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Jun 01 2020 8:12am
mycheal:  ;D

May 27 2020 8:28pm
Astro: Oldiesman:  Much better.  Thank you!

May 26 2020 1:21am
Oldiesmann: Should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

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Oldiesmann: I must not have set the permissions correctly for that board when I set the site up again a few years ago (long story - there was a server crash years ago and no backup, so we had to start over from scratch). I'll fix it soon.

May 25 2020 6:09pm
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May 22 2020 2:46pm
brian: never   many  in chatroom here------  poor  showing

May 14 2020 9:29pm
JeanneP: Brownies.

May 11 2020 1:02pm
Oldiesmann: I don't think we allow regular members to start new topics in most of the boards here

May 11 2020 11:54am
Astro: Oldiesmann:  I briefly brought it up with So P Bubble  and she thought you might be able to rectify my dilemma. 

Soda Shoppe for November 15, 2018

Started by so_P_bubble, November 15, 2018, 02:25:56 am

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November 15, 2018, 02:28:06 am #3 Last Edit: November 30, 2018, 10:49:08 am by so_P_bubble
After a long Thanksgiving Day of eating and playing, a 3-year-old granddaughter asked her mother to carry her.

When I asked if her legs were broken, Aislin said,

Yes, they âre out of batteries.


Our 25-year-old son moved back home with an eye toward socking away money to buy a condo.

We never bothered asking how long he'd planned to stay, but I got a pretty good idea when I walked into his room recently.

In the corner was a milk jug with a few coins in it and a label that read "Condo down payment."


Q. There are three apples on a table and you take away two of them. How many apples do you have now?

Your answer?


I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning everyone

+5° this morning  and looks like more snow!   Neighbour did get a rental vehicle for today ,guess he didn't want to leave us with no vehicle. We will be looking after Rex today  :smitten:

We lost power last night for about 20 min. I was talking with my son and he said it was a wide spread outage and they were saying the cause was high winds....we didn't have any wind here. Not a lot happening here may get back at cutting out the pieces for a quilt.

Bubble ,thank you for the new start page and I loved the jokes especially the one about the granddaughter!

Enjoy your day everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning everyone, a whole 20 this morning and wind chill of 15. Starting late afternoon snow in the forecast for this area up to 3 inches. Not good for the rush hour traffic if they are right. My son and DIL are home sleeping in their own bed now. They were supposed to land around 1:30 am this morning. I know they would be glad to get home and unwind and they would not call me at that time, like I will not call in case they are sleeping.

LARRY  like Pat I am always collecting more recipes and I can no longer cook much but my CNA is a good cook and will try anything.

JANE  wish I was up to making candy, would love to make your PB cups, I love the Reese's and home made will be yummy.

CAROL  my daughter has not said anything about the smell of smoke so far. I will be going to my grandson's home for Thanksgiving and Christmas will be at my oldest son's home. Neither place has many stairs to get into, that is great for me.

AMY  my daughter made those moose farts yesterday for a ladies meeting today. Of course she had to taste one and said it was good.

JANE  at least the forecast for here is only 3 inches.

JENNY  wish Bob a belated Happy Birthday for me. My daughter  told me yesterday they have had their first freeze for this season. They are in the mountains about 4 o miles out of Kingman.

BUBBLE  thanks for the new page to fill up. Love your graphics. LOL  with the little girls with the dead batteries in her legs. 2 apples?

Have a good day and keep warm.

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Good Morning Everyfriend!  AMY beat me to the riddle answer but if I took two of the apples, that's how many I have....unless I already ate one!   ;D

My whole evening was changed around yesterday.  I didn't manage a nap before supper but I did manage one after supper.  When I woke up, I decided that I still had to accomplish something so I made up the rest of the candy cup centers.  I call them the "oddball centers".  I divide the mixture into three batches and make one peppermint, one rum, and one raspberry. 

They changed the prediction and now the snow is supposed to start around 11 this morning and last through the night.  I hope the roads are cleared by the time I have to go to work.  I'm NOT going to shovel my way out and I'm NOT driving on snow covered roads.  THE OLD LADY SPEAKS!

I am going to get dressed and head for the store for three items I NEED and I forgot about.  So I'll be off to the dressing area and then the store in a bit.  The temp is 30º right now and not predicted to get above 34 all day.  BRRRRRR!!!

Stay warm.  Stay well.  Stay safe.

