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July 07, 2020, 02:55:17 pm

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Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 pm

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Congrats on new baby in the family, Mary!

Beautiful Saturday here and I got a short walk in, am washing up my winter parka to put away for, hopefully, 4-5 months, and am reading.

Nothing else exciting here. 



Sunday morning greetings! 

Our last day of moderate temps, no rain, and low humidity.  Tomorrow, rain and temps back to high 80s and low 90s and humidity!  July, not June weather here.

I'm staying quiet here...no tv on...can't watch any more rioting.

Stay safe @nd healthy,



Good morning, Jane and Every Buddy looking in this morning.  I stayed up late last night to watch a very funny show with lots of celebrities who were just fooling around.  So I'm not really wide awake yet.

It's a bright sunshiny day here in Auburn and I'm ready for my morning walk downhill and back up.  It's going to be a lot warmer here today and I'll probably be puffing and panting on the way back up.  I'm going to take the face mask that Tim made me a while ago and will wear it if I see anyone else walking.  Yesterday I only saw one man and when he saw me, he moved over to the other side.

Not much else going on here today.  I have lots of books ready to read and I will spend some time with that.

I hope Every Buddy is well and having nice weather.  Enjoy today, Every Buddy!


Hi Gals. It's wash day here today. Stripped bed and did the sheets. Have towels and undies in now. Another of good stuff left for today. Will do darks later this week.

I fell getting up in the night but fortunately just ended up sitting on the floor. I had trouble getting up, but with John's help and my walker to pull up on, I made it. No injury thank heavens. I've got to get some night lights in there and the bath.

Sunny and warm today! Whoopee!

The maintenance man finally came today and is finishing putting up the pics. That's all the news here today.

Jane, glad you got your walk in, Sue also.  Hope everyone has a good day Sharon


I got dressed up today thinking I would do a little shopping. Early as most every thing here seems to be opened up parking lots on all the restaurants full of tables since Friday.  Malls ,kohl most big stores .no plans to go there. Just maybe Target about my phone.

But never left. Thousands rioting all over the north end. National guards 500 all called out . At the mall all the doors and windows at Maceys broken and they are throwing clothing and every thing out the door . Lots of cars can't move and police set upon. Target shut all their stores down all over the country. Say still going on and it's now 7pm. Hard for me to now believe this is the USA. What must the rest of the world must be thinking of the place.

When things did open fri. You could go anywhere the news said and only about 35  were Wearing masks. We will go backwards  I think



Hello Jeanne'
My tv is also off as we are getting so much news and pictures oftherioting.  Do hope it comes to an end soon.  We are still on lock down but the result is there is no Viras in here yet.

My hearing aids are not working as they should but will get them to Hearing tomorrow.

     Keep safe and well, J xx   


Good morning, Every Buddy.  I've been up for a while and dressed for my daily walk.  I still need to clean up the kitchen before going outside for the walk.  I don't have anything else planned for today.

I am going outside shortly to walk down hill 3 blocks and back up.  I hope to stay inside and read most of the day.  I hope Every Buddy looking in is having a good day.



My TV remains off, except for local news and that's full of the chaos, too. 

I've canceled my PT appt for tomorrow and didn't make a new one. All my joints are hurting, including the neck and shoulders, so I dodn't need to be expected to do more shoulder stretches with the elastic bands. 

Today is the recliner, tylenol extended release, and heating pad for me.

Stay safe and healthy!



June 01, 2020, 02:41:27 pm #8888 Last Edit: June 01, 2020, 02:46:37 pm by JeanneP
Feel so good knowing that you are so safe in your home. Thing were going fine in my town until Friday when they opened everything up. Malls. Stores some of the large restaurants and then the dining outside. Now bad things expected.  Also along came the Rioting, been going on for 2 days. Most street leading to the shopping area are blocked off still today and lots still marching.  I live by the Federal building and court house. Lots of them  around it and on the University area.  Students gone and most still closed there but they are breaking in.
So its home for me. Will catch the grocery store tomorrow.

I had to cancel my yearly ear appt. they were not doing anything at the clinic. I have wax removed twice a year but I do believe I may be loosing a little in the ear where the surgery was done 3 years ago.  So think I will call them for a early appt and get it checked.

