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Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 pm

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Good morning, Every Buddy.  I played bridge yesterday afternoon at one of the Wednesday bridge groups home.  I had some good cards and some not so good, but I enjoyed the afternoon.  Today I'm catching up with my laundry and will spend some time reading.  I hope to get my walk in this morning before it rains.  There is a possibility of snow, but it's doubtful, IMHO!

I hope all are well this morning and also that you have a nice day.


Morning, Buddies!

It's warming up here to more normal mid November temps..in high 20s so maybe the little bit of snow from last night will melt easily.
 I did run the shovel over the front walk and walk to my porch when I took the garbage can and recycle bin to the curb.  I can now say I shoveled snow this winter.   :2funny:

I've cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast, the only meal I really enjoy cooking, and am now catching up with my bookkeeping and book spreadsheet I keep of what I own and what I've read.  When you read as much fiction and on the light side as I do, you need a listing of some kind so you don't rebuy what you already own.  Amazon is good about telling me I already own something, but Barnes and Noble's interface I think is ...well,..awful.  It's hard to find what I know I own, etc. 

I also need to get my shopping list together and get a grocery run in.  Then this afternoon, I want to rearrange one of my kitchen cabinets and move unused things to the basement storage.

Have a good Thursday!



Jane, you're definitely keeping yourself busy. I should keep a log of books read, but I don't. I'm having so much trouble reading these days, that I'm not doing as much as usual.  Glad your temps have warmed up a little and that you got your snow shoveling in!  20 is still chilly for us. We got down below zero last night and a high expected of about 40.  I just finished my grocery list too, but I'm sending John to do it.

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. At therapy, she gave me a (for me) hard workout to strengthen my legs.  I fell night before last again. I had been lying on the couch and when I got up didn't put my shoes on, so I slid on the hardwood. Fortunately not injured, but had to call a neighbor to help John get me up in a chair. So embarassing.  Anyway, the therapy on top of the fall was a little much. They have put me back on a walker now. Boo Hoo.

After I rested from the therapy and had lunch, I read my Bible Study chapter for next week and then with John's help, I made blueberrry bread and chicken and rice for our SS teacher. When John got back from that, I made 4 meatloaves--2 for Brian's family the night before TG, and then one for Bob, the SS teacher, and one for us sometime in the future. They are all frozen now. I was so tired from all that that John fixed Lean Cuisine for us for dinner. Today is a rest day.

Sue, where are you?  Hi to Jeanne and Darlene and Mary. Keep in touch with us Mary. We're worried about you.  Sharon


Went out to get the paperandseems to be a little warmer. Sun is out. Need to now see if car will start. Have gotton all snow,ice off it. Not started it in 4 days. Must remember to cover it next bad storm.
Jane. You are so much better than me when stuck in house due to weather. So much I could be doing.lots of drawers. Cupboards in kitchen etc. need clearing out. But I always seem to sit reading. On computers .playing with phones. These are really in a mess at the moment. I am o.k if things Apple or Microsoft but google on my pads has messed all up with passwords. Had to put new one for them and it messed up my iPad. Desktop. So quit for the day working on them.

Sue. You seem to be well. Be nice if you could get back driving again.

You Sharon. Your balance seems to be really giving you problems with falling. Do you take many meds? Maybe mixing wrong ones together.

I need to now get dressed and check car. Fingers crossed. Seems to be a couple homes around me with heating problems at moment.
Surprised to see that schools didn't close last 4 days. Awful seeing such young people standing in cold waiting for bus pickup. They are only age 4 on one half day school. I would not have let mine go.


Hi Buddies!  We keep making decisions.  We looked at two places yesterday.  One is way and above the first choice (and has scheduled bridge games).  Unfortunately, they don't have anything available immediately and we're told it might be 3 months.  The other has two studio apartments available now, but neither of us particularly likes the place - most of the people we saw were in wheelchairs and many slumped over.  We've decided I'll just stay here until something is available at the one we like - even if it's a studio.  Margaret and I get along well, and don't get in each other's way.  We went to Chattanooga Tuesday for a couple of doctor appointments and to get more stuff from the apartment.  We also gave my month's notice, so I'm officially moved by 12 December.  We'll just put most of my stuff in a storage unit - or the girls will take some of it.  And the car will go somewhere, too.

