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Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 pm

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HURRAH....our Sharon was able to get online!!
I hope we hear from our Mary soon, too.

I've had a quiet afternoon since the scooter was taken away. It's such a relief to have that crossed off my "To Do" list. 



Early morning greetings! 

Another night when sleep is hit or miss.

Hope your Tues. is a good one.



Oh Jane I pray your nights get better with time.


Good morning, Buddies.  Jane, I'm with Marilyn in hoping that you'll be able to get more/better sleep.  It's tough to lie in bed and worry about what needs to be done, how you're going to do it, etc.  Also the loneliness that comes with widowhood.  It does take some getting used to--and isn't at all easy.  You are getting your paper work finished and probably trying to make new routines for your days and nights.  I remember that nights were harder--and hope and pray that you are able to sleep.

I also hope we'll hear from Mary's daughters.  If any of you girls are looking in I hope you'll give us an update.  We're all praying for good news.

Today is another scorcher here in Auburn.  Highs close to 100* in the afternoon.  So I'm going to get dressed and outside for my morning walk ASAP.  Have a nice day, Every Buddy.



Good Wednesday morning...

I managed to get one big thing completed yesterday and a couple smaller things.  I muscled an old chair Ray had had in his shop into the back of the car and hauled that nasty thing to the dump in Cedar Rapids.  I then had to get it out of the trunk and over a wall that was shoulder high for me and then it falls into a dumpster on the other side...or so I'm told. I couldn't see over the wall, of course....so it took me a couple of tries, but I finally got it dumped. 

Then, since I'm going to be here for the winter, the first in about 14 years, I bought some boots and winter slip ons. The heel spur at the back of my heel still makes wearing regular shoes hurt.  There's a foot and ankle doc who comes up here to the hospital on some sort of schedule, so I guess I need to get that appointment made. 

The city took down the big ash tree in my "lawn strip"..."terrace" or whatever the name is for that grass strip between the sidewalk and the street.  They left a big stump...which I hope they're going to remove, or I'll have to pay to have it done.   :-\

Today is Bridge day and then I'm going with Gary and Kathy to a meeting about the "redo" of the street out here in front of the house scheduled for next summer. 

Have a pleasant Wednesday,



Good morning, Every Buddy.  I'm dressed and ready for Eddie this morning.  This is not his usual time to take me to the store, etc., but he is trying to get business taken care of today as his partner Dan is having a colonoscopy on Friday and he wants to be there with him.  I want him to take me to Great Clips for a haircut and Kroger for a flu shot.  I don't need groceries this week as I bought plenty on Friday when he took me to Kroger.  I'd also like him to take me to my bank as I need cash to pay him and for other needs.

Jane, enjoy your bridge day with your friends.  I hope you get great cards and enjoy the outing. 

Hello to all Buddies looking in.  Sharon, I hope you're feeling much better today.  Have a nice day, Every Buddy. 



Good morning every buddy....I am going to my daughters today ..probably come home Sat...it's always fun to go shopping and just hang out...Jane sounds like you are staying busy.....it's good to see Sharon post and I to hope Mary is doing ok...well I better finish packing...Hi to all...have a great day


Sue is my motivator to get out and walk first thing...so I did, come home showered and have had breakfast.  Just reading and waiting for time to get dressed for bridge.

Darlene....enjoy the weekend with your daughter...and shop, shop, shop!   :thumbup:


I am going to my Alz/Dementia caregivers group meeting very soon. I usually take freckles with me, she  is the therapy dog for the group unofficially of course. I just started taking her one time nd it became to be expected that I bring her. 

Jane I have an awful bone spur  on my left foot that makes it very difficult to  walk most of the time. Now the right foot is hurting too. I go back to the podiatrist for the pre-op appointment on Tuesday next. I will be so glad to get rid of the painful walking and get back to walking Freckles and going to the Furry Friend visits at the  facilities. I will be missing walking in the Fun Fest parade Saturday. The Alz walk is tomorrow  at one of the Independent Living facilities. I am going but I may not be walking.


Good morning, Jane and Marilyn and whoever is looking in.  Yesterday Eddie took me to Great Clips for a haircut and then to Kroger for my flu shot--and while I was having it, the nurse asked me when I'd had a Shingles shot (which was never) and she gave me that shot, too.  I hope it works--I will never forget when Bob was at his lowest point and had Shingles--that is one nasty disease!  Needless to say, my left arm is sore this morning!

