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By: MarsGal


  • brian: not   everyone  would   take trouble to tell  chatters  Lindancer
    June 04, 2019, 12:48:22 am
  • brian: thanx  lindancer
    June 04, 2019, 12:47:23 am
  • Lindancer: Good morning, This is a message from one of Gloria's neighbors. I am sorry to tell everyone that Gloria passed away yesterday.  I am sure this is not the correct place to post, but I am not familiar with this site,but know that Gloria spent many hours talking to everyone here.
    June 03, 2019, 11:25:02 am
  • brian: better   do more  research  Poochers
    May 09, 2019, 11:30:48 am
  • brian: snip·ing /ˈsnīpiNG/ noun 1. the action of shooting at someone from a hiding place, especially accurately and at long range. "sniping assumed great importance during WWI, especially where trench warfare was prevalent" 2. the action of verbally attacking someone in a sly or petty way. "there has been
    May 09, 2019, 11:29:42 am
  • Pooch1: "Sniper" is a noun.  "Snip" is a verb.  Not funny to be unknowing of the difference in how the two words are treated.
    May 09, 2019, 09:03:06 am
  • brian: so military  snipers   just   snip  LOL
    May 08, 2019, 11:22:01 am
  • Pooch1: 3rd graders learn to double a final consonant preceded by a single vowel before adding 'ing.'  Snipping refers to cutting remarks.  A snipe is a bird.
    May 07, 2019, 06:46:46 am
  • brian: its  sniping  not  snipping poocharooni lol
    May 06, 2019, 11:02:33 pm
  • Pooch1: Well said, Oldiesmann.  Perhaps brian can devote his time to other chat rooms instead of constantly snipping at you.
    May 01, 2019, 10:49:02 am
  • Oldiesmann: brian: If/when I find a suitable solution, I will install it here. I run this site in my spare time and do not have an unlimited amount of time to develop/find a proper solution.
    April 29, 2019, 04:58:04 pm
  • brian: wellmycheal  looks  like its not  going to happen--------   doesnt  seem to be  a problem in my 20 years   senior  chatting with other rooms!!!!!
    April 21, 2019, 11:34:37 am
  • mycheal: Chatroom would sure be nice
    April 17, 2019, 08:11:25 pm
  • brian: almost  every  site   on the Net  has a  chat room--------  now  why is  that? I suggest you  go to a room  like [link]   and   ask  them!
    March 18, 2019, 12:24:02 pm
  • Oldiesmann: Finding one that will integrate with the forum system is not easy. If you've got some ideas please send me a PM or email with links and I will investigate further.
    March 17, 2019, 09:12:31 pm
  • brian: chat  systems  are a  dime a   dozen
    March 11, 2019, 11:53:11 pm
  • Oldiesmann: brian: The chat system we used to have on this site stopped working and I haven't found a good replacement. If/when I do I'll put one in again.
    March 10, 2019, 02:00:43 pm
  • brian: no chat  still?must  be  to technical      LOL
    March 09, 2019, 04:20:34 pm
  • joyous: Cold weather has arrived in Louisiana!  It is 30 degrees now at 8:00 A. M.  and prediction is for no higher than 49 today..  Certainly  BAD fir our traditional Mardi-Gras , but it WILL go on.------JOY
    March 05, 2019, 09:00:27 am
  • Oldiesmann: Glad it's working for you again. I didn't actually change anything though so I'm not sure what the issue was
    February 21, 2019, 12:22:09 am

Soda Shoppe of April 01,2018

Started by so_P_bubble, April 01, 2018, 01:54:48 am

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Talking of bells, I remember Westmister's bells. Big Ben.  I wonder if they finished the repairs on it and  is it ringing again? Do you know, Roley?

Have a great day every one, with a smile :)


Good morning Everyfriend1  We have rain!  And we're going to have it all week!  That could get depressing except that I'll try to remember to be thankful that it isn't snow!  That should bring a little joy with the bleak skies.

We're waiting out the doggies pils and then we'll be running.  I go to work at 10 this morning and that's just about when we start getting busy on Wednesdays.  It's Farmers' Market Day in this area and they do the market and WM at the same time and sometimes have lunch at Country Cupboard (a local restaurant that's practically across the street from WM.

