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Sep 08 2020 1:22pm
lurk: Thanks @Astro   ;)

Sep 08 2020 7:14am
Astro: Welcome, lurk !

Sep 07 2020 1:51pm
lurk: @Oldiesmann Thanks,..  ;) Nice to see the mentions working. :)

Sep 07 2020 9:53am
Oldiesmann: Good to see you @lurk

Sep 07 2020 2:36am
lurk: @Oldiesmann  Nice to see you applied the fix to the Shoutbox to make the collapse / expand setting stick.  ;)

Sep 07 2020 2:34am
lurk: Greetings all, what a lovely site you have here, I've been following the rebuild of the site with interest, and as I'm 60yrs old this month decided to register and say Hi.

Aug 13 2020 4:37pm
GrnMtnGal: Haven't been here in a long time.  Nice to see lots of the same people posting. The COVID-19 has caused me to revisit many things, reading, jigsaw puzzles knitting, etc. Staying put most of time.

Aug 06 2020 7:20pm
Sasha:  ;D

Jul 31 2020 8:33pm
mycheal: Delphine hello, best wishes your way :)

Jul 29 2020 7:51pm
Delphineaz: Been a long tme for me too.  Belated Birthday greetings Pouch.  So many have passed away.  Blessed is their reward.

Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 PM

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Thank heavens for NO SMOKE where you are.  Enjoy the fresh air!



Hi Gals. I'm back from the neuro doctor. He was great. He completely redid some of my meds including telling me to take my melatonin (10mg) 2 hrs before bedtime. I've been taking 5 mg. 20 mins before. I sure hope this helps me sleep. I had 5 hrs sleep night before last and 7 last night and that just isn't enough for me. He also changed some of the neuro meds doses and times and also suggested a gyroscopic spoon to help me eat!Now I have to go find one on Amazon. It's pretty expensive, but if it works, it's worth it.

That is all I've accomplished today other than picking up the mail.  Our absentee ballots arrived, so we need to get those filled out and sent in to be sure they arrive. I wish there were a 3rd candidate as I really don't like either of the 2 we have, but I guess I know which one I'll choose, even if reluctantly.

Jane, did you get your laundry done? I'm glad you had such a nice visit with Patricia and got your grass planted.

Marilyn, so glad there's no smoke and that Freckles got her walk in the park. Does that mean they have the fires around you pretty controlled or did the wind just shift?

I haven't seen many other comments, but hope all is well.  Stay safe. Sharon


Sharon...Ray's nephew Sam found Liftware and bought Ray a set...fork and spoon.  It worked well for Ray and his tremors.  I know they're expensive, but it enabled him to eat soup without having to use a straw.
YOU are worth it, Sharon.

Stay safe and healthy,



Marilyn, glad you're smoke-free for now. I hope it stays that way. I know how you like to walk outside.

Sharon, it's always good to have a new doctor occasionally to review your meds. I hope this new regimen works better for you.

jane, it's good to have the company.  Jean has been staying with Kate again for a while. It's good for both of them.

My visit with the doc went well. The level on my blood thinner was okay, so I guess I'll be staying on the same regimen. I really hate having to cut out all leafy greens and the cruciferous vegetables - all things I love, but I guess that's the way it is.

Stay well, Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Morning, Buddies!

Even if nothing exciting is happening in your lives...and where is anything happening except disasters, please come in and let us know you're ok.

I hope the hurricane hitting Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have left Mary's vacation area in Fort Morgan safe.  And Sue is safe as well further north.

Marilyn and Alpiner have their eyes on the fires burning up the west coast. 

Let us know you're safe.



This goofy software won't let me add a comment to my post, so I'll do it this way.'s so dang hard when the docs tell you to stop eating the good stuff that's kept you healthy so far. 



Got that right, jane!  Of course, I've been keeping a close eye on Sally. The storm looked like it was going right over "our house", but last time I looked, it seemed to be farther east. It's always less dangerous to be on the west side of the storms, so that's a good thing (for me anyway).  I'm sure Sue is getting tons of rain where she is in Auburn.  Not even a drop of rain here.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Hi Gals, I don't think we will get much of Sally, but sure feel sorry for the gulf states that will get the brunt of it.

Mary, sorry for the dietary restrictions. It looks like they could adjust or change your meds, but I guess they know best. My dr. took me off all milk products including mayo, d creamy dressings, and of course yogurt. I had already changed to almond milk because of my lactose intolerance, but still ate the other + cheese which I love! But I suppose if it is better for us, we should do it.

Jane, I agree with you that I'm worth it and ordered a special electronic spoon/fork thing yesterday. Different brand, but probably the same. It was pricey, but I decided it was worth it.  I also slept last night with the change in Melatonin and dosage time. It was so good to get a good night's sleep, but I still don't feel caught up. Dr said NO naps, but sometimes they just happen. I slept about 45 mins last night after dinner, sitting in my chair, but I did stay awake until bedtime after that.