I'm not dressed yet, but need to do that and get outside for my morning walk before its way too hot.  I hope every Buddy is feeling well this morning and you all have a good day.



Good morning, Every Buddy.  I stayed up late last night watching Golden Girls and didn't get out of bed this morning until 8:30!  So I am behind on everything, including getting dressed and outside for my morning walk.

When Eddie took me to Kroger for my flu shot, the nurse asked me if I'd had a Shingles shot (which I hadn't!) and proceeded to give me one as well as the flu shot.  I had not considered having the Shingles, but since I remember the suffering Bob had in his last days with Shingles as well as his return of cancer, I was glad she mentioned it.

I played bridge yesterday at Olyne's with our Thursday bridge group and had a good time.  Most of us in that group are members of the same church.  And as always, Olyne had a delicious desert!

I want to call Jon and Stacie today.  Nic has quit school at LSU and is in constant arguments with Stacie.  I will ask him if he'd like to come up here and help me out with yard work, etc. for a while.  I hope he'll say yes.  If he does come up I'm hoping I can get him to go to Southern Union in Opelika which has regular college classes as well as some with work type classes for those who don't wish to finish college.  In the past when I kept him and Alex during June, we got along well, so I'm hoping he'll agree.

I slept  late this morning and am still sitting here in my P.Js!  So I need to get dressed and outside before it becomes unbearably hot.  Have a nice day, Every Buddy.



I need to go for flu shot today. Now Medicare will not cover  shingles shot .it. Was $159 last time I checked. Ineverhad chicken pox so will skip it.

I went ahead and washed the hose down myself . Tired of checking places. Looks pretty good. Keep lookin for a painter
As usual legs covered with poison oak. Ijust can't go anywhere on grass weeds area near plants.
Just have to over myself in calomine lotion.

Weather still dry here. Says rain over weekend.


I have to to go Safeway to pick up Keith's meds, see if mine are ready and get my flu shot.
It is Friday night dinner with  Keith's friend Tim and who ever else shows up. Then they are going to the HS football game. and I have some alone time.

I have been working on an afghan for Gilbert for Christmas, It is over three quarters done. So glad  that I started it in July giving plenty of time to to get it finished.


September 20, 2019, 01:58:45 pm #7573 Last Edit: September 20, 2019, 02:07:12 pm by jane

Another frustrating morning...Soc sec phone call, but I still now need to go to the office to take in our marriage certificate and Ray's DD214...which I've never seen...so out to Veterans Commission and they're faxing Naval Records to get a copy.  I have his Honorable Discharge certificate, but that's not good enough.  He got no govt benefits from this service, so I don't know why it's such a big deal.  It can take 3 months to get that paper!

Yesterday I phoned and was switched to FIVE different people at Wells Fargo .  All to tell me they couldn't tell me my new account number on the phone.  They have to mail it to me and it'll be 7-10 business days.  AAAGGGHHHH!!!!

More rain today and through the weekend...storms may be severe.

I tried to get my flu shot, but none available yet here...maybe in a couple of weeks, 

If anybody watches court tv, they've been showing live a murder trial of a guy from this area...they call it the Iowa Corn Rake murder.  It's like a soap opera...sad part are the three innocent children.  He sent a 13 yr old son to find his mother...and he did...with a 4 tine corn rake in her back.  Todd said she fell on it...an accident....hmmmm...except for the other puncture wounds in her back...so she'd have had to get up and fall several more times at different angles.  He's well known to have a violent temper.



Jane, I'm so sorry you are having such a time with the papers. When Cas died I really had no idea how much the funeral home did handling details. Both sons went with me to discuss all those details, one did want the flag furnished for military duty & I had the photo & obit written out, but not sure what all they eased through, I don't remembering it taking this long. The local VA has a once a month (not sure of the period of time) memorial but we opted not to attend, the boys would have gone for my sake but I knew all about the parking at the VA & did not feel up to it. My heart surgery was first week of Feb & Cas died the 2nd of July, I didn't feel any better with a new valve & 3 by-passes, just as short winded as before.  Anyway, my sincere sympathy for all the crap that goes on when we really don't want to think! Hugs for you.

