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Astro: Oldiesmann:  I briefly brought it up with So P Bubble  and she thought you might be able to rectify my dilemma. 

Soda Shoppe for December 1, 2018

Started by so_P_bubble, December 01, 2018, 12:03:05 am

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June Drabek

Mary Ann,could you hang your heavy coat on a hanger with the inside facing out, so you could back up and insert your arms, as if someone were holding the coat for you??? Does this make sense ?

Larry, I am happy to read that Pat is going to drive herself today. With your heart condition it is essential for her to keep driving. I started when Ed felt he was a danger behind the wheel, and never stopped. I quit and had Gary sell my Oldsmobile 88 when I had a mini-stroke. Gary said, "Mom, what if that happened when you were driving ?' That made my decision..the thought that i could harm another driver, would be hard to live with.

I went to Church on Sunday, but home the rest of the day. Woke up Monday wiped out...so I spent the whole day in bed. Did manage to feed myself and that was it. Had to call the Clinic downstairs abbot 4 a.m., shortness of breath, plus. Two Nurses were there immediately. Took all the vitals..B.P. was 180 and pulse racing. So they gave me pills and another dose of albuteral on my breathing machine, with the info, I am listed for albuteral at my request just with a phone call.I asked the nurse if I should spend another day in bed, and she said "Yes, it is better than pushing the body beyond it's limits. Well, I decided to have some breakfast,starting with a can of Gatorade, then made my bed, just to prove I could, I guess. Now I am here gabbing at all of you, and I am tired. So will go lay down and read. Hugs and Lovd to all. June
As long as we are here, let's dance.

Mary Ann

June, what you wrote does make sense, but I can get into my coat by myself, but I must start with my right arm.  Both Tom and Dot know that and they are the ones who help me the most.  Thank you for the suggestion; I may have to use it some day.

With your high BP and racing pulse, June, I wonder if you have A-Fib.  A racing pulse is what made my doctor send me to a cardiologist who took me off aspirin and put me on a blood thinner.  So I only exchanged pills.

June, I am happy I am no longer driving and it didn't take an illness to quit; Tom needed the car because Annie had wrecked his.  When time for my insurance to be renewed, I sold the car to Terry's daughter and Tom now takes me for appointments.  My walking isn't good enough for me to want to go to a store and shop.  Amazon does just fine.

Mary Ann


Roads were dry and weather lovely for traveling. We did stop at the choco factory and it seems a lot of people had the same idea. They had a BOGO and that too was nice! Stopped and played with Bailey, the new pup at the quilt shop, for such a young pup he is so well behaved.  Took him a rawhide chew stick that was almost as long as he is. Had a lovely lunch out and came on home.

Larry, hope you see your Dr soon...

June what a great idea on how to put a coat on. Hubby has a problem with coats, shirts and sweaters. Darned RA doesn't make things easy  on a person.

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


I finished the red gumdrops!  All that's left to do with them is pack them up when they're dry.  And that's on the agenda for tomorrow.  I'm going to pack the boxes for everyone that gets them for Christmas and that's the end of the candy making.

I'm off to bed now so I'll say good night to everyfriend and may God bless us, every one!

P.S.  No baby yet?

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December 05, 2018, 01:15:19 am #64 Last Edit: December 05, 2018, 12:40:22 pm by Denver
Good evening.....

I am feeling a bit shy about coming in and telling once agin.....no baby today❣️

The doctor told Megan that she is ready to have this baby now....but if little Jonah has not presented before, he will be evicted, (😂🤣) Thursday Morning the 6th.

I am sorry to read that you are not doing well, LARRY. I hope you were able to get in to see your cardiologist. 

Sorry you are having issues also, JUNE.  I do hope you will be feeling better tomorrow.

JANE.....NOT JUNE, (sorry about that) your family sure is blessed to have you make all of these yummy goodies for them.  Mailing is expensive and I know you are having a lot of package going out with your special gifts of love. 

SHIRLEY, the cold temps is still here, so unfortunately you will be having more of it to deal with in the coming days. 

