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Soda Shoppe for December 15, 2018

Started by so_P_bubble, December 15, 2018, 12:05:01 am

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Good evening.  Busy day getting dad to his appointments.  They took xrays and hope to have word tomorrow of what they think the cause of dads pain is.  The doctor suspected a crushed disc....not sure I have heard of that, but have heard slipped disc, pinched disk, etc.  He is in so much pain, I sure hope they have some plan to get him some relief. 

Little Jonah was circumcised this morning and the poor little guy has been pretty uncomfortable!  Wish I were there to give him some Nana 💞❣️

I am going to meet my Friend Patti for breakfast tomorrow.  She is the one that lives in Rock Springs Wyoming and comes to Denver quite often to visit.  She winters down here. 

JANE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes to your 12 year old, Kiran.  How can she be 12 already?  I hope she had a wonderful day. 

SHIRLEY, good to read you are going to get away for a few days.  You have had so much going on.... Sorry to read that Andy is still on antibiotics. Sure hope he can get a clean bill of health soon.  Congratulations to your granddaughter, graduating with honors!  Sweet!

RADIOMAN, sadly I am unable to see your pictures......but thank you for sharing.

Pleasant dreams to all.



Good morning everyone...

I slept in and it looks like everyone one else did too!!! Our house guest went home last night..he sure was fun to have around but he was also glad to see his owner.

Jane, I had forgot to say Happy Birthday to Kiran.

Need to go hubby can't find a questionnaire that he was to fill out tomorrow. :(

Have a great day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyfriend!  I've been up since about 6:15.  Annie decided it was time to go out so Mickie joined her.  In fact, Mickie played her usual "buttinsky" and went out the door first. 

I'm not feeling up to par today....runny nose, itchy eyes, sore throat, squeaky voice...so I called off work and I'm going to take it easy, stay warm and eat properly.  I hope you all do the say even if you feel great...which I also hope for all of you.

JENNY, I finally got through most of my backed up email and saw all the pictures of you little "All Star".  Isn't it hard to leave them?  Thank goodness for the phones ad email that deliver photos quickly.   I hope they soon find something to ease your Dad's pain.  Being old is bad enough.  We don't need to hurt, too.

Now I'm off to see if there are any zzzzzs hanging around.  I'm pretty sure rest will be the best medicine for what ails me. 

Have a great day, Everyfriend!  Grab it and make it yours in every way.

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Hi Everyone. I am not seeing the sun here today and the forecast said it will be colder and in the next couple of days the rain and wind will return.  My friend will be here at 10 am to work with me for an hour.  Then this afternoon we will meet Scott at Ruby Tuesdays about 2:30 to have a meal together.  This will also be our main meal of the day.  Pat has a big toe that is bothering her once again and woke her up early this morning.  I did fix her breakfast as well as my own and am now ready for the rest of the day.  I did get the paperwork signed at the bank yesterday so I am ready to assume the Treasurer responsibilities at the end of this month for my Saturday group.

Joy, I expect the peanut clusters would be good with a softer nut like a pecan.  Next years maybe I will make them with pecans or cashews rather than the peanuts.  I have been careful of my teeth for a number of years and always cut my apple up into bite size chunks rather than just biting into it.  It sounds like many of us are becoming minimalists in terms of Christmas decorating.  I hope you had a good nights sleep last night. 

Jane, I sure would hate to find 1200 emails to deal with and if I did I would certainly be selective of what I actually read.  I feel fortunate as, like you, I am not given to periods of depression but do occasionally have a bit of a depressed day. 

Gloria, I expect I would toss a mouse in the trash that was so hard to change the batteries in.  It sounds like you had a terrible ordeal.  Glad you finally got it back together.  I decided to use a wired mouse on my desktop so I don't have to deal with changing the batteries.  I also use a wired keyboard.  Pat and I do use wireless mice on the laptops. 

Jane, you know Kiran is growing up when she ices her own birthday cake.  It sounds like you all had a special time and the lots of love is what is important.  It sounds like Mickie is the Alpha dog wanting to be first.  Sorry to read you are not feeling well to day and it sure sounds like rest is called for. 