I looked through my contacts for e-mail addresses for Mary... used to have 3 or 4 different ones. I did ask her in the last year which she used most. All of a sudden I don't have ANY for her. I thought maybe the girls might be monitoring the one she uses most. I am really concerned now, after not hearing for this long.

Hi to all in here. I have some eye of round roasts in 2 Dutch ovens in the oven, smells good already. I will grind most of the meat for meat spread for my kids & grands & give a bag or two to my daughter to take home & mix herself. She has found a mayo that suits her tummy better than Miracle Whip, & she doesn't add the fresh chopped celery & onion... but does like being gifted with ziploc bags of the cooked-ground-frozen roast! I keep enough of the meat to chop up into the gravy that I make with all those good drippings... so meat/gravy saved to go over mashed potatoes for open face sandwiches. Yum...It is a chore & goes pretty fast but makes memories for them when I can't do it anymore. Time to get them out & add the "T" full of sugar & vinegar (the French in my background)... the last hour of cooking, flavor & tenderizer.


Shirley you can send some of that may way. Then I wouldn't have to cook.  :knuppel2:

I wounder if I will be able to  have a flag for Keith's funeral when that happens. He doesn't get any military benefits for his Army service even though he was a 2nd Lt.  in the reserves, he didn't leave the USA though that's why he doesn't get any benefits.

I got my flu shot yesterday and the 2nd pneumonia shot in the other arm. Geez both arms were sore all. night and I had a headache so I didn't get much sleep. Every time I thought I was going to sleep I had to get up to use the bathroom.

I just spent hours untangling the last of a skein of yarn before I can continue with the afghan I am makig for Gilbert for Christmas.



September 21, 2019, 10:36:34 pm #7576 Last Edit: September 21, 2019, 10:39:53 pm by Shirley
Marilyn, I have no idea how the military handles the benefits. Cas did go overseas (England for about 3 years) during the Korean War, and did register with the VA because all of his golf buddies went there & gots meds through them, but Cas only did the necessary exams for 'scripts, seems Medicare & VA work together. He got all but one med from the drugstore or Walmart because his co-pay was higher at the VA. Since he handled all that, I had no clue except to call the VA to report he died. The funeral home is the one that contacted them about the flag & everything to do with them. The funeral home person that was "our" liaison felt bad because when we offered the address for the 2 doctors that said they would sign the death certificate so there was no need for an autopsy, he assured me he had the address of every doctor in Wichita. Turned out he did not have the cardio new address & mailed to the wrong one, when we compared notes after days of waiting, he then hand carried the paper work to the doctor's NEW office. It was also a holiday so was about 8-10 days before cremation. Our oldest son was upset & visited the mortuary to make sure his father's body was treated respectfully during that time. It is still all a blur to me. Because he had been so miserable the last month especially, I was grateful he wasn't suffering. Cas insisted he did not want a service of any kind but we had a family gathering and we each had things we thought would be nice in his niche', we did it our way. I am still grateful the way the funeral home took care of details (SocialSecurity was the main trouble). I think no matter how carefully you plan, you are in a daze and take care of everything like a robot.

Oh, the flag came in a nice frame and #2 son has it proudly displayed on his mantle. Cas served 4 years on active duty & 4 more years inactive (Air Force). During the last 4 years the Cuban Missile Crisis came up & we were terrified he'd be called back (which was the purpose of "inactive") & that was when we found the papers he needed for final discharge were burned in a fire in MO where they were stored! He followed up until he got that last paperwork!

And if you were near, I'd love to have you share a meal. Cooking does not come naturally with me but since the kids & Cas liked to eat, I had to come up with food they enjoyed!

Sue, I've been off my schedule & puttering around in gown & robe several days this week. Hate to change clothes half a dozen times so when I know I have to "go out", seems reasonable to skip a couple of the changes.

Jeanne, my youngest brother was so allergic to poison ivy if it grew on the side of the road & he didn't have to get near it, he would break out. He would take the bottle of ammonia & sit on the side of the bath tub, pour it on his legs & let it sting & wash it off fast. It worked if he caught it before it broke out too much. Good luck with yours, that it doesn't spread.


