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June 04, 2020, 12:40:48 pm

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Soda Shoppe for January 15, 2019

Started by so_P_bubble, January 14, 2019, 10:55:38 pm

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A good part of the driveway is shovelled and I may do the rest after we come back.

Gloria, a SND is Sneaky Neighbours Dog ... :2funny:
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good morning.  Marking my place.

First of all,  Happy Birthday to Shirley.  Hope you have a great day.

You mentioned something about Aunt Nellie's Pickled Beets.  I really like the brand "Greenwood" , I think it is, but lately, I have had to buy Aunt Nellies.  I really am not that crazy about them, but the Greenwood brand seems to have disappeared.  I like both pickled beets and Harvard beets.  A good side dish.

Amy, good luck with the new puppy. And, I see where you have already been out shoveling.

Gloria, the way you have to get into your place is exactly the same way our place works.  And, yes, we are not supposed to let people in that we do not know, but like you, a lot of us do know different family members and they are recognized.  And, of course, the UPS and FedEx drivers we usually know.  The management just put up a notice that residents are supposed to meet delivery people bringing Pizza or carry-out at the door. They do not want these drivers roaming throughout the building looking for a certain apartment.  Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.  I usually only get pizza delivered and they know me and I usually recognize the person.  I can understand why they are requesting that now.  And, another thing, some people are concerned that when the outer door is automatically opened from someone's apartment, the door stays open too long.  They are afraid someone lurking around could very easily slip in.  Just something else to complain about.  I did not know about watching movies on YouTube. Will have to check that out.

Good morning, Jane. Hope you have an easy day.

Have a couple other places to check out. And, then, I hope to get some laundry done today.

Enjoy your Wednesday.




Hi Everyone. It is a beautiful and sunny Wednesday morning with not a cloud to be seen.  I have another friend coming to work with me in less than an hour.  Then this evening we will go to the Church for our Wednesday night dinner and hopefully get an update on the surgery our pastor was to have today in Mayo's.  Then we expect that Scott will come out to visit for awhile.  That will be plenty for today with what I have already done this morning.

Patricia, I am sure your homemade bacon crumbles do have a better flavor than the ones we purchase but we will trade a bit of the flavor for the ease of having them already prepared when we buy them. 

Jenny, it sounds like your area and across the country are really going to get slammed with more snow through the weekend.  My wife's sister keeps us updated on the situation and what is expected in the Kansas City area. It seems that food trucks are now very popular.  We have had them occasionally in our town in a designated area but not a full-time business.  I don't think many restaurants have a very large profit margin.  I know Ruby Tuesday was well staffed yesterday afternoon as they had vacant tables they were not using. 

My friend is here so I will be back later.

Mary Ann

Happy Birthday, Shirley, may you have many more!

Mary Ann


I'm back to finish up my posting. 

Amy, recently Pat bought three plastic trays to organize some of the canned goods in her pantry and used some plastic bends for boxes and other special items.  How great that you are getting another puppy and Babe will have a playmate. 

Lindancer, one of the things I miss is getting malts instead of milk shakes.  The little town near where I grew up no longer has any businesses and just has mainly old houses.  When I was growing up we had a grocery store, drug store, barber shop, gas station, post office and over time a couple of other stores. Going to town on Saturday night was always a treat and in the summer they would show movies against the side of the building that faced out on open land using an old reel to reel projector.  We do have an ice cream shop here that is called "The Pink Dipper" that has stayed the same for the 26 years it has been in business.  We have only been there once in the 4 years we have lived here as the ice cream is very expensive and very rich. 

Shirley, these new shoes are so comfortable that I am putting away my house slippers. Happy Birthday.

Lloyd, as I remember that is a pretty long way from Tallahassee on to Tampa on I-10.  I thought you planned to stay in the Tampa area awhile but you must have changed your plans. 