I realized that I didn't even check in to say Good Night last night.  I was really tired.  I'm also wondering....Where's June!

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I am envying those of you who are having rain.  We need it very much here for helping the grass and flowering shrubs to grow but also, to wash away some of this ugly pine pollen.  It is very heavy this year and has spread a yellow dusting on everything.   :ugh:

I am wondering about June, too, and praying that she is all right.


Hi Everyone.  I woke up and decided to get up early, at least 5:30 is early for me.  About 6 am it started to rain but only did that for about 30 minutes.  We have a 50% chance of rain the rest of the morning and then the afternoon will be partly cloudy so the activities at the Master's shouldn't be impacted too much today.  The Golf Channel is doing a lot of programming from there all day.  I watched some of that yesterday and enjoyed listening to a couple of the interviews with the best golfers that they had.  The azaleas are truly beautiful here now as they are in full bloom.  The only thing on the schedule today is that the kids will be out this evening.  Scott is going to make his taco pie for our dinner.  We have some salad to go along with it.  It is a very filling meal.  I am hopeful he will be willing to install a couple more of the pull out shelves we got several weeks ago.  Yesterday afternoon Pat and I went to the new Dollar Tree store we have nearby where she got cards for the card ministry of our Sunday School class. We then stopped over at the Dairy Queen for our main meal of the day.  I had a delicious hamburger sandwich that was a full meal followed by a free Dilly Bar that I got because I filled out an on line survey.  She had their $6 meal of a small hamburger sandwich with French fries, a drink and a small Sunday.  It was not busy in the restaurant and we enjoyed a very leisurely meal.  It was warm yesterday afternoon as it got up to 85 degrees. 

Gloria, I hope your eye appointment went well and you will soon be able to see better. I do believe they are making the print smaller on things and one almost needs a magnifying glass to read the writing.  Hope you get some warmer weather up your way before long. 

Bubble, I think your comments about Joan expressed well how many of us felt about her and how we have and will continue to miss her.  Thank you for what you are doing to help fill the void along with others who share nice things for us to read.  Each of us are unique so our shoes really can't be filled by someone else.  That helps make life so interesting. 

Amy, what a nightmare situation you had getting to the city.  Sure glad you were able to make it safely and that conditions improved while you were there.  That sounds like quite a dog.  Everytime I have had the A/C tech out the bill is over $100 but know it could have been worse if he had needed to really do any serious work.  The unit itself is guaranteed but the labor isn't.  We will schedule a maintenance visit every spring.  He said he thought that would be enough unless there would be a problem with the heating since the unit isn't very old.  Pat recently got some material that has frogs on it and it is very cute.  I really have no idea what she will do with it but as long as she enjoys having it that is fine.  Sure doesn't sound like you should be taking your snow tires off yet, especially today.  I hope you don't get too much snow and freezing rain today. 

Mary Ann, that is a delightful idea to put Joan's name in front of Soda Shoppe.  We would need to ask Pat's permission to do so since she owns the site. 

Lloyd, the farming business has really changed over the years with many of the smaller farmers forced out of business.  However, that is the way of our economy in that if you can't compete your can't survive.  I just hope the import/export taxes that the US and China are imposing on each other does not force more small farmers out of business. 

Shirley, that sounded like a nightmare trip back to St. Louis and sure glad they made it safely.  Your cats really keep you busy but know you get great joy out of having them.  It sounds like it would be a difficult job to take all three to the vets at the same time. 

deAngel,  Joy and Roley, I have never understood the thinking that it is all right to put things in someone else's neighborhood but just don't put them in mine such as shelters for the homeless.  It is sort of like people migrating to a country and then demanding that the country change to accommodate them. 

Phyllis, our pine pollen didn't stay around very long in this area.  We had two rains that helped eliminate it before it had a chance to get bad.  However, there remains a high pollen count in the air from other growing things.  I also wonder about June as she usually posts late in the day. 