Jenny, a crushed disc sounds terrible but at his age his bones may be pretty brittle.  Try this link and you can look at Don's pictures:  https://www.seniorsandfriends.org/index.php?msg=146294  There are several pictures so be sure to scroll down. 

Amy, I bet your dog hated to see your house guest leave.


Good morning everyone, for a change had a good night's sleep, 8:30 was a better time to wake up instead of 3am. A sunny 19° so not too bad because it is not windy. After so many days waking in the middle of the night feels like the day is half over already.

JENNY  hope your father gets some relief PDQ. No fun living in pain. Poor little Jonah, wonder if they sedate those poor little babies before cutting them like that.

JANE  you are so right, being old is bad enough without living in pain, then doctors tell you that you are too old for surgery. Another words you are old so now suffer. Would love to see some of those doctors when they get old.

Not much to say this morning and I better get my breakfast and dressed before my CNA gets here. Have a good day and stay warm.

DON  love your photos and you are still looking good.

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Mary Ann

Gloria, I could read your post today with no help as the letters were larger.  Thank you. 

It is a sunny day here today and I am taking Tom to lunch.  I found out a few minutes ago that he son, James, will be here and I will treat him too. 

Maybe today I'll get up the box in this room that has a few Christmas decorations in it, then put them out for display.  I'd love to bring up the tree, but there is not enough room in the living area for a tree and besides I might find a decorative cat in the tree - and that I do not want.

Mary Ann


Good afternoon, on another cold day, no wind like yesterday.  I still am having trouble with my little toe that I stubbed. the pain kept me awake all night, i feel stupid complaining about it as it looks OK, but I cannot touch it it hurts so bad. Does have a little place that.[

Mary Ann, I know you are in ancestry and have heard from cousins ,  Well to day I got and Email wanting to know if I was the girlfriend of his grandfather who had a lot of pictures of me and talked about me/b]

[I will write more when I feel betterb][/b]

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Gloria de are you sure you didn't break your toe? If you can tape it to the toe beside  it ,it may help. When my friend had both toenails off I took a cardboard box cut one side off for his feet to sit in so the blankets would bother his toes. Maybe you can try something like that?
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

Mary Ann

Amy, I wondered, too, if Gloria might have broken the toe.  I know the toes are more sensitive to bumps than other parts of our bodies.

Gloria, how neat that you heard from someone on Ancestry.  I know the names of most of my second cousins (children of my mother or dad's first cousins) and I try to locate fourth cousins or earlier, but when they're distant cousins, I just ignore the info because some of the contacts go back to the beginning of my knowledge (back to my 7th and 8th great-grandparents.  That's not close enough for me.

Gloria, I hope your toe feels better soon.  If it keeps up, see a doctor.

Mary Ann


I just got back from a flying trip to MO that I started a little over a month ago. Had the best sleep in a month at a Corp of Engineer campground with nary a single other camper or even host around. The place was so neat & clean, ready for a new year. They had even burned off brush, lots of trees but didn't look like it damaged them. I took the cats & left the house yesterday morning, straight to Truman Lake & this morning I drove the 35 miles to my home town to put extra Christmas decorations on my parents graves & then back through KC to stop for a quick visit with my 93 year old brother, he & wife are heading to FL for several months after the first of the year.  All 5 of their kids & families will have Christmas at their house before they leave. My sister-in-law & brother decorate to the hilt... every spot has some special decoration, absolutely beautiful. They have been doing this for at least 20 years so now most of their grandbabies are grown. I took a longer look than I planned so was very dark when I got home. Will have to unload the RV in the morning, the last 50 miles were stressful since I avoid driving after dark & traffic was awful! Sure gets dark early. :-\

Jenny, my best friend's husband had serious knee problems, had one fixed & then it hurt worse than the other so wouldn't have the other worked on. That was the main reason his back started hurting (they thought), because he was limping from one leg to the other. Anyway, he reached a point that his back hurt so bad he could hardly move until his son convinced him to go to a clinic that "does the band-aid type surgery" as an out patient.... my friend said it didn't take long & he actually only had a band-aid over the incision, but he back was free from pain when he walked out of the clinic that same day!  I hope you can find such a place there, I have a feeling with that area full of retired people they probably have the best of care. I am always doubtful of these type surgeries but this one I can vouch for!

