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June 01, 2020, 08:47:42 am

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Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 pm

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Sharon, so glad you're in and have your wifi hooked up! I totally enjoy having my meals cooked for me - even if they're not exactly what I would pick or how I would fix it. I have learned to ask for half-portions, though. I agree, frequently the servings are too large. Take it slow and easy!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Now idea where to post in the Recipe Forum anymore. its all messed up.
This is a recipe that can be made and put into baggies to freeze in just one or two servings. Will not need to fix lunch or dinner if in a hurry. I like it.

Chicken Fried Rice

6 eggs (scrambled)
14 oz of Brown rice
1 grilled chicken diced up
frozen or fresh peas (about 1 to 2 cups)
froze or fresh cut carrots (about 1 to 2 cups)
Soy or Teriyaki sauce.

*Boil rice till tender, steam the carrots and peas, grill the chicken, and scramble the eggs.
*Once you have done all that, mix the eggs with the rice, along with the carrots and peas.
*Dice the grilled chicken, then add it into the rice.
*Add the chives, mix in some Soy or Teriyaki sauce and serve.


Good morning, Gals. Back as promised while I wait for breakfast to be delivered. A first for us. Normally fix our own. Mary, I will try asking for half portions. I've tried asking just for the entree, but that didn't work.  It will be better when we can go to the dining room, I think.  Also, they serve dinner about 4:30 or 5:00. We normally eat at 7:00, but that's John's choice. I'd prefer 6:00.

My drapes were successfully altered and we're going to try to get them to put the rod, etc up Sat and maybe help hang them, but first we have to get all the pins in--yuck.

My part of the den still needs some work and a little in the master--mostly boxes of my jewelry to be reboxed and stowed. They also put in an extra shelf in my closet, so I need to put my sweater boxes, etc up on it. Then on to the draperies and the pictures. Haven't done any of those yet. They have louvered blinds up now which I want taken down when they install the drapes. Other than that, most everything is in place. All the boxes gone. Waiting for Spectrum to send our DVR's and the modem to connect our phone. I will change my profile info after that.

Closing is the 28th, and we are released from quarantine the 29th or 30th, I think. Right now we can't leave the reservation or the villa other than to walk Bunny and go to closing.

Mary, it sounds like you are settled in your new place pretty well, but know you will be glad to get all your stuff.

Jane, I hope your carpal tunnel heals quickly and isn't too painful through PT. Mine is not too bad yet. My tremor is my main pain in typing and doing things with my hands. Don't think there is much else they can do for that. I don't want to increase the meds.As soon as they will take me, I want to get in to see the arthritis dr and see if there is anything he can do for my back. I'm afraid I'll have to live with it though. They have meds for rheumatoid, but not much for osteo as far as I know.

Marilyn I'm so glad the med change has helped Keith and that you will be able to get more sleep. At least, he is still loving and not hostile or violent like some. Too bad about the timeshare this year. Our grandson's graduation party this weekend had to be cancelled because of the virus. It may be a long time before I see any of the family unless they drive here. No one wants to fly.

Darlene, it sounds like you are doing well, even though bored.

Jeanne, you are so lucky the library will let you pick up books. All ours are closed and even the free one in the main bldg, I think. Without TV or much in the way of books, all we have is work.  Your recipe sounds good, but a lot of food for 2 meals

Sue, glad you haven't fallen any more. If you start having more problems, you might consider a rolling walker. I love mine. I ordered it from Amazon. It has a seat with a place to put things under the seat. I don't use my walker all the time, but like its security outside or at night.

Alpiner, I hope your Model T trip went well. I may have missed the follow up post. Be careful and stay well.

I don't think I have missed anyone. If so, not intentially.  Have a good day. We're in a rainy patch. Won't clear till the weekend.  Sharon


Good morning, Sharon and Every Buddy looking in this morning.  It's 11:00 a.m. here and I'm just piddling around.  I want to get outside for a walk but so far haven't made it outside other than picking up my morning paper from the driveway.

Sharon, it sounds like you are settling in with the move.  I hope you meet your new neighbors and find some friendly people living nearby.  Keep us in the loop and we are all glad you are getting settled.

Jane, I'm sorry about your aches and pains.  I hope you'll find some relief today and will soon be back into your normal self.  Does the colder weather make it worse?

Tim called me a bit ago and asked what I'd like him to pick up at the store.  He's coming over tomorrow and would like to stop at the store first.