I'm worried about Sue. Maybe she just forgets.But it's still not good.

Marilyn, hope the smoke is still cleared away in your area and that you can get out again.I feel so sorry for all the areas affected and whole towns decimated, not to mention the loss of lives.

Hi to everyone else. Stay safe! Sharon


The air quality is still good here on the coast supposedly because the rain is coming. There was only one fire remotely close to us. the rest were all east of us nd are still going. The one close to here is all contained and almost out.

Freckles and I walked in the park again today. Out usually route around the neighborhood is cut in halff because  the street is being replaced (not ours) so going the opposite direction is two steep uphills, one downhill,  and one  semi flat surface through the church parking below and behind us.

I made Lentil soup yesterday and oh it is so good. I improvised a recipe out of my Mediterranean cookbook because I didn't have some of the ingredients. . I could just about live on that  soup it is so good. Today I am doing New York Steaks in my air fryer, which I may just feed to Keith and eat more of the soup.  ;D  .


Marilyn....hurrah for good air.  My high school friend in Eugene cannot leave her house the air is so bad. 

A beautiful day here...the cold front came through and it was 55 when I finally got myself going this morning. 

I've been out to mail back to Patricia a jacket she left here with her work keys in the pocket.  I'd probably not have found it if I hadn't gone looking in the pockets of my jackets by the garage door hooks for my other key fob for the Volvo.  I found hers instead, so bundled up the jacket and keys, sent her a text I was off to mail them back to her.
I finally found the second car fob in a purse I'd changed from.  Now they're back on the hook by the garage where they belong!

I emailed Sue's Tim about the hurricane and he replied that they'd had a lot of rain but no home damage.  Sue has a lot of appointments, but he's checking on her and taking her where she needs to be.

Darlene and Jeanne....I hope all is ok with both of you. 

I know there's nothing much exciting to report, but do let us know you're ok.  Please?

I should get out and walk while it's so cool.  Lots of pain yesterday with the cold front coming in so body is still stiff and sore, but maybe it can manage a few blocks.

This morning I called about the flu shot at the local pharmacy where I've gotten mine the last few years.  They said it's been on order and they're told "maybe this weekend or first of next week" so I'll call again next week. 

Our WalMart has taken down the barriers around the entrance and removed the one way signs on the aisles.  They still have the 6 foot signs on the floor, but, otherwise, more like before.  Everyone did seem to be wearing a mask, but there were no "mask checkers" or "number checkers" at the door as in the past.

My bank is still drive through only.



Hello Buddies...almost 12 noon here...the weather has cooled down some...My early morning walks much better...lot of hurricanes and of course the fires....makes my heart the virus.....I got a haircut yesterday...feels much better...plan on going to my daughters for a couple shopping..just stay in and visit....hope everyone is well and stay safe...Darlene


Darlene....good to see your post.  Enjoy your time with your daughter. 



Hi Gals. I don't know what happened, but when I got out of bed I was so dizzy and woozy, I almost fell. I'm taking it very easy today. I did eat some breakfast and lunch and feel a little better, but not normal.

I said yesterday that we didn't expect to get much of Sally, but last night they changed the forecast to 100% chance of heavy rain, maybe 4-6 inches. It's been raining since I got up but isn't doing much now.  Fort Mill and that area has had flash floods. Lots of warnings out for that.

When our visiting doctor comes for John's appt the 21st, both of us are supposed to get our flu shots, provided she remembers to bring them.

Marilyn, I'm so glad things are so much better with the fires near you and that you are able to get out now and walk with Freckles.

Darlene, I'm jealous of your time with your daughter! I saw my oldest in March and the younger at Christmas and no plans in sight till things are better. I do wish the kids lived near us, but it was our choice to move to SC, so I shouldn't complain. Enjoy!

Jane, thanks for the update on Sue. I'm surprised WM is loosening the rules already.I don't think this thing is behind us yet.It was really good that you found Patricia's keys and jacket and could get them mailed off to her.I bet she would have been frantic when she discovered them missing.  It's in the 60's here but supposed to be in the 70's again by the weekend.

We ate at the main dining room last night and will go over again tomorrow night. Delivery for the other days. It's so nice not to have to cook or do much cleanup every night. I usually cook something on Sunday night, but that's all.

Jeanne, I hope you aren't washed away. Glad Mary isn't in the direct path. Alpiner, I hope you are okay with all the fires and smoke near you.
Stay safe everyone. Sharon


We're not getting any weather from Sally, but a front is really giving us a taste of fall. Highs predicted to be only in the 70s this weekend.