Gloria, I heard that report about the February food stamps and mentioned to Pat that it sounded like a disaster in that people will likely use then up and not have any left for February.  However, better than not getting them at all.  Your security system sounds much like Stacey had in her last apartment.  Glad to see you leave your apartment every day even if only for a short time.  I didn't realize there were still A&W root beer stands in existence.


:birthdaygift: Happy Birthday, Shirley! :balloons:

[It's a foggy day in central Oklahoma.  Not shivery cold but forecast is that it will be by tonight - and stay that way all weekend.  :(

I went to a book discussion of "Hillbilly Elegy" this morning.  I enjoyed being with people who make good observations and express opinions.

Mention of A & W Root Beer reminded me of going for a frosty mug after husband's church league softball games. Team and friends pretty much filled the parking lot.

My high school crowd "hung out" in one of the local drugstores that had a soda fountain and some booths.  I liked cherry Dr. Pepper made with the syrup.

Food trucks are very popular in this area.  They can be seen at almost every "festival" and, in the summer, there's a special area in OKC for them to gather on some days. 
I've never been to one - will need to remember to "nudge" the family next summer.

We had nice refreshments at the book discussion but my tummy says it needs lunch.  ....and so I shall obey.  ;D

Wishing Everyfriend Everywhere an Enjoyable Day.


A good Wednesday HELLO to EVERYFRIEND!

SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES to you, SHIRLEY. I hope YOUR DAY proves to be a good one for you.  Best wishes for many more healthy years to come. 

We did meet Brian yesterday and enjoyed the fish and chips.  I could not believe how many people were flocking there to buy this meal from the truck.  It was well worth the trip and the company was great!  It was so good to see Son Brian and spend a bit of time with him. 

LARRY, A&W is alive and well here in Colorado, however the last time we went to one, several years ago, we had one of the grands with us and I was so disappointed that they did not serve the root beer in the frosty mug, but rather a paper cup!  So I have never been back! 

GLORIA, I am happy to read that you try to get out of your place at least once a day.  I think it is so important to get out and move and to see others.  I feel part of my dad's issues now are because he is stuck at home, mostly sitting in his chair and has no outside stimulation, leaving him to dwell more and more on his pain.  He is going to the spine doctor this afternoon for a shot in his back to see if it will ease his pain.  They do put him to sleep to do it and that is always a concern.  He will have this done again in two weeks.

LLOYD, I am sorry to read that you are already heading west and no5 spending a bit of time around Tampa! 

AMY, congratulations on getting a new little fur ball to keep you all company.  I had to really chuckle at the definition of SND is!  I hope the little guy will settle in soon and not keep you awake all night.

No big plans for the day. 

Enjoy your day. 


June Drabek

Thanks for the tip on the misplaced message Shirley. I will reprint it here as I am still so tickled about the snow we had, I want to share it here.

Shirley, thanks for caring. January started out as a continuation of Dec., feeling rotten. So , they decided another chest X-ray was needed, another blood test, and the result is I am continuing on from the pneumonia and other stuff from Dec. Now I am on a different antibiotic, and doing nothing but recovering. The new antibiotic upset my stomach a bit, so I must take it with food. I feel tired, listless, but hopeful. I am not ready to leave this world yet. Too curious to see what tomorrow will bring.

We are having RAIN ! Wheeee......Two days of it now and more to come. One day was a real gully washer, most since I moved here from Hemet. (I still miss my buddies from those days in Hemet. Still keep in contact, but losing a few.)

Larry, I think I was sicker than i knew. I have never slept a whole night, then the whole following day, then the next night again. This new antibiotic is putting me back in the world.

I am NOT lying......we had SNOW cover the ground and rooftops yesterday. It came late in the day, but was soooooooo beautiful. This happened once before when we had our home in Hemet. No sign of it by morning though.
As long as we are here, let's dance.


