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Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 pm

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jane, glad for the good news from Ray's various doctors.  Take it easy with your company and stay inside.

Jeanne, sounds like it might be time for you to find some household help, too.  Changing sheets is hard.  And doing anything in your heat and humidity is almost impossible.  Stay in the a/c.

Sharon, I hope all is going well since you're at home.

Sue, stay cool.  Sorry you missed out on your bridge the other day.

Darlene, are you as humid as the rest of us?  It's been so steamy in most of our areas.

No MP at duplicate this afternoon, but we did place at 50%, so not too bad.  We had a few showers this afternoon, but just enough to really steam things up.  It's supposed to be much cooler by the middle of next week.

Happy Weekend to all the Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Good morning, Buddies.  I've had breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen. Now I need to get dressed and do a few light inside chores.  Bonney and I are going out to lunch later on this morning and she'll come by and pick me up.  I hope she'll stop at Kroger, too, as I forgot to get something I needed in the pharmacy department. 

Jane, I hope this will be a good day for Ray and you.  It sounds like the doctors are staying on top of his problems and things are looking up.  Can you stay out of the heat today?  I am going to dress soon and get my walk in--but puffing up the hill and then down the other one is a chore even in cool weather!

Jeanne, I'm with Mary about the sheet changing.  I have a cleaning service that comes every two weeks.  They damp mop all my floors (all hard wood except tile in my entrance off the kitchen) change my sheets and dust everything that I can keep tidy.  I shower every evening before going to bed, so think it's OK to sleep on sheets 2 weeks.

Mary, woo hoo on expecting some cooler weather soon.  We're supposed to be in the upper 90's today and for at least another week.  I am going to dress and get out to walk ASAP!

Sharon, I'm glad you are home and hopefully feeling better.  Try to take it easy--how often does your cleaning lady come?  Is John able to help with household chores?  Big hugs and keep us posted. 

Hello to Marilyn, Darlene, and Every Buddy looking in.  Has anyone heard anything from GinnyAnn?

Have a nice day, Every Buddy--and try to stay cool!


Family arrived last night and had to leave this morning.  HUGE storms in their area of WI after they left yesterday and a 30 mile wide swatch of straight line winds that took down trees like they were toothpicks.  The neighbor said they had at least 30 trees down over their driveway and the county was using snow plows to move trees off the highways so people could get close to their properties.  Neighbor walked in and got the propane tank turned off. It's leaking propane and can be smelled all over their 9 acres.  LOTS of trees down.  Neighbor across the lake has his boat at the bottom of the lake as his pine trees fell on it and his metal carport collapsed on his brand new car, smashing it.  Electricity  is out all over the area from Amery to Turtle Lake to Comstock to Cumberland to Rice Lake, etc.

So...they left and will stop in Twin Cities to buy another chain saw, get a generator from a friend, stock up on bottled water, etc.  They'll go back and forth from son's home in suburb of Mpls to their place in Comstock...1.5 hour drive, but best choice for them.

They had high winds north of us on I-35...3 semis overturned and several accidents they were held up for.  She said they felt their car being lifted up in one huge gust. 

I've canceled my eye appt for Monday in IC. I can't leave Ray alone for all those hours, and the long drive and wait time is just too much for him to take him with me.  He needs this week without appointments...chemo was put off...he needed a week off after 10 straight weeks of all that toxic stuff. 

Friday our friend Joan...whose husband died last month...our Iowa/Texas friend is coming up and meeting me for lunch and lots of talk...and then will come by the house to see and hug Ray. 

Storms to come through here tonight....so Jeanne....stay alert and careful.

All Buddies, stay alert to your weather and be safe!!



Hi Gals, sorry I didn't get in yesterday or so. I've had visits from the PT and OT, and just trying to handle myself and what I can.  Every step still hurts, but maybe not as much.I don't do anything without my walker.  No fun. Thanks for all the balloons and welcomes.

Jane, I'm so glad that the doctors/dentists are handling Ray so well.  Sorry about the oxygen tank though. You are wise to cancel the eye appt.  John has cancelled several of his bridge appts, but I'm going to try to go to my own bridge on Wed, provided someone drives me, etc.

