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Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 pm

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Good early Tuesday morning!  Time switch and old joints have me awake early.

 Winter weather to return, so I'm glad I did the "city" run yesterday.  Everything else for me...meet with CPA to sign papers, play some bridge, get some groceries in, go to bank to put stuff back in safe deposit box, and get a haircut are ALL I have todo this week...and all right here in this little town.  :D

Hope your Tuesday is peaceful.



Oh my, Christmas lights already?  Yes, I think 2 memorial ceremonies is enough in light of your loss.  Good that you got the pants out to GW for those who need them in the cold weather. Have you checked QVC for cords or good pants. D & Co for cords, Susan Graver for good pants. That's where I have gotten most of mine. The sizes are pretty standard.

Alpiner, your calendar sounds like mine! My cleaning girl is here today and I have a dry needling this afternoon.  Last night we had the first of our advent Bible studies which will be every Monday night. 

Jane, sounds like you are busy this week too. Hope the joints clear up.

Marilyn, I saw on FB that you had a good day yesterday. I'm so glad.

Hi to Mary and Jeanne. Sharon


Good morning, Sharon, Jane, and Every Buddy looking in.  My cleaning ladies were here this morning, changed my sheets, mopped all the floors (hardwood and one large tile floor in my entry way to the house).  So I'm relatively clean for the next 2 weeks.  I've washed the sheets and have folded them and need to put them into the linen closet. I always tidy up before they get here--I don't want them to think I'm a slob!

Not much else going on here today.  I took Tim and Kris to lunch at Niffer's yesterday and then Tim brought me home and spent some time online arranging an investment he felt was a good one.  He mentioned having Thanksgiving dinner at Arden's house (Kris's mom).  I usually take a dish, but he told me I didn't need to do that.  He will pick me up and bring me to Ard's home in Opelika.

Not much else going on here today.  I hope Every Buddy is feeling well today and also hope your day is a happy one.



Ladies PLEASE try to make your posts in bigger text. The eye strain to read them gives me a big headache so I don't read them.

  Bubble posted on how to make them bigger.  All you have to do is  go up to the "A" that has the red up and down arrow after you have highlighted your text and click on that "A" and choose the size you like, I use 4. BUT you must remember to  highlight your text first or it won't work.


Hi Gals!

The weather has finally warmed up to seasonable - in the mid60s this afternoon, and sunshine.

I've still been feeling yucky, but I'm trying to eat more (and better), so hopefully that'll make me feel better.

Marilyn, glad you're recovering well - if not as quickly as you'd like.

Sharon, none of us seem be recovering as quickly as we'd like.  Congrats to John!  I know it was important to him to reach that milestone.

jane, I'm sure your life will be settling down into more of a routine over this last part of the year.

Sue, keep up your good work with the exercise and other activities.  Are you going to be going to the basketball games this season?

Hi to Jeanne, Darlene, alpiner, Shirley, and anyone else looking in.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."



The winds have calmed & we are having 80 degree weather . This time of the year we have either wind or rain . Sure hope the rain steps in soon .  We need the rain so badly to lessen the fire danger .


Alpiner, Oregon could use some rain too. everything is so darned dry this year.


Was just to cold and windy to do any running around. Also as I was eating breakfast I got so sick feeling. Had to be something I ate last night. I very seldom eat anything from the freezer dinner type. was late getting home and I had one in the freezer so fixed it. Name brand but taste awful. People seem to fill their shopping carts with them  but I don't know how they eat them.  I drank Ginger ale and some toast for lunch and have some fish thawing out for dinner. I think it has past. Went out and took a 30 min. walk this afternoon but glad to get home. Suppose to be warmer tomorrow and sun but then it will be awful for next 4 days.Winter seems to be coming early.

News just coming on the TV. Usual
  most depressing news first. Just turned sound down. Awful on all those Mormans on the border near Senora. Arizona.Border killed . So many children shot. Some twins at 8 months old.


