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Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 pm

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Sharon sent me a message that her computer is messed up but she'll be going home Wed. She was asking if we'd heard from Mary. 

Sue, Darlene, and Jeanne...be careful in that heat.

Marilyn...sorry about the pain in your feet.  That makes one  miserable.

Busy business day here...met with CPA and signed a gazillion papers. Then lunch here at home and off to Dbq to meet with my attorney and signed my new will, POA and POA for health, signed to get the house in my name and the something that goes to Medicare to show no outstanding medical bills. 

We had heavy rain on the way home several times and there's a tornado watch out for tonight.

Tomorrow Patricia and I are going to CR for a nice day out.

She goes home on Wed. 



September 09, 2019, 07:43:53 pm #7531 Last Edit: September 09, 2019, 07:46:37 pm by Shirley
I'm buzzing through to see if there is any word from Mary's family. Couldn't remember when the surgery was to be.

Jane, I had not even thought about the house being in both names!  Guess I should check to see what Kansas laws are about it just going into the estate as is.  We never used the "one time tax break" when selling/buying houses so still have that benefit if I sell before I die. Not sure how many changes in those laws since we took care of these things before Cas died. As much trouble as Cox has given me, I hate to think of what dragons are out there. Good luck with your challenges, remember to enjoy all the days ahead.

Marilyn, I had plantar fascitis last spring, never had such pain when walking. I didn't bother getting advice from my Dr, my best friend had it a few years before & insisted her doctor had no real solution for the pain. My daughter had sent a pair of UGG insoles about that time & I had a pair of Nike tennis shoes half size too big the insoles fit in, worked great & completely cut out the pain as long as I wore only them. Don't remember how many months it took, but went away & hasn't come back. Do hope you can find a fix quick. Sore feet can affect the rest of the body when we can't walk good. I bought the tennis shoes big to wear thick sox when hiking... a reason for everything!

It is super hot here in KS, wishing summer gone. I would be happy if the nights were cool enough to open windows/doors for fresh air. Now we are facing West Nile Virus (a case in this county) so guess I will have to put on long sleeves & pants to go down to the river at night. I've been feeding the fish again & enjoy watching the water churn when I whistle for them. I've been giving them about half a loaf of bread every night & those catfish heads are huge... can't get a good photo of them because the water has been muddy. Doesn't take much to make me happy! Wishing all the best.... whatever makes each of you happy. Shirley


Shirley.  I think I mentioned last month that my Grandson had now moved to Manhatten, Kansas. Loving it. The University provided a house for him for I believe 2 years. He than will sell his in Missouri and buy in Kansas.
Lots of people having him to dinner and showing him around. This is the 3rd University now as keeps going further up the ladder. Far as he can now until maybe A president position will come along. He is 49 now so will still have time. I sure miss him being closer. Will most probable come out to Kansas sometime this winter. Will have to check Airlines.

Will be thinking of Mary when her operation. She has had 2 years or more on Hospitals. Hope this will be the last needs doing.
Good reading that Sharon will be home Wednesday.  Been awhile for her. Dog must really wonder where she is...


Good morning, Every Buddy.  It's going to be another scorcher here in Auburn today.  I need to get dressed and outside for my morning walk before it's way too hot for walking up hill!

Jeanne, that's great news about your grandson.  I hope you are able to visit him at his new University and that he enjoys the new position.

Hi Shirley.  Enjoy your fish--I think they are probably in fish heaven when you show up with their treats!

Jane, you've made good progress on your paper work.  I hope the storm/tornado stays away and you stay safe.  Enjoy your last day with Patricia.  I'm glad she's been able to visit with you.  Thanks for the message from Sharon.  I know she'll be glad to be going home.

Marilyn, I'm sorry about the continued foot pain.  I hope you'll improve ASAP and will soon feel better.  Keep us posted.

Have a nice day, Every Buddy--and hopefully stay cool!


I need to quit playing this morning and get my running around done. I can't believe it will be 89 deg by noon today. Will be same all week. Thought I would have been able to try and get house put in order. Have let things get in  mess over hot summer.

I also need to finish getting estate in order. Understand it more. Need to change title names on car and house to trust. Have to go to where do drivers test to do it .so much construction over there at moment.
Darn phone callers getting worse.had 3 even on Sunday.2 already today.         
How the are going to fix all the big messes in the country when they can't even fix this problem I don't know.the Asian one gets on every thing I use. Was on the new phone within 2 weeks.