Because we were not able to make a commitment to dates to fly to California to meet Jonah, we have found the fare to be exorbitant now, so we have decided that we will drive.  This time of the year that does not make me too happy, but it will be fine.  We can now take all the baby clothes that we have been gifted to us for the baby.  We will then drive on to Phoenix and spend Christmas with my Dad and Diane.  Oldest son and his family from Boston will be spending Christmas in Phoenix also, with Heidi's Dad and Mom, so we can all get together. It will be nice and I always jump at the chance to go see my Dad.

It is late and I need to hit the hay.

Pleasant dreams to all.


Lloyd Hammond

December 05, 2018, 06:46:14 am #65 Last Edit: December 05, 2018, 06:48:29 am by Lloyd Hammond
Good morning everyone. weather guesser says it is 28º and clear here today
Heading for high of 45º. well all of my cattle was Finley home Last evening.Hope you all have a great day. i Sean a very straight 01 duramack
chivy truck with very low miles on it, asking $10,500. one owner. I think I am going to go offer them $9,000 and sea if they will take it.



Good Morning Everyfriend!  I was up at 5:30 with a restless doggie this morning.  She had to go out and no doubt about it.  So the other one went with her and then they got their pills and we all crashed on the sofa and waited for the alarm at 7.  For a change, it was a good sleeping night and even the short time on the sofa I slept soundly.  I guess I needed it.

JENNY, we're all on pins and needles waiting for Jonah's eviction papers to be served ;D   You must be, too!  What a nice opportunity for a visit with your father, though.  Some good has come from his inaction!

Also, JUNE and I both know that she's not the one making candy.  You seem to have put a U where the A should have gone in that name.  But, if my father holds that "you should take a man as he means, not as he says", I would think that goes for taking a woman as she means, also.

I'll be off to Wally World this morning at 10 and I'll be there until 2 after which I have one errand to do on the way home and then I'll be here to decide what needs to be attacked next. 

I'm going to go get another cup of coffee and then do my crossword puzzle and my jigsaw puzzle and see if anything important came in on the email.  Enjoy your day everyfriend!  Grab it and make it yours in every way!

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Hi Everyone. It is a clear and chilly morning here in South Carolina and when I got up a little while ago it was 31 degrees and may stay in the higher 40's this afternoon.  I am feeling a lot better this morning and started feeling better yesterday afternoon after spending some of the morning and early afternoon laying down with my eyes closed.  I will be seeing my cardiologist this morning and it is quite a walk from the parking garage to his office.  I have one errand to make a return for Pat and that will be my day until this evening when we plan to go out to eat and are hoping are son will join us and then spend some time with us this evening.  Yesterday Pat did drive herself to her doctor's appointment as I wasn't really feeling like driving when it was time for her to go.  She got along OK but came home pretty tired.  Fortunately we had left overs in the refrigerator for our evening meal.

Gloria, so far this week I have done only what I absolutely had to do.  However, today I feel much more energetic and doing things isn't a burden or so tiring.  I appreciate the cooks trying things before serving especially if it is a new recipe.  I think getting lost in a book is one of the real joys of reading or listening to audio books. I am sad that generations after us last the joy of listening to the old radio shows and seeing themselves opening Fibber McGee's closet or riding in Jack Benny's old Maxwell.  I also remember the Shadow, the Green Hornet, the Lone Ranger and the many other radio shows.  I heard on the news last night that all 50 States were to have some places where it would be below freezing.  It got below freezing here. 

Shirley, I pretty well know what is wrong and it relates to my heart.  I do eat three prunes each morning as well as getting iron in the supplements I take each day.  I wonder if Andy will ever be able to donate blood again due to his heart surgery?  I was told years ago that I couldn't donate anymore blood due to having had Hep C as well as all of the heart medications I take.  I appreciate your comments as know you have a lot of good health related ideas.  I hope you get your internet fixed today and I just bet the cats will find a place to be while the repairman is there.  I do think your cats have you very well trained. 

