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February 16, 2020, 02:07:12 pm

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Feb 15 2020 12:19pm
Astro: Can't hitch a bob any more... lol

Feb 15 2020 12:18pm
Astro: Now it's snowing. Thinking of waxing up the Flexible Flyer.

Feb 15 2020 10:22am
brian: hello anyone  who comes in

Feb 15 2020 7:49am
Astro: Another  brrr morning.  Can Spring be far off?

Feb 14 2020 8:55am
Astro: Happy Valentine's day!

Feb 14 2020 8:54am
Astro: Top o' the day to all.

Feb 13 2020 2:19pm
brian: its not moot its  logical  but   logic  is not  strongly present  it   seems-----------   the    subject is  now   closed  permanently

Feb 13 2020 2:13pm
Astro: It's a moot point, Brian.  Had it not snowed, the driver would not be there.  Hence, weather related.  Full stop!

Feb 13 2020 1:48pm
brian: astro  my point   had nothing to do with  internet and  mailbox  -----  i maintain  the   weather is  what it is   and we have no control over that  so it  cant  be   AT  FAULT!!! The   driver is  at  fault-------   its   obvious

Feb 13 2020 1:04pm
Astro: Living in Wisconsin, I'm quite familiar with snow, Brian.  We get many feet of it every year.  I'll still maintain the fact that the weather was the culprit.  Oh,.. by the way, Your internet is not connected through your mail box.   ;)

Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 pm

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Marlyin...it may be to low for me...because it makes me dizzy that low


It could be that the 100mgs is too high too.,


Good morning, Every Buddy.  I've had breakfast and cleaned up my kitchen, but am not yet dressed for walking outside.  I just turned the page here and will send greetings to all who are looking in this morning. 

Jane, I hope the paperwork is close to completion and you're beginning to get into a routine.  I know the evenings/nights are the toughest--I was OK during the day when Bob died as I had outside chores to keep me occupied, but hated the evenings.  He died in 2002 and I still miss him.  His father died not long after Bob did and I had to help his mother as she was almost 90 when she died.  She was a sweet lady, but Bob's dad was a piece of work.  He didn't like me or Bill and Jon, but always gave Tim little gifts and never did for the other 2. 

I never understood that and resented his treatment of Bill and Jon.  I never took it up with him and was always polite, but thought he should have treated Bill and Jon the same as he treated Tim.  Oh well, he's gone now and I no longer worry about it--but I can't imagine not treating our grandchildren differently.  What I do for one I do for the other.

It's going to very hot here again this morning, so I need to get dressed and outside to walk while we still have shade in our neighborhood.

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


August 29, 2019, 10:52:58 am #7473 Last Edit: August 29, 2019, 05:10:45 pm by jane

Darlene...I know Marilyn disagrees, but I believe 50 is way too low for someone our age when you're having side effects.  If you're a world class athlete, that number may be fine, but when Ray's was that low, he was dizzy and stumbling around.  His young doc said too much BP meds and stopped them.  She'd worry that he'd fall and that was worse than blood pressure of something like 125/70, etc. He also felt better when it was something like that.

Sharon...  Donal is going to take his beautiful leather jackets that he loved.  I'll get through the rest. I have all winter to do that.  Keep working hard on that PT and get back to your beautiful home.

Sue...nights are the worse, as you said.  I don't understand how grandparents can treat grandchildren so differently.

Marilyn...hope the shot helps.  It's great the friend is taking K to the games and other activities.  That has to be a big help to you.

I've walked and had decided, on Mary's advice, to check out LaZBoy recliners.  One local furniture store had some on sale.  They had a huge selection, and one that fit me.  It's a rocker and recliner and I bought it.  They'll deliver it today at 4:00 and haul away this big hulking, broken one that Ray had.  As Mary said, it's a lifetime guarantee on the parts.  And it's not so heavy that I can't move it.  It's not electric...manual recliner thing as the electric one Ray had made it so heavy. 

I need to go to the bank and get some papers from the box there and take them to the CPA office.

Nothing else going on here...to be hot and humid today, then cool down again.  Leaves are starting to change here, so fall is definitely on the way.