Margaret took me to the cardiologist this morning. I really like him, and that's a good thing. It's hard to believe I had open heart surgery a year ago - and he said so, too. This was considered an "annual check". He went over my list of meds (such a long one!), and made some small adjustments. But I'm not scheduled to return for six months.

Marilyn, glad you've got clear skies and good air. I'd forgotten that you were closer to the coast. Many years ago, we spent a couple of nights in Bandon, and were very taken with what a nice small town it was. I hope it still is.

Darlene, glad you getting some good walks in. Enjoy your good weather.

Hi to Sharon, jane, Jeanne, alpiner, Sue, and everybody looking in.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Mary Bandon is only 29 miles fro  where I live straight down the coast. By the way are you taking Coumadin? Is that why you have to watch what you eat. I take Eliquis and can eat any of the leafy greens and cruciferous veggies I want.

All is well here Freckles and I walked in the park again today with my friend Anita whom I work for at Hospice. She gave me some great news, My Hospice patient has graduated and no longer needs hospice care. He will be moving back with his wife. At least I hope he will he has been hospitalised for just over a year.


Marilyn, what great news about your Hospice patient.  I take Warfarin (Coumadin). I cannot take Eliquis or one of the other new medications because during my surgery last fall, I got two artificial (bovine tissue) valves. On one hand, I'm glad of that. Warfarin is an old, generic medication and is very cheap compared to Eliquis or the other other new ones. I'll learn to do without the greens - and just make do with other vegetable goodies.  Wish I'd had some of your lentil soup - I LOVE home-made soup!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Hurrah for the patient who's off hospice care. 

A real fall morning here...41 when I awoke but up to low 50s now.  High to be in low 60s.  My kind of temps.  So, I put away the shorts...again...and got out the long pants and one Ray's chamois/flannel long shirts as a sort of light jacket for here in the house.  Soft and warm...hard to beat. 

I got the Cedar Cove DVD from the Library Thursday and think that'll be my weekend entertainment.  I saw the pilot on the DVD Patricia brought and she showed me how my DVD player works...we hadn't used it in years...and so I think I'm set for something calm and pleasant.  That seems to be my mantra these days...I want to read and watch "calm and pleasant." 

Have a good Friday in your part of the world.  Stay safe and healthy,



jane, I understand about "calm and pleasant".  I'm tending to watch NCIS reruns and the spin-offs of that show. I like that type program, and they're "old friends" by now.

Tennessee is planning to "open up" its long-term care facilities, as of 1 October. If there have been no new cases at that facility in 15 days, they can allow limited visitors (outside, masked, and distanced), "communal dining" (maybe more than one-to-a-table?), and very limited room visiting. That's the way it was back in the summer. Hope it works this time. As I say, Baby Steps.
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


I hope so, too, Mary.

I just came back from a walk with my phone....we talked as each of us did our here in Iowa and she's in Ohio..., so I got my mile in and it went quickly while talking to her.

Time to round something up for lunch. 

Take care and stay safe.



I am still o.k .enjoying cooler weather. That is helping. .i was sort of letting things get me down. So now stopped watching news. Tv. Off . Out of Facebook and yes even s ad f on the sad areas.
Back reading . Noticed not dreaming all the time now and sleeping good.. Lots cooking. Cut out sugar.
No need to worry about driving without license. Since April as got a letter fro state telling me all ok until 2001. Sticker down from $149 to 25 dollars. So will go and get that next week good for 2 years. . Stopped bothering about what work needs doing around the house until things get back normal.
Will go out of town to see best friend in nursing home soon as they open up. Bet will not remember me no. Lost 5 fiends in past 5 months vand that seems strange as no funerals. Now no phone calling..
All enjoy your weekend. So many people having bigger problems.


And now the WIFI keeps kicking o and off and so turning off the iPad for the day. Heading out to walmarts o see if ous have taken all the tapes down. university decided to go ahead with big ten  football. So this settled the men down.
I don't think bars are open and so town will not be roudy. Us dunk at home.wives  hate that.


Good morning...though I'm cutting it close. 

I had a "Sherry night"....painful body/joints and awake every hour or so and then lay there and hurt.  It's a beautiful day here, and I think the body may be able to tolerate a very short walk...maybe a block or two...

I did just bake up a pound of back and have it wrapped in paper towels and in the refrig for a quick heat up in the micro when I'm in the mood for bacon.  {WHICH I LOVE}

I got out my little portable DVD player and I've been watching the Cedar Cove DVDs.  I also wrote and put out for mailman the first half property taxes.  So, I'm off the hook there until March.  I used to pay the full year before we went to Texas so I wouldn't have to bother with it while down here or as we were coming home.  Now, though I can just pay 1/2 at a time. 

