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Soda Shoppe for December 15, 2018

Started by so_P_bubble, December 15, 2018, 12:05:01 am

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Gloria,  I tried to make it bigger, but it didn't work.  Don't know why??? 

Maybe Larry can put it in the recipe folder and enlarge the font a little bit. Might be easier for you to read it.   As I said, I haven't make it yet, so, you might want to wait a while to see how mine turns out.???? I plan to get the ingredients this weekend. 

Thanks, Larry, if you can get it into the right folder. 



Good morning Everyfriend!  It's clear out there today....nothing wet or white predicted!  But the temp is only in the mid 20s so it's pretty cold. 

All this talk about instant pots has me looking at them again.  At first I steered clear of them for all the reasons that I steered clear of pressure cookers all these years.  I do have a pressure canner which is good for canning things with meat in them....like my veggie soup.  But I don't think I'd have that if I hadn't inherited it from my good neighbor's brother when he passed away.  Jim knew that Bill and I talked canning a lot so he gave me all Bills cannning supplies including the pressure canner.  The first time I used it, I put the lid on and watched from around the corner until the steam vented and then warily put the doodad on and jumped back around the corner.  It didn't explode and the soup was so much better than frozen that I got used to it. 

Now I've decided that I want an instant pot but if I get one, I want the one that also makes yogurt.  And I don't think the small one does that.  I'm still weighing the pros and cons.  Anything that anyone has to offer will be welcome. 

I'm off to Wally World to do my shift behind the counter.  Wish me smiles and short lines. 

Tonight, the small pork roast goes in the crock pot overnight and tomorrow, the sauerkraut will be added for my New Year's Dinner.  Let's hope it brings luck.  I think I'll also add a few prayers for the New Year.  I trust God's care more than sauerkraut!  And I'm pretty sure my German grandfather would agree.

I'm going to wrap this up because the doggies boinger is about to go off.  And then the day's activities begin.  Make it a good one for all of you!

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JOY, I copied your recipe...just in case!

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December 31, 2018, 08:35:05 am #273 Last Edit: December 31, 2018, 08:39:00 am by Joy
Jane,  I have the 3 qt. Instant Pot and it does make the yogurt.  I haven't gotten as far as reading how to make it yet.  I, too, wanted to be able to make the yogurt.   

I also want to order the recipe book for the 3 qt. size.  So many of the recipes that I have seen makes too much for 1 person.  I  want things that I can eat for 1 or 2 meals.  I don't have a lot of freezer room.



Good Morning Everyone from the cold
but dry,  rocky coast of Maine.

Doesn't quite seem like Winter,  yet,  but
I am sure that will come soon enough. 

As I mentioned before,  I used the "Instant pot"
for many months.  I found that the food came out
very tasty...  I made lots of yogurt, too.   I really
liked mine but opted to go back to just using
regular pots and pans...   

For one person, that is all that I really needed.
So I gave it to my Grand Daughter who likes to cook..

It is easy to let the steam out,  so no harm
done if careful.     It is a great little machine, IMHO.

Tonight is New Years Eve..   Wow....
So long "Twenty Eighteen"...  Wow!!!



"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:


Thank you, Rick, glad to see I'm not the only klutz in the kitchen, and I expect that cabbage smelled worse than my beans! 

Sandy, I remember when you got your Instant Pot & created so many different foods, amazed me since I have no imagination of what a recipe should turn out like. My sister used to read cook books for fun.... while I read couldn't even understand what "they" were talking about.

Janie, with all the foods you share, I'll bet you would be better off buying the large size. I still love my pinto beans with ham shanks but nobody else in my family likes them, so I only cook a pound of dry beans at a time & put a small ZipLoc tub of them in the freezer for when I go to a campground alone. Always tastes good with a slice of bread & butter. My young butcher insisted I try the ham shanks instead of ham hocks, more meat & much less fat with same flavor. Good fiber & protein.