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Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone.
well i got up this morning and looked in the refrigerator and ther set a 1/2 gallon jar of sweet cream from before we went on trip. so I got it out opened it and smelled it ok so I tasted it also was Ok. so I put part of it in the mixer and let it Make sweet butter. now I have the rest of it in mixer making more butter.
I was going to just let some of it make whipping cream but Nancy said No we do not have any thing to use it on. sure would been nice to have had some jello or pudding to put it on. oh well you know me and my sweet teeth. it is 18º clear and shooting for 45º here today.  have a good everyone.


Mary Ann

I'm with Amy and Jane - I have two apples. 

I don't know what the temperature was at 7 am when I first got up, but I went back to bed at 8 am and got up again at 9 and now at 9:15 it is 29 degrees.  We will be in the low 30s all day.  I haven't woke up yet so I'll be back later.

Mary Ann


You are all too clever!  ;D   Well done, it is two.


Hi Everyone. It is a chilly and still rainy morning but the forecast says the rain will likely be over in a couple of hours.  I cancelled out taking my friend for coffee this morning as didn't want the responsibility of getting him out on a rainy morning. I am glad I did as seem to be running on low battery this morning and didn't even get up until 8:30. 

We had a great Thanksgiving dinner at the Church last evening with turkey, dressing, corn, sweet potatoes, green beans, broccoli and a dinner roll plus a pumpkin type rolled cake with filling dessert.  I was very good and the event was very well attended.  We had 10 Veterans from the VA Spinal Center as our guest and 5 or 6 therapy dogs and their owners in attendance.  Our Veterans and families were honored.  The Veterans from the Spinal Center were each given a beautiful knitted lap robe that the craft ladies had made this last year.  Finally our choir director/pianist played a number of Patriotic songs for us while we were going through the serving line and then everyone sang God Bless America.  When we got back to the house Scott put up the curtain fixtures and hung the new black out drapes that Pat had gotten and also put in the last slide out shelf.

Sandy, I think we can all relate to your comment about the "journey into old age".

Jane, thanks for the info on how you cut up your pumpkin. I see you are probably going to work at Walmart today but you are wise to take a pass if the roads are not good.  You sure don't need to get stranded on the road or fall on a slippery parking lot.  Like you said I hope you also stay warm and stay safe. 

Lloyd, it seems that sweet cream lasts a lot longer than whole milk.  Enjoy the freshly churned butter. It sounds like Nancy put her foot down on your getting the whipped cream.  :)   

Carol, it won't be long before your journey back to the Denver area.  Will you be driving or flying?  Nice you won't have to spend Thanksgiving alone.  I can't remember whether Pat ever made a pumpkin bread but she probably did around this time of the year.  She has made many pumpkin pies. 

Don, I am a day late but still want to send Happy Birthday wishes to you.

Jenny, I see I am also a day late to wish Bob a happy 75th birthday.  I bet some of the family will want to get together to help celebrate the occasion.  I think the only Cuban type food I have ever eaten is the sandwich that is smashed flat and it was pretty good.  As I recall it is fixed on a special type of roll that I liked.  I hope the weather allows you to go to Vail to be with Dr. Dave and family on Thanksgiving day. 

Bubble, what a pretty graphics for Thanksgiving.  I can relate to the little 3 year old granddaughter who said her legs were "out of batteries" as I sort of feel that way today. Cute jokes. 

Amy, glad you have a vehicle available if you need it.  This is a bad time of the year to lose power but you all have the wood stove so know you wouldn't get cold. 

Gloria, I know you are relieved that your son and DIL are now safely home.  Nice to see you have plans for both Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. I think I will be spending Thanksgiving Day quietly watching football.  I do hope that Scott will spend a couple of hours with us during the day or early evening.  Perhaps your daughter living in the mountains of Arizona will help avoid the smoke from California.     


Jenny, belated birthday wish to Bob. He is still a kid to me :)

Bubble, thanks for new page and cute jokes. I also would have said two,

Gloria I cannot help myself, I still tear out recipes from the paper and magazines

Larry.  One of the few things that were lost when we moved from Southampton to Riverhead was the cuckoo clock Dennis sent from Germany and the old butter churn from Ala. Years ago when we lived in Ronkonkoma we could buy raw milk.

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I've been going like a "house afire" ever since I was in here earlier today.  I made it to the store and back before the snow started and I was just getting started on forming the PB Cup centers when it started to snow.  And it's been snowing ever since.  It's not predicted to stop until sometime in the wee hours of the morning.  They're saying between 4 and 5 a.m.   Gonna be a lotta snow!