I have been cleaning out all the email addresses for past 20 years far back as on seniornet so many people we had. How many have passed or dropped off .sending a quick on some out of country to see if get any reply.i have lost so many personal ones . 4 on uk past year.

Take care everyone.


Shirley...in Iowa, there is no "estate" between spouses...all of our things were joint with survivorship and attorney told me to get all bank accounts, CDs, etc. changed to my name only. I also switched the utilities, etc., except phone because we have a landline and I didnt want my name in phone book.   He said I had to the end of the year.  Next year don't want statements or whatever showing interest/dividends paid to a deceased soc. sec. number.  He also said the house and the tax bills needed to be in my name to make sure things are in order for the future.  I also needed a new will and new POA and POA for health care. Those are now signed and in force.

Sue and Jeanne...VERY hot here today...88...after a big storm overnight.  BIG limbs down in the yard...near the curb thank heavens, 'cause I couldn't have dragged it to the curb, and the city picked them up while Patricia and I were in Cedar Rapids.

I haven't heard from Mary...hope all is going great for her.

I hope Sharon is packing up her things and can make a break for home tomorrow.   :smitten:

We had a nice day in CR and found some things I was looking for. 



Jane, that's pretty much how Kansas does it... joint & survivorship. I did immediately cancel joint accounts & had all put in my name... canceled the credit card he used all the time & found it was a good thing because one of the insurances told me on the phone that "he'd just use that credit card to pay".  I told him it was canceled & I would be sending a check. This auto insurance likes to bill double the cost but if you call they give you half price. I don't like these games but tolerate since this auto club would haul the RV where ever help could be found & not a limited mileage. Anyway, did cash some i-Bonds that were in his name only & my name only .. no beneficiaries on either. Cashed the ones in his name last year & tax man recommended cashing only one per year since it brought income into another bracket... but at this age I wasn't willing to gamble how many good years left! I do resent being taxed outrageously on money we saved, had nothing to do with the gov! I keep taxes paid up front as much as I can but still get hit for a chunk in April. At least I don't yell & moan 4 times a year with estimated income like Cas did. It was reality to find income basically cut in half, pension was set up that way, the SS that was his in mine & mine went away... but the bills didn't change! Life is good, we saved and so far all's well.

Jeanne, where was your grandson in MO?  My kids all went through Wichita State University here in Wichita. Good engineering school & at the time they went, had great connections with all the aircraft industries here. Pretty much why all went into Engineering. So far Youngest grand is working on her Masters & Doctorate at the same time, in Audiology. One is back in to work on a Masters in Mechanical (first degree is Mio-Med Engineering & not many jobs where he wants to live). My oldest brother had a photography studio in Manhattan, KS. He died about 20 years ago. That is a much greener area than Wichita. This is the starting point for "the dust bowl" of western KS & eastern CO. My cousin's husband taught at K-State, she was an RN, not sure if he stayed there or moved back to MO after she died. With a base near by, it is a busy town.

I keep stopping to let a cat in or out, son called & I think I am ready to go to bed. Allergies are over the top, ragweed is in it's prime right now. Long time ago the doctor told me that "we have the highest ragweed count IN tHE WORLD right here. I never had allergies before & have put up with them since we moved here when I was about 30. I tried over the counter & a number of prescriptions but side effects worse than the allergies, so I whine & grip.

Hope Mary is doing okay. Those first few days are a nightmare, having to cough to get the fluid out & hoping nothing came loose when doing it. I couldn't eat, couldn't make anything go down past that lump in my throat but some fruit, not the pain, just body rebelling.  Good night to all, sweet dreams. Sharon will probably be awake all night knowing she will go home tomorrow!



Good morning to Every One looking in today.  I've had breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, and will get outside to walk before the temperature goes up much higher.  It's going to be a scorcher here in Auburn today.  I want to get the walk finished so I can shower and relax before time to go to my bridge club after lunch.

Jeanne, I've been cleaning out my e-mail addresses, too.  I have several which still need to be updated or deleted, but today I'll not have time to take care of that.  I hope you slept well last night and are feeling well this morning.

Jane, after Bob died, Tim helped me move things around so that I didn't have problems with my finances.  Bill and Jon both offered advice which was helpful and so far all is good.  Bob had arranged things such as his Navy retirement benefits so that we didn't have to deal with that, either.  My accountant, a female, is also very helpful with advice.  I was still teaching when Bob died, so when I retired later, Tim as able to help me set that up.

Good morning, Shirley.  It's nice to see you here again today.