Good morning...came home yesterday...enjoy my family time so much...but things to do at home....Talking about the VA...I had to deal with them also...fought with them 2 years to get the spouse benefits I was entitled to...my Husband was a disabled service connected Korean War vet...had a military funeral...and I to was in a fog....so much paper work....we are really needing rain...hopefully this week...well time for another cup coffee..then get ready for church...has anyone heard from Mary? Hi to everyone looking in...Have a blessed Sunday


Marilyn...Ray also was just in the Navy Reserves and we had military rites. He belonged to the American Legion.  I have his Honorable Discharge Papers, but need a DD214 for Soc. Sec. though I can't understand why.  He also got no benefits because he did not serve on active duty.  Call your local Veterans Commission and they'll help you.  Our County Veterans Commission is getting the DD214 for me.

Hi to Shirley and Darlene...and Sue and Sharon and Jeanne and Alpiner when they look in.

We had another t'storm overnight...lots of thunder and lightning and rain.  The rain is continuing on and off all day today. 

I'm about to enjoy watching some pro football and reading.



That's,e also daughter? Now hers o.k but if some around area I don't have to touch the plant.

I washed down the house Thursday and was covered legs and neck  that night. Was covered after shower with calomine lotion. Looked like a ghost

Now when my ex died3 years ago it only tookme1 hr. At the SS office to change my SS. Amount to have mine up to what his had been. Just needed his death certificate and marriage/ divorce papers. Got it next month.
My original  early retirement was faster.  need same type  people handling Medicare .it can be a  pain


Hurrah...had an email from our Mary....

"Sorry to be so long in getting updates to y'all.  This is the first time I've been on the computer since the surgery on 9-9.  Mitral and aortic valves replaced with cow valves.  Surgery went well, and there were 5 days in the hospital.  Then I was moved to  our wonderful rehab hospital.   I'm gaining strength every day - just a slow process.  Right now projected discharge date to home is 2 October.  Two hours of PT and one of OT six days  a week.  It's hard work, but necessary.  Hope to be able to be on the computer more and more and get caught up.  Love and miss all the Buddies!"

Still dreary here and rain on and off.



September 22, 2019, 05:52:01 pm #7581 Last Edit: September 22, 2019, 05:55:16 pm by JeanneP
That is so funny. Last night I had such a dream. Was in a hospital visiting Mary. Her face same as in her photo in here only she had long hair. Was laying inbedbutlooking good.
I dream so much now. Think BP pills do it. Family members never dreamed of before  . I am always home in England and visiting everybody and never any sad ones.  All were well.All the people have been dead for years

Some times go bac k same dream after BRoom break. Not depressed or any thing so not worrying about. Beats what's on tv these days


So glad to hear Mary survived & doing well. She is so right, the re-hab is important.  I did not know they used cow valves! Neither my son last year or me 6 years ago were offered them! In case you peek in, Mary, gentle hugs & big thumbs up! Thanks for the message, Jane. I'll trade weather with you... love rainy days & always find an excuse to get out in it. Shirley


Good morning, Every Buddy.  I've been up for several hours but have not dressed to get outside yet.  I've cleaned up the kitchen, but need to unload the dishwasher from several days of dishes!  It's going to be another scorcher here in Auburn today.  I'll wear a big brimmed hat and huff and puff like the big bad wolf during my walk!

My husband, Bob, was a Navy pilot for 20 years.  The Alabama military sent a bugler to his funeral to play taps.  Bob died from a recurrence of cancer.  He was highly decorated and besides that was a great husband and Dad for our 3 sons.  After retiring and we went to the farm, he was very active in local activities and one whole side of our church was full of men who were members of the Exchange Club.  He was the secretary of that group, kept the books for our church, mowed the grass and did other chores at the church and many other civic duties. 

Jane, thanks for the update on Mary.  I'm glad the surgery went well and hope she has a good recovery.  I know her daughters must be relieved.

Not much else to report from here in Auburn.  Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


September 23, 2019, 03:15:03 pm #7584 Last Edit: September 23, 2019, 03:18:47 pm by alpiner1
Hi everyone !  We went on a Model T Ford tour to Big Bear , California last week . We left home on Tuesday & came home on Friday .  The altitude was 7,000 ft. to 8,000ft , I took along my oxygen concentrator but didn't use it , should have at night . The roads we went on in the Model T's was too dusty to use the oxygen concentrator .  I was okay as long as I didn't exert myself .    Ours is the second car .


