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Oct 05 2020 3:45am
lurk: @Oldiesmann  Ok I can see it was logged, thanks.  ;)

Oct 05 2020 3:04am
lurk: @Oldiesmann  Was this issue logged on GitHub?

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Sep 08 2020 1:22pm
lurk: Thanks @Astro   ;)

Sep 08 2020 7:14am
Astro: Welcome, lurk !

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lurk: @Oldiesmann Thanks,..  ;) Nice to see the mentions working. :)

Sep 07 2020 9:53am
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Sep 07 2020 2:34am
lurk: Greetings all, what a lovely site you have here, I've been following the rebuild of the site with interest, and as I'm 60yrs old this month decided to register and say Hi.

Bosom Buddies

Started by Pat, March 29, 2016, 01:17:18 PM

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I made some of the yummiest cookies ever. They are the basi cookie recipe and I added a bag of White chocolate chips and a bag of dried blueberries. Oh my so yummy. I will have to  be careful and not eat  too many.


October 17, 2020, 04:24:16 AM #9511 Last Edit: October 17, 2020, 04:26:12 AM by Vanilla-Jackie
...your mention of " blueberries " enticed me over...If any cookies left, can you send one (  or two ) over the pond to me please...

" freedom is the outside of the inside "
              ~ Joyce Carey


Good morning Buddies....I slept in this morning...nice and cool for a change..Marlyin those cookies sound good..I love blueberries...Jane you have the beetles to deal with..we have butterfly's going south..Sharon I wonder about Jeanne and Alpiner to....Mary..glad you got a road trip and restrictions letting up for you...here's wishing everyone a safe good weekend


Very windy Saturday here, but sunny and pleasant temps.  I tried to get my hoses off the outdoor faucets...I could one, but not the one in front.  Tried a couple tools, too, but just don't have the strength to turn it.  I'll wait for my yard guy and have him do it or my neighbor if he's out. 

I'm not walking today...far too windy...I'll be sneezing my head off with all the dust and leaves. 

I did change the bed, have the clean sheets on and the other set washed and ready for the linen closet.  Last load is in the dryer, too.

25 new covid cases since yesterday in the county. 

Stay safe and healthy,



My post won't let me modify it, so you'll get two from me, today. 

Marilyn...your cookies sound yummy.

Darlene...at least the butterflies are pretty and don't leave an ugly orange stain and stink.

I emailed Jeanne...hope she's ok.  Also hope Alpiner will check in.  I don't have an email for her.

Stay safe and healthy. 


Good news...Jeanne is fine.  We even spoke on the phone last night, and she's delightful!  She's had some tech issues with Comcast.

Cold here and map shows snow, but I don't think it reached the ground.  Overcast and a good day to be inside with a cup of tea and read until the GB Packers play today.

I talked to my sister yesterday and Ray's sister in Chicago area this morning as well as niece and nephew in N. Wisc.  I told them I'm not coming up to WI next weekend.  Way too much covid here and there.  They understood and agreed.  They're both i the 14 day window after exposures in Montana. 

Hope you are all safe and healthy!



Thanks for checking on Jeanne, jane. Glad to know she's just having computer issues.

You're due to get snow, and we're supposed to be back in the 80s during the upcoming week. Oh, well.

During the past week, a nearby church sent over flowers for each of the residents here. The dozen red and pink roses, plus other fillers, I got have just been lovely. It's great to have fresh flowers. That's about the most exciting thing around here.  I have an appointment with the eye clinic for a glaucoma check next week, and a Skype consult with my financial advisor. I hope everybody has a good upcoming week.

"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Yes, Other than I now think I am beginning to talk to myself and the parrot I am OK.
It is my computer along with the slowness of the WiFi that is keeping me off the computer.
Part of the problem is Comcast as I think they are just overloaded what with most of the Univ. working at home and the schools about 50% Also I don't use Microsoft but my computer was set up and 2 weeks ago M. down loades something that took about 2 hours. Changed everything. So going to have to get such as Best Buys to come in and take care of all the problems.
Mary. So nice of that church to do that. They must have wanted to really cheer all of you up because of being so closed in. Hope they are loosing up a little for you.
I seem to be staying in the house more and more. Sort of getting use to it. Doing even more reading and less and less house work. Just can't get anyone in for the heavy cleaning.

