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Jun 01 2020 8:12am
mycheal:  ;D

May 27 2020 8:28pm
Astro: Oldiesman:  Much better.  Thank you!

May 26 2020 1:21am
Oldiesmann: Should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to my attention :)

May 26 2020 1:08am
Oldiesmann: I must not have set the permissions correctly for that board when I set the site up again a few years ago (long story - there was a server crash years ago and no backup, so we had to start over from scratch). I'll fix it soon.

May 25 2020 6:09pm
Astro:   feel free to start a topic here. Any duplicated topics may be merged together so we don't have two topics of similar nature.  Has that been eliminated?

May 25 2020 6:07pm
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May 22 2020 2:46pm
brian: never   many  in chatroom here------  poor  showing

May 14 2020 9:29pm
JeanneP: Brownies.

May 11 2020 1:02pm
Oldiesmann: I don't think we allow regular members to start new topics in most of the boards here

May 11 2020 11:54am
Astro: Oldiesmann:  I briefly brought it up with So P Bubble  and she thought you might be able to rectify my dilemma. 

Soda Shoppe for January 1, 2019

Started by so_P_bubble, January 01, 2019, 12:22:29 am

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Good morning everyone..

Brr chilly here -12° F this morning. Household chores need to be done especially washing floors!
Gloria, that was a nice card, thank you!! Hope your shoulder/arm is feeling better today. Our neighbour used horse liniment on his knees and said it helped.....along with WD40!

Better get going here and make up for my time that I over slept.

Enjoy your day everyone and stay warm.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Gloria, I hope the shoulder is much better today.  I knew about horse liniment but have never used it.  But, I have used Bag Balm many times.  When I used to do loom weaving it was important to keep hands soft so the yarn would not snag.  I tend to have dry skin so I used it a lot.  And I still use enormous amounts of lotion....I hate touching anything when my hands are dry.

Cloudy again today and slightly cooler but it will still be in the 60's.  November here was very cold but since then it has been unseasonably warm.  I'm not complaining.

The electrician will be here later this morning to hook the attic fan back to power.  I hope that will be the very last thing to think about in regard to the roof!  And, I hope I never have to worry about putting a new roof on again.  Please, no more hurricanes!  As soon as the weather gets warmer and drier I will need to find someone who will repair and repaint my deck.


Good Morning Everyfriend! I bought myself a stronger pair of reading glasses and found that I can once again enjoy reading a good book.  My daughter shared a book of Amish Christmas stories with me and I was able to read one whole story last night (171 pages).  I haven't been able to that in a couple of years.  I have to remember to keep the light directly on the page I'm reading.  If I drift away from the page, everything dims.  I also slept better last night than I have in about 3 weeks.  Today has to be a good day.

My cleaning dynamo comes today at 10:30 and I try to do like LARRY does and "keep out of her way".  Maybe I'll stay in the office and work on finances.  I have to run a short errand and I can't do it until 9 a.m. so I'm thinking I'll wait until she gets here and go do it while she works. 

I hope you all have a great day!  Make it your own in every way.

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Hi Everyone. Our day starts our at 60 degrees but we are to have cloudy skies today with mostly a 20% chance of rain throughout the day.  The high is suppose to get to 66 this afternoon.  Our day yesterday was brightened when our son came out for a couple of hours and he finally got his Christmas presents.  We didn't make it to Diablo's as we had planned yesterday or plan on going early this afternoon and Scott may join us for lunch.  At 4 pm he has his personal interview at T-Mobile and is really looking forward to it.  After that is over he plans on coming out for awhile this evening.

Gloria, I am happy to see that the pain gel is giving you some relief.  Sorry about your twisted left arm as you sure don't need any more pain. 

Shirley, Pat has used the Bag Balm salve in the past and just a couple of weeks ago ordered some to be sent to her sister.  Glad to read your son is improving daily. 

Jenny, it sounds like yesterday was a good day to stay indoors and enjoy the beauty of the snow from the inside. 

Lloyd, that is quite early to be up and talking to Roley. 

Amy, my dad used WD40 on his arthritic knees for years.  He had asked his doctor about it and was told there was nothing in it that would hurt him. 

