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Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 pm

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Good morning everyone...was unable to sign in yesterday...as sure many had same problem...seems ok this morning...I've already got my walk in...a little breeze so not to bad..I've been trapping....there's a racoon or ringtail in roof of deck....so I set out my live trap...haven't caught nothing  yet....I have a man coming to close the hole....but will make sure nothing in it first...we n Texas are having typical hot weather...think the dust is on its way..Hi to Jane.Sharon.Mary.Jeanne Marlyin Sue...every one have a safe weekend.....


Yipee!  We're back.

Alpiner...I got my dental visit in last week and went back yesterday for a laser on a small cavity by the base of a crown.
 15 minutes and it was fixed and "filling" all set...no need to go easy on it.  I'm glad he caught it before it got under the crown.

Mary...sounds like our forecast for today, too....hot, humid, and severe storms this late afternoon. 

Darlene...hope you get your "visitor" out of the roof. 

They're going to try some sort of Relay for Life tonight...and I don't see how that will work. I'm not going...don't want to be outside with huge masses of people with severe storms possible...at a Fairgrounds. I personally think they should have skipped it this year...it's every other year. 

Stay safe and healthy,



Good morning, Every Buddy.  It's already 10:00 this morning.  I've had grits for breakfast and have cleaned up the kitchen, but that's all I've accomplished today.  I am planning a 3 block walk downhill and back up (I'll probably poop out on the way back up!).  Yesterday my friend Brownie was sitting outside with her daily helper and we chatted a while.  Brownie is probably the best bridge player here in Auburn--and I know she misses her daily games!

Not much else going on here today.  It's cooler than it was yesterday so I've put on a flannel shirt over my t-shirt and will wear it down hill and back.  I don't usually see anyone else walking down the 3 blocks when I'm out there.

I hope Every Buddy has nice weather and a happy day!


Have to dress up and go to Dr. today. Just to check up to see how the blood test turned out. Usual 3 month one where it check for such as Sodium. and a few other things. Also BP.  I just checked it on line and looks same as last time. But I will go and hope a quick in and out. I would just as soon spend my time home. Not had anyone in the house since March.

I called someone again to see if he could come and look at the leak in the ceiling of bathroom due to clog up gutter. Says he will try to stop by next week. So hard getting labour of any kind.Use to get up on roof myself up to 3 years ago. have quit that now. (Sue scared me off).
Hot and humid still.
So much more opened up today. Even the parks and childrens playground. Have a family member throwing their usual 4th of July gathering. Crazy. Usually about 50 there. Called to remind me.  No way. Watch how high it will go back up again after the 4th. Doesn't make sense to me. But people are now demanding things be done. Feel sorry for Gov. he tries.


Hi Gals. I couldn't get in yesterday either. Glad we're back up and running today.

John and I were up early and drove back to Sun City area for John's dr's appt. He has to go on BP meds, although his bp isn't bad, but worse than it was. After his appt, we went to the nearby storage place to meet Brian. He drove from Belleville IL (south) to Knoxville last night and then down here today. We had lunch at Panera's at their outside tables and got a chance to chat. We hadn't seen him since TG. After lunch he headed back for Knoxville for the night and then on to Martinsville (south of Indy) tomorrow. After he unloads all of Jonathan's stuff there, he will head back home. A long trip for him, but I had stuff for nearly everyone in the midwest, most for him and Jonathan, so it had to be taken up there. I gave some good jewelry to Lori and Traecy plus Waterford crystal for Traecy. I still have a lot of good jewelry, but it will have to wait till I'm gone. There's a lot of good things left, but I'll let Brian and all deal with it when we're gone.

John is off to the grocery and I'm crashed.

Jeanne, I think you were right to learn from Sue's experience and not go on the roof anymore. None of us need to be doing that now.

Darlene, hope you catch your critter. Be careful! They can really get mean.

Jane, thanks for letting us know that BB's wasn't in business yesterday :).  Hot and humid here too.

No 4th of July celebrations for us. They are going to have a car parade here, but think we'll skip it.