I would love to stay & visit but need to get busy, Miss CallieCat was waiting at the door, so happy to have her family home. She cleaned up her bowl of food and then cleaned up Tom's & Tiger's. Tom just came back inside & checking out his empty bowl, he & Tiger hardly eat on the road. It takes them a full day to recover, Tiger just refuses to eat but Tom eats & then "tosses his cookies" as soon as we start rolling. I do think it's all in his head because he doesn't get sick on the same drive home.  I do believe he understands when I tell him "we are going home today...."  Old LaurenKat wouldn't eat on the road, either, but after a couple days in one place she would.

I guess I will take the cats on an over night trip to a near by lake, to see if Callie would travel okay. I felt so bad driving off when she begged so hard to go with us yesterday morning. Was one step behind me loading & I had to make sure she didn't follow me into the RV or hide in the garage. At least it wasn't cold & stayed above freezing last night.

My mind won't slow down with so much to do tomorrow. Our family gathering is Sat & I have foods to prepare for that. I quickly read all the posts to make sure everyone is okay...  :thumbup:   Saw the photos from Don (looks like one fun loving group!).... Remember when Joan would throw the angel dust to help us sleep?  I think I got my eyes full because they are closing.....zzzzz  Good Night to All and God Bless. Shirley


I'm also going to bed early.  Tomorrow, I have to drive to a nearby town (about 15 miles) for a dental consultation.  Then I have two bags of trash to dispose of and some things to pick up in town. 

Today, in between naps and decent meals and drinking gallons of water, I managed to get a few things done toward getting ready for Christmas.  I think I might make it.

And now I bid you all Good Night.  May sweet dreams be with you and may God bless us, every one!

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Good evening.

Dad got the results from the xrays today, and it is a compression fracture of the vertebrae.  He has a appointment tomorrow at noon with a spine specialist.  At first this office told us they would TRY to call him by Friday to set up a appointment, then after they got the referral from the doc with the xray report they called and said they would see him tomorrow.  We are so hopeful they will do something to get him some relief.  He is REALLY suffering!  Makes me feel so badly.

Mark said Baby Jonah is doing a bit better today....thank goodness. 

GLORIA, I HOPE they numbed him up a bit before they started cutting😢🥺
Poor little guy.

SHIRLEY, happy to see you made your trip safely and enjoyed it so much! I hope they can do something to relieve the pain for dad.  I had a cousin that had a back procedure like you described and it sure worked well for him. 

GLORIA de.....i think it sounds like you broke your little toe.  Taping it to your other toes willl give it support and should give you a little relief from the pain.

LARRY, thank you for the clickable to see Don the Santa.  It worked great.  Hope you and Pat enjoyed your meal with Scott today. 

JANE, happy you got to see my boys pictures that I shared.  I share your thoughts of how hard it is to say goodbye to them....not knowing when you will get to see them again😢 we all know they change so fast.  Oh, I forgot to tell you all Jonah now weighs 9# 1 oz.  he gained a pound and a oz in a week!  That mama's milk is GOOD STUFF!

Thanks to you, too, BUBBLE for the clickable to Don's Santa pictures.  It sure is great to see him in his suit again and the smiles he brought to the faces of the residents.  I am sad to see him looking so thin, but he still has that special sparkle in his eyes.

My papa is so thin.....he just has no appetite.  Tonight he came to the table and ate a nice (small) helping of spaghetti, but had to head back to his recliner right away.  Diane said this is the most he has eaten in over a week. 

Sweet dreams to all....