Phyllis, I have never liked using lotion and don't like the greasy feeling.  However, I have started using Intensive Care Repair lotion on my dry legs and it has really helped.  It is nice to have this warmer weather in January rather than the extreme cold and snow. 

Jane, nice to see you had a good nights sleep and were able to read a good book with the new glasses.  Our housekeeper goes a mile a minute and if I didn't stay out of her way she might try to vacuum me up.  I usually stay in my office and that it about the last thing she cleans.  By that time it is after noon and I am ready to rest.  She usually does the master bedroom and bathroom the first thing so the bed is ready for me.


Good morning everyone.

MARY ANN  since I no longer make cards in the  card shop I thought the beast I could do was post a JL card here. I do love her creations.

SHIRLEY  I havesed bag baln, too. till have some of it, I now use soft soap with Aloe and never had chapped hands since.

LLOYD  only had poison ivy once and had some stuff a pharmacist made up and no itching.

AMY  think I will keep some of that horse liniment on hand, really helps ease the pain.

PHYLLIS  I know what you mean about soft hands and yarn, I used to do a lot of crocheting and knitting till I could no longer do it without my hands cramping. Since I started using soap with aloe my hands are no longer rough.

JANE  I tried buying reading glasses but every pair I tried on the pring was blurry so stick to my prescription ones. I keep telling the eye doctor they need to be stronger for reading but he does not believe me. Maybe time to change?

LARRY  that is what happens when I try to do something I know I should not do. I am still babying the shoulder and it is feeling somewhat better today.

Have a good day.

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Good Morning everyone from the cold
but sunny rocky coast of Maine.

I hwave an apointment monday with my "Ortho" man
as I have injured my right arm/shoulder
and it needs some serious attention.

I use DMSO which helps the pain...  (Horse liniment)
Been using it for many many years. 

I am hoping that my arm pain is not too serious,
 but it sure hurts like the devil.   


"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:


The "Dynamo" is gone and my house not only sparkles, it also smells clean! 

I just has some of my leftover "Mistake casserole" for lunch and it's still good.  I hope I can remember the recipe so I can make it again sometime.  I saved the one with the Alfredo sauce in it and I think I'll just make up a copy of the "mistake" before I forget what I did to it.

I think I'll go start another Amish story and wait for the zzzzs to take over.  My eyes are already tired.  And this must be the week for the sore shoulder.  I don't know what I did to mine but it hurts all the way from my shoulder to my elbow and even my elbow hurts.  I've been using the "Stopain" stuff on it and it seems to be helping but not fast enough!

I hope everyfriend feels better, gets happy, has a nice lunch/supper/whatever and everyone finds peace in their hearts!

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June Drabek

Looks like I didn't get in yesterday at all, so may I wish you all a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR ! I saw the ball drop ih New York, in the rain, but did not stay awake for our West Coast.

My Gary and Dori arrived safely in McCall Idaho yesterday and they will have a great time for nine days, spoiling their 3 little Grand kids.

I am just plodding along, going down fo lunch soon. I plan to have soup, salad, and a cheese omelet with toast. It's another to make eggs in the microwave, so I usually have an omelet once a week.

I missed Bible studies today..my own dumb fault...had it planned, but lay down to rest first, and that's what happens to we older people quite frequently.

I am still looking at a stack of greeting cards that need replies.The older I grow the less there is to write about, so one day passes into another, and I get nothing done. The body is holding up fairly well, but the mind is lacking inspiration. It is so easy, and so enjoyable, to just get lost in a good book, and live life through the author.

Now it is time to take the body down for lunch and visit with my table mates. Keep well and happy my wonderful, blessed, friends, and may we all hang in here for another year, OKAY ???? Love you..June
As long as we are here, let's dance.


[Good evening, a more normal cold day for Jan.Sandy sorry to hear you have hurt your shoulder.  I hurt mine in my late 80's playing golf; I hite 95 yrds over the water to land 1 inch from the pin. Never played like that again nor had my use of the shoulder. Orthopedic doctor said I needed surgery, but I was to old, as it is a long healing period. Still cannot lift the coffee pot.