Hi everyone...finally getting posts read...Jane sounds like you are moving right along with everything you needed done...hugs ur way...it's hard..how are u doing on ur new BP med?...I'm still trying to get one that works without bad side effects...I think I'm just sensitive to Meds...Marlyin..hope you are having some good days...it's hard being a caregiver...Sue...I have been pretty lucky to get my walks in..but sometimes late....Jeanne sorry you had a tummy upset...I hope to stay away from the flu this year...how are u doing with ur BP .?...I just started taking mine at night to see if side effects would be less..Mary..hope you are feeling better as well as Sharon...Hi to Shirley and Alpiner...Have a blessed evening...we are 70 degrees right now


Marilyn  I'm originally from Portland & I do remember the rain !!


Quote from: Marilyn on November 05, 2019, 01:08:44 pmLadies PLEASE try to make your posts in bigger text. The eye strain to read them gives me a big headache so I don't read them.

  Bubble posted on how to make them bigger.  All you have to do is  go up to the "A" that has the red up and down arrow after you have highlighted your text and click on that "A" and choose the size you like, I use 4. BUT you must remember to  highlight your text first or it won't work.

If you FIRST click on the A red arrow and choose the size (for example 4)you do not need to highlight what you will write because your cursor will be already in the middle of the coding and all will be right.


Thank you Bubble...I think mine is ok...if not someone tell me....Happy Wednesday


Marilyn, I'm sorry for forgetting to enlarge my type. It's not that I don't care, I just forget.

Melanie & Sangmin just got back from San Fran and the wine country and couldn't believe how dry it was. They said the wine country was really a scam--bottles $65-300! Plus pressure to buy and ship home a case.  They passed.  They loved the countryside except for its dryness.  They went to Muir Woods and loved it, as I told them.Found too many homeless and bad smells in SF, but loved the bridge and the cruise and Fisherman's wharf with all the sea lions. They said everything was horribly expensive--and they can afford it.  Ice cream Sunday for $12 at Ghiradelli's!

I had work on my back yesterday, but still not sure it helped any.
 At least my house is clean.

Nothing major going on here today. Hair cut tomorrow.

Alpiner, so sorry to hear you have another skin cancer. Hope you get rain soon--us too.
Jeanne, hope you're feeling better by now.

Mary, I guess it just takes a long time at our ages to recover from a fall or surgery. Not looking forward to my knee surgery in Jan.

Jane, I hope you got your errands done yesterday and that the weather isn't too bad.

Sue, it's nice that you will have TG at Ard's. Holidays alone aren't much fun.  Brian will be here for ours this year. I ordered a prepared turkey and sides for the dinner. The boys and I will make pies and Brian will make French bread. Traecy probably won't contribute. She never lets me help at her house either.  Strange.

Have a good day everyone.  Sharon


November 06, 2019, 11:44:36 am #7784 Last Edit: November 07, 2019, 03:19:28 am by so_P_bubble
Good morning, Every Buddy.  It's a bright sunshiny day here in Auburn, but I'm still in P.J's!  I am just not good yet with the time change.  I need to get dressed and outside for my walk.  I also need to trim the back of my hair and shampoo when I get the scraggly stuff around the bottom cut back.
I hope the 4 print size is OK with everyone.  I'm not sure if I've put the correct number in. 

Not much else to report this morning.  I need to trim the back of my hair--I had it cut recently, but the back is just too long and untidy.  So I'm going to try to tidy it up.

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


Geez, I started to post about 10:45 am and then looked at the clock and realized I was late for bridge.  We certainly can't have that!!  :2funny:  So, I had to close down without posting and hit the garage and get to our meeting place.  It was fun, but my cards weren't too good.  However, I had a partner in one game who made a grand slam...unfortunately we hadn't bid it.   ::)

Weather is to turn quite cold and snow tonight maybe.  Nothing big going on for me tomorrow...may wash out the refrig and see if I have any more items in the cupboards I can donate to the church for the Thanksgiving food drives. 