June, that was a great idea about hanging your coat inside facing out if one has a problem of putting arms in the coat.  I was glad that Pat got along OK driving.  The older I get the more cautious I become in my driving and the last few days knew I shouldn't drive.  Fortunately, I feel up to driving today.  I have already told my son that if he feels I have become unsafe in driving to be sure and tell me.  I hope that, like you and others, I will know when that time comes.  I sure understand your needing to feel you should stay in bed when your are wiped out.  I hope you are feeling better today. I find making my bed is one of the hardest things I have to do and it often leaves me breathless.   

Mary Ann, our shopping in stores is very limited now.  Some days I can't even think of having to deal with walking in a store.  Aren't we thankful for Internet shopping. 

Amy, what luck to find a BOGO day at the chocolate factory.  I have heard of a lot of reasons to stop at the quilt shop but petting a dog is a new one.  :)  I don't suppose you looked at any fabric while you were there did you?  It sounds like you had a most enjoyable day. 

Jane, all of your making of gum drops makes me want to go out and get some as it has been a long time since I ate any.  I know you are glad to get your candy making finished. 

Jenny, at least you now have a  date that your new grandson will be born if not before.  I bet this will be a long day for Megan and for you as well.  I guess we can expect to have more days of bad weather as we are almost officially in our winter season and weather doesn't pay any attention to the calendar in terms of whether it is fall or winter.  It sounds like you have great plans for Christmas and I know you have a very comfortable car in which to make the long trip. 

Lloyd, glad you finally got all of your cattle back home. 

Jane, glad you got a good nights sleep as that can make such a difference.  I think all of us probably say the wrong words that are not what we are thinking.  I know I sure do and Pat will sometimes call me on it.  Are you still adding to your "to-do" list or just marking things off?


Good morning everyone..

Like Jane I was up at 4:30 with a doggie that wanted out and we both went back to bed. I slept in and hit the floor a running. Had to make a trip into town to get a bill straightened out...one that I had paid and then got another one. Nothing make me more annoyed than to be billed a second time!

We shovelled  the driveway off and now to do the inside work. Later I will wash the van to see what colour it is under all that road slush!

Larry,I did come away with 2 pieces of fabric....and puppy kisses!! Happy to read you are feeling better, please take it easy for a while though.

Jenny, you will hear a collective hooray all over the world when Jonah is born. And they say females are late.....hmmm...

Lloyd  tis a worry when the head count is off ,great that they are all home now.

Time to get busy.

Enjoy your day everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Cox man has come, put in lines to the house & inside, new modem & we are good to go!  I will one-up y'all on rise & shine morning.... how about 3:20 am. Not sure what woke me up but since the cable guy was to come at "8:00-10:00" I wanted to feed cats & me & clean the kitchen, etc. So try to organize 3 cats.... Callie had opted to go outside last night but was at the door when I walked through this morning at that early hour. She was glad to come inside & be offered breakfast. Settled down in front of that furnace vent & when the Cox man called about 15 min before 8:00 to ask if he could come... I booted cats out. Tom & Tiger are hiding out in the bedrooms but Callie went to the garage with one of the doors open so she could go out. Anyway, they will show up soon for a mid-morning snack. He says there is still a problem on the "server line" that must be taken care of by someone else.  My Fitbit & phone both wanted to update but both are set to only update when on my wi-fi.... I hope I didn't mess one or the other up during the process so far.  I think the next phone or whatever I get, I will do the set up myself so I know where & what the settings are.

Jenny, sometimes the unplanned trips end up being the best (at least Pollyanna thinks so). Hi to your father, always happy to hear "us older folks" are doing okay. I love to drive & hate to think about all the gorgeous scenery missed by flying. Enjoy! Wish you had a little Rialta... but I heard it was sent to CA days after I traded. I still have evil thoughts about that deal.