So glad I don't have to cook tonight!  Stay safe all. Sharon


Good morning, Sharon and Every Buddy looking in.  It's already past 10:00 and I am dressed for walking outside, but want to get outside shortly.  I slept later this morning and have just piddled around until now. 

I hope Every Buddy looking in this morning is feeling well.  I hope you all have plans for a nice day.  Enjoy!



Good morning...I decided not to walk this morning the African dust has hit...I have sinus problems anyway...but I did make 2 loafs of banana bread and corn bread for my freezer...will cook a pot of beans later...here's wishing everyone a healthy safe weekend...Darlene


Candy. I will swap you a pot of ham and beans for a loaf of Banana Bread.
Just to humid still here today. Had another big storm last night. Think will just have a lazy day. read, eat,take a nap. Just jump from one thing to another. I am getting good at that now.


Jeanne...be glad to trade with you...


Afternoon, Buddies!  Hot and humid here, too, in low 90s. 

I've stayed inside today...doing some straightening up/cleaning out of linen closet, changing the bed, laundry, etc.
 I was looking for something to watch on TV, but not having much luck...see virus is still exploding in the Southwest and S. CA

The number is slowly rising here, too, but not nearly as bad as in the south and s.west.

Stay safe and healthy,



Quiet Saturday around here.  We did have about an hour of pretty good rain this morning, but the sun is out now. I'll bet it is really steamy outside, but I'm not about to find out. I hate the hot, humid summer weather.

I did get a lovely surprise a little while ago. Jesse and Darby brought Henry by for a visit. I actually got to stand in the open door and talk to them. And snuck in a little tweak of those sweet baby toes. He is quite a cutie! They are so good to share pictures and bring him to visit.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Good morning, Every Buddy.  It's almost 11:00 and although I am dressed for my walk this morning, I'm still not outside.  It's a lovely sunny day here and I do need to get outside, but so far I haven't made it outside!  I have a face mask that Tim made for me and I'll take it along and tie it on if I see someone to speak to.

Not much else is going on here today.  I've cleaned up the kitchen and read today's paper, but that is it for now.  I am going to go outside soon and go all the way down hill (3 blocks) and back up. 

I hope every Buddy is feeling well and has a good day planned.  Take care, Every Buddy.


Hi Gals. I've been having a frustrating morning. Our church switched to streaming and I can't get it to work. My health provider has lab results for me but I can't login the app. I do have a load of laundry in and am waiting for them to bring lunch. We're on our own for dinner, also next Sat & Sun because of the holiday. John is going to play online bridge this afternoon and then we're going to take Bunny for a walkie. Our facility has a new requirement to wear a mask any time we are out of the house, even walking. I really don't mind. I'll probably read this afternoon. Glad we don't have much of the Sahara dust, but we did have a beautiful sunset due to it. Take care everyone. Mary, lucky you!  Sharon


Good morning, Every Buddy!  I am late this morning and will make this short.  I want to get outside to walk downhill and back up.  I was ready to go out the door when a friend from my church called to talk for a while.  So I put off my walk and will get out there ASAP soon.

I hope Every Buddy is feeling well and the weather is nice wherever you are.  It's a beautiful sunny day here in Auburn and I'm anxious to get outside in the sunshine.

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


A late good morning Every Buddy from here in Auburn.  I didn't get out of bed when I woke up, but finally dragged my lazy self out, dressed and fixed and ate my breakfast.  My trash men were here while I was eating breakfast and I've pulled the tub back up the hill.  I'm planning a walk downhill soon.  It's 3 long blocks downhill and the same distance back up.  Not so hard, but I'm usually pooped out by the time I reach home again.

Not much else to report this morning.  I am planning a quiet day reading more of my Master and Commander series.  I am hoping that Jack (the hero) is at his home helping his wife, but alas, he has his entire ship's crew down there playing ball!  I think wife Sophie is certainly understanding.  Jack's ship's crew has been mopping, cleaning, etc. and Sophie will be happy with the cleaning!

I hope Every Buddy looking in is feeling well and has a nice easy day planned. 

I have a lot of sympathy for Sophie as I certainly can remember many days when Bob was deployed to duty away from home--and I had 3 little boys plus a dog to take care of!