I finished shaping and making the PB cups today.  They are not packed in the bags yet but my plan is to do that tonight.  I guess I was a candy lady today.  Is that better than a Dippy Lady or a Bag Lady?  Unfortunately, I'll be turning into a bag lady tonight if I pack the PB cups.  Not so bad for a days work! 

And I also have a load of towels in the washer.  I seem to go through a lot of them when I make candy and I'm totally out of dish towels.  I've brought a couple of bathroom hand towels (clean ones) to the kitchen until I can get the laundry done.

I'm also going to have to get my boots, etc. on and make my way to the shed.  I forgot that I was going to need my snow shovel when they predicted the snow.  My neighbor across the street always snow blows my driveway but if it gets very deep, I'll have to shovel a spot for the doggies to use so they don't get buried.

I don't think the electrician is going to make it today.  At least, if I were the electrician, I wouldn't make it.  Another day lost!  I think I'll join the doggies and close my eyes and see what happens.  Could feel good!  What better to do during a snow storm?

Take care, my friends!  Enjoy your day, whatever you do with it!

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Beautiful day in central Oklahoma. 

Did errands this mornng and came home to have lunch.  Then decided to finish pot garden cleanup and have lunch before going to grocery store.

  I thought I would get there in between lunch hours and "pick up school kids" time.  Apparently, a lot of other people thought the same thing!  Store was packed!!   

However, I was able to get everything I need for Thanksgiving dinner "assignment" and most of holiday treats.  :thumbup:

  My feet and ankles are telling me I've definitely used up my "allotted" (according to podiatrist) walking/standing time for the day.

Hope Everyfriend Everywhere is having an Enjoyable day.


We've also had a "better than predicted" day here in central Kansas, too, Callie.  The pool guy came & finished that job, sure hope he's as good as he says  :-\  ... I thought this trip was paid for up front.... but he handed me a bill for about $350. for extra chemicals, ets... & I'd paid him over $2,000 for the new cover when I was writing checks for the pool re-plaster/new tile job.  Besides the new fence around the pool & all this extra, certainly is a shame not a single person went swimming this summer.  Nobody wanted to clean it after so that's how it stood.  No clean up, no invite!  Will have to get rid of this place one of these years, the maintenance is outrageous & I am jealous of the time it takes for ME to keep up with it.  Choices, choices. Will stop the whining for now.......supposed to be even warmer tomorrow, cooler over the week end but pretty nice all next week.  My daughter said St.Louis had a lot of snow today. Not much wind here & sun is bright, I just caught myself going out to close one of the gates... with no shoes on. 

Got to bake that German Chocolate cake this evening, I'll store it in the frig in the RV, can  take shelves out.  Thought it would work just leaving it on the table out there but not with the sun warming up the inside like I'm sure it did today. My daughter's husband & youngest son are driving in tomorrow, he's bringing back the huge stock pot I make the turkey/noodles in.  Sent it back with her last year or year before, saying that "I've retired from that job".  She never used it & somehow I got stuck with the job again this year, so maybe I need to donate that stock pot to one of the main charities, (it's that big). I really do want to retire... latest count about 25 for the meal & one couple will be away on a cruise, so normal count is 27, I think.  We only had 3 kids!!!

Jane, you are one great mother/grand & all rolled into one... for making those goodies for all your family (and friends).  I also have a load of the kitchen towels waiting to be washed.  Long ago I decided to give up & put all hand towels in the kitchen because I never could convince my husband to "go wash his hands" in the utility room bathroom (just a few steps around the corner)... but it was handier to do that at the sink.  I am a compulsive hand washer when cooking so can totally soak a few towels at each meal, took some of the bath towels that matched the kitchen colors & they became kitchen towels, works for me, & I have a whole load to wash every other day. This week has been wild so have several loads of laundry waiting to do.

Larry, when the kids were little I discovered you could buy room darkener shades the mounted inside the frame of windows so when pulled down they didn't allow any light to escape through.  They had aluminum inside the white textured outsides & fit inside the drapes in the kids bedrooms... life savers!  Can't remember where I bought them, but I would measure the exact size of the glass part of the windows & they cut them to fit.  Now that I'm alone, I can fall asleep any time I lay down, day or night! 

Lloyd, my family thought it was "the best food ever" when I bought whipping cream for fruit salad for Thanksgiving dinner. Had oranges cut up, apples, grapes, bananas, pears, lots of pecans & sweet whipping cream.  Not going to make it this year.