Not much else going on here today.  I am going outside for my morning walk down hill and will enjoy that--and hopefully will get back home in one piece!

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


Tomorrow I have an appt. with my oncologist . I called her office & was surprised my appt. is still on the books .  I had lab work done about a week before my last appt. was scheduled but the I cancelled because of the pandemic , so will probably need to have it done again . 


Alpiner....here the docs and hospitals are getting back to regular appts...though with restrictions on no. In waiting room, etc.  Dentists, too, are back to regular stuff.  Gov. says theatres, bars can open May 28 and high school summer sports...baseball, soccer, etc., on June 1.

So, we're about back to all open...casinos are only thing I didn't hear her say.

Sharon...hurrah...you're in!

Hi to Sue, Mary, Darlene, Jeanne, Marilyn.

Broken record here...windy, gloomy, cold!

I survived PT...he went easier on me today and wants me to work on shoulders.  I have a week off with Monday being a holiday...hurrah!

Stay safe and healthy!



Hi everyone....I'm feeling much better from my sinus infection...2 more days of antibiotics...it's really hot and humid here...100 in some areas....don't like summer..Jane I think most everything open in my area except casinos also......my brother and sister in law can't wait to go...but not me..glad your ctunnel pain better...I bought me a thumb splint hope it helps me..Mary hope you have all your needed stuff by now...I think I would enjoy. My meals cooked for me..Jeanne your chicken fried rice recipe looks good..Sharon good to see you on line..you are right I have been bored...not used to staying home..Sue good to see you are able to still walk daily..I missed yesterday and today..will try for tomorrow..Alpiner good thoughts on your Dr appt..Marlyin glad the increased dosage helped your hubby....well I have yaked long enough...take care and be safe Darlene


The casino are opening here slowly but its a bit scary . One opened Monday & another one today .


Darlene...wow...100 already. YIKES.  We're still in low 60s...maybe 80s by weekend...but rain, rain, rain.

Alpiner...I don't know how the casinos will spread everything out, but sure they'll figure it out.  News says Las Vegas is devastated...since casinos ARE their economy.

Stay safe, healthy , and maybe we can be out a bit soon.



Jeanne some how I missed your recipe for Fried Rice so I went back to look. MMM sounds good will have to try that.

The casinos here opened yesterday. I don't go.

Darlene that is sure some hot weather. Here on the Oregon coast it never has been even 80°.

Jane I hope your wrist is feeling better today.

Sue Hello
Sherry  and Mary good to read your posts too.

I am going to the Eye dr this  morning so eyes will be dialated. Good thing it is close by and I can drive myself to and from.


Marilyn...good to see your post.

I had a nice post and now can't find it.  Dang it!  The cold, gloomy, wet days continue...very depressing!

Cleaning gal coming for first time since March and that'll be good.  I'll have someone to help me with some things that are hard with these hands in braces. 

Stay safe and healthy!



Hi Gals. We got a lot done yesterday--pins in all the drapes and no sooner finished than the guys showed up to hang the rods. They only got 2 done before quitting time but are working on the living room now.  I have a load of undies in the washer right now. Had to read the manual first before trying the stackable. It does have a few bells and whistles that my other ones didn't, so glad I read it. So small though.

We had several problems yesterday before we got things done, but they are all worked out now. We still don't have our pictures hung, but may start on that tomorrow.

We don't care for casinos, so that doesn't impact us. We are still pretty much locked down in NC and of course, we are in quarantine. Weather has been cold and rainy for several days.  Sean's virtual graduation is today.

Jane, I'm glad they didn't hurt you as much in PT today. Take it easy.

Hi to everyone and stay healthy. Sharon


May 22, 2020, 09:46:49 am #8832 Last Edit: May 22, 2020, 10:29:20 am by jane
Gloomy Friday morning...again!  Weather chart has rain everyday next week!

Today, I finally get a haircut...and friends and I are going out somewhere for dinner tonight. 



Jane, we have had pretty much the same weather except we do get up to 70 late in day. Hurrah that you have a holiday from PT this week.

The guys came and installed our DVRs, phones, new modem and got our printers working again.  All the drapes are up and pretty. Just need to work on the pictures now, but don't think I'll do it today.

Alpiner, hope you got a good report from the oncologist.