Heard from my DIL in Mass. she did not want to tell me before Christmas, she has shingles,  Did not want to worry me.

June I always get a Swiss cheese omelet when I go to Friendly's

Gloria, hope you are feeling better.

Larry nice that you get to see your son.

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June Drabek

I woke up from a four hour nap...mercy !!!!!!So I took myself out to walk our hallways. Too cold to go outside and distress this old body. I will heat up a cup of soup for supper, then get ready for bed, and just relax the rest of the evening. Life is Good. Thanks be to God. Hugs, Love and Prayers, June[/size][/b]
As long as we are here, let's dance.


I'm going to wish you all a very good night.  Then I'm going to go read until it's time to let the doggies out for the last time and then I'll head for bed.  I hope you all pass a pleasant, restful, peaceful night and that you wake ready to meet the challenges of a new day. 

May God bless us, every one!

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January 02, 2019, 09:09:28 pm #41 Last Edit: January 02, 2019, 09:11:49 pm by JeanneP
This doesn't copy good but I like the sentiment of it.

As I step into
Another year
I think of those
No longer here
I'll miss their smiles
I'll miss those laughs
The fun we had
In years gone past
But I reserve
Within my heart
A place for them
While we're apart
My love for them
Will always thrive
My memories
Keep them alive
So as I take
Another step
I'll dry the tears
That I have wept
Embrace the year
Endure its tests
And live the life
That I've been blessed




Lloyd Hammond

JeanneP thanks that was beautiful May this whole year be for you just what you like and need.


Peter thank you for all that you sent this AM . they were great.



I'm up and attem.  The doggies were out, had their pill and we'r waiting for the boinger.  I put the clean dishes away from the dishwasher and I'm having my first cuppa coffee while we await the boing. 

Nothing special planned but I do have to do something about paying the Insulation guy.  I had ordered new checks sometime back because I was running low and when I got them and used the first one, it was only a matter of days till the bank called to tell me they'd made a mistake and put my savings account number on them instead of my checking account and I'd have to destroy all of them and wait for a new order.  I'm still waiting.  I'm going to call the insulation guy's secretary today and try to explain and then see what I can work out with them.  If they take cards, I could go up there and pay with my debit card.  If they don't this is one place where I won't pay cash.  Maybe a bank draft. Oh well, I'll figure out something.

I hope you all have a wonderful day full of joy and love!

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Hi Everyone.  It is early for me but I woke up a little after 3 am and couldn't go back to sleep so after laying in bed for quite awhile I decided to get up and get busy.  The main activity this morning is to pick up my friend and we will go to coffee.  After I drop him back at his apartment I need to stop at the Credit Union close by and cash some savings bonds that have matured and then go on over to Walmart and pick up a prescription for Pat.  That will be plenty for today.  Yesterday we did go to Diablo's for lunch and then around 6 pm Scott came out and spent a couple of hours with us.  We are going to have another rainy day with the high in the mid-60's.  So I will keep my umbrella with me when I am out of the car this morning.

Gloria, having poison ivy once is enough for anyone.  Scott got poison ivy at the same time he was having chicken pox or the measles when he was small.  Glad you have found something to ease your pain. Interesting that your eye doctor doesn't take your word about what you need since he isn't seeing through your eyes.  I sure hope that each day seems improvement with your shoulder. 

Sandy, sorry to read that you are have an injured right arm/shoulder.  I hope you won't require surgery.  I haven't heard anyone mention DMSO in a long time. 

Jane, isn't it a great feeling to get your house cleaned all at once and you didn't have to do it.  Every two weeks are our is ready to be cleaned and we are not messy people.  It does seem like a small epidemic with shoulder problems here with our friends. 

June, aren't grandparents suppose to spoil the grandkids?  ;D I bet the grandkids are enjoying the visit of Gary and Dori.  Do you respond to each greeting card you get or just the ones with personal letters? 

Lindancer, is your DIL suffering a lot with the shingles or was she able to get the medication in time to reduce the severity of it?  I am awaiting Walmart getting more vaccine in to get my second shingles shot.  I will ask today when I am there and if they have the vaccine I will go ahead an get that shot as I sure don't want shingles. 