Lloyd Hammond

well we are bringing this day to a shutdown, we got the drain line fixed and flowing again all that is left is fill one place we had to dig to get to it to fix it.  if nothing else goes wrong we will have Christmas get to gather on Christmas day with our daughter's and her family. then day after we will load the R V and get ready to leave for Floridan on Wednesday and leave on Thursday for Tampa. have Friends Living here in the lower level of the house. and them and Bob will take care of feeding and looking after the cattle. so we should be good to stay there and along the beach line to the gulf coast. Nancy is finely getting excited to go also. good Night and sweet dreams.



Good morning everyone...

Sleep did not want to stay with me and I was here around 3 am.....tried to get more zz's but guess they were needed elsewhere.

We are off to the city this morning, hubby is to meet his new rheumatologist today and I pray he will help him . I honestly don't know how hubby is putting up with all the pain...I can see it but he feels it!
 Every morning now when I get up I have to go put Peepers(cockatiel) back up on a rung in her cage. When she was given to me she had one bad leg and now the second one is bad. When I met her last owners they ask if she is still living and I say yes but now both legs are bad...he will make the motion of ringing her neck :( Told them as long as she eats, and chirps she lives.if in pain well a trip to the vet would be in order......she is 25 years old now.

Jane, safe travels this morning.

Jenny, prayers for your Dad and hope the rid him of the pain he is in. Did you post a photo of Jonah ?

Shirley, now would be the perfect time to camp  not many go in the winter.

Larry, he was a joy to look after,had the same mannerism as GG ,slept in the same spot during the day cross way to the walkway in the house. Hope Pat's toe is better this morning.

Lloyd, happy to read your trouble has been fixed. Sounds like you  and Nancy are chomping at the bit to head to Florida. You both deserve this vacation .

Joy, everything ok on your end?

I had better get a move on

Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

Lloyd Hammond

Well everyone seams to have the changes mastered in S & F except me.
I  read every thing but post on very little of it because of my  short time remembering. then the next day or day after I log on where should be where i left off of yesterday but it is as much as two days ago. oh well don't quit on me I will keep on keeping on. the weather guessore says 39º
and mostly clear but headed for 44º and cloudy, but he is all wet we have
had some liquid sun shine already the boards on the side deck are already damp. have a great day everyone.



I'm up!  The doggies have been out, fed, out again and now seem to be settling down for a "long winter's nap". 

I'm thinking that if I get dressed and ready for my appointment early, maybe I can take the trash to the dumpster on the way.  Maybe even make a stop in town and get one thing that I still need.  I'm thinking I might try that! However, I'm doing a lot of chasing after my runny nose this morning.  I feel somewhat better but still not up to par!

JENNY, I've got your "daddy" in my prayers.  I think he needs some this morning.  Nice that he's eating a little.  He needs to keep up his strength.

GloriaDe, I was thinking the same thing about you toe.  It could very well be broken.  At our age, it doesn't take much of a bump and toes are vulnerable.  Please have it checked!

My fruit cake is wrapped and ready to go to church on Sunday.  This might be the earliest it's been ready since I've been making it.  I still have to get an address for a long-time church member who likes it and who I usually take directly to her home since she hasn't been able to get out much.  She recently moved to assisted living and I'm not sure where.

LLOYD and NANCY!  Have a great Christmas with your family and a lovely trip South.  Drive carefully.   

Now I'm going to go make my bed, get a shower and get dressed for the day.  I wish you all a good one!  Take it and make it your own!

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Good morning everyone, 27° now but going up and a storm coming in about the time of afternoon rush hour but rain this time and strong winds.From what the forecasters say it will get up to the 60s tomorrow. Better than snow, we would get snowed in for Christmas, horrible thought.

MARY ANN  I did nothing different yesterday with the font size, same as usual, maybe you are getting used to it.

GLORIA de  did you break that toe?  Hope that pain goes away for you. Terrible as the older we get the more aches and pains we get. Ahh those golden years that are a myth.

SHIRLEY  glad you made it home safe driving after dark is something I could not  longer do when I was still driving. My oldest  son avoids doing that now, he finally knows what I was talking about. I think I miss that angel dust from JOAN the nights I cannot sleep. Then on nights I sleep good I think she is up in heaven spreading it over me.