I've had PT and got to walk outside with my walker. Nice to be outside. It's only 85 here today.

My BP is regularly 115/55 or 60, so that doesn't sound too low to me, but it may be for you, Darlene.

Jane, that is nice that someone can use the leather jackets and the winter coats and hats will be good to donate when the temp starts dropping. I'm sure you are lonesome and miss Ray and always will, but I'm also sure it will lessen as time goes by, even if the memories don't. The chair sounds nice.

Marilyn, I'm glad you got your shots today, but it will be hard to walk Freckles, I'm sure.

Mary, still no word from you. I do hope everything is okay.
Hi to everyone. Hope it's not too hot. Sue, be careful with your walks.    Sharon



I corrected my BP numbers...I meant 125/70, not the reverse.   :smiley6600:

My recliner has been delivered and I love it.  I have so much more room to move side tables and still have room. 


Friday morning greetings, Babes!!

It's to be another pleasant day here, weather-wise, and a busy one for me.
I'm off to Dubuque with a stop in a small town near me to see about canceling Ray's cell phone, and then on to Dubuque to pick up a ring, have lunch with my Tx-Iowa friend, Joan, and then on to the bank to get Ray's IRA moved or whatever it is that is to be done.  Back home to go out for supper with Friday night friends and then they'll be back here for "afters"...i.e., dessert.  I froze the strawberry pie I bought at the farmers' market last Saturday.  SO many differing ways about how to do that on the internet. I hope the one I chose works...or we'll have a strawberry "crumble" or "mess"...depending. :idiot2:

I hope you're having a peaceful day and that the weekend is a pleasant one.



August 30, 2019, 11:56:43 am #7477 Last Edit: August 30, 2019, 11:59:19 am by SharonE Reason: forgot something
Sounds like you're having a busy day today, Jane.  Glad your chair arrived and that you like it so well.  Hope the strawberry pie is good and that you enjoy your luncheon.  I presume someone has told you that you have to get a federal ID # for Ray in place of his SS #. That really confused me when Mom died.  The bank filed for one for me, so it was helpful.  If you haven't gotten one yet, maybe your bank will help out.

The PT girl arrived before I finished my coffee this AM. Fortunately, I had finished breakfast.  So we went right down and got an early start and the OT girl was waiting when I finished. I waas back in my room by 11:00.

One of my hearing aids is broken, so I called the audiologist and John can mail it to her ad she can mail it back.

Brian messaged me that he will be here Sept 15 en route to Charleston for business.

Marilyn, how are your feet? I hope they are healing.

Mary, we still haven't heard from you. I hope all is well.

Hi to Sue, Darlene, Jeanne, Alpiner, Joy and anyone else I've forgotten.  Have a good day.  Sharon


I have the approval from the insurance & have an appt. with a dermatologist for September 3 . So glad to finally have an appt. to see about this thong . It looks awful so I put a band aide on it when I go out . It looks like a raised white paint spot


Sherry the last shots in my foot  helped a bit but not enough. Next week I am going to call the Dr. and tell them I want the surgery to get rid of the pain once and for all. The emotional stress taking care of Keith and having to deal with the pain is just too much for me. I have to take care of my health to be able to care for him. If we could afford to have the caregiver more than 2 hours per week I would be so happy, but unfortunately our funds are dwindling fast paying for  dr visits, meds and house hold bills. The next thing I have to cash in is the last, will be his small IRA that is all that is left.I can't afford to hire someone to do the carpets and floors so that is why I am waiting all this time for someone from the church to help.

Sorry for the vent: It has been piling up on me.


Good morning, Every Buddy.  I've had breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen, but am not dressed yet.  I have a funeral to attend at 2:00 at the church and I need to get showered, hair washed, etc. before I can do that.  Ethel, who died this week, was a long time friend and played bridge with us for many years, but became severely depressed when her husband died about 5 years ago.  She stopped coming to church, no longer played bridge, and stayed at her home except for trips to the grocery store.  Her funeral is at two this afternoon.  Her daughter who lives in/near Chicago is a friend/colleague of Bill and they often are present at the same meetings. 