Monday morning and already in the high 80s.  It's to be a very hot and humid one...heat index into the 100s.  UGH.  No outside walking for this lazy woman.

I decided it was time to be Suzy Homemaker and took down the cafe curtains and valences in my bedroom....for 5 windows and get those washed and back up.  I'd washed the area rugs I have in there on the hardwood floors yesterday. 

In between loads I'm reading a Rosalind James novel...Kiwi Strong...set in N.Z. about a young woman who's left a cult and has just rescued two of her young sisters.  There's a hero, of course, and I'm not sure but suspect Gray is perhaps a very successful rugby player.  Many of her NZ novels involve rugby players.

Sue...did you see that your Cam Newton is now playing for the Patriots.  He's going to have his hands full following Tom Brady, and I wonder how he and Belachek (sp?) will get along. With the way things are going with Covid19, it's questionable there'll even be pro sports or college sports. 

Stay healthy, Buddies!



Not yet noon and already high 80s. SIL came to town and cut my yard. Still not got the leak in the roof fixed. One outfit was suppose to call me back but so far nothing. I did call a outfit who always did my work for  me but since only does furnices and A/C. But anyway they did say would come out today and take a look at it. Nothing else can do so no point worrying. Time for me to move on but to where no Idea. Need the country back to normal before can do that.
Don't want anyone in the house and so no carpet cleaning done. I  also need to take lot of the kitchen and bathroom curtains down and put in laundry. Can't bother with big drapes. May just spray them. So much dust it seems. Not coughing so must not be bothering me.
Think I will read today. Bank tomorrow to sign a paper and get into Lock Box. Had to make appt. and can go in for a hour only. Bank still not opened. Just drive up.
Only a few of us on S and F at the moment. Just hope all others O.K


Hot and hazy here today. We've still got the Sahara Sand going past, so it's a funny look to the sky. They're predicting showers every day this week, but nothing yet.

Sorry gals, but it surely is nice not to worry about dust, or curtains that need washing, or house maintenance.  Just my messy self to take care of.  Even the yard service is here today - trimming and mowing.

I notice that some of you saw the pictures of little Henry that I shared on Facebook yesterday. Isn't he a cute chunk? and only a month old! Can't wait to hug him in a couple of weeks.  And we may get my older granddaughter and her three foster kids for the beach week, too. It'll be fun to have a houseful of little ones again - noisy, too.

I'm actually getting some reading done, too. I haven't been able to read in years - just no power of concentration.  But with eating meals alone, I need a book or newspaper, so I've gotten a couple of mysteries on my phone and my tablet. One is part of the Louise Penny series set in Quebec, and the other is by Archer Mayor, set in Vermont. Both have good characters.  Just glad to be doing some reading for a change.

Have a good week, Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Hi Gals, I'm finally here. Finally got our Sunday sermon streaming to work this AM, so that took some of my time. I also did FB and discovered that the sister of one of my bridge friends has the virus, is in the hospital and intubated and asking for prayers for her.

Yesterday, I walked farther than I have before--maybe 4 or 5 blocks or so to the lake, fed the fish, turtles and ducks. Bunny smelled every varmint that had been there and tried to chase the ducks and a squirrel. Didn't come close. The path up to the lake is pretty steep and then flattens out. I use my rolling walker for safety and use the brakes coming downhill.

I've done 4 loads of laundry between yesterday and today, so when John gets it carried in to the bed, we'll have a folding party!

Other than that, I'm reading a Jodi Picoult (sp?) book call SMALL, GREAT THINGS. It is a book about blacks and whites and their relationships. I certainly don't consider myself a racist, but it is still giving me lots to think about.

Hot and humid here too. My drapes, etc are all clean since I just moved and had them done before. Carpets are new also. Glad I don't have any Suzy Homemaker jobs to do. Had plenty before we moved. Stay healthy, everyone and Hi to all. Sharon


June 30, 2020, 10:23:42 am #9019 Last Edit: June 30, 2020, 10:25:52 am by SharonE
Hi Gals. Just a short note. Have to go to the urologist about 45 mins away--a new one. Hope he can solve my problem.  Just took Bunny out and got her to do her business and met a neighbor.