Good evening
Joy, this summer they had food trucks at the beach in Hampton Bays The Red Hats went to lunch one day and we had lobster rolls/ they were so good.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIRLEY :thumbup: During THE war, we use to go to Whelan's drug store for dinner. In those days meat was ration. So it was a big thing to go out and eat and get roast beef or pork dinner

Lartry, when we first moved here my husband boxes to put some of the food in, on the shelves in the pantry. I still use them  one for pasta, one for cat food, also can Veg. etc.

Jenny hope your father is feeling better

Gloria, looks like we are going to have winter this weekend. My good neighbor is retiring. Now it does not look like  this week end and her daughter gave here a trip upstate reservation all made she will make it up to the hotel even.

Amy good luck with your new baby

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Amy, Jane, Gloria, Joy, Larry, Mary Ann, Callie, Jenn, Gloria de... and June, I am so jealous of your SNOW! ( Don't you know we, here in Wichita, KS, are supposed to get the snow, not California??? ) Thank you all for the birthday wishes.  It was a cloudy, foggy, cold day so I kept putting off getting dressed until it is time to go to bed.  Guess being 84 is a new beginning!  Tomorrow I will get up & move this old body to get to the store for all those "what if" supplies in case we really do get the snow predicted. I'm even going to buy me a new shovel to see if I can bring it on. Thought Lloyd would have checked in by now. Wonder where they are? 


Good morning everyone..
She is a tad chilly out there this morning -24° F. Not sure what today will bring , I would like to clean out another shelf one that is under the sink. Will have to find something to keep the pup busy while I do it.

I find if one shelf/cupboard gets done a day it will all be done before Spring. Going to also go through our closets an take a goodie bag to Sally Ann.

Shirley ,Shirley, they are calling for more snow here on the weekend, you may have that. :thumbup:

Larry, we also have an A&W in the city...

Better go see what mischief is up to......too quiet at the moment.

Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

Lloyd Hammond

Good Morning everyone. well we stopped early last evening.we Have had morning meal and Nancy is washing up the dishes. I have started the pusher engine warming it up and raised up the leveling Jacks. don't want to drive off with them down. we are some where between Birmingham and Montgomery Alabama. we are shooting for Nashville Tennessee. Plan and hope to fiend a good show there. hope they are working there not Like Bransom Mo. off for the winter. As soon as Nancy gets her hair brushed we are going to hit the road. See you all Later Have a great day.



Lloyd, you are still close enough to the shore to pick up shells.... You are moving too fast! Glad you are having a good time. Safe driving.


Good Morning Everyfriend!  I wish you a good day...snow if you want it, none if you've had enough!

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Good morning everyone, another cold one here in the teens. From loo‌g online at the weather channel kloo like next week will be even colder.  This week end loo like we are in for messy weather with snow or rain mix. That I do not like at all. Better make sure I have cellphone all sharged up in case power goes out. Thought I got a lot of catalogs before Christmas but now seems like I am getting even more and from places I never heard of. Even got one from Montgomry Ward.  I just tear my name/address of and they go into recycle.

SHIRLEY  only time I used an old clock with a pup was the last one we go. She was the best of all of them.

AMY  love what SND stands for.

JOY  my daughter never cared for beets but she bought a jar of them with vanilla in it and she liked them. Never found them again so now she adds some vanilla into the jar and she said works good. Like your place I have wondered how we could stop a stranger coming in fast when we open the door to come in.

LARRY  hope your Wednesday night dinner at church was good last night and the news of your Pastor was good. Wish there was a Mayo Clinic near here, I sure would go there. That A&W is open from late May till the end of September. The only place around that has good Weiners so always enjoy a few over the summer  with a mug of their rootbeer, plastic mugs these days.

CALLIE  we used to get together in the evening at a little restaurant and take up a few booths and had cherry cokes. Fun times.

JENNY  none of those heavy mugs at the A&W here but now it is in platic ones. With so much now about using plastic this year they might use paper cups, too. Twice with different doctors I went through the shots in my back and they never helped at all.

JUNE  hope the new meds help you. I can imagine how you loved seening even that little snow. There is something about looking at a clean white world with snow that has not been walked on.