Lloyd, hope Nancy is doing okay with recovery. My son has that deep gravel voice, not sure where he caught it, but my best friend across town sounds the same. My daughter in St.Louis is so choked up she finally went to the ER for a prescription so she could swallow & still breathe. That young news person that recently died, they said this morning, was from H1N1 flu. My gr-son, his girlfriend & her brother got off the plane last night from visiting her parents back east... all sick with a different type bug so they put off having their "Christmas party" until all were well. So many germs going around. YOU stay safe and get as much rest as you can so you don't catch anything to slow down that trip to FL again.

Time for me to let Tom back in, he always wants to check the world outside as soon as I get up. He will eat a few bites of his salmon & go to the door, but will clean the bowl when he comes back if (if I put it up so the others don't lick it clean.) Dogs can be trained but cats just do what they please & train their people to "handle it".  :-\ 


I have been looking at the InstaPots, too, but haven't given in yet.  I used to use the stove top pressure cooker all the time and yes, mine blew up one time, too.  Potatoes all over the ceiling!  Lesson learned....do not put too many in at one time and make sure the steam valve is not clogged!  I was not only a clutz but an absentminded one at that!

Rainy and foggy here but warm.  "They" are saying that our New Year's Day temps will be near 70!

Today is a lazy day of just puttering and reading.  Oh, and doing some laundry.


Hi Everyone.  On this New Year's Eve our day is foggy and cloudy with some possibility of rain.  However, we are to get into the low 70's this afternoon.  Certainly not a bad way to start a new year.  Nothing else planned so far for today.  I will likely watch some more college football and basketball.  We hope Scott will make it out today.  A friend was here for an hour this morning and the Heat Pump tech stopped by and looked at the outside unit.  All was fine and he didn't even come to the door.  He had told me he would be stopping by.

Joy, I think after you have tried your Instant Pot a few times you will come to like it.  It sure beats standing at the stove or trying to get things out of the oven.  Since it is temperature controlled and timed I don't see how it can be dangerous.  The steam is released being manually or automatically before you open the lid.  I hope to not feel as tired this new week either.  Unfortunately I think the increased weariness and pain is just a condition of the weakening heart and growing older.  I have made a note of your message with the recipe and I will put it into the Index. 

Lindancer, we are having the same weather patterns as you with more cloudy and rainy days that sunshine days.  My wife has had only a couple of things she has fixed in the Instant Pot that didn't turn out too well but they still tasted good.  It is great to cook meats and chicken in and the other day she made a pineapple upside down cake that was delicious.  It is easy to make soups since you don't have to stir it and worry about it sticking.  She also has used it without the water/steam to brown meat with the setting for doing so.  We do sing many of the old hymns in our Church service and especially at Sunday School. 

Amy, sometime ago I went through and put a number on each of the recipes that Pat has printed out and then make an alphabetized index so that she could find the recipes.  Now she has another big bunch that need to be indexed and enough to fill another 2 inch binder.  That will be one of my project to 2019.  We also like the fact that the handles on the Instant Pot are used to rest the lid.  Have you gotten all the accessories that go with the Instant Pot.  I think my wife must have every pan and tool that comes for it. 

Shirley, there is a separate release valve for the control to manually release the pressure.  Some recipes call for letting the steam release automatically, which is does when cooking time is over and it takes a few minutes to release or you can manually release the steam.  I remember my mother used to be concerned about using the pressure cooker and my wife was as well.  My wife no longer has that concern.  Amazing you can get gas for under a dollar. I have been giving thought to the danger of being out this time of the year and getting the flu or pneumonia.  Both of these would be very risky for me.  However, one cannot live in a shell.  

Rammel, I am sure cleaning anything off of a ceiling would be a frightful job. 

Lloyd, with the Instant Pot I don't think the lid could spin off as it only fits one way and has a very heavy lock.

Phyllis, I was happy when I read you were going to have a lazy day to today until I read you were going to do some laundry.   ;)  My wife put in a load of laundry this morning so expect I will have some things to fold up and put away later today.