I have a cleaning girl every 2 weeks and she was here last Monday.John can do laundry (though not happily). He fixed a meatloaf I had frozen for dinner last night. He sticks close by when I am showering, etc.  I have a shower seat and a seat that fits over the toilet to give me support.

The occupational therapist said she didn't think I need her again, but the PT is definitely needed. Both are nice.

It is around 97 here but is supposed to be cooler Tues or Wed. The humidity has been high too, but I'm staying inside anyway.

Mary, I presume you had a wonderful time at the beach with lots of seafood!

Darlene, I hope it cools down for you and Jeanne and everyone else soon. Be careful to stay hydrated.

Marilyn, I was so sorry to read your FB post last week about Keith.Prayers and hugs for you both.

All for now. Hard to post as normal.   Sharon


jane, so sorry for the damage to your friends' house in WI.  Terrible storms!

Sharon, glad to have you back posting.  I know you hate it, but stay with those aids.  It's been some cooler today, because of a rain shower, but then much cooler next week (i.e., low 80s). Our time at the beach was great, even though it ended up with TS Barry.

Marilyn, (again from Facebook) I'm sorry you're having so much work done on your house. I hope you can find the help to get it done.

Sue, hope you had a good lunch with your friend.

Another quiet weekend here.  Stay in and stay cool and safe!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Good morning, Gals.  Obviously, I had to skip church and SS today and John felt it was too long for him to leave me alone, so he didn't go either.  He did take his half-hour walk as I promised to stay put while he was gone.  I didn't sleep too well last night. I took a Tramadol at 5 AM, but was still hurting when I got up at 9:00, so took some Tylenol.  It's a little better. It was my back that was hurting this AM. My leg was much better.  But who knows for how long.  Poor Bunny is so upset because John re-arranged the living room and disturbed her routine.

Two friends have offered to drive me to bridge on Wed. I just hope I can last the time. I told John to reschedule his bridge which he was happy to do, but he's worried how I'll get along.

Jane, that was awful about your friend's house. I saw a lot of pictures of destruction in WI on TV.

Mary, I kind of look at MP's as pats on the back at our level. For John, it's different. I do hope he gets his Ruby before Christmas.

Sue, you are lucky to have so many good friends to drive you and play bridge with and go to church with. Too bad one forgot you last week though.

I have had so many nice visits and cards and things from my church friends. The neighbors helped John out when I was in rehab by putting her food dish in the doggy door if he was gone at meal time.

John bought 2 shower grabbars and I think I have found someone to install them.  I will feel safer when those are in.

Marilyn, I do wish you could get people to come get the furniture and carpeting out of your house, so you could breathe easier. What would Keith say if you got rid of his cat that has made such a mess of things?

Hope it cools down for all of us.  Sharon


Sharon, love your description of MPs.  That definitely works for me!
 Good plan for getting the grabbars.  Margaret has some of the removable hand-holds with suction cups.  They have worked great for me when we're traveling. It's just a matter of figuring out where it's best to put them. She also carries rubber mats and the portable raised potty seat (bless her!). 
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Good early afternoon, Every Buddy!  I've been to church and SS and have come home, changed clothes, and eaten my lunch.  It's pretty HOT outside, so I'll wait until late afternoon when the sun is setting before I walk outside.  I have a lengthy library book that I started yesterday and hope to finish today. 

Sharon, I'm so glad to see your post and hope you're beginning to feel a lot better.  I hope that you'll continue to improve--but here's a word to the wise:  take it easy and do as little as possible until you feel much stronger!  I know that you're happy to be home.

Mary, I did enjoy our bridge lunch at Dorothy's home last Thursday.  We don't eat a huge lunch, but she always has something tasty for us to eat and enjoy.  I'll have the bridge club next time--and they sure won't get anything as yummy as Dorothy's cake!  I might make Swedish Oatmeal Cookies to serve with ice cream if we get a cooler morning when it's my turn to be the hostess.

Jane, I hope you and Ray are having a good day.  It's good that he's having a time out from the treatment and hope he'll be able to rest and will feel much better with the rest time.  Thoughts and prayers for both of you from here in Auburn.