June posted shortly after the news came about Joan.  My first thought when hearing the news was how hard this would be for June, I think she had a special place in her heart for Joan, like a sister or family, for sure.  Some grieve in silence and others are vocal....... We have lost some special people recently, Jeanne Lee, Hal & now, Joan, that did a lot to keep us rolling.  Group hugs, right?

I envy any of you getting rain or snow, we are SO dry here and the wind has been awful.  One gust on top of another yet they don't call it "sustained winds".....  How about 70 tomorrow & snow next day?  Gripe, gripe, gripe!

Larry, I have never had a meal at Dairy Queen, none on my beaten path........but I used to love their ice cream.  I have a long ago high school friend that lives in Andersen, SC ... her house backs up to a lake & yard is glorious with azaleas.  I tried growing them here but they can't survive our cold winters. 

Off to take care of cats, the fence crew will arrive at 9:30 and I need to TRY to show them how the fence was designed by my husband to swing panels out so the inserts will slide in from the top.  Son & gr-son were impressed when they took the old out.   The cats will not appreciate having strangers in their pool area!


Good morning everyone, 38°. Thick fog this morning here, weather guessers say will get up to 60° and possible thunder storms this afternoon. Started raining when my son picked me up  yesterday and by the time we headed home it was pouring. Glad I had my winter jacket on. Appreciated the warmth of it. Will be getting  new glasses in a couple of weeks.

BUBBLE  well said. No one could ever fill Joan's shoes. I was wondering if Joan and Bunnie will start teaching angels how to use PSP in heaven.

AMY  my son and I were complaining about the rain yesterday but at least it was not snow. So many do not  know how to drive on snowy roads and think they can drive like on dry roads. Like you my foot would come off the gas when approaching a light or stop sign, better than braking and thinking you will stop right away. I have a good magnifying glass that I have to use to read labels where the print is always so small.

MARY ANN  I have always thought of the SS as Joan's like the old Bis Busy Nest back in SN where I first met Joan and many others. Some that post here in the SS I first met there.

LLOYD  this town has used to be a mill town with locals working in the mills. They are all closed now and folks from the city started moving in. They bough land and built near a chicken/egg place that had been there for generations and then complained about the smell. Those new comers got into local politics and forced that farm to close. Sad.

SHIRLEY  seems this days the vets treat dogs for the same thing people get from allergies to hearts.

AMY  I copied the link to send to my family who have dogs. My grandson's Lab has a heart valve installed, cost him $5,000.

GLORIA de  same all over, city people move to the country and want the things they had in the city and complain about the lack or street lights or dirt roads or smells from farm animals.  Same as those who come to the USA and want their own traditions. If they are that great go back where you come from. We don't need or want your traditions or likes.

ROLEY/ PETER  looks like people are the same all over the world. This town is not the same as it was when I first moved here more than 60 years ago. It was peaceful and everyone was friendly and lot or them related. People waved at  each other and talked together. The city people are not friendly. Some churches have chimes that  ring on the hour during the day and they wanted them stopped because they were annoying them. They are still ringing.

JOAN  this looks like a dismal week here, too.

PHYLLIS  my daughter is hoping for rain, too. So far this year where they are in Arizona they had 2 inches rain and not at one time either. Being high desert the rain just soaks in but not enough to cut the dust.

LARRY hope the new glasses work better. He really looks deep in my eyes and saw I have some ligquid in one of them that makes things blur. I will be getting some drops to put in and if that does not work he will send me to a specialist.

SHIRLEY  I am one who holds feelings in. Wish I could put words to how I feel. June does have a way with words that  I envy. Time to get moving here.

Have a good day everyone.

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"God gives us a new day each morning, We can spend it in joy, or in sorrow. We can't change what happened yesterday, and we don't know what's coming tomorrow.So as long as today, is one thing we have,  it seems like a good thing to do, to make it as nice as a day can be, For ourselves and for others too."

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I'm off to Wally World.  Enjoy your day Everyfriend! 

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Quote from: Gloria on April 04, 2018, 08:23:31 am

No one could ever fill Joan's shoes. I was wondering if Joan and Bunnie will start teaching angels how to use PSP in heaven.

