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  • brian: better   do more  research  Poochers
    May 09, 2019, 11:30:48 am
  • brian: snip·ing /ˈsnīpiNG/ noun 1. the action of shooting at someone from a hiding place, especially accurately and at long range. "sniping assumed great importance during WWI, especially where trench warfare was prevalent" 2. the action of verbally attacking someone in a sly or petty way. "there has been
    May 09, 2019, 11:29:42 am
  • Pooch1: "Sniper" is a noun.  "Snip" is a verb.  Not funny to be unknowing of the difference in how the two words are treated.
    May 09, 2019, 09:03:06 am
  • brian: so military  snipers   just   snip  LOL
    May 08, 2019, 11:22:01 am
  • Pooch1: 3rd graders learn to double a final consonant preceded by a single vowel before adding 'ing.'  Snipping refers to cutting remarks.  A snipe is a bird.
    May 07, 2019, 06:46:46 am
  • brian: its  sniping  not  snipping poocharooni lol
    May 06, 2019, 11:02:33 pm
  • Pooch1: Well said, Oldiesmann.  Perhaps brian can devote his time to other chat rooms instead of constantly snipping at you.
    May 01, 2019, 10:49:02 am
  • Oldiesmann: brian: If/when I find a suitable solution, I will install it here. I run this site in my spare time and do not have an unlimited amount of time to develop/find a proper solution.
    April 29, 2019, 04:58:04 pm
  • brian: wellmycheal  looks  like its not  going to happen--------   doesnt  seem to be  a problem in my 20 years   senior  chatting with other rooms!!!!!
    April 21, 2019, 11:34:37 am
  • mycheal: Chatroom would sure be nice
    April 17, 2019, 08:11:25 pm
  • brian: almost  every  site   on the Net  has a  chat room--------  now  why is  that? I suggest you  go to a room  like [link]   and   ask  them!
    March 18, 2019, 12:24:02 pm
  • Oldiesmann: Finding one that will integrate with the forum system is not easy. If you've got some ideas please send me a PM or email with links and I will investigate further.
    March 17, 2019, 09:12:31 pm
  • brian: chat  systems  are a  dime a   dozen
    March 11, 2019, 11:53:11 pm
  • Oldiesmann: brian: The chat system we used to have on this site stopped working and I haven't found a good replacement. If/when I do I'll put one in again.
    March 10, 2019, 02:00:43 pm
  • brian: no chat  still?must  be  to technical      LOL
    March 09, 2019, 04:20:34 pm
  • joyous: Cold weather has arrived in Louisiana!  It is 30 degrees now at 8:00 A. M.  and prediction is for no higher than 49 today..  Certainly  BAD fir our traditional Mardi-Gras , but it WILL go on.------JOY
    March 05, 2019, 09:00:27 am
  • Oldiesmann: Glad it's working for you again. I didn't actually change anything though so I'm not sure what the issue was
    February 21, 2019, 12:22:09 am
  • junee: Ldoesmaqn:  the problem has been fixed.  Thank you to whoever. THANK YOU
    February 20, 2019, 02:36:56 am
  • Oldiesmann: junee: Make sure to choose "Always stay logged in" from the "Time to stay logged in" list when you login. If you're still having to login each time you visit after that then it's a problem with your browser
    February 19, 2019, 07:46:35 pm
  • junee: Getting tired of signing in.  Think I will just have to give this site away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    February 18, 2019, 11:58:23 pm

Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 pm

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[color=Rhodes picture Jeanne..I'm still trying to figure out the new's cooler here today and rain predicted for tomorrow..happy Thursday all Darlene [/color]


Jeanne good picture...Darlene


So far just Brrrrrr cold here - it was 22* this morning.

Two things I can figure out about the new format.  The time.  On my profile, it shows the correct time (Eastern time zone, etc.).  But over each post the time listed after the poster's name is something else entirely.

Also, when I click on the button to take me to the new posts on a board, sometimes it takes me  to the first the new posts; and sometimes it takes me to the top of the last page, so I have to go to the bottom of the page.