Better think about a nap, I'm sure I didn't get at most 3 hours sleep last night or night before & so many kinds of flu, etc. going around can't let ourselves get run down & catch those germs.  We are supposed to have a couple warm days before another cold shot, so better go rake the leaves in the pool area. These are NOT from my trees but carried in on that wind last week. So far I have not seen any bags of leaves sitting in front of a single house in this area, except mine. I know the guy next door cleaned his yard a couple weeks ago but think he might have dumped the leaves down by the river behind his house.  Lots of the people dump grass clippings down there, but it makes a messy place for various critters to hang out. My son did it once with the clippings from the hill going down to the river.... he just emptied the catcher on John Deere in the gully quite a way from the water.  Don't see it from the house or even across the river... but I asked him not to do it again, I'd rather dump into the plastic bags... John Deere rider/catcher doesn't allow for plastic bags inserted into the catcher like the old Allis does.

My son guessed the reason I got on the computer/wi-fi that is directly over the modem was because that computer had not had an update to restart it & enough signal to "bleed through". I restarted this one several times thinking it was the computer's problem since the phones were working. Who knows???


A good morning to EVERYFRIEND.

I am feeling so blessed to have you special friends.....reading your wonderfully supportive comments make my heart feel so full of love.  IF only little Jonah could know how many are awaiting his arrival....

JANE, I am so sorry I tried to give credit to Our June for your candy making.....we ALL know it is YOU that I meant this comment for❣️. I love your fathers words.....thank you for sharing them. 

SHIRLEY, I, too, wish we had a little Rialto  to travel in.....and it still saddens me to think about yours😢 Happy to read that the Cox man arrived early and got the job done! 

LARRY, so happy to read that you are feeling much better today.  We went to a class at the Apple store yesterday to learn about the iWatch. It does SO MUCH, and there is no way I feel I will be able to do much on it at all.  The EKG app is not available yet....it was expected to be released in October and they do not know what the delay is.  Just the heart health part of the watch minus the EKG part is amazing.....you can share it with your doctor very easily.....I was very impressed with what all this watch can do. 

AMY, I can not wait to hear the collective HURRAh!

Have a great day......we are off to get the oil changed in our car and ten more things as well.


Mary Ann

December 05, 2018, 02:53:03 pm #71 Last Edit: December 05, 2018, 02:56:29 pm by Mary Ann
So many long messages this morning.  I have been to the Bush funeral and I stayed until the end when they put the casket on the plane.  During one song by the choir I got dressed and during another I made myself a lunch meat sandwich for brunch.  I thought it was a nice service and there were lots of laughs.

Jenny, I'm with everyone else wishing Jonah would make an appearance.  I think I told you that Thursday is Norm's birthday; he was born 89 years ago.  It does not seem he's been gone three years already.  Maybe if you take a more southern route to California, the trip won't be so bad, you might hit snow in the middle route. 

Shirley, your cats sure know when they have it good.  I have not noticed Kendrick sleeping in front of any register but he does like a secluded spot, preferably with a cover, such as a small table.

Jane, are your gumdrops similar in texture to what Amy buys as cooking gumdrops?  I think she said they were different than gumdrops for eating - and maybe yours are for eating only.

Larry it was good to see your post this morning and I have not been to Norm's B&T het.  Just because you feel better, still take it easy.  It will be nice if Scott can join you tonight.

I look back to see what someone has written and by the time I get back to "Reply" I've forgotten what I read, so I'll keep this short (sure, I did!) as I have other folders to read.

Mary Ann



I'm home from work and the doggies have been loved up, fed and outed. I joined them outside to do a little "yard cleanup".  Then I checked my email, answered some text messages and read everything in here.  Now I'm ready to "saw a few logs".

MARY ANN, my gumdrops are strictly for eating, not the cooking variety.  And I've been eating lots of the misshaped edges.  I think gumdrops might be my favorites but I think I said that before.

Still waiting for the insulation guy to call and say when he's coming.  I almost wish he'd wait until after Christmas now.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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Mary Ann

Jane, I kind of thought your gumdrops were for eating, but you've been doing so much cooking, Amy bought some gumdrops and you made gumdrops, I wondered if there was a connection.

Mary Ann

June Drabek

Mary Ann, I watched the funeral from beginning to end also. Very impressive, with loving spots of humor....I felt they were like family. George H.W. Bush died on my 94th. birthday, and he was 94 years old. Born in  the summer 1924, I was in Nov.

