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  • so_P_bubble: the yearly licence. Big loss. and I cannot do without a car.
    Yesterday at 04:59:02 am
  • so_P_bubble: Michael, that does not sound good, especially for your own security. Maybe you could sell as spare parts and find another bargain? A few months ago mine was stolen during the night and the security cams showed it fleeing toward the Palestinian territories - gone forever. I had just paid the yearly l
    Yesterday at 04:57:34 am
  • Oldiesmann: Bubble, the insurance company is having it taken to a local body shop to further inspect it. The appraiser did say it was "borderline" repairable though, despite otherwise being in good condition and having low miles (less than 76,000)
    October 07, 2019, 09:28:19 pm
  • brian: when  I   klik   FORUM  I just  get   soapbox
    October 07, 2019, 02:36:34 pm
  • brian: nobody   said    a  long   while--------------    never   answered  my  question
    October 07, 2019, 02:35:14 pm
  • so_P_bubble: Michael, so sorry about your accident. That was really bad luck but we are all glad that you didn't suffer any personal injury.  I hope you found a good repairman/garage to make it safe for driving again.
    October 07, 2019, 12:18:46 pm
  • so_P_bubble: Brian, what is your problem with how long it has been? There won't be a chat here for a very long while.  If you want to chat, please find some other place more compatible to your needs.  Most of our members much prefer the forum discussions which are perfect for our different time zones.
    October 07, 2019, 12:14:43 pm
  • brian: pooch    mind  yer own  business 
    October 07, 2019, 11:06:57 am
  • Pooch1: Why anyone would want to chat with you, brian, is beyond me.  Put a sock in it.
    October 06, 2019, 05:38:49 pm
  • brian: there   was no answer to the  question " how  long  has it been"?
    October 02, 2019, 11:11:47 am
  • Oldiesmann: brian: The answer about the chat isn't going to change anytime soon.
    October 01, 2019, 08:56:06 pm
  • brian: predictably    no answer to MY post  LOL!!! Still    sorry  bout  accident
    October 01, 2019, 01:18:18 pm
  • Amy: Glad you are ok...this may be a pain to fix but at least you are ok.
    September 30, 2019, 02:44:05 pm
  • Amy: Glad to hear you are ok......vehicles are replaceable/fixed but  we need you!! :)
    September 30, 2019, 02:43:00 pm
  • Oldiesmann: The car should be repairable, but I don't know what all is going to happen at this point
    September 30, 2019, 12:14:27 pm
  • Pooch1: Ouch!  Is there a grace period to have car ins. transferred to different car?  Glad you're o.k.
    September 30, 2019, 11:58:25 am
  • Oldiesmann: Not having a great day today. Just bought a new (used) car on Saturday and got into a wreck this morning, less than 48 hours after I got the car. I'm fine and the car should be repairable but it's going to be a long week and I don't even want to know how much all of this is going to cost me
    September 30, 2019, 11:52:54 am
  • brian: how many months has it been?   LOL
    September 16, 2019, 02:15:24 pm
  • Oldiesmann: Brian: It will happen if/when I find a good option. Until then you'll just have to live without it.
    September 16, 2019, 12:51:32 am
  • brian: i guess  its  safe to assume  this  site  will never have anothr live  chat
    September 14, 2019, 02:47:18 pm

Soda Shoppe for February 1, 2019

Started by so_P_bubble, February 01, 2019, 01:40:25 am

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A very quick good morning.

I left here at 7:30 this morning to go get blood work done and I just got back a short time ago.  It is still so cold even tho it is supposed to get up to 40º later. My son and I did go to Bob Evans for breakfast and I am still so cold, I am going to ago back and crawl under a warm cover for a little while. 

Hope everyone has a great day.



February 02, 2019, 02:17:41 pm #31 Last Edit: February 02, 2019, 02:20:42 pm by Denver
Good morning, EVERYFRIEND💕
No news from Dr.Dave yet this morning, but he did text to say every time he gets ready to call me something else takes his time, so he will call me as soon as he can.  Poor guy has so much on his plate. 

My dad continues to have more issues.  The report from the MRI on Thursday showed he has another fractured disc.  He will have the treatment done to it a wee' from today.  Now we know why he has been having more and more pain.  His back is so fragile that the spine doctore is really concerned that it will continue to happen to more of them. I want to get down there to see him, but until we get more info on when Michele will have her treatments after the visit to the oncologist next Friday, I just can not plan to leave.  Thank you all again for your continued thoughts and prayers.

JANE, i know the family is excited for the visit from your grandson and his new gal. 

AMY, your Jesse sure sounds like he is settling in nicely.  He sounds like a honey. 

LARRY, it sure is good to hear you are feeling stronger each day.

JUNE, holding good positive thoughts and saying prayers that you, too, will get to feeling so much better. 

GLORIA, I sure hope you can get out and about now that it is warming up some in your area. 

The rain and winds in California are sure terrible.  Mark has been having a lot of issues at the golf course....flooding and tree issues.  They have a big golf tournament tomorrow and he is afraid he is going to have to cancel it. 

We have a pretty day and I do need to get out and get some things done.

Take care and enjoy your day.



I did a little baking, some cleanup and some bookkeeping today and unless I get an urge to do something else, I won't!

About time when I was still working Electronics at WM, I was the only one there when the battery guy (an outside vendor at that time) came to fill the display.  It was just inside Electronics in front of our checkout. We got to talking and I remarked that he seemed to be filling several brands of batteries and I asked if that was normal.  He said, "They're all made at the same place.  They just have different labels on them when they come off the line".  I laughed because I thought he was kidding.  He wasn't!  He explained that he used to work in the factory and that's the way it was.  Ever since that day, I've bought the cheapest ones on the market.  And I can't tell any difference in the length of service.

LARRY, thanks for the hug!  I can always use an extra one!  So far, my "weekend around the house" has been very pleasant.  I am going to try to go to church in the morning because I'm scheduled to read and I find that chore very rewarding. 

I've been out and started the car to make sure it keeps going when I want it to.  Had a long chat with my daughter in Maryland on the phone.  And now I think I'll see what's on TV that I can watch through my eyelids.

 I must say that listening to all of you talk about your technology makes me feel a bit deprived.  I have one TV, in my living room and that's were I watch or listen to it from the kitchen.  I have one computer and iPad.  The iPad is usually on the endtable in the living room so I can grab it to look up who is appearing in a show I'm watching.  I don't do much of anything else on it.  I can't think why I'd need any more TV or computers when it's only me.  And that's money saved for something else!  I don't do apps on my phone because it's too small to read.  I do text because that's how I keep in touch with the grandkids.  I guess I'm not as up-to-date as I thought I was.

Oh well, I have all of you!

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Lloyd Hammond

 JaneS OK OK i am sorry I ruffled your feathers we still love you, just keep hanging om. hope you have a great rest of the day.
yes Larry i did get to the shop but never got to work on what i wanted to.



I don't know why I don't just buy fur type slacks... as soon as I put a pair on they look like cats walking on hind legs. Got a new pair yesterday (under $5)... at my fav store so off to the sewing machine to shorten. That is always a must. The legs have been so skinny the last couple years & I finally found a pair with just a little flare at the bottom. I was meeting a friend from "the other side of town" or would not have been looking. Can't beat the prices.

Jane, I had a lady friend told me the same about clothes shipped to the store she worked in, boxes had gotten mixed & discovered all labels but same shirts from same factory! One of the major appliance men said the same, "one side was Sears label & other side Whirlpool"... so in those cases, I go with the store that has the nicest repair & warranty department. To be honest, I've only had a problem with one big item from Sam's Club, but I know my Walmart is the nicest to deal with for any "factory defect". The tire & battery people have always gone out of their way to give good service.

My husband was the phone & TV nut but after he died I got a little one for the kitchen since that's where I spend most of my time & the 2 bedrooms because one was going to be for my daughter when she stays (only she found waking up with HER grands is more fun).... I don't think the ones I bought cost much more than $100-$175, & my grands don't think that is too much to spend on "a nice evening out". Since I can count on one hand the times I've paid to have my hair cut or any other "foo-foo" for me, I am right with you on being a penny pincher.

Jenn, I am so sorry your father is going through this and you can't be there to hold his hand. My gr-mother's was the same, the bones just crumbled. She came to stay with my parents one time & my mother insisted taking her for X-ray... don't remember how many she had crushing together but no relief back then. She had been ram-rod straight until 8 years before she died when all her children (5) decided she couldn't stay in the house alone) & the one that had been living with her insisted he needed to get some years toward retirement. He had been the "go to man" for every kind of repair, especially cars, in the small town, modest living but not the paycheck for pension. Anyway, all of them had osteoporosis before they died so I knew I'd better work at keeping this back as strong as possible, that is our weak point. I have no fix or advice for your father but plenty of sympathy for him & for you... and a big hug & isn't too strong to hurt... the back bones really do get that fragile.

I felt icky/strange this morning when I got up, wasn't sure if a hang on dream or dehydration or maybe even a stroke... but I took a 325 mg Bayer, fed cats & tried to get my mind off it. I did take a 2nd aspirin a few hours later, had lunch with my daughter & a nap & feel human. I need to shorten these pants & run to the store so better get moving. Daughter goes home after church & breakfast at McDonald's in the morning. Not sure if Andy will return from the funeral tonight or stay with the family, he needs rest but won't get any there but I do hate to think of him driving home alone. Enough cars going back & forth he could ride back with one of them if his wife would rather stay & visit with her cousins. Her brothers will be staying so I'm sure they will do the wise thing, certainly out of MY hands!

I just checked & it is 65 degrees out now. Supposed to get warmer tomorrow. The wind started blowing, can hear it, so not a perfect day.  :-\  Amy, can you imagine such a change in temps as we have today???? The feel like was well below zero a day or so ago. Imagine the snow melt if we had snow.

Lloyd, have you been playing "big brother" & teasing Jane? Shame-shame.... ;D

June Drabek

Another nothing day for me, but I'm thankful to be here. It has been raining all day, rather hard for hours, but we can use every drop. There was a flash flood warning, but shortly after that the rain and wind stopped and it is very still outside, almost a feeling of "waiting for something to happen".

I'm still pretty breathless, and just got a refill on my breathing machine, so better get over there and put it to work. See you later. June
As long as we are here, let's dance.


FYI:  I had a scam email supposedly with my email/internet provider telling me that they had reason to believe that someone had accessed my email for illegal use and that if I didn't confirm my user name and password they would disconnect me.  I called my provider and they confired that it was a scam and told me to put a block on it and not to respond to any more that I might get.  BE AWARE!

This was a totally inactive day.  I enjoyed every minute of it except for right now. My eye feels like there's a rock the size of Plymoth rock in there and I've rubbed it so much that the outside is beginning to hurt too.  I think I'll go to be and hope it makes it to the side by morning.

Good night Everyone!

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Lloyd Hammond

My computer must have gone to sleep day before yesterday and has not woke up yet In S & F it is giving feb. 1 and i think it is sun. the 3 d. oh well i am going to get a drink of water and go back to bed maybe it will wake up on the right day. see you all later.


Lloyd Hammond

It is 53º @ 4;51 AM feb. 3 shooting for 63º . yesterday we beat the predicted high quite a bit maybe we will again today. ok with me maybe will dry the mud up. it is knee deep to a tall graft here and still frost under it and hard to get around with the tractor to feed hay,lot of spinning and backing up and taking another run at it.



Good Morning!  We are currenty at 21º and heading for a high of 41 today.  I can take that!  No rain is predicted but it will be cloudy most of the day.

My son will be over sometime today to reset my kitchen drawers.  No more missing drawers (and no more droopy drawers).

I have to go get my shower and get dressed for church while the doggies await the boinger.  I wish you all a good day and lots of sunshine and warm breezes in Missouri to dry up the mud.  Enjoy your day, Everyfriend!

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Good morning everyone..
 light dusting of snow overnight,  it came after 3.30 am when I had the dogs outs.

Jane, glad your droopy drawers will be no more.

Shirley, soon Spring will come but I must admit now please ..20 ° F at the moment and cloudy. Maybe we will get that rain today? Calling for rain again tomorrow also.

Larry, you strain the yogurt ,which I did over night and gosh is it thick! I saved the whey and will use it in smoothies and bread. I don't have the proper strainer but used a salad strainer. Lined the sieve part with coffee filter and elevated the strainer from the!

Phyliss, a temp is the 60's would be awesome right now after our deep freeze we went through.

Gloria, enjoy your time with your son.

Joy, going back and snuggling under the covers is the thing to do in this cold weather.

Better get a move on here.

Enjoy your day everyone.

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


A quick good morning.  It is still cold, but sunny.  Supposed to get warmer here throughout the week.

Larry, I was so glad to read your nice long message and so glad you sounded so good.  I hope you continue to feel better and better each day.

Jane, glad you will be getting some of those warmer temperatures.  Enjoy your Sunday.

Jenny, so glad that your DIL is doing so well.  I hope all goes well with her Gamma Knife treatments. I have had 2 sessions of 5 Cyber Knife treatments over the past 12 years.  I think the Gamma Knife treatments are a little more involved than the Cyber Knife ones, but I do know they are not invasive. Maybe a little uncomfortable, but tolerable.  I wish her much luck.  She is a strong gal !!!

Sorry about your Dad, tho. I know it is so hard  on you being so far away and not exactly knowing what is going on.  Hopefully, you will be able to visit him later in the spring.

My DIL is coming over this morning to help me do some more de-cluttering. We are going to tackle my pantry. I know there will be a lot of things that probably will be pitched.  Just have to much "stuff".  If she has time, I hope to get a couple of the kitchen cabinets done.

I know I didn't get around to commenting on some other postings, but I sure hope everyone will have a good day and stay warm, if you are experiencing the cold weather.  And, hoping everyone is feeling pretty well this morning.



Good morning, Amy.  Yes, it sure did feel good to be able to go back to bed yesterday, and I did get warm and slept for a couple hours.  And,  I slept pretty well last night.  Had to get up early again this morning, but, at least, it doesn't feel quite as cold.

You have a good day.


(Boy, my first message this morning sure got messed up.  Don't have time to fix it now.)


Hi Everyone.  We start the day overcast but it is up into the 50's but will get into the low 60's today.  I did attend my meeting yesterday morning and then had a quiet afternoon and evening.  I managed to watch 4 different basketball games featuring very good teams at the top of the standings.  Today I will leave in a few minutes to attend Sunday School and then will attend Church which follows.  I have missed the last several weeks so it will be nice to be back among my friends.  This afternoon I will rest and watch a basketball game or two and then this evening will watch the Superbowl.  I just hope it is a good game.

I have run out of time to post here this morning so will have to come back later this afternoon to make comments.


Good morning everyone, WOW supposed to get into low 40s today, maybe I will get brave enough to go outside later.

SHIRLEY  yesterday I had the ME channel on all day, all the old westerns and I enjoyed them. Last night on GRIT I watched John Wayne movies.  I enjoyed Hondo again especially after reading the book. We had some sassafras trees on the property of our house. the kids and I would walk through the woods and pick branches and chew on them, tasted like rootbeer.  One thing interesting on the trees was they have different shape leaves.

JOY  I have been cold all week. Laying on the couch most of the time wrapped in a down throw to keep from shivering and had the heat turned up, too.

JENNY  prayers for your Dad and Michele. I know how it feels to have back pain and your Dad's is worse than mine.

JANE  like you, one TV one computer no smartphone, just a flip one and now my son's old Kindle.  Glad I found the old SN no long after I first got on line at age 70. Now with S&F we are a family here.

LLOYD  good morning, hope you and Nancy are rested from your trip.

JUNE  saw on TV about the rain in Ca. More out there than in a year at times.

JANE  I have been getting a phone call something from Microsoft and going out of business and I have a refund comin‌g and a number to call. I got it on my answering machine and I just delete it.

AMY  I did enjoy time with my son yesterday morning, always do. Then in the afternoon my other son surprised me and came for a couple of hours. He usually calls first but this time he just showed up. Nice.

LARRY  from what I have seen on local news there are more Patriots fans in Atlanta than locals. Personally I am tired of hearing about Brady. Good to see you more like yourself again.

Have a good day.

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Gloria, I watched ME all day, too.... well, when I was here. I enjoyed Hondo again & all the old westerns. At least they have a story & not just weird stuff.  I am ready for a nap, cats are busy sleeping (each in a different part of the house)..... but bet as soon as I doze off the phone will ring. The Nomorobo works except that one about "a free back brace, etc" & the other one about "somebody scamming your SS number"... has gotten through. The nomorobo thing isn't working for me because it allows ONE ring before it stops them & that ring wakes me up! I forgot that sassafras tastes like root beer! Haven't tasted it for probably 75-80 years.


Hi Everyone.  I did attend Sunday School and Church this morning.  I came home and was ready for a nap.  While I was gone one of the smoke alarms started beeping that the battery needed to be changed so after eating my sub I changed the battery.  It isn't hard but I did have to get up on our step stool.  Now I am watching some basketball and am set for a quiet afternoon and evening.  

Gloria, is sure was good read that you were feeling better yesterday and I hope you will be able to get outside for a few minutes.  I never had the ability to keep track of the cards played although sometimes I tried to remember how many trumps had been played in Bridge. 

Shirley, we have four TV's in our house and a couple of them are really not used very much.  I still remember after Pat and I got married we had this little black and while 9" TV and actually watched it more than we probably do with the big TVs we have today.  I have a DVD player but haven't set it up since we moved. 

Jenny, your poor dad sure didn't need more back pain.  Your worry plate overflows.  Did Mark have to cancel the golf tournament?

Jane, I expect many products and appliances are produced on the same production line with just different packaging and branding.  I hope your weekend around the house has been one you have enjoyed.  Do you have a garage for your car? 

Lloyd, you sound like my wife and her sewing room.  She will go up to it to work on a project and comes back downstairs saying she had done something else.  I hope you have been able to enjoy the warm weather today.  We have the same temperature here this afternoon and should be up to 75 on Tuesday. 

Shirley, I shuttered when you mentioned you might have dehydration.  I don't want to ever have that again.  Glad you got to feeling better. 

Amy, thanks for the info on your yogurt.  I don't care for yogurt unless it is the frozen kind that is like ice cream. 

June, I hope your area didn't get the flash flooding.  I hope your breathing machine makes it easier for you to breath.


What a day this has been!! Rain and freezing rain here and a thick crust of ice over everything. We took the garbage to the dump this morning, hadn't been in a while and we don't like it to get ahead of us. While at the dump I saw 4 , your FOUR bald eagles!! The fellow parked next to us must have thought I lost my marbles as I was so excited to see the four. One was just flying up to be with the others, lovely sight!  On the way to the dump I had to pull over as the rain was freezing on my windshield but once the heater put heat out we were ok.

Next we filled up the snow blower and generator  and went to pick up more high test fuel. We are all set now for snow or power outages from ice on the lines/trees.

Larry, I too enjoy yogurt ice cream, you have given me an idea now to try some.

They say rain for tomorrow too........oh my..

I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


It's Super Bowl Time!

Gladys Knight  did an awesome job on the
Star Spangled Banner

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
Work like you don't need money,
Love like you've never been hurt,
And dance like no one's watching.
  Duluth Harbor Cams:

Lloyd Hammond

well Larry we topped out at 64º awhile ago it is cloudy or we may have beat that. oh well a easy day this afternoon watching some people on a fair size fishing boat and some people in Minnesota shoot a wield bore hog with a bow and arrow and processes it. we would like to go fishing on a boat on the ocean.Have a good rest of the day. 



Lloyd Hammond

well it is time some of the rest of you people get up and face the day with me.
It is 60º and mostly cloudy here today calling for thunder storms tomorrow.
a good hard rain might be alright,would settle the ground and get the last of the frost out and smooth out the ruts. that little bit of frost left makes it hard to get around with the tractor. not to say any thing about this old man on the uneven ground getting around. I plan on feeding the cattle and then going to shop and work in the wood working part of it today. have plans to build four recipe boxes and send them to friends i have promised.see you all later.



Good Morning Everyfriend....especially you, LLOYD!  You're an earl riser for sure!

We're supposed to have warmer weather all week accompanied by rain.  Translate that word "rain" to "mud".  That much rain together with the warmer temps will surely make lots of mud for the dogs to track in!

I'll be off to Wally World this morning!  Wish me smiles and short lines.  If my favorite girl is working in the hair salon today, I might see if she can find my ears before I come home today.

Enjoy your day Everyfriend!  It's a month closer to Spring this month!  YAY!!!

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Good morning everyone

Pea soup kind of a day out there. Calling for more rain today and we have a temp of 30° F at the moment.

Nothing planed for today, just general work about the house.

Pup wants out. BBL.

Enjoy your day everyone..
I can't change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.

Jimmy Dean

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went. -Will Rogers


Hi Everyone.  Just checking in this morning.  It is beautiful here and about 45 degrees headed up into the low 70's.  I have a full morning so don't have time to comment on postings and updated my day yesterday when I wrote yesterday afternoon, which was to attend Church, bring something home for our main meal, and then watch sports, which I did until the Super Bowl was over around 10 am.  I'll be back later this afternoon.


Good morning everyone, right now it is 35°, WOW first time in it seems like months since it was this warm to start a day. The cars in the lot  are covered with frost so it was cold but with the sun rising earlier every day it makes a difference. Just saw when I turned on TV the Pats won again. Maybe if they lost Brady would retire.

SHIRLEY  like you every time I try to have a nap the phone rings. Must be 50 years since I tasted the sassafras. Have no idea if the ones who own the house we had cut the trees down. I do know they improved the looks on the outside of the house. With so many city people buying land here and building they cut down all the old blueberry bushes where we used to pick those tasty berries. This used to be such a nice quiet rural town but they started moving here and wanted the things they had in the city and it is no longer a friendly town it was.

LARRY  glad you were able to get to church yesterday. I did not go out yesterday, still felt kind of weak so thought I better not.

AMY  you were brave to head out to the dump with icy roads. I did enough driving in my working years to know what it is like driving on them.

LLOYD my son's FIL used to own a charter fishing boat and we went out once. I caught an eel and after that did no more fishing, looks too much like a snake and it scared me. I did enjoy the boat ride though.

JANE  like you I am wanting spring to get here with warmer weather. The cold this winter has really bothered me. Like I say I have no more blubber to hold the heat in, lost too much weight. I wish I knew what it was that Lillias' doctor gave her for an appetite.

Have a good day.

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Good dark and dreary morning,

Well,  the Pats won,  (barely),  but as they
say a Miss is as good as a mile.   

I  am not a Pats fan... probably one
of the few people from New England 
who will admit that !

It is already February 4th...  Yah!!! 
Next stop Spring...   :knuppel2:

Enjoy your day, 

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
Work like you don't need money,
Love like you've never been hurt,
And dance like no one's watching.
  Duluth Harbor Cams:


Speaking of Spring, Sandy, I stood at the window this morning and watched a flock of Red-Wing Blackbirds hunt and peck over the lawn.  So pleased to see them as they are always one of the first signs of spring.  They have moved on now continuing their path on up north, I guess.

I switched back and forth between "Victoria" and the Super Bowl.  At least, this year it was a closer, more interesting game.  I can't say I am enough of a fan to be glad or sad for whomever won or lost.  Honestly, whatever you think of Tom Brady as a person I think it is pretty obvious that he is a very talented player.  I enjoy some of the commercials more than the game but the half-time show is never something I watch.  Just not my cup of tea.  I'm much older than the audience they are interested in.

I need to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer.  Have a good day, Everyone.  I hope the sun is shining on you...wherever you are.


Good afternoon. bright sun, no complaints even though I am not happy with the new set up. I like seeing where everyone lives, and the date. As they say, you have to go with the flow. AT  my age it just gets harder.  Even my rent went up 3%, but that is cheaper then if I lived outside the park,or have to pay some of these rents I read about. OK off my soap box. ;)

Sandy, I am thinking  Spring. March 21st. :coolsmiley:

Gloria, yesterday morning the radio, kept cautioning about black ice. As for eels I still like smoked eels. When I was growing up in the depression we had stewed eels, fried eels and smoked. As I have wrote many times before my family were baymen, we lived by  the Great South Bay. We always had a bushel of clams and oysters plus a bushel of potatoes in the garage. Maybe that is why  I am almost 95, I ate fish part of my growing years growing years

Larry, so glad to see you getting out and about. I found golf very exciting yesterday from Arz. that is always different and my Ricky won

Amy good to read you got to stay home. Of course and play with your puppy

Jenny prays and hugs still going to you and your whole family

Jane, I had my hairdresser come to the house last Wed. She only charges $15. I keep my cut short,just shaped. I feel so much neater when it is cut.

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Phyllis, I meant to say to you, I have seen only one redwing blackbird in the last two years. There use to be so many.  We still have to many black birds they wipe out the bird seed in nothing flat.  This winter I have not seen my pair of ravens, they had been coming back for years. I red they mate for life. I do have my redheaded wood pecker every day eating bread. I am not sure if he should still be here. I also have a robbin that eats bread

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Well, if not for doctor appointments I wouldn't have a social life!  ;D  Left a message for my tax man to call back with appointment. Want to get that job out of the way. 3 days in a row for eyes, heart & general going over... that is long over due (my fault).

Gloria, know what you mean about the towns changing. Back when I was a kid the whole section of land behind our house was owned by the Radio & TV station that faced the highway a couple blocks distance. It had to be kept free of anything (we called it "the woods") because of the tower, in case it fell. So when the station moved, land sold... it was already zoned commercial. There went the blackberries, strawberries, etc & the wild asparagus, what's the tree that puckers your mouth if you eat fruit too early?  Such a shame. Now there is a bank, day care, apartments, etc., and where the radio station was is a Golden Corral... When we have our reunions at GC we can see the back of the house that a niece lives in now. I visited once but too many memories.....

Phyllis, when we lived west of town I tried so hard to catch the red winged blackbirds in flight as they would swoop one direction... hundreds of them in formation... & as they would change directions the red would show up so pretty.. Never got a good photo but now I do have some that spend the summer down along the river bank & even come eat out of the feeder that I can see from my kitchen window. I wish I had had one of the cameras that can zoom in so close long ago... don't make them anymore but not terribly expensive & something I can use without a whole lot of "hiking". This isn't the place to talk cameras, but sounds like you would enjoy a camera that you don't have to change lens, etc... not one the professionals use but I love it, my entertainment.

Guess I'd better get moving, laundry to do & nothing to show for my day so far. Hope everyone has a good day with lots of smiles.  :crazy:  I remember, a persimmon tree!

Gloria de, sure wish you had one of these cameras to show us your birds, we used to have an active Photo discussion but some have lost interest, I guess. We had fish as well, but not as often during the war, plenty of squirrels got fried. Mom insisted Dad only shoot the young ones. Not sure I could eat one these days but was good back then.