I also need to call my sister Anne sometime today.  They may need to come up here if the hurricane heads their way.  It looks as if it's going to be a huge storm.

I hope Every Buddy is in a safe place and out of the way of incoming storms.  Take care, my friends.



Good morning, I feel a little less overwhelmed this morning. I got up around 5 took Freckles out to go [otty, did the morning chores of getting the pets fed etc, took my Fosamax then showered. Not much planned for today, I may write the checks that need to go out after the 3rd. I do plan to crochet on the Afghan I am making for Gilbert for Christmas. I will try to take Freckles for a couple of short walks depending on how much my foot hurts.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, doing whatever you are doing.


August 31, 2019, 03:31:05 pm #7482 Last Edit: August 31, 2019, 03:46:07 pm by jane
Saturday afternoon greetings.  It's a cool day here and it feels good.

Sharon...nobody has mentioned anything about a federal ID...not the attorney, not the CPA, not the bank person.  What is the purpose of it, do you remember?

EDIT: I just did a search and this is what I found:"Similar in purpose to the Social Security number assigned to individuals, EINs are used by employers, sole proprietors, corporations, partnerships, non-profit organizations, trusts and estates, government agencies, certain individuals and other business entities. The IRS uses this number to identify taxpayers that are required to file various business tax returns. Individuals who are employers may choose to either obtain an EIN or use their Social Security number for the purpose of reporting taxes withheld on behalf of their employees."  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Employer_Identification_Number
Ray didn't have a business, or a trust, so I don't think it would apply to us.

Marilyn...sorry the shot didn't help.

Sue...sorry about another funeral for you to attend.

Alpiner...good to get whatever that is off and out and biopsied.

Mary...hope you're recovering and feeling better.

Hi, to Darlene and Jeanne, too.

I'm still having trouble sleeping, and was up at 5:00 am. I walked down to the Farmers Market about 8:00 am and then home and out to WalMart for a few items. I've stripped my bed and have the clean sheets on.  I'm just not very ambitious today. I'm emotionally drained from yesterday...a month since Ray died.  Don  and Patricia and the boys sent me a beautiful bouquet for the day...and I appreciated their remembering. 


Hi everybuddy....Igot to walk this morning before it got to hot...be so glad when it cools off...probably not till Oct....JANE...I didn't sleep well last night either...my outside motion light....by my bedroom window came on twice and woke me....of course I got up and looked...must have been a dog or cat...I do have security system...nothing showed up on monitors...I'm so tired of having to check my B/p  twice a day....to take in to my Dr appt next Thursday...since he added the metroprol to the Losartan I was already on...don't like to take more...why can't they find one that works....Hi to everyone looking in...Have a good holiday weekend...it will be a quite one for me....


Good morning, Darlene and Every Buddy looking in this morning.  I'm dressed and ready for SS and Church, but it will be a while before Olyne picks me up.  We went to the funeral for Ethel yesterday.  It was well attended and we were glad to see University employees who'd worked with Ethel's husband there. 

It looks as if it will rain today and thankfully I have library books to read.  Sunday afternoons are great if the sun is out and pleasant for walking, but rainy Sundays are not so wonderful!

I did talk to Anne yesterday and they are planning to stay in place unless the storm intensifies.  Last year they drove about 50 miles north of their condo and stayed there.  I hope everyone in Florida is spared terrible damage. 

Not much else going on here today.  Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


I am having the same problem now with the BP med. he has me on the same as you but has added a dietetic. Take these in the morning and one of them that he added before bed. Also will go back in on Thursday to see if working. Got really high last Sunday that went to emergency room. So dizzy.
Only problem I have but I can't understand why the can't come up with just one pill


Jeanne...I agree...I don't want to take several BP pills...I want one...that works....let me know how ur Dr appt goes...mine is Thursday also


Hi Gals.  Jane, it may be the fact that Mom had a trust that required it.  It they say you don't need it, then forget it.  I'm sure that every anniversary will be very hurtful. Nice that you got the flowers.  Lori sent me some too.

Darlene & Alpiner, I agree that you should be able to get by with one pill.  Glad you're seeing the dermatologist, Alpiner.