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


September 11, 2019, 06:32:37 pm #7538 Last Edit: September 11, 2019, 06:34:31 pm by jane
It's another hot and humid day here and skies look like rain is coming again. Yikes! The thunder just started rolling in...may need to shut down quickly.

 Bridge was ok, but I had awful cards...never got a bid.

I hope Sharon got home today and can get online soon.

Sue...good your boys could help you.

Patricia has gone home. She had to stop in Mpls to see her neurologist. It seems she has a teflon granuloma(sp?) in her brain where she had that surgery for the trigemenal (sp?) pain.  The teflon pads they used have now caused a problem.  She may need another surgery to remove the granuloma (sp?) It seems they use a sling now to separate the nerves and not the teflon sponges.

Tomorrow I have my yearly dermatology appt and then a weekend without a lot of stress.



Jane, woo hoo on a weekend without stress!  It sounds as if you have most of your paper work settled and you can feel relief about that.  I'm glad you've been able to take care of those loose ends and hope you can settle into a new way of life (which will be sad for sometime, but good that Ray is no longer suffering).  Bob had his paper work ready for me when he passed--and what a blessing that was!

Hi Shirley.  Good to see you again this morning.  I'm also hoping to hear from Mary's daughters.  I know they are watching out for her and will keep us updated when they know more.  I hope you're having some good weather and keeping your visiting animals happy!

Jane, I played bridge yesterday and to my surprise won first (a whole $!).  We had 2 subs because some of our members are out of town or had visitors.  We're really "big time" gamblers!  NOT!

Eddie came by yesterday morning to let me know about his partner's colon surgery.  He was much relieved and I am happy for him.  However, it will take some time before Dave can go back to work at AU.  I'm hoping he'll continue to improve.  Eddie will come by tomorrow to take me to the library and to Kroger for groceries.  So I need to make a grocery list today.

It's another scorcher here this morning, so I need to get dressed and out for my morning walk before it gets much hotter.  Have a nice day, Every Buddy!



Good morning ...exciting life...did my mile walk this morning...just thankful I can...hoping to hear news about Mary...is Sharon due home today?...Jeanne how is your BP?..Jane know you are relieved to get things settled....hope you have an enjoyable weekend...Hi to Sue...Marlyin Shirley...any others reading...Have a blessed day


Candy. I am just taking all he gave me. Been 2 weeks now and trying them for a month. First 10 days I felt little unsteady but past 2 days seem to be better.Now down to where I like it to be. Was showing 134/67/65 yesterday. I still don't trust my one at home but the one in Drugstore did show the same.  I never felt my best when it got below that. Not so tired feeling now.
Went out walking this morning about 10am. Already high 80s will go to 92Deg they say.
had another man look at the house for Jet Wash. He says will try for Saturday. See how this works. I have decided to quit worrying about the whole place until it cools down. Fact yesterday all day just reading. Eating and a little nap

Jane you sure seem to know the Tech. Terms on your friends problem. Hope they take care of here. Seems you had a nice visit from her. You are handling things so well.

Wonder is Sharon go home O.K. Just hope that is the final for her.  Now hoping that Mary will be back soon also
We really have had a lot of serious health issues in here for the past couple months it seems.



I, too, hope we hear from Mary and Sharon soon. 

Jeanne...you are so right...too many serious health issues here lately.  We need to get back to being wild and wonderful Bosom Babes!! ;D  :D   It's too hot, here, too for walking or being outside.

I did get dermatology appt in this morning. He said he's seeing more and more melanoma...and all over the body, even in very unusual/odd places.  He said esp. on the back and back of the legs/calves for women...places we can't see.  So, I hope everyBabe can get in to see a dermatologist once a year for a body check.

Ray had a lovely Honda relex scooter and I've made arrangements to donate it to Iowa Public TV.  They'll auction it off and keep the proceeds and give me a receipt for that amount they get.  I didn't want to hassle with trying to sell it locally when I can't drive it, wouldn't trust people to take it out for a test...and they need a motorcycle license, etc.  The liability was just too much to think about, so going this way.



Hi every Buddy. I will be seeing the Podiatrist again on the 24th, st that time I will be discussing surgery and  the appointment is being set up as a pre-op appt.I just want to get this pain  gone. Now the right foot is hurting as well. It's difficult to walk to say the least. All is well otherwise. Just waiting to hear from Sherry and to hear about Mary.


Jane. There does seem to be alot more Skin Cancer now. That is strange as fr years all these Sun Screens creams on the Market. But then people back in the 50,60s did not worship the sun as

much .Not so much heading for florida and the Islands and laying out. Got same in UK where didn't get hot suns. People heading to Spain and places. Guies lots more money to spend on Vacations.