I got dressed today and took a stroll downstairs. Picked up a banana and small boxes of cereal. Had a big breakfast delivered to my room so skipped lunch. I'll have a mini can of spaghetti and a helping of canned spinach for supper. I read spinach contains a lot of electrolytes and my body needs those.

We are having some more real light sprinkles, and more expected tomorrow, settles any dust but does nothing for what we need out here.. I had a very short nap today, so my eyes are getting heavy already and it's only 4:30 our here..getting dark though and drippy.....sleep enhancing.
As long as we are here, let's dance.


MARYANN, I forgot to mention to you this morning that Jonah just might make it to Norm's Birthday.  I have to tell you, I will be proud to know that my sweet little grandson will be born on Norm's Birthday❣️ Your suggestion for taking a lower route on our way to Cali is a good one, but it would add on quite a bit more miles.  Once we get over the passes here in Colorado, Loveland and Vail, it is pretty much the only areas that would cause us problems.  We head south then and the roads should be fine. Than you for the thought tho! 

We spoke to Mark and Megan just a bit ago and they are very excited that they will meet their son tomorrow, God willing. 

We went to the dealership to get our oil changed. Son Brian picked us up from there and we went to lunch.  We did not rush, so when we returned to pick up the car, it should have been done".....we were surprised they had not already called.  When Bob went it, they said the oil was changed but that our battery was dead and we would have to replace it.  Long story short....then there was confusion IF it was our car that had the problem......I feel in my heart they were trying to pull something and thought Bob would just tell them to go ahead and change it out....to the tune of $189.00. Brian and I were in the car waiting and he told Bob, no way, we will just go to Costco and buy one and Brian would change it out.... that is when Bob went in and they started saying maybe it was not our car, etc. that was having the problem.  Our car will be 5 years old on the 31 of this month, so it definitely is time to replace it.  Maybe it was God telling us that we needed to do it now rather than have a problem when we are out on the road.  Needless to say we did not get a lot more done today. 

OK, I am going to sign off for tonight....I hope the next time I come in here it is with the blessed news that Jonah is here and doing great.....oh and his mama too. 

Love and hugs to all.......Jenn


Jenn, Andy just said a couple days ago that Pam's car & their son's car, both 5 years old, had to have new batteries put in.... mine turned 5 this year & was totally dead in the garage one day so called auto club to jump start & make sure I could get it to the Walmart that for sure had what I needed in stock (I called & couldn't get "auto" at the one I usually use). When these puppies die they are done for good, so glad you are replacing before you head out. Mine sounded sort of funny the last time I started it (day before) but it ran okay & got home okay.  I was surprised it was so dead that next day, didn't even groan trying to start. Hope you have a wonderful time.

I'm seriously thinking about turning in to get whatever sleep I can, when ever I can. Tiger has not come for her chicken at supper time, she is in the house but "had a hard day" being disturbed with a stranger this morning.  ::) After the internet & Wi-fi turned on I checked & actually got 4 hours & 6 minutes sleep last night... & just over 3 hours the night before. I am not sure what wakes me up, I don't get out of bed unless it is to take a cat to the other end of the house), maybe just habit. 

About 40 years ago I complained to the doctor about getting up to go to the bathroom at night. His advice was to see if it was about the same time since our bodies have "memory". I checked & it was the same time every night, so I didn't get up... re-trained the body & from then on I could go to bed about 8:00 pm when out camping & not get up until about 8:00 am, no dancing with the bears in the middle of the night for me!

Larry, I know that YOU know your problems, but all my life I've tried to find a fix for every problem. You've handled your heart issues with the greatest results, keeping busy and knowing when to rest. I think we have all known each other long enough we feel like family or best friends, at least. And yet we have our own "space" when we don't feel like talking. Works out nice, at least for my way of thinking. Tonight I have all of my "ducks in a row" as my friend here says.... feel like I'm in control... well, except for cats.  ;)

Sweet dreams to all and God Bless. Shirley


Jenny:  Why are you going through Vail?  Just go south to Albuquerque and turn west until you are north of Phoenix.  We are expecting some weather in a couple of days but if you stay away from Flagstaff, you should be OK.  What do I know?  I am not a weatherman.  Have a safe and happy trip - enjoy your visit with your dad.  We are coming home in about ten days - have the streets plowed, please. 