Hi to Marilyn, Darlene, Alpiner, and whoever is looking in.  Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


Marilyn...I don't know how you and K can live with that toxic smell in the house.  I thought cats used litter boxes, but I recall now one of our teachers had several and when they went to sell a home they'd only lived in for maybe 5 years, the smell was so bad from the cats that they had to remove the drywall where they'd urinated as well as the carpet and flooring under that to have a chance of selling it.  It sounds as if you're in a similar situation and I'm sure K doesn't realize it.

Sharon...get those grab bars up.  We put ours up when we had the bathroom remodeled and they're a necessity. 

Sue...take care in your heat.

Mary...nice to have Margaret take those things along when you travel. 

Thank heavens a bit of cooler air came through this morning, but it's back at 90 now. 

Our niece called this morning and said the destruction on their property is unreal and overwhelming. She said it'll take months to get all the downed and sheared off trees taken care of by all the people around their lake.  When she called, she was at a hardware store looking for wire cutters/bolt cutters because the downed electrical lines are so tangled in the downed trees.  They and a friend are working to just clear their driveway so they can get the truck up to the house and get a generator a friend loaned them hooked up.  They want to try and save all the meat in their two freezers.  The line to their propane tank is severed.  She said it's a miracle nobody died or was seriously injured. The winds must have been unreal to topple over all these trees with huge root balls now in the air. Their birch trees are either on the ground or badly bent over. 

Ray was able to get outside and walk to the end of the driveway with a couple stops. It's the first he's been out and able to walk in over a week. 

Nothing else new here...just hanging on! :2funny:


I have church family who are going to help get this house in order. but getting rid of Keith's cats is not an option. today one is missing, probable hiding someplace, and K< is having a fit. refused to go to church to stay home and  see if the cat came back. Keith hasn't been able to smell much of anything for years, He can't smell the ammonia from the urine either.  There have been times when he told me it was my imagination. The same with the fact that I cn taste the chemicals  in the tap water and I will not drink it at all. I buy bottled water for myself.


Marilyn. It will just get to the same state if you keep the cats. To late to train them now .Just find a way to take them maybe to the humane Society. He may give a hard time but now is time to just let him think the cat got out and has not come back. In a short time he will stop asking about it. Do them one at a time. Sounds cruel but you should not be living with the problems.No good for your lungs. As the saying goes . Sometimes one has to be cruel to be kind. Have one of his family help you with this. Don't the visit about this time of year?


July 21, 2019, 06:37:59 pm #7301 Last Edit: July 21, 2019, 06:40:14 pm by Marilyn
1; the cats do use the  littler boxes I have 4 boxes. There are 5 cats not all of them spray. Spraying is typical of male cats if there is more than 1 male in the house. It is a dominant thing among them marking their territory.

2; When you adopt an animal it is for that animals life, so not an option since all are adopted. My cat ( who always uses the boxes) would be immediately euthanized since he has Leukemia and is 18 yrs old, Not gonna happen.

3. Most importantly Keith gets great comfort from the cats it is not wise to interrupt a person with Alzhiemer's routine. As it is his #1 cat that he has had the longest is no where to be found since early this morning when I let them out. Keith is so worried about him.

Two of the cats are the ones who  tend to spray  outside the boxes from time to time.

The carpet man told me that as the urine gets old it turns to ammonia and if it gets wet it gets worse. I have tried to clean the urine with Vinegar and water and dawn. So apparently I have made it worse trying to clean it. I know there are expensive products out there that have enzymes to get rid of the smell , but I would have to buy gallons and it is too late now to do anything but rip out the carpets. The carpet man said nothing can be Done.

Cats have lived  peed and pooped in this house for 35-40 yrs long before I came here.


Good morning, Every Buddy.  I've had breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, but am not dressed yet.  When I finish posting I'll put on my daytime duds and get out for my morning walk before the heat becomes unbearable.  We're facing high 90's for temperatures today.

Jane, I'm so sorry about the destruction on your niece's property.  Every evening when I watch the weather news, it seems that many places are having similar problems.  I'm guessing it has to do with Global warming.  I hope Ray is feeling better today and has a good day.  It's great that he has gotten outside for a walk.  I'm planning on a walk shortly, too, before it gets unbearably hot here.

Jeanne, your suggestion is a good one--and hopefully Marilyn can find someone who would like a cat and would take at least one or two.  If she can get rid of them one at a time, Keith might not notice the missing one.