Oh Gloria, what a comforting idea! After all the years I  still miss Bunnie very much. Do you remember the date she passed away?  With the last crush of the site, we lost that particular forum with all the names and details :(

Mary Ann

Amy, we woke up to a white world this morning, too.  Our temperature is now 29F degrees but I think we'll get in to the high 30s so much of the snow should disappear.  At the first thing in the morning, the snow is beautiful.

One year I had my snow tires removed on a day when the snow was blowing sideways.  Boy, did I get kidded!  That must have been the only time I had snow tires and I don't remember why; maybe my car salesman brother (Norm) suggested it. 

Roley, I don't see why people don't find out how a community works before they start trying to change things.  I don't live in a small town, but I think I'd enjoy it.

Mary Ann


Good morning.  It is a very dreary, rainy, windy morning here in Central Maryland.  But supposed to be in the upper 60's and then colder again tomorrow, and possibly, some significant snow o the week end.  When is it going to end????

Nothing special in my neck of the woods.  I have to go out this afternoon to have my taxes done.  Not a big deal as it won't take very long. I have a very simple tax prep.  I go to our local Human Resources office and it doesn't cost me anything.  I used to go to the Senior Center where they had AARP volunteers do your taxes, but this year they couldn't get enough volunteers. So, they refereed me to Human Resources in our county.  I think they are college students in their CPA classes that do them.   Won't take that long.

Hope everyone will have a nice, safe day.


June Drabek

Jenny, you know me very well. There are times to rejoice and there are times when some of us need to be still. Thank you for understanding.

Remember when our program Srs. and Friends was suddenly dropped by the people or organization  that first started us? out of a clear sky, were gone. Then Pat Scott and her husband jumped right in and took over and did whatever is necessary to have this "show"....finances ????? I don't know, but I somehow feel that our Joan/Bis would prefer our title to include those who give us this space to be a family. Does anyone feel as I do, that we should show our appreciation to those who provide this space ? Joan/Bis, will always be a member in our thoughts and prayers. Always.
As long as we are here, let's dance.

June Drabek

Where is everybody  ? Since I posted this morning there have been no replys. I hope I didn't offend any one.

I went down for Bible Study..a good discussion with our young Pastor Jeff. He reminds me so much of my son Gary...good men, both of them.

Came home to clean up some cards and paperwork. Was sitting on my rollator and reached out to0 far and ended up on my butt on the floor...HARD. So I am suffering from a sore back and butt. The back really hurts, tylenol extra strength helps a little. I sure get attention from clinic. I have had my b.p., pulse, and oxygen taken three times today. What that has to do with an aching back I don't know...but it's what they want to do with we foolish old ladies. I am staying home and keeping quiet..taking walks in the apt.just to keep limber, and will fix a light supper.

I hope the rest of you are in good shape. Bis is in a lovely place now where she can keep tabs on the rest of us down here. I love you my Bis.
As long as we are here, let's dance.


Good Evening Everyone...

I'm in total shock learning of our dear Joan's passing.  I'm truly so very sorry to read this and my deepest sympathy to all in her family circle.

Joan will be missed by so many.

Pat...  :'(

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Well, JUNE, I haven't been hanging out on the computer much today because since I got home from work, I let the doggies out, made lunch, fed the doggies a snack and fed myself, Then I curled up on the sofa and slept away the afternoon.  Then, because the days are longer, I went out and did a couple of errands so I don't have to do them tomorrow. 

It's so nice to remember something that needs doing, look up at the window and realize that there's still time to do it this evening. 

Now I'm going to wish Everyfriend a very GOOD night and a happy tomorrow. 

JUNE, I hope your B&B both feel better tomorrow!

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Good morning everyone, 29° but the wind makes it fee; much colder. The wind hitting the windows and howling around did not make for a solid sleep.

BUBBLE  I do not remember when Bunnie passed away but like you I still miss her. She got me into PSP. Talked me into downloading V8 trial. After that ran out I bought the disk. Joan is the one who got me into taking lessons. Both were so helpful when I got stuck on something. I still remember when I first saw the PSP folder in SN and saw the work there. Fascinating to think that someone working on their PC at home could do animation. There were so many doing it back then but now there is just you and Patricia. There was a lot of our PSP lost when SN shut us out.