Any clues????
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


I need to see if Dr. can find a way to get that little dark mark that shows up every time. I have tried stuff but doesn't work. I think it comes from a burn I got years ago with a splash of fat coming up when frying chicken. Shows more now skin dryer.
Just brought up my test from 2 days ago that he wanted me to take again on my Glucose. I think this one is Hemoglobin AIC
It still shows a H (high mark) on it 5.9 and chart shows should be 5.8
I don't understand all this stuff.  He is gone today so will get ahold of him Friday See what to do.  Does anyone here understand Medical numbers. I know the BP and colestrol but most of the others I have no idea. Dr. use to sit and explain but any more they expect you to read on your computer for the "My Care" list. Crazy....


Now on mine most time when I clik on the NEW which is the way I always do it. Now sometimes it will take me back 2 months. Going to have to take closer look at the new ways.


Hi Gals, grocery shopping done. An appt with a new neurologist set for Feb. John got some answers about his NZ trip, so a productive morning. Nothing planned the rest of the day.  It's about 42 here and somewhat sunny but like Mary we have rain, wintery mix and possibly snow for the next 3 days. Ugh!  Aside from getting Bunny groomed tomorrow, no plans till church on Sunday.

Jeanne, I agree about the PC attitude and dispensing with so many Christmas things.  We live in the Bible Belt though, so there are lots of decorations at homes and businesses. Our 2 amenity centers have both a Christmas tree and a Menorah as part of the decorations.  The lodge is having a big train show for the kids and interested adults. Lots of $$$ went into all the train sets.  They don't appeal to me even though my grandpa and 2 uncles were train people. One was an engineer & the other 2 stationmasters.  I love the Christmas plays and from FB, I see that our town in IN has put on "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" or something like that. I've read the book.  A lot of the churches in that town have live nativity scenes.  Our current church was just gifted with a beautiful white wooden nativity scene with about 10 figures or so. I have a picture on my FB page.  Really nice and nearly life-size.

Jane, good idea to stock up on the yarn for the rainy days.  I have books since I don't do crafts.

Mary, I'll be interested to hear what the neurosurgeon says about your MRI and what to do about it. I hope you won't have to have surgery.  I'm in the same spot with my knees. I don't know about the time either. I checked to see if it was right in my profile and it is.

V-J, glad you had a good time at the party.

Hi to Marilyn, Joyous, Darlene, Ginny Ann and whoever else I forgot.  Sharon

Sue, glad you found what you needed at the Big Lots. Hope your cards are good.


Mary...I have the same problem  NEW doesn't take me to the first new message...just to the top of the page.  Grrr!!!

Jeanne....A1C measures your blood glucose over the last several months.  Here's the Mayo Clinic link...

The A1C test is a common blood test used to diagnose type 1 and type 2 diabetes and then to gauge how well you're managing your diabetes. The A1C test goes by many other names, including glycated hemoglobin, glycosylated hemoglobin, hemoglobin A1C and HbA1c.

Another site says:

The more glucose that enters the bloodstream, the higher the amount of glycated hemoglobin," Dr. Dodell says. An A1C level below 5.7 percent is considered normal. An A1C between 5.7 and 6.4 percent signals prediabetes. Type 2 diabetes is diagnosed when the A1C is over 6.5 percent.Sep 11, 2017

We went to Brownsville today after having a wonderful breakfast as a favorite place we can walk to, and started well on our way home when Ray remembered he didn't have his cane.  He'd left it in the grocery cart at the large HEB.  I turned around and back we went.  It's a huge store and was very busy, but the man at the door went to Customer Service with him and there was his cane.  So, many thanks to the good person who turned it in.

We went for ribs tonight at a favorite place that has this special on Thurs and Sunday nights.  It's nice in Dec. when it's not crowded. 

We're all set for the next few days if the heavy storms come in.



Friday morning greetings from the beach.  I don't think the thunderstorms we were to get ever happened and today's weather says 10% chance this morning...then 50% this afternoon.  So I think that means "maybe it will and maybe it won't.  There are a lot of dark clouds over the Gulf, however. :2funny:

I've just spent time waiting online for social security.  I received an email that there was a new message at for me...and when I tried to get there, it said it couldn't process my info and try again later.