Now my One Grandaughter Up in Connecticut has had to go and get checked every3 months. Since about 25. Has had problem with cancer cells showing. Even had it bad under her feet. That surprised me. So far they have caught it all. \\

Marilyn. Glad they are going to take your foot problem serious. When they get through see if you can get a prescription that will pass through Med. Care and will get you a great pair of Shoes.  I know that SASS is in the program. 


September 13, 2019, 10:59:53 am #7545 Last Edit: September 13, 2019, 01:21:13 pm by jane
Good clear and sunny morning in the 60s!  It's a pleasant change out there after a couple of days of heavy storms.

Cool today and then back to hot and humid.  I'm about to take off for a walk to town to return docs to our safe deposit box, pay my house taxes, drop an envelope off at the church, etc.  errands, errands, errands!

I hope we hear from our Mary and our Sharon today.



Bedtime so thought I'd check to see if anyone reported in for Mary or Sharon. Good night to all.  Shirley


It's a cool...55  here this morning.  Leaves are changing and falling like crazy.

I hope we hear from our Buddies today...



Good morning. Got up fed the animals, washed the ounters and  place mats, cleaned litter boxes, took a shower got dressed. Them put an update on Keith on Facebook.he is still in bed, but I gathered up his dirty clothes and put fresh nones in the master bath . I told him he has to shower today, that is why I take his clothes. Otherwise he gets dressed and forgets he has to shower. I am lucky to get him to shower once a week.

Hoping to her something from Sharon  and about Mary  today,.


Good morning, Every Buddy.  I've had breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen, but need to get dressed in my "walking duds"!.  It's going to be another scorcher here in Auburn.  I think we'll continue to have this high heat for another 3 or 4 weeks.  I always wear a large brimmed hat to keep the sun off my face and that seems to help.

Marilyn, it sounds like you had a good beginning this morning.  I'm sorry that Keith forgets about taking a daily shower. Do his sons call or come by often or not?  You are wise to take his clothes and prompt him to shower. 

I also hope to hear from Sharon and also about Mary today.  I know Mary's daughters are very worried. 

Eddie was here yesterday to take me to the library and to Kroger.  Next week he'll be coming on Thursday a.m. to take me shopping.  His partner Dave is having a colonoscopy on Friday and Eddie will take him to the hospital for that and stay with him while Dave is in recovery.

Not much else to report this morning.  I hope Every Buddy is feeling well and will have a good day.  I also would like to hear about Mary.  I hope her daughters will give us an update.

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


Waiting for another person who said would jet wash place today. Not here yet. Great day toget it done and me to work on yard. Hope not another letdown.

I am sure they Mary,s daughter will be letting us know once good report gets to them
. I thought sharan was having computer problems.

I think it is a at home football game over at U of Ill. Today and so that could be where he goes.


September 14, 2019, 08:44:19 pm #7551 Last Edit: September 14, 2019, 08:49:35 pm by jane
Our Sharon posted on Facebook that she was home but having some problems getting around and in pain.  I hope she feels better soon, and can come in and post to us.

I posted to Mary at her Facebook that we miss her and hope all is going great for her.  Maybe she or one of her girls will see it.


Jeanne, have you ever had your house power washed before?  We did ONE time & it was a disaster because of our hard water. We have storm windows all around & the water went between inner & outer windows & dried before we could wipe them off. Had to take off every storm window & use a glass scraper to get the lime streaks off. Hope you have soft water!

Jane, so glad you do Facebook & could check on Sharon & Mary. I don't do Facebook 'cause I don't want to know what my grands are up to all the time. Seriously, I know they all share photos that way but I'll just wait until someone e-mails me the photos. I remember that Mary was active blogging & all when they traveled. Hope all's well. Are you doing okay today?

No nap today & I am weary to the bone. Ran the vac in the pool & did some other outside chores & got very hot. I am ready for winter, anything cool.


Good Sunday Morning, Everyone!

Shirley...always good to see your posts.  Good warning to Jeanne on the power wash.  It sounds as if Wichita has the same hot and humid we've had...though we did have a day or two of a bit cooler...and now back to the "oven"...ugh.  I'm doing ok, I guess. 

As I said above, it looks a bit "stormy" out there this morning.  The trees are changing fast and the leaves are falling as well.