We just got a dusting of snow here on Tuesday, followed by (for here) bitterly cold temps (down to 17*) yesterday morning.  But it's supposed to be up in the 60s again by next week.  Crazy Tennessee weather.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Mary, the weather is crazy everywhere, I think. I think your decision to stay with Margaret till a unit is available where you want.  How far will it be from her?  We are still thinking about moving to and have worked the finances out with our broker and will take Brian to see it at TG. The one unit we want has just been vacated, but needs to be renovated. We certainly aren't in a hurry and want the kids to see what they want before we sell the house.

Jeanne, I don't think there is a problem with my meds. I just think it is from the previous falls, plus I had socks on instead of shoes and slid trying to pick up papers I dropped. Hope your car starts. Sharon


Sharon, the place is about 15-20 minutes from Margaret's house, I think.  It's certainly within her  usual range.  Even getting to the specialists in Chattanooga is only a little more than an hour.  I am planning to use her address as my permanent mailing address - she's a co-signer on everything I have anyway.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Hi buddies...it's a little warm today...I got my walk in...supposed to be 70 by the weekend...I am finally get rid of my cold/allegeries...now my nose has a cold sore from 3 days of running and sneezing...got to be with my great grandson today for lunch...he's on leave from the Navy...was so good to see him...Mary good to know you will be closer to family..Sharon. Sorry you fell again..but thankfulnot injured....Jeanne think my BP med is finally working by taking it at night don't notice side effects as bad'Jane seems you are finding lots to keep u busy...I have to keep a list of books I've read...Marlyin hope you and yours are doing OK...Hi to Shirley and others looking in....


November 15, 2019, 09:28:01 am #7838 Last Edit: November 15, 2019, 12:23:01 pm by so_P_bubble
Mary, glad you will be close to Margaret. Good idea to make that your permanent address, but I would hate not receiving mail myself. Whatever works best for you though.

I talked to Mel last evening. She had the most bizarre thing happen. Her husband was biking, stopped to get out of the rain at a diner and lo and behold, one of our former neighbors from our community in IN was there. They had moved in several years ago, but we didn't know it. Her husband was French, so one day, she just knocked on my door and introduced herself. She is an unusual person, but fun anyway--in small doses.  The world is small, it seems.

Darlene, glad your cold is over and that you got to be with your great grandson yesterday. Those days are always special. Glad too that the BP med is working better.

Hi to all. I may be back later. I'm wondering if Sue is sick or if her computer is down again. She always post so regularly.

Bunny is going to get groomed today so she will be pretty for TG.

Termite check is also today. Not much else.  Sharon


November 15, 2019, 10:09:36 am #7839 Last Edit: November 15, 2019, 12:23:20 pm by so_P_bubble
Good morning, Sharon and Every Buddy looking in today.  I've had breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen.  It's raining here again today and is pretty unpleasant.  I'm waiting for Eddie to pick me up to take me to the library and to Kroger.  I think he'll be a little late this morning as it is pretty yucky outside (and I don't think he's an early bird riser!)  I have several cups of coffee hot for him when he gets here.  He has been a big help.

Eddie just showed up and is going to drink another cup of coffee now that he's here.

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


Good Morning, Buddies.  It's warmer here 34...and sunny.

Sharon...you might consider those socks with the "stuff" on the bottom to keep you from slipping. They give them to you when you're in the hospital.   Our entire second floor is hardwood and I stay barefoot or put on slippers when I have to get up at night.

I think I'll pull on my boots and go for a walk when I finish here. 

I need to make up a dessert for tonight after dinner out with my Fri. Friends.



November 15, 2019, 01:23:13 pm #7841 Last Edit: November 15, 2019, 01:27:21 pm by JeanneP
Jane. Its not bad here today. I did manage to get out to walk. I should take my car to the dealer and see if anything needs doing. Was amazed after leaving it 4 day buried in snow and such cold weather that I just turned the key and started right up. Will remember to cover it next time they tell us  that snow coming. Was hard to clean it off.
You would think that it was almost Christmas day soon here. More places playing carols and such sales already. Big Black Friday again today even on the Internet
The politics have taken over the TV stations that I usually watch during the day at certain. I myself do not think it should be allowed to be on all of them. Most people that watch TV during the day are Retired and don't want to be hearing all about it .Just put it onto the usual News hours. Even PBS have it on. Not that we get free TV anymore as we need Cable or other type things to bring it in. We pay enough and they suppose to be private.h


Jeanne, glad your car started. I never watch daytime tv, so that didn't bother me.