JeanneP, like Lloyd I really like the sharing you did of dealing with the years past and losses of family and friends but realizing life goes on.


JeanneP, I liked the poem you posted very much.  Thank you.

Larry, I have some bonds that are matured to take care of, too.  I must get them out and get that done soon.  Also, I've am on a very long waiting list for the shingles vaccine at Walgreen's.  The pharmacist said he had no idea how long it would take to get to my name.  I've had shingles (not fun) and I've had the old shingles shot but supposedly this new vaccine in two shots is more effective.

Grocery shopping day.  It seems to me like that comes around much too often.  It is drizzling rain but not heavy enough to give an excuse to not go.  <sigh>

Nothing of interest to talk about so I'll go get some breakfast and get on with my day.


Good morning..we started our day heading to the city but roads were not nice and I turned back. Cleaned  the driveway and backyard trails for the dog with the snow blower while Kyle did some shovelling. First I phoned the kids as we were to meet them  and phoned the place where I was to pick up more quilts and said to both we will make it another day.

Yesterday I was floors and our messy van but today after taking Kyle out for coffee the van doesn't look clean anymore.

Better get busy and tidy up and purge another room.

Enjoy your day everyone..

ps Where is Joy???
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Well, doggies, (who was it that said that....OH, I remember, Clampett on Bev Hillbillies)... I looked at weather on the Kindle & said above freezing most nights all week and mid to upper 50s for days, that is almost balmy for early January. BUt, on this computer I see a mass of snow & ice coming up from Callie & says we will be having "sometimes heavy" in about an hour. What a difference a weather guesser makes, huh? 

I do have a couple errands to run so will do that sooner than later. Yesterday a local man set up a snow machine on the only hill in this area open to the public, for kids to bring sleds & enjoy. You have no idea how bad I wanted to join them but afraid of becoming a spectacle. I do love snow & a sled ride & not too many 84 (almost) year olds willing to join in. Guess I will have to wait until we get the real snow to ride my sno-nut down my back hill.  :'(  Crazy old lady just wants to enjoy whatever as long as she can, this will stop one day.  I don't want to have any regrets & want to share the sheer joy of doing with y'all.

Must take some left over down to the critters, did not freeze some things early enough & don't think they are safe now. Bad me, I generally watch those things better... but, at least some critters will think I'm giving them a feast.

Amy, this is the first year EVER that I haven't washed the road treatment off my vehicles almost immediately, but poor little Red has ickies all over her sides.  They are treating the main streets with the salt & grime before threat of snow or ice & too many times I've driven over the wet streaks on the street & then dust sticks to it. I discovered this year the car washes (do it yourself ones) are closed!  Shocked me to see that & I'm not willing to spend the huge amount the others charge when next day the same stuff may hit the streets. My snow blower hasn't been gassed up yet (or last year), we do need moisture.

Guess I'd better move, actually got just over 9 hours sleep last night, a record for me. Even more than an hour of deep sleep... the night before not even one minute of deep sleep. Lack of sleep has been going on for a couple weeks so this should help. Back in 1944 on this day my pet chicken, Maggie, died. My older 2 brothers were in the service but the younger one offered to stay home from school to keep me company. We made a plaster of paris little plaque with her name in alphabet noodles (remember that stuff?) & my brother used my sister's nail polish to paint the letters. My mother talked to a vet & was told "probably my sharing fudge with her" was what killed her. She didn't tell me at the time, just that she was getting old for a chicken. My aunt gave her to me at the start of the war when all families met at the farm to talk about the dangers ahead. I was 6.

Wishing all in here a peaceful day, some smiles when remembering the good ole days, and understanding for everyone we deal with today. I forgot to re-heat my cuppa before typing so will do that before heading down to the river. 


Good Morning.
Shirley,  wish I could tell you what's headed your way - but OKC is having all sorts of winter weather!

Weather videos showed cars fishtailing and spinning out on icy roads in the south metro earlier this morning.
Dil who lives west of the metro posted Facebook pix of their snow-covered back yard about 9:00.
It's raining at my house north of the metro at 10:45 but, when I tried to sweep a path down the driveway to the trash container, underneath was too slick for me to take a chance on going out to bring it in.