Marilyn, venting is what we're here for, but I'm sorry the shots didn't work and that the $$ are decreasing. I hope the church people pitch in soon.

Sue, sorry you lost another ffriend. I guess it's that time of life, but I don't like it.

Not sure if I mentioned that Brian is going to stop in 9/15 for a couple days on his way to Charleston.  I'll look forward to that.

No therapy yesterday or today, but on of the women who is a therapist who fills in as a nurse is going to take me for a walk in a bit after she finishes taking vitals. I hope she can do it before John comes at 4:00.  Took my own shower this AM. 

Two of my bridge friends and our SS teacher stopped in yesterday to visit. (Not at the same time.)  So good to see them.

Hi to all.  Sharon


Well, finally have the laptop again, so can check in and post.  This is what I know now.  I have two valves to be replaced - mitral and aortic, which cannot be done by catheter. So there is open heart surgery in my not=to=distant future, probably 1-2 weeks.  I was moved to a rehab facility to regain some strength.  Right now my O2 level and heart rate are giid - thanks to pacemaker.  After surgery, I will have 7-10 days in the hospital, @2 weeks in rehab hospital, and then more time in a regular rehab (that's very close to where I live, so good for the girls to stay.  I'll let you know when a date is set.

My normal BP runs @150/70-80, with one pill + diuretic daily.  While in the hospital, it ran from over 200/? to 100/?  We were happy with anything under 150.

jane, glad you're happy with the la-z-boy.  Our grandsons took stuff of John's they wanted, and I took most of the rest to the homeless shelter.  Tough to do those things.  I never got an EIN for John, either. Your finance folks will advise you.

Sharon, glad you're seeing results from the PT/OT. Congratw on taking your own shower, They'll start with me tomorrow.  Also, IMHO, glad to be looking ahead to retirement community.

Marilyn, sorry about the heel spur - so painful.  Glad you're on the schedule for fixing.

Sue, sorry about your friend.  Won't be too long before basketball season.

Darlene, hope they get your BP meds sorted out soon.

Jeanne, hope you're finally getting some cooler weather.

alpiner, I agree, definitely don't put off seeing the dermatologist.

I hope I haven't missed anybody.  Happy Labor Day!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


re: BP.....I was told by my medical person that I was one of the very few who could take just one BP pill.  She said most people seem to need 3...yes THREE...to control theirs.  Hmmm...must be a lot of factors that influence BP.

Sharon...hope you got your walk in...it sounds as if you're progressing well.  Is Dorian predicted to hit your area?

Jeanne....yikes...sorry for the ER visit last Sunday. 

Darlene...be careful in the heat.

Sue...you, too, be careful in heat.  Will you be getting any of Dorian's rains?

Mary...glad they can do both valves at the same time. Open Heart is scary, but they've made such strides.

Nice day here...and today was the River Run Cardboard Boat Regatta on the white water course of the river through town.  It's a hoot...literally, boats are made out of cardboard and heavily covered with duct tape!  Then they navigate  the white what course...water is low this year with not much rain lately, but it's fun to watch.  They have individual, dual and then team divisions.  I didn't walk this morning, so walked down to the river, bought a pop and some nachos from the food truck there and sat on the wall and watched for awhile. 

Before that I'd had a visitor...Ray's favorite nurse, Jen, who lives about 2 blocks down the street for me stopped by with her hubby, a State Patrolman.  Both are delightful.  She said she just stopped by to hug me. 



Good Morning this L:abor Day. Well I email my podiatrist  and asked for the surgery on my foot. Yesterday there were periods of pain that was so intense I broke out in a sweat and felt just a bit dizzy.  I am wondering if I will have to stop my Eliquis for at least 48 hours before surgery, that will be up to my  primary Dr.

I a taking 3 pills although it is because of the A-Fib, to keep my blood pressure down. Metoprolol, Amlodipine and the Eliquis is for my heart.

I am limiting myself to 1 your on the computer this morning and probably and hour maybe 2 later today. I have been spending too much time on social media.


Marlyin....what mg is your amdolopine...does it cause you any side effects?...I'm going to ask my Dr if Taking med at night would be better...re side effects...