Marilyn, you have my sympathy.  I'm sure Keith would probably notice if several of his cats are missing.  You are certainly working hard to keep Keith comfortable and happy.  It must be very difficult.  thoughts and prayers for you both.

Have a nice day, Every Buddy and Hello to all Buddies looking in.


Keith's kitty was found by me behind on of the Hydrangea bushes yesterday. So now Keith is happy. This morning I put flea meds on all the cats.

Freckles and I are going to visit one of the nursing homes this morning then after lunch I am going shipping for my friend that I have been taking care of.

I did 3 loads of laundry starting at 5:50 am so I could get it all done.


Hi Gals.  Oh my, Marilyn, you have multiple problems and I don't know the answer. I know male cats spray from time to time. I know Keith's well-being is your main goal, but you do have to get the house clean for your well-being as well.  My prayers are with you both.

Mary, that's wonderful that Margaret takes all the stuff when you travel. You must feel must safer.  I have the suction handles and have used them at home and considered taking them for travel as well.

Sue, hope you finish your book and get your walk in. Maybe I will try walking to the end of the driveway later if I'm up to it.

Jane, I'm so sorry for  your niece's house destruction and for all of the damage in the area. I guess all we can do is say prayers for them and thanks for being safe. Glad Ray is up to walking a little. I'm looking forward to that too.

The PT came this AM and put me through my paces. They really seemed easy at the time, but I was really hurting later.  The Guy came to give us an estimate on the shower bars and will be back at 9 AM tomorrow to install them. Sure hope he does them well.

I had calls from daughter #1 who plans a brief visit on Sat en route to Myrtle Island timeshare and then from 2 grandsons. Unfortunately, I was taking a 2 hour nap during all of them and still haven't connected.

The PT said there was a little improvement since Thurs, but still need a lot more, which I agree with.

Stay in and stay cool.  Sharon


Weather here seemed more tolerable, I guess.  It's suppose to be like this until Friday when the temps and humidity go up, up, up again. 

Ray was exhausted after a former co-worker came by for a visit. 

The salmon I'd taken out for his supper hadn't thawed enough, so he was hungry for broasted chicken breasts and I called one of the golf clubs who have those and ordered takeout.  Sure easy "cooking and cleaning" for me.

This morning I got out the soup Donal had made and brought and added the beans I'd soaked overnight and then boiled and dished it up into 10 2 cup glass bowls.  We're running out of freezer space, so I told him not to ask for any more soup for quite a while. 

I decided it was time to re-organize all our paperwork...among the Port Isabel Health Clinic, the Harlingen hospital, Harlingen Valley Cancer Center, Hall-Perrine Cancer Center in CR, and the local hospital I have more reports and paperwork than anybody would think possible.  So, I think it's better organized...or so I hope.  I also went through the file I keep for income tax stuff and another file of "papers to keep" and could clean out many of those.

So, that and two loads of laundry were my day.   :2funny:

Take care, Buddies!



The guys are coming to install the grab bars this morning!  So I had to get up at 8:00 which sounds late but isn't or me. I could barely walk this morning and get myself dressed even with a pain pill first thing. Finally added 2 tylenol ES and am feeling a little better. However, based on my early morning pain, I don't think I can play bridge tomorrow and will cancel soon. It's just not fair to the others. If I had a wheelchair, maybe I could manage it, but not with a walker right now. I could hardly walk to the bath and the closet and out to the living room and had to ask John to fix my breakfast which I'm not supposed to do according to my PT, but I had no choice today.

Our neighbors brought us a big bowl of homemade chicken soup last night and visited for a few minutes. So nice.  A church member brought coconut cake last Sat and another meatloaf Sunday night. That's in the freezer since I had just had it. Nice to have good friends.

Jane, I'm sorry Ray's friend tired him out.  Sick visits for anyone seriously ill should be kept short.  It's to rain here this afternoon and then cool way down in the low 80's.

Marilyn, I hope things are improving for you, although it sounds like a lot of things have to be changed to be comfortable.  I know the attachment people can have to cats. John's sister's cats had to be given to the shelter when they moved her to IA and an apt that forbid any animals.  She still misses them greatly.  I've never had one or wanted one, but to each his own. One of my daughter's has always had one and loves them. The first one they had attacked me, so that is why I would rather avoid them. Anyway, it is a very difficult situation for you to solve.  Prayers and Hugs.