Matt came yesterday and mowed and trimmed and edged and cleaned up!  It really got high after all that rain last week...and now we're dry again. 

Take care and stay safe,



Hi Buddies....Jeanne tell me your you can cook and cook ...but no sugar... for t seems almighty st everything you eat has added sugars...Jane I've done that..walk and talk...makes it seem to go faster..Mary hooray they are removing some restrictions...I'm a people to visit.,Sharon hope your dizziness is better..Hi to Marylin and freckles....have good weekend...hope Sue is doing OK


Hi Gals, I had another late nighter last night. I'm definitely going to stop that new med. It's supposed to make you sleepy, but it does the opposite for me. At least I feel better today as to dizziness and wooziness, but back is killing me and I'm trying to do laundry, etc.John got me some SalonPas back pain pads yesterday, so think I will try one out.

Lori called this AM. No real news, but nice to talk to her.

No big plans for the rest of the day. I'm glad the weather is cooling down for everyone.Jane, that's a good idea to walk and talk with your sis. Sorry you had a bad night too.  Even John was up some and then the dog decided she needed to go out about 3 pm which didn't make him very happy. I don't do night-time walks as it's too risky for me. Hope you enjoy Cedar Cove. I did. I had the series taped on DVR when it was on.I'm still watching various Hallmark I've taped and some HGTV. I've seen all the NCIS series, so don't rewatch them.

Jeanne, hope you found some tapes. Darlene, I agree about cooking w/o sugar. Difficult to do if you use any processed ingredients.

Alpiner, report in on the fires around you.Marilyn seems safe now and even has a hospice patient being released. How great.We've had a number of church members diagnosed with serious cancers, one is on hospice, and 2 of the members living in nursing homes have contracted Covid, so not looking good for our congregation right now.

Stay safe everyone. Sharon


 Hi Gals. Not much new here. The podiatrist came and checked our feet and clipped our toenails. Exciting! Yesterday, I did the laundry. I also took a walk with Bunny & John to the lake and made a rice/chicken/kielbasa casserole for dinner. Such an exciting life.

I hope all of you are safe and doing something more interesting than I. If not for books and Hallmark, I'd go nuts.  I did get 2 good night's sleep after stopping that med. I must have a strange metabolism to have insomnia on something that's supposed to relax and put me to sleep.

It's been kind of chilly--Fall in the air. I've seen a bunch of yellow leaves in the sweet gum. In INdiana, they always turned red. Maybe a different variety. That's about all I can think of to say. Hope there are some more posts tomorrow. Sharon


Crap! I just hit something on my keyboard and my post disappeared. Guess I'll start over.

Sharon, in this area, the sweet gums turn an almost fluorescent purple/red/orange/yellow - ones of our favorite fall trees.

The podiatrist will be here on 2 October. I've been using him since I moved in. I haven't been able to to cut my own toenails for years - why I started going to a nail salon all those years ago. I do miss the soaking and massage, though.

I got a text from my niece who lives near Davis, CA. She and one her her nieces (my grandniece) are going to be coming through sometime next week. They'll probably stay with Margaret for a few days. I hope I get to visit a little bit, even in our plexiglass booth. We're supposed to open for that on 1 October. I talked to our Exec Direc, and she said she was sure they could work something out for me to do that.  :)

We're getting some of those nice cooler temps this week, too - highs in the 70s. Lovely!

Stay well, Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Nothing exciting here, either.  Beautiful day here, and I got to the bank to get some papers out of my safe deposit box with a phone call and wearing a mask, and then to WalMart for a few groceries.  I also got a walk in and talked to my sister. 

They are finally starting to take up the "stuff" on the highway in front of my house and then putting down the new stuff.  They're 5 blocks south of me today.  We'll see how it goes.  They'll probably be in front of my house on Thursday when I have a doc appt in Dbq or Monday when I have doc appt in Cedar Rapids.



Yesterday at 12:53:48 PM #9447 Last Edit: Yesterday at 12:57:41 PM by jane
Good morning, Buddies! 
Another non-exciting day here in Iowa.  I did get a walk in ...almost to town...when I ran into more construction.  They're now chewing up all the road in front of my house, and I still don't know if they'll chew it all up all the way up the street and they lay all the new asphalt or do it in pieces.  That's the excitement here.    :)

The little patch of grass seed Patricia and I put down is coming up, but a car must have jumped the curb and drove across part of it.  :( 

Please check in and let us know you're safe.



Hi Jane.....hope the workers leave you room to get out..I am doing ok....bored some days..but do and watch the tube...Sharon...I can do my toe nails but would rather go get the special tx.....Hi Mary..Jeanne Marlyin....have yall got your flu shots yet? Take care..Darlene


Darlene...Did you get your shot yet?  I haven't been able to get mine...the pharmacy doesn't have the vaccine in yet.