Sue...we've been fortunate to have a drip in our temps to the 70s. It makes walking much more enjoyable. 

Alpiner...beautiful car.  That dusty road would have done me in, but I'm glad you were ok, even without your oxygen.

I walked to town this morning to deposit some refunds from insurance policies since Ray's no longer covered and I got my flu shot.  The pharmacist said they only  got 20 doses of the 65+ one. That the companies are sending the vaccine in dribs and drabs.  It's making it difficult for the clinic to schedule flu shot clinics...told her they were going to wait until after Oct. 15 and hope they'll have enough vaccine by then.  I'm glad I asked Cathy to put me on her WL.

I also got some other business taken care of...Sirius XM who seems to have a gazillion "plans"...esp. if you threaten to cancel all together.  Even Wells Fargo sent me my new account number and I could get online.  I'll take this to my accountant tomorrow when I go to get a haircut. 

I need to think about what I'm taking on a visit to Ohio to see my Sister on Thursday.  I don't know if it'll be hot or cool.  Hard to plan what to taken. :knuppel2:



Here is another picture of the dirt road . More like a rock road .  My lower back was hurting the next day .


Good morning, Alpiner and Jane and whoever is looking in this morning.  I've been up and dressed for bridge at the Retirement Home nearby.  Libba will pick me up.  We'll eat lunch there.  Bonney will pick me up to go to the Downtown Abbey movie later this afternoon.  I don't know yet if she'll come by the Retirement home or my house.  I need to give her a call before Libba gets here to go to the retirement home for lunch and bridge.

Jane, last Wednesday Eddie took me to Kroger for my flu shot and the nurse who gave the shot also gave me a Shingles shot.  So I'm hoping that is it for shots for a while!  It's another scorcher here today and I'm waiting now for my cleaning ladies (every 2 weeks) to show up and for Libba to take me to the retirement home where we play bridge once a month.  I need to call Bonney and see what time she wants to pick me up to go to the Downtown Abbey movie this afternoon.

I have bridge again tomorrow afternoon out at Ruth's home.  She lives in a subdivision on the west side of Auburn.  Libba is not a member of that group but is subbing tomorrow, so I'll probably ride with her. 

Jane, you are fortunate to get a drop in temperature.  Our weather men and women have predicted high 90's for the next few days here.  I won't be walking outside today because of going to bridge fairly early, but tomorrow I'll be back to the old grind!

Has anyone heard from Mary's daughters?  I'm hoping the surgery went well and Mary is feeling much better.  Thoughts and prayers continue for a full recovery for her.

Alpiner, thanks for posting the picture of all the old vehicles.  It looks like a lot of fun--and I can only imagine how much the drivers enjoy keeping up their old cars and participating in such a fun run.

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


Sue...I think you missed my post about the email I had from Mary.  I'll email that to you or you can click the link below to go back to it.


It's another nice day here and cool when I walked this morning.  I stopped by city office to talk to City Manager about plans for next summer on the redo of my street.  Gary thought they said one thing and I thought another...and I'm pleased I heard it correctly.  They will no longer allow parking on our street...a state highway and main north south road here in town...and will, instead, have 3 lanes...with the middle lane being a turn lane.  That'll be a huge help to those of us who live on this street.  Traffic backs up on this highway when one of us needs to stop to turn into our own driveway.  My neighbor to the north parks on the street more than anyone else...but I think they need to reconfigure their backyard and make it so they can park there conveniently and be off the street.  They used our driveway in the wintertime, but I hope they can reconfig their backyard and get all their vehicles in.

Only big deal today is a haircut this afternoon and I'm going to go through some more drawers.



Good morning, Every Buddy.  I had so so cards yesterday at the retirement home where I ate lunch and then played bridge.  There were several residents playing whom I'd never met and it was nice to see a few new faces.  We had only 2 tables yesterday. 

I will be playing bridge again today out at Ruth's home.  Libba is subbing and will pick me up to drive out there.  Ruth lives in a subdivision out on the west side of town.

I need to get outside for a quick walk and then back to shower and dress for bridge.  Have a nice day, Every Buddy.