Nothing much planned for me today...I'm cleaning out some drawers and taking it one day at a time.  I don't watch much tv, as many of you have heard me say, but I do enjoy sports, so it'll be football again today...pro this time.



Good early afternoon, Every Buddy.  I've been to SS and Church, came home to change and eat lunch.  However, it's already too hot to walk outside.  I'll see how shady it is about 5:00 this afternoon and will get a walk in then.

Jane, I don't usually turn my TV on until time for the local news and then NBC nightly news with Lester Holt.  I usually spend time reading if I have a good library book I haven't read yet.  During the week, I usually turn to PBS news from 6:00-7:00.  Sometimes on Sunday I look for an old movie that I've liked in the past.  Good luck with cleaning out drawers!  Not my favorite chore!

Shirley, I don't do Face Book, either.  When 2 of my sons married, their wives were on Face Book and had an argument which was unpleasant and I vowed I'd never DO FACEBOOK--and I haven't.  Fortunately, the wives have now bypassed the argument and I'm happy about that, but I never mention it to either of them!

Jeanne, I hope the person who said he could Jet Wash your home shows up and does a good job today or tomorrow if that is when he can do it. 

I hope Mary's daughters can give us an update soon.  Thoughts and prayers for good results from here in Auburn.

And Sharon, I hope you've improved A LOT! and will be able to go home soon.  Keep us posted.  Also thoughts and prayers for you from all of us.

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


Sunday night, I keep hoping for word that Mary is doing okay & remind myself that "no news is good news". Hopefully the girls are busy entertaining her in the hospital. I stayed 8 days because it turned out I had a side effect from the one med they gave me for A-fib. After I got home & got that out of my system I was fine. A cracked rib hurts for 6 weeks & even if they saw them in two, they hurt for 6 weeks! Will check in tomorrow.

Sue, was mid 90s here as well, & humid. I've been walking down to the river to feed fish about 7:00-7:30. Have to put on long sleeves to keep mosquitoes from eating me up. I spray my legs & boots that I wear into the river bed.  I had some of the next generation get upset with each other on Facebook early on & decided too easy to misunderstand so refuse to get drawn in.

Hugs to all. Shirley


Good morning, Every Buddy.  It's going to be another scorcher here in Auburn.  So far I've had breakfast and have put the trash cans down on the curb for pick up.  I'm not dressed, but will get some walking duds on and get outside for my morning walk soon.  I need to call Eddie and change our date for Kroger shopping.  His partner, Dan, is scheduled for surgery on Friday and he'd wanted to take me to Kroger on Thursday, but that's my bridge day and I am going to re-schedule with Eddie.  I have enough food in my fridge to hold me for another week.

I hope all is well with Every Buddy.  Have a nice day Every Buddy.



Monday Morning Greetings!

It's been a busy morning here.  Towing company called me at 7:25 am and said they'd be here at 7:50 to pick up Ray's scooter that I donated to Iowa Public Television's vehicle donation program.  So, I got dressed in a hurry and found the key and was ready when Tyler appeared with a big towing truck.  He loaded the scooter on and got it all tied down, I gave him the title, he gave me a receipt for it and he was off to Waterloo to pick up two cars and then take all three to Davenport. 

I walked to town and put the affadavit copy that changed house to my name in the safe deposit box...I'd checked at Court House (across the street from the bank I use) that the change had been made, and it had and she gave me a copy of the affadavit.  Over to the Court House then to turn in the license plate that had been on the scooter and so that's all cleared up. 

In a few minutes I'm going out to the Insurance place and cancel the insurance on the scooter and then to WalMart for a couple things only they have.

It's to be very hot and humid today and I had to stick to the shady side of the street on the walk home...it'd had really started to heat up.

Hope you all have a good Monday and hoping we'll hear from both Sharon and Mary.



hi gals. brian fixed my computer to sh ow the keyboard onscreen, so forgive lack of caps etc. cant figure out how to do. anyway, i am home and doing pretty well. took brian out to dinner and had a lovely evening with him. hes off to charleston for 2 days and then back tues night and then fly home wed. so good to see him. im still hurting on my rump and frustrated having to use the walker, but it beats not walking. i can shower and dress by my self. i even fixed breakfast for brian this am. doing some exercises but not much else. johns at bridge. hoping for word on mary too. have to get this computer fixed before i post much.  hi to all. sharon


Sharon, glad to see your post & know you are on the mend... painful as it may be.  I've been checking a couple times a day to see about you & Mary, goodness, seems every Senior & Friend is having serious problems. Stay healthy, hugs... Good luck with the cure for that computer! Shirley