I just spoke to friend on my Ipad in England, she says now in London and other  cities ,people are Marching etc for what is happening here in the US by the rioters. I don't understand why but she says that people are like us, so tired of the shut down and want thing to do. she has not been out for 7 weeks.
Now take care. 


Haven't written much because days are pretty much the same. They are taking good care of us, and we had our Covid test yesterday. It was the swabs up the nose - not the most comfortable thing I've had done, but not the worst either.  Don't know when we'll get the results.

The new baby (Henry) is really a cutie. There are photos on Facebook.  Jeanne, you commented on how young his mother looked - she's only 21-22. But then I was a "child" of 20 when I had my first child (and only 25 when I had the last one).  My daughters were all older than that when they had their first ones.

It's going to be hot and dry for most of the upcoming week - no chance of rain until the end of the week, but temps in the low 90s. Seems like we almost skipped over Spring.

Hugs to all the Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Like the rest of you, I've given up on the TV and all the riots.  So many blacks marching for the black man who was killed and then they turn around and shoot other black men. So stupid. Whites are there with them, but don't think they are being as violent, but maybe so.

We went to Pineville to pick out a new LazyBoy chair for me.  Cost way too much and will take 6-8 weeks to get here. Then stopped and picked up the mail at the main bldg and some books from their library. I had exhausted my supply.  No other news here or plans for tomorow, so may catch up on a few other things I need to do.

Jeanne, I'm so glad you stayed home! Jane, I'm sorry you are in such pain. I can relate.

Have a good day everyone.  Sharon


I have  done very little today...one load of light colored clothes and otherwise, I read away the day with the TV off until the local news at 5:00 and Lester Holt will be on now. 



I was doing so good for past 2 months but now that all this mess is going on and at the moment half out town is roped off for the riots i am really on a downer. Hope it gets cleared off soon. I hope also that they do make a example of the police man who set this off. He knew the man he killed as they had worked together.
Going to be close to 90 deg here for the rest of the week. Will take my laundry which I have a lot off to the place tomorrow and maybe the store for a few things and then in for the rest of the day. Think will write a lot of Snail mail letters overseas. I did talk to a friend on Ipad today for a hour. She has not been out the house for 7 weeks. They do seem to be listening  to the Scientist more over there although it is still bad.
Time to watch Carson. He hAs people on showing them in the 60-70 shows. Some of them sure have aged             


Good morning, Jeanne and whoever else is looking in today.  I've been waiting for the new cleaning ladies (from a Molly Maids franchise) for more than an hour.  I hope they get here soon and will do a good job.  Tim had called Molly Maids and told them I'm ready for a cleaning--so I do hope they get here soon.  I want to walk down the hill and back before it gets too hot.

Not much else going on here today.  I plan to read a lot and other than my walk down and back, I plan to stay inside.

I hope every Buddy is feeling well this morning.  It's tough to be inside without anyone to talk to.

Have a nice day, every Buddy.


June 02, 2020, 01:36:48 pm #8894 Last Edit: June 02, 2020, 04:02:09 pm by Marilyn
I will tell you that  the looting and fires were started The  by  the White Supremacists. Who dressed all in black with their faces covered. They  wanted people to think they were black and some were trying to pass themselves off as Antifa when in reality the were the Proud Boys White Supremacist group.  The peaceful protesters at the park across from the white House were pepper sprayed, tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets all in  the name of protecting the  president. And he said " I'm for the peaceful protestor" I think not.He is only for himself and wants to look tough when he  just a bully.

I have no tolerance for Bullies or people who talk violent and incite others to violence. Racism is rampant in the country and I just can't understand or tolerate that kind of people thinking they are better than others.In my family there is a grand daughter that is Bi-racial, my children are all  latino american/nativamerican,(Not much of the NA. But all are half Mexican. well educated with good paying jobs.


June 02, 2020, 01:45:02 pm #8895 Last Edit: June 02, 2020, 01:50:14 pm by jane
Marilyn...the national News is saying what you did above...it's the White Supremacists...same radicals from Charlottesville...who are masquerading as other groups.  I hope they can arrest them all and expose them for what they are.  Apparently another similar group is putting up the extreme Facebook posts under the Antifa banner, but it's not...