I. Do. Not. Like. January.  :no:

Mary Ann

Shirley, what is the saying about not regretting what you have done, but regretting what you did not do? I'd love to join you, but at 10 years older than you, I won't take the chance of breaking a leg or arm or something worse.

Don't go out if you don't have to; just sit by a window and watch the world go by.

Lake Michigan is pretty - lots of whitecaps and the sun is shining.

Mary Ann


Good afternoon.

Amy, thanks for missing me. I didn't get in here yesterday at all.  Was busy doing a lot of little things that you can't see what I did.

This is the 3rd time that I have started this message  and lost it. So, I am just going to wish you all a wonderful rest of the day. I just don't know what I do to make the message disappear.  Very frustrating.

I really don't have time to write everything over again. I need to get some lunch.

WIll check back tomorrow.



Callie, my son is in your area this week, his first time since heart surgery. The company he retired from a few years ago called him back, he works out of his house most of the time but must make an appearance now & then. He has had that terrible bug that everyone around here has had (even my daughter living in St.Louis took it home with her).... he sounds awful but doesn't think his Dr will go for antibiotics since he just got through with months of them. Anyway, he should be home tomorrow so hope the ice is off the highways by then.

Mary Ann, I do believe 10 years ago you would have joined me and hope I am as attem as you are in MY next 10 years. I don't always use good sense but so far am lucky to not have broken bones (except for a stitch in my head) with my accidents so far. Every time I do get hurt is because I am rushing & don't think there is a cure for that.  :-\

Just had another robo call, answered because it was my area & thought one of the neighbors may need  something. Cell phones don't show who is calling. I am going to get hold of my server today to see if they can finally get me signed up with the nomorobo calling. I have been shouting really bad words into that phone & know nobody hears them... but also blood pressure goes through the ceiling as I hear, "returning your call about some kind of braces Medicare will pay for"........ would anyone REALLY do business with anyone dealing out that kind of advertising???

Good afternoon, Joy.... I missed you, too. I am tired of doing the same ole, same ole as far as cleaning.... just going to need the same ole again tomorrow. I am determined to do serious cleaning out (think I've said that before)...  I have decided NOt to edit any of my posts, every time I do they disappear. I also realize that the message looks like it posted but have to hit the post button again to lock it in. We are still trainable, think positive.  ::)  :crazy2:  :thumbup:

June Drabek

I woke up feeling blah, and that feeling is hanging on, so I will just say, thanks for being there, and go back to being quiet and getting well. I Hope. June
As long as we are here, let's dance.


Quote from: Shirley on January 03, 2019, 01:36:45 pmas I hear, "returning your call about some kind of braces Medicare will pay for"........ would anyone REALLY do business with anyone dealing out that kind of advertising???
Shirley --- We also get those calls, about 3 or 4 time a week.  We also get the credit card calls to reduce your interest rate. I thought our industrius politicians were going to do something about that  :idiot2:
"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."



One of THOSE calls that I answered was from someone who wanted to help me reduce my credit card debt.  The first thing she asked was "Is your credit card debt higher than $10,000."  I said, "No" and she hung up on me.  I guess I didn't have enough debt for her.

Another one said she had a plan to help me lose unwanted pounds and how much did I want to lose.  I said, "If I lose any more I'll be sick."  She hung up on me, too!

And then there was the guy who got so angry with me that he got nasty because I wouldn't give him my social security number. 

I love deflating them

Now I will bid you all good night because I'm going to read a while and then go to bed early.  I wish you all a peaceful night and a good tomorrow.  And may God bless us, every one!

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Good evening.  Nothing new to report from here.  We did warm up a bit, thankfully.  Tomorrow is to be even warmer.

JANE, glad you found out about the incorrect account numbers on your new check before you wrote anymore checks.  I am sure the insulation company will understand. 

GLORIA de, I do hope your DIL was able to get the antibiotics and steroids right away so she is not too uncomfortable with the shingles. 

LARRY, I hope you and Pat enjoyed a nice visit with Scott tonight. 