MARY ANN  do you remember when they had the studded snow tires? They were a hit here but they chewed up the roads and were banned after a couple of years. Your remark to Roley reminded me of a woman who moved here on the second floor. She had her SIL go with her to knock on a neighbor's door to tell her to stop her dog from barking because it was annoying. Neighbor does not have a dog and invited her in to look around for one. A few days later she went down to see the witch and complain about the lady above her because she made too much noise when she walks. That on is my next to me and I never hear her. That  newcomer used to work where I did and she was weird then.

JOY  your weather yesterday was the same here.

JUNE  yes JOAN will always live on in our memories. It was a sad time when SN shut us out.

PAT  we all had prayers that Joan would start feeling better and come in to at least say hello. We will all miss her. Thank you again for starting up S&F. I know I felt lost without our cyber family. Prayers that you are feeling better every day.

WOW looks like I am the first one here this morning. Have a great day.

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--Author Unknown

Plant three rows of peas:
Peace of mind
Peace of heart
Peace of soul

Plant four rows of squash:
Squash gossip
Squash indifference
Squash grumbling
Squash selfishness

Plant four rows of lettuce:
Lettuce be faithful
Lettuce be kind
Lettuce be obedient
Lettuce really love one another

No garden without turnips:
Turnip for service
Turnip to help one another
Water freely with patience and
Cultivate with love.
There is much fruit in your garden
because you reap what you sow.

To conclude our garden we must have thyme:
Thyme for God
Thyme for study
Thyme for prayer

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Good morning everyone...

The winds have finally died down. I would imagine a lot of widow makers came down in the woods!! We did lose power for a bit, not too long though. Hubby started the generator but it wouldn't hold a charge so off to town we went to buy a new battery.

Hope that is it for snow but weather guessers are calling for more,bless their hearts. The snow that came yesterday was heavy and wet,

Today we are taking the old battery in for a refund and will pick up a few groceries then home.

June, hope you feel better today..that sudden stop is hard on you!!

Gloria, our temp is 0° F at the moment and a nice sunny day. Sure hope the wind doesn't start back up .

Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyfriend!  We have our cold weather back...down in the low 30s and I'm not happy with that.  Last night, when I let the doggies out for the last time, there were snowflakes dancing around the porch light.  However, that must have been all we got because nothing is white this morning.

I'm going to spend the morning with "Bill" today!  We're going on a spending spree!  We're going to buy some electricity, some insurance, some water, gasoline, healthcare, and maybe a little TV.  I'd really rather "Bill" would just disappear but he keeps hanging around until I decide to give him some of my time....and a lot of my money!

I hope you all have a lovely day!  Make of it whatever you wish!

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The temp. dropped into the 30's here, too, last night after a very warm and breezy day yesterday.  "They" kept telling us it was going to rain here sometime in the afternoon.....it didn't. 

I watched a little bit of the Augusta golf, Larry.  The azaleas and the whole course looked beautiful.  And so many people in the gallery!!  I saw Jack Nicklaus's grandson make a hole in one.  I think Jack was more excited by that than anything he has ever done himself.  It was a nice moment.  I plan to watch more of the actual tournament this afternoon but I must do the weekly grocery shopping this morning.

Sorry that you had another spill, June, and that you are sore and aching as a result.  I hope you heal very quickly.

Have a nice day, All.


Hi Everyone.  This morning starts out as a chilly  but sunny 47 degrees and we should go to about 70 degrees.  It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day for the first day of the Master's Tournament. I have a few things to do this morning.  I don't have to pick up my friend to go to coffee as he has a medical appointment but will still go down for coffee.  While I am downtown I will got to the City Hall and pay our City Property Taxes.  Yesterday I paid the State  Income Tax on line using our credit card. I also plan on making a quick stop at the Church office to pick up a parking placard.  Our Church and the Baptist Church are allowing the baseball team that will be playing in the new stadium to use the parking lots during games and other events at the ballpark.  There will be a five dollar charge to park except for Church members displaying the placard and needing to do something at the Church.  After expenses the revenue from the parking will be shared half and half with the Churches.  The team is supplying all of the labor and covering the liability issues and are to leave the parking lots clean.  I will be watching the Master's Golf Tournament this afternoon. 