November 07, 2019, 02:10:32 am #7786 Last Edit: November 07, 2019, 03:18:50 am by so_P_bubble
It's 2 AM and I'm still wide awake. I was reading our Bible Study handout and the print was so small, my eyes got so tired I went to sleep for an hour or so. That's probably why I'm awake now.

Good for you, Jane, on donating extra items . I took 4 bags of rice which was requested to the church for the care center and also a big container of Folgers for the church.  I need to go through clothes and decide what to donate.  I'm in a quandary about that because I've lost 10 or 11 lbs and I'm not sure what fits. It's strange that I've lost this weight because I haven't been dieting or exercise. Maybe all the extra sleep I've gotten has helped. I've read that it does.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the grocery with John, but will use the motorized cart. Then in the afternoon, I get my hair cut, which I need desperately. I never know how long to go between cuts because Felicia cuts it so short sometimes and not others. She's good though on my chemo curl.  Well, I better try to get some rest.  Sharon


I was on my feet too much yesterday and didn't take the time to sit down with my foot elevated. Consequently while watching Jeopardy I kept falling asleep so I went to bed at 7:15. I slept so sound I didn't even hear my phone  with Gilbert texted me about 7:45.  I went to the last class of the caregivers class  yesterday as well and drove myself. Anyway ladies today I will be taking it easy. My friend Jo  is going to bring pizza late this afternoon.


Marilyn...sounds like you're making good progress if you can drive and get out to class, etc.

Sharon...I hate sorting through clothes, but I need to do it big time, too.  Too many things in there I never wear anymore, but I hate to part with them.   ::)

It's a crisp 17 here now...was 10 when I got up.  We have snow on the grass, but roads and walks are all clear.  I'd rather have this than warmer and ice.  I also love my ugg boots...just slip them on and my toes are toasty warm. 

Laundry going and I've been out to WalMart for drain stuff.  Bathroom sink upstairs is draining so slowly.  I guess I need to go put hot water in the drain now.  I hope that clears it up.



We just got back from the grocery. Spent way too much. Got makings for meatloaf.  When I get those made up, we'll take one to our SS teacher with the wife on hospice. He is 88, so we try to take something once a week. He had 2 daughters who come on the weekend, and home health care nurses, but other thaan that he's on his own.

Marilyn, I'm glad you are doing well enough to drive and go to class, but I'd say today is a rest day.

My haircut was changed to tomorrow, so at least it will look good for the weekend.  No other news here.  Sharon


November 07, 2019, 08:02:09 pm #7790 Last Edit: November 07, 2019, 08:06:11 pm by JeanneP
I was sure glad to get back home today. Had to pickup laundry. Put same thing in lockbox. Pickup BP med. but needed Dr. O.k and it was his day off so they will text him. Gave me 5 to hold over weekend? I stopped by Wallmart to see if the had wool hat in blue. Didn't. Just can't find in that colour. Will have to quick knit or croch. One . That wallmarts is crowded every time I go. One store I don't use often even though just down the street.

Just not picking up my phone .letting them go to machine. So many people for Med. care health. Politics. Wanting sell you the safety things for  if fall at home. Get the one Chinese daily. People for help fire dept. and police. Neither one in town ever do calling on that.  Get these calls on Sunday's anymore so know some are coming out of country. Some are very tricky giving a phone number to call back. Once you dial it it really costs.

Just made and ate some chili that is so hot. Must have put spice in twice. yuk.


Jeanne which BP med is working for you...are you taking it at night?


Good early Fri morning!

Joints tell me weather change is coming.  It's suppose to get VERY cold...January like cold...this weekend and into next week. 

Easy day today...haircut @ 9:15 and will stop by grocery store.  Going out tonight with Friday friends.



Good morning ...it's drizzling and 40 degrees this morning...so no walking unless that changes...reading back on my posts...think I have commented to much on BP Meds....I apologize....here's hoping everyone has a great weekend......