I called...and duh!  The password had expired, but the website won't tell you that.  You have to call and wait in line for someone to pick up.  The good news is that from now on the password won't expire as it has every couple of months.  So, if you use mysocialsecurity and can't get in, you have to call to find out what the problem is.  They then send a temp password and a security code to your smartphone.

Nothing much going on here today...going to do some "housework" and that'll be the extent of my "work."  I'll see if Ray wants to walk outside or go to the exercise room and use the treadmills. 



Good morning, Buddies.  I've had breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, and am dressed for Tim to take me to the library, Kroger, and out to lunch.  I'm assuming Kris will meet us for lunch if she can arrange her work schedule. 

It's pretty chilly here this morning, still in the low 40's I think.  I went out to pick up the paper in my P.J.'s and nearly froze! I still have lots of leaves to rake and take down to the curb for Monday's trash pick up.  But I'm don't think I'll get it all done until Monday afternoon, so they'll be there waiting for the next week's pick up.  I have a basket ball game on Sunday about 2:30. (AU women's game).

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


Thanks, JANE, for the SS info.  I went in once and they told me my PW was wrong, but it wasn't important that I go in, so I just left it at that. I think I went to a different site to change my SS D insurance, but who knows. I'm glad you didn't get a big storm and hope you don't.  We are expecting snow or ice or sleet Sat. night and Sunday depending on how far south the cold front moves.

Bunny is home and looking festive after her grooming. They put red bows in her ears. There's a pic on FB if you want to see.

I had the same problems, so now I click on Forum, go down to Medical, click on Bosom Buddies and it takes me right to the post after mine.

I need to do a load of laundry, but otherwise, vegging today.

Enjoy you game, Sue, on Sunday.

Hi to all.  Sharon


Happy Friday, Buddies!

Cold and overcast today.  It's calling for the mixed precipitation on Sunday and Monday.  I have two doctor appointments Monday morning, but have told them I'll call and reschedule if the weather is too bad for me to drive.

I had my last PT session this morning.  The positional vertigo has pretty much stopped, thanks to the Eply maneuvers.  The strength and balance issues are just not going to be fixed at this time of my life, so I'm not too worried about that part of it. I picked up an order at Walmart and got my hair cut.  And now I'm in for the rest of the day.

Sharon, your baby does look festive - fits right in with your decorations.  :thumbup: Interesting about the way you get into the board.  The odd part for me is that sometimes it works one way, and sometimes the other.  Oh, well....

Sue, I love your Friday morning routine.  Such a good thing to look forward to.

jane, I hope you found lots of good yarn for stuff.  I'm almost through with the poncho I'm doing for Jesse's fiancee, and then I'm going to start on hats.  I'd like to get a bunch done quickly to take to the homeless shelter before the coldest weather settles in here.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


We walked on the beach, and then couldn't get back into the complex because the keypad to the gate wouldn't take the access no.  I called the main desk, and they had to call someone, but it finally was reset and we got in.  Then I needed to make a quick trip to the $ $ store...and on the way out of the parking lot, a woman backed right into the passenger side door!  She lives here and she and hubby own a business here.  She emailed me she'd contacted her State Farm Insurance.  Nobody hurt and the door opens and closes ok.  But NOT what I wanted to have happen to a car not yet a year old.  Still it could have been much worse.  We will wait to have it fixed when we're back home,

Storms to come here tonight and into tomorrow, apparently. 



"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Jane. Thanks for the info on the Blood test and what A1C was. He hasn't called me back This was first time over 5. Never been told near Diab.2.  I need to find out why going up. (They will say the same as always.)Comes with age. So tired of hearing that. Need to know how to keep it back under 5.
Sorry to hear you car got a dent. That is the reason I hate to buy another new one.People park to close in Store lots. My car has one on the side of back panel and it drives me crazy. Not going to fix it though.
Big storms coming to Houston and then up east coast today they say. Think you are safe there....