Everything else seems reasonably in hand, so I'm going to rest today.  Stay safe, everyone.  Sharon


jane, I know you're thrilled with a haircut.  Wish I could be the same. :(   It's rainy and damp here today, so I know you'd have unhappy joints.

Sharon, glad you're making such good progress on the new place. I know you're going to enjoy having a "day off" today.

Nothing going on around here, and no new baby yet (although he's due momentarily).

Happy Weekend to all the Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


My appt. with the oncologist was good . my oxygen level was only 88 , hasn't been that low since I had pneumonia in 2018 . I think it was from wearing the mask .   


Good morning, Every Buddy.  I have been up since 9:00 but am moving slowly.  I want to get outside and walk down hill soon.  I plan to read another book by Patrick O'Brien (a naval novel--he's written lots of them!).  Bill has been sending me O'Brian's novels when he finds them.  I'm very fond of Jack Aubrey (the hero and his cohort, the doctor!).  They have interesting adventures and the novels are well written.  As a U.S. Navy widow, I particularly like the O'Brien novels.

Not much else going on here today except for my morning walk.  I'll walk 3 blocks downhill and then back up the hill for 3 more blocks.

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


Hi Gals, we have been working on positioning of our pictures etc. Still not certain of some. We have so many pictures, etc and none that I want to get rid of.

Jane, I'm so jealous of your haircut too. They told me it would be quite a while before our salon here opens. I may have to go out in the community for one. I am so shaggy.

Still cool & overcast here, but to be better tomorrow.

Alpiner, do you use a breathing tube thingy? They gave me one at the hospital. Glad all else was ok.

Nothing else going on here. Hi to all. Stay safe. Sharon


SharonE  I have an oxygen concentrator which is battery operated & has a cart .  Usually I don't need it but wearing the mask I get less oxygen  . Its some thing to consider & may need to bring it out & use it .


Some sunshine between storms again today.

Zoom meeting with family in a bit. Makes it nice when so far apart.

I hope to walk a bit before this round of storms.

Stay safe and healthy!



Good morning Every Buddy looking in this morning.  It is now 11:25 here this morning and all I've accomplished so far is reading the morning news paper and eating my breakfast! I am planning a long walk down hill and up soon.

Not much else going on here today.  It's a beautiful sunshiny day here in Auburn.  I've been keeping my eye out to see if there are other people out walking, but no matter how many are out there, I plan to keep my distance from them.  I'm usually one of the few who walk every day.  There is a gentleman who also walks about the same time, but he always walks on the other side of our street.  He wears a mask, too.

I hope Every Buddy is feeling well this morning and that you have nice weather wherever you are!  Take care Buddies and enjoy your day!



Always good to see folks checking in.  Nothing new here. Our second baby was due yesterday, but has not put in an appearance yet. The doc may induce labor sometime next week if he doesn't come on his own. They don't want him to get too big.

My back was okay most of yesterday, but has not quit today (it's 1 pm). Acetominophen seems to help some, but I'd still rather it not be an issue. LOL

We're scheduled to have typical summer weather for the next week - the "phone-in forecast" - Hot (upper 80s), Hazy, Humid, with a chance of late afternoon thundershowers. At least we're not expecting to have to go outside. I really don't like summer.

Happy Memorial Day, Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


It's gotten to low 80s here and is humid...and the storms have so far blown over. 

The Zoom family meeting went well.  It was good to see everyone.  And I did get a walk in after that.

Take care and stay healthy!



Good morning, Every Buddy.  I'm still sitting here in my P.J's, but will shower and dress soon.

I am going to Tim/Kris's home for mid-day dinner.  Tim is doing the cooking and Kris and her mom Arden will pick me up. 

I hope Every Buddy is feeling well and will have a nice day.


We had a Zoom meeting with Keith's middle son and family yesterday for Keith's birthday, the other two sons called him. Friday was our 4th anniversary  we went out for our usual Mexican dinner and no one else showed up excet us.

I haven't been on my computer very much lately I usually shut it off around 2-3 in the aternoon. I do get out  and walk with Freckles 4 times a day, so am getting plenty of exercise.

Yesterday I had to to buy a new router and sometime this week I  need to call the cable company to come out and reset the DNS ( Domain Name system) so I can get prime and Netflix on the Television. I don't know what happend we used to get them  just fine.

We are both in  good health, Keith is still progressing a bit, every day I notice something different. He hasn't shaved in quite a while and looks rather scruffy. I think I may buy some hair cutting clippers (shaver) and cut his hair real short and  use it to shave him.