John's cousin's husband died this past weekend of a brain tumor, so that's sad, although I didn't know him well.

Better go.  Hug that baby, Mary!  Stay healthy everyone.
Can't get this to post. I'll try again.


Last Day of June greetings, Buddies! 

As Jeanne said....VERY hot and humid here in the midwest.  Heat index over 100, and I'm staying in.  I do have to go out tomorrow...so will try to do all my "out and about" stuff.  I had a haircut scheduled for Friday but she called and moved it to tomorrow a 3:30.  I also have to stop by the drive thru at the bank, pick up a 'script for my canker mouth sores, and take a big bag to Good Will in the next town. 

I did my Suzy Homemaker stuff....curtains all washed and rehung for 7 windows.  The others in this old house will have to wait for my next splurge of cleaning   :uglystupid2:

Our numbers here in this County are slowly climbing.  Those numbers in AZ, TX, and FL are scary.

Take care and stay healthy!!



June 30, 2020, 02:32:47 pm #9021 Last Edit: June 30, 2020, 02:35:57 pm by JeanneP
I cancelled my appt. to go through Lock box at bank. I managed to get one CD taken care of by just reinvesting it for another year. Sure came down percentage wise. But doubt any good ones out there and most all my business is with this bank so that is done. I think I read that we who have to take the Min Distribution on our IRA may get a break for this year and not show any taken out until next year. Will check that.

Still need to take my laundry. riding around in my car. Its so hot out all ready so will do tomorrow. Hoping my lady will be back as she does a great job. Been gone for 5 weeks. Also need to go to grocery store. Again maybe tomorrow. I am getting bad now about going out. Its the heat more than the Virus.

Still getting storms and so my roof leak has to wait until next week. He did clean lot of the gutters but he go so hot. Its going to rain for next 5 days and needs to have 3 days of no rain to do roof. Not going to worry about any of it. Looks like one across the road had maybe a tree fall on his roof and they have torn half his roof off. Bet they are in a hotel.

Sue. Sounds like you have a nice place to walk. More interesting than us who just have the street to go up and down. I have good areas if I want to drive a couple miles to.

Jane. Did you clean all the windows also. Been a long time since mine done on the inside.Blinds, Drapes all need taken down. I hope i can find  cleaner after this mess we are in is over. Going to be awhile

After the people had that big party for Graduation and all those people together, there are now 15 people with the virus 8 in hospital. Health say that 5 restaurants and places who supplied have to close down. One being the Pizza place and Another Sandwich shop as 5 of the people involved with them are sick.  They think will be more. What a way to celebrate your child's graduation. I think it was just High School. Being Rich makes some people think that they are safe from everything. Not this Virus.


Jeanne...You are correct.  We do NOT have to take our RMDs this year.  Whoever has your IRAs should be contacting you for what you want to do so they have it in place.  At least my IRA holders contacted me.
 The CARES Act says we can defer to 2021.  I recall we could do that back in 2008 when the financial crisis hit, so I was glad to hear we can defer this year too.

I've been out to the bank, too, to redeem some EE bonds that came due at end of June.  Not too many of those left, unfortunately, but very worthwhile while they lasted. 

I've purchased some room darkening blinds for my bedroom.  Ray never wanted blinds in there, but I like to pull them down when it's so hot as 2 windows face west and 3 face south. I also like it darker when I need to rest during the day, so I'll work on those.  I was going to see about the fancy ones, but got impatient, so go the old-fashioned roller ones(cheapies) since the brackets were already up on all 5 windows. I bought one yesterday to see if I could figure out how to size it and hang it...and I did.  WhooHoo! So, I went back today and got 4 more. 

Very humid here...hoping for some of that rain Jeanne is getting. It all seems to be south of me...and so Jeanne gets it...or north and MN gets it. 

More people with masks this morning at WalMart. 