GLORIA de  so often the weather guesser predict a bad stom on the way and we get nothing. I will still wait on see. cannot do anything about the weather anyway.

SHIRLEY  hope you get enough snow to make you happy

LLOYD  I thought you and Nancy were going to stay in  one place for awhile. Looks like you travel to new places every day. You sill see more of our country that way. Just stay enjoy what you are doing. Drive safe.

JANE  not enough snow yet but then I do not have to go out anywhere so just enjoy looking at it till it gets dirty.

Have a good day.it is warmer..

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Shirley, I'm sorry I missed your special day.  So, it's belated but still heartfelt.


Cloudy and chilly here this morning.  Supposedly the latest storm will go north of us but we are supposed to have rain and cold temps. 

Out today to refill the larder.  Take care, All.


Good Morning Everyone from the cold, cold, cold
rocky coast of Maine... 

I am sitting here waiting for my new land line
to come from Amazon...

I have decided to get it from Spectrum (the old Time
Warner Cable),  so that I have access to two phones,
instead of just my cell.     That way,  if something
should happen to my cell,  I have another phone here
in my apartment to use.   

Tomorrow Spectrum is coming to install it.   
For less then $10 a month, I have a good
landline with answering machine.  And I can talk
as long as I want to around the country  for
no extra charge.   (Just like my cell phone) ...
Gone are the limits to my chatting on the phone!! 

All is well here,  but very cold and snow is on
the way.   

Happy belatted birthday Shirley,   Hi
to June   et al... 


"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:


Hi Everyone.  It is a really chilly morning but it is suppose to get into the upper 50's this afternoon and there is a 40% chance of rain later today.  I did not go to the Wednesday night dinner at the Church last night as just didn't feel like getting out.  Scott came out and took his mother to dinner and brought me home a meal.  He came back out this morning and has taken his mother to Costco to get a few things.  I slept in this morning and am not moving very quickly.  I didn't feel up to going to coffee this morning either.

I am not going to try to comment to everyone today as just don't feel up to it.  However I am reading all of the postings. 

Our minister went to Mayo's yesterday and hit another snag.  They showed that his insurance had turned down the surgery.  He had to call back here to have a member of our Church get into his home and find the piece of paper showing the surgery had been approved.  Just what he and his wife needed was more stress.  Fortunately it appears to be straightened our and the surgery is taking place today.  He expects to be home on Saturday.


Larry, you know we all worry about each other and dread having anyone being "down". Do you think your feeling bad has anything to do with barometric pressure?  My doctor kind of rolls his eyes when I ask questions like this, talks me out of it & I go out feeling better. BUT, I still say that I can tell when pressure changes (sometimes feeling like an elephant sitting on my chest). Seriously, it's hard to find a doctor that really shows interest in the whole being, kind of get the feeling..."not my department".... (like the anti big box commercial).
Hope tomorrow is better. Sorry your pastor got caught in the "medical crossfire".

My son is still getting bills from all the different doctors, hospitals & various medical procedures ...and his co-pay is awful. At least there is a lid on his pay out (he thinks). He was in ICU for a week pumping antibiotics into him along with running every test in the book before surgery... another week after the surgery plus daily infusions for a couple months. He gets stressed when he can't access results of tests online & questions every expense. Not good to mess with the mind of an engineer, they want all the facts! He is being careful about not getting on rides that have a safety harness over his incision, but says he is having a ball. Those grandkids are as crazy about him as he is them. Good medicine.

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Phyll & Sandy. This was the strangest one so far, kids were so concerned I was "alone". Sometimes alone is appreciated, true?