I've been trying to log in to the Medicare site to compare MC D policies. No matter what I do, they won't log me in and won't list all my meds if I don't log in.  I finally got the tech guy's # from the chat room and I will try that tomorrow. I am so aggravated and out of patience, I want to throw the computer across the room and shoot the MC people!!  Not really, but I'm sure you understand. Sharon


November 15, 2019, 07:25:06 pm #7843 Last Edit: November 15, 2019, 07:29:59 pm by JeanneP
I am ready to throw out all Technology.
All are crazy now. Not as easy to Google anything. Mobile phones to much button pushing. Everyone wants you texting and no phone talking. Can't get to talk right to a person when you make a phone call. Have to go into you Health report on you acct. when just getting any lab work done. Can't just tell you. Takes 15 min. on phone if trying to call for appt. or cancel. No end to it. Give me back my old D./ial phone hanging on the Kitchen wall.
Where have all the receptionist gone to? Now you get. all a busy helping other customers. Please wait. Took me 12 min. the other day to call for information at my bank about my acct. Then I was asked lots of Questions before they would give me a answer.  40 years had the same acct.numbers


I agree, Jeanne. It is super frustrating!  I don't text and usually forget to see if I have any.  We either talk or message on FB. As to getting through to a doctor or commercial place, it's ridiculous.

Jane, I forgot to mention yesterday that after my fall the other night, I got out the socks you mentiooned. They gave me a bunch at rehab, so I'm using those at slippers which they told me NOT to use.  Sun is shining today for now, thought rain predicted around noon.  Ugh.  Sue, glad to see you back posting. Hope you got some good books yesterday. Sharon


Good morning, Every Buddy.  I slept late this morning and it's now almost 11:00.  I stayed up later to finish reading a book and just snoozed extra long this morning.  Yesterday Eddie came to take me to the library and to Kroger and he stayed for a while for a cup of coffee and a chat. 

I don't have much planned for today except to start reading another library book and possibly watching a Hallmark movie.  I am dressed now and will go out for my (way too late) morning walk.  It's chilly out there so I'll have to drag out a heavier jacket.

I hope Every Buddy is well and having a nice Saturday.  Take care, Every Buddy.


Crazy sleep night for me last night. Just couldn't do it. Yet I feel rested. I even got up at 3am and made toast and hot milk. I do that often after eating dinner to early.i got in a habit one time as I love egg rolls and alwayey bought a box of them at SAMs. Had to quit buying. Wake up thinking of them and had to get up and fix. Getting the habit back I think.
Sun is out and going to be high 40s so should get somewalking done. Like to wash car.
I replaced carpet in bathrooms,kitchen and hallways with wood. Like it and thought be nice all through but then thought about walking. Wood is a little slick. Also carpet Roos seem a warmer feeling.


Jeanne, just be careful to wear shoes or good slippers or socks with not slip bottoms on the hard woods. That's how I fell this week. However, I really like hardwoods. Carpets are always getting dirty. Of course, we have a dog.

Sue, enjoy your book and movies. I think I have seen most all the Hallmark movies.

My ins. guy called to check on something this AM, so I told him how much trouble I was having with the MC D site.  He said he would do it for me if I told him each of the meds and their medication. I did and he had it done for me in 5 mins or so. The cheapest for me came out to be Well Care MC Rx Saver which I hadn't heard of. It is more expensive than last year, but Cigna that I had last year was more so.  I do wish the companies would stabilize their prices, etc., so that we didn't have to go through this every year.

My happiest news though this morning was when Lori called and told me she passed her cybersecurity test she had been studying for 6 weeks and 100 hours for. Her bosses had told her they wanted her to take it and it cost the office $5,000! So a lot of pressure and she knew next to nothing about it before.  She is Chief of Staff and not an IT person. This will really give her a leg up for further promotions and when she puts it on her resume on linked in, it will really draw attention to her.   We
are so proud of her.  Well, need to eat now.  Sharon[/]


have started using. The country crock plant. Base butter and like it. It is dairy free,gluten free plant based. I use the with  olive oil one . Will try the others. Can cook and bake like butter.


It's a dreary, gloomy day here and I'm not getting much done. 

I did clean some kitchen drawers and rearranged a few things.

I'm reading and have football on tv as background noise.