Sue, have a good early walk. Hope things are cooling down there too.

Mary, your plants will be happy this week.

Hope all have a happy day.  Sharon


Sharon, sorry you're having such a bad morning.  Hope it'll get better soon.  All that rain coming through (heading your way), and I got less than one-half inch.  Places just north of us got ~3", though.  My plants are happy, though, and the hibiscus that looked "deadest" is putting out new leaves.

Marilyn, you've got some difficult things to deal with, but it sounds like you're gradually getting it done.  I know dealing with that and Keith is really tough.  Hang in there - you're one tough lady!

jane, I know it doesn't take much to tire Ray out.  That'll probably be true for a while.  It really does take a serious sit-down to get all the paper stuff organized - particularly with so many entities to deal with.  Good luck.

Sorry you're not getting to bridge, Sharon - best not to push it too much.  We should have stayed home last night.  I made one bid I shouldn't have (bad defense), but mostly we were "down one" all night, and came in last.  Oh, well...

Nothing much going on around here.  We're supposed to be starting a new menu system today, and I don't know anything about it.  I think we're having a Menu Planning meeting this afternoon, so maybe we'll learn more then.

Happy Tuesday to Sue, Darlene, Jeanne, alpiner, and all the Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Like Sharon, it was a bad night and day here today.  Supper last night...the broasted chicken we both wanted...did not sit well with either of us...and neither of us is back to normal yet.  Tummy and intestinal track sure do get "picky" as we get older about what they will and won't tolerate. 

I hurt all over which doesn't help my mood at all.  We've got music going in the family room, Ray's sleeping again after some yogurt and pineapple.  His appetite and taste buds are off these days and he has absolutely no energy or strength.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to play bridge, but we'll have to see if this old body straightens out by then.



Hi Buddies...it's finally cooled down here...but sure it will be hot as ever in August...we have our family reunion next Sat...looking forward to that...Sharon".thinking of you ...and hope you regain strength fast..but don't overdue...Jane hoping tomorrow is a better day for you and Ray.....I am having trouble with feed back on my hearing aides...my goodness they are expensive...Marlyin...hope you get the help you need with ur house...I love animals..but don't have a cat or dog....Hi to Mary..Sue..Jeanne....Sue I'm still trying to walk a mile a day...can sure tell difference..when I don't...got to keep moving....everyone have a great blessed healthy evening


July 23, 2019, 05:32:23 pm #7310 Last Edit: July 23, 2019, 05:34:05 pm by Marilyn
Hello every Buddy, My car is at the shop getting 4 brand new tires. Yesterday I hit a curb and  blew a huge hole in  the right front tire, so since my car is an all wheel drive It needs to have all 4 replaced, I was only going to have the front replaced. Lucky for me the shop had 4 of my size so I went with that plus the alignment. this is the same garage where we have all the auto work done.

Keith is doing OK today and I have taken Freckles for 3 walks while I am waiting for  the call that the car is ready, they will pick me up. Freckles walks total  4 miles so far today.

I have been trying to arrange a visit for Keith to see his boys for sometime in Aug, but so far they haven't provided a date, I  finally had enough of the stalling and told them a date we would be available for the trip to Vancouver. My calendar is already filling up and today I just got a new Hospice Patient assignment that I will work into my schedule for 1 hour per week home visit.


Ray and Jane, so sorry about the stomach upset. I take a Pepcid Complete every morning and that seems to keep me on an even keel. But don't know how that would react with the chemo.

Marilyn, just what you need-4 new tires!  Do K's boys realize how bad K is getting and that they need to see him while he is still Keith as often as possible? Do they call often? We call Millie every Sunday.

Darlene, you sound healthy and good.  If the hearing aids aren't working well, take them back to be reworked or exchanged. My Phonaks are great.

I'm hurting bad this AM again. Don't know what I will do.  Sharon


Darlene...glad things are cooling down for you.

Sharon...after your PT, I'm sure your whole body must hurt.

Marilyn...I hope the boys agree to your date.

Mary, Sue, Jeanne, Alpiner, Joy...hope all is good with you all.