Sandy, you amaze me with taking on NEW projects. I'm having trouble getting my landline of 30 years straightened out. Right now if I am on the phone & someone calls, it goes directly to voice mail. My daughter set up the voice mail last time she was here because she thought it a shame every time she called & I was on the phone & a voice said, "this party has not set up voice mail". Well, fine & dandy, but IT won't let me retrieve the messages. I've tried everything. When the last person finally got NOMOROBO set up they had to go into Cas' e-mail (gave it a new password) to make changes & the system is still not in MY name! Going on 6 years. I don't want to close that mailbox because it is tied to Amazon, 23 & Me & most of the other business stuff I do online. Thank goodness I don't do banking online!  Good luck with the new phone system, sounds like a good price. The last tracfone I bought is the iPhone with triple minutes. Since I've been rolling minutes over for about 30 years, I have gobs for text, phone & whatever the other part is called (checking weather, shopping, etc). This is the first time I've kept it on for days while at home.

Gloria, better make sure you have plenty of batteries for flashlights & radios, my oldest Sony Walkman only uses one AA... but a newer one uses 2. I keep stocked up from the Dollar Tree. I've been using theirs for years & find they have been holding up every bit as good as the "main" name brand ones. I bought me a head light after seeing the boys use them out camping, the batteries in them last longer than I thought but I did order another from Amazon that also has a solar charge battery in it. I watch the "lightning" sales.  :thumbup:  I am on my daughter's Prime account... she said she can have up to 5. I can't get the free movies like she does but I don't watch movies on my computer anyway, but sure like the free 2 day shipping. I make a point to only buy Prime.

About time for the chickens to come out of the oven at Sam's Club so better head that way. I used the last yesterday & know it just came out when I got it, but it smelled icky when I was cutting it up for the cats. They are getting too spoiled for their own good...(and nobody to blame but moi  :-[  ). 


Larry we all worry about you and wish you a better day tomorrow. We are expecting a snowy week end.

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Sandy, I have had Internet telephone with Spectrum for several years and have always been satisfied with it.  I think you will like it and unlimited calling IS very nice.  Just one word of caution...be sure to keep your cell phone charged because if you have the electric power go out you will lose your Internet phone.  That has happened to me only 1 or 2 times in all the years I have had Spectrum phone.

Larry, I hope you will be feeling better later today and for all the days to come.


Good evening everyone... 

Thanks for all the good advice ...   My landline
from Spectrum is not going to be my main phone.   I
use my smart phone for most everything,  now... 

The new land line could verywell in the future
become my only phone.     I was lost having only
one phone to depend on (my cell)   so now I have two
working ones.    And the people closest to me will have
both phone numbers  so we can check up on one another. 

My smart phone sits right here at my desk plugged in
and ready to use 24/7...     I feel much more secure
with two phones lines working,  now.   


"The greatest glory in living,
lies not in never falling, but
in rising every time we fall." - .

  Duluth Harbor Cams:

Lloyd Hammond

At home we have sprint and free long distance free.not sure if it goes to Canada and or mexico. No matter I will post to my friends here on S & F.
Have A rest of the day good see you all tomorrow.



Just stopping by to say Good night Everyfriend!  Sleep well and wake refreshed.  And may God bless us. every one.

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January 18, 2019, 12:31:46 am #54 Last Edit: January 18, 2019, 12:34:20 am by Denver
Posting a bit late tonight, but better late than never, right?

LLOYD, I am sorry to say this but I am sad that you and Nancy are already back home.  I was hopeful you could stay down south and enjoy the warmer weather.

LARRY, I am sorry to read about the mess the minister had with Mayo and his insurance issue.  Sure glad it was straightened out and he can proceed.  You are right, he and his wife sure did not need this stress.  I do hope the surgery went well and he is on his way to a full recovery.  I am concerned about you, and do hope that you can just take it easy and let your body rest up so you can return to your normal schedule. 

SHIRLEY, I hope you managed to get a freshly cooked chicken so those kitties do not have to do without.😜

Our Baby Jonah is already 6 weeks old today.  My goodness the time sure does pass quickly.  I sure would love to be able to head out to California and get a hold of that little guy and hug, hug and hug him❣️

I hope EVERYFRIEND is sleeping well tonight....pleasant dreams to all.