We had a nice evening with Scott and Elizabeth but Jennifer wasn't here.  She had physical therapy yesterday and was too tired to come out.  The Taco Pie was very good and after dinner Scott put in the remaining slide out shelves in the kitchen.  That leaves only two to install in the master bathroom.

Shirley, we are really enjoying eating at the Dairy Queen.  There hamburgers are very tasty.  The only thing I have had that I didn't enjoy very much was the BBQ pulled pork sandwich.  I know you will be happy to have your new fence in place.

Gloria, are you expecting more snow up your way this weekend?  I read yesterday that they expect 6 to 13 inches of snow in DC over the weekend, which is the weekend best suited for viewing the cherry blossoms.  Sorry that you have to deal with an eye problem and will have to put in drops in your eye.  I found that a pretty difficult task. When you live in an apartment building with a floor above you likely will hear footsteps.  That does sounds like weird lady that would complain about that.  I really like the "Gardening God's Way" piece and have copied it and will save it in my Devotional Materials folder.   

Bubble, we lost a lot when they suddenly took down the SeniorNet Discussion site without warning.  I really lost respect for the organization as so many of us had put so much time and effort into making it what it was.  Unfortunately there didn't seem to be much crossover between the people in the discussions and the people involved with the Learning Centers and the Learning Centers always had the priority, at least in my view. 

Joy, glad to see you have a place where you can get your taxes done without cost to you.  I hope the weatherman is wrong about your weekend weather but it sure sounds like you will be getting some more snow.  At least it won't stay on the ground very long.

June, I was relived to read your postings this morning but so sorry that you have had another fall that has created new aches and pains.  You and your floor seem to be getting well acquainted.  :)  Just glad you haven't broken a bone in the falls.  I don't think you need to worry about offending anyone.  Sometimes there are lapses in time between postings. 

Amy, it always seems that there is something that doesn't work when needed as you experienced with your generator.  It sure sounds like your snow season isn't over yet. You commented about "widow makers" with regard to trees coming down.  I don't understand what you were referring to. 

Jane, I spent sometime with "bill" yesterday myself as it was the day to pay off the credit card and also pay the taxes. 

Phyllis, I didn't watch any of the Par 3 event at the Master's yesterday afternoon so missed the shot made by Jack Nicklaus's grandson.  It sounds like there may be another Nicklaus golfer in the future of pro golf. 

Lloyd Hammond

Larry I enjoy eating every where. I am on a seafood diet see food and eat it.
my stomach show it also.



Just a quick good morning.  I lost my message that I had just written. 

But, did want  to say " Hi! ! ".  Nothing special going on in my neck of the woods. 

I will try to get back later on.

Have a wonderful  day.


Mary Ann

Larry, I saw the Nicklaus grandson's hole in one on the computer news.  It was a neat shot, going a couple of feet beyond the hole, then rolling back into the hole. Did you know that Sam Saunders, already a pro, is Arnold Palmer's grandson. 

We had 19 degrees at 6:30 am.  I don't like such cold weather in April as our fruit trees will be budding out soon.  We have apples and peaches in our area, cherries up north. 

Tom got my tax form in position so I could print it, which I have now done.  I'll have to look it over, then sign the form and write a check.  I'm going to have a lot of money taken from that one account, but I have a place to transfer money from if necessary.  I have the money but it hurts to pay so much all at one time.

Mary Ann


Larry, a "widow maker" is a dead limb that comes down when a person is cutting a tree and kills them .With the high winds here yesterday a lot of those limbs have come down but some may be caught still in the tree so one has to be careful.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

June Drabek

Well......a very Good Morning to all of you friendly folks. I really enjoyed reading your posts. Sorry about "Bill" keeping you busy, but the results we have are pretty essential for our happy lives.