I was invited down to neighbor's for supper, but declined.  I hurt all over and just don't have the energy to get dressed in "going outside" clothes.  I spent time with her yesterday going to a craft show and then went to their house to fix their two computers and her Nook.



I went back to church today It felt good to get back. My foot is healing well and the stitches come out tomorrow. I really wanted to wear my boots to church but  they hurt my foot so didn't.

I have been here reading daily but didn't have anything to say. 

Jeanne so the Country Crock plant based butter tastes good? I have tried some of the other plant based butters and like them as well. I really do prefer to  eat a lot of Organic products rather than  products where  The ingredient list is so long and full of things I can't pronounce. I only but products that are made in America, both for me and for Freckles.


Hi everyone !  I don't remember if I told you this , scroll on by if I did .  Wednesday afternoon I had an appt. with my dermatologist & had surgery to remove a skin cancer on my left arm  .  It was caused by the sun when I'm driving .  There are about 8 stitches , the stitches will be removed just before Thanksgiving . After the Lidocaine wore off there was very little pain & didn't take any pain killer .
Friday we went to my husband (Norm) 65th high school reunion in Los Angeles , there was only one person he knew from high school & the man didn't remember him ! Norm said he isn't going to any more reunions !!  Don't b;ame him !
Then on Saturday trailered one of our Model T Fords , met up with other club members & drove about 35 miles to an old train station which is now a train museum in the back country of San Diego .  This link will explain it better then I can . 


Good morning, Every Buddy looking in this morning.  I've had breakfast, read the newspaper, cleaned up the kitchen, put my trash out for today's pick up, but am not dressed yet. I am not an early morning person!  I can hear the trash crew out there now, so when I'm dressed I'll go out and pull the bins up in the driveway. 

My Thursday bridge club will meet at my house this Thursday, so I need to spend the morning calling every one.  One of the members who sits near me in church reminded me yesterday. I'd hoped to go to the movie on Thursday to see the Mr. Rogers special, but unless it is on in the late afternoon, I'll miss it.  Tom Hanks is playing Mr. Rogers--and I think he'll do a good job.  Although, I have always loved Mr. Rogers gentle soul!  I've missed him since he passed away.

Not much else except phone calls to the bridge club.  I hope everyone can come and I won't have to look for subs. 

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.  I hope the weather is good in your areas.  It's chilly here, but no sign of rain or snow today.



It was supposed to be sunny and warmer today so we could get our flower pots emptied of the dead flowers and filled with pansies, but I got up to rain and overcast weather. John was going to get the pots emptied and ready for me and bring everything out to me, but he's playing bridge tomorrow, so don't know when I'll get it done.  I have therapy this afternoon. 

I spent much of the afternoon after church talking on the phone to my sister-in-law in Fl. I hadn't talked to her since she got back from CO.  She has a home health aid 4 mornings a week now which is relieving her daughters somewhat.  I also called my friend, Sara, who is suffering from liver cancer. She's not in any pain, but it has caused her to develop diabetes, so they are trying to get that under control. I never heard of that.  Apparently the cancer is a metastisis from her BC 20 years ago. That's scary too.

Alpiner, glad you got the melanoma taken care of and had a fun weekend with the cars and train.

Jane, I cancelled our plans to go to our pod's Christmas party right after TG. I figured I would have had enough visiting and be tired and frankly just didn't feel like going, so can understand your cancellation last night.  This rain and cold is really hard on many of us.

Sue, we email reminders of bridge games and make everyone find their own subs. Makes it a lot easier on the hostess.

All for now.  Sharon


Hi Buddies!

I've spent the morning so far on the  phone - changing and/or cancelling doctor appointments, changing my address, etc.  I have an appointment this afternoon at Margaret's dental hygienist to get my teeth cleaned. 

Sharon, re your friend with liver-cancer-caused diabetes:  I have a friend who has had a liver transplant (Agent Orange from Vietnam caused), and it has given him diabetes.  I don't know why that happens, but I guess it does.

Got to go get dressed for the day.

Happy Monday!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Happy Monday from here in the overcast and low 30s midwest. 

Alpiner...glad that skin cancer to gone.  It sounds like a pleasant weekend. I understand Norm and his HS reunions.  I only went to one of mine...the 50th...and it was the same ol' crap as HS.  I told them I'd see them again in 50 yrs.  I'm in contact with a few women from those days and that's it.

Sharon...pansies are so pretty...I never buy them here because our summer's are just too hot and, of course, as your know, the winters here in the Midwest means NO flowers outside at all.