Stay safe and healthy,



[/Good. Morning to all looking in....very hot and humid in my part of the world...coved cases rising to....have to get out tomorrow for supplies and fill a prescription...will wear mask and protect myself best I can....will not be going to any 4th of July activities.....stay safe and well buddiessize]


Good Morning Every Buddy.  It's close to 11:30 here this morning. I've already walked downhill and back up, and will read until Tim comes by to take me to see my Cardiologist.  This will be an annual check up I think.  I'm just hoping the cardiologist is at the place he treats in house patients and not back at the hospital with carona Virus patients!

Not much else going on here at my home in Auburn.  I'll probably finish cleaning up the kitchen and sit down and read until Tim gets here.

Have a nice day, Every Buddy.


July 01, 2020, 02:41:54 pm #9025 Last Edit: July 01, 2020, 02:45:18 pm by JeanneP
Jane. Now did your bank let you inside? I have a CD that I had to renew. All business I had to do from my car using the Tube   to send forms back and forth. Cancelled my Appt. to get in Lock Box.
 It was the final day and so I had not checked around.I messed up and should have made it a 24 month not 12 last year as it was a decent rate. Now my Ira had been in a annuity for the limit. 25 years last April and so again I had to find someone to take it and I didn't want another Annuity. So just did a cd on it thinking that by April 2021 things would be better. So lost money everywhere.
I got out of the market in 2008. Lost a little but not much. Don't want back in it either. Trying to put my Estate together Using a Trust. I use to enjoy working with it but now just want all settled . Still have 2 things where titles have to be changed and show Trust...Can only do that at the State Driving and they not doing it at the moment. Fact still not gotten my Drivers license for 2000. Need to take the road test and they not doing that either. I also don't want them in my car.
If I can hold off until Oct. then I can do it making it good for 2001. Illinois we have to do that once  we were 82 years old. Can't get through on Phone.
 So just  sitting back. Got good insurance and only drive in about a 5sq. mile area as everything I use is in it. Do want to go out of State though soon as I can. Think things will not change this year. No trip to UK for me and they and rest of Europe banning from US anyone entering. I could but don't want airlines. As we Brits say. All in all it is in one Bloody Mess. Just have to stay calm and healthy.


July 01, 2020, 06:29:54 pm #9026 Last Edit: July 01, 2020, 08:19:49 pm by alpiner1
I had a mammogram with a follow up dr.'s visit this morning .  I was so up tight about it this morning my stomach felt queasy  .   Usually my husband goes with me but because of the virus restrictions he stayed out doors .  After changing into a gown I sat in a waiting room wiggling my foot to keep myself calm . I haven't been so upset in ages !  The mammogram came back with no new problems !
I think what made me so up tight was the fact I would need to hold my breath  , even before the virus I had a hard time doing this .  I told the woman doing the mammogram about my breathing issues & she asked if I would like to take the mask off during that time !  It helped  .


alpiner, glad your mammogram tech was so understanding - and great news that it was normal.  I still haven't had mine for this year.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Alpiner....We all here who've had breast cancer will tell you that it's NORMAL to be very nervous at mammogram time...regardless of how long it's been since diagnosis.  It's 31 ears for me...and I"m still a nervous wreck when I'm in that waiting room and getting "squeezed."

Jeanne...They handle my bonds through the drive-up.  I've cashed them for many years and so they have my sig on file and take care of it for me. 

Darlene...your state's numbers are sure on the rise.  Thank goodness you're being very careful.

Sue...hope cardiology appt went well.

Mary...hope you can get out for your mammo when your state's numbers get better.

Sharon...hope the urology appt got you some relief.

Our number here took a jump. I'm hearing it's 3 people...2 staff and 1 resident of our Assisted Living place. 

Take care and stay healthy,



Good morning Every Buddy.  I've been up and have walked downhill and am now trying to figure out what to do this morning.  I saw my doctor yesterday for an annual check up and all was OK.  So I'm glad that's over.

I've walked down to the corner and back and need to find something to read or something else to keep me busy for a while.

Yesterday Tim took me to see my GYN and although I had to wait a while (Tim stayed outside while I was waiting), I had a good visit with the GYN.  He said all was OK and he'd see me again next year. 

Not much else to report today.  I am planning to read this afternoon and am looking forward to that.  I hope Every Buddy is feeling well and you all have a nice day.