Good morning, Buddies.  It's damp and pretty cold here this morning.  I've had breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen, but am still in my P.J.'s.  I'll shower and shampoo as soon as I finish reading here at S&F.  Our organist and choir director (husband and wife) are having a party for widows in our church this evening.  The hubby will pick us up at 5:00 (approximately) and take us to their home.  We'll have hor d'oevres (spelling?) and wine while we sit around and admire their Christmas tree, plus chat, etc.  They did this last year, too.  Hubby will pick us up in the church bus and bring us home the same way.

I want to watch the Army/Navy football game today--GO NAVY!  And maybe another game or two.  I'm reading a pretty good library book I picked up yesterday after lunch with Tim, so I have that to do, too.

Jane, I'm sorry about the accident, but am sure you'll be happy you can wait until you get home where you know your mechanic.  I hope the storms that are coming are not huge and will cause no damage. 

Mary, I looked through my yarn stash and found some nice yarn that would make hats for Alex and Nic.  Alex, especially, will need one and will probably wear it.  It gets pretty cold up in Birmingham where he is a Senior at Birmingham Southern U.--and he's almost bald now, so his ears get cold every day!  I need to get started on the hats ASAP.

Jeanne, I hope you get some good information about the need for the new blood test.  Let us know what the results are.  It sounds like you'll be staying inside if the storms reach you. 

Mary, hurray for the improvement in the vertigo.  It's pretty scary when you must feel dizzy/disoriented when getting up out of a chair and at other times.  Where will you spend Christmas and/or are the girls coming to you?  This year it'll only be Tim, Kris, and me.  Kris's mom, Arden, is going up to Ohio to have Christmas with her 3 son's families who live up there.

Sharon, I don't do face book, so probably won't see Bunny's "Christmas Bows", but I'm sure she's adorable.  How old is she now?

Marilyn, I hope Keith is feeling better.  Is he home yet or are you having to visit him at the hospital? 

Alpiner, I hope all is well with you and hubby.  Are you near the fires out there? 

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


Cooler here...59...and some light rain and NW wind.  Heavy stuff went north of us...looks like Mary and Sharon may get most of that.

We have had a late breakfast and I baked a pound of bacon for easy microwaving this next week.  We need to do some vacuuming and swiftering of the tile floors today, and then watch games, I suspect.  We found the music channels on our tv, so enjoying that while we read.  I like the Easy Listening Music Choice channel. 

Have a good Saturday!



Mary, good news about the vertigo. Not so mmuch the balance and strength.  Have fun with all your knitting projects. I'm sure the shelters will appreciate the hats.

Sue, what a nice thing for the couple to do to invite the widows over for a Christmas gathering. If you're going to make a hat for Alex, you better put the books down and get cracking!  :D

Jeanne, I would think the Dr. would call you if there was a problem with your A1C test.

Jane, you're rather cool, but still a lot warmer than we are. We're near freezing this weekend! It's been spitting rain all morning, but the winter mix or whatever may come tonight.  I'm so sorry to hear about your car being hit. That is all so upsetting.  One year I was hit the day before TG and then again right before Christmas!!  Not fun, but that was back in IN.

I had a fun morning. I asked a church friend who loves nature and birds to go with me to a raptor show at our local Wild Birds Unlimited. They only brought a barn owl and a kestrel, but they were nice birds and it was fun to see them. My friend loves to photograph birds.

I am getting a cold, probably from John and been sneezing and blowing all morning. I've taken my Vit C and after I finish my lunch will take a Coldeez.  Stay warm and dry everyone.  Sharon


The test was 5.8 so I think that is under the border. Will call them next week. Dr. Just don't call back to talk anymore.

So cold here. 11 deg tonight. Just gong to bundle under  afghan andseewhat TV is offering.


December 08, 2018, 06:28:28 pm #6138 Last Edit: December 08, 2018, 06:31:46 pm by jane sounds as if you enjoyed the program.  Sorry about the coming cold.  John really did NOT need to share that with you.  ::)

It's been cool and rainy and windy all day.  We've got our "housework" done, and Imhave a load of towels in the dryer.  This condo is small, so,it doesn't take long to vacuum and mop. 