Good morning, Every Buddy.  I've had breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen, but haven't dressed yet.  I need to get outside soon to get my walk in before the temperature rises a lot. 

I talked to my sister Anne in Florida on Saturday.  She and Richard are planning to stay in their condo, but will move to the large Recreation center if necessary.  It is within walking distance of their condo. 

Tim and Kris are borrowing my car (which I no longer drive) for a trip to Disney World sometime next week.  Now that Eddie is taking me to the library and to Kroger on Friday, I very seldom am in my car--but it's there for emergencies.  When Tim takes me to medical appointments, we always use my car.

Not much else to report this morning.  I need to get dressed and out for my morning walk. 

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


Happy Labor Day...although I no longer "labor"... :2funny:

I did get out and walk this morning. Lots of traffic on my street...the Iowa Firefighters Convention is in town for the week, and there's a lot of "coming and going" for their various events...lots of golf outings, etc. They mostly have RVs up at the Fairgrounds, I think.

It's to be hot and humid the weatherpeople say, but it wasn't bad when I walked. I'm hoping for some more rain.

Nothing else new here. I need to go over the new will and POAs that were sent to me, and see about the name change on the house. 

Tomorrow I need to stop at the bank again and get them to remove Ray's name from our accounts.  They were supposed to do that early in August, but it's still there online, at least. 



Darlene my Amlodipine is only 5 mgs once per day, the Metoprolol is 25 gs. Keith's  Amlodipine is 10 mgs once per day and his Metoprolol is 50 mgs.

I went to Walmart to buy  groceries got them put away. Next after I rest a bit I will see if the pain in my foot is  going to let me take Freckles for her walk, if not I will call my neighbor and ask her to take her.


I think that now that prescription are Generic and much cheaper Each one of mine is about $10 to $14 they are thinking that we like saving money. Before Generic pill had such a the Water pill and Metoprolol already in them, Tricky drug companies,. That is why they now give me 3 seperate ones. Going to tell him thursday. to see if there is still one that Benicar make that is like the old ones,. They are $103 but the 3 together come to about $50 and make me so groggy and sick feeling.Also BP keeps higher. Got to get something figured out . Need energy back.


Good morning, Jeanne and Every Buddy looking in this morning.  It's going to be a scorcher here in Auburn today.  I've had breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen, but need to get into the shower and get my morning walk before it gets unbearably hot.

Jane, you've made a lot of progress with the paperwork.  I hope you'll have it all taken care of soon.  Your new recliner sounds comfy and I hope you're enjoying it.  I know you are missing Ray.  Night time was always the toughest for me when Bob died.  I spent a lot of time reading just to pass the time.

Jeanne, I hope you can get your meds straightened out and will feel better soon.  Keep us posted. 

Marilyn, I hope your foot is improving and the pain is less.  Take care and rest your foot as often as you can.

Hello to Every Buddy looking in today.  And try to stay cool.  It's going to be another scorcher here in Auburn today!



I walked this morning, hoping to get some items mailed.  Here our PO doesn't open the window until 9:00 so I did errands around the area and stopped there after a stop at the newspaper and the bank.  It was getting pretty humid by the time I got home. 

I bagged up some more of Ray's clothes and shoes.



Good you are not working with a attorney with estate. I had mine done this year. Thought a good idea to go with a old established fancy one in town. Shocked at what they charged. Still don't fully understand all the fancy wording . Call them with a question and still cost 75 dollars for 1/2 hr.

Now won't you receive Rays SS ?  I had worked 40 years and had pretty good so when Ex husband died 3 years ago. The upped mine the different between mine and his had been. Both of us took early retirement so lost 20 pct. my company paid me and kept me on health ins. Until I became 65 years old Now as you were in teaching yours will be different. All works out leaving us no worries  on money. Lot more get back than ever paid in.


Jeanne...I have my phone appt with Social Security on Sept. 20 when they're supposed to go over all of this with me. I'm assuming I'll get a bit more...the difference between Ray's and mine ...in monthly benefit.  I don't know yet what the attorney fees will be...not small, I'm sure. :coolsmiley: