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Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 pm

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December 02, 2019, 12:43:42 pm #7920 Last Edit: December 02, 2019, 10:06:28 pm by jane

Good Almost Monday Afternoon.

Marilyn...sounds as if things are coming along nicely for your foot and your plans for Xmas. You'll enjoy getting away, I'm sure, for a few days and yet know all is ok with K at home.

Sharon...it sounds as if you were exhausted.

Mary...a wonderful T'giving for you and your family, too.  No shopping for me either. I ordered a few things I need for here at home online and will await the packages. 

 I've been to the bank where...thank heavens, I found some jewelry I couldn't locate.  I guess it's grief coma fog...as one grief counselor told another widow, I know. Mary, Sue, and Darlene can probably relate.  I knew where the jewelry wasn't...and hoped it was in the safe deposit box at my main bank.  I always put it away when we went to Texas...stuff like my Mother's engagement ring, etc.  Anyway...hurrah, there it was when I opened the box. BIG RELIEF.

I also found a wreath in the basement that will work well for the front door and something else I don't have to buy.  My "decorating" is done.

I also did a run to WalMart for a couple things and now am working on the first of the month checkbook. 

Kathy brought me up a rose left over from the big Shriners' "Ball" that was Sunday.  I put it in the vase with the flowers Patricia had brought me when she was down.  She's going to come pick me up when I take my car out for servicing on the east end of town.  Not far, but too far for me to walk home these days.

One load of laundry in the dryer and then that's finished for a few days.



Hello Every Buddy.  I didn't get here yesterday or the day before.  And I'm late today.  Tim came by to take me for an appointment with the heart surgeon who did my surgery a couple of years ago.  He said I'm doing fine and all is well--and I'm very Thankful for that.

Thanksgiving Day, Kris and Arden came to pick me up and take me over to Tim/Kris's home.  We had a nice dinner, played with the new dog who was supposed to be a "small" dog--and he is much larger than expected!

This afternoon we had a wait in the waiting room, but my surgeon was in the building, so we weren't there overlong.  According to the films of my heart all is well for the time being.  My surgeon looks like he needs to lose some weight, so I hope he takes care of himself.  I like him and hope to continue with him indefinitely!

Not much else going on here in Auburn.  It's much cooler today and I had to get out a winter jacket for my morning walk, plus knitted cap.  I haven't seen any of the neighborhood children outside playing today.  They're probably parked in front of the TV!

Of course, most of Auburn is still celebrating today.  Saturday's game was a super win for AU as we had several losses prior to this game.  But most people who are Auburn fans don't give a tinker's damn about any other game!  Beating Nick Saban is high on everyone's list and they got it on Saturday!

Have a nice rest of the week, Every Buddy.



Good news on your checkup from your heart surgeon but doesn't he give you any news as to when you will be able toget back where you can be driving and other things so will not have to rely on pickups etc.? Is the brace on your leg still being used? I never did read what damage you did by your fall but it must be about 2 years now. You seem to be walking well.


Hi to all the Buddies.  Marilyn, it sounds like you are healing well, but I'm sure it seems slow to you. Don't overdue walking Freckles.

Jane, I know exactly what you felt like trying to find the lost jewelry!  I misplaced my Mobile Help control that I had put in my purse on Wed. Didn't think to look for it and to get it back on the charger till Thursday night. Not in my purse, or the car floor or any place logical. Of course I couldn't call the dr's office over the holidays, but did finally call customer service for the company. Apparently when the battery dies, it pings the office with the GPS at that time. They told me that it was here at home, so I got up to look for it again and remembered someone had put my purse on my office chair. I glanced at the chair and lo and behold it was there.  So we were both lucky!  You sound like you've been busy. I showered & washed my hair, dried, & styled it and dressed to go to the dr's office. It is the primary dr for an extended visit. Probably for both the back surgery Fri and the knee surgery coming up. I have to leave in about a half hour.  I'll do a load of laundry when I get home. I've done 3 this week, but 2 more to do.

Sue, yes, I am exhausted. Don't know why. I can sleep for hours if I don't need to get up for an appt. That is one thing I want to address with the dr. today and the heart dr. on Thurs. Glad you had a good TG with Tim and family. We certainly did with Brian & family. I can't believe how big and helpful both boys are. They are 18 and almost 21 and just couldn't do enough for us.  They also ran several miles each day, as they are getting ready for a full marathon at the end of the month. It's been a goal for both of them.  You can imagine how much they eat burning that many calories.

Darlene, hope you had a great and grateful TG too with your family.

I need to leave shortly. Have a good day..  Sharon


Sunny, cheerful Tuesday here and temp in mid 40s.  I did download and fill out yet more forms to remove Ray as a primary beneficiary on some Univ. of Iowa retirement money.  They won't let me do it online...well, I thought they did, but then an email came with him back on.  So, downloaded it and filled out a few of the 12! pages and enclosed a copy of the death certificate, so hope that does it.  I'm still waiting on other forms from them that they insist have to come by regular mail. 

Nothing else going on here...had to go out to car repair shop to get the gloves I left in Chris's car when she came and got me to get my car.  Forgetful Jane!!



It seems as if we all forget things more often as the years go by, so don't feel alone Jane.  Yes, all those forms to fill out are a pain. I even had to send a death certificate to Visa to close Mom's credit card! But Soc Sec accepted my word over the phone! I have some files made up for Brian because I knew nothing and I suspect the same for him.

I have an eye appt at 2:00. I hope we can find out why everything is blurry when I try to read. I think it's probably my astigmatism, but surely they can do something for it.

I wrote my Christmas letter, but am having trouble transferring some photos of the little guys to it from emails.

It's sunny and in the 50's here today.  Hope it's nice where ever you are.  Sharon


Another sunny and cool morning here, but that's ok.  I did get my walk in and now need to shower and get ready for bridge.  I hope we have 4 today. 

That's all that's new and exciting  :2funny: in my world.



Good morning, Every Buddy.  It's pretty chilly here in Auburn today.  I'm still sitting here in my P.J's, but will get dressed soon.  I want to put some vegetable soup ingredients on the stove before walking as I'd like to take some to my neighbor for lunch.  She doesn't cook much and always enjoys getting my soup. 

Not much else going on today.  I have bridge and lunch tomorrow at Terri's house.  It will be our last game for the year unless some one of us has a table in some evening.

On Friday evening, our choir director and organist will have all the widows to their home for Christmas dinner.  This is the second year they have done this.  We had a great time last year and I'm looking forward to the evening out.

Jane, I just saw your post.  I hope you get enough players for today.  Enjoy!


Have a nice day, Every Buddy!


Just in to say hello to Every Buddy.  I've had breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, and dressed for our bridge/lunch date at Terri's today.  I dug out my favorite Christmas sweat shirt and am wearing it over a long sleeved blouse and with black slacks.  I have "4 Calling Birds" on the sweat shirt.  We also have a Christmas dinner at the home of our choir director/pianist/organist and her husband tomorrow evening.  Steve will bring the church bus to pick up all we widows for dinner at their home.  This is their second year for doing this. 
Steve and Karen are particularly loving to we older ladies.

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


Enjoy your bridge and time with the organist & choir director. What a sweet thing for them to do.

I have our turkey carcass cooking in the crockpot. When it falls apart, I'll make a nice tasty turkey soup. There's always a lot of meat left on the bones.  I thought I had a heart dr. appt today, but that is next Thurs. Today is the dentist.

They gave me a new prescription for my glasses with correction for the astigmatism. Sure hope it helps.

Tomorrow, they take out the back stimulator. I hope it goes well. I'm so tired of medical appts and no end in sight.  It's supposed to be warmer here today--up to 60--maybe.   Sharon


Another nice sunny day here and a bit warmer...upper 40s. 

I did make myself get out and walk to the Post Office to mail off some letters.  Then I stopped by the Coffee Shop and had a hot drink with a couple of the "girls" from town.  They'd invited me to stop by at 10:00 most mornings and it was a nice place to stop before I came on home.

  I have the last load of laundry finished and just need to put that away when my cleaning gal finishes up.

Nothing else new here...hope everyone is healthy and enjoying Thursday.  Hard to believe it's December for me.



Good Friday afternoon to all the Buddies!

It's another sunny day here and I have my "chores" about finished up...washing rugs from my bedroom.  I also delivered some papers to my investment ladies and signed a bunch of forms so they could get those sent in.  One more for me to fill out this weekend and then run it by them before I mail it in and then...I THINK....I HOPE...all of this financial paperwork and consolidation is FINISHED! 

I should get out and walk, but I'm just not in the mood.   :-\

I think I'll grab another cup of tea and sit and read instead. 