History is always interesting to me and the latest presidential funeral was set up so nice.  I do wish the cameras would have shown more people in the middle and back of the cathedral. There were two from Canada at least.  The music was outstanding.  Did anyone recognize the Tenor from New York City?  He sang at the 911 memorial - an outstanding voice and what a setting for the choir too. 

Amy:  I chopped two kinds of apples and stuffed all in a crock pot with a swish of water, some cinnamon and Agave syrup - (low or no carbs in agave).  Kitchen smells terrific. 


Good morning everyone.
In a hurry this morning as hubby has an appointment in the city...check in later
Enjoy your day everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyfriend!  I don't have much to add this morning except that I slept a bit better than usual but boy did I ever dream!  I must have had at least three different dreams because I remember some really disconnected ideas.

I'm set up to roll Cathy's noodles and then I'm finished "making" things. I'll go into wrapping and packing gear.  And I took some hamburger out of the freezer with the idea of making a casserole for supper. 

I do have to make a quick trip to WM to get some containers for the gumdrops. I had two Christmas boxes and I used those lined with plastic bags to go to Oklahoma and Texas.  And while I'm there, if my fav hair cutter is working, I might take time to get my ears lowered.  I know they're in there somewhere but I can't seem to find them.

Quick report...no more itchy hands and feet but I've been taking a Melatonin before I go to bed at night.  It helps!

Jenny, have a safe and uneventful trip to California and give Johah a gentle hug from me.  Do the same for your father when you get to Arizona.  I miss my father every day of my life!  Cherish every minute o your time with him.  I know you do!

CAROL, you have a safe trip to Colorado and I sure hope SOMEONE plows the roads for you! 

I'm off to get started on the day.  Enjoy yours Everyfriend!  Grab it and make it your own in every way!

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Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone. it is 37º and light rain here @ 6;54 AM and shooting for a high Of 40º today. well our renters are mostly moved in on the lower level. Dave helps me some so we let them have some cheaper rent. hope you all have a great day and a better tomorrow. Skype went south and will not work any more It wanted to up date and wanted to change a app I did not know about I said no and that seams to be the end of it. sad I enjoyed our chat's with peter and his wife jean in person.
oh well i lived ok before i knew of Skype.



Hi Everyone. It is another beautiful and chilly morning here in South Carolina.  I have a busy morning today as need to stop at Walmart to pick up prescriptions for Pat and for myself.  Then I will pick up my friend and we will go to coffee, stopping at the Post Office to mail Jennifer's broken laptop back to the manufacturer for a replacement.  On the way back I to take my friend home I may stop by NTW to have the air checked in my tires again as the low level of air light is on again on the dash.  I have several small projects I want to complete before the day is over.  I had a good doctor's visit yesterday and he doubled my Entrestro again and added Digoxin, which I have never taken before but remember it was the heart medicine my grandmother took for many years.  He also told me to double the Lasix for 4 days and then double again if I have feel the need.  I did have a good day yesterday and we did meet Scott for dinner at a restaurant and then he came out to spend some time with us.  It seemed like we had him doing tasks for us all the time he was here.  He put up the curtain rods in our guest bedroom and did some other things we asked him to do.  I hope we are about to get things fixed up the way Pat wants them so that he can come out without needing to do chores for us and we can just visit.

Amy, I agree with you on how annoying it is to have a bill that I paid rebilled.  Fortunately I keep very good records so have good proof of payment. 

Shirley, glad the Cox repairman got to your house early rather than making you wait all day and wonder whether he was going to get there or not.  To bad he couldn't fix all of the problems and someone else still have to come to attend to it. 