JENNY  wonder why they do not do that surgery when the babies are still in the hospital like they used to. One way for the hospitals to make more money? I sure hope the spine doctor helps you father. I know how a back  can hurt.

LLOYD  I wish you and Nancy a wonderful trip in Florida, Will be warmer there and no snow to clear away. Relax and enjoy it.

AMY  not nice or good life for you hubby living in so much pain but he is still alive.

Have a good day everyone.

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Good morning.  A sleepless night for me, too.  And more rain on the way today.  I hope to get some grocery shopping done before the rain starts.  Now I'm off to find some breakfast....maybe a slice of bacon on a piece of wheat toast and a cup of hot tea will make the day seem brighter.  :kettle:


Hi Everyone. I awoke to a rainy morning and it is suppose to continue all day today and then again tomorrow with the possibility of from 1 to 2 inches of rain.  I plan a very quiet and restful day.  I will probably pick up my friend and we will go downtown for coffee as usual on Thursdays but nothing else on the schedule.  We did enjoy our time with Scott yesterday at Ruby Tuesday's.  We were shocked to see that they had significantly raised their prices on some of their entrees.  Scott and I both chose to have the great salad bar as our meal and Pat had a fried chicken sandwich with fries.  I do have the kitchen chores done and just need to make Pat's breakfast when she arises.

Gloria, glad to see you finally had a good nights sleep on Tuesday night.  That is pretty chilly up your way.  With all the study and practice doctors have they still can't know what pain we suffer or our lack of energy since they haven't walked in our shoes.  It would be surprising if the NE and other parts of the country don't have some snow and bad weather that will disrupt the Christmas travelers. 

Mary Ann, maybe you could just put a Christmas ornament on Kendrick and designate him your Christmas tree for this year.  Well maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea.  :coolsmiley:

Lindancer, so sorry that your toe pain is keeping you from being able to sleep.  You left us a cliff hanger as to whether you were the girlfriend of the guys grandfather?  I sure hope you will be feeling better today.

Amy, what a neat idea with the shoe box.  I could have used that when I had my two big toenails removed. I think I just put a pillow under the covers to make them tent up so they wouldn't touch my toes.  I hope you husbands appointment today will lead to some relief for him.  I don't remember you mentioning the cockatiel and that is a pretty good age for a bird.  Pat was feeling better with her toe yesterday and was able to put on a shoe when we went out.  It must be better this morning as she is still sleeping.  

Shirley, that was a flying trip to Missouri.  It sounds like it did you good to get away from all of the things you have to do when you are home.  That has to be a lot of work for your brother and SIL to have all of their large family at their house for Christmas.  I sure hope you don't overwork yourself in getting ready for Saturday. 

Jane, it sounds like you were feeling better yesterday but see that today you still are not feeling up to par.  I hope your appointment and errands go  well today.  .

Jenny, at least your dad knows what he is dealing with and that does sound so painful.  Sure glad your dad is being seen today rather than having to wait several days to get an appointment.  We did enjoy our time yesterday with Scott and we cherish each moment we can spend with him.  When he got to work yesterday (he is working twelve days in a row) he had a text from T-Mobile about taking the second step to being hired and he is very encouraged that he will be able to go to work for them.  The pay is much better and he would be sitting at a desk rather than being on his feet for hours on end.  It sounds like Jonah is growing nicely. 

Lloyd, glad to see you got the drain line fixed.  Now you can concentrate on getting things ready for your time in Florida.  Nice to read that Nancy is becoming excited about making the trip. 

Phyllis, it sounds like you will be getting some of the rain we are now experiencing.  However, so far it has been more of a light drizzle than any heavy rain.

Mary Ann

Gloria, I don't know why your type got easier for me to read, but I'm glad it did.  On my computer, your type size went from what Lloyd posts to the size I post.  It isn't bold, but very readable.