We're...the other two couples and jane... are going up to a hotel for supper tonight. It's an old, old building and they do a nice fish supper and some other things.  We haven't been there for a while.  It's nice to go different places while the weather is good.  That way we save the local places for bad weather Fridays.   :2funny:



jane, sounds like a great thing for a Friday night. I hope this session does finish up all your financial transfers. It certainly can be a chore.

 Margaret had made haircut appointments for us yesterday afternoon - and it was wonderful!  I haven't had someone else wash my hair in ages, and it felt SO good.  Plus I was WAY overdue for a haircut.  Then she drove us to Zaxby's and we got carry-out salads for our suppers.  Also very good.  Plus they're so big, I had half for lunch today.

I'm still working on getting my address changed - figuring out and remembering what needs to be done.  We have to get our "REAL" drivers licenses sometime soon - plus the address change for me.
 And I have to get my voter registration changed. 

Today has been a gray, gloomy day here - but no rain, so far.  Margaret has been gone all day - lots of errands for her to run today, plus (I hope) getting to lunch with her good friend.

I hope all you Buddies are going to have a good weekend.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


I'm home from my surgery to remove the spinal stimulator. That place was like an igloo! Nearly froze to death. The surgery wasn't too bad, but I didn't eat from 8:30 last night until 4:00. only had water till 10:00!  I'm still chilled. I can't get my back wet till my appt next Fri, so sponge baths for me. Ugh.

Jane, I'm glad you have finished all your paper work and are going out for a nice meal.

Mary, You have paperwork to do too! Glad you got your hair washed & cut. I'll have to do that this week if I can schedule it. I got my Real ID last year, so unless we move, I don't have to worry.

I made a really good turkey noodle & veggie soup last night. Took 2 servings to our SS teacher on the way to surgery. I'll have that tonight for dinner too.

I think I'm going to stay home this weekend, even skip church. I just feel like I've been drug through the mill or something.

Hi to Marilyn, Jeanne, Darlene and Sue.  Sharon


Sharon, even with the cold (and I hate that, too), I know you're glad to have the surgery over.  I hope the results are good.  I wasn't planning to get the Real ID license.  I didn't need it to drive, and have my passport if I was going to fly (which I didn't think I'd do).  But since I have to get a new one anyway, we decided to just get it.  The hard part is finding the necessary ID documents. 
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Yes, Mary, I know what you mean, and if we move to the independent living, it is in North Carolina and I will have to do it all over again.  The surgery is not as pleasant as I thought. The staples in my back are really painful. I took a Percocet before bed, and it is now past 3 AM and haven't been asleep. Not what I need! Well, take care of yourselves. I think I will need to cancel my therapy on Monday. They told me a lot of things not to do post-op. I get my staples out next Friday.  Boy will I be glad. They told me to sleep on my stomach, but I just can't. I'm just trying to stay off the most painful parts.  Sharon


Good morning, Sharon, Jane, Mary, and Every Buddy who is looking in this morning. I had a nice evening yesterday at the home of our choir director/pianist/organist.  They invited all us Senior Citizens (females) who are widows to their home for a lovely dinner.  This is the second year they have done this.  Steve, the hubby, brought our church bus to pick us up and take us to their home.  They served wine and 'hors deovres (spelling?) while we admired their Christmas decorations and enjoyed the goodies.  After a glass or two of wine before dinner, we went into two different rooms--Steve presided at one table, and Karen presided at another.  She is our pianist/organist.  Both are very talented and are especially nice to all we widows.  They have 2 grown children who are also musical and although they no longer live in the Auburn area, they visit several times a year and usually perform during the service while visiting.

It's chilly here today.  I need to get dressed in my warm walking duds and out to walk pretty soon.  I hope Every Buddy has plans for a nice day today and that your weather will be pleasant, also.



Good morning from the rainy Oregon coast. I am so glad I got my grocery shopping done on yesterday when there was s break in the little bit of  wetness there was  in the a.m.

We are doing well I still have days wshen me feet jut a lot and my back gives me fits for a few hours in the morning. I think we need a better mattress, I have no idea how old it is and I've been here 10 years.

I sure need a new keyboard the keys on thisd one are sticking cleaning it doesn't help at all.


Mary...sounds as if you found a great new stylist.  I go Friday...and I'm two weeks beyond my usual haircut timeline, but I wanted it to look good for Christmas, etc. 