Freckles got me up at 3:30 to go out for potty, Went back to bed she got me up again from breakfast.The cat had been meowing and pawing at my door so freckles jumped off the bed. She has been sleeping with me since last Thursday when I moved to the guest room, which is actually MY room since all my things are in  there and in that bathroom.

Freckles will be going on a Furry Friend visit to an Independent living facility with my friend Jo this morning, since I can't take her. I am the liaison for that facility.

I am getting a little better each day and Keith want me to try to go to Friday night dinner with him  this evening g. I would have to walk into the mall if I can get a close enough parking place then drive home in the dark. Not something I am looking forward to doing unless I can get his friend to take us.


Marilyn, if you can get his friend to pick you up and drop you at the door of the mall, that sounds doable. Glad you're feeling better, but wonder if Freckles has a UTI to want to get up that often. That's a ssymptom for Bunny.

Jane, I'm glad you're getting out and getting your hair done and going out to dinner with friends. That is good for you.

Jeanne, do you have a Hobby Lobby near you?? They are supposed to have a good selection of yarn.  Stein Mart or Targets might have the hats too. Just a suggestion.

I was really hurting when I got up this morning, but that seems par for the course.  Jane, I hope your joints clear up soon.

Hi to Darlene, Sue, Shirley and anyone else I've missed.  Sharon


Now iam staying with the same BP med.. It suppose to be a safe one .not the best for me but I feel good and got lots energy so will see what happens. I always took mine in mornings also but changed to night. Works better. I only get up one time about 2am.

Little diff. Last night. Was crazy. Got down to about 16 deg. And felt good warm in bed by 10:30
Slept  until 2am and wide awake. Got up and stood looking out kitchen window at the dark street. I was eating half jar of pickled beetroot. Love them. Then ate a peanut chocolate. Cup. Back to bed and slept until 7am. Missed my trip to the Loo.

I'm all dressed in warm sweats and maybe should also go get hair cut. Go to library. Still cold this weekend they say. Really bad next week. Want to keep the 8 lbs weight off that I lost this year and so need to keep walking. Try to use mall. It's close. Also got to pick up the BP pills.told them to tell Dr do 60 days. Not just 30. To cold to keep picking up. They are cheap if I have to stop taking.

Stay comfy everyone. Lots states seem to be getting this cold weather. Not saying much about the fires right now, are they out?


I don't think Freckles has a UTI, the second time she got up she was hungry. I think, the time change messed up all the animals biological clocks. Fritzy (cat) was the one knocking on my door and meowing at least an hour before he  used to maybe a bit more than an hour, Freckles was up an hour early. He used toknow on the master bedroom door until I moved to the other bedroom, He found me!!!. After my foot heals I  will moved back to the master bedroom until the right foot surgery.


Good Evening, Every Buddy.  Eddie came by this morning to take me to the library and to Kroger.  While we were there he bought a lovely flower arrangement.  He told me it was for a friend.  Since he has other female friends he works for, I though that was really nice.  Then when we came home with my Kroger order, he brought the flower arrangement in and gave it to me.  He's a great guy and I was certainly shocked, but pleased, too.

Since he left, I've been reading one of the library books I checked out.  I've been reading ever since I ate my lunch and will finish the book this evening unless I get involved with a Hallmark movie.

Not much else going on here today.  I am waiting right now for this evening's weather report.  I don't plan to be outside anymore this afternoon--it is already dark and is only 5:15!  I really don't like winter evenings. 

I hope all are feeling well and having a nice day/evening!


Sunny, bright morning here and, as Jeanne said, it's to get polar blast cold beginning tomorrow for me. 

Kathy and I are going to a craft show up at the Fairgrounds and then over to a town about 15 miles from here that's having "Christmas Open House" this weekend.  We'll go now while the weather is good. 

I'm looking forward to watching Alabama and LSU football this afternoon. Not often you get #1 and #2 at this point in the season...and both undefeated.

Nothing else new around here.