Hi Gals, it sounds like you are all into the zoom thing, but I don't know how.  We have 3/4 of our pics up. Looks like a gallery in here. The maintenance guy will put up the 2 big ones and a mirror that we can't do. I still have a few things to arrange in my den and want to get a new lazyboy which will change the living room arrangement.But almost done. Close on the house Thurs. and get out of quarantine on the weekend. Still won't get out much though.

Hope the baby arrives this week, Mary.

Have a good Memorial Day, everyone.  Sharon


May 25, 2020, 03:54:01 pm #8846 Last Edit: May 25, 2020, 03:56:46 pm by jane
Zoom is quite easy, Sharon, if someone else acts as Host and sets it up.  Then they send you a link and tell you time and date.  I had downloaded the Zoom app on my laptop, so just clicked on the link at the right time and date and was connected to the other three families.  Easy Peasy.

Marilyn...glad you got out for an Anniversary dinner and that the sons remembered K's birthday.

It's a beautiful day here...sunny and 85 and a bit humid.  I did walk a few blocks this morning and did my therapy exercises and cleaned out some teeshirts from my closet that I'm either going to donate or make masks out of. 

It's been pretty quiet around and I suppose about 5 pm or so the traffic from the weekend campers at the state park north of me will head for home.

Stay safe and healthy,


Marilyn, glad you're having good health! It's probably a good idea to get the clippers for Keith's hair and beard. 

I'm with Sharon on the Zoom thing - I have no idea how that works. I do know how to Skype, and have participated in a 3-way chat with Kate and Jean, but one of them set it up. Margaret learned how to Skype so she could "talk" with Alden (the first new baby).

I envy you having your pictures up, Sharon. I won't get any of my "wall art" until our lockdown is over. And I really do miss it. When your two weeks of quarantine are over, will you be able to go to the dining room? Or are all the residents there eating in their apartments?

jane, I hope your joints are not hurting too bad today.

Sue, enjoy your dinner out with Tim and family.

Jeanne, Darlene, alpiner, hope y'all are having a good holiday weekend.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Good Tuesday morning all...I had 3 of my 4 kids here over weekend...was so good to be with them...today I'm washing sheets and towels....and I did walk this morning...we have had off and on showers...thankful for that..hope everyone is doing good today......take care...Darlene


A real Summer Day here...we seem to have jumped from winter to mid summer.
 Already in the 80s at 11:00 am and humid.  Weather is all goofed up here.

Sharon...sounds as if you and John are settling in nicely.  Is Bunny used to the new home yet?

Mary...hope you get to go to the dining room soon, too, and get out and about a bit. 

Darlene...wonderful to spend weekend with most of your "kidlings"...

I had a rheumatology appt for Thursday and I called today to cancel and move to end of summer...nothing has changed...pain in joints continues and she offers no other solution than a smile and continue to take tylenol...which does nothing.  But, they offered me a telephone appt when I said I didn't want to come down to their building in Cedar Rapids.  SO, I'll do that.

I cleaned out a few more of Ray's clothes...geez, he had more than I realized...and the boys don't want turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks, so I pulled aside a couple of 100% cotton ones and will try to make some of the masks from those.  I don't know how long we'll be wearing masks, but it sounds as if for quite a while...like months.  Well, some of us will, anyway.  Lots of people going without here, too.  I don't know if the places that take clothes for resale are even open yet...we have a Camp nearby and they have a resale shop here in town that's their biggest fundraiser.  The Camp is for disabled people of all ages, but they're going to close for the summer.  It's run totally on donations and  money raised like the resale shop here in town, manned by volunteers, of course.  The building was given to the camp by a farm-fleet store when they built a new one...great location and parking lot. 

Also rearranged some of my clothes from so I can reach them easier ... Ray had double rods in his side of a closet in our entry way upstairs...but the high rod is too high for me to reach without a stepstool.

Nothing else new here...need to do some exercises before PT tomorrow.

My house insurance is due June 1 and the local insurance agency won't take credit cards, so I went online and I can pay there with a credit card....I get cash back on it, so try to put everything I can on it.  The insurance company likes to do a monthly debit and I hate that.  I just want it paid, so did it online with the credit card.  DONE now for the year!

Enough of my ramblings...can you tell I'm bored????

Stay safe and HEALTHY!