Amy and Joy, I added both of your recipes to the Index for Chicken referring back to your recipes here.

June Drabek

Still feeling droopy coughing and sneezing and tired. I have enjoyed all the chatter about pressure cookers, mine was part of my life for years and years. I think I had one accident because i did not want to wait for the las of the steam to escape, but no big tragedy. I l learned so silence those last few hisses by putting the pot in the sink and running cold water over the top. I do not recommend it though. Be patient...the world is not coming to an end.

Gary and Dori are leaving tomorrow morning on their flight to McCall Ida. for about ten days I pray their Pilot did not celebrate tonight. God needs those two kids around for a long time.

Time to think about some lunch. I don't feel like going down to eat so will heat up a can of soup. Progresso, beef pot roast with country vegetables. then a banana for dessert. So Off I go......June
As long as we are here, let's dance.


December 31, 2018, 04:23:44 pm #280 Last Edit: December 31, 2018, 04:35:31 pm by Denver
A good New Years Eve Day to all of my SPECIAL friends.  It is a cold and snowy day here in the Mile High City. 

We were up bright and early to drive our Boston Family to the airport.  Bob ended up going alone as there was not a seat for me!  They have a big vehicle, but the back seat was left in Vail so they had more carrying capacity.....no big deal, I just wanted to have a bit more time with them, but not bad enough to leave Bob home and me drive them and come back alone! 

We enjoyed a wonderful family gathering yesterday at Dr. Dave's.  The grands all played so well and had a wonderful time together. Of course the time passed much too quickly, but we are all so happy when we have any quality time together.  Of course we missed our California Family and would have loved it if Baby Jonah was able to be here to meet his family💕

I am enjoying all the chatter about the pressure cookers.....I have one as well but have not used it nearly as much as I should have.  I guess I should admit that I am still a bit uncertain about using it, but so far have not fixed anything in it that did not turn out well.  I thank you again LARRY for all the time and effort you have put in to have the recipe file so easy for us all to enjoy. 

Our schedule is blank for the future and I must admit I am feeling a bit down that everything we have done recently is over!  That sounds thankless and I do not mean to sound that way....it is just that the time passes so quickly and the times we look forward to come and go much too quickly.  I bet I am far from being the only one with these feelings today! 

Our last Bronco Game was another disaster yesterday, so as of this morning we join many other NFL teams with NO head coach! As my late mama would always say after a bad football season...."just wait until next year", and so we will. 

My daddy sounded a bit more chipper this morning, so I hope that means he is feeling a bit better today.  I sure wish he were not so far away so that I could drop in and see how he is in person. 

We plan to have a quiet last day of the year.....like we normally do.  There is a New Years Eve Party at our club house tonight, but we prefer to celebrate the bringing in the New Year quietly here alone in our home.

I wish you ALL a very happy and healthy new year to come.  I just hope you know that I cherish our special friendship so much and look forward to another fun year together here in the Soda Shoppe.




It was a lot busier at WM than I thought it would be today and I guess that's OK.  It makes the time pass faster.  However, the rain that we weren't supposed to have today started around noon and is still coming down.  The weatherguesser says it's supposed to stop around 11 or so tonight. 

I have an extra day off this week.  They started to cut hours in anticipation of the end of the fiscal year at the end of January by order of the home office.  I got talking to one of the other much younger gals.  She has 5 kids to support and they cut one hour off each day she was scheduled.  She's full time.  I offered to give her whatever she could use of my hours and when we checked, the only day she could use was this coming Wednesday.  So I have an unexpected day off.  Maybe it will help me to shake this darn cold that keeps hanging on.  And maybe I can get some sleep. 

I have a casserole in the oven.  I copied it off the internet and there was only one thing I needed to buy to make it.  Would you believe I bought the wrong thing!  I wanted Alfredo sauce and if I had really taken notice, I would have junked the recipe.  I don't really care for alfredo sauce.  So I adjusted.  Instead of that, I used what I bought....roasted red pepper sauce in tomato sauce.  We'll see how it is.  It sure smells good! 