Good morning
Have snow to deal with ,will be back later.
Enjoy your day everyone.
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Good Morning Everyfriend!  Snow here last night.  More coming.  Have a good day!

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Lloyd Hammond

Nancy is ready to go home, I think she has a screw loose. with the snow and all at home, I may fiend a buss station and send here home and find HA HA HA
 someone else to travel with.



Good morning everyone, no snow in this area yet but there is some light snow in the southern part of this state. Supposed to turn to rain and that will freeze. 21° now but at least out of the teens to start the day. Yesterday it was nice outside, not windy and a beautiful clear blue sky. The calm before the storm?  I was dressed warm and sat on the porch in the sun for about an hour.

LARRY  hope you feel much better today.

SHIRLEY  I agree with you about feeling the change in the barometric changes. People thought I was crazy when I mentioned it. I don't feel it much since I moved here. I agree, some days I like being alone and doing just what I want. I like my CNA but enjoy weekends without her.  She treats me like I am her mother, always worrying about my eating and things like that.

GLORIA de  just heard the weekend will be very windy, too. Winds more than 40mph. Sure hope we don't lose power. I would hate being stuck up here on the third floor. I might be able to get down the stairs but without my rollator I would not be able to go anywhere.

LLOYD  with my Cox carrier I can use my landline to call all the states free and even Mexico. Don't know anyone there, would rather have the free calls to Canada.

JENNY  a lady here takes care of her great grandson a couple of days a week and we all get out baby fix when he is here. He is 7 months old and way to smart. Always smiling with all the attention he gets.

AMY  you can keep your snow for now.

JANE no snow here yet.

Have a good day.

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No snow here but can hear wind blowing. Got a text from Andy with photos of "out the window" looking at the beach plus a couple cute little red heads being snuggled by "Nana". They are done with Disney & have a couple days on the beach, this gr-daughter certainly knows how to plan a trip! The view shows a long pier & ocean right there.

Lloyd, since my husband did all the driving when we traveled, I will tell you that it is NOt as much fun to just keep on the road. I'm with her about staying in the same place a few days to get out & just mosey around!  Cas liked to just drive all day, eat & sleep & hit the road again. I wasn't as interested in "tourist" type sights but just living the day. Most of our travels were before computers so I would send off for brochures of places we would be near. Slow down, my friend, stop & smell the roses! End of lecture...... ;)

We are hearing about "waves of winter"... maybe even snow tonight or tomorrow... so will get back out for the things I didn't get yesterday. It is a relief to look out the window & know that tree can't fall on my house if ice & wind hit, but sure hate to have a tree cut down when it isn't dead. Maybe I didn't explain my rush to get home yesterday. Had a crew cutting & trimming trees in the neighborhood ... been seeing a lot of that work done lately since ice & wind are wicked for pulling down power lines when tree limbs break off. Anyway, I backed out & put the window down to talk to one of the men, asked what he would charge to take that tree down. Answer was, "$100 if we do it today while the equipment is here but about $175 later". So I shook his hand & said I'd be back soon ... had to wait on the chicken a little while to get fresh out of the oven, but by the time I got home the tree was gone, cleaned up. They said they will bring me firewood FREE any time I want it. I was kind of relieved they didn't leave it right then because I can't get to my wagon to haul it. I'm too short to use my husband's wheelbarrow & I'm sure it has a flat tire anyway. Anyway, I didn't take time to stop to shop for a snow shovel or other stuff so back out today. I really would like to have snow but not sure it will be as much fun as other years.

Gloria, my daughter said she opened her house yesterday & "aired it out". About half an hour later someone on the radio was saying when we get a warm spell to do that.... just like my mother used to say/do. She would even take bedding off to get fresh air to the mattresses. With the wind I'm hearing this morning I'm afraid it would suck everything out the windows! Goodness, it is noisy out there, starting to get light. Cats waiting for breakfast.