I have smoked sausage and sauerkraut on the stove for supper.  Quick and easy on a cool December day. 

Hope Darlene and Joy didn't get too much rain. are things going with K?

Jeanne...5.8 sounds like it's a good number.  My own was 6.4 and after I did a two week stick and record numbers...all of which were under 100, "they" decided I was fine.

Alpiner...are any of the rains and slides near you?



Sorry about the impending cold, Sharon.  Hope you can fend off most of it.

jane, love your supper plans.

Jeanne, sorry it's so cold there.  Guess winter has really arrived.

It's been raining all day long - nothing hard, just constant.  I brought my plastic rain gauge in for the winter so it wouldn't freeze and break.  So far, the temps have stayed around 40, so it's just been rain.  I hope that continues.

Stay warm, Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Cool here, too, Mary.  But sunny and still windy.  Only plan for today is to go over to Louie's...the restaurant with the ribs we like...for the Packers game about noon.  They have a lot of TVs there and show sports...and for the midwesterns here now, lots of "favorites" for the Wi, MN, Iowa, IL fans.  We'll be meeting out WI friends there. 

Supper tonight is a mix of S. Texas (Shrimp) and upper midwest..(Wild Rice).  Another fairly easy dinner.

Have a blessed Sunday,



Jane, your dinners sound good. If my cold isn't causing me to sneeze and blow like last night, I plan to do shrimp & linguini greek pasta.  I really have a doozy of a cold. All I get done is blowing. My usual cures aren't working.

They cancelled services at our church this AM because of all the forecasts for snow and ice, but so far, we've only had rain. Don't know what Fort Mill and CLT had. Haven't had the TV on.  I wasn't planning to go to church anyway because of my cold.

According to FB posts, things are much better for Marilyn. She has a daily caregiver coming in, has had 1 cataract removed, and plans to go to Gilbert's for Christmas.  Perhaps she will post a more detailed post on Keith's progress here.

Jeanne, I don't like the sound of 11 degrees!  BRRRR!

Mary, you are smart to bring in your rain guage. I've had 2 break and have just given up.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone.  Sharon


Sharon....I just rec'd a "friend request" supposedly from you for FB.  Since we're already friends there, I assume it's a phony.

We went over and watched the Packers win at Louie's with other WI fans.  Nice way to spend a couple of hours. 



December 09, 2018, 09:31:16 pm #6143 Last Edit: December 09, 2018, 09:36:45 pm by JeanneP
Jane. Maybe that is the way the Doctor is thinking. I have been reading about what those numbers mean. I sure wish they would explain things like Dr. use to do.
Looks like weight is one thing but I am still the same as been 8 years now and no Dr. has told me I need to loose. I run about 145 lbs.I think will watch my eating . such a choc. and cookies . Do it for a couple months and take it again.

Sorry to hear you are getting cold weather down there. Isnt. that what happened last year and then it cleared and got nice.It seems like down in the South is where the really bad snow and rain is. Carolina and places.
Sue. Just keep on taking the cold meds. I really stuck with both the pills. Cough liquid. Lemon and Honey. Chicken soup and it seem to have lasted less time than last years.
Hope you husband catches his in time. Isn't he suppose to be taking a trip soon?



Jeanne, it was me, not Sue, with the cold. John is over his and isn't leaving until Feb. 24.  I've been dosing and eating chicken soup etc.  Felt miserable yesterday, but better so far today.  Hope it lasts.

Jane, I have 2 accounts on FB. When my computer crashed, I couldn't get it back on it, so started another, although I still have the original on my smart phone.  I can't figure out why I couldn't get it back. I much prefer the computer. I was looking for that lovely Christmas wish you put on FB that I saw yesterday and wanted to share it, but couldn't find it again.  They have really messed FB up IMHO.

We never got snow until this morning--5 minutes worth of big flakes. Our temp is to be 37 today, was 34 when I got up, so don't think we'll get anything more.  CLT and FM did though.