Jeanne....Stay in and stay safe.  I agree....that cop and his "cop buddies" there are all guilty...and his record seems to reflect that too. 

I'm so angry at those who want a "civil war" ....

It's in the 90s here and so humid.  I went out to the grocery and then to WalMart for the things I can't get at the grocery.  Very few masks in evidence...mostly us old people...and one woman I know who's in chemo for the 3rd time...but the younger people....nah...they can't be bothered. That ticked me off, too. 



Wow...the temps really climbed here today...

I've gotten nothing done except read and do some computer bookkeeping catch up.

We've had another virus case...and our first death.

Stay safe, cool, and healthy.



June 02, 2020, 08:50:24 pm #8897 Last Edit: June 02, 2020, 08:56:45 pm by JeanneP
Goy up to 94 today. I had quire a lot of running to do but was through by 1pm. Took my main laundry. Not picked it up yet.

Took all my rug a put them in the big washer. Then ran to bank who had one door open for service inside.i needed to take from checking into money market as they say naver  to keep a lot of money in as debit accounts can be easy right nowt get into ,been few months since I did that.
Back to put rugs in dryer. They did not fully dry so just brought home put outside for awhile. They all dry now. Then went to Aldi got most of what I wanted.
Found that my wifi had stopped working and could not get on iPad. Called Comcast and    2 people worked on it .sitill  not working so they put me over t another person but it put me on hold.KEPT THE PHONE open a hour and the never came back. Later tried it and it was up again. Still slow. They said that on June 6 our service will be down for them to do a lot of repairs to their cables.

4 more days of 90 s. After getting laundry in the morning I think that wIll be it  forme.
Can't go to north of town as still problems?. Last night 6 homes and shops burned down. Some 29 people in court today but some outfit from out of town going to stand bail for them.
Time to maybe read.



Jeanne...sorry to hear of all the problems in C-U.  I saw on the news there were problems in the cities near me, too, so I'm staying put, too. 

I hope it's cooler tomorrow.  I don't do well in these mid 90s with high humidity.

Stay safe and healthy, Buddies!



Good morning, Jane and Jeanne and any other early birds looking in.  I've had breakfast and cleaned up my kitchen, but I need to get dressed and out for my morning walk down hill and back up.  So far there have been no riots or marches here in Auburn.  I'm hoping that stays quiet and no bullies out causing mischief.  We do have lots of the virus here, but so far I've managed to stay away from anyone who might be infected.

I hope every Buddy looking in is feeling well and that you have a nice day.  Take care and like many of us, try to stay away from anyone who might have the virus.



And another July like day here...hot and humid.  I did get out about 8:00 and got a bit of a walk in...and chatted with a knitting friend who lives down the street from me.  Nobody else out, but I knew if I didn't get going that early, it wouldn't happen. 

Storms last night woke me up a few times with lightning and thunder. 

Patricia is driving down tomorrow after work to spend a couple days with me and then home on Sunday.

I should get busy on my closets...get winter stuff moved out, but I have no energy to do that. 

Take care, stay safe and healthy!



Good morning Buddies....not much going on in my little world...just checking in.....sad about all the rioting....just watch local news...mainly for weather...I did walk this morning...others on the track..but not near me....Hi to all reading...I pray for a better tomorrow.....be safe


Sue. When I use to go down to your area and Louisiana I always noticed that there did not seem to be the same race problems that we have up here in the NOrth. I think that all this burning, stealing throwing rocks would be handled much better down there.
Up to 89 again today. My Wi fi seems to be working O.K but now the Internet on the desktop is fine also but the TV is shut down. So must be a cable problem needing fixing. Hope not down until the 6th. when they say they are going to work on it. I though just this one channel but tried them all and same message. Available shortly.. After the phone yesterday to them leaving me hanging 2 hours I don't believe that.
Today I think in for the day. Like you Jane I think I will try and get all the winter stuff either ready to take to Salt and Light or put into the back bedroom closet. So bad on tossing things.