Sharon. Did you have a nice birthday dinner? Lots of phone calls I bet.

I had my eye doctor check Friday. Having such a problem with dry eye. My appt was for Dec but he got me in right away. Back in a month as he says it is time for me to starting wearing glasses. Not good me with the readers putting them on and off. Everything is all O.K other than the dry eye. So we will see. I have tried before but just cannot stand to walk with the glasses on. Got to learn he says.

So cold and dreary here but they are saying that we are to have a few 70s next week. I have a hard time with the Masks so prefer staying home now.
take care all.





[Happy Birthday..Sharon....I guess I over looked that...Jeanne I have always wanted. A parrot....have you had yours a long time Darlene /size]


My mom had a parrot when I was a young teenager.  Meanest dam bird I ever saw, he'd talk to you, and then if you aproached him to offer a treat, he would bite the crap out of you.  He bit her, and he was sold off quickly!


October 19, 2020, 02:13:21 PM #9521 Last Edit: October 19, 2020, 02:16:28 PM by jane

Tome...laughed at you Mom's nasty parrot.  I think Jeanne's is much nicer!

Darlene...good to see you.

MAry...flowers sound lovely.  I often buy bunches at WalMart. 

I heard on radio enroute to WalMart that the next 10-12 weeks will be very bad for virus.  I'm glad I voted early!  Sister said long lines in east central Ohio for early voting.  They voted absentee a bit ago. 

Not many at WalMart on Mon. Morning, so that's when I go.  It's bigger than grocery, so not so close to the few other people. 

I wore my Uggs since temps in 30s.  Now snow!

I'm in for the next few days.  Have everything I need.

Stay safe and healthy!



Hi all you Buddies: Just checking in to let you know I am still here.Keith is having some stomach issues the last few days,+  Burping constantly. I gave him some anti gas pills yesterday but he won;t take any today and won't eat either. So I am staying fairly close to home, just walking the dog and I amy or may not go to my neighbor's for that daily glass of wine.


All is well here , still having hot weather . Ac is on in the day & thankful it cools off enough at night to have the windows open .


Phooey - we're back in isolation. Nothing too serious at the moment. A visitor to the locked memory unit had a visitor who, it turned out, had a family member who had contact with a no-symptom-positive person. It's very tenuous, but our management is definitely staying on the side of caution. So we're having meals in our rooms again fo a while.  Oh, well...

jane, not good to be starting on the snow this early. I assume it will melt quickly, though.

Marilyn, sorry Keith is having stomach trouble. Hope it clears up soon.

alpiner, good to have you checking in.

I'm glad I have lots of yarn to keep me busy.
Happy Monday, Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


All OK with me....back to summer....virus numbers going down...for now....Hi to everyone


I am running through to make sure everyone in here is staying safe! I had the pool men to close the pool this morning & yard guys did their last "routine" mowing this morning, so I hope to run away from home to see the trees in MO in all their glory soon. My daughter plans to meet me in the "home town", she will stay in the historic hotel downtown & I will stay with the cats in the Walmart parking lot for ONE night.... I will go to the campground at Truman Lake (joins Lake of the Ozarks), my fav campground just 30 miles away, night before & night after our visit down memory lane... These cats are the rulers of my life, being feral, nobody else can feed them so they have to go with me. I don't have the heart to have them put to sleep as long as they are healthy. SO, we do what we must, huh?  Stay safe!

Tome, we had smaller parrots, be Bebe & Half Moon were both biters, but the Bebe was a sweetie. Noisy birds, always thought I'd love a big one but after listening to one screech on a porch in Aspen, CO for several days, changed my mind. Couldn't figure why anyone would have one to leave on a porch all day for everyone else to listen to, maybe they just happened to be renting the condo for the week we were there, but sure was loud.

Mary, nice to remember all those wonderful trips you & John made, especially the one to Alaska. I can't imagine a better time than spending a few months trekking through Alaska just moseying along.