JENNY, you are absolutely right about time flying!  There is never enough time with our families and they do grow up so fast!  And why do they have to live so far away!  In the olden days, two blocks was too far.  Now they not only go all the way across the county, some of them actually move to other countries.  I have a grandson who lives in Montreal, Canada right now and in April he's moving to Mexico in the area of Mexico City.  Yes, it's for a girl but he can also do his job there.  He doesn't even have to change jobs.  But he'll be farther away.  Darn!

I'm still considering the pros and cons of an Instant Pot.  Today, I'm a little more pro than con.  But that might change tomorrow. 

I hope you've all had a lovely day and that it continues to be so for you.  I have no plans for the evening unless some of those zzzzs creep up and grab me.  I'm a bit tired.  Take care, my friends!

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June, had to giggle at your "putting the pressure cooker under the cold water faucet... I did the same but was always so careful not to let the water run near the steam vent or that little rubber
pop off gasket built into the lid. I also didn't want to recommend what "we used to do".  :-\  :-[

Larry, I never did get the elephant out of the driveway so took the little red Encore down, used less that 3 gallons of my 35 gallons of a dollar off. Told the kid at the gas office "I would be whining about this for the next year". We always tease when I'm getting gas & he is there. Nice kid, said he'll be 40 soon.

My knees are still cold, guess it's time to get out the long johns... geemogotchees? is that how Joan spelled it?  That wind cuts through wool & cotton like the skin is bare... need nylon to stop it. Had a fine mist on the windshield so probably going to be slick in the morning going to church. I called our McDonalds & they will be open so biscuits & gravy with a side of eggs sounds good.

I have to get my Fitbit Versa working again, won't tell me my sleep hours/pattern since the last update it did. My daughter showed me I have to have it connected with wi-fi & "push a button on each side until it goes blank"... and then push any button & it should be okay. It did this after the last update as well, so might as well not panic. But I do. :o

Happy New Year to All.  Don't stay up too late.  :coolsmiley:

Mary Ann

In case I don't make it back tonight, I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I'm not doing anything special tonight and I might even be in bed.

Mary Ann

June Drabek

I will be welcoming the New Year in my sleep, I'm sure. When I think back to some of the parties we had, let it be that we had FUN. No regrets.

I'm looking at two calendars. 2018 and 2019, and it amazes me that I am still here, and still enjoying my life...with all of you and all of my other family and friends. God has been so kind to have kept me here so long.  He must have a reason for it, and I just hope and pray I am filling His reason. It's really exciting to wonder what our God has planned.

I love you my Cyber family, and I need you. Keep well and happy as we age together. May 2019 find you ALL in happiness and health.  June
As long as we are here, let's dance.


Happy New Year

Brush away old heartaches.
Learn from our mistakes.
Another year is finally over.
A new dawn awakes.

Let the old year out.
Welcome the new one in.
Bury the bad things of the past
As a new year now begins.

Make your New Year wishes
As simple as you can.
Pray for peace and love,
Not for wealth or fame.

Pray for health and happiness.
Pray for your fellow man.
Pray for all the ones you love.
Pray for those who've lost their way.

As the midnight hour chimes,
We leave the old and embrace the new.
I wish the things you wish for yourself,
And may God's love stay with you.

John P Read

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


We still have an old pressure cooker here from back in the late 50's but my wife won't use it. It's one of those aluminum Mirro pressure cookers. I think I still have the instruction book that came with it somewhere in my old stuff.  My mom used to use one of the same model and as I recall the instructions called for running cold water over it to rapidly reduce the pressure.  My fav with it was pot roast with potatoes and carrots.
"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."



January 01, 2019, 12:30:08 am #287 Last Edit: January 01, 2019, 12:31:42 am by so_P_bubble

Let's make a new start  HERE