Hi Gals. Was down with another UTI yesterday. Had to drive 10 miles to a Minute Clinic for treatment. I've got to get a new primary doctor.

I'm inside all day today. Feeling much better and working on the computer, but email not working. I've got to take my cell and my computer in to Best Buy to be fixed.
The remote Geek from BB said it was a person who hacked in, not a virus and wants me to use a sonic wall. I got some bad vibes and wouldn't sign up for it.

John has learned to play bridge online with a friend, but still isn't too skilled at it.  He went for a haircut in Waxhaw, near where we lived before and still isn't back. I'm worried about him.

The riots are terrible and I won't watch much of them. What the police did to Floyd was inexcusable. Jeanne, racism isn't all in the north. We've had protests and at least one black man killed here in Charlotte. Not everyone is racist certainly, but a lot of the older, long time southerners are. Our most recent protests have been non-violent, thank heavens. Only the first night was bad.

Jane, glad Patricia is coming down. I'm sure you're ready to have someone to talk to.

Jeanne, be careful and only do what you must and away from riot areas.

Marilyn, I hadn't heard that about whites dressed as blacks and rioting, but I'm not surprised. We all need to pray for the USA and for an end to the virus.

Hi Darlene. Hot here too, but I don't walk very far, just far enough to take Bunny out.

So glad we are no longer getting 2 meals a day from the center. I'm back down in weight to where I was when I got here.

Take care, everyone and stay safe. Sharon


Good morning, Sharon and Every Buddy looking in today. I've read the paper, cleaned up the kitchen, and am dressed for walking outside.  It's going to be a scorcher here in Auburn today.  I'm not sure, but think Tim is coming over sometime this morning.  If I'm out walking, he'll see me and hopefully when I'm on my way home!

It's already very warm here this morning.  Last night before I went to bed I saw the local news anchors telling about today and the rest of the week being very HOT! I don't mind the heat and will try to get my morning walk done shortly.

I hope Every Buddy is feeling well and you are all enjoying your day.


Hi Gals, just a short note. I have an appt with my audiologist to check my hearing aids. I hope we can go to Best Buy also while we are out. Near 90 here today again.


Morning, Gals!

Like at Sue and Sharon's, it's going to be another scorcher today. But with more chance of rain showers.  That's okay, though, I won't be going anywhere anyway.

Early morning not particularly good today. I woke up about 4:30, with my back really killing me. I managed to get my morning dressing routine done (brushing teeth, pills, etc.), and then go to the chair. I managed to get in about another hour of sleep before they brought breakfast around at 7:15.
 Still not great, but at least manageable.  Rumors are that we'll be having a "soft, phased" return to "life", starting with getting meals in the dining room again. That'll be great!

Marilyn, is Cannon Beach where y'all have gone in the summer? There was an article in our paper that it was completely shut down for some period of time. If so, it looks like you wouldn't be able to go anyway.

Hugs to all the Buddies.  Stay cool!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


What a storm and lightning we had last night. It is back up to 90 again nothing went right for me today and so just going stitch another do a thing.

Sharon. Not being personal. But you seem to get that problem often. I did years ago. Not had for least 30. Mine was things I was doing so made changes. Gave up using a tub bath daily. Now showered.i found that problem. When in UK my aunt did not have a shower. 2daysin a bath and back it came. Dr. There filled me in. So many soaps I was using. Loved a good smelling one. Have to use only without perfume in. Same with feminine powder. No die in any underwear have to use special detergent in laundry for skin. Lot other things which is easy to follow. So now no problems 30 years.



Mary. 7:30 for breakfast. I could never do that if I was expected to be civil.
I can't get all dressed up that soon. I have noticed that in the Senior living that they all dress so nice so early. after this eating their rooms so long maybe change that. You will be going done in robes.

I am gong to stop spell checking  until this mess is over. iPads just want to change what we type all the time.


Jeanne, I've been tempted to stay in my PJs all day. But I know it's a bad habit to get into.  And I'm not thrilled about the "late" breakfast, but I've learned to deal with it. I could go do the dining room and get my own coffee - any time of the day, but I just don't.  :)
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."