If Ray's doing ok today, I hope to get out for a few hours of bridge and then a WalMart stop to buy another month's glucose monitor that attaches to his arm.  It saves on all the finger sticks for him that makes his fingers so sore. They last 14 days, but one only lasted 5 days before it came off, and nope, you can't reattach it.  :-\   And his drug insurance doesn't cover it, of course.  :o

Nothing else exciting here. :2funny:


Ouch on the tires, Marilyn.  Glad you didn't have a wreck when the tire blew.

Sharon, I'm so sorry about the pain you're dealing with.  I take a prescription Omeprazole to protect my stomach while I'm taking NSAIDs - I've done that for years.

jane, I hope things will settle down for you both when Ray's chemo is finished.  I also hope you can get away for some bridge and some "me" time.  As you and Marilyn both know - that's SO important for caregivers.

Nothing going on around here today, except for the Mueller report hearings.

Happy Hump Day, Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Good morning, Every Buddy.  I've had breakfast, read the paper, and cleaned up the kitchen.  I am dressed except for shoes and socks and need to get that done shortly as it is already up into the high 80's and will be even hotter soon.  I played bridge yesterday afternoon at the Retirement home and met (and played with) Callie's (Oklahoma) friend from Opelika.  She's moved into the retirement home with her 2 dogs and is happy to be there.

Sharon, I'm especially glad to see your post and hope you will continue to improve and to feel much better. 

Marilyn, I hope you can work out a date with Keith's sons that will be a good one for all of you.  I see Tim almost every Monday unless he is out of town and Jon, Stacie, and Bill call me every week, so we can keep in touch. I think Keith would like to see his sons fairly often. 

Jane, I'm hoping this will be a good day for you and Ray.  Keep us posted.  Good luck with the bridge game!

Mary, I haven't turned on my TV yet this morning as I wanted to get the kitchen cleaned up and out for a walk (which I need to do right away!).  I'm interested in the Mueller hearings and hope that all will go well.  I'm expecting them to be rather lengthy.

I need to get outside before it gets any hotter.  Have a nice day, Every Buddy!


Keith's boys do  NOT call him except his birthday, Christmas and father's day, Unlike Gilbert who calls once a week most of the time and Ron  calls me every few months, but I talk to him on Facebook frequently. I have asked that  the boys call their father but they still do not.I put reports on Keith on Facebook for friends and family but I  don't know if they read them because they do not comment on my posts. His sister does and she calls as well. It is  very discouraging to both Keith and myself.

Well I am still waiting for them to finish my car, I just got a call that the alignment is giving them fits. They are also replacing the battery and  putting on new brakes. So the price went from 500 and change to 1000 and change, what can I say, the work needed doing and it will be a long time before I have them put thwe dye i the engine to find the leak. Only oil changes from now on.


Marilyn...it sounds as if all that work needs to be done to your car so you can drive it safely.

Sue...hope you got that walk in before the heat goes up.

No bridge for me today.  I went out and had lunch with the "girls" but a fifth person came, so I just finished lunch.  I could have stayed and played, but I was honestly too tired to enjoy it. So, I went to WalMart for the glucose "button" for Ray's arm, and a few other things and then came home and started the laundry.I also brought home a hot fudge sundae for him. It's his favorite and the easiest way to get some calories into him and be something he enjoys.

The Mueller Hearing is on and I catch some of it as I'm cleaning the kitchen, etc.  I have the book and will read it when I have a few minutes to myself to think.



I am still waiting for the call that my car is ready. It was supposed to be done hours ago.  I have to  buy the ingredients for Freckles food and the liver has to be frozen before I can cut it in to small pieces. I have enough for her now for only her supper meal. I have the monthly Furry Friends luncheon and meeting tomorrow and I have to unlock my church for the meeting. It looks at this time that I will be  giving her canned food in the morning and cooking for her then. (I prefer ot to feed her commercial food) GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


Jane...a hot fudge sundae sounds good...I am thin...would like to gain at least 12 pounds...without consuming a lot of sugar..seems no matter what I eat...don't gain a lb...


Marilyn...hope you get your car back soon.

Darlene...I need for Ray to gain weight.  He loves hot fudge sundaes but rarely would get any.  Unfortunately sugar seems to be the only way to gain weight.  In the hospital they brought him a lot of the "boost" drinks which are heavy in sugar. I decided he might as well eat things he likes that can help him get calories.