I could barely make it out of bed this morning due to my hard "pratt" fall yesterday. More carelessness on my part,so I pay for it with pain. Nurse was in bright and early this morning. I nurse myself with the Tylenol, and she reminded me not to overdo with the amount. My computer has already told me the same. Blood pressure was down to a good level for me...148. Last night it was in the low 170,s.

Time to have my second cup of coffee and breakfast, and then take some more pills, b.p.,asprin,and clonazapam .
As long as we are here, let's dance.


Can't believe it's past noon already & all I have to show for my day is feeding myself & 3 cats, cut my hair & cleaned me up.  I am stalling since we are supposed to get to 70 today & not there yet, need to do some outside chores, a trip to Sam's Club & maybe even stop to pick up something more tasty than what is in my 'frig. 

June, sorry about the last fall.... I'm right there with you, can't seem to keep myself out of trouble.  I thought about your suggestion of putting down newspaper when cutting hair.... but I quit taking the paper when Cas died, all I read was the obits & can read them online.  He read every inch on the paper but I catch important news on TV or computer & avoid "Opinions" every where I can.  I have my own "opinion" and doesn't always conform with everyone else's.   ;D

Larry, when I go to Sam's Club there is a Dairy Queen not far.... sounds SO good today so think I'll check out their menu & see what will make the trip back to my house without losing taste.  I keep 3 coolers in the back of my little car, one for hot, one for cold & the other for "whatever".  I don't like to eat out by myself so always bring home & eat while watching TV.

Off & running, everyone take care, will check in tonight.  Oh, don't remember who asked when Bunnie died, I called DorisA last night to see if she could pinpoint, couldn't, but suggested someone do a search ... her last name was Dalton.  She said she found SS place good for that kind of info (birth & death records).  I do like the thought that Joan & Bunnie are giving lessons on PSP in Heaven... and maybe Glenn Curtis is explaining how to do morphs & animations I learned from him & since forgot how to.  :crazy2:

Amy, we have summer today & warning of snow/ice & whatever tomorrow.  I'm ready for one season or another, my clothes are now stacked up on top of each other since we've had enough warm to dig out lighter weight stuff. 

Mary Ann, nice to hear about the gr-sons coming along to play golf.... my husband loved the game to play and watch.

Mary Ann

Shirley, I like to watch golf and notice a kind of "science" in how they do it.  I can see when watching that the grounds are not as level as they look so the players have to aim in order to compensate.  I love it when the balls start out in the opposite direction from where the hole is and end up in the hole.  I have never wanted to play golf and still don't.  For me it's a great spectator sport.

Mary Ann


Mary Ann, you probably would have been a great golfer, my husband thought it was a "thinker's" sport and had to have a good memory for how the greens rolled, etc.  His worst problem was when he got embarrassed or goofed on a hole it would throw his game off until he could forget it.  I had one brother that loved the game, was a caddy during his young years & played to win during his later years. I don't think he plays anymore but is still going hard... will be 93 in Sept. Here in KS a lot of the guys are in the oil or gas industry & deals are made on the golf course.  Rough life, huh?   ;)

It is such a pleasant night, I've been out to run the sweeper in the RV & "install" the new JUMBO litter box that came today.  We had an old one with a lid but Tom would never have fit in, LaurenKat was so tiny in comparison. Hopefully this will help keep that gritty litter from tracking all over.... I put a pad in front where they step out but seems to go everywhere anyway.  Have to keep it in the bedroom since when I am away they are locked in there. 

Tomorrow should be an interesting weather day.... so the guessers keep telling us.  Wishing everyone sweet dreams and a peaceful night.... and, as Lloyd says, "hope to see you tomorrow!"  Shirley


We are in Arizona with my Dad and Diane.  It is so good to see and be here with him. He definitely has gone down hill, but is very happy we are here.  Today my friend Patti came and picked me up to go look at houses.  She found one she liked so now she has her work cut out for her. 

Our Mark is officially in the PGA.  He finished up the end of last year with all his requirements, but had to wait until April 2nd for the official date.  W3 are so proud of him.

I must head to bed....pleasant dreams to all.