healthy!  Sharon

jane was the neighborhood picnic? Good to take the shortcut through the neighbor's yard.

Sharon...glad you're feeling better.

Darlene...hurrah for eyelids fixed.

Mary...summer has arrived it here, too, and so humid.  AND more rain to come, I guess.

Jeanne...good for you on the new license and driving your new car.

Alpiner...glad you're safe.  We have more flooding and tornado weather than we need, for sure!

Marilyn should be enjoying Hawaii now.

I'm amazed at the number of "climbers" who are standing in the huge line to get to the top of Mt. Everest.  I don't understand the need to do that...something that isn't unusual, obviously, anymore.

Beautiful day here today, and I'm looking forward to a quiet evening...laundry is finished, guest bedroom is ready for my sister and bil to arrive later this week, etc.