Sharon...glad the back surgery is over....do stay home and get rested up.  "They" say there's a lot of flu around...esp. in the South.  Take care of YOU.  The Good Lord knows what's in your heart.

Marilyn...glad you got out in the break in your weather, too.

Sue...Dinner sounds delightful.

Afternoon greetings from Iowa.  It's supposed to be nice out there...temp says in low 40s. I believed them. WRONG! :2funny:   I bundled up and walked to town into a cold wind...even though out of the SW!  I was very glad to get home, and proud of myself for getting that walk in. It's to turn really cold...high at zero or below for the first few days of next week and maybe snow.  Brrrr...NOT walking then, I can tell you. :idiot2:

My Friday night meal was a disappointment, but it's nice to get out with friends.

Niece sent me a DVD with first season of Northern Exposure on it...the old TV show that took place in Alaska.  It's not available on Netflix, etc., so I'm looking forward to that for the cold winter nights. She called this morning on her way to work...they're getting this cold, too...one day a HIGH to be -8.  That's chilly!!

Hi to Darlene, Jeanne, Shirley, and others looking in.



jane, stay in and stay warm!  It's supposed to be colder here by Tuesday night, but only down to about freezing.  I loved Northern Exposure - one of my favorite programs of all time.  Lucky you to get to watch it.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


After some questions and consideration, we are attempting to reopen two forums. We welcome any and all participation.

Show Me A Photo Of  https://www.seniorsandfriends.org/index.php?msg=165464

And Trivia Quiz  https://www.seniorsandfriends.org/index.php?msg=165463


December 07, 2019, 06:33:13 pm #7941 Last Edit: December 07, 2019, 06:35:31 pm by JeanneP
I should have gone out and done so walking today. We had 45 deg and sun. Say it is going down over  weekend. Seems like I am just tired today. Could not fall asleep and stay lasti night. Such crazy dreams. Was back working and was trying to balance a set of books that had a big error.

I got a hair cut yesterday and decided would go pretty short. Changing style a little in order to get some new hair in. I usual just have them trim. I wear a hat a lot in winter so a good time.

It grows so fast so maybe can go longer than a month.

Just let a pan boil dry as  boiling 2 eggs. Good I smelled it. Just opened kitchen window. My fan over stove stopped workin tw weeks ago, now need to find someone to replace it. Light works fine. Shocked to see how much Greece is on that fan. yuk!

Better put eggs on again.


December 08, 2019, 12:57:59 pm #7942 Last Edit: December 10, 2019, 08:22:28 pm by jane
Sunday greetings...and almost afternoon, too.

Jeanne...I, too, had bad dreams last night.  That hasn't happened for a bit, but was glad to wake up and find myself safely in bed.  I couldn't get out and walk today.  Old joints know the weather pressure is changing, so I'm staying in and reading.  ..and watching my football games, of course.

Angelface/Patricia...THANKS for the news about the two new places and thank you for your role in restarting them. 

I did some organizing of files.  I filled out the last (I HOPE!) bloody form (as Jeanne would say!! :2funny: ) and have it ready to mail in....again ALL 24 pages or so.  They want them all back whether I've filled them out or not.  I am going to go up to my CPA and have her run an eye over it to make sure I've done it correctly.

Geez...it took 4 1/2 months....and everything was in order.  It's the companies that like to drag their feet...and put obstacles in your way to money due you.  BUT, I think I've now outlasted them and things should be in order.

Nothing exciting here...took out a meat/spag sauce from the freezer for supper tonight.  It's so nice to have that handy.



Hi everyone...just got back from my daughters yesterday...tired...but we had a great time shopping...etc...we are having warm weather in Texas..but due to turn cold Tuesday...think I may walk this afternoon...hope everyone is well and getting your Holiday shopping and cooking done...cheers..Darlene


Good morning, Every Buddy.  It's pretty chilly here in Auburn this morning.  I was dressed and ready for Sunday School, so went outside to wait (and wait and wait) for Olyne to pick me up. I finally went back in the house and was just deciding to get out of my church duds and Olyne showed up.  Unknown to me, there was NO SUNDAY SCHOOL class today and church started at the regular time.  We had lovely special music, a short message from our female pastor and a good time for all!

Now that I'm home and have had lunch, I plan to sit in my den, watch Hallmark movies, and read one of my new library books.  It's pretty cool outside and I'm going to forgo my morning walk!