Hummmm, have the crew putting in the high speed AT&T working outside my fence right now... they don't seem to have any problem hopping over my 5' wrought iron fence. I opened the gate for them the other day & they promised they would put the locks back on when they were done... with a pool you don't take chances, even though there is another 5' fence around it, that fence doesn't have padlocks on it... got home from the store & not only didn't they LOCK the gate, it was standing wide open, didn't bother to put the latch down over the bar.  I'm not going out today, they can jump it if they need~~ I will bend over backwards to help anyone but don't get lied to but once. 

Guess I'd better get busy, got a cake to bake.  Gloria & Gloria de.... I took magazines this last couple years, still like the "hard copies" so I can stop & go back over what is really interesting, & got the free cooking magazines that I thought my "girls" would fight over.... not so, stack of Rachael Ray, & the other main cooking mag... with lots of recipes... NOBODY wants them!  I will take them to the doctors office & sent a whole bunch of the Outdoor Life & men magazines to the retirement places.  People MY age still read paper books & not online or on their phones!!!  I'm not looking for any new recipes, everyone wants what they remember from the old days. I like the hunting & fishing magazines as well as Popular Science.... but my kids only read online or on their phones.  Used to be the sports magazines would have articles about wildlife artists, I did my share of painting wildlife.... but mostly nothing but advertising the last 20 years in most magazines.

Today I fixed my roast beef meat spread (cook the roast, grind & freeze in baggies) I add the pickle relish, Miracle Whip, chopped onions, chopped celery, diced hard boiled eggs when want to eat...  mix together & it makes one layer with slices of tomatos on that layer... had cut up turkey breast & cheese with horseradish mustard on the other layer, white bread on outside with inside layer of oatnut ... & switched breads on the other sandwich... served with chips to the pool guys.  I made extra so my daughter took some over to Andy (.. since he can't drive...) she wanted just the meat spread so she could eat her "bread calories" used up with some kind of apple pies that are fresh baked at this one store.  I enjoy feeding people & even other critters.  ;)

Wishing all a happy day tomorrow.... Amy, I planned to get the snow blower out of the shed when the pool guys got the cover out, but I hadn't had time to clean a spot in the garage for the blower (it is a big dude).... so hope we don't get a big snow before I get that job done, the shovel I use is worn out & I don't like the fiberglass one that Cas liked (but never used), it is too heavy before lifting the snow!  Ah, well, always tomorrow, right?


SHIRLEY, I already took all the hand towels that weren't being used to the kitchen to use for dish towels.  Just seems the dish towels are so small!  These were more hand towels that I keep in the little bathroom because that's where I use them.  Everything is now back in place and ready for the next mess.

My neighbor just called to find out what time I have to be out in the morning and he assured me that my driveway will be clear in plenty of time.  This is one of those times that I'm glad I live near the store.  He said it wasn't snowing any more but both dogs just came in pretty wet.  I think it must have started again after he went in.  His wife works at a hospital from 3 to 11 and he was clearing the driveway so she can get IN!  I'll be watching to make sure she gets home OK. 

I never got my nap this afternoon so I'm going to go see if the TV is the same through my eyelids as it is with my eyes open.  Relax everyone.  Enjoy your evening!

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My deepest thanks for your birthday wishes. It certainly emphasises the bond that exists in the Senior domain.



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Me, too, Don, Happy Birthday to you.... and also Bob had a birthday.  I have been over the top with doing so many different jobs all at once.  Tonight I think I put sugar twice, in the coconut pecan icing for the German choc cake.... but it didn't taste bad, that little hunk that slipped out on my finger.... Got the meringue shell/cookies in the oven baking & will leave them in all night after I turn the oven off.  I put whole walnut pieces on top of each & everyone likes them to melt in their mouth.  Just can't throw 4 egg whites away that are left over from the icing.

This old lady is absolutely worn to a nub so going to get myself to bed as quick as I can.  Got to wait & turn the oven off but should be ready by the time I get the jammies on.  Sweet dreams to all....  All 3 cats (yes, Mama Callie has moved in)... are in, not sure where Tiger is sleeping, she finds a new hiding place every time I find her, Tom likes to sleep downstairs... I made the mistake of putting the egg type mattresses that came out of the Rialta on the treadmill ... hey, it's mine now but I never intended to use it!  Tom thinks it just perfect for a bed. Callie goes to sleep in front of the "toe warmer" under the sink & is there in the morning when I get up.  I have no idea how old she is but found photos of the babies she gave my husband 8 years ago... so am guessing that probably is not her first babies since the neighbor had been feeding her for a couple years before she weaned the babies in our back yard. Feral cats are good at hiding. 