Jenny, this is the day you all have been waiting for with that new grandson arriving.  We have an Apple store here so think I will buy the iWatch there rather than at Best Buy so I can also take the class to help me get started.  I hope they soon make the EKG feature available as they sure promoted it when they introduced the iWatch 4.  If your car battery was 5 years old it was a good idea to replace it.  I have had several batteries just die all of a sudden on me including the night that Stacey died and we needed to leave the Hospice place to go home. 

I have run out of time this morning so will have to come back later this afternoon to complete going through the postings.  I hope all have a good day, I know I plan on doing so.


Good morning everyone, just realized I did not post yesterday. Slipping up in my old age? Another freezing start to today but the sun is shining. I ordered a heater for my bathroom from Home Depot and it was delivered yesterday. Will have my CNA help me move a couple o things in there and have a place for it. Finally I will be able to get out of the shower into a warm room. No heat in there now and I cannot take getting out of that warm water into a cold room anymore.

LARRY  glad  you are finally feeling better. I know I have days where all I want to do is lay down and I do not have the heart problems you do. Just feel worn out with no energy. Glad those days are few and far between. How about the old radio show I Love a Mystery that opened with the squeaking door?

JENNY  I hope today is the day when Jonah makes his arrival healthy and your DIL is finally relieved of the bump and finally get to hold him in her arms.

Have to get busy and dressed before my CNA is here.
Have a good day.

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Mary Ann

He won't be here to enjoy the day, but Norm was born 89 years ago today.  He's been gone three years.

Gloria, I am fortunate that I do have a register in my bathroom so when I get out of the shower, the room is warm. 

I am about the watch the next service for George H W Bush.  I like to think that will be the end of funerals for a change.

Larry, I'm glad you're feeling better, but please don't overdo it just because you do feel better.  In the obits this morning was a man named Hanna. 

Jane, I'm glad the itch is gone.  I wonder what caused it.  I've heard if your palms itched that you were going to get some money.  A lot, if your itch is any indication.

Jenny, we hope this is the day for Jonah to make his appearance and also you and Bob have a good, safe trip to California. 

Mary Ann


Hi Everyone.  Am just back home from coffee and now eating my lunch so thought this would be a good time to finish what I started this morning.  I did accomplish all I wanted to do except I did not stop at NTW and will do so on Saturday morning.

Jane, it seems that yard cleanup is like house clean up as it just never seems to stay done.  I hope you found some good ZZZ's yesterday. I'm afraid that if I make those gumdrops I would just accidentally have a lot of misshapen pieces that I would have to eat. 

June, nice that you have the boxes of cereal and fruit available to you around the clock that you can bring home and enjoy at your leisure.  I can't think of too many other things I would hate to have more than canned spinach. 

Jenny, I am sure you all take plenty of blankets and other emergency supplies with you when you go through the mountains in winter time and hope you never need to use them.  The miles will probably seem long in anticipation of seeing that new grandson. 

Shirley, I think you exaggerate when you say that one of your cats had a hard day.   ;)   Glad you felt in control at the end of yesterday. 

Carol, the Bush family are going to be really exhausted after today with all of the services and other things that have occurred around the family.  I feel for them.  I didn't here him sing but I heard that it was Ronan Tynon that sang and he does have a beautiful voice.

Lloyd, even though you didn't update the Skype software I don't understand why it stopped working. 

Gloria, I am like you and used to use a little heater in our master bathroom during the winter as it seemed cold there in the morning.  In a small room it doesn't take long for it to warm things up.  I don't remember the name of that show with the squeaking door but seem to have a vague memory of that sound effect so probably listened to it. 

Mary Ann, I will be laying down to rest as soon as I finish my lunch.  Even though I do feel good today I do wear down easily and it was a full morning. 

Thanks you all for your expressions of concern for me as I appreciate them and I try to keep in mind that old saying that "this too shall pass".


Hallelujah!!!  The insulation guys have come and gone and I'm all insulated!

[/Mary Ann, I'd heard that about the itchy palm bringing money also.  However, my grandmother always added that, if it was your right palm you'd get to keep it.  If it was your left one, it would go out fast.  Since it was both my palms, about all I can hope for is having enough to be able to pay for the insulations and that's OK with me.