Sue...hope all your bridge people show up. 

Mary...you are a busy beaver this morning!

Hello to Marilyn, Jeanne, Darlene, Shirley, (and I miss adding our Joy!.I'll still follow LSU sports, thinking of her).

I've finished my kitchen drawer cleanout and have a sack of duplicates for Donal and Patricia if they want them. They're the extras Ray bought for Texas, but I have no need for 2 juice squeezers, 2 digital meat thermometers, 4 graders of different microblade sizes, a ball of kitchen twine, etc.  They do a LOT of cooking, so I think they'll probably take most of it...for themselves or the boys who also cook.

I made a trip to WalMart for my prednisone prescription and for a few groceries. 



I cleaned out utility drawers about 5 yrs ago and passed on the discards to granddaughter and grandson and had Melanie donate anything left over. I recently gave a waffle iron to my cleaning lady and then found out Lori would have liked it. You can't win.

I need to start going through things again in case we do move. I have so much stuff--a lot from Mom. I'm not sure how many clothes I'll get rid of since I seem to bounce around in size. The smallest, I will see if Lori wants. She is OCD about keeping her weight down, which is good, but I can't do it.  None of John's stuff will fit any of the grandsons as they are all 6' tall or more. John is only 5'9".  He keeps his weight pretty stable, but still has a lot from when he was working.  Women's clothes change style so fast, I've gotten rid of all my teaching clothes.

Mary, I had to do a lot of making and canceling appts after my fall and then remaking them when I was able.

I have my annual big squeeze Thurs and then see the pain Dr on Fri. I asked John to go along to that one to help me make decisions.

Does anyone have any idea of where I could find a toddler 2T tee shirt with something related to baseball on it?  I checked about 6 websites including Amazon and couldn't find any. I want it for Liam's Christmas gift. Mostly I send $$ for college, but I ordered a HIGHLIGHTS FIVE subscription for Harrison because he is so turned on to books and learning to read. He'll be 5 in March.d

Nothing else going on here.  Bible Study tonight for pre advent.

Marilyn, glad you're getting around better. But don't overdo!

Have a good day everyone. Sharon


Good morning, Every Buddy!  I've been up for a while, but am still not dressed as my cleaning ladies arrived just as I was cleaning up my breakfast dishes.  They changed the sheets on my bed, damp mopped all the floors, dusted the furniture and I put the sheets into the washer and will put them back into the linen closet as soon as they are dry and folded.  So I'm clean and tidy for another 2 weeks if I stick with my tidying schedule!

I don't have much planned for today.  I was scheduled to have bridge here on Thursday, but several of our members are traveling and will be out of town, so we decided to post pone this week's bridge game (and will probably not play next week, either because of Thanksgiving). 

I hope Every Buddy is feeling well today and looking forward to Thanksgiving next week. Tim will pick me up and take me to Ard's home (his mother-in-law) but I think Tim will probably be doing the cooking.  He told me not to bring anything--I had volunteered to take a sweet potato casserole, but now I'll just bring myself!

Have a nice day, Every Buddy!


Sharon....did you look at these sites?



Sue...Nothing much going on here either.  I do need to get out and try to get a walk in. I've really gotten bad about just staying inside.  It's wet out, but I do own an umbrella or three. :coolsmiley:

I'm still cleaning out drawers.  You gals will think I haven't done this in a long, long time...and you'd be right.  I found 5 old cell phones and found out the elementary no longer collects them to recycle, so I'll try elsewhere. Internet lists Best Buy as taking them or I can send them off to some place that recycles them for Wounded Warrior Project, so I may just do that.]



I have gotten that way right now. So dreary and wet out that I hate to get all dressed to go out. Making all kinds of excuses. Got to stop it as Winter not even here yet.I cook and just eat to much if I don't get out and get walking in. Will be O.K today as I am out of light bulbs and have 4 gone out through the house. One over my stove I really miss. One i the Flo recent one over the sink and I have no idea how to replace it. Must be over 25 years since it went. So off to Menards .Then I still may go get hair trimmed while out. I am back with the scissors on the neck again and the sides every time I shampoo. Getting shorter and shorter.
Sue I wish I could get a good cleaner to be on your system. That is all I need. All furniture need a good dusting and polish. I can handle the wood floors but my sweeper a little heavy for carpet. Need to buy a lighter one. Takes ages to change bed also.