November 16, 2018, 06:40:41 am #22 Last Edit: November 17, 2018, 08:05:33 am by jane
Wow....woke up to a new day, new snow and a new site!! Looking good! I imagine we will need time to get used to it...but it sure looks nice!!

I have a date with the snow blower this morning, too much to shovel and it is still coming down. Neighbour did get his plow put on the truck so he will be happy now that he can plow out driveways instead of shoveling them.

Shirley, I did get the markers in and just in time too. Hope you have your snow blower ready if needed there. Your cake sounds yummy too!!

Where is June?? She is MIA!!

Jenny, wish Don a Happy Birthday please. Hope he had a special day.

Gloria , do you have a winter wonderland your way this morning?

Larry, that was a dandy dinner you had. Nice when something like that is well attended..a lot of work goes into one of those.

Jane, did you get a snack of snow?? Nice of your neighbour to make sure your driveway is cleaned out for you..

I had better get ready for the dance.

Enjoy your day everyone

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Oh my gosh, I am sorry....will try not to make the font so big....
You don't have to get your glasses on to read it though :)
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyfriend!  I'm not sure what's going to happen with the size of my printing.  I couldn't find a button to change it.  Everything except the "bold" button look different up there.  Maybe it'll be like AMY's or maybe it'll be so small you can't see it.  Whatever it is, it's me.

And the buttons are just about to go off for the making of dog food.

SHIRLEY, I'll have 6 of your meringue shell cookies...what's their official name?  I made them once a looooong time ago and I had to eat all of them.  Never made them again. 

I'll be off to Wally World at 9;15 if Steve has me cleaned out in time.  Have a good day everyfriend.  OOPS, forgot to say, the PB cups DID get packed last night.  What's next?

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November 16, 2018, 08:07:42 am #25 Last Edit: November 16, 2018, 09:02:47 am by Sandy
  Good Morning Everyone...

I see that we are on our new site....  It
will be interesting to see if we all can
get in and trying using all of our new stuff

(I had to use "color=navy" to get my favorite
navy blue color,  which is not showing up as
one of our options."      opps   navy is there  just
way over to the right...   shows up when I make
my print smaller on my browser...(cntl -)

We are off and running.
our smiley faces are limited...     :(

"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:


Good morning.  Quite a surprise to see the newly designed site.  Will take some getting used to.

The sun is shining this morning, after all the snow yesterday.  My area received about 4 in. of the white stuff. Sure not ready for snow this early.  I sure hope that it isn't a sign of what is in store for us for the winter.  It is supposed to be a little warmer for the next week and no precipitation at all through Thanksgiving day.  That will be  a nice change.

Just wanted to wish you all a good morning.  I need to get some breakfast.

Have a good day.



Good morning everyone, what a surprise when I logged in this morning. My fault because I never check other places but the SS lately. When I got here I found the font small and I went to my profile to make it larger and that choice is no longer there. Guess I am getting so old it is hard to learn changes, ya think?
Well we had snow and it is now raining. Maintenance man did not get much sleep last night and think he wanted none of us to sleep either. He is out with his small plow keeping the paths clear about every hour. Has to do that in case anyone has to get the rescue here.

LARRY  it would not bother me at all if I spent the holidays at home alone. I can feed myself and at those huge meals these days I eat very little these last few years.

GLORIA de  must be just something in us that still makes us collect recipes. Wish I could still bake like I used to.

SHIRLEY  like you I like a book in my hands to read. On line reading is OK for those who have no room for real books.

DON  I am so sorry I did not wish you a Happy Birthday. Will a Belated Birthday wish be OK?

AMY  had snow but no winter wonderland because it has already turned to rain before I got up. Love your font size this am, did not have to strain my eyes to read it.

JANE  I cannot find where to change the font on the pages like we had. I am having a problem reading here this morning.

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Good morning.

This is another test.  I hope this will be the final formatting attempt. 

Mary :-\

It was!   Took awhile.  :)

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The snow is cleaned up for now and it wasn't without its problems. I knew something wasn't right but not until I put the snow blower back in the garage and cleaned the snow out of the shute. I broke or sheared a shear pin. They don't put them in and easy place to get at but all in all I did get it replaced and out the back I went to do a trail for the dog and one to the wood pile.

Gloria, remember when we wrote with straight pens or ones that you put in a bottle of ink to suck the ink into it? we learned then..and move on to ball point pens...typewriters then computers!! See how far we have come and we can get used to this format in time..we are of the age nothing can stop us.. :thumbup:

I wish we would hear from June...
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers