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Jun 01 2020 8:12am
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Astro: Oldiesman:  Much better.  Thank you!

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JeanneP: Brownies.

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Soda Shoppe for February 1, 2019

Started by so_P_bubble, February 01, 2019, 01:40:25 am

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February 01, 2019, 01:41:10 am #1 Last Edit: February 16, 2019, 02:42:52 am by Oldiesmann
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Age is a question of mind over matter.  If you don't mind, age don't matter.
(Satchel Paige)


We are one big family of people, trying to make our way through the unfolding puzzle of life. We are all connected to one another in the heart. Connecting with the ultimate source of love is possible through discovering the hidden power in your heart."
-- Sara Paddison
Hidden Power of the Heart


Time is too slow for those who wait,
too swift for those who fear,
too long for those who grieve,
too short for those who rejoice,
but for those who love, time is eternity.

Henry Van Dyke


February 01, 2019, 04:47:09 am #7 Last Edit: February 01, 2019, 04:49:00 am by Amy
Good morning everyone..

-25° F at the moment. Beautiful star studded sky this morning.

Picking up Kyle's blister packs and home to work is about it for me today. Phone calls were made yesterday and only one didn't answer back so maybe today??

Joy, haven't played Hand and Foot but enjoyed euchre, crib and Philadelphia rummy. I doubt I could remember all the steps of the rummy game now since it has been so long ago that I played.

Jane, hope February is much better for you and Spring is on its way. You can feel the heat from the sun now and soon it will be honeycombing the snow banks.

Gloria de, I still have my Dad's crib board but seldom play anymore. I do play on line though.

Bubble, thank you for the new start page . I say age is just a number to ignore as long as you are having fun.  Just made me think of Shirley riding her snow jet :)

Need another cup of tea..

Enjoy your day everyone.

Stay warm!

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


WOW!!  Look how nice and clean it is in here!  You do a great job, BUBBLE!  I love the Valentines and the sayings are so true!

We got up early because the guys are coming to drag my car out of cover and get it started a little after 8 this morning.  I have to call them and let them know I'm up and attem and ready for service.

This time I'm sure it's the cold that got it because the battery isn't even a year old yet. 

I keep forgetting to tell all of you that my WalMart does have bacon crumbles in stock.  We even have a small pack for people who don't use a lot of them.  It looked like it might be enough for on top of a casserole or maybe for about 3 omelets, depending on how much you like in an omelet.  I've forgotten the price but I thought at the time that it was pretty reasonable

We got up to -1º today and it's not supposed to get higher than 10 all day.  And guess what else?  Snow showers are predicted for the morning.  I guess it's goig to snow every day I'm scheduled to work.  Maybe next year I'll just take January off.  Nah, that would just add to the doldrums. I'd be sitting around here with no one to talk to except the dogs and I'd end up with a bad case of the "screamin' meanies".  That wouldn't be any fun!

We have 10 minutes until the boinger goes off for the doggies breakfast.  I guess I better get moving.  Stay warm, stay happy, stay well or get well and come back for a visit!

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Not quite as cold this morning.  I put off shopping yesterday because I just couldn't face going out in the cold so I'll try it today.  It is a necessity because we are nearly out of milk and some other things.

Jenny, thanks for passing on Dr. Dave's note.  Still praying for Michele but her positive attitude makes her recovery so much better.

I've been doing some file sorting and trying to clear out a lot of stuff.  The shredder is working overtime.  I hope it doesn't quit on me.  How on earth do I manage to accumulate so much paper?  :dontknow:

Must turn off the computer and get on with my day.  Stay well and safe.

Lloyd Hammond

Good mid morning everyone I slept in good last evening with one dry mouth taken care of  just after midnight. total of ten an one half hours sleep. sun is shining bright 24º calling for high of 46º today. going to go see a body and finder man about fixing my mesup on the R V. I have been on phone checking on a couple of  gated pleasure horses  have located one about 100 miles from me. if he has a couple that suit's my taste,price is good. is supposed to be genital and broke to work and ride both. Have a good day see you later



Good Morning and Welcome to February, Everyfriend,

Felt like a heat wave when I went out to get the paper.  Patio thermometer was almost to 50 degrees.  Weather gurus are predicting close to 70 degrees early next week and then - surprise surprise ( :no: ) - another Arctic Front.

Jenny, so happy to read Dr. Dave's reports on Michele.  She's a fighter!!!!  :thumbup:

Interesting to read about the different card games y'all enjoy.  My parents used to play a game of cribbage every night.  My beloved Aunt Esther was a wicked Hearts player and my mil liked Canasta. 
Parents of The Grands taught them various kids' games at an early age.  Miss Ellen loved to knock an opponent back to Start when playing Sorry. Then she'd sweetly say,  "Saw-wy" and, when I'd say 'You are not!", she'd giggle.
Family still plays table games every holiday.  Mexican Train dominoes and Peanut are favorites and can get pretty wild.
Anybody play Bridge? My parents met at a Bridge party.  Mother tried to teach me before I went to college but the method she used just didn't click with me.  Then I learned a more current method in the dorm/sorority house.  Hubby learned in the Army and we played a lot of couples Bridge - but NOT Duplicate!  We liked to talk too much  ;) .  I like to play good Bridge but couldn't care less about earning Master Points and that sort of thing.
We also enjoyed Farkle, Uno and Skip-Bo when those became popular.

I've been busy sorting out things for the accountant's Tax Organizer and going to various doctor appointments for "maintenance" check-ups.

Have been reading posts - but mostly on my Tablet and I don't really like to type on it.  Please know that I think of each of you every day and send prayers, hugs and good wishes for An Enjoyable Day.  :smitten: 


Hi Everyone.  It is a beautiful sunny morning and I woke up this morning not exhausted and actually feeling like doing something.  I am so hoping that the the dehydration is a thing of the past and I will feel like doing something.  Scott stopped by to give me the renewed car registration and tag for this year.  I had asked him to help me with that as the way I was feeling no way was I going to be able to get to the DMV or City Hall to pay it. Yesterday he made a trip out here just to bring in our trash can.  Each time he comes he spends a little time with us which is very pleasant.  If I continue to feel good all day we plan on going out to eat our main meal mid-afternoon.

Joy, I always remind myself when I have a higher heat bill that my dollar bills won't keep me warm and glad I had the heat to stay warm when needed.  I think Euchre is very popular in parts of the Midwest. 

June, I feel the same way about us having a pet now as we really wouldn't be able to take good care of it.  When I was in the ER the other day they actually had a comfortable mattress on the gurney, which is unusual for an ER.  The ER doctor asked me if I wanted to be admitted to the hospital and told him certainly not. Glad you are doing things your way-keep up the good work. 

Jenny, Happy to see that Michele has been discharged from the hospital.  I have always believed that having a very positive attitude help a lot in getting recovery.  I will continue to pray for Michele as she under goes more procedures for the other tumors. I am sure it is big help to Dave and Michele that you all can be so much help with the grandchildren. 

Shirley, like you my great grandchildren are the ages of or older than Jenny's grandchildren.  I love fresh vegetables to munch on and will often have fresh, not cooked, vegetables with a main meal.  Cooking changes to taste of many things.

Amy, I hope you got a good nights sleep.  We have never had a large dog to sleep on the bed but don't think I would like that very much.  I don't think I mentioned that my granddaughter had to get rid of her very large dog, which was part pit bull and part Rottweiler as he had attached her friend twice, once requiring a trip to the ER.  She gave it to a friend but Scott said this morning that the friend had to have the dog put down as it had hurt someone else.  I am very relieved that that big dog is out of my son's house.  I hope it warms up soon up your way.  Do you have to pick up the blister packs weekly?  I see you are still very cold up your way.  I think Cribbage may be my favorite game as have played it all of my life and we used to play it during lunch time at work.  I have a cribbage board that belonged to my grandfather and then father that has ivory inlays and ivory pegs.  It folds in half and the pegs store inside the box. 

Lindancer, I hope you were able to stock up for awhile on your outing yesterday as it sounds like Rima will be laid up for awhile with the knee surgery.  Pat and I played weekly cards, often bridge, with friends when the kids were small.  I guess those days are now past us and we just have to play some games on the computer.  I do sleep with oxygen both at night and most often when I rest in the afternoon.  Game playing was always big in my family as I grew up and for many years after adulthood. 

Jane, I also am glad to see January end.  One more month and we will begin to see the signs of spring.  Of course, are winter weather really isn't bad down here so no complaints.  Everything is drab looking at this time of the year. I hope February will be a good month for you.  I will try to remember to mention to Pat that she could get the bacon crumbles from Walmart. 

Bubble, thanks for getting us started for the new month with a fresh discussion.  I loved the graphics and Valentines Day will soon be here.  I also liked the saying you shared. 

Phyllis, sounds like you were wise to put off the shopping until today.  My office waste can has to be dumped usually twice a week as it gets so full of waste paper. 

Lloyd, always good to see you have been able to get a good nights sleep.  I hope you find the horses you want and can get your RV fixed. 

Callie, glad you are going to get a few days of warmer weather.  Do you still have wind there most days.  That is one of my lasting memories of living in Oklahoma for three years.  I also like to play Hearts and Spades.  I don't know what the game of Peanut is.  We never played duplicate bridge but just a lot of party bridge.  For a couple of years I played weekly at our Senior Center and we had usually 14 to 16 tables and would play four hands and then the losers would move to a different table.  Have you considered getting a blue tooth keyboard to use with your iPad?  They are inexpensive and make typing with the iPad so much easier.


Good afternoon, back is business at last. I was here this morning and suddenly my mouse would not work.  >:(  Batteries died and my wired mouse will not work on this lemon HP computer. >:(  Waited till my CNA got here and sent her to the store for batteries.
Hope tomorrow I can get back into my routine.
Heard On the weather at noon that by next mid week it will be 50° but another cold spell will follow.

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June Drabek

I'm here, but very tired.Having a lunch tray sent up,so I am in for the day. lunch just arrived so off I go, June
As long as we are here, let's dance.


I'm here too but I'm tired, too.  I think I'll go take a nap and see what the rest of the day brings.  I read everything and I'd love to answer everyone but my mind is over there somewhere.  When I find it, I'll try to come back.  Stay warm and cozy until I get back. 

Click for Lewisburg,Pennsylvania Forecast


I'm here, too, and also need toothpicks to hold my eyelids up!  So good to see your post today, Larry.... you sound like your old self.

Gloria, since I discovered The Dollar Tree.... and those batteries they carry (Sunbeam) I keep packages of them ahead. I buy the "high drain" type & the normal... they last as good as any of the ones advertised for 3x the price... and only a dollar a package for 4 AA or AAA... etc. My mouse also uses them & used to dread having them go dead when I didn't have others in the house.

June, sorry you are still so weary... My son was here yesterday & looked so haggard... his doctors have him on BP meds & he is afraid to not stay on until his check up the middle of this month. BUT, like my father, he slept all day & night when taking, until I threw a fit & his doctor took him off. His BP never got too high the rest of his life!  I'm convinced that is what is causing Andy to be so tired & sleepy. He won't give up but takes him twice as long to do a job, & that can't be good for him. Vicious circle.

Daughter is coming by again for a while so I need to pick up. I really would like a nap but can do that after she leaves....phone call, she's on her way.
   :crazy:  :rolleyes:


Good afternoon, it w3as 17 when I went for doctor visit this AM. Sun shining and little wind.  Primary doctor said

HI with hugs to Amy, June, Jenny and anyone else i forgot

come back in May, but go see vascular doctor first.
Thanks Buble, for our Feb. start and the Valentines

Larry, glad you feel better, but please do not try to do to much.  I do find the oxygen helps. To day I had to take a Niacin as I think I was rushing around getting ready for my appointment

Callie I play Hearts and Alhambra on the computer every night.  Bridger and Pinochle were too card games I never liked, because I had to think and not talk so much.  My husband loved pinochle who could remember every card played. when he was on the DE during THE war that all they played

Gloria, did not see you to day.

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Shirley, I just see in the paper, that the Dollar Tree is one pf the biggest money making stores going right now,  I also saw that one is going to come to Riverhead.  I shopped in the one in Charleston,SC and liked it.

Gloria guess my eyesight is going, when I checked back I saw your post

I also had sent hugs to Jenny, JUne Jane and Amy, hope I did not leave anyone out.  I had put this in my forst post but I see it did not show up.

Click for Riverhead, NY Forecast


My goodness temp got up to +5° F ....wow!. Yes for Sat and Sun they are calling for rain and freezing rain.

Larry  happy to see your post, please take it easy and take care of yourself first!.

Shirley, Kyle was on so many meds and when we mentioned his sleeping the Dr cut back on some. He will always have his neuropathy due to the chemo but that is a small price to pay.

Gloria de, hugs and thank you for the hugs. That was good news from your Dr!!

This pup sure keeps one on the run, loves the outdoors no matter how cold it is.

Going to throw another stick on the fire.

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers

June Drabek

Gloria de....so good to see your posts.  I  don't take oxygen but they have me on Albuteral, on a breathing machine, three times a day. It sure helps, especialy with this darn pneumonia, that just won't heal up. started in Dec. and they have tried three different meeds and they didn't work. My doctor is on vacation. Her stand in had me have a Cscan...they suspected lung cancer....thank God it is still pneumonia.

Jenny, I take two kinds of blood pressure pills. I'm going to ask my Dr. if I still need them.

Amy, what breed of puppy did you choose ? I have had strays and purebreds all of my life. My favorite was adopted from the Shelter. He was a black and white spaniel mix. An Angel of a dog. Your little one will shed his puppy-hood and calm down, as I know you know that....have fun !
As long as we are here, let's dance.


I've been here to read once since I posted.  I took a nap, watched some TV, let the dogs out and in 5 times, had supper and fed the dogs.  Now I'm in my jammies and ready to hit the hay! 

LARRY, they are right!  You did sound more like yourself today.  I sure hope that continues.  Nice that Pat could get the shopping done without your help this time.  Nice that she had Scott's help!

GloriaDE, thanks for the hugs. I can always use an extra hug or two.

My daughter texted that my grandson who lives and works in Philadelphia, will be home this weekend....with his new GIRLFRIEND of 4 months!  She's excited!  I can't wait to hear all the scoop!

Nothing planned for the weekend except some "around the house" type stuff.  Maybe some cooking.  I'm NOT going ou and run around even if the temps get into the 40s as they are predicting. 

I'm going to try to get to bed early tonight and up early tmorrow.  I seem to get more accomplished if I'm up early.  Don't know if I'll be back in here before I go to bed so I'll say "Good Night" now  Sleep warm and wake happy! 

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Hello and goodnight all.  Just marking a spot here.
"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."


Lloyd Hammond

wow everyone seam to be sleepy heads today no one here yet. it is 43º and partly cloudy and calling for a high of 56º today. said same yesterday but got warmer than that. not complaining I love it. Never made it to shop yesterday to many honey do chores. am going to try it for today. have a great day today just as you like it.



Good morning everyone.

Lightly snowing now and the weather guessers are also calling for rain and freezing rain today and tomorrow.

I made yogurt in the instant pot and just have to put it into a container with a lid. Right now it is still straining in the fridge. This will be Greek yogurt  when  done. Will put some in the hidey hole along with some raspberries.

Laundry day today and general work about the house. We do have to go to the dump either today or tomorrow ,will see how the day goes.

June, Jesse is a labradoodle X SND ( Sneaky Neighbours Dog) and a real go getter. He is black and white and marked like Babe our Border Collie X Australian Shepherd. She tolerates him but when he over steps will put him in his place.

Rammel ,hope you had a good night.

Lloyd, we are sitting at 0° F at the moment. Wold love 43°.

Have a great day everyone...

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


So good to read Larry's post and find that he sounds like he is feeling so much better.

I take one blood pressure med. for A-Fib and I know it makes me sleepy and groggy so with my doctor's permission I take it at bedtime.  It takes me a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning but I'm not as tired during the daytime.  I've tried to get off of it but doctor says I really need it.

Beautiful sunny day here and supposed to be in low 60's.  That will be VERY nice.  I don't plan to go anywhere but I MAY go over to Best Buy and get a new small digital tv for kitchen and an antenna for it.  I'm getting closer and closer to cutting the cord but want to be sure that it is the right thing for me to do.  TV is my main source of "entertainment" along with reading so I want to be sure that what is available on antenna and also streaming channels such as Roku and Amazon Prime Video will be enough for me.  Still thinking it through.


Good Morning Everyfriend!  Our temp is at 6º right now and is headed for a high of36.  I can take that!  Tomorrow and Monday it's supposed to get into the 40s!  I don't suppose I should count on Spring coming soon?

LLOYD, I haven't been a sleepyhead this morning...just busy.  Had things to do before I could turn into a computer nut!  The rest of the day is open to suggestion.  I'm thinking   :-\

Click for Lewisburg,Pennsylvania Forecast


Hi Everyone.  We are going to have another nice day with a high of 60 and it will be mostly cloudy and a low chance of rain.  I am convinced that I am over the dehydration bout as this is the second morning I have awaken and haven't been tired.  I didn't get too many hour of sleep last night.  I am looking forward to attending my Saturday meeting after mixing the last three weeks.  This afternoon there are some good basketball games to watch.  Late yesterday afternoon we went to Dairy Queen for our main meal.  Pat likes their chicken strips and I had a small hamburger and the children's size Blizzard, which is what I will order from now on as it was just the right amount. Before we ate we stopped briefly at Dollar Tree to get the birthday cards for our great grandchildren for the year and a birthday card for my sister, whose birthday is next Wednesday.  Pat also got a half dozen puzzle find books, which we both enjoy.

Gloria, I am surprised that your wired mouse wouldn't work on your computer.  Glad you got new batteries so that you are back in business.  I have been using rechargeable batteries almost exclusively for quite awhile and between Pat and I have some to charge every week. 

June, I sure wish you could get over that pneumonia.  I hope today finds you feeling better.

Shirley, I felt like my old self yesterday and again today. I am going to have to get the strength in my legs restored and I do recognize I have limits because of my heart but resting for a little while usually restores my energy.  There is a consumer reporter named Clark Howard on one of the Atlanta radio stations and he tries to save every penny.  I heard him or read something he wrote about the inexpensive batteries being as good as the more expensive ones.  Sorry your son is feeling so tired. 

Lindancer, I usually use my oxygen even when I lay down in the afternoon.  I didn't yesterday and ended up having trouble getting my breath.  I am not familiar with Alhambra.  Is that a card game or some other type?  While I like to win and give it my best I never get upset is I lose.  My folks played Pinochle and I also know how to play it but it has been a long time and would have to review the rules.  It is nice we can find game rules on the Internet now.  We have at least two Dollar Tree stores in our local area as well as Dollar General and another Dollar type store.  However, Dollar Tree is our favorite. 

Amy, that is not much of a forecast for the weekend to look forward to.  It was a joy yesterday to be able to do things without ending up have to stop and pant as I have had to do the last few weeks. It sounds like that is a lively pup you now have and it won't be too long before he is out of the puppy stage.  It is interesting how bigger dogs tolerate actions of the little ones and the little ones often show no fear in taking the bigger dog on. What makes it Greek yogurt? 

Jane, I hope you had a good nights sleep and that February turns out to be a good month for you.  Scott has been a big help to us and we do appreciate it and try not to take advantage of it.  Hugs are always welcome and here is one for you today and for all who post.  I hope you can enjoy your "weekend around the house". 

Lloyd, glad you are warming up out your way.  It sounds like Nancy is keeping you busy and hope you get to go to your shop today. 

Phyllis, keeping control of one's blood pressure is very important as don't they call that a silent killer.  I have always been blessed with low blood pressure it seldom gets to where my cardiologist wants it to be. I hope you find the small TV you want and that it works for the channels you want to get with the antennae.


Good morning everyone, this is the first day all week I feel like a human. Still cold but the sun is shining and the sky is clear. This is one time clouds would be nice, would be warmer. Enough about the temperatures this week.

JUNE for the first time since I moved here I have not been outside all week. Even if it was nice and warm I don't think I would have had the energy to go out.

JANE  you sound as energetic as me. Must be the weather.

SHIRLEY  I thought I had more batteries but I had AAA and no more AA. Those cheaper batteries never seem to last long for me so I always get the Duracell and they last longer.

GLORIA de  pinochle was what my family always played. I enjoyed playing it. One BIL was great, he could remember who bid and what card everyone threw down.

AMY  rain OK but with the temp if we get rain it will be freezing and that is not good.

LARRY  glad you are feeling better. We were very worried about you. Like you I have not played pinochle in years and would have to learn all over again.

My son just called and he is on he way over. Early for him to come, he usually gets here about noon. Have a good day and keep warm.

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Phyllis, I now have a little TV in the kitchen, 2 bedrooms, family room & downstairs by the ironing board.  Actually, another one by the treadmill that I don't use. TV from gr-son whose mother planned to use treadmill when in town. All are Viseo that came from Sam's Club... along with the little antennas that take push pins into the wall above each of the TVs. I get the 3 local TV stations plus about 35 others but mainly watch the ME TV station & the Grit (mostly westerns), local for news...  My son says he watches FOX a lot (he also has antenna TV). I bought the 2 pack antenna from Sam's Club & been happy with them. BUT, basically tv watching is "background noise" for me. I rarely just sit & watch, but works great for naps. I don't get good reception when at the lake in MO and NO reception in the mountains of CO (can't even get radio there). But I bought a cheap DVD player for the bedroom I nap in.... and have 2 that came in the RV. Have recorder/players with the main TV in the house living room & front of RV. Might say I'm wired. But it's my only entertainment.

Larry, my son tells me (often) that HE uses rechargeable batteries but when my husband & I tried some one time, we never got them to charge right, always one that wouldn't work, so we gave up. My son said we got the wrong kind & wrong charger. I've had such good luck with these Sunbeams it hasn't been worth looking into. My mother was a great believer in the chamomile tea you drink, but I think she used milk in hers, do you?  Seemed like what she let me drink was mostly milk  ;) .

Gloria, glad you are feeling better, been worried about you. Remember when Arthur Godfrey used to talk about "drinking your sassafras tea" in the spring. My cousin back in the WVa/Maryland area has some of those trees on their land (17 acres) but when she brought me some at our yearly reunion, it wasn't the root, I think it was small branches. Since I really don't know enough about it, I didn't try to make tea.

Amy, we are supposed to have spring for a few days, really going to confuse the trees & plants. The front yard has a haze of green showing already, but the back is still brown. We had enough cold weather this past week to freeze the buds on the trees that were puffed out. This morning it was fog & actual moisture on the sidewalk, driveway & pool cover. Cats are all back inside sleeping.

Oh, I'd better get moving, got up at 5:00 am & it's after 10:00 withing nothing done. Need to check to see if daughter is coming for lunch. She goes back home tomorrow.  Have a great day, Every Friend!