Larry, you're right, it would not be a good idea to put an ornament on Kendrick.  If it broke, it would not be a good thing for either the cat or the carpet.

Jane, I don't bake fruit cakes any more and mine were not elaborate.  Last year and this year, I ordered a mini fruitcake from Collin Street Bakery.  I'm the only one who likes fruitcake, so why buy a big one!  It has the same ingredients as the big one and is almost as expensive.  But it's one of my yearly splurges.

I hope those with ailments and toe problems find comfort in some way or other.

Mary Ann


My appointment went well and I didn't have as much trouble finding her office as I'd expected to.  The town where it's located is somewhat larger than the one where I live and it's not one where I've spent much time.  I go through it on some trips but I don't know the names of the streets and the ones that go off them.  But the girl in the office gave me pretty good directions.

I managed two of my errands on the way but one of the stores wasn't open yet.  It doesn't matter because I have to pick up a custom frame job when it's ready and he promised it before Christmas.  And the store where I need a gift card is in the same block.  And I'm sure they won't be sold out of gift cards no matter when I go.

Now I'm going to go see if the dogs have used up all the zzzzs that have been floating around here.  They're sawing logs right now so maybe the zzzzs will reconstitute.  Do they do that?

Enjoy the rest of your day.  Stay dry.  Stay warm, Stay happy! 

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Lloyd Hammond

while I was catching up here at S & F Nancy was watching the evening news and told me they just had a tornado at Tampa. heart breaking to see and here of the damage there. never said of any injury other than property damage so far. she said maybe we should change our plans from there to Orlando. I still want to go to Tampa and go under the pear where the little girl told me of how they go there and get the large snails and cook and eat them. i would like to taste them but more instred of getting the big sea shells first hand. Have a great rest of the day. weather is very cold with the 5 to 10 miles wend out of the north current 37º, cuts through like a knife. calling for tomorrow to be worse.



[Good evening, thought I would be in here a little earlier, but had company o and off all day. Temp in the 50's heavy rain and wind for to morrow. they keep showing all those poor people stuck in the airport .  I just made 30 felt napkin holder  with green leaves and a red flower  put a christmas napkin in each one and a candy cane. For the Christmas table they will set at bread and More for the homeless people including children.size=4][
Lary, yes that was my first boyfriend. I sure hope your son gets that job he wants

Jenny, I will also say a pray for your dad and also you have a safe trip home

Amy, I did put a box in bed under and it kept the sheet off the toe.  Both toes feel a little better to day, the one I am sure I broke and the toe on the other foot the doctor took the nail off, because of infection from ingrown toe nail. other wise I am in great shape. Although I did not go to Red Hat Christmas party to day./size]

Gloria, yes I do think I broke the toe as  stubedit twice. I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO wear those golden slippers, I go for the golden years ;D

Mary Ann, Taffy is playing with heregrey mouse also the white one.  Last night she got in the Christmas mood I guess and was running around and throwing them up in the air

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[bI do not understand how the size print changed in my last post][/b]

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June Drabek

I get no posting area. I click on Previw and it gives me a red outlined area to post in. Very dis=heartening. And my Navy color has disappeared. June
As long as we are here, let's dance.


Well, it's nice to see you, June, even if you are off in a corner all your own.  You'll figure it out.

No matter what I do, I can't get notifications to notify me.  I have to find my way here all on my own and that taxes my memory.

I'm going to try working tomorrow but I'm taking along a knit cap and if they try to put me in front of that air vent again, I'm wearing it whether they like it or not.  I was there for two hours on two separate days last week and I'm sure that's why I have a cold. 

I'm off to bed now so I wish you all a Good Night and may God bless us, every one.

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Lloyd Hammond

well I am going to hit the hay my self Nancy has already done that.sweet Dreams everyone and may god watch over you all and give you all a restful night's sleep. hope to see you all tomorrow.



This came from Bubble today - 12/20/2018.
"My computer died and I will be unavailable for who knows how long."
"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."



Made most of the buttons bold. Not all of them are behaving though so I'll need to look into that further in the coming days.