Shirley, glad you're getting away for a few days at your campground. You're right - I have great memories of all our trips. Our oldest and spouse just went on their first trip "out west" (Grand Canyon, Zion, etc.). I'm so excited that my girls are at least starting to do some traveling. They're slowed down, of course, right now by all the restrictions.

I snuck out this morning for about 30 minutes to go to the eye doc for a glaucoma check. When I started with this new doc, he said he didn't think I had glaucoma and had me stop the drops. All has remained stable, even gotten some better, so guess I didn't have it in the first place.

Darlene, glad all is okay in your area. The Covid numbers keep going up in my rural county.

Another lovely day here today.
Stay well, Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


Hi, Shirley...enjoy your get away!

Mary...hurrah on no glaucoma!...and "sneaking out" briefly!

Numbers here in rural Iowa also are rising quickly. 

My law guy was here yesterday to mow and gather up leaves.  The city truck just sucked them up from the curb, so that's good.  Weird weather...to get to 70 tomorrow and then plunge to 30s and lower overnight for next 10 days....and then it'll be Nov!

Carpenter is to have replacement glass and new storm door delivered today, and he'll be here tomorrow to install. Be glad to get that done. 

Take care and stay healthy,



Well, we got released from room-quarantine this morning. So we can go back to the dining room for meals. Yea!

jane, your new door sounds great. The up-and-down weather is really crazy - never know when to have the heat or the a/c turned on. We're supposed to be in the mid-to-upper 80s tomorrow, and then back to highs in the 60s next week.

I had a conference Skype call this morning with my financial folks. Two people in Chattanooga, Margaret on her front porch, and me in my chair. It went very well. Made some decisions and talked things over to end up the year and get started on 2021. They've done a great job for me, and make things so easy to understand.

Happy Wednesday, Buddies!
"When someone you love dies, you never quite get over it.  You just learn how to go on without them. But always keep them safely tucked in your heart."


I'm sorry I've been AWOL, just busy. I did laundry Sat and some other things, then went to Blowing Rock, NC up in the mtns. Hoped to see lots of color, but didn't. We took Bunny with us, much to her dismay, but we knew she would need to go out and also eat while we were gone. We stopped 2 or 3 times for her and for us to take care of business :) and since Blowing Rock was full to the gills with tourists, there were no parking places anywhere near where we would want to eat and I can't walk long distances, so we stopped at a Food Lion and got sandwiches and chips. Not much of a birthday lunch.  However, on the way home, John stopped at our grocery and bought half a chocolate cake, some ice cream and some wine. We had a frozen pizzA for dinner.  I had lots of calls from the kids and lots of cards from church friends and family.

Mary, glad you got some pretty flowers from the church. When we were in HH, we donated altar flowers in memory of our parents every year and after the last service, we took them to a nearby assisted living for them to enjoy. Glad you are out of quarantine again and NO glaucoma! Wish John could say the same.  Our children have been traveling in the past few years too. Melanie & hubby went to Italy and also several places in the US. Lori and Brian went together to Italy. Then her boyfriend joined her when Brian had to go home. Lori has gone to Mexico multiple times, out West, DC, and NY. I'm glad they inherited our traveling bug. We got so much enjoyment from it.

Jane,I keep hearing about IA's increase in Covid. Good call on cancelling your trip. My sil is still in quarantine, but not showing symptoms except for some hoarseness. Hard to believe you're expecting snow!  Our temps are rollercoaster like Mary's.

Marilyn, your cookies sound delish! Melanie sent some for our birthdays, but they were ordinary chocolate chip.  Have you tried liquid antacid for K? Or crunch up a tablet in applesauce or something.

Alpiner, glad to see your post and know you're all right.

Jeanne, I had seen your post on FB, so knew you were ok & figured it was a computer issue.

Darlene and Mary and whoever else sent birthday wishes, I thank you. This was a big one--81! 

I've got to go to the main bldg to pick up mail, some more books (I'm completely out! Horrors) and also to pick up some setting lotion & spray from the beautician. It held so well after she did it, I thought I would see if it worked for me.

Have a good day and stay safe.  Sharon