My dad has a appointment with the spine doctor tomorrow.  I hope we can get a insight as to how they think his back is doing after the disc repair.  I think he is sounding stronger each day, but he still is not able to tell me if he thinks there is improvement in the pain in his back. 

I hope you all have a good night of rest.



Denver --- Click on your weather link (in your post).
"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."



Good morning everyone..
We had some snow overnight with more to come......up to 8 inches on Mon :P  Will deal with this snow then head into town for hubby's blister packs. I was thinking of getting my second shingle shot but maybe I should wait till after next week. Too many days of snow with only this Sunday not snowing.

Jane, don't you just love messing with the telemarketers?  Have you noticed any difference with the new insulation?

Shirley, I hope your son feels better and soon. He has been through enough and sure doesn't need this! Looks like I will be using the snow blower a lot we have snow on MTW of next week along with today and tomorrow :(

Jenny, hope your Dad gets good news and a lot of relief from pain.

Larry, waking up at the hour throws your whole day out of whack. Hope you got some quality sleep last night.

Gloria, miss your post. Is your shoulder still giving you grief?

Better move it here..

Enjoy your day everyone.

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning everyone. Yesterday was a busy day. My CNA called and asked if she could come early as  one of her clients cancelled. OK, had to hurry and get dressed and have breakfast. Then my oldest son surprised me with a long visit. He gave me a gift certificate for Amazon-never got here. He also brought his Kindall for me, and then set it up for Amazon books. Yipee I now have enough books on it for the whole year I think. By the time he left I laid down on the couch till it was Skype time with my daughter. I am so used to mostly quiet days that when things get busy I am worn out. Looks like I am not the only one with a sore shoulder, just glad it is not my right one. Feels a lot better today but still careful what  I do with it.

JEANNE P  liked your poem, makes on think of those we lost and still miss.

JANE  I don't like paying anything with cash, rather use a check or debit card so there is a record of it.

LARRY  I like this eye doctor, he is not one of the young ones just out of college who uses instruments to tell him every thing.

PHYLLIS  at times I am glad I no longer can go grocery shopping. My CNA goes to the market for me and she loves shopping and using coupons- I call here a coupon queen. She sure saves me money with them. When I need a lot of heavy things and paper stuff I get an order from PeaPod and pick a delivery time when she will be here to help me put things away.

SHIRLEY  going to the weather guessers on different channels no 2 are alike. I still like loo‌k outside in the morning to see what the weather is. Would love to go sliding with you but walking back up a hill would do me in.

JOY  I type on Notepad and do not delete it until I see my post went through. I think Not epad comes is all computers.

JANE  if one of those darn calls was about gaining weight I might listen instead of hanging up. I would never give anyone who called me my SS number.

JENNY  I hope your Dad is in less pain. A back that is in constant pain is not nice.

AMY  my shoulder is feeling a little better each day but will never feel really good again.

Have a great day.

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Good morning, Amy and Rick.  Amy, I sure don't envy you having to deal with snow for a couple days.  So far, we have been lucky.

Too early for anything happening so far.  I have had breakfast and when I got on the computer, had no internet service.  Had to re-boot the routers and everything is working ok now.  I had been on my Kindle earlier when I couldn't get back to sleep, and couldn't get on the Internet with that either, so I wasn't surprised when the PC needed re-booting, also. But, all is well now.

Our family's Christmas party is tomorrow, so I will want to get a salad put together. Will add the dressing in the morning and fix the sweet and sour sauce for the meatballs that I will put in the crock pot to heat up.  I buy the meat balls already fixed, so only have to put them into the sauce and cook them for a couple hours before I have to leave.  It will be nice to see a lot of the nieces and nephews that we don't see that much. And, of  course, Santa will make a quick return visit to surprise the little ones.  Not sure how many of them will be there.  I can't keep up with all the new babies that have been arriving in the past couple years. They were coming out of the woodwork for a couple years.

Was nice to see a picture of an old friend "Sun" on the Random image this morning.  Have not heard anything from her for a very long time.   

Need to check a couple other sites, so will just wish you all a nice day.