Also, I think the show with the squeaky door was called "Inner Sanctum".  It always started with the announcer saying in a very low, drawn out voice, "Wel-come to Inner Sanc-tum!"  Then the door would squeak and snap shut.  I remember asking my sister once if it was closing us in or out.  She said, "It's closing you in and me out."  Kinda mean, wasn't she?

Larry, there's more than enough left over cuttings to satisfy my appetite for gumdrops and I always make sure I don't give them all away.  If you were across the street, I'd bring some over.

WELCOME, JONAH...wherever you are!

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Congratulations, Janie! You got here first, I also thought it was Inner Sanctum with the squeeky door (I even Googled to make sure).  :thumbup:

Another congratulations for getting the insulation done, too. Mom also used to say the itchy palm meant you were going to get money, but not which palm. My right was itched so bad yesterday (or maybe day before?) I nearly wore it out scratching. No money came in but I managed to spend some this morning.  ::)  Glad your itch is gone.

I just had a different scam call.... "Don't hang up, your Social Security number has been suspended.... " and slammed the phone down so hard it should have shattered...but didn't. I was coming in with hands full of bags, sunglasses on & couldn't see the caller ID. Always afraid it might be one of my kids needing something I answered because it was already the 3rd ring. I'm checking on new phones, think Panasonic like what I have, but new technology that can auto detect robo calls & silence (or not). My daughter is trying them out... can block up to 250 callers but like I told her, I get the same scams from many different numbers & states. The one I let go to answering machine & each same recording had a different number. That was the one that was going to jail me if I didn't do what was required. My problem is every time I try to get a nap the #!** phone rings & it's a robo call. Answer or not, it wakes me up. :knuppel2:

Gloria, my winter buddy.... I will admit this is the first time (winter) that I've turned the thermostat up 2 degrees when I take a shower. Also the first time I've had cold feet when I go to bed. As soon as I get the bed warmed up with my body heat I have to take the bed sox off. I guess we really-really are growing old. Do we cry or be happy we're still around?  Guess I am going to learn how to be cold natured. No snow so far but do have the SnoNut ready to use!


Jane as I read the account of your friend who has gotten into the Santa mode I recalled my first involvment nearly 20 years ago.It came about because one of the malls put out a call to the acting community for a Santa and it appears I was the only one who responded. Fortunatly I had just finished a run of a Shakesperean play and had a full beard so I jumped in and the rest as they say is history. Ironically, the mall who hired me is the one that fired me after my heart attack 17 years later. There will be some Santa activity here in the home and I guess that will have to do.


Oh! Don, are you going to play Santa for your housemates?  They will love it!  Let us know how it goes.  I wish I could be there to see.

I just changed my surge suppressor for a new one.  I didn't know if I was going to take the chance but I couldn't plug my printer into the small one I had been using since mine died.  And, guess what?  I DID IT!  I'm here to prove it and something that was waiting in my printer came out.  I still don't have sound so maybe my speakers are dead.  They're all plugged in and turned on but nothing!  Oops, just noticed a little switch that was off.  Maybe I do have sound!

Gotta go feed the doggies and their human.  Enjoy your evening and is someone thinks of it, tell me again how to get what I'm typing bigger.  I forgot!

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June Drabek

Hi Kids, I am trying to stay awake long enough to say Hi. Don't know why I am so sleepy, but that's the way it is. I got all ready to go down to Bible study this morning and before I could walk out the door, I checked my computer for dates, and found out it was Thursday.....Wed. is Bible study......DUH !!!!!!

And so the day has gone.....good to see you all up and alert with "plans". I watched the funeral trip to .......i've forgotten the state.......George H.W. was given the full treatment...he was well loved for sure.

Now I'm going to make a light supper and off to an early bed. Still have to take a breathing treatment at 7:30, and more meds at 9, but I can snooze in between if I so like. Life is good. Thanks be to God. Love, Hugs, Prayers, and God's Peace. June
As long as we are here, let's dance.