I hope Every Buddy has a nice day planned and the weather is at least comfy when you are bundled up for outside. 



Jeanne asked me to p;ost the recipe here for my Fire Cider, winter tonic to shoo away the flu and colds.


Place all items in a ½ Gallon Jar or 2 quart jars

16 cloves Garlic lightly crushed
1  Yellow Onion shredded
1  Lemon Sliced
1  Orange Sliced
1  tbls Turmeric
1  tbls Cayenne Pepper
1  3 inch piece of  ginger shredded
1  3 inch piece horseradish root (optional)
1  quart Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother
1/4 C Raw Honey more honey can be added to taste.

Using a wooden spoon  tamping down, crushing somewhat the ingredients in the  jar before adding the vinegar. Do not use a metal lid on the jar. You can cover the  top of the jar with plastic wrap layered, or waxed paper, or prachment paper to protect the lid. I just use a plastic lid. Store in a dark cupboard for two weeks shaking the bottle every day, At the end of two weeks strain off the liquid add more honey if you want it sweeter, and discard the  other stuff. You can take this by the tablespoonful or drink an half ounce. I must warn you though do not drink on an empty stomach.


December 08, 2019, 06:51:50 pm #7946 Last Edit: December 08, 2019, 06:58:53 pm by JeanneP
Thanks Marilyn
Going to put some of that together.I did find some on line

What a lazy day. So dreary out but I needed some things from Store and books back to library. I didn't get up until 8:30. read paper.Ate Breakfast. looked up. Noon.
 Still in PJ. Started Watching the Great British Baking which is on all day. Just the two people showing their cooking. Was great. Stopped watching and took a nap. Back had late lunch. Still In PJs. Now 3:30. Back watching GB bakery show..
Now 5pm, But As we Brits say, Just Sod It. will go out tomorrow.
 Still In PJ. Dark now.  I am blaming it on getting my hair cut off yesterday. Took away my strength. No just lazy.

Jane. I hope that your Estate was all in order. I paid so much last year getting my Estate Papers done. Even bought cemetery lot. All looked good in Attorneys office. So much I don't understand and already know it need changing. I need to really go to work on it before I go to them. Office visit is 175 dollars and phone is $65 hour. I better take a good look at it all before calling them. I just hate paper work. 40 years of working doing it and loved doing it. Now a mess. I can keep up the Monthly things fine but looking at things in future I keep putting it off. Maybe that is why I am dreaming about books all messed up. They weren't mine but the Business..
I hope yours is now all finished and you have yours all in order.

Time to eat again. All in All a restful day. Hope I don't do this all winter. Better not be a cold dreary one.   


Good morning, Every Buddy.  It's a cold, rainy day here in Auburn.  I've put my trash cans out on the street for pick up, but I think the trash men got here before I got them out.  I'll have to check on them later after I get dressed for the day.

Not much else going on here today.  I have new books from the library to read and will start one after I get dressed. 

I hope Every Buddy is feeling well this morning.  Have a nice day, Buddies!


A real wintry day here...fog, rain, snow and wind to come and dreary, too.
 Lovely day to stay inside. 
Body doesn't like this weather, so I'm going slow and easy...did get bed changed and sheets into the washer and now the dryer.  I only have two sets for each bed...one on and one ready as needed or for next change, whichever comes first.  My friend Kathy insists she needs at least 4 sets, per bed...including the one in their RV that gets used only a couple times a year.  Hmmm...I've never needed that many. :idiot2:

I may try to see if I can figure out the DVD hooked up to the TV and watch Northern Exposure this afternoon, as the temps drop.



Good morning, Every Buddy.  Tim came over yesterday and helped me put up my Christmas tree and stockings for him and me.  Kris and Arden (her mom, are driving to Ohio for Christmas with her brothers and their families).  Tim and I will have our Christmas dinner together and he'll probably cook.

It's damp and chilly here this morning.  I have been invited to a church friends home for lunch with other friends.  I'm looking forward to it, but I need to get into the shower, wash my hair, and put on some Christmas duds!

Jane, my cleaning lady comes every two weeks and she helps me change my sheets.  I shower every night before getting into bed, so I think the sheets are clean enough for the 2 weeks.  So far no complaints from my friends!

Hello to all Buddies looking in.  I hope you're having a nice day--and not too loaded down with Christmas preparations!