My cleaning girl is here.  I wanted her closer to Christmas but she was booked.

I did 4 loads of laundry yesterday, so after Sandra leaves, I'll have lots to fold.  John went in to have his new hearing aids checked this AM. They adjusted them a little for the sharp sounds. I'm so glad he finally has them. Tomorrow is his 2nd cataract surgery. I hope it goes as well as the first.  Wed is our bridge group's Christmas lunch/bridge day. Friday, I have to go in for labs. They are going to check the cholesterol again, but it is a wasted effort since I can't take anything for it and diet doesn't help.

The church across the street from ours in Fort Mill caught fire last night. It was breaking news at 11:00, so don't have any details yet. It's a very large Presbyterian church.

Nothing else here.  Have a good day.  Sharon


Good morning, Buddies.  Another chilly, dreary day here in Auburn.  I've had breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, and need to work on Christmas cards.  I'm behind on everything this year.  Since not driving myself, I have to count on friends to take me to the bank although Tim always takes me to the library on Friday, Kroger, and out to eat, so that's a blessing.

I hope to get a few Christmas cards written with notes to long time friends (who are probably wondering if I'm OK because I usually have them out of here before this!).  Tim will probably stop by sometime today to see if I'm OK and if I need anything before Friday.  I am going to ask my neighbor, Sandra, to take me to the bank this morning if she has time. 

I've done all the decorating that I will do this year.  I have my Christmas tree up and decorated and some table decorations out, so that's as festive as I'm going to get this year.  Tim and Kris will be the only guests who will see them this year as Ard is going to Ohio to be with her other family members.

We had a lovely dinner and festive occasion at the home of our choir director and his wife, the organist.  They invited widows my age and some older and younger.  A few were recent widows and I'm sure they appreciated it as well.  Steve borrowed the church bus and picked us all up and brought us home in it.  It was pouring rain, but we all managed to stay fairly dry.

I have an invitation to a neighborhood party on December 16.  It is on the street behind me and I'm planning to attend and hope that Sandra and Rob will be here and going so that I won't have to walk around there with hor d'ouvres (spelling?) on a tray which I'd probably spill before I get there!  I'm going to make pimento cheese balls (mini size) to take along.

I'm off to write some more Christmas notes.  Have a nice day, Every Buddy.

P.S. Sharon, I just saw your post.  I hope your cold is on its way out of town and doesn't return.  I hope John's second cataract surgery goes well.  I know he'll be pleased to see how sharp his vision will be without cataracts!  I have been able to read everything I wish without reading glasses since mine were removed about 10 years ago. 


Sharon...feel better soon. 

Jeanne...temps are fine here....we Midwesterners come prepared with sweatshirts and heavier pants, fleece jackets, etc

Sue...your parties sound very nice.

Ray's been doing a lot better these last few days. He golfs tomorrow with a friend here, and Terri and I will go to lunch. 

Ray's getting the car cleaned today.  The outside looks bad with the big door dents, but the inside needed s good cleaning after the trip down here.  I always feel better in a clean car. 

He'll call me when the detailing is done and come over and pick me up for some HEB (grocery store) and WalMart shopping.



Yes Sue, Keith has been home for almost 3 weeks. He gets lost here in the house forgets the  layout and goes in the opposwite direction. My eye  is all healed up and the next one is Jan. 3


Hi everyone...hope this print is easy to read...not sure I know how to use the bold option..Jane..sorry about your fender bender..I'm sure y'all are enjoying this warmer Dr finally talked me into taking the BP med Losartan 100mg...hope I don't get side effects with that high dose..I need to walk moredont like to take Meds due to side effects..the ampdopline made me feel loved me a zombie...this one may do the same..Marlyin..glad Keith is at home with you..hoping he continues to improve..Sue..I read a lot more these cold nights..get tired of watching TV...I need to go to Library for more books..Sharon hope you are feeling better..I'm trying to stay well..even taking hand sanitizer to church with me and using it..Jeanne also hope you are getting over your cold....Hi to Mary and